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by WishingTikal

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FAQ/Walkthrough by WishingTikal

Version: 1 | Updated: 07/04/13



Prologue ~~ The Tower in the Sands

After the quick intro, you'll be heading into a practice dungeon to start off the game. Cid will explain the dungeon mechanisms. Pick up the Gysahl Greens. Ahead Cid will show you how to equip items. Grab the Rusty Talons and Saddle, and equip them, as instructed. Avoid the traps on the way and step into the circle to be transported in front of an enemy. Attack the empty grid first and the enemy will move forward. Hit it twice to defeat it. Stairs will appear. Take them to the next floor, where two more enemies await. Run to the hallway, then defeat them one on one. Go get the Potion at the end of the hallway, then head back to the staircase. A tougher enemy is up ahead. Open the menu and select Abilities - Chocobo Kick. Use it twice and the bat will go down. Run up the stairs and head up one last set of stairs to get started...

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 ~~ The Savior of a Forgetful Town

After the few cutscenes, you'll regain control of Chocobo in Stella's house. You're free to explore around. There's a book upstairs you can read for info on the dungeons, and a bed you can lay on for fun. When you're done, head outside. Follow the path to end back at the town of Lostime. Proceed to the red mark on your map to find Shirma. Once you can move again, examine the egg to receive the Brooch of Memories. Approach the mayor and hold down the 1 or B Button (depending on your control setup) to wind up inside his memories.

Remembrance Dungeon 1 - Mayor Gale's Memories

Number of Floors: 5
Enemies: Bat Shade, Frog
Items: Ether, Potion, Leather Saddle/Talons, (+ more)

Watch out for traps, but if you see a green circle, step inside it to restore your health. On 4F you'll encounter a boss.
Boss: Turtle Shade

Use Chocobo Kick a couple of times and the boss will go down easily.

Head up to collect the puzzle piece and get the mayor's memoriesback.

Now leave the town and head back to Stella's Farm. You'll meet a Moogle on the way, who'll give you the Card Case to carry Pop-Up cards. Check the mailbox in front of Stella's house to receive a letter from the Moogle. Go inside the house and watch the scene. Go upstairs and hold down 1 or B next to Cid to enter his memories and the next dungeon.

Remembrance Dungeon 2 - Cid's Memories

Number of Floors: 9
Enemies: Ghost Shade, Flying Eye, Turtle Shade, Bloody Bat, Mandra Shade
Items: Potion, Leather Saddle/Talons, Bejeweled Collar, Rusty Saddle/ Talons, Teleport Wings, Ether, (+ more)

At the start of the dungeon Mog will appear and give you some advice. Watch out for the Turtle Shades, they hit hard. Use Potions when you run low on health. This dungeon is slightly harder so you may have to start over a couple of times. Don't worry; it's normal. On 8F, you'll find the boss.

Boss: Mandragora

Use Chocobo Kick until you have no SP left, then keep hitting him with normal attacks until he goes down. Use Ether if you want hit with Chocobo Kick instead.

Get the puzzle piece on 9F to recover Cid's Memories.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 ~~ The Fires of Dark Intent

Go outside the house and check the mailbox for a letter from the mayor and Cid. You've probably noticed the highlighted words in the letters you receive. They form words. Get over to the silo in the field on the left of the farm. Enter the dark hole to find Mog. Type up the phrase "romance forever" (no capital letters) and Mog will give you a card 108: Bahamut: Impulse. Everytime you receive a letter, check for the romantic words and enter them here to receive more cards. For now you can also type out "thanks" for 009: Bomb: Self-Destruct and "time" for 130: Gilgamesh: Slice Thrice.

Now go into town and head for the fountain in the middle of the village. Take the bridge to the right from the clock Tower. Visit Harry's shop to sell the items you don't need and buy the Cloth Bag for 200 gil so you can carry more items inside dungeons. Store your important items and left-over money at the Storage in town. When you're ready for another dungeon, talk to Freja. Hold down 1 or B to enter her memories.

Remembrance Dungeon 3 - Freja's Memories

Number of Floors: 9
Enemies: Vulture, Ghost, Bomb Shade, Skeleton Shade, Goblin Shade, Werebat
Items: Gysahl Greens, Ether, Teleport Wings, Potion, Fire Talons/Saddle, (+ more)
Cards: Bomb: Delta Guard (from Bomb Shade)

You'll find the boss on 8F.
Boss: Blood Bones

Use Chcocobo Kick+, then a Ether and use it again. Use Potions to heal, then keep attacking until the boss goes down.

On 9F you'll find the Knight's Memories, which will allow you to change into a Knight later. Get the puzzle piece to recover Freja's Memories.

The fire is now back in town so you can now visit various stores that weren't open previously. Talk to Freja again to receive Flowers for Zeke. You can now use the forge to fuse and hone items also. I'm sure you can't wait to be able to switch jobs, so head back across the bridge from the fountain to be back in the town's merchant area. Take the bridge to the right of the restaurant and enter the church. Talk to the priest in there to give him the flowers. The bell will ring. Enter the new dungeon via the priest.

