Powerspin, Powercurve, Tomahawk, Cobra?

  1. How to do all of these shot in pangya super swing golf season 2?

    User Info: Chibiisuke

    Chibiisuke - 10 years ago


  1. Let's see... when You are on button mode than You must do arrow tricks to perform certain move
    You first select in special shots that You want to use some of gauge, 1 or 2 bars
    Then You go to shot mode and hit A button
    By standard You press A on ammount of gauge You want to use
    Then when it will be going back (that...bar or something) and it will be less than half You enter one of this commands and hit A on center of white area on the left (in other words to perform Pangya shot)

    Tomahawk - Up, Down
    Spile - Right, Down
    Cobra - Right, Up (If my memory serves me well)

    PowerSpin in other hand is a bit diffrent
    You go to Special shots but use arrows to move pointer on ball in certain direction You want spin
    then as usual A button and such but instead of commands You must press longer arrow You selected on previous screen and shot Pangya (center of white area)

    Huff I hope that helps :)

    User Info: SubaruH

    SubaruH - 9 years ago 0   0
  2. pangya.ntreev.net/Guides/SpecialShots_General.aspx

    Nonetheless, find that instruction booklet and find out or it's a bust.

    User Info: joonhoahn01

    joonhoahn01 - 8 years ago 0   0

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