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Reviewed: 07/30/07

The Inferior Version of RE4 Becomes the Superior Version

RE4 for the PS2 was the inferior version of the game. That game has been ported over to the Wii and now it is superior to every other version. For only 30 dollars?? You got me interested.

Story: 10/10
YOu play as Leon Soctt Kennedy the hero of RE2. He is no longer a cop. Instead he is a government agent sent by the President to find his missing daughter. She was last seen in a remote village in Spain. What seems like a easy mission soon turns out to be the exact opposite. When the vilagers become hostile and appear to be infected with some sort of parasite, Leon soon realizes this religous community isn't what it seems.

Gameplay: 9/10
The gameplay of RE4 is very consistent. It is mostly killing until you have to solve a puzzle. The puzzles aren't very hard and are a lot more simple than they seem. You will even get to play as Ashley for one chapter and she has no weapons and solves puzzles instead to progress.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are slightly better than the Gamecube version of RE4. However in the PS2 extras the charaters look pasted in and appear very abdly against the nice smooth backrounds.

Sound: 10/10
The sound is a very large part of this game. The music adds a very creepy tone to the game at some parts. There is even a miniboss that is blind and can only find you by listening. IF you run it will haer you fotsteps. If you shoot the same thing. The also helps you indetify what enemies are around the corner. Whether it is the strange breathing of the Regenerators or the coughing of the first villager you will need to rely on sound for most of the game.

Controls: 10/10
The Wii versions controls are what makes it all better. You use the nunchuck to move and the Wii Remote to aim and shoot. You can also swipe the Remote like a knife and Leon will use his knife to lock on to the nearest target. You also can flick the Wiimote upwards to reload your gun if it is drawn.

Replay Value: 10/10
Ok so you finished the game for your first time, now what do you do? Well after beating the game you unlock many things. You can start another file with the new PRofessional difficulty setting. You die in 2 hits, 3 if you are lucky. YOu can play the Mercenaries Minigame. You are dropped in an area and have to kill as many Ganados you can in the time limit. Getting a four star rating on a level unlocks a new character. You can play as Leon from the start and later will unlock Ada, Krausar, HUNK from RE2 and Wesker. Get a 5 star rating on every level with every character to unlcok the awesome .50 magnum the Handcannon. After beating the game you can buy the Matilda( the special handgun from RE2) and the all mighty Infinite Rocket Launcher. YOu can also play Sepreate Ways. YOu play through 5 missions as Ada and further expands the story of RE4. After beating Seperate Ways you unlock the Chicago Typewriter for a replay file. YOu will also unlock a new set of costumes for the main game. Leon wears a costume that looks like a 1920s gangster and Ashley wears a suit of armor which makes her invulnerable to all weapons and enemies can't carry her away. Oh and speaking of unlocking weapons the best weapon is unlocked after beating the game on Pro Mode, the P.R.L 412(Plagas Removal Laser 412) it kills everything on screen in one hit if you charge it up. If you don't if does a little damage and stuns everyone like a flash grenade. You can slo unlcok the Chicago Typewriter in Seperate Wyas if you clear Assignment Ada. YOu play as Ada as you retrieve 5 plagas Samples around the island.

Overall Score: 10/10
This game is still as good as it was when it first came out on the Gamecube. With slightly better graphics, the PS2 extras and a awesome story. Resident Evil 4 has changed gaming forever and is one of the best games in history.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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