Optional Dungeon 1 - Pastor Roche's Memories

Number of Floors: 6
Condition: No items, no gil
Limit: Level 1
Enemies: Bat Shade, Werebat
Items: Ether, Leather Saddle/Talons, Potion, Fire Saddle/Talons, Sleep Drink, (+ more)

Pitch Black Fear
You are blind for the whole dungeon. You can't see the enemies coming and can't consult the map, but it's still a relatively easy dungeon regardless. You'll miss attacks more than usual, and although you can't bring your equipment inside, you can still equip what you find in the dungeon. On 5F you'll find the boss.

Boss: Poison Toad

Just use Chocobo Kick+ to defeat him easily.

Grab the White Mage's Memories on 6F which will let you choose the White Mage job. Grab Pastor Roche's Memories and exit the dungeon.

Recovering Pastor Roche's Memories will allow you to change jobs. You'll be able to select the jobs inside the dungeon, at the entrance floor. Simply examine the crystal and select the job. To get more jobs, you'll need to complete more dungeons. There are a few more optional dungeons you can dow before continuing the storyline. Return to the town for a short scene with Cid. Talk to Flora on the left to open a new dungeon. Also talk with Marris. I'd suggest doing Flora's dungeon now and coming back later for Marris' (around Lv12) as it might be too hard right now. The other dungeon you can do now is one people often miss. There is a medic shop located right between Flora and Marris' stores. Enter the door there and talk to Meddit to open his dungeon.

Optional Dungeon 2 - Flora's Memories

Number of Floors: 6
Condition: No items, no gil
Limit: Level 1
Enemies: Ghost, Lizard, Ice Flan
Items: Scholar Glasses, Silence Drink, Phoenix Down, (+ more)

All 1 HP
You and the enemies all have 1 HP. Move carefully and try to avoid the enemies when you can. Make sure to use the grid so you can be the first to attack. You only need one hit to defeat enemies, so as long as you attack first you'll be fine. Move slowly and look for the stairs right away.

There is no boss in the dungeon. Pick up Flora's Memories on 6F.

Optional Dungeon 3 - Meddit's Memories

Number of Floors: 5
Condition: No items, no gil
Limit: Level 10
Enemies: Bomb Shade, Cluster, Grande
Items: Damage Drink, Ether, Potion, Haste Drink, Sleep Drink, (+ more)

Explosion Zone
Use the White Mage or Scholar for this dungeon so you can heal easily. It's not necessary as there are a lot of Potions laying around, but it helps. Try to pick up all the items in the dungeon before you get to 4F as you'll need them.

Boss: Napalm
HP: 300

To defeat this boss, the best way is to nab many Damage Drink from the dungeon when you get to the boss. Kick them at him to do 100 damage. He has 300 HP so you will need about 5 or 6 (damage is reduced after a couple hits). You can also put him to sleep by kicking a Sleep Drink and restore your health and SP during that time.

Grab Meddit's Memories on 5F.

Optional Dungeon 4 - Marris' Memories

Number of Floors: 4
Condition: No items, no gil
Limit: Level 12
Enemies: Red Marshmallow, Doom Knight, Vulture, Mandra Red, Heat Basilisk
Items: Potion
Cards: Mist Dragon: Billowing Wind (from Heat Basilisk)

Make a Beline
Come back when you're Lv12 for this dungeon. Use either the Knight or the White Mage. Use Power Smack as a Knight on the most powerful enemies and defeat the weaker ones with normal hits. At this point you should have 3 or 4 SP so use all of it on each floor to defeat the enemies one by one. Use Protect (lv2) as the White Mage to defend yourself, attack and use Cure to restore health. Fight your way through the lines of enemies using the various Potions they drop. You should have more than enough to make it. After each floor cleared, hold down A+B to restore all HP and SP, then move out to the next floor and repeat.

There is no boss in this dungeon. Pick up Marris' Memories on 4F.

Optionally, you can return to Stella's farm to check the mailbox. You should have received several letters. Go see the Moogle in the silo and enter the new romantic words. "faith" will give you 077: Carbuncle: Holy Grail. "truth" will give you 022: Phoenix: Undying Spirit. "life" will give you 033: Cactuar: Poison Barb. "cool" will give you 063: Mist Dragon: Aqua Breath. "visit me" will give you 081: Ramuh: EM Field.

When you're all done and ready, talk to Shirma next to Freja's forge for a last scene. This will open the first of four big dungeons. Enter the portal in the mines to access this new dungeon.

Guardian Dungeon 1 - Guardian of the Flame

Number of Floors: 20

1F to 10F

Enemies: Steel Bat, Red Marshmallow, Goblin, Goblin Guard, Bomb, Mandra Red, Fire Element
Items: Talkie Collar, Fire Saddle/Talons, Keen-Eye Collar, Blind Collar, Gold Talons/Saddle, Wood Saddle/Talons, Teleport Wings, (+more)
Cards: Goblin: Shout (from Goblin), Bomb: Explode (from Bomb), Phoenix: Fire Strike (from Fire Element)

Make it to 10F to trigger a checkpoint. Collect the Black Mage's Memories which will allow you to select the Black Mage job from now on. Try opening the gate ahead. You'll be teleported back outside. Freja will give you the Fire Amulet. Re-enter the dungeon and use the floor jumper in the top-right corner to go back to 10F. Now that you have the Fire Amulet, you can open the gate and keep going. Things will get much harder.

