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Walkthrough by k10000

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 11/07/2007

#The Simpsons Game - Wii #


	This guide is for the Wii version of The Simpsons Game.The difference 
between the XBox360 and PS3 versions is large, as there are no Springfield 
collectibles and some of the features have been left out for some reason. The 
wii controls are fine in my opinion, and it is a very funny game. Sometimes the 
game is confusing in what to do next, so I have made this guide to help people. 
You shouldn't use this guide for all of the game, just when stuck as the game is
hilarious and has lots of parodies.

This guide is not finished yet. I have not finished writing the locations of 
the collectibles and cliches yet. I will finish these soon, so try and be 

Version updates

	1.01 -  Added the collectible locations for the first few levels, added 
legal stuff to the end, and corrected some target times.


	Here are the controls for the game. They are the same for each 
character with the exception of the special abilities.

	Wii Remote-
	A - Jump
	B - Attack
	Dpad - Rotate Camera
	1 - Look at Objectives
	2 - Menu Screen
	C - Switch characters
	Z - Target object/enemy
	Control Stick - Move

	Special Moves:
	For each character, shaking the remote, then the nunchuk uses their 
special attack. Homer's is a burp, Marge blows her megaphone, Bart uses a bat 
attack and Lisa uses her saxophone.

	Each character does something different when you shake the remote.

	Homer -  Homer Ball roll when in ball form, do a gummi smash when Gummi

	Lisa - Uses her saxophone to stun enemies. Later in the game, the
stunned enemies attack each other.
	Marge - When targeted something, commands the mob to build/attack it,
when not targeting; brings someone into the mob.
	Bart - Grapples, when a grapple icon is in the bottom right of the

Tips and Advice

-For most of this guide, I won't mention enemies. If I don't mention them, 
killing them is optional, and you can choose to or not.
-When going for the best time, I advise playing co-op and ignoring all enemies 
that you can.
-If you're trying for the no-death award in a level, I suggest fighting with 
Bart a lot, and also playing co-op. Bart's slingshot is the only ranged weapon 
you can always use, and playing co-op can speed up the level, giving you less 
time to make a mistake.
-If you decide to kill enemies in an area, make sure to kill their spawn point. 
For loggers, its a PortaPotty, for cops its a police van, etc.
-Playing co-op is much more fun than with one person. Dividing up the tasks 
makes the game even easier and much faster. In places like Enter the Cheatrix 
or the second to last level, there are big, open rooms that can be done much 
faster with 2 people. Fighting is also far easier, especially when you have 
Bart. He can slingshot people and get slingshot powerups while someone else 


Level 1 - The Land of Chocolate

	This is the easy, tutorial level that explains the controls. It's set 
in Homer's dream, the Land of Chocolate. Start off by jumping onto the pads 
that are through the hole in the pretzel fence. It's A to jump, and again to 
double jump. Climb the ledge and go across the bridge. Use B to smash open the 
carts and go through. To your left will be a Wii Moment, Bite Night. You can 
choose to play it or not. Continue on to find a fountain that spawns enemies. 
Kill it, then continue through the door that opens. In this area thee will be 
several fountains, you can choose to kill them, or not. Press the switch in the 
middle, and then hop onto the cookie platforms that appear in front of you. Now 
jump up the marshmallows 2 levels, climb the ladder and grab onto the ledge. 
Climb the ladder to be on the top of the cake, with the White Chocolate Rabbit. 
Kill it, and you will be dropped into the center of the cake. Use the roll 
attack by shaking the remote to kill all the rabbits in there to end the 

Target Time: 5:00

=-=-= Collectibles =-=-=


1- When you enter the village, you will see a marshmallow. Jump on it to the 

2- You will see a second marshmallow close to a fountain with Marge on it. Jump 
on it to get the collectible.

3- After you go through the door the white bunny smashed, go left and forward 
to jump up ledges to a collectible.

4- Find the far Marge fountain and you'll see some more ledges. climb up these 
and across the popsicle stick bridge to the collectible.

