2D Interfaces ProgrammingEmmanuel Bernard
2D Interfaces ProgrammingYann Le Maner
Additional 2D ArtworksVeronique Meignaud
Additional AnimatorDimitri Dassonneville
Additional AnimatorDominique Jouis
Additional AnimatorFrederic Moreaux
Additional Background ArtistJulien Butruille
Additional Background ArtistJeremy Theng
Additional Character ArtistMihai Anghelescu
Additional Game DesignerGilles Richard
Additional Game Designer / ProducerJerome Fait
Additional Game Designer / ProducerBaptiste Martin
Additional InterfaceRemi Despret
Additional InterfaceVincent Filipail
Additional ProducerFrancois Potentier
Additional ProgrammingSylvain Dupont
Additional ScreenplayBruno Marion
Additional ScreenplayNicolas Monier
Additional ScreenplayBenjamin Ortiz
Additional Sound DesignSylvain Prunier
Additional Sound DesignNicolas Tepliztky
Additional StoryboardingRemy Pontzeele
AnimatorNicolas Monier
Art DirectorAnthony Lejeune
Art TraineeHenry Baubrez
Art TraineeBastien Dubois
Art TraineeYves Menard
Art TraineeYouri Stokolosa
Associate Producer (Playlogic)Poria Torkan
Audio Director / Lead Sound DesignerOlivier Deriviere
Audio ProgrammingBruno Carrez
Background ArtistsJerome Camprasse
Background ArtistsThibault Courbet
Background ArtistsBenjamin Lucas
Cameras ProgrammingBruno Carrez
Cameras ProgrammingTony Marques
Casting Director (Voice Recording) [Inter Voice]Liliane Goudriaan
CG AnimationSimon Bridoux
CG AnimationRemi Edmond
CG AnimationOlivier Feutry
CG AnimationFabien Le Gal
CG AnimationFabrice Lacroix
CG AnimationNicolas Monier
CG AnimationAnais Thomassian
CG ArtJulien Butruille
CG ArtJerome Camprasse
CG ArtVincent Courbis-Poncet
CG ArtRemi Despret
CG ArtBenjamin Lucas
CG ArtYann Maheust
CG ScreenplayGuillaume Colomb
CG StoryboardingAlexandre Crampon
CG StoryboardingAnthony Lejeune
Character ArtistAnthony Lejeune
EnemiesBenjamin Detaevernier
Enemies ProgrammerBenjamin Detaevernier
Executive ProducerPierre Leroux
Executive Producer (Voice Recording) [Inter Voice]Michael Reinjenga
Game Design TraineeRomain Bilard
Game Design TraineeQuentin Briand
Game Design TraineeHung Chong
Game Design TraineeMathieu Delisle
Game Design TraineeSebastien Poulmane
Game DesignersJerome Fait
Game DesignersBaptiste Martin
Gameplay ProgrammerEmmanuel Horrent
Gameplay ProgrammerTony Marques
Gameplay ProgrammerChristian Martin
Gameplay ProgrammerNicolas PinÇon
InterfaceJerome Camprasse
InterfaceYann Maheust
Lead AnimatorOlivier Feutry
Lead Background ArtistYann Maheust
Lead Character ArtistLaurent Sauvage
Lead Game DesignerBenjamin Ortiz
Lead ProgrammerEmmanuel Bernard
Monster Concept ArtistsAnthony Lejeune
Monster Concept ArtistsJeff Rey
Music and SoundOlivier Deriviere
Player and TeammateEmmanuel Horrent
Producer (Playlogic)Jesse America
Scenario and DialogueSebastien Renard
ScriptingEmmanuel Horrent
ScriptingTony Marques
ScriptingChristian Martin
ScriptingNicolas PinÇon
Sound Engineer (Voice Recording) [Inter Voice]Hans Bakker
Sound Engineer (Voice Recording) [Inter Voice]Damon Fries
Special Effects ProgrammingAlban Lecocq
Storyboard Consultant (AliceWell)Jurjen Kraan
Technical DirectorLionel Fumery
TraineeNicolas Barrat
TraineeEmilien Glorieux
TraineeFiliz Kilci
TraineeSamba Traore
Voice: Amy / VariousAyme Sanchez
Voice: Corey / Kenny / Professor James / VariousBuster Cox
Voice: Jun / VariousNicki Rapp
Voice: MeiAlicia LaForce
Voice: Shannon / VariousE. Renee Thomas
Voice: StanJoshua Swanson
Voice: SvenLawrence Bailey


Data and credits for this game contributed by KeeperBvK, odino, Blueberry Buttface, jimi_dini, KFHEWUI, oliist, and BGoldTLE.

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