10F to 20F

Enemies: Desert Sahagin, Red Cap, Mandra Red, Fire Element, Fire Dragon, Demon, Heat Basilisk
Items: Fire Talons/Saddle, Phoenix Down, Appraisal Glasses, Gold Saddle/Talons, Bronze Saddle/Talons, (+ more)
Cards: Ifrit: Flame Ward (from Heat Basilisk)

If you want to make it to the boss, you'll really need to start forging your best equipment. It really makes a big difference. The best gear to forge at this point is the Bronze or Gold Saddle and Talons. Fuse them together or hone them to their maximum. You might have to repeat the dungeon a few times to level-up a bit before you can make it. When you get to 19F, pick up the Apple of Fire, which raise your SP by one point. Switch job if needed, then head up to 10F for the boss.

Boss: Phoenix
HP: 280

Phoenix is a tough opponent. He can heal himself and moves around a lot, while leaving trails of fire behind. Don't stand in them or you'll get hurt every turn. He will also summon smaller enemies. First take down the minions which should go down in one hit, normally. Then approach Phoenix and attack. You might want to bring Phoenix Downs and Hi-Potions for this fight as you'll need a lot. Use Blizzard if you're a Black Mage, or your best abilities for the other jobs. Around Lv15 the fight is manageable. Also make sure you seal your equipment with fire resistance.

Pick up the Phoenix Magicite after the battle and leave the dungeon.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 ~~ Moonlight in the Water

Now is time for some item fetching before you head back to more serious things. Examine the abandoned train wagon left of Stella's farm to find Mystery Letter 4, and also examine the tree to the right of her farm (near the goddess spring) to find Mystery Letter 1. You can read those in Key Items from the menu. Go see Mog in the silo and type "Camelot" (with the capital letter) to receive 086: Cait Sith: Battle Trumpet.

Next, pay a little visit to the shed on the left of the farm house. Examine the bucket on the crate and Stella will come and offer you the Fishing Lure, as well as the Bucket. Head for the river behind the farm and start fishing to retrieve Mystery Letter 6 from the water. You can either sell your fish to Marris in town or give them to Blaroo in the Storage to get more storage space. Talk to Marris in town to upgrade your lure to Deluxe Lure. If you bring him all the different types of fish, he will upgrade it again to the Master Lure.

That will be all for now. Go to the fountain in the center of the town to meet up with Shirma. Freja will show you what happened to the water. Buy the Leather Bag for 800 gils from Harry before continuing. Head back to the town entrance to find Raffaello. Follow him back to the river behind Stella's farm. The scene will continue. Enter the house and Stella will give you the Homemade Biscuits. Take them to the cafe in town. On your way, you'll meet up with Raffaello again. After the ensuing scene, take the cookies to the restaurant. The bell will ring. You can access the next dungeon via Meja.

Remembrance Dungeon 4 - Meja's Memories

Number of Floors: 10
Enemies: Frog Shade, Scissors Shade, Skeleton, Flan Shade, Sahagin Shade, Wraith
Items: Teleport Wings, Hi-Potion, Gold Talons/Saddle, Bronze Talons/Saddle, Gold Talons/Saddle, Copper Talons/Saddles, Anti-Poison Collar, Long Kick Collar, Water Saddle/Talons, (+ more)

The Scissor Shades have an attack that can rust your equipment and lower it by 1 point. If you have gear that have a seal against it, fuse them with your best equipment to protect them. On 9F you'll find the boss to this dungeon.

Boss: Sahagin

Sahagin is pretty easy to defeat after the battle with the Phoenix. Use your best abilities and as many healing items as necessary.

On 10F, grab the Dragoon's Memories which allows you to use the Dragoon job, as well as Meja's Memories.

Meja will remember everything. From the Clock Tower at the fountain (center of town), take the left bridge leading to a new area of the village. Before going to the next dungeon, pay a visit to Major Gale's house. Examine the bookshelves on the left to find Mystery Letter 5. Back outside, follow the path to the end of the residential area where you'll find a cave leading to the ocean. The new dungeon will be revealed to you.

Guardian Dungeon 2 - Guardian of the Water

Number of Floors: 30

1F to 10F

Enemies: Wraith, Turtle, Scissors, Ice Flan, Revenant, Toad
Items: Water Talons/Saddle, Phoenix Down, Angel's Robe, No-Sleep Collar, Haste Drink, Regen Collar, (+ more)

At this point you should really have protection against Rust on all your equipment. Otherwise the enemies will constantly lower your gear's level. You can fuse it with Gold gear to keep the seal on. On 10F, you'll get to the checkpoint. Return to town (choose Escape on the stairs), save your game, stock your items and gil, then return to the dungeon using the floor jumper to get to 10F.

10F to 20F

Enemies: Water Element, Land Turtle, Sahagin, Magic Pot, Cluster, Lamia, Gigantoad, Big Scissors
Items: Appraisal Glasses, Antartic Wind, Anti-Poison Saddle/Talons, Copper Talons/Saddle, Hi-Potion, Talkie Collar, Warp Wings, Treasure Talons/Saddle, Heavy Talons/Saddle, (+ more)
Cards: Shiva: Extinguish (from Water Element), Bismark: Breach Blast (from Cluster)

Same as the previous set of floors but slightly harder. On 20F will be a boss, but not the Guardian.