5- After you eat the white chocolate bunny, jump into the hole and use the 
homer ball to destroy the chocolate bunny in the middle to get the collectible.

Level 2 - Bartman Begins
	In this level you will play as Bart and Homer in the museum. First, you 
shoot the crate with Bart using the B button, and climb up and enter the big 
room. Stand on the switch with Homer and climb up the ledges to the right  of 
the room entrance with Bart. When you get to the top, hover to the place in the 
middle of the room with Bart's cape by holding A, and step on the switch. Walk 
across the bridge that comes out and climb up the vine to your left. Hop over 
to get a Krusty Koupon and again to be on a ledge.  Pull the lever and a ladder 
will fall down. Climb up the ladder with Homer and when both characters are on 
the switches the door will open. In this next room, climb the ladder to be on 
top of the dinosaur skeleton. Stand on the head with Homer and go to the end of 
the tail with bart and cape down to the ledge with the light on it. In this 
room, pull the lever and float up the steam onto the dinosaur, and bounce up to 
the zipline. Hold up on the zipline to go to the end, and jump to the top of 
the tree. Grab a powerup and shoot the target over the dinosaur, and walk 
through the door that appears. In this area, stand on the buttons with Homer to 
light up the targets, and then shoot them in order to get the bully to go 
through the dioramas. After the 3rd one, you will fight him. Beat him, then go 
through the circular passage that opens. Now you will be in the final part, the 
planetarium. Climb up the cliff with bart and hover over the fans. Use Homer to 
turn the second one on, then hover over to the 3rd one, then the shuttle. Jump 
to the first, then second planets with Bart, then pull the lever to let a 
ladder down. Climb up it with Homer, then weigh the close side of the satellite 
down and jump to earth's orbit with Bart. Jump to the 3 platforms to your left 
and jump onto the UFO to get Jimbo down. Then, fight him with Homer and Bart to 
end the level.

Target Time: 10:00

=-=-= Collectibles =-=-=


1 - After the vine on the right side of the second room, jump down onto a 
pillar to find the collectible.

2 - On the left after the bridge, there is a vine. Climb it to find a 

3 - Underneath the big tree in the room after the one with the big skeleton, 
there is a collectible.

4 - When you enter the space room, head left and climb the wall and jump up to 
find a collectible.

5 - On the rings of the Earth in the center of the space room, there is a 


1 - On the starting side of the room on the left, there is a collectible. Get 

2 - On the left after the bridge, there is a hidden door. Step on a switch to 
open it and enter to get the collectible. In that same room, you will get a 
video game cliche.

3 - When you enter the room with the big skeleton, go to the left and down and 
you should find a door. Go through it to find a collectible.

4 - After the Zap to the Past rooms, there is a circular desk. Jump within it 
to find a collectible.

5 - In the space room, have bart get onto the upside down space shuttle and 
jump onto the pole. The bottom of it should disappear for Homer to climb to 
retrieve a collectible.

Level 3 - Around the World in 80 Bites

	This level is an eating contest in the Duff Brewery. It is theme in 
different countries. Each country you enter will add 2 minutes to your 
available time. Start by grabbing some food as Homer from the stand in front, 
then go up around the ramp in the back and do a roll to get over the wall gap. 
Go down the entrance you immediately see and smash the super taco with Homer's 
roll. Now you will be in Germany. Go up the ramp you see to be in France, where 
Willy will close the gate. Climb the ladder on the beer barrel behind the 
Eiffel Tower, and jump onto the umbrellas to be bounced over to the vent. Hover 
up and go across the zipline to be on the Eiffel Tower. Go around to the lift 
on the side and press A to go up. Cape down to the wall and pull the lever to 
open the gate and let Homer through. Have Homer slam into the Stonehenge pillar 
to the right to domino them all over. Have Homer jump slam the bagpipes to 
cause an updraft to come out. Hover to the wall from it with Bart, and pull the 
lever to open up another gate. Slam into the meatball from the ramp in the 
pizza with Homer and switch to Bart. Climb up the noodle, then go the right and 
climb up 2 levels and run to the left and onto the bridge. Climb up one tower 
of the bridge with Bart, and hover to the platform next to the gate to America. 
Pull the lever and enter with Homer. Now jump onto the coin and Homer ball slam 
down on it, then slam into the lowest crack on the Statue of Liberty. Repeat 
that 2 more times, and a giant burger will appear. Roll into that with the 
Homer ball to end the level.

