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Bounty Hunter Mission Guide by Jallen9000

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/30/2007


Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Bounty Hunter Missions

 How to Unlock [HTU1]
 About Hunter Missions [AHM1]
 Mission 1: Qui-Gon Jinn [MM1]
 Mission 2: Queen Amidala [MM2]
 Mission 3: Jar Jar Blinks [MM3]
 Mission 4: Mace Windu [MM4]
 Mission 5: Kit Fisto [MM5]
 Mission 6: Luminara [MM6]
 Mission 7: Ki-Adi Mundi [MM7]
 Mission 8: Rebel Trooper [MM8]
 Mission 9: Shaak Ti [MM9]
 Mission 10: Commander Cody [MM10]
 Mission 11: R2-D2 [MM11]
 Mission 12: Obi-Wan Kenobi [MM12]
 Mission 13: Chewbacca [MM13]
 Mission 14: Princess Leia [MM14]
 Mission 15: Admiral Ackbar [MM15]
 Mission 16: Yoda [MM16]
 Mission 17: C-3PO [MM17]
 Mission 18: Lando Calrissian [MM18]
 Mission 19: Luke Skywalker [MM19]
 Mission 20: Han Solo [MM20]
 Just a Little Bit of Fun [FUN1]
 Word From the Maker [WFTM]

 How to Unlock [HTU1]

Once you’ve unlocked all the Bounty Hunters the doorway in Mos Eisley Cantina
in the Junkyard will open up.
As I’m sure you’re aware you need to play through the missions to have
characters unlocked and then buy them at the bar to become playable.
Simply Approach the Bar and select a mission.

 About Hunter Missions [AHM1]

The Hunter Missions are basically a game of hide-n-seek set in the various
locations the game is based, you simply have to find your target and touch
them all with in a 3minute time limit. The area which you’ll be searching
will generally be smaller than the whole level and the size and lengths at
which your targets will hide will increase as you progress.

The faster you find the target the more money you’ll get so you want to be
quick about it so this guide is basically that. Also the first time you
complete a mission you’ll get a Golden Block and 100,000 stubs which equals
a lot of easy money.

There are really only three characters out of the group which I would
recommend using, these are the most adaptable any generally useful.
IG-88 and 4-1.OM are super robots able to operate any robot terminal they
also can jump and are equipped with guns 
and lets not forget they ability to use the grapple hook and the Bounty
Hunter mines. However they can’t build items or operate the switches.
Boba Fett is the next useful purely because he can hover great distances
as well as having the abilities of your common Hunter, also you’ll require
somebody to build objects when the robots can’t.
Bare in mind that all the Hunters will follow you around regardless so
you’ll never be short a crew member.

 Mission 1: Qui-Gon Jinn [MM1]

Switch to either IG-88 and 4-1.OM as soon as you start and wipe out the
robots currently in your way.
Head down the hallway ignoring the first set of doors  and once you reach
the next doors use the terminal and Qui-Gon will be inside…just to the
right if you still need directions.

 Mission 2: Queen Amidala [MM2]

Switch to Boba Fett when you start and destroy the grate covering the
hole just in front of you, head to the right and take the high road,
once you reach then end, grapple up to the roof.
All you need do now is hover towards the camera and to the right and
land on the balcony with Queen Amidala.

 Mission 3: Jar Jar Blinks [MM3]

Stick with the current character and rush over to the right up the
broken log and into the large clearing.
Notice the crashed ship in the background and how is has a silver gun,
throw a Hunter Mine at the silver part.
Go in the newly exposed path and Jar Jar will be waiting for you on
the other side.

Mission 4: Mace Windu [MM4]

Switch to one of the robots and head to the right, keep going until
you see a grate in the background, shoot the grate and head down the
hole behind it.
Activate the terminal to the right and that should lower some of the
force fields in the area giving you access to Master Windu.

 Mission 5: Kit Fisto [MM5]

This one is really simple, switch to Boba Fett as soon as you start and
head left, you’ll reach a large gorge hover over that using Boba’s
special skill and Kit with be there looking bewildered.

 Mission 6: Luminara [MM6]

Another quick easy one, unless you turned left. Head right using whatever
character and use the Hunter terminal to lift the gate to gain access to
The only thing to watch out here is getting shot while you’re using it
but that’s only a minor set back.

