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Reviewed: 07/23/07

Oh ****, I just pissed my boxers....

Ah, the game that was promised to stay on the Gamecube is now on its third console: the Nintendo Wii. Well, first, it was ported to the PS2 with and extra mode, then in 2007, it made its way to the Wii. Is this game still going to received head-shakes from your mother? Will you still feel that suspense when Dr. Salvador comes at you, angry and armed with a freaking chainsaw? Let's find out, shall we?

Story: 7

Yeah, it's pretty crappy. You are Leon Scott Kennedy, which some of you realized is the same guy from Resident Evil 2. Yep, he's been recruited into the Secret Service since we last saw him, and he's now been sent of a mission to rescue the president's daughter, Ashley, from Europe. The zombie problem is over. But, as Leon begins his mission, he realizes that there is another similar matter at hand. The people of the village seem to mindlessly attack him, and he frequently sees evidence that they have no mercy on anyone. Leon has to find Ashley quick, before something happens to her.

Graphics: 9

The graphics of this game has held up well since it's debut on the 'cube. So far, everything you'll find disgusting (and awesome) in the previous games, you'll find it a half more disgusting in this game. The Wii's graphics aren't top notch; everyone knows this by now. But that doesn't mean they are horrible. When a hostile gets all in your face and you can see the crust of his eye, you know the graphics are sweet. When you are hit by someone's blade or pitchfork, and you quickly look at it and see Leon's blood dripping off it, then the graphics are SWEET! IF your heart starts pounding when you see a barrage of enemies and you have about a clip left... well, that's anxiety, but you get what I mean: these graphics are still sweet!! I sometimes find myself looking at the items you pick up because the textures on them are excellent, and the lighting effects really give it a realistic approach to this game. Nice move Capcom.

Game play (and controls): 10

Ah. So you were waiting all this time for the big kahuna, the heavy balls, the hugest part of any game: game play. And you aren't gonna be disappointed.

Okay, let's say you're playing the game right now. I'm going to describe an actual scene as well. You run forward a few paces and see a red sign post with an x-cross and a few skulls on it. Pressing "A" has Leon tell you he's feeling something bad might happen. Running forward (or walking if you're scared :P) reveals that the sign post is a sign of danger. Why, there are booby traps all over the place; on the trees, and the ground!!!! How do we advance? Well, using your trusty Handgun, you can shoot the bear traps and the bombs on the trees, allowing you to go forward.

Another illustration. The same sign post is planted on the ground before a long hill, and you are at the top. As you walk down, a scene occurs in which a few ganados are seen pushing a big ass boulder down the hill and towards your ass! You are then prompted to shake the Wiimote as fast as you can!! Hurry, that boulder is haulin' ass after you!!! Quick, react and press "A+B" to jump out of the way and CCRRAASSHH!!! The boulder flies into the wall and breaks into many pieces. You've just experienced two out of many similar situations.

Okay, to focus on other things. You already start out with a few weapons in your arsenal, including a knife which, as you increasingly see over the course of the game, is very essential to the game. Once you get a little farther into the game, you'll run into a merchant who will sell Leon several weapons, and even upgrade your weapons and also buy treasures and such that Leon finds along his mission.

The Wiimote's motion sensing is used very well in this game. When you swing your remote, Leon will swing his knife at the closet target-able item. Pretty cool, huh? And holding B and swinging the Wiimote will manually reload your weapon. Another pretty cool move, huh? Also, you can move the wiimote in the direction onscreen and then dodge incoming strikes from boss enemies. These are also done with pressings of "A+B" as well.

Wherever you point on the screen is also where you will shoot, making aiming relatively easier this time around. Now you can shoot a ganados' kneecap and head in literally the same second!!! Trust me, aiming is essential in this game, and if you haven't played it, then I recommend that you play with the Wiimote first. I say this because you can also play with the Classic controller, which brings back the old controls of the Gamecube. And of course, shooting at specific spots will save you ammo, as you can shoot someone in the knee, move in on them, and press "A" to back kick them onto the floor, adding extra damage without using bullets, a MUST in survival horror games. This IS why re4 is so exceptional.

The cases are back, obviously the modes are back (all of them from the previous editions combined in here), and sometimes sounds from the game will come out of the Wiimote, like the swing of Leon's knife or the clip from your gun that's been reloaded.

Replayability: 7

You gain extras from beating the game, just like in the previous installments. The Chicago Typewriter, the Infinite Rocket Launcher, and the special costumes (both) return and are unlockable. But gaining the 2 mil pesetas is a feat and it will take more than another play through, that's for damn sure. If you really like this game, then I guess that you wouldn't mind playing through this game at least 3 times to gain all the extra weapons and stuff.


This game is still the same. The Wii additions are nice and everything, but after a while, it could possibly be put on the shelf for a few. I've had it fo a while, but being my only Wii game (besides Wii Sports of course), there's nothing I can really do, now is there? This doesn't mean it's terrible in anyway, mind you. I give it a solid 10, out of 10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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