Target Time: 10:00

=-=-= Collectibles =-=-=


1 - By the kebab bars in Australia area, have Homer stand on the part of the 
red rock that is up. Have Bart on the other end and jump up to the collectible.

2 - From the previous collectible location, jump on the red wall and jump onto 
an umbrella. You will bounce to a collectible.

3 - In Mexico area, use Bart's cape to ride the current from the fan of the 
giant billboard for Duff over to a ledge which has a collectible.

4 - In Scotland, there is a vine near the back left corner. Climb it while 
avoiding flame bursts to find a collectible at the end.

5 - After you climb the noodle and ladder, go to the right. jump onto the 
broken wall to find a collectible.

6 - Climb to the top of the bridge and glide down to the right and land on a 
platform. Move to the end of it to find a collectible.


1 - On the ramp in China/Japan area, there is a collectible.

2 - In Mexico, use the Homerball to smash the pinata. Jump to the umbrella to 
get on the platform in the middle. There will be a shield powerup, grab it and 
run through the barbed wire place and go to the back for a collectible.

3 - In the German area, there is a pole in a back corner. Climb up and there 
will be a collectible among the rooftops.

4 - When you enter France, there will be a collectible to the right of the ramp.

5 - When you enter Scotland, there is a room to the left. Enter it to find a 

Level 4 - Lisa the Tree Hugger

	In this level, you play as Bart and Lisa. Start by killing the loggers 
that appear, then go through the gate that opens. Have Lisa use the Hand of 
Buddha by walking on it and pressing A. Pick up the 2 logs and place them on 
the 2 stumps, jump acoross them and pull the lever to open the next gate. In 
this next area, climb the ladder to the left of the entrance to get to the Hand 
of Buddha place, then take the umbrella looking thing off of the bulldozer to 
get a vent of air to come up. Glide up it with Bart, then  kick the trampoline 
down so that Lisa can get up. Step on both buttons at once, then go between the 
shut off saw blades. In this part, go to the part with the spinning saw blades 
and use Bart and shoot the target on the machine. The machine will be turned 
off and you can continue. Run past the vertical saw blades here, and pull the 
lever to stop them. Then go past some more saw blades and there will be a 
second lever. Pull it to open a gate next to you. Now, use Lisa and go through 
the gate, and jump up the platforms to get on the Hand of Buddha place. Go down 
and right with the hand, and pick up a piece of a bridge and place it over the 
pool of green slime near you. Now walk over the newly built bridge, and 
continue on to a place with 3 large barrels. Use the Hand of Buddha there to 
put all 3 barrels on the elevated conveyor belt to the right. After the 3rd 
one, a trampoline will fall. Jump over it and you will be in an area with a 
large lake of water. Use Bart to go on the zipline and get across, then pull 
the lever. Now Lisa will have to go through a Frogger parody to get across. 
When you are over, Use the Hand of Buddha place at the far left of the side to 
pick up the T shaped pipe that is to the right, and put the + shaped pipe in 
place of it. Now jump up there with Bart using the vents, and go pull the 
lever. Now you will have to hurry with Lisa over to that area and use the Hand 
of Buddha. Move the hand over to the conveyor belt and pull the branches off 
Carl and Lenny to end the level.

