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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 09/12/2017

Episode V Walkthroughs

Escape From Echo Base

"Hurry it up, Goldenrod! You're gonna be a permanent resident!" - Han

Characters: Han Solo (Hoth), Princess Leia (Hoth), C-3PO, Chewbacca

True Jedi at 40,000: Shouldn't be too hard. Just explore, shoot, and make sure you don't die.

Story -

Ops Room

As you make your way to the door, rubble will fall in your way. Assemble the rubble into a bomb, which will blow the door. Continue down the tunnel, blasting snowtroopers. At the end, assemble the generator, then shoot it three times to melt the ice. Continue on.

Mess Hall

Take out the troopers in this next room. To move ahead, push the generator onto the red bar to melt the ice. In the next tunnel, take out the snowtrooper, including the one manning the E-Web blaster. You can reassemble the E-Web after you blow it to blast the gates on the back wall. Just watch out for the troopers that show up. Hop off to get them to stop coming. You can't access the Threepio panel, yet, so blow the containers off to the right and move on.


Assemble the cart to get it rolling around. You can use the cart as a step to get to the ledges with studs and the minikit. After which, push the rotator switch to get it rolling down the far track. Return the way you came.

Mess Hall

Cross now to the door on the left that was just cleared. Inside is Threepio. Have him access the panel on the far door (use the E-Web to clear it if you haven't done so already).


First, take out all the troopers. Next, bust open the containers in the center of the room and assemble the little car it makes. After that, move at least two of the blocks into the obvious spots on the sides of at least of the fans to get them going. Lastly, reassemble and use the E-Web to clear the door. Okay, the objective is to get in the car. Threepio should move himself over to one of the fans. Let him drop down on the back of the car, then drive him over to the door and press B or Z to launch him towards it, then use him to hit the panel. Head through the tunnel. Watch out for the panels that fall. Assemble the bomb so it blows open the far door.

Ice Slide

This area is a super fun ice slide. Head left and climb up the rock slope, then head over to the slide and slide down. Your objective is to hit all five buttons. You don't have to get them in one go, so don't be worried about mid-slide manuevering. Once all five are pressed, the door opens.

Supply Cache

Blow the containers to uncover the buttons, then push one of the boxes onto a button, and have the rest of your crew stand on the other three. Head through the door, then out the door at the far end.


We're in the hangar, finally. Take out all troopers and guns, here. Chewie will be in this area, as well. Pull the levers on the right wall to access some boxes. Push them into the slots to release some tauntauns. Now, you need to use the E-Webs. At the left and right ends of the force field are little modules that take three hits each, so blast them with the E-Web while avoiding enemy fire, then assemble the gate to the Falcon. Use a leap from a tauntaun's back to jump up on top of the Falcon and assemble the gun on top and the ramp will lower. Climb aboard to finish.

New Characters: Han Solo (Hoth), Princess Leia (Hoth)

Available for Purchase: Han Solo (Hood), Rebel Trooper (Hoth), Rebel Pilot, Snowtrooper, Luke Skywalker (Hoth)

Free Play -

Ops Room
Canister #1Free PlayForce all four control panels in the first room.
Canister #2In the room with the cart on the track, leave it on the circling track, hop up onto it, then to the ledge with the canister. Alternatively, you can just double jump.
Mess Hall
Canister #3In the room where you find Threepio, there are four buttons. You can come back to this room when you have four people, or use a Bounty Hunter's TDs to blow the modules and create generators to free the skeletons who will work for you as well.
Canister #4Free PlayBy the exit door, Force away the rubble to make a snowman, then push a block into the slot near the fan to get it going. If it seems to get stuck, push it towards the screen a little.
Canister #5Free PlayUse the Artoo panel in the front right. Use the Force on one of the fishing holes and assemble the canister.
Canister #6Bounty HunterUse a TD on the structure in the back right to bust a hole to this one.
Canister #7Free PlayThere's a canister suspended in midair. Push a box close if you can then double jump into it.
Supply Cache
Canister #8Bounty HunterGo to the Threepio door in the small room with four buttons and two blocks. Use a TD on the rubble, then go through the door and Force the control panel near the canister to free it.
Canister #9Sith, ShortieThere are four panels you can turn into steps with Sith Force before the hangar. It's tough to scale them, but it's doable. At the top, go left and grapple up. Crawl through the vent up here.
Canister #10SithGo up the same platforms you went to Canister 9, only go right this time. Use the Artoo panel. There are levers in this room that do a sort of slot machine thing. Pull the lever on the green and yellow circles to open a door in the hangar, which has the canister behind it.
Power Brick (Fast Build)SithDo the same thing as Canister #10, only pull the lever on the red and white slot machine to open a door with the brick.

Challenge -

Blue CanisterRequiredDescription
#1Go straight left and use the Artoo panel to find one behind it.
#2When you reach the crossroads (with the E-Web), go to the right, and you'll find this in one of the alcoves in the room.
#3Use the trolley in the right-hand room to smash into the rocks blocking the left-hand room and you'll find one inside.
#4In the big open room with the fans.
#5Behind the Artoo panel in the big open room (fishing stormies).
#6On the slope with all the buttons.
#7Bounty HunterIn the room with four buttons, use the Threepio panel. In the next room, throw a TD at the wreckage, and go through the door. You'll find this in a near corner.
#8SithUse Sith Force on the steps in the room just before the hangar and climb up. It will be right in front of you.
#9From #8, turn right and use the Artoo panel to find this in the next room.
#10Go to the hangar and operate both levers to find this one behind the force field.
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