• Amplification Codes

    1,000,000 Force PointsSPEEDER
    God ModeCORTOSIS
    Max all Force PowersKATARN
    Max CombosCOUNTDOOKU
    Unlimited Force PowerVERGENCE
    Unlock all Force PowersTYRANUS
    Your Lightsaber one hit kills all normal enemiesLIGHTSABER

    Contributed By: TDLink.

    25    35

  • Extra Characters/Skins

    Aayla SecuraAAYLA
    Admiral AckbarITSATWAP
    Anakin SkywalkerCHOSENONE
    Asajj VentressACOLYTE
    Chop'aa NotimoNOTIMO
    Classic StormtrooperTK421
    Clone TrooperLEGION
    Count DookuSERENNO
    Darth DesolusPAUAN
    Darth MaulZABRAK
    Darth PhobosHIDDENFEAR
    Darth VaderSITHLORD
    Drexl RooshDREXLROOSH
    Emperor PalpatinePALPATINE
    Episode IV Luke SkywalkerYELLOWJCKT
    Episode VI Luke SkywalkerT16WOMPRAT
    Heavy TrooperSHOCKTROOP
    Juno EclipseECLIPSE
    Kento's RobesKASHYYYK
    Lando CalrissianSCOUNDREL
    Mace WinduJEDIMASTER
    Mara JadeMARAJADE
    Maris BroosMARISBROOD
    Navy CommandoSTORMTROOP
    Obi-Wan KenobiBENKENOBI
    Qui-Gon JinnMAVERICK
    Rahm KotaMANDALORE
    Shaak TiTOGRUTA
    Shadow TrooperINTHEDARK
    Unlocks all costumesGRANDMOFF
    15    5

  • Extra Costumes

    Ceremonial Jedi RobesDANTOOINE
    Kento Marek's RobesWOOKIEE
    Sith Robes OutfitHOLOCRON
    Sith Stalker ArmorKORRIBAN
    Unlocks all CostumesGRANDMOFF

    Contributed By: TDLink and Fenix_7798.

    9    1


  • Sith Stalker Armor

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Sith Stalker Armor CostumeTo unlock the Sith Stalker Armor on 1-player and Versus beat the game with the darkside ending. To do this beat the game once, then go through the ent

    Contributed By: deadchefbill.

    7    12

  • Unlockable Characters For Duel Mode

    To unlock the following characters and costumes for Duel Mode levels must be beaten without using special (code entered) skins.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Aayla SecuraBeat TIE Factory
    Anakin SkywalkerBeat TIE Factory
    Asajj VentressBeat Jedi Temple Part 1
    Count DookuBeat Jedi Temple Part 2
    Darth MaulBeat Raxus Prime Part 1
    Darth PhobosBeat Jedi Temple Part 2
    Luke Skywalker (Jedi)Beat Felucia Part 1 (after an additional cutscene)
    Luke Skywalker (Young)Beat TIE Factory
    Mace WinduBeat Nar Shaada
    Mara JadeBeat Jedi Temple Part 3
    Maris BroodBeat Felucia Part 2
    Obi-Wan KenobiBeat Kashyyk Part 2
    Qui-Gon JinnBeat Raxus Prime Part 2
    Shaak TiBeat Felucia Part 1
    Starkiller (Cermonial Jedi Robes)Beat the game with the Light Side ending
    Starkiller (Corellian Flight Suit)Beat Kashyyk Part 2
    Starkiller (Heavy Training Gear)Beat Jedi Temple Part 1
    Starkiller (Jungle Combat Gear)Beat Felucia Part 2
    Starkiller (Kento's Robe)Beat Jedi Temple Part 3
    Starkiller (Raxus Prime Survival Gear)Beat Raxus Prime Part 2
    Starkiller (Sith Robe)Beat Felucia Part 1 (after an additional cutscene)
    Starkiller (Sith Stalker)Beat the game with the Dark Side ending
    Starkillier (Light Training Gear)Beat Jedi Temple Part 2

    Contributed By: Robert Wagner and Deathly600.

    8    0

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