Target Time: 10:00

Level 5 - Mob Rules

	This is the first level where you play as Marge. You control Marge and 
Lisa, and gather a mob of citizens, working your way through town. To start, 
gain control of Flanders by shaking the wiimote to send out  "nag waves" at 
him. Then, you will see a 1/1 in the bottom corner of the screen, showing the 
status of the mob. Use Z to target a Grand Theft Scratchy float and shake the 
wiimote o command Flanders to attack it. Past the float will be Apu, get him 
and commands your 2 mob members to attack the next float. Through here you will 
get Ms Krabapple, have your 3 mob members attack the float, which will reveal a 
tire trampoline thing. Jump on it with Lisa to find a Hand of Buddha up above. 
Use the hand to pick up the broken cars, and drop them to clear a path for the 
mob. In this next area, have the mob attack cops and tear down floats. With
Lisa, find the Hand of Buddha and pick up the leftover pieces of the floats,
and use them to make a bridge over the gap. Bring the mob over the gap and 
attack the crack in the wall. Now you will get Smithers, another member into 
your mob. Bounce on the tire with Lisa to get to another hand of Buddha, clear 
some cars to let the mob through. Now use the mob to attack the billboard and 
continue through. You will get Grampa Simpson here, making 5 mob members. The 
next billboard is electrified, so you ave to send Maggie into the small opening 
next to it by pressing A. Have Maggie press the switch inside, then attack the 
billboard with the Mob. Now afer walking past the billboard, there will be a 
lift which you must command your 5 mob members to get on. Lower the lift with 
Lisa and go down into this next area. Now you must kill 3 floats with the mob, 
then use Lisa and find the Hand of Buddha. It is on top of a building in a
corner. Use the leftover junk from the floats and put it into the spaces in the 
middle. Hve the mob build this stuff into a ramp you can use. Now go up the 
ramp, add Moe to your mob, and build the thing near the crate, allowing Lisa to 
get up to the Hand of Buddha. Place a box in front of the steam vent and go 
through. Hand the mob attack jail and get Snake in the mob, then continue 
through the doorway. This is the final area of the town. You need to destroy 
the big statue in the middle with the mob, and you can add Principle Skinner to 
your ranks, who is walking around at the edge of th area. Once that statue 
falls, you can climb onto it to get Maggie into the vent of the town hall. Have 
Magge continue forward when inside. Press the switch, then turn around and take 
a left. Press the switch there then go left again. Continue that way to find 
the last switch, and end the level.

Target Time: 15:00

Level 6 - Enter the Cheatrix

	This is an interesting level. In this one you play in the "game 
engine", a place where games are made. At the start, the family's health will 
be upgraded. Begin by finding a page on the ground, which gives you Bart's 
grapple. When there is an icon in the lower left of a grapple, you can shake 
the wiimote to grapple. Grapple 3 time from the start to reach a place with a 
pipe, 2 red buttons and a lever. Pull the lever to open the pipe where Lisa is. 
Lisa can jump into it to be warped to the same place as Bart. Stand on a switch 
with each character, and go down the newly opened pipe. Now you will be in a 
long room. Use Bart to grapple to a platform and pull the lever, turning off 
the green electricity stuff in front of you. Now go forward, and there wll be a 
door with enemies coming out, you can press A by the door to disable it. Find 
the trampoline bouncer thing, and go up and along the ledge to find another 
lever to pull.Go through the place where the electricity was and grapple 
immediately with Bart. Pull the leve there and use Lisa to get up. Now with 
Lisa, use the Hand of Buddha to place the gears right so that each gear is 
connected. The gray sliding vertical platform will start moving, and that can 
be used to go to the next part. Now the next area will have 2 platforms, and is 
similar to the first area. Grab onto the edge in front of you from the start,
and go across and drop down. The lever on the far side can be pulled to open up 
a platform, but it is not needed. Stand on both switches at once and continue. 
Now in this area, have Lisa go down on the conveyor belt, and climb up the 
pole. Use the Hand of Buddha to place a bridge, and continue on. Across the 
bridge, go right and continue up a pole, then go left and up another pole. Go 
to the left, drop down, and pull the lever. You will stop some elecricity, then 
go through there. Take a right, go up the conveyor belt, the turn right again. 
Pull the lever, then continue on the conveyor belt and go down the pipe. In 
this new area, jump on the trampoline behind you, and shoot the target above 
the bird. Now go through the walkway and down the pipe. Now in this area, walk 
forward, then jump to the first pink thing, then to the yellow/black poles. 
Climb up them and jump over to the trampoline. Now go forwa on the walkway and 
grapple up with Bart, jump forward and a cutscene will bring some platforms up 
out of the green sludge. Switch to Lisa, and jump up the newly revealed 
platforms. Go on the trampoline in the corner, and up to the Hand of Buddha. 
Now you have to place 3 pipes on a 3x3 grid of pipes

