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Reviewed: 12/17/07

A spoiler free reveiw for those of you that have never played Resident Evil 4.

Ah yes, Resident Evil 4. I never got to play this game when it first came out due to being a young and naive gamer. So when I heard this game was coming out I thought "people say this game is amazing. I should try it out." Lucky for me and anyone who played this game, they were right.

Story 7/10: You start out as Leon Kennedy (who was in Resident Evil 2) finds out the president's daughter Ashley has been kidnapped. So you travel to an unnamed location in Europe to find her. When you get their you find out the crazed locales are zombies (although they are not actualy zombies, I will always call them zombies) They mercalessly try multiple attempts to kill you. Well it's kinda okay but it doesn't really capture your interest until you start learning about Leon's past.

Graphics 9/10: These graphics really blew me away. But not because they were awesome but because they were made a while ago, and they beat out a lot of games today. The zombies look top notch. Their details are really well done. Even the blood and guts look real! While not as powerful as the graphics on the PS3 or 360 they still look good.

Gameplay 10/10: Fantastc! That's an understatment on the gameplay. The Wii controls are perfect for this game. You move around with the control stick on the nunchuck. You hold the B button to hold up your gun and press the A button to fire it. This control set up works well. The game makes you feel like your up against a wall the whole time you're playing. They do this by limiting the ammo you get and not allowing you to shoot while running. Limited ammo makes you think wisely before unloading your shotgun rounds on a single zombie. Not being able to run and shoot makes running from zombies harder (but not too hard). You also have the use of a quick turn around manuver so zombies aren't chewwing your brain out while you're circling around

Scare factor 10/10: I added this part of my reveiw because survival horror games need to be scary. Resident Evil 4 is definetely scary. The enimies are scary. They use tactics like surrounding you and throwing dynamite at you from atop roofs. Their weapons are diverse too, from lazer swords (later in the game) to pitchforks they throw at you. They always have somthing new to kill you with. They even have chainsaws! The boss battles are intense! They definetly know how to keep you on your toes. You fight a humanoid bug creature while waiting for an elevator to power up and let you escape. You also fight a insane, deformed madman in a burning shack with gasoline tanks that you can tip over and use to your advantige. A truely amazing roller coaster of scares.

Length/replay value 9/10: The length of this game is pretty long. It probably took me about 25 to 30 hours to beat. After you beat the game you unlock a multitude of extras including a different playthrough with a different characters that reveals more to the story. Also a arcade style "mercanaries mode" in which you kill as many enemies as you can within the time limit. If you beat the "high score" you get to play mercanaries mode as different characters. You can also play through the game again with all your weapons and cash from your completed file.Other extras include new weapons and costumes for a second playthrough.

Sound 8.5: Umm, pretty good if you like the sound of chainsaws reving up off screen and a crazy maniac running up to you while yelling spanish gibberish and then cleaving you to peices.

Final thoughts: If you've never played Resident Evil 4 before (which you probably haven't if you read the tagline) then buy it. It's only 20 dollars. Trust me it's worth every penny. If you've played the Gamecube version but not the PS2 version, then you might want to rent it for the extra content only on the PS2 and Wii editions.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition (US, 06/19/07)

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