Boss: Water Element, Fire Element, Light Element, Dark Element

All you have to do is get rid of the four elements and that's all. It can be hard though, as they will surround you. Run to the side of the arena at the start of the fight so only three can reach you. Try to attack with abilities that attack all at the same time. I would recommend being around Lv25 for this fight and if possible have the Heavy Talons and Saddle maxed out. They shouldn't do more than 2 damage each if you're well equipped.

Pick up the Scholar's Memories after the battle which will let you use the Scholar job. Take up the stairs to 21F for another checkpoint. Exit and save, then go back.

21F to 30F

Enemies: Otchyu, Sahagin Prince, Water Element, Big Scissors, Gigantoad, Lamia Queen, Ice Dragon
Items: Treasure Talons/Saddle, Gasylh Greens, Angel's Robe, Appraisal Glasses, Rage Talons/Saddle, Warp Wings, Gold Talons/Saddle, Phoenix Down, Steel Talons/Saddle, (+ more)
Cards: Leviathan: Tidal Wave (from Sahagin Prince), Leviathan: Tail Whip (from Lamia Queen), Mist Dragon: Aqua Breath (Ice Dragon)

Watch out for the Ice Dragons on these floors, they hit hard. Having a good defense against magical attacks will help reduce the damage of their breath attacks. On 29F, grab the Apple of Water to raise your SP by one more point. On 30F awaits the Guardian boss.

Boss: Leviathan
HP: 600

This guardian isn't quite as hard as the Phoenix if you're at the right level. He will blow you away and deal damage each time. If using a Dragoon, use the Ice Lance ability to attack. Black Mage should use Thunder. Get back to him every time and keep attacking as long as you have SP. Use Ether and potions to refill when you need. Using a Phoenix Down at the start of the fight also helps. Also make sure you seal your equipment with water resistance.

Pick up the Leviathan Magicite at the end of the battle and leave the dungeon.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 ~~ Seeking the Light

After the scene, go outside. Shirma is the next victim. Before you enter her dungeon, you can buy the Elegant Bag for 2000 gils from Harry, so you can carry more items. You should be around Lv30 now, too, so it would be a good time to do complete Harry's dungeon. You can complete Stella's dungeon as well by talking to her inside the house. And there is one more dungeon available also by talking to Dardola inside the restaurant in town. He's the man at the counter.

Optional Dungeon 5 - Dardola's Memories

Number of Floors: 4
Condition: No items, no gil
Limit: Level 30
Enemies: Dry Cactuar

Cactuar Capers
In this dungeon you must defeat all the cactuars on each floor to make the stairs appear. Use any job class with long range attacks. Best one would be Black Mage with Quake ability. Get close enough to the Catuars, but not too close or they will run away. With that ability you can defeat them all at the same time from anywhere if they're in range. There are only two floors and the third one is the boss.

Boss: Cactequila

He will run around too. For this battle I find it easier to use either the Black Mage with the Quake ability, or the Thief with the Poison Needles ability. This will poison the boss and he will lose HP every turn he moves. You don't even need to attack more than two or three times with this strategy, he will simply die from the poison. Or attack a few times with Quake as the Black Mage.

Pick up Dardola's Memories on 4F.

Optional Dungeon 6 - Stella's Memories

Number of Floors: 5
Condition: No items, no gil
Limit: Level 1
Enemies: Goblins
Items: Ether, Potion, Damage Drink
Cards: Goblin: Rage

Goblin Maze
This dungeon has four floors full of Goblins. Run to a corner on every floor and use abilities that hit all enemies around at the same time (like Black Mage with Quake). Use Ether to refill and Potions to heal. You can kick items at the big Goblins to back them off and take down the small ones first.

No boss - pick up Stella's Memories on 5F.

Optional Dungeon 7 - Harry's Memories

Number of Floors: 10
Condition: No items, no gil
Limit: Level 30
Enemies: Red Scissors, Turtle, Belial, Basilisk, Mandra Dark, Desert Sahagin
Items: Potion, Silence Drink, Scholar Glasses, Appraisal Glasses, Goblin's Tonic, (+ more)

Hungry Hijinks
Inside this dungeon, your food level will stay at 0% no matter what, you cannot recover it. This means you'll lose 1 Hp every step you take. This can be hard so try to be around Lv30. The best way to do it is to use the White Mage and heal (with Cure ability) as often as needed. The more SP you have, the better, so you might want to do this dungeon after the water guardian's dungeon. The Scholar is good too, simply use Search to locate the stairs right away and avoid all the enemies.

There is no boss in this dungeon, grab Harry's Memories on the 10th floor.

After completing these dungeons, check the mailbox at Stella's house to receive letters from Meja and Harry. Go see the Mog in the silo and enter "kiss" to get the card 056: Leviathan: Thunder Storm, "strong" for card 047: Titan: Fissure, and "sing" for card 014: Lamia: Song. You should also receive a letter from Stella with the card 131: Gilgamesh: Excalipoor attached.

