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Reviewed: 08/31/07

A Perfect Game for A Perfect System

Alright, maybe the Wii ISN'T a perfect system, but that's for another review. Preferably mine once I get off my butt and write it. Anyways, I enjoyed this game so much, I'm currently on my seventh play through of the game. Yes, you heard me right. Seventh. This game combines the Game Cube's superior controls, with the Play Station 2's superior Extras which, all in all, makes this the superior version.

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Graphics 9/10

Absolutely flawless. With those two words, you would expect a 10, right? Wrong. The developers of Resident Evil 4 were too lazy to redo the graphics for the PS2 exclusives. A copy and paste of sorts. However, the PS2 graphics aren't bad, but they could of taken their time to redo them..

Music & Sound Effects/Voices 10/10

Even though I hardly noticed the music ( This game is intense! ), I did take my time to listen to it a few times. I have to say, it was quite good. Whenever I purposely listened to the music and played at the same time, It definitely added a whole new aspect to the Game Play. As for the Sound Effects and Voices, the sound effects were perfectly fine. Gun shots sound like gun shots, etc. Now the voices, Wow. They actually scare me. I'm not to easily scared either. I actually laughed once or twice when I heard the monk's chants. It really sounds like they're saying "Go Hitler, Go Hitler". Obviously, they aren't, but I felt like mentioning it. Wow, this paragraph turned out to be pretty long.

Controls 10.1/10

Yes, 10.1. It was that good. So much better than it's counter-parts. Head-Shots are significantly easier, aiming is not only more fun, but also is, well, just better. Aiming was pretty tough in the Game Cube version ( Never played the Play Station 2 version ), as you had a laser sight that had to be spot on. I have never, EVER had an issue with the controls, unlike in the Game Cube version. Not a single complaint for the Wii controls.

Wii Edition Extras9/10

The only reason I decided to buy this game ( Since I already have th Game Cube version ). I was slightly disappointed when I heard the graphics were all Copy and Pastes, but that doesn't really matter too much. The game has many extras that include Secret Costumes, two mini games, called Assignment Ada and Mercenaries, both of which are very fun. The extras also include a separate story mode, aptly named Separate Ways that explains all the unanswered questions in the Main Game. Well most of them. To add to the extras madness, all of the aforementioned unlock even MORE extras. All of said extras are unlockable guns in the Main Game. AND to end off this paragraph, there is ALSO a unlockable difficultly called "Pro" mode. Another aptly named extra.

Story 10/10

The second-best part of the game. It's about an American Agent, Leon Scott Kennedy, who is told to go to Spain ( Or something similar to it. ) and rescue the Presidents Daughter, even if this doesn't sound like much, when you actually progress through the story, you will most likely see why Me, and most others, like the story so much. Almost made it a nine out of ten because of the frequent cheesy dialogue.

Game Play 11/10

Yes, I put the most important aspect of a game last, so you would read everything. The game play has kept me wanting to play over and over again. Although there ARE other games much like this, I prefer this over others, for some reason. So basically, it's a third person shooter, much different from other Resident Evl titles. You use the ( Read: Brilliant ) Wii Controls and use the Wii Remote to aim. More fun than you might think. As for Camera - Angles, it's what I call "Behind the Back" which is.. pretty self - explanatory. I wish I could of written more, but I can't think of anything else to put here.

Longevity 10/10

As I stated in the opening paragraph, I've played through the game many times. There's many different ways you can challenge your self to complete a play - through. These include Knife - Runs ( Using nothing but your Knife unless your gun is required ), Runs where you select One - two guns to use and stick with them through the whole game, and last but definitely not least, No - Damage runs. I have never completed one, not like I'm that good anyway, but..

Final Thoughts

Even if you already have this game on another system, it is still definitely worth it. It's improved in so many ways.. except the extras graphics (Darn Lazy Capcom Developers ).
The only reason you shouldn't buy this game is if you don't have a Wii. I mean, it's only $30.00.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition (US, 06/19/07)

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