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Close X FAQ/Walkthrough
by WishingTikal

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FAQ/Walkthrough by WishingTikal

Version: 1 | Updated: 07/04/13

In Dungeons

Job Classes & Abilities

You can choose jobs after restoring Pastor Roche's Memories. Change jobs inside dungeons by touching the crystal on the entrance floor.

The no-job class might appear useless once you get the other jobs, but it's actually one of the best and shows Chocobo is good on its own. The stats are balanced and the abilities very powerful and useful. Don't underestimate it!

Lv1 - Chcocobo Kick
Slight damage to one foe
Lv2 - Chocobo Drop
Deals slight damage to all nearby foes
Lv3 - Chocobo Kick+
Medium damage and knockback to one foe
Lv4 - Dig
Dig up one item per dungeon floor
Lv5 - Chocomet
Slight damage 3 grids forward and radius
Lv6 - Chocobo Dash
Move faster for a period of time
Lv7 - Chocobo Kick Zero
Mighty blow causes knockback and confusion
Lv8 - Chocobash
Non-element attack in a 3-grid radius
Lv8 - ????
Attack 3 grids forward against one foe

The Knight is good when you get it at the beginning of the game, but it quickly falls behind better jobs. It has very high defense against physical attacks and also magic attacks, and it's pretty strong, but it gets Chocobo hungry faster than other jobs.
Unlocked from Freja's memories

+ Attack
+ Defense
- Magic
- Psyche
Lv1 - Power Smack
Slight damage and knockback to one foe
Lv2 - Circle Slash
Deals slight damage to all nearby foes
Lv3 - Slow Burner
Slight damage, stun and slow to one foe
Lv4 - Aegis
Reduces physical damage for a limited time
Lv5 - Excalibur
3-way medium damage light attack
Lv6 - Quadrohazard
4-way medium damage with knockback
Lv7 - Ragnarok
Medium damage to all neighboring foes
Lv8 - Camelot
Heavy damage, slow and knockback to foe

White Mage
The White Mage's main appeal is that it has many healing spells to restore HP and cure status ailments. Otherwise, it's not very strong and doesn't have much defense. It's a good class to use if you're having difficulty with the game so you can heal Chocobo without needing Potions.
Unlocked from Pastor Roche's memories

White Mage
- Attack
- Defense
+ Magic
+ Psyche
Lv1 - Cure
Restore a small amount of HP
Lv2 - Protect
Temporary protection from physical attacks
Lv3 - Escape
Warp to random location on the same floor
Lv4 - Cura
Restore a medium amount of HP
Lv4 - Slow
Slow one foe foe 3 grids forward
Lv5 - Esuna
Cures all afflictions
Lv5 - MBarrier
Temporary protection from magic damage
Lv6 - Dispel
Remove curses from equipped items
Lv6 - Charge
SP recovery, if you're lucky
Lv7 - Curaga
Restore all health and cures affliction
Lv7 - Holy
Large holy attack on foe 3 grids forward
Lv8 - Teleport
Escape from dungeon
Lv8 - Raise
Cast before battle to recover from death

Black Mage
The Black Mage is one of the most powerful classes, but takes time to handle. It doesn't have much defense or physical attack and is very vulnerable. It's good for long range attack however, so you should stay away from enemies. It has a lot of very destructive spells that hit many enemies at the same time and its SP restores very fast so you can continuously keep using magic.
Unlocked from fire dungeon

Black Mage
- Attack
- Defense
+ Magic
+ Psyche
Lv1 - Fire
Small fire attack on foe 3 grids forward
Lv1 - Blizzard
Small ice attack on foe 3 grids forward
Lv1 - Thunder
Small thunder attack on foe 3 grids forward
Lv2 - Sleep
Send one foe 3 grids forward to sleep
Lv3 - Quake
Quake attack, stun foes in a 3-grid radius
Lv4 - Drain
Sap HP from foe 3 grids forward
Lv4 - MBarrier
Temporary protection from magic damage
Lv5 - Firaga
Large fire blast in a 3-grid radius
Lv5 - Blizzaga
Large ice attack in a 3-grid radius
Lv5 - Thundaga
Large thunder attack in a 3-grid radius
Lv6 - Charge
SP recovery, if you're lucky
Lv7 - Flare
Large blast against a foe 3 grids forward
Lv8 - Meteor
Large meteor attack in a 3-grid radius

The Dragoon might not appear very powerful at first, but he has some very good abilities later on. His stats are pretty balanced; he has good defense and attack, as well as high HP. He has a lot of element-based attacks so it can be useful against some enemies in elemental dungeons.
Unlocked from Meja's memories