After recovering Stella's memories, you also get access to the garden where you can plant and harvest flowers. Buy Mysterious Seeds from Flora after clearing her dungeon. Plant four in the garden and use the Sprinkler in the center to water them. Check back later when they've grown to water them again. Eventually they will bloom into flowers with different powers, the most valuable being the ones to gain job points (you can only use the flowers inside dungeons).

When you're ready, enter Shirma's mind.

Remembrance Dungeon 5 - Shirma's Nightmare

Number of Floors: 8
Enemies: Coeurl Shade, Lizard Shade, Lamia Shade
Items: Phoenix Down, Coral Talons/Saddle, Filling Greens, Stinky Greens, Warp Wings

This is a relatively easy dungeon compared to previous ones. On 7F will be a boss.
Boss: Iron Giant Shade

He has a lot of HP, so be prepared. Use Phoenix Down at the start of the battle just in case. Bring Potions and attack with your best ability.

Grab Shirma's Memories on 8F.

After this dungeon, go outside for a scene. Next, go talk to Cid which should be next to Freja's forge. Head to the residential area of the town after this to find Volg (left of the Clock Tower/fountain). Enter the house where Volg is standing. After the scene with "Amouri", you can enter a new dungeon.

Remembrance Dungeon 6 - Amouri's Memories

Number of Floors: 10
Enemies: Adamantoise, Vulture Shade, Specter, Tonberry Shade
Items: Rage Talons/Saddle, No-Sleep Talons/Saddle, Angel's Robe, Gold Talons/Saddle, Teleport Wings, Appraisal Glasses, Lightweight Saddle/Talons, Floater Bashers, Poison Talons/Saddle, Warp Wings, (+ more)
Cards: Adamantoise: Mighty Guard (from Adamantoise)

On 9F a boss will be waiting.

Boss: Assault Scissors

Pretty sure the same thing as the last boss. Have a lot of Potions with you and use your best abilities to take him down. He can rust your equipment so have gold gear.

On 10F, pick up Amouri's Memories.

After the dungeon, speak with Volg outside to open a new dungeon. I wouldn't recommend doing it now, though. Wait until you are around Lv60 and come back. Head for the fountain in the town square to find Raffaello. After the cute scene, return to Stella's farm. Check the mail for a letter from Irma. Go see Mog in the silo and enter "play" for card 017: Lamia: Entice. Go inside Stella's house and talk to Shirma in the bed upstairs. The Brooch of Memories will react again. Enter the next dungeon.

Remembrance Dungeon 6 - Shirma's Recollections

Number of Floors: 10
Enemies: Malboro Shade, Cactuar Shade, Dragon Shade, Iron Giant Shade, Demon Shade
Items: Phoenix Down, X Potion, Thunder Talons/Saddle, Happy Talons/Saddle, Goblin's Tonic, Stinky Greens, Large Grysahl Greens, Hi Potion, Holy Talons/Saddle, Teleport Wings, Filling Greens, Mythril Talons/Saddle, Sleep Talons/Saddle, Ribbon Collar, (+ more)
Cards: Cactuar: 1000 Needles (from Cactuar Shade), Iron Giant: Tackle (from Iron Giant Shade), Mist Dragon: Ice Bind (from Dragon Shade)

This dungeon is pretty hard. This is a good time to level-up. Don't be afraid of re-doing the dungeon over and over until you are strong enough. Get the best equipment (Mythril at this point) and max it out. Watch out for the last few floors; the enemies are very strong. On 9F you'll encounter the boss.

Boss: Lamia Shade
HP: 500

The boss hits hard but she doesn't have that much HP. With good abilities you should be able to defeat her in 4 or 5 hits.

Pick up Shirma's Memories (Bell of Oblivion) on 10F.

Head outside the house for another scene. Daylight is finally back. Shirma will give you the Staff of Light. Check the mailbox for a letter from Shirma, with the card 132: Gilgamesh: Monarch Swordinside. Now head over to the Clock Tower in the center of town for the next big dungeon.

At this point, you can ride the mine kart in the mines next to Freja's forge to find Mystery Letter 3. Also play on the seesaw with the Jailbird in the park (in the suburbs) a few times until he gives you Mystery Letter 2. When you're done, enter the new dungeon.

Guardian Dungeon 3 - Guardian of the Light

Number of Floors: 40

1F to 10F

Enemies: Light Element, Dry Cactuar, Tonberry, Mandra, Iron Giant, Flam Armadillo, Coeurl, Red Scissors
Items: Anti-Theft Saddle/Talons, Long Kick Collar, Calm Collar, Undead Bashers, Rage of Zeus, Elemental Bashers, Heavy Saddle/Talons, Scholar Glasses, Appraisal Glasses, Defense Collar, (+ more)
Cards: Cactuar: Ambush (from Dry Cactuar), Tonberry: Knife (from Tonberry), Shiva: Snow Veil (from Iron Giant)

The Tonberries have a very powerful long range attack so be careful and try to take themdown from a distance. If you have the fire resistance gear, fuse it with your equipment to protect yourself a bit from this attack. Also if you find the Elemental Bashers, use it or fuse with your gear as it will help you defeat the Light Elements in two turns instead of four. The checkpoint is on 11F.

