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by WishingTikal

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FAQ/Walkthrough by WishingTikal

Version: 1 | Updated: 07/04/13

Pop-Up Duel Cards

How to play & Afflictions

You'll recognize the Pop-Up Duel Cards system from the DS game Chocobo Tales. It's intact, and still the same. Some new upgrades like the Defense Break were added, but it basically remains just like in the DS game, with a few more cards added to the library. You can play this at Mog's mini-games place, by examining the arcade in the corner.

Although you'll need Wi-Fi to play with friends, it's possible to train alone against the computer. You can find the cards inside dungeons; sometimes enemies will drop them. The other way to get them is completing dungeons and other requirements, that will be listed in "Location" into the list found below.

How to play Pop-Up Duel:

1. First, you'll need to make a deck. Name it, then choose the cards. Try to have a balanced deck with a bit of everything, unless you want to concentrate on one type.

2. Once the fight starts, you have 15 seconds to choose your card from three randomly drawed. Hold down B and swing the Wiimote to choose the card. The first player to choose is the first to attack.

3. If you have an Attack symbol on the card, it will attack the opponent's card on the same spot as your attack symbol. If opponent has a Shield symbol, the attack will not work. If there is nothing in that spot, the attack will succeed and the damage will equal the one indicated on your card.

4. If the opponent attacks first, the attack will only fail if you have a Shield symbol on the spot where the opponent's card has an Attack symbol. If you both have Attack symbols in that spot, the damage will only be half and both attacks will still succeeds. If you both have Defense symbols, nothing will happen.

5. The only way you can break through a Defense symbol is if your card has a Defense Break symbol (spear symbol -- this is the new upgrade). In that case you can still ataack and succeed.

6. Each card has a color. After each round, your card will give you a Crystal Point (CP) of the same color as the card. If you use a red card, you will get a red CP after the attack. Grey cards don't give CPs.

7. Some cards require nothing to be used, but other cards require CP. If your card indicates that it needs a yellow CP and two blue CPs to work, you will first need to play a yellow card and two blue ones in order to first obtain the right number of CP to use the card that requires it. If you don't have enough CP, you can still use the card to defend, but attacks will not do any damage even if they succeed.

8. Some cards have effects such as raising defense, healing, slowing down the opponent, etc. For these effects to take order, your attack or defense will need to succeed. If they do not, the effects won't work.

9. Battle ends when one of the players' HP reaches 0.


Burn - Doubles damage from a red magic ring
Freeze - Doubles damage from a blue magic ring
Numb - Doubles damage from a yellow magic ring
Poison - Doubles damage from a green magic ring
Silence - Prevents use of crystal abilities
Protect - Halves damage received
Haste - First strike in the next turn
Slow - Second strike in the next turn

Cards List & Locations

This is a list of all the cards found in the game. Locations vary from enemies drops and requirements, as well as romantic phrases.