+ Attack
+ Defense
- Magic
- Psyche
Lv1 - Jump
Jump to attack one foe 2 grids forward
Lv2 - Flame Lance
Pierces foes 2 grids forward with fire
Lv3 - Ice Lance
Pierces foes 2 grids forward with ice
Lv4 - Dragon Blade
Sap HP and deal slight damage to a foe
Lv5 - High Jump
Jump to attack one foe 3 grids forward
Lv6 - Dragon Power
Boost normal attack for limited time
Lv7 - Holy Lance
Holy light attack in three directions
Lv8 - Gungnir
Deliver powerful attack 6 grids forward

The Scholar is a technical class. His stats are average, but once you master it, it's an excellent class that shouldn't be overlooked. Although he doesn't have any attack abilities, he has many useful ones. He can appraise items, display floor maps, show enemy HP, and even cure status ailments and heal HP. He's a good combination of Thief and White Mage, with very fast SP recovery.
Unlocked from water dungeon

- Attack
+ Defense
+ Magic
+ Psyche
Lv1 - Gauge
Learn all about one foe
Lv2 - Appraise
Appraise all mystery items
Lv3 - Search
Find foes, traps and items
Lv4 - White Wind
Boost food and HP, just a little
Lv5 - Remedy
Recover from all afflictions
Lv6 - Alchemy
Boost medecine effectiveness on that floor
Lv7 - Analysis
Boost power of books on that floor
Lv8 - Truth
Cast random spell from books

Dark Knight
The Dark Knight doesn't start with very good abilities, but he actually has the most powerful attack of all the classes, so he's an essential class for some hard boss battles. Its Dark Blade ability can instantly kill bosses in one hit. He also has many other good abilities like draining HP from foes. The only downside is that his defense is low and most of his attacks sap his own HP.
Unlocked from light dungeon

Dark Knight
+ Attack
- Defense
+ Magic
- Psyche
Lv1 - Shadow
Use own HP to deal slight damage to foe
Lv2 - Dark
Dark magic attack 3 grids forward
Lv3 - Covenant
Double attack power but halves defense
Lv4 - Drain Blade
Dark sword that saps HP from one foe
Lv5 - Dark Breaker
3-way medium damage and knockback
Lv6 - Nightmare
Send all nearby foes to sleep
Lv7 - Dark Blade
Use own HP to deal heavy damage
Lv8 - Chaos
Sap HP from foes in a 3-grid radius

The Thief is another good technical job. His stats are nothing special, but he's good at avoiding attacks, as his evasion is higher than other classes. He has similar skill to the Scholar like displaying floor maps, but also other useful skills like sneaking past sleeping foes and stealing items and gil from them. He's fast and can flee groups of enemies, but overall he's not very good in combat.
Unlock: Enter Dungeon Hero X's shop inside any dungeon (step into white teleport circle - 50% chance duel room or Mog store). Steal the treasure chest on his counter and take it with you. Either defeat Mog or escape by reaching the stairs and the Thief class is yours. To flee, move down, then left, then up and he should push you next to the stairs if you're lucky.

- Attack
- Defense
- Magic
- Psyche
Lv1 - Steal
Steal items from one foe
Lv1 - Blind Needles
Slight blind attack 3 grids forward
Lv2 - Stealth Steps
Move without waking up sleeping foes
Lv2 - Poison Needles
Slight poison attack 3 grids forward
Lv3 - Alert
Find foes, traps and items
Lv4 - Mug
Steal and knockback while attacking
Lv5 - Pilfer Gil
Steal gil from one foes
Lv6 - Treasure Hunt
Increase odds that foes drop items
Lv7 - Flee
Warp to random location on the same floor
Lv8 - Artful Move
Move faster for a period of time

The Ninja doesn't have the best abilities, but he has high defense and attack. He's a balanced class with various abilities that allow him to flee enemies and even escape dungeons. He's a good class for advanced players. His first ability, Shuriken, is said to do slight damage but it's actually quite powerful.
Unlocked from Volg's memories

+ Attack
+ Defense
- Magic
+ Psyche
Lv1 - Shuriken
Deal slight damage 3 grids forward
Lv2 - Dual Wield
Move faster for a period of time
Lv3 - Katon
Deal slight 3-way fire damage
Lv3 - Suiton
Deal slight 3-way water damage
Lv3 - Raiton
Deal slight 3-way thunder damage
Lv4 - Shadowbind
Halt one foe 3 grids forward
Lv5 - Smoke Bomb
Warp to random location on the same floor
Lv6 - Escape
Escape from the dungeon
Lv7 - Fuma Shuriken
Heavy damage, knockback 3 grids forward
Lv8 - Neutralize
Medium damage and stun against one foe

The dancer isn't very powerful, but he has some good abilities like putting foes to sleep and attack several enemies all at the same time. He also has a healing ability that restores all health and cures status ailments. He might not appear much but his healing ability is very useful and some of his attacks are actually pretty destructive.
Unlock: Enter "Pirouette♪" with a capital letter and a little musical note ♩ symbol right next to the word as a romantic phrase for the Mog in the silo. It will unlock this class.

