Review by Cyan_Flame

Reviewed: 04/13/09

Boy is it dark and uninteresting

Obscure - The Aftermath is well, not survival horror. Despite a lot of camera tricks nothing scares you or gives you suspense. Sure, it's dark, overly so. My flashlight didn't do jack to help me maneuver through these pitch black levels, that is, if the camera helped me out a little too.

Storyline - Flowers, a new drug, causes college kids to turn into "monsters" or as I like to call them, giant blobs that likely have AIDs from the the corpse eating. The story isn't that interesting since no-one seems to care. Corey, a character in the game, is more concerned over his car than the giant blobs trying to kill him. The story is flat, and is nothing that interesting.

Voice acting is another issue which keeps the story from being able to be taken seriously. It's all just trying to be funny and stereotypical, not at all engaging or trying to keep me interested. I swear sometimes I can hear the actor like they're talking into the microphone, I even hear static sometimes from the poor audio work. Add in the near constant sexual innuendo and you've got ridiculous voice acting. An example of this voice acting, when you get a gun in the beginning Kenny says to Amy "I guess I don't get to shoot my load off tonight" which she replies "Hold onto your ammunition for now." Um, guys, why not talk about the drugs, or the weird noises, or something at all relating to the story!?

Graphics - Dark, dark, and more dark. Honestly I couldn't see much of the graphics since every single corpse you find you can't zoom in on or anything to get a decent look at it. All you get is a text description of what the character sees, which is usually 5 words or so, like "Her jaw has been ripped off." Yea, that's nice, can I please just see it up close and be grossed out please!?

Gameplay - You move with the control stick and move the camera by moving your pointer around the screen. It works fine, till you get a gun. You have to hold Z to go into combat stance, point at an enemy, press A to lock on, and then press B to shoot. Enemies must be on screen and it doesn't help that moving your pointed ALSO moves the camera! Not to mention that the camera is plenty fine with swerving around during combat and being quite useless in keeping me filled in as to what's going on and what character I'm even playing as. Yes, you switch characters, each have different strengths, Mei can hack, and Corey can do acrobatics. Sadly, none of them can fix the camera. Which will lead to annoying deaths.

Two players can team up, but the camera will only focus on one player at a time, leaving the other in the dark as to what's going on.

Sound - Actually, this is best part about the game. From the amazing orchestra to the choir it's all a great soundtrack. If the voice acting was better, it'd be great! Along with the monsters not sounding like they're playing with themselves with one particular enemy constantly moaning pleasurably at you.

Rent this game at best, do not, under any circumstances, buy it, the soundtrack just barely makes it worth the measly 18 bucks.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Obscure: The Aftermath (US, 03/25/08)

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