 Mission 7: Ki-Adi Mundi [MM7]

Take out the battle droids and head up the corridor to the large room.
You want to get to the room that shielded robot is defending, you can
either destroy it or just jump over it.
Once inside use a Hunter Mine on the silver crate and the roof should
fall in creating a pathway.
All you need do now is head to the left jumping over the barriers until
at the end you’ll find Mundi.

 Mission 8: Rebel Trooper [MM8]

Shoot the two panels either side of the drawbridge to bring it down and
take out the two clones waiting for you. 
Next keep heading forward to the nest drawbridge and shoot it’s panels
to bring them down.
You should reach a large circular area around a tree trunk. 
Grapple up onto the platforms and use travel along until you get to a
point where you can grapple now further.
Switch to Boba Fett if you’ aren’t him already and hover over to the
next set of platforms to the left, keep going to the left until you
can see the Trooper, and make sure you use the left side grapple to reach

 Mission 9: Shaak Ti [MM9]

Head to the right past the stairs until you find two containers, shoot
the one closest to the wall to reveal a grapple point, obviously grapple
up and follow the path along to find Shaak on a slightly higher ledge.
Jump up to her to finish the mission.

 Mission 10: Commander Cody [MM10]

To the left of the start there is a small circular platform, jump over
to it.
On the other side there is a wall made of a silver type block, use your
Hunter Mines on it.
After that’s destroyed jump over the gaps and up to where the Commander
is hiding.

 Mission 11: R2-D2 [MM11]

Switch to Boba Fett and grapple your way up to the top level and hover
over to the door way instead of making the walkway.
Travel down the corridor and don’t kill any off the workers because then
they will retaliate and way make things harder for yourself?
Next head left and use the Hunter terminal and then go through the door.
Wipe out any rebel troopers in the way and  go straight to the end.
Yes it does appear to be just a blank wall but if you listen you’ll hear
R2-D2 on the other side, go up next to those flat lighter coloured panels
either side of the wall to open up the escape pods, they’ll then spew
out lego blocks.
Now use the lego blocks to create the doorway, being careful to wipe out
any rebels before hand so they don’t interrupt you. R2 should just be on
the other side. 

 Mission 12: Obi-Wan Kenobi [MM12]

Switch to a robot and make sure to destroy all those Jawas as they
temporarily disable your robot chums and are thus, annoying.
Head down the corridor clearing the way of Jawas and Storm Troopers
until you reach a terminal, now head up in the lift.
Run along the eight vent/button things in fours fast enough so it’ll
bring up the two switches, now change into somebody other than a robot
to activate them.
Kill all the Jawas in the next room and use a robot to open the door
via the terminal on the far left.
In the next room Obi-Wan is hiding behind a load of crates, destroy
them and tag him.

 Mission 13: Chewbacca [MM13]

Immediately grapple up from the start and then head through the doorway.
Now head left and up the road following the chequered pathway to the end
of the road until you come to some large gates, go through there.
You should now be in a large area, head to the left and you’ll see three
large brown doors, these are destroyable and behind the first one to the
left is Chewy.

 Mission 14: Princess Leia [MM14]

Switch to Boba Fett and hover to the other side of the hole, next grapple
your way until you can drop down  onto the platform which leads into the
control room.
Go through the control room and down the corridor until you reach the
room with all the elevators, the last one is the one we want and it’ll
open as soon as you get close enough.
From here rebuild the control panels so you can throw the switches,
after that you should have access to the prison.
Leia is in the second to last cell on the left side, which funnily
enough is the opposite side from the one she is found in during the
game, if you find that sort of thing funny.

 Mission 15: Admiral Ackbar [MM15]

From the start head to the left side and use a robot to open the door
via a terminal.
Once inside use a Hunter Mine on that pile of stuff blocking a corridor,
it’s got some green blocks in it if you can’t see it.
You also have to destroy the white container to open the door for some
reason but a quick laser blast will make short work of that. 
Once inside the room switch to a character that can build and build the
control panel to release the Admiral being careful not to get hit while
making it.