11F to 21F

Enemies: Lizard, Light Element, Grenade, Red Scissors, Cockatrice, Bloodbones, Cactuar, Magic Pot
Items: Rage Saddle/Talons, Hi-Potion, X-Potion, (+ more)
Cards: Bomb: Self-Destruct (from Grenade), Ramuh: Thundercloud (from Light Element)

Pretty much the same thing as the last few floors. The checkpoint will be on 21F.

21F to 30F

Enemies: Magic Pot, Cactuar, Cockatrice, Bloodbones, Mandragora, Malboro, Belial, Queen Coeurl, Simurgh, Master Tonberry
Items: Max Potion, Holy Saddle/Talons, Absolute Talons/Saddle, Sapphire Saddle/Talons, Garnet Talons/Saddle, Emerald Saddle/Talons, Trident Talons/Saddle, Ruby Saddle/Talons, Gil Talons/Saddle, No-Silence Saddle/Talons, Angel's Robe, (+ more)
Cards: Cactuar: Photosynthesis (from Cactuar)

Prepare for the boss fight on 30F. By now you should have upgrade your Saddle and Talons to the new ones found in this dungeon (sapphire/ruby/emerald). They are all very powerful, so max them out and if possible, have protection against fire and water sealed on the saddle.

Boss: Croma Shade

She will teleport around a lot and use powerful spells. If you have an Angel's Robe, use it. This will counter all her spells. Get close to her and use your most powerful ability. She doesn't have much HP so about two attacks like this should kill her. After the battle, the real Croma will come down. This is the exact same fight, but a second time. Use another Angel's Robe if you have one, get close, attack, and she should go down easily.

After defeating her for good, pick up the Dark Knight's Memories which allows you to use the Dark Knight job. On 31F will be a checkpoint. Get ready for more floors.

31F to 40F

Enemies: Iron Giant Steel, Master Tonberry, Light Element, Queen Coeurl, Thunder Dragon, Ahriman, Simurgh
Items: Max Potion, Holy Saddle/Talons, Absolute Talons/Saddle, Sapphire Saddle/Talons, Garnet Talons/Saddle, Emerald Saddle/Talons, Trident Talons/Saddle, Ruby Saddle/Talons, Gil Talons/Saddle, No-Silence Saddle/Talons, Angel's Robe, (+ more)
Cards: Mist Dragon: Ice Bind+ (from Thunder Dragon)

On 39F, grab the Apple of Light to increase your SP by one point. Change job class if needed, and prepare for the next boss battle on 40F.

Boss: Alexander

He has high defense and two arms that will attack you. The arms aren't much to worry about if you're at a good level (around 45) and have your best equipment maxed out. They shouldn't even do any damage at all. Fuse your gear to get the thunder resistance seal against Alexandre's attacks. Don't lose your time attacking the arms, he will revive them. Just concentrate on the main boss. He will often knock you back, so either either attack from afar if you have good abilities or get close and attack, then heal, and repeat. He can be quite tough but it's a matter of being at the right level.

Nab the Alexander Magicite at the end and exit the dungeon.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 ~~ Dark Skies, Bright Earth

You might want to complete the rest of the special dungeons now. Head over to the Suburbs and talk to Roddy, the little boy hanging out in the park. After completing his dungeon, talk to Claire, also in the park. Also talk to Charlotte which is in the top-left house. They each have a dungeon that will open up.

Optional Dungeon 8 - Roddy's Memories

Number of Floors: 4
Condition: No items, no gil
Limit: Level 40
Enemies: Sahagin Shade, Ghost Shade
Items: Hi-Potion, Hi-Ether, (+ more)
Cards: Dismark: Engulf (from Sahagin Shade)

Deeper and Deeper
The only way to get items here is to defeat enemies, but honestly it's better to try and avoid them. Use the White Mage job or Scholar (with Wind ability) so you can heal yourself. There are only two floors of enemies and on the third one you'll need to face two bosses at the same time.
Boss: Lamia Queen & Sahagin Prince

When the fight starts, position yourself to the side of one of the boss. This way the other one will not reach you and you can fight them one at a time. They don't have much HP at all. Lamia Queen has 160HP and Sahagin Prince has 200 HP. Take down Lamia first and Sahagin then. Keep healing and attacking and it shouldn't be too hard.

Grab Roddy's Memories on 4F and return outside. Talk to Claire for the second dungeon.

Optional Dungeon 9 - Claire's Memories

Number of Floors: 7
Condition: No items, no gil
Limit: Level 40
Enemies: Coeurl Shade, Cactuar Shade, Dragon Shade, Scissors Shade, Light Element
Items: Hi-Ether, (+ more)

1 HP Chocobo
This dungeon is one of the most frustrating. You only have 1 HP, but not the enemies this time. Most can be killed in one hit, like the Coeurls, but they attack two times per turn and move very fast. Avoid enemies at all cost, or plan ahead. Always make sure you will be the first to attack. Walk very slowly. Think of this dungeon like a strategy game where you must analyse the possiblities. Use the Thief job and the Alert ability to show the map and locate the stairs. Try to get to the stairs by paths with no enemies. If you don't have the Thief class, you can use the Scholar with the Search ability. Thief is most recommended, however, as he can use the Poison Needles attack to hit from afar and defeat the Scissors in one hit. There is a bit of luck involved here, unfortunately. Sometimes you'll have the stairs right in the room you start in, sometimes at the end of a monster house. Perseverate until you get lucky.

