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by WishingTikal

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FAQ/Walkthrough by WishingTikal

Version: 1 | Updated: 07/04/13

In Town

Towns folks & Shops

He owns a fish place where you can trade-in your fish for money. He will upgrade your fishing lure if you catch all different kinds of fish, so don't forget to talk to him.

He owns a medecine shop where you can buy various potions. His store is a bit hard to find and a lot of people miss it. It's located right between Marris' store and Flora's flower shop. Just enter the door.

She owns a flower shop next to Marris and Meddit. You can sell any type of items and buy Mysterious Seeds. Plant the seeds at Stella's farm and see what grows.

Blanco & Noiroo
They can be found at the storage/bank next to the fortune-teller. Blanco will store your items and Noiroo will keep your money safe. If you need more space in the storage, feed Blanco with fish. Give him different types of fish each time for even more space.

He will read your fortune for free. He gives you useful advice, sometimes.

Pastor Roche
He can be found at the church. After you restore his memories, he will show you how to change job class. Also talk to him everytime you have cursed items so they can be purified.

He owns the cafe Dardola's Dinning next to the bridge. After restoring his memories, he will let you use the jukebox to listen to music from the game.

He owns a small shop near Freja's forge. He will sell you various piece of equipment, items and bags to increase your storage space in dungeons. Don't forget to check back often to see if there is anything new.
Chapter 2: Cloth Bag (space: 24) 200 Gil
Chapter 3: Leather Bag (space: 32) 800 Gil
Chapter 4: Elegant Bag (space: 40) 2000 Gil
Chapter 5: Designer Bag (space: 48) 4000 Gil

She owns the forge next to the mines. Talk to her to fuse gear together and hone your equipment. You can also take seals off items through her.

Dungeon Hero X/ Mog
Mog owns a shop inside the dungeons, but he also owns a mini-games place next to Freja's and Harry's shop. You can play three mini-games inside (one unlockable after finishing the game) and also play the Pop-Up Duel card battles through WiFi, or alone.

She lives in a house located in the Suburbs. If you talk to her, she will offer several items including spellbooks for sale.

Roddy & Claire
Don't forget to talk to them in the park at some point in the game.


After restoring Stella's memories during Chapter 4, the windmill on the farm will start working again. You can now start using the field on the farm to grow flowers. First, make sure you restored Flora's memories. She will start selling Mystery Seeds for 40 Gil each. Buy four and examine the four spots in Stella's field to plant the four seeds. Water them with the sprinkler in the middle.

The flowers take some time to grow, so usually it's best to do a dungeon, then come back and check on the flowers in-between. When you see they have started to grow a little and show a sprout, water them a second time. Go do another dungeon and come back later. They should grow into full-fledged flowers. You can either sell the flowers or use them. If you want to use them, you must be inside a dungeon.

Luchile (common)Confuse foes in a 3 grids radius40 Gil
Lasan (common)Grant small number of job points (30)20 Gil
Saraha (common)Cast Protect and Shell200 Gil
Pepio (common)Grant three times more job points than Lasan (90)50 Gil
Pram (medium rare)Grant ten times more job points than Lasan (300)150 Gil
Zeio (rare)Grant twenty times more job points than Lasan (600)400 Gil
Porov (medium rare)Restore all HP and cure all afflictions100 Gil
Carob (rare)Recover from death (use on floor before dying)300 Gil

*These are the prices Flora gives, other merchants will give less.


After Chapter 3 begins, take a look inside the shed at the left of her house. Examine the bucket on the crate at the back and Stella will come in. She'll tell you about fishing and will give you the bucket and the lure. Now you can fish!

There are three different lures to obtain the game. The better the lure, the more new fish you'll catch.

Fishing Lure - The standard starting lure Stella gives you
Deluxe Lure - After restoring Marris' memories and after the fire dungeon, talk to him to receive this lure
Master Lure - Catch all the different types of fish after the water dungeon and talk back to Marris to upgrade to this lure

The fish you can catch with each are the following: (you can still catch previous fish with new lures)

Fishing Lure
GreedieNightFarm300 Gil
DilDayFarm300 Gil
HamsiNightTown/Farm350 Gil
Mola MolaDayTown350 Gil
Deluxe Lure
KalamarDayTown1000 Gil
Ogre EelDayFarm1000 Gil
Master Lure
VongolaNightTown3200 Gil
BluetailNightFarm3000 Gil

You can change the time of the day after the light dungeon by sitting on the bench by the town fishing spot. Before that, it won't matter what time of the day it is.

The two fishing spots are located on Stella's farm and in the town. The one at the farm at the left of the shed next to Stella's house. The one in town is located down the stairs on the opposite side of the street where Flora's flower shop is located.