 Mission 16: Yoda [MM16]

Switch to Boba Fett and go left, jump/hover to the next platform not
bothering to make the bridge components and keep going left until you
can see Yoda up on a platform.
Destroy the purple boxes below him switch will release Lego blocks,
make up the control mechanism for the platform and turn it to raise
the platform.
Now simply hover over to it and grab Yoda

 Mission 17: C-3PO [MM17]
Switch to a robot and rush down the corridor and around the semi-circular
room and activate the Hunter terminal.
Once through head straight and use the C-3PO terminal and go down to the
left in the next room.
You should reach an area with some elevators, take the left one and up
on the roof should be C-3PO.
Note: You can make another C-3PO in this level as per the story mode
but it’ll just fall apart.

 Mission 18: Lando Calrissian [MM18]

Destroy the first canister on the left to reveal a power up and switch
to somebody that can build, build the grapple point at the end of the
platform and the power up will insure you do it double quick and nobody
will disturb you.
Grapple up to the higher area and follow the path around and change into
a robot to activate the terminal.
Head down the corridor until you reach an area with deadly gas in it
(but only deadly to humanoids) so use a robot and walk right through it.
In the next room past the gas Lando should be hiding. 

 Mission 19: Luke Skywalker [MM19]

This one is so easy to miss I spent ages wondering around the level before
I even noticed so don’t feel bad if you did the same thing.
Directly in front of you is a silver container, destroy it using a Hunter
Mine and then build a mechanism using the blocks that have just appeared.
Rotate the device and some more blocks will fall from the sky, use them
to build a grapple point.
Once you’ve done that use the grapple point to find Luke.

 Mission 20: Han Solo [MM20]

Head straight to the door, which will then promptly be blocked up.
Use the blocks that have just fallen to create a bomb type, thing and shoot
it to clear the debris, careful you don’t get caught in the explosion.
Head down the corridor and make the device at the end of it, now shoot it
three times to activate it so it’ll melt the ice covering the door.
Now in the canteen in the far top corner push the block into the correct
location to melt the ice covering the next door.
Keep heading forward and when you reach the split in the road go right.
There will be a group of silver containers blocking the way so use your
Hunter Mines on them, I find it’s best to face a wall and throw them because
they have a habit of not sticking and bouncing back.
Once through the door make up the vehicle which follows the track, stand
on top of it and jump off up to Han when you see him.

 Just a Little Bit of Fun [FUN1]

As you may or may not have noticed these missions are timed and after you’ve
completed a mission your best time is placed over the mission, here are my
best times, see if you can best them. 
Note I don’t care if you do beat them it’s just a little bit of fun.

 Mission 1: Qui-Gon Jinn ---------------0.22.40
 Mission 2: Queen Amidala --------------0.50.58
 Mission 3: Jar Jar Blinks -------------0.21.24
 Mission 4: Mace Windu -----------------0.37.04
 Mission 5: Kit Fisto ------------------0.09.15
 Mission 6: Luminara -------------------0.17.63
 Mission 7: Ki-Adi Mundi ---------------0.41.71
 Mission 8: Rebel Trooper --------------1.00.08
 Mission 9: Shaak Ti -------------------0.26.04
 Mission 10: Commander Cody ------------0.21.88
 Mission 11: R2-D2 ---------------------1.05.38
 Mission 12: Obi-Wan Kenobi ------------1.03.91
 Mission 13: Chewbacca -----------------0.31.90
 Mission 14: Princess Leia -------------1.14.08
 Mission 15: Admiral Ackbar ------------0.39.24
 Mission 16: Yoda ----------------------0.34.49
 Mission 17: C-3PO ---------------------0.46.32
 Mission 18: Lando Calrissian ----------1.13.28
 Mission 19: Luke Skywalker ------------0.39.73
 Mission 20: Han Solo ------------------1.35.94

All the above times are perfectly beatable as I made quite a few mistakes
on some of them but then again you have an advantage, you have my guide
to refer to.

 Word From the Maker [WFTM]

I loved this game and found it quite additive, it was one of the games
where I wasn’t very impressive with when I first played it but then I
realised it was 1am in the morning and I had been playing it all night
and it’s a good length game, I must have spent 20 hours on it already
and I still have ~40 gold bricks to get. I might even do a full walkthrough
at some point but that’s only if I replay it at some point.
Until there is a full walkthrough remember that this is a game make up of
two other games, so just search those and they'll help you out for the
most part.
Anyhoo you’re free to use this guide in anyway you see fit, just give me
credit that’s all I ask.
If you wish to get in contact you’ll probably find me at www.NSGstation.com
Oh and i made everything apart from the ASCII art at the top which was
created at

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