Pick up Claire's Memories on 7F.

Optional Dungeon 10 - Charlotte's Memories

Number of Floors: 6
Condition: No items, no gil
Limit: Level 1
Enemies: Coeurl, Ghost, Ice Flan, Lizard
Items: Potion, Crawly Greens, Amnesia Drink, Phoenix, Echo Drops, (+ more)

All 1 HP and Blind
This is a similar dungeon to Claire's. You and the enemies only have 1 HP, and you are blind. This means you can't use the Thief and Scholar's ability to show the map and locate the stairs. Just as the other dungeon, move very slowly. Watch out for the Coeurl as he moves fast and attacks twice in a row. Be sure to calculate your steps (use the grid) so you get the first hit. For this dungeon I recommend using the Knight or any class with an ability to strike all enemies around you (4 grids or more). If you step on an alarm trap (which will happen often), use that skill to get rid of all enemies around you in one hit. This dungeon has a bit of luck involved too. Fortunately most enemies in this dungeon are asleep and the floors aren't too big, so you can get past them.

Get Charlotte's Memories on 6F.

After completing the three optional dungeons, check the mail in the mailbox for three letters. Go talk to Mog in silo and enter the three new romantic words. "friend" for 093: Iron Giant: Beam, "brother" for 044: Titan: Boulder Toss, and "love" for 091: Iron Giant: Fist.

When you're ready, go see Mayor Gale in his house in the Suburbs. After the scene, go talk to Cid at the right of Freja's forge for another scene. You'll get to the last (main) dungeon of the game.

Guardian Dungeon 3 - Guardian of the Dark

Number of Floors: 50

1F to 10F

Enemies: Doom Knight, Dark Eye, Panther, Cryptonberry, Iron Giant Silver, Napalm, Darksteel, Basilisk, Great Malboro, Goblin Prince
Items: No-Silence Saddle/Talons, Absolute Saddle/Talons, Hi-Potion, Filling Greens, Turbo Ether, Hunger Collar, Diamond Saddle/Talons, Angel's Robe, Strenght Collar, (+ more)
Cards: Iron Giant: Beam+ (from Iron Giant Silver), Tonberry: Shadowbind (from Cryptonberry), Bomb: Explode (from Napalm), Goblin: Slap (from Goblin Prince)

11F to 20F

Enemies: Great Malboro, Medusa, Goblin Prince, Darksteel, Mandra Dark, Bandercoeurl, Sahagin Zombie, Moloch, Gigantuar
Items: Absolute Saddle/Talons, Angel's Robe, Disabling Saddle/Talons, Trident Saddle/Talons, (+ more)
Cards: Bismark: Engulf+ (from Sahagin Zombie)

On 20F will be a first boss.

Boss: Ifrit

Have the fire resistance seal on your Saddle and water boost on Talons. This fight is a bit like the one against the Phoenix. Don't stand in the flames and use water attacks if your class has some. Keep healing and attacking until you defeat it.

After the fight, grab the card Ifrit: Scorched Earth.

21F to 30F

Enemies: Bandercoeurl, Magic Pot, Poison Toad, Dark Element, Tonberry King, Red Gazer, Flan Princess, Lich
Items: Hi-Potion, Disabling Saddle/Talons, Confusion Talons/Saddle, Calm Saddle/Talons, Ice Saddle/Talons, Platinum Saddle/Talons, Trident Saddle/Talons, Demon Bashers, (+ more)
Cards: Bahamut: Mega Flare (from Dark Element)

Because of the Dark Elements, I would really recommend having fusing Elemental Bashers from another dungeon with your current Talons to get the elemental boost seal. This will double the damage against the Dark Elements so you can defeat them in three hits instead of six. On 30F will be a second boss.

Boss: Shiva

This boss isn't the most powerful, but quite possibly the most annoying. She will move around and builds ice walls to protect herself while she still attacks. Her icicle attack does much damage, but her physical attack does almost nothing. Don't try to go around the walls to reach her; this will just make you lose turns and she will move again. Use abilities (not physical attack) to break through the walls and the nattack her. Try to have a sleep resistance seal on your Saddle (from No-Sleep Saddle) or she will constantly put you to sleep. She's quite hard to defeat.

Get the Shiva Magicite after the fight. She might also drop the card Shiva: Diamond Dust.

31F to 40F

Enemies: Assault Scissors, Magic Pot, Dark Basilisk, Iron Giant Gold, Flan Princess, Genbu, Cactequila, Lilith
Items: Demon Bashers, Scholar's Glasses, Hi-Potion, Hi-Ether, Earth Drum, (+ more)
Cards: Adamantoise: Miraculous Shell+ (from Genbu)

On 40F will be a third boss.

Boss: Ramuh

He is pretty easy to defeat compared to Shiva. His bolt attack hurt but not his physical attacks. Just get close and use some good abilities. Having the thunder resistance seal on your Saddle should help as well.

Pick up the card Ramuh: Judgement Bolt after the fight.