003IfritFlame WardFire dungeon - Heat Basilisk drop (10F-20F)
004IfritScorched EarthDark dungeon - Ifrit drop (20F boss)
005IfritForest FireRomantic phrase - "Treasure Hunt"
006IfritHellfire100 Floor dungeon - Ifrit drop (30F)
007BombFiery Tango
008BombDelta GuardFreja's Memories - Bomb Shade drop
009BombSelf-DestructRomantic phrase - "thanks"
010BombSelf-Destruct+Light dungeon - Grenade drop (10F-20F)
011BombExplodeFire dungeon - Bomb drop (1F-10F)
012BombExplode+Dark dungeon - Napalm drop (1F-10F)
014LamiaSongRomantic phrase - "sing"
015LamiaMaiden's Kiss
016LamiaMaiden's Kiss+Dark dungeon - Medusa drop (10F-20F)
017LamiaEnticeRomantic phrase - "play"
018LamiaEntice+Dark dungeon - Lilith drop (40F-50F)
019PhoenixFire StrikeFire Dungeon - Fire Element drop (1F-10F)
020PhoenixBlazing Barrier
021PhoenixUndying Spirit100 Floor dungeon
022PhoenixUndying Spirit+Romantic phrase - "truth"
023PhoenixFlames of Rebirth100F dungeon - Phoenix boss drop (39F)
024PhoenixFlames of Rebirth+Max out Scholar class (Lv8)
025AdamantoiseTurtle Power
026AdamantoiseTurtle Power+Romantic phrase - "White Wind"
027AdamantoiseMiraculous Shell
028AdamantoiseMiraculous Shell+Dark dungeon - Genbu drop (30F-40F)
030AdamantoiseMighty GuardAmouri's Memories - Adamantoise drop
031CactuarSpinning Needle
032CactuarAmbushLight dungeon - Dry Cactuar drop (1F-10F)
033CactuarPoison BarbRomantic phrase - "life"
034CactuarPhotosynthesisLight Dungeon - Cactuar drop (20F-30F)
035Cactuar1000 NeedlesShirma's Recollections - Cactuar Shade drop
036Cactuar1000 Needles+Romantic phrase - "Cactuar's 1000+"
038UnicornHealing Kick
039UnicornFountain Head100 Floor dungeon - Lamia Shade drop
040UnicornFountain Head+Dark dungeon - Gigantuar drop (10F-20F)
041UnicornGale StrikeRomantic phrase - "Unicorn's Gale"
042UnicornGale Strike+Max out Knight class (Lv8)
043TitanGaia's Wrath
044TitanBoulder TossRomantic phrase - "brother"
045TitanEarthen Fist
046TitanEarthen Fist+
047TitanFissureRomantic phrase - "strong"
048TitanFissure+100 Floor Dungeon - Behemoth drop
049ShivaChilling Whisper
050ShivaExtinguishWater dungeon - Water Element drop (10F-20F)
052ShivaSnow VeilLight dungeon - Iron Giant drop (1F-10F)
053ShivaDiamond DustDark dungeon - Shiva drop (30F drop)
054ShivaHeavenly Strike100 Floor dungeon - Shiva drop (40F)
055LeviathanTail WhipWater dungeon - Lamia Queen drop (20F-30F)
056LeviathanThunder StormRomantic phrase - "kiss"
058LeviathanGeyser+100 Floor dungeon - Leviathan drop
059LeviathanTidal WaveWater dungeon - Sahagin Prince drop (20F-30F)
060LeviathanTidal Wave+Max out Dragoon class (Lv8)
061Mist DragonMist Breath
062Mist DragonBillowing MistMarris' Memories - Heat Basilisk drop
063Mist DragonAqua BreathRomantic phrase - "cool"
064Mist DragonAqua Breath+Water dungeon - Ice Dragon drop (20F-30F)
065Mist DragonIce BindShirma's Recollections - Dragon Shade drop
066Mist DragonIce Bind+Light dungeon - Thunder Dragon drop (30F-40F)
067BismarckNo Mercy
069BismarckEngulf+Dark dungeon - Sahagin Zombie drop (10F-20F)
070BismarckBreach BlastWater dungeon - Cluster drop (10F-20F)
071BismarckBreach Blast+Romantic phrase - "Gungnir"
072BismarckMaelstromRomantic phrase - "Dark Breaker"
073CarbuncleShining Star
075CarbuncleRuby Light
076CarbuncleRuby Light+
077CarbuncleHoly GuardRomantic phrase - "faith"
078CarbuncleBlessed SongMax out White Mage class (Lv8)
080RamuhThundercloudLight dungeon - Light Element drop (10F-20F)
081RamuhEM FieldRomantic phrase - "visit me"
082RamuhEM Field+
083RamuhJudgement BoltDark dungeon - Ramuh drop (40F boss)
084RamuhJudgement Bolt+100 Floor dungeon - Ramuh drop (60F)
085Cait SithMegaphone
086Cait SithBattle TrumpetRomantic Phrase - "Camelot"
087Cait SithBattle Trumpet+Romanic phrase - "Feline Fairy"
088Cait SithCat RainCredits mini-game - Silver
089Cait SithMarvelous CheerCredits mini-game - Gold
090Cait SithMarvelous Cheer+Credits mini-game - Platinum
091Iron GiantFistRomantic phrase - "love"
092Iron GiantTackleShirma's Recollections - Iron Giant drop
093Iron GiantBeamRomantic phrase - "friend"
094Iron GiantBeam+Dark dungeon - Iron Giant Silver drop (1F-10F)
095Iron GiantOverhead SmashDark dungeon - Iron Giant Gold drop (40F-50F)
096Iron GiantOverhead Smash+
098OdinZantetsuken+Romantic phrase - "Yggdrasil Dew"
100OdinGungnir+Romantic phrase - "rival" (Volg dungeon)
101OdinSleipnir100 Floor dungeon - Alexander drop (79F)
102OdinDark BladeMax out Dark Knight class (Lv8)
103BahamutAir Strike
104BahamutMega FlareDark dungeon - Dark Element drop (20F-30F)
105BahamutMega Flare+Dark dungeon - Dark Dragon drop (40F-50F)
106BahamutTera FlareRomantic phrase - "King of Dragons"
107BahamutTera Flare+Dark dungeon - duel room drop (41F)
108BahamutImpulseRomantic phrase - "romance forever"
109TonberryPoison CloudRomantic phrase - "Meteor"
110TonberryShadowbindDark dungeon - Cryptonberry drop (1F-10F)
111TonberryKnifeLight Dungeon - Tonberry drop (1F-10F)
112TonberryKarmaDark dungeon - Tonberry King drop (20F-30F)
113TonberryKarma+Max out Black Mage class (Lv8)
114GoblinSlapstarting deck
115GoblinSlap+Dark Dungeon - Goblin Prince/King (1F-20F)
116GoblinRageStella's Memories - Goblin drop
117GoblinShoutFire dungeon - Goblin drop (1F-10F)
118GoblinMeteorRomantic phrase "Goblin's Meteor"
119TyphonFireballMax out Dancer class (Lv8)
120TyphonChow TimeMax out Thief class (Lv8)
121TyphonSnortMax out Nija class (Lv8)
122TyphonBody SplashMax out Natural class (Lv8)
123TyphonWorld DestroyerObtain all the Jobs
124OmegaWave CannonRomantic phrase - "Omega Insignia"
125Ultima WeaponUltimaRomantic phrase - "The Ultimate"
126RagnarokMetamorphoseRomantic phrase - "Gotterdammerung"
127ShinryuAtomic RayRomantic phrase - "Dragon Crest"
128ChocoboChocobashComplete 100 Floor dungeon (including boss)
129GilgameshBitter EndComplete Croma's dungeon
130GilgameshSlice ThriceRomantic phrase - "time"
131GilgameshExcalipoorComplete Stella's dungeon
132GilgameshMonarch SwordComplete Shirma's Recollections
133GilgameshUltimate IllusionReach Level 99 (max)