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by WishingTikal

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FAQ/Walkthrough by WishingTikal

Version: 1 | Updated: 07/04/13


Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon (Wii)
Walkthrough/FAQ by WishingTikal
Contact: wishingtikal[at]gmail.com or http://www.youtube.com/WishingTikal


This FAQ is for the Wii version only. It is NOT meant for the PS4 and Switch versions. These versions are quite different and the FAQ does not cover anything from these versions. Although the base of the game remains the same, the optional dungeons are different, locations of items are different, forging works differently, some features were removed and some were added, even the events in the game are not the same and do not happen in the same order. Thank you for understanding.

Please consult the FAQ in its original one-page format here as it is meant to be viewed:
goo.gl/tvNK3D (copy and paste in your browser)

For the PS4/Switch version, please consult my video walkthrough at:
goo.gl/bKtZeu (copy and paste in your browser)


Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon is Square Enix's newest entry in the world of roguelikes, or dungeon-crawlers. Using the presentation and characters of Chocobo Tales on DS, and the formula of the Chocobo Mysterious Dungeon games on PSX, a job system was added and dungeons are randomly generated. A DS version of the game with more jobs also exists. In this FAQ, you'll find plenty of information about jobs, items, fishing, gardening, optional dungeons, bosses, romantic phrases, and locations of cards, items and mystery letters.


Our story starts with Cid and Chocobo, tresure hunters. On their way to find Timeless Power, they reach a tower in the desert and meet up with an old friend (or foe), who steals the artefact before their eyes. Next thing they know, they wake up in a mysteriously peaceful town known as Lostime - a town which was supposed to have disappeared. At the sound of a bell at the top of the Clock Tower, Cid begins to lose his memories. Chocobo is the only one who doesn't seem to be under the bell's influence. They are rescued by Shirma, a White Mage who lives in the outskirts of the town with her aunt Shirma. Her sister disappeared a while ago, but she cannot remember anything. All they know is that they need to live as far as possible from the town if they don't want to forget everything like the villagers. The night after, an egg falls from the sky and lands in town. A mysterious boy emerges from the egg. For some reason, they know his name is Raffaello, but they cannot remember why they do, and who he is. With his help, Chocobo enters people's mind to tries to retrieve their lost memories. The mystery still remains, however - who is the boy, what happened to the town, and why don't towns folk want to remember the past?



The main character, a gentle bird creature who travels with Cid to find lost treasures. Although he does not talk human language, everyone seems to understand him and to be able to communicate with him. He becomes a good friend to Shirma and Raffaello.


He is the best treasure hunter around and will not leave any treasure undiscovered. Since his father mysteriously disappeared years ago while looking for Timeless Power, he is now trying to find it himself and uncover the truth. In Lostime, he is working on an airship to be able to leave the town.


She is a nice girl leaving outside of town with her aunt. Shirma is the one who rescued Cid and Chocobo, and rapidly becomes friend with them. She is against Lostime's memory loss. Her sister has disappeared and she cannot remember anything about her. She also takes care of Raffaello once her and Chocobo finds him.


He is a mysterious boy who fell from the sky and quickly grows from a baby to a young man. Villagers remember his name, but not who he really is. They think he is the savior who comes to rescue the town. Him and Chocobo have the power to travel through people's mind to recover their lost memories.


This mysterious girl is trying to stop Chocobo from retrieving people's memories...


Irma is Cid's long time rival and is a treasure hunter as well. She steals the Timeless Power and then mysteriously vanishes.

Volg & Jailbird

Irma's companions.


She is Shirma's aunt and lives on a farm. She is letting Chocobo and Cid stay at her house.


She works at the forge in town, but she might be more...


She works at the cafe in town, but she might be more...