41F to 50F

Enemies: Cactequila, Malboro King, Dark Element, Iron Giant Gold, Balrog, Dark Dragon
Items: Critical Talons, Earth Drum, Ice Saddle/Talons, Dark Saddle/Talons, Earth Drum, Calm Saddle/Talons, No-Trap Collar, Fatigue Collar, Phoenix Down, X-Potion, Turbo Ether, Rune Saddle/Talones, Giga Bashers, Titanium Saddle/Talons, (+ more)
Cards: Lamia: Entice (from Lilith), Bahamut: Mega Flare+ (from Dark Dragon), Iron Giant: Overhead Smash (from Iron Giant Gold)

The best Saddle and Talons in this dungeon are Titanium so try to have them by now. If you can't find them, you could always purchase the Dark Talons and Saddle from Dungeon Hero X's shop inside the dungeon itself (white teleport circles). On 49F, nab the Apple of Darkness for the last SP boost. On 50F the final boss awaits you.

Boss: Destroyer

You can't avoid the first blow. There will be a cutscene.
To defeat him easily, choose the Dark Knight job class leveled up to at least LV7. Use the ability Dark Blade twice and he will be down already. The real boss will appear after.

Final Boss: God of Destruction

Stand in the circle in the middle to restore your SP. Watch out though; sometimes it will be a trap. Make sure you have a lot of X-Potions and Max Potions with you. Use them whenever you need. The strategy with the Dark Knight works here too. All you need is around three Dark Blade and he will be defeated. The difficulty is approaching him; he will keep on pushing you back with its Berseck attack. Whenever you have the chance, use Dark Blade until he's no more.

It's now over! After the ensuing cutscene, let the credits roll to the end for one final scene. The game will automatically save, and next time you load it, a few new things will have appeared.


After finishing the game, head over to the farm and check the mailbox for a letter from Mog. Enter the word "far out" as romantic phrase to get the the Hero Ticket 1. This opens a new dungeon if you check the Mirror of Memories at the church. There are others to get, or you can simply enter "winner" and "genius" for Hero Ticket 2 and Hero Ticket 3. For the three other extra dungeons, enter "Generations", "High Voltage" and "Jump for Joy!", for the Spectral Ticket, Lightning Ticket, and Vicious Ticket, respectively.

Next, you can go talk to some characters around the town for extra cutscenes. There's Cid next to the forge, Volg and Irma at the seapoint where the water dungeon is, Shirma near the river behind Stella's house, and also Croma on the second floor of the farm house. Talking to her also opens a new dungeon for which I would recommend waiting to be around Lv90. In the meanwhile, you can do the 100 Floor Dungeon to level-up.

Go to the park in the suburbs and you'll notice a statue that wasn't there before. Hold down B or 1 next to it to enter Chocobo's Memories, the 100 Floor dungeon. I won't cover this dungeon as it's simply a repeat of all the previous dungeons, but here are a few noteworthy items to get in it:
Mirage Saddle/Talons, Adaman Saddle/Talons, Crystal Saddle/Talons, Orichalcum Saddle/Talons, Earth Talons/Saddle, Damascus Saddle/Talons, King's Saddle/Talons, Genji's Talons/Saddle, Irma's Talons, Volg's Saddle, Dragon Bashers, Omega Saddle, Ultima Talons, (and more). Finishing this dungeon and beating the boss will award you a letter from Mog with the card 128: Chocobo: Chocobash attached.

If you hadn't completed it yet, there's still Volg's Memories to finish also. Then Croma. Volg will send you a letter with the romantic phrase "rival" which gives the card 100: Odin: Gungnir+ and Croma will send you a letter with the card 129: Gilgamesh: Bitter End attached. The last thing you can do is max out your job classes and reach Lv99. All that will reward you with even more cards.

Optional Dungeon 11 - Volg's Memories

Number of Floors: 14
Condition: No items, no gil
Limit: Level 60
Enemies: Tonberry, Turtle, Panther, Skeleton, Malboro, Medusa, Demon

This dungeon is a series of bosses one after the other. Even though it seems heard, it's actually a very easy dungeon with the right strategy. First, make sure you are around Lv60 at least, and have the Dark Knight job leveled-up to at least Lv7. Simply use Dark Blade on all the bosses, and they will go down in one single hit. Some will take two, but you can still get rid of them in a few seconds with that skill. In between each floor, touch the job class crystal to replenish all your HP and SP. Even the boss on the last floor will fall after one hit.

Grab the Ninja's Memories on 14F which will allow you to change into the Ninja class.

Optional Dungeon 12 - Croma's Future

Number of Floors: 5
Condition: No items, no gil
Limit: Level 90
Enemies: Lamia Shade, Coeurl Shade, Lizard Shade
Items: Dry Ether

Shadow Maze
This dungeon has very tough enemies so try to do it when you're Lv90 or very close. The best class for this dungeon is the Dark Knight (maxed out). To heal, use Drain Blade as often as necessary. Don't worry about SP; it recovers fast when you battle enemies. On 4F, you'll face the boss.

Boss: Croma Shades

You'll be up against three Croma Shades. They don't have much HP each, but are hard to defeat as they constantly teleport. Use Dark Blade if you're close to one, but the best strategy is to stay in the center so you can hit all three at the same time with Chaos. Use Drain Blade to heal, then keep using Dark Blade or Chaos when they are grouped.