If this is the 3x3 grid:


then place them like this:

X 2 X
1  2 3
1 X 3

Now switch back to Bart and go all the way down the conveyor belt, to the pink 
pipe.Grapple up and go down the pipe. You should be put out at the right place, 
go down the green pipe in front of you. Now you are at the final area of the 
level. Go forward with Bart, jump on the trampoline and zip across. Now pull 
the lever to get Lisa over. Go down the pipe with Lisa to get to the other 
side. Pull the thing with the handle out using the Hand of Buddha to reveal a 
pipe. Go down it to be at the Donkey Kong fight. This part is all Lisa, maybe 
using Bart as a distraction if you're playing co-op. Have Lisa use all 3 Hand 
of Buddhas to smash Donkey Kong by shaking the wiimote when directly over him. 
One hand is in the middle, the other 2 are on each side, accessible by 
trampolines. Finish DK to end the level and see a funny cutscene with Frink.

Target Time: 15:00

Level 7 - Day of the Dolphin

	This level is a Day of the Dead parody, but with dolphins. In some 
parts of this level, you have to beat the dolphins to advance. It is actually a 
short level. Start by killing the first six dolphins that appear. Go through 
the gate and shoot the rope with Bart to let the platform down, then go across. 
Use Lisa's Hand of Buddha to place some platforms ramp style, then go up and 
pull the lever, opening the gate. Kill all the dolpins you see in this next 
area, then go through and kill 2 more, then take a right to a newly opened 
gate. Now you will be at a spinning octupus ride, kill every dolphin that 
appears. After killing them, go through the gate and turn right, then jump 
across some platforms. Jump on top of the boat, then go down the pipe to the 
left by the wall. Already, this is the last area. Use Lisa's HoB (Hand of 
Buddha) to pick up bouncy jellyfish things and place them to the left. Go up 
them after placing to be at another HoB. Use this one to place the electric eel 
into the top tank. Now shoot the target under the Dolphin King in the tank you 
just placed the electric eels in. Now the level ends.

Target Time: 10:00

Level 8 - Shadow of the Colossal Dougnut
	Now, the shortest level, but one of the most fun. I managed to beat 
this one in less than a minute in co-op mode. Start by Z-targeting Lard Lad's 
first hatch and shooting it with the slingshot, then jump on top and press A to 
yank the wiring. First hatch down already, but the next 2 aren't so easy. Do 
the same thing again after Lard Lad runs off. He will usually be at the 
construction site if you got him right away. Hit and open his second hatch, and 
find a high place to jump off of to get on him. Using te homer helium at the 
construtcion site is a good bet. He'll run off again, and now you must open the 
3rd hatch. Now follow him and get his 3rd hatch open. Try to open it near a 
helium thing, or a high building like the construction site. In Co-op, this 
mission is insanely easy.

Target Time: 10:00

Level 9 - Invasion of the Yokel Snatchers

	This is another fairly short level, but not in the way of the previous 
one. Start by continuing forward, then turning right to the side of a semi 
truck. You can climb up with Bart and float over with Homer. On the other side, 
go forward and use Homer to cross the gap, then pull the lever. Float over with 
Bart, then have Homer float across the next gap with helium and pull another 
lever. Float over the new gap with Bart, and stand on the 2 mats by the door 
with both characters. Now you will be inside a spaceship. Pull the lever to the 
right of Cletus and watch/skip the cutscene. Now you will need the Homerball to 
roll around and smash the red boxes underneath the places aliens ar coming 
from. They're on curved ramps, and you have to use the Homberball boost by 
shaking the wiimote to get up. Levers in front of boxes on the ground can be 
pulled to spew out food for Homer. After each red box is gone, a new lever will 
appear. Pull it to end the level.