You can either sell the fish to Marris for money, or feed them to Blanco in the bank to increase your storage space. He will only accept different kinds of fish once you give him one type.

Forging & Seals

Forging is accessible after you restore Freja's Memories and is essential to get the best equipment available in the game. There are a few things to know.

- Every hone you make will add +1 to your gear (+1 Attack or Defense, depending on if it's Talons or Saddle) and will cost differently depending on the gear (the better, the more expensive)

-You can over-hone your equipment even if the Max has been reached, but it might not always work (you can save your game before, and then reset if it fails). Honing over the Max will add +5.

-Sometimes it might be cheaper to fuse gear together rather than honing to reach the Max (fusing is only 1000 Gil, often cheaper than honing good equipment). For example, if you have a Saddle at +10 but you want it to reach the max of +30, instead of honing this Saddle for crazy amounts of gil, buy two cheap ones and hone them to +10. Fuse them together to get +20. Then take your +10 Saddle and fuse the new +20 one to obtain your +30 Saddle.

-Fusing always costs 1000 Gil no matter what and will combine two equipments together (if you have a +1 gear and a +5 gear, the new gear will be +6. On the other hand, a +5 gear and a -1 gear will result in a +4 gear. It's usually better to hone the -1 gear before fusing it).

-Fusing equipment together can also be used to assign seals to your gear. To do this, make sure the first equipment you choose is the main one that you want to use. The second one should be the one with the seal you want. The resulting fuse will still be your main gear, and will have the seal from the other gear added to the ones you already have. Your main equipment will remain untouched (unless the second gear was -1; if your main gear is maxed out, no change will happen even if the second one is +1).

-Equipment have a limited number of seals. If your slots are full and you want to add a new one, first unseal one you do not want anymore before fusing or you might lose an important seal.


SealEquipmentEffect on Talons and/or Effect on SaddleLocation
AceCritical Talons & SaddleBoost chances of critical hit / Protects from critical hitsDark Dungeon
AttackRage TalonsBoost attack strenghtWater Dungeon, Amouri's Memories, Light Dungeon,
BlindTalons & SaddleBlind foes / Protects from blind
CashGil TalonsBoost gil drop rateLight Dungeon
ConfuseConfusion Talons & Calm SaddleConfuse foes/ Protects from ConfusionDark Dungeon
DemonDemon Bashers
Effectively attacks DemonsDark Dungeon
DragonDragon Bashers (Talons)Effectively attacks Dragons100F Dungeon
EarthEarth Talons & SaddleAdds earth damage to attack/ Adds resistance to earth100F Dungeon
ElementElemental Bashers
Effectively attacks ElementsLight Dungeon
EvadeMirage SaddleBoost evasion rate100F Dungeon
FireFire Talons & SaddleAdds fire damage to attack/ Adds resistance to fireFreja's Memories, Pastor Roche's Memories, Fire Dungeon
FloatFloating Bashers
Effectively attacks FloatersAmouri's Memories
GoldGold Talons & SaddleProtects from rust (Talons & Saddle)Fire Dungeon, Meja's Memories, Amouri's Memories
GigaGiga BashersEffectively attacks GiantsDark Dungeon
HolyHoly Talons & SaddleProtects against curse (Talons & Saddle)Shirma's Recollections, Light Dungeon
HeavyHeavy Talons & Saddle(get hungry faster) curseWater Dungeon, Light Dungeon
IceIce Talons & SaddleAdds ice to attack/ Adds resistance to iceDark Dungeon
ItemTreasure TalonsBoost item drop rateWater Dungeon
LuckHappy TalonsBoost EXP gainShirma's Recollections
LightOmega Talons & SaddleAdds light to attack/ Adds resistance to light100F Dungeon
PoisonPoison Talons & Anti-Poison SaddlePoison foes/ Protects from PoisonWater Dungeon, Amouri's Memories
PoorPoor Talons & Saddle(no item or gil enemies drop) curse
QuietStealth SaddleSneak past enemies without waking them upDark Dungeon, 100F Dungeon
RegenLife TalonsBoost HP regenerationLight Dungeon
SilenceSilence Talons & No-Silence SaddleSilence foes/ Protect from SilenceLight Dungeon, Dark Dungeon
SleepSleep Talons & No-Sleep SaddlePut foes to sleep/ Protect against SleepAmouri's Memories, Shirma's Recollections
SlowSlow Talons & No-Slow SaddleSlow foes/ Protect from Slow100F Dungeon
SkinnyLightweight SaddlePrevents hungerAmouri's Memories
SecureAnti-Theft SaddlePrevents foes from stealingLight Dungeon
ThunderThunder Talons & SaddleAdds thunder damage to attack/ Adds resistance to thunderShirma's Recollections
TriTrident TalonsAttacks in three directionsLight Dungeon
UndeadUndead Bashers
Effectively attacks UndeadLight Dungeon, Dark Dungeon
WaterWater Talons & SaddleAdds water damage to attack/ Adds resistance to waterWater Dungeon

Image Credit: John (zero42g)

Mystery Letters

There is a total of 7 mystery letters to find hidden around town.

