Datel Wii Power Save (North America)

  1. From Jay FNG Philbrook (07/13/2007; 146KB) 01 Begin with Max Ammo & Cash
  2. From Jay FNG Philbrook (07/13/2007; 146KB) 02 Start Game with Max Cash, Super Health & Ammo

Wii Game Save File (North America)

  1. From matthewtu (08/04/2007; 526KB) RB4E - Everything except Hand Cannon.
  2. From shadow_92 (07/02/2007; 269KB) RB4E - Everything except Plagas Removal Laser.
  3. From timewarp646 (03/19/2008; 1039KB) RB4E - Everything Unlocked (Pro Mode): 2 Alternate Costumes, Chicago Typewriter, Handcannon, Matilda, P.R.L. 412, & Infinite Rocket Launcher (Use Bottom Save File)
  4. From matthewtu (08/10/2007; 526KB) RB4E-Everything Unlocked-Has Two Special Costumes, Infinite Rocket Launcher, Chicago Typewriter, HandCannon & P.R.L. 412
  5. From kodfish36 (08/06/2007; 462KB) RB4E: Everything but laser and handcannon unlocked. Two cleared game files.

Datel Wii Power Save (Europe)

  1. From Jay FNG Philbrook (08/09/2007; 531KB) 1st Save Point with Tons of Extras

Wii Game Save File (Europe)

  1. From BetterWorldz (08/02/2007; 462KB) RB4P - Everything unlocked, new round saves with all special weapons for Normal, Ada and Pro modes.
  2. From glink85_wwe (09/24/2012; 1359KB) RB4P - Up to chapter 4-4 ended - italian language (you can change it in the title screen) - Infinite money used, all upgrades of the weapon I used are installed. Games A-B-C of the merchant complete.

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