Target Time: 5:00

Level 10 - Bargain Bin

	This is another short level where you stop an old Simpsons game from 
being furnace'd. Start by grappling forward across the gap with Bart and pull 
the lever. Walk across the walkway with Homer and smash into the wall with the 
Homerball to go through. Go down and left, and shoot the target to have a 
walkway slide across. Go over it, and grapple with Bart. Have Homer go up and 
around, and use a Homerball roll. Have Bart grapple to the next platform and 
have Homer do a roll/smash thing to get there. Jump up the trampoline to be on 
the top area. Keep going, then have Homer roll and Bart grapple to be on a 
place with 2 switches. Step on them at once and go through the door. Pull the 
lever to end the level.

Target Time: 2:00

Level 11 - NeverQuest

	This is a funny, long level that parodies fantasy games. At the start, 
use Marge to take control of the 3 children running around and use them to put 
out the fires on houses. While Marge does that, use Homer and smack into the 
dragon from the bridges around the town. When the dragon gets near, just shake 
the wiimote to slam into the dragon. After 6 times, this part will be over. 
	Now you will be in a dungeon. There are green coffin boxes that can be 
beat up to release another mob member. To simplify things, kill the bone piles 
that spawn enemies, and the platforms with Moe trolls on them. Go up the 
staircase in the middle to see 2 rising platforms. Command 2 of the mob members 
to stand on the right platform, while Homer goes on the left one. Then, step on 
the right one with Marge to lift Homer up. While at the top, have Homer grab 
the helium and float up under the switch thing to open the door. Go through to 
find yourself in a maze. 
	To start, go right, and find the key to open the yellow door. Then, 
continue on down and right, then use Homer and smash into the cracked wall to 
go through and get the next key. Go through the next door and find another key, 
then go left and up to go through the last door. Now, you are in a new area and 
need to have Marge command the mob to attack the pillar while Homer floats to 
the other side. While on the other side, Homer should Homerball roll into the 
pillar there to complete a bridge. When Marge gets through to the other side, 
have the mob members build the trampoline there, so she can bounce up and put
Maggie in the dragon statue thing's right eye. Push the button with Maggie and 
go through the new opening. 
	This room will be the last one of the level. In here, start by killing 
the enemy spawn and using the mob to mine gummi homer poweups from the green 
wall area. Use Homer's gummi power to smash the pillar on the lava and make a 
bridge. Have the mob mine the gummi power on thenewly revealed platform, and 
have Homer go on the platform that raises up and down on a steam vent. When 
it's at the top, turn into gummi Homer and shoot gummis at it with B. After the 
dragon's health is depleted, you win the level. 

Target Time: 30:00

Level 12 - Grand Theft Scratchy

	This is a level where you use Marge and Lisa to "clean up" the Grand 
Theft Scratchy game to be less violent. Start by breaking open the dog kennel 
near you, and take control of the dogs you see, which will make up some of your 
mob. You start in a cul-de-sac, so have your mob work on the houses and turn 
them into nicer, cleaner places. Do this to every building you see, and be sure 
to free more dogs near the gas station. After you have cleaned up 7 buildings, 
a Hand of Buddha place will appear downtown. With Marge, put 4 dogs onto the 
lift by the freeway overpass, and get on. With Lisa, put one of the cylinders 
into its holding place next to the lift, raising it to middle level. Now have 
the mob attack the signs/cables on the 2nd level. The freeway place will fall, 
allowing you to go through. Now walk through there, and you will be in another 
place with more buildings. 
	Now you will need to clean up 9 more places. Most of 
them are regular, but be sure to get the 2 billboards, and lift a building into 
place with Lisa's HoB. At the radio station, go around bck and hop up the 
dumpster to get to a vent where you can put Maggie in. As Maggie, go left, and 
down, left, then right to find a switch under a desk. When you hit it, the 
radios station will be cleaned up and play a song. After 16 buildings are 
cleaned, a HoB pad will appear by the broken bridge. Use it to connect the 
nearby billboard to the bridge. Then, go all he way up and find the freeway 
segment you can take out and add on to the bridge as well. Finally, have the 
dogs repair the nearest segment of the bridge so you can walk on it. Then, go 
all the way across to be in the last part of the level. 
	Kill the enemy spawning vans, then have the dogs repair the ice cream 
trucks and the building to their right. Now, a cutscene will play and you'll 
need to defend the trucks from suicide bombing ho's using Lisa's HoB. There 
will be 3 waves, just shake the wiimote to shoot lightning. Remember that there 
is a small delay. After the 3rd wave, take Marge and have the whole mob remodel 
the stage. Another cutscene will play, and te level will end.