Mystery Letter 1
Examine the tree on the path at the right of Stella's farm, between the farm and the Goddess's pond. Have Chocobo shake it a few times and eventually the Mystery Letter will fall off.

Mystery Letter 2
During Chapter 4, before or after the Light Dungeon, go to the park in the Suburbs and play on the seesaw. A jailbird will come out and play with Chocobo. After playing for a while, he will talk to you. Play on the seesaw a couple more times until he gives you the Mystery Letter.

Mystery Letter 3
After the Water Dungeon, you can ride the mine kart in the mines where the Fire Dungeon is. Ride it a few times and eventually you'll find the Mystery Letter.

Mystery Letter 4
Examine the abandoned train wagon on the left of Stella's farm to find the Mystery Letter hidden underneath.

Mystery Letter 5
When you have access to the Suburbs, go to Mayor Gale's house and examine the bookshelves on the left. One of the books will drop the Mystery Letter.

Mystery Letter 6
Fish at the river behind Stella's house a few times and eventually you'll fish out the Mystery Letter.

Mystery Letter 7
This one is retrieved just like the sixth one. Keep fishing during the game and after finishing the game you should eventually fish this one out.

Romantic Phrases

You will obtain romantic phrases from letters sent from the villagers you rescue, and also from Mystery Letters. Watch for the bold red letters while you read and they will form a word. You can enter these words like passwords by talking to Mog inside the silo on Stella's farm. As a reward for them you will get various cards and sometimes other things.

Note that you must respect the cases and write the phrases exactly like they are. If there is a capital letter, put it. If there is no capital letter, just enter small letters. If there is a space, put the space. If there is an exclamation point, put it. Same with the musical note for Pirouette.

Here is the list of the known phrases. The list is divided so that no confusion is made.
*Some of the phrases won't work until after a certain point in the game. Try later if it doesn't work.

No capital letter

brother ---------- [044: Titan: Boulder Toss]
cool ---------- [063: Mist Dragon: Aqua Breath]
friend ---------- [093: Iron Giant: Beam]
far out ---------- Hero Ticket 1
faith ---------- [077: Carbuncle: Holy Grail]
genius ---------- Hero Ticket 3
kiss ---------- [056: Leviathan: Thunder Storm]
life ---------- [033: Cactuar: Poison Barb]
love ---------- [091: Iron Giant: Fist]
play ---------- [017: Lamia: Entice]
rival ---------- [100: Odin: Gungnir+]
romance forever ---------- [108: Bahamut: Impulse]
strong ---------- [047: Titan: Fissure]
sing ---------- [014: Lamia: Song]
thanks ---------- [009: Bomb: Self-Destruct]
time ---------- [130: Gilgamesh: Slice Thrice]
truth ---------- [022: Phoenix: Undying Spirit+]
visit me ---------- [081: Ramuh: EM Field]
winner ---------- Hero Ticket 2

Capital letter

Camelot ---------- [086: Cait Sith: Battle Trumpet]
Cactuar's 1000+ ---------- [036: Cactuar: 1000 Needles+]
Dragon Crest ---------- [127: Shinryu: Atomic Ray]
Dark Breaker ---------- [072: Bismarck: Maelstrom]
Feline Fairy ---------- [087: Caith Sith: Battle Trumpet+]
Generations ---------- Spectral Ticket
Gungnir ---------- [071: Bismarck: Breach Blast+]
Goblin's Meteor ---------- [118: Goblin: Meteor]
Gotterdammerung ---------- [126: Ragnarok: Metamorphose]
High Voltage ---------- Lightning Ticket
Jump for Joy! ---------- Vicious Ticket
King of Dragons ---------- [106: Bahamut: Tera Flare]
Meteor ---------- [109: Tonberry: Poison Cloud]
Omega Insignia ---------- [124: Omega: Wave Cannon]
Pirouette♪ ---------- Dancer job
Raise ---------- [038: Unicorn: Healing Kick]
Treasure Hunt ---------- [005: Ifrit: Forest Fire]
The Ultimate ---------- [125: Ultima Weapon: Ultima]
Unicorn's Gale ---------- [041: Unicorn: Gale Strike]
White Wind ---------- [026: Adamantite: Turtle Power+]
Yggdrasil Dew ---------- [098: Odin: Zantetsuken+]

The tickets unlock extra dungeons if you check the Mirror of Memories.