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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 09/12/2017

Episode IV Walkthroughs

Rescue the Princess

"If you were to rescue her, the reward would be..." - Luke

"What?" - Han

"More wealth than you could imagine!" - Luke

"I can imagine quite a bit!" - Han

Characters: Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper), Han Solo (Stormtrooper), Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2, Ben Kenobi

True Jedi at 60,000: Some side areas really help with this. Beyond that, just gun down all that you can see.

Story -

Control Room

You'll begin in the control room near the hangar, helmetless. Use the Force on the door to turn it into a TIE Fighter and move on out. Use the helmet dispenser to get a stormtrooper helmet, which will allow you to access the doors with white circles. Stand in the circle and press Z and the door will open. Take out the troopers and officer (they may not attack just yet if your character is still wearing the helmet). Assemble the two control panels and use the resulting Artoo panel. At this point, Ben will take off to deactivate the tractor beam, Artoo and Threepio will hide in the closet, and it'll be up to the three remaining characters to finish this mission. Head out the now open door to the left.


Ben will run ahead of you. Take out the troopers. You can't follow him across the chasm, so go to the left.

Tractor Beam Control

Blast them! Note the helmet dispenser here. Here's a trick I learned. Being hit once will make you lose your helmet. To prevent this, have a character take a helmet, then switch off to another character. Since the one you control is generally in the lead, he'll take the most hits, so your helmet will be a lot safer. This doesn't work 100% of the time, but it does give you better odds. Anyway, move ahead and you'll find Ben being attacked by troopers. Blast them all and he'll repay you by giving you a bridge to cross. Once across, you'll find TIE pilots will be upon you by climbing up the catwalk. If you shoot the hook they're using, they'll stop bugging you. Take them out and blast the crates blocking your way. Blast your way through the corridor and turn right at the end.

Bridge Access

In front of you is a white circle. If you still have a helmet, quickly use it to open the door before the pilots come up and tag you. Fight if you wish, or just pass through the door.

Bridge Control

At the center of this room, assemble the rotator switch, then use it to move the bridge. Rotate it until it stops and you can climb up these ledges. Blast the troopers and take a helmet if you need it, then pass through the door.

Detention Center

Hmm. Looks like they haven't noticed you, yet. I say go to the door and assemble the panel so you can quickly use the helmet, then blast the bagoogies out of the place. Continue on to the next room. Take out the troopers here. If you still have a helmet (or want to go back and get one), you can use it to access the near elevator and ride up to a Double Score Zone with a bunch of Beach Troopers. Otherwise, take the far elevator down.

Cell Block AA23

Blast the bad guys. Also, take out the cameras over the elevators (they take about four clean shots) to prevent more troopers from coming. Assemble the levers in the middle of the room and pull them to move to the actual cell block. You can access any of the six cells for goodies, but the Princess is in the third one on the right. Have two characters in there to step on the buttons to free her and finish this mission.

New Characters: Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper), Han Solo (Stormtrooper)

Available for Purchase: Beach Trooper, Death Star Trooper, TIE Fighter Pilot, Imperial Officer, Grand Moff Tarkin

Free Play -

Control Room
Canister #1Turn right just after the first area to find a crane. Use the crane to dump stormies and troopers into the hole in the hangar. Once you dump ten, pick up the canister as well.
Canister #2In the control room, use the Threepio panel to find one in the closet.
Tractor Beam Control
NOTE: A couple of these require you to go into the area Ben goes during the story, so in the Hallway area, hop across the gap ahead of you instead of turning left.
Canister #3Free PlayYou need to enter the "Ben Area" by crossing the large pit with a Jedi or Artoo, then turn left to find one at a dead end.
Canister #4ShortieStill in the Ben Area, hover across to the right, then grapple up and crawl through the vent.
Canister #5Free PlayContinue on in the Ben Area to the tractor beam controller. Force the bridge over to the other side, then pull all three levers and grapple up to the canister.
Canister #6Free PlayContinue on to the next part of the Ben Area and Sith Force the door into platforms. Hop up onto them to another canister. Be careful because there's an invisible ceiling on the causeway itself. You need to jump out over the pit to get some height.
Power Brick (Tractor Beam)Free PlayPartway up the normal path is an Artoo panel. Enter the room, hover over to the left side, then grapple up.
Bridge Control
Canister #7Free PlayIn the room with the rotating bridge, just before dropping down in front of the door to the next room, hover across to this canister.
Detention Center
Canister #8In the room with control panels and stormtroopers (after the rotating bridge), destroy all the control panels and the TV will start working. A canister will pop up, then.
Canister #9Free PlayJust before the elevator to the cell block, Force three blocks into a tower, then climb up and push the module into the hole to free this canister.
Cell Block AA23
Canister #10Free PlayUse Threepio on the last cell on the left to find this.

Challenge -

Blue CanisterRequiredDescription
#1In the first hallway, turn right to the crane room to get this one.
#2In the closet in the control room that you have to use a Threepio panel on.
#3Take the back passage to the tractor beam generator and you'll find one next to the generator.
#4After the generator, continue on the back passage until you come to a cylinder on the right wall. Smash it down to find this one.
#5Take the front passage to near the elevators and double jump off a container to grab it.
#6Use one of the Artoo panels in the aforementioned elevators to get to the room with this one.
#7Take the front passage to the end (where it goes to the back passage) and you'll find one at the end.
#8In the control room after the rotator switch, right on top of the blue thing in the middle.
#9In the area just before the detention block, this is on the high section at the very left. Force three blocks into a stack to get on top.
#10In the detention block, in the very first cell on the left.
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