Target Time: 25:00

Level 13 - Medal of Homer

	This is a parody (obviously) of Medal of Honor. There are 2 settings 
for this level, a French town and an aircraft carrier. The first part is so 
open ended I can only give tips, really. You can get a map of the flags by 
pressing 1, then 2 so it's pretty easy. The flags you may miss are on top the 
castle, the ones you need to grapple to and hover to with Bart, and just some 
hard to see flags. Using the map though, you at least know where it is in 
relation to you so it's not so bad. After you get all 20, you will be at the 
next area. 
	On the carrier, start by grappling with Bart, then immediately 
floating to the ledge. Stand on the boat thing with Homer, then pull the lever 
with Bart to get him over. Plant C4 on the door with Homer using A, then back 
up. Go through, shoot the lifeboats down with Bart, then climb over and plant 
more C4. Hover up with Bart and pull the lever. Go up with Homer, then go 
towards the opposite sid of the runway until you see a plane you can climb on. 
Use it to jump up a ledge, and plant C4 on a turret there. Hover one floor up 
with Bart, kick the trampoline down for Homer, then use the vent to go up 2 
floors up and climb the net. Follow the path around the side, then go down a 
level and kick another trampoline down for Homer. Plant more C4 on another door
and go through. Use Homer to plant yet more C4 on the pipe, so that you can 
hover up and pull the lever to let a ladder down. After climbing up, plant C4 
on a turret, float up with the helium and glide up with Bart. Go down a level, 
then plant C4 on yet another door, go through and plant it on a turret, then 
float up with Bart and homer. Now you are on the top of the ship. With Homer, 
go up to the top ledge using helium, then get the helium up there to float over
to Mr Burns. The level will end when you reach him.

Target Time: 20:00

Level 14 - Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game

	This is another good level. It paodies Japanese gaes with their bright 
colors and long names, and has Homer and Lisa dressed somewhat like anime 
characters. Start by walking up the path to the village and jumping the stones. 
Now you have to place 3 lanterns to free Mr Sparkle. Use the nearby HoB to 
place the first lantern, then go up to a hill and use the one there. This time 
the lantern is underneath a house to the right, so pick the house up first and 
drop it. Head to the wooden ramp on the other side of the village, then use the 
pad there to place the 3rd lantern. It is also in a nearby house. 
	Now you will be in a lava part. Use Homer to roll into the two columns 
to reveal plaforms. Climb up them with Lisa and go up one more to be at a Hand 
of Buddha place. Use Homer's gummi power to split the nearby tree in two, then 
pick it up to form a bridge with Lisa and go across. Enter the green glow to be 
in the first 'Sparklemon' battle (lol). Unfortunately you don't control it, all 
you can do is watch the hilarious parody. 
	Now you'll be in an ice area. First, roll into the ice pillar in front 
of you with Homer, then proceed up the ledges to the left with both characters. 
Roll into the big icicle with Homer, then get on the Hand of Buddha pad with 
Lisa. Place the icicle into the deep hole and the cylinder of ice into the more 
shallow one. Go up the newly built platforms for another Sparklemon battle, 
where the characters seem to have thousands more health. 
	Now you will be on an airship, where you have to defend the engines 
from  waves of Sky Sumos. Just keep killing them, and look for pullable levers 
whenever they shut one off. It's easy but takes some time. After that, will be 
another Sparklemon battle to end the level.