- Attack
+ Defense
+ Magic
+ Psyche
Lv1 - Toe Kick
Slight damage and knockback to one foe
Lv2 - Pirouette
Slight damage and knockback to nearby foes
Lv3 - Hip Attack
Medium damage and knockback to one foe
Lv4 - Sleep Dance
Send all nearby foes to sleep
Lv4 - Pas de Chat
Move without waking sleeping foes
Lv5 - Dancing Blades
Medium damage to foes in a 3-grid radius
Lv6 - Charge
SP recovery, if you're lucky
Lv7 - Final Dance
Restores all health and cures afflictions
Lv8 - Quick Step
Move faster for a period of time

Afflictions & Traps

Note that some traps will either be good or bad, but there is no way to tell before you actually step on it. Some look exactly the same, but will have two possible effects. You can take the risk, or not.

Green Circle - Regenerate HP OR sap SP
White Circle - Mog Shop OR Duel room
Light Blue Circle - Sleep trap puts you to sleep
Dark Blue Circle - Slow trap slows you down OR makes you hasty
Black Circle - Blind trap makes you blind
Red Circle - Halt trap stuns you
Purple Circle - Poison trap poisons you
Invisible Circle - Banish trap warps you to random location
Carrot - Raise food level OR hunger trap causes hunger
Fake Stairs - Causes damage and does not get you out
Alarm - Calls nearby foes to you
Round Button:
- Makes you forget the way
- Causes elemental damage
- Causes damage and confusion
- Rot trap will rot any food you are carrying
- Rust trap rusts equipment
- Curse trap curses equipment

Slow: Take two turns to make a move
Sleep: Puts you to sleep until enemy attacks
Confusion: Might move in wrong direction or attack wrong spot
Halt: Can still move/attack but cannot change grid
Stun: Cannot move or attack at all
Poison: Lose a little bit of HP every turn
Blind: Cannot see map anymore and might miss attacks
Silence: Cannot use Abilities anymore
Curse: Cannot remove equipment (talk to priest at church to remove)
Rust: Equipment will lose -1
Hunger: Lose 1 HP every step

Items & Equipment

Items are listed in the order they appear in the inventory, and the prices are from Merchant Hero X.

The 'Base' column is 'Attack' for Talons, and 'Defense' for Saddles.