Target Time: 15:00

Level 15 - Five Characters in Search of an Author

	In this level, you will be at Matt Groening's house, as the Simpsons 
are trying to find their creator. First, you have to kill the lawyers that 
appear. After they're gone, take Bart and continue to the left after the 
stairs, and you will be in the garden. Jump onto the trampoline, then hover 
across 2 platforms and pull the lever. A gate will open up giving a path to the 
shark filled pool. Grapple up with Bart, then again to be on the far side of 
the pool. Pull the lever to kill the sharks, then have Homer jump across and 
roll into the pole. Walk across and roll into another pole, then go across that 
one too. Now go on a bit and you will be at the front door. Repeat the sequence 
of notes to get in. Now there will be more lawyers, kill them to open the doors 
on the 2nd floor. Go in and turn left to find a spiked room. When the pencils 
retract, go in with Homer and roll to the other side quickly, then jump over to 
hit the switch and deactivate the pencils. The next room will be a huge room 
with a light puzzle. Hit the switch by the mirror near you to turn the first 
mirror.Then, jump up the bookcases to get to another mirror; turn that one too. 
For the next one, backtrack to where you entered from, and proceed up the 
stairs. Have Homer roll into the cracked place to open a pillar ramp that you 
can use. Go up it to find a lever near a place wih platforms going in and out 
of the wall. Pull the lever, then go across the platforms, watching out for the 
hammers, and pull the next lever. Now go up the stairs more to find another 
mirror with a button by it to push. Jump on the swinging chandelier and go to 
the left with Bart, the right with Homer. Have Homer use the helium to get 
across to another switch and Bart can climb the vines. Jump to the next 
chandelier after both mirrors are turned, and get off on the left side. Go 
around the hall to find the door to the office. Now you fight Matt Groening, as 
he sends out Futurama characters to fight you. Kill each round of them, and 
eventually Matt will be above the large pile of gold in the middle. Homerball 
roll into it to get him down and end the level.

Target Time: 20:00

Level 16 - Game Over

	This is the final level of the game, set in heaven. Start by killing 
William Shakespeare at the gate, then go inside. Now go forward and to the 
right, then continue until a building with a Hand of Buddha place on top. Use 
it to pick up the golf holes and put them in the clouds to the left. Have Bart 
and Lisa use the new platforms to jump to the Hand of Buddha on a cloud. With 
the HoB, pick up a golf hole and put it in the empty place right next to the 
platform you're on. As Bart, jump to it, then onto the bouncer thing to get on 
the levitating cloud. Wait for the next cloud to come down, then jump on it. 
When you get near the top, jump onto the bouncy cloud to go up to a high golf 
hole platform. Hover all the way down to the large open area with the lever, 
and pull it. Several gates will open.
	Grapple again from the lever to get behind the next gate and pull the 
lever there to open it. With Lisa, make your way to the just-opened gate and 
get on the Hand of Buddha. Pick up the rock and put it on the middle pool. 
Steam will start rising, and Bart can glide up to the right rooftop. As Bart, 
walk along the roof until you see a small area with a lever down below. Go 
down, and pull the lever to open the nearby gate. 
	Go through with Lisa, and use the Hand of Buddha to build a Starbucks, 
using the parts strewn around. A cutscene plays and you will have to fight 
Benjamin Franklin. After he is defeated, continue through the gate to be on the 
last boss. It's a parody of DDR, where you press a direction when a character 
walks over an arrow. It's a fun but easy boss fight. Aftr you win, the ending 
will play, and I won't spoil it. Congratulations! Now you can play again and/or 
get the collectibles and cliches you may have missed.

Target Time: 15:00

Notes & Legal stuff

	As I said before this guide isn't finished, but I am doing my best to 
find the collectibles. To contact me with suggestions/corrections, email me at

	This Walkthrough/Guide is only to be hosted on Gamefaqs/Gamespot. No 
other sites have permission to use this guide, so do not ask.

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