Leather 522
Wood 824
Bronze 1036
Copper 1238
Garnet 22518
Emerald 24520
Sapphire 26522
Dark 38630
Titanium 44634
Damascus 60742
Fire 533FIRE - Adds Fire to attack.
Water450838WATER - Adds water to attack.
Ice 20322ICE - Adds Ice to attack.
Thunder 16320THUNDER - Adds Thunder to attack.
Poison 1035POISON - Adds Poison to attack.
Holy 16320HOLY - Prevents Curse.
Blindness 436BLIND - Adds Blind to attack.
Slow 45338SLOW - Adds Slow to attack.
Absolute 0045
Gil 18318CASH - Boosts Gil drop rate.
Happy 16320LUCK - Boosts EXP gain.
Poor 1066POOR - No Items or Gil dropped.
Rage 8214ATTACK - Boosts attack strength.
Stop60040340HALT - Adds Halt to attack.
Trident 10310TRI - Attack in three directions.
Treasure 8310ITEM - Boosts item drop rate.
Floater Bashers 1038FLOAT - Effectively attacks floaters.
Undead Bashers 18318UNDEAD - Effectively attacks the undead.
Demon Bashers 28330DEMON - Effectively attacks demons.
Elemental Bashers 20320ELEMENT - Effectively attacks elements.
Bronze 1036
Iron 14310
Coral 18414
Mythril 20416
Sapphire 26522
Ruby 28624
Rune 42632
Titanium 44634
Adaman 46636
Crystal 48738
Ice 20322ICE - Reduces Ice damage.
Thunder 16320THUNDER - Reduces Thunder damage.
Anti-Poison 1035POISON - Protection from Poison.
Holy 16320HOLY - Prevents Curse.
Eye-drop 436BLIND - Protection from Blindness.
No-Silence 30318SILENCE - Protection from Silence.
No-Sleep 10316SLEEP - Protection from Sleep.
Calm 35332CONFUSE - Protection from Confusion.
Absolute 0045
Stealth 30330QUIET - Won't wake sleeping enemies.
Lightweight 12316SKINNY - Less prone to hunger.
Anti-Theft 15318SECURE - Prevents Theft.
Disabling 30630SILENCE - Wearer is Silenced
Heavy 15415HEAVY - More prone to hunger.
Mirage60035330EVADE - Boosts Evasion rate.
Amateur 15610NOVICE - Won't regenerate SP.
Anti-Poison600Poison Protection
Keen-Eye450Blindness Protection
No-Sleep600Sleep Protection
Calm750Confusion Protection
No-Slow900Slow Protection
Talkie450Silence Protection
No-Hunger1500No Hunger.
Hunger600Higher Food consumption
Defense600Defense boost
Strength600Attack boost
Fatigue750No HP recovery
No-Trap600Helps you sidestep traps
Far Vision600Shows location of foes
Map600Shows map, traps, enemies, and items.
Memory450Remember maps
Appraiser's1050Auto-Appraise items while you're wearing it
Long Kick1050Kick items twice as far
No-SP600No SP recovery
Anti-Theft750Theft Protection
Evasion600Evasion boost
Slow750Causes Slow to wearer
Silence600Causes Silence to wearer
Blind600Causes Blindness to wearer
Bejewled600Looks nice
Fire1503 grids forward
Thunder3003 grids forward
Dia6003 grids forward
Blind1503 grids forward
Meteor 3 grid radius
Sight Shows map, traps, enemies, and items.
Gyshal Greens75
Large Gyshal Greens120
Stinky Greens60
Filling Greens150
X- Potion450
Turbo Ether450
Expanding Drink300
Haste Drink300
Luchile20Confuses enemies in a 3-grid radius.
Saraha100Casts Protect and Shell spells around you.
Porov50Restores HP and cures all afflictions.
Carob150Recover from death on floor it is used.
Phoenix Down300Raise
Angel's Robe450MBarrier
Bomb Shard600Firaga
Antarctic Wind600Blizzaga
Rage of Zeus600Thundaga
Earth Drum600Quake
Appraisal150Appraise a single item.
Scholar's600Appraise all the items you are carrying.
Teleport Wings60Flee the dungeon. (no penalties.)
Warp Wings60Warp to a random location on the floor.
Mystery Seed10

List Credit to: John (zero42g)

Dungeon List

By examining the Mirror of Memories inside the church, you'll be able to revist past dungeons. First, you will need to complete them. Here is a list of all the dungeons available in the game and how to find them.

If you forget a dungeon, you can still do it later. In some key points in the game you won't be able to do the dungeons until you complete a storyline related event. However no dungeons are missable. Some dungeons are only accessible after you complete the game.

1. Guardian of the Flame -------- Chapter 2
2. Guardian of the Water -------- Chapter 3
3. Guardian of the Light -------- Chapter 4
4. Guardian of the Dark -------- Chapter 5
5. Mayor Gales's Memories -------- Chapter 1, storyline
6. Cid's Memories -------- Chapter 1, storyline
7. Freja's Memories -------- Chapter 2, stroyline
8. Meja's Memories -------- Chapter 3, storyline
9. Shirma's Nightmare -------- Chapter 4, storyline
10. Amouri's Memories -------- Chapter 4 , storyline
11. Shirma's Recollections -------- Chapter 4, storyline
12. Harry's Memories -------- Chapter 3, store owner next to the forge
13. Charlotte's Memories -------- Chapter 4, woman in suburbs house
14. Flora's Memories -------- Chapter 2, florist on street
15. Marris' Memories -------- Chapter 2, fish seller on street
16. Roddy's Memories -------- Chapter 4, boy in park
17. Claire's Memories -------- Chapter 4, girl in park (only after Roddy)
18. Volg's Memories -------- Chapter 5, bird outside Amouri's house (or later at seapoint)
19. Pastor Roche's Memories -------- Chapter 2, priest in church
20. Meddit's Memories -------- Chapter 2, medecine shop between Flora and Marris (door)
21. Stella's Memories -------- Chapter 4, woman in farm house
22. Dardola's Memories -------- Chapter 4, cafe owner of the restaurant
23. Chocobo's Memories -------- After game, statue in suburbs park
24. Croma's Future -------- After game, upstairs in farm house bed
25. Spectral Dungeon -------- Spectral Ticket, romantic phrase "Generations"
26. Vicious Dugeon -------- Vicious Ticket, romantic phrase "Jump for Joy!"
27. Lightning Dungeon -------- Lightning Ticket, romantic phrase "High Voltage"
28. Hero's Challenge 1 -------- Hero Ticket 1, romantic phrase "far out"
29. Hero's Challenge 2 -------- Hero Ticket 2, romantic phrase "winner"
30. Hero's Challenge 3 -------- Hero Ticket 3, romantic phrase "genius"