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Reviewed: 06/22/07

Nintendo gets the superior version of the game with controls redone for the Wii

Resident Evil 4 is without a doubt the best RE out there. The developers took a chance and decided to revamp the look and game play of the series greatly, and the chance paid off greatly. The end result was a huge success that made up for past mediocre entries like RE3 and other variants, and the series was completely revitalized. Gamecube was the first system to get the game, but as Nintendo's exclusive hold on Capcom's Resident Evil series came to an end, Capcom quickly announced that RE4 would be ported over to the PS2 with extra content. The rerelease was never realized on the Gamecube, but Capcom has now given Nintendo fans a chance to replay this classic using Wii-specific controls. How does this game stack up in comparison to the other versions? Here's the breakdown.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics have held up greatly, although that's not saying too much considering they looked amazing a couple years ago when the game was first released. That being said, Capcom made sure that the game can be played in higher definition than any other release, so gamers with televisions that can take advantage of this feature will be in for a treat while those who have older televisions won't notice any graphical improvements at all.

Story: 8/10
I've never really been big on RE's stories, as they've always been about the same: some zombie outbreak threatens the world. This one actually has a twist to it, as there aren't really zombies to fight but people under a type of drug/creature control. You play as Leon Kennedy (from RE2), and it's up to you to stop a cult that kidnapped the President of the United State's daughter. You play in some unspecified area of Europe (likely Spain), and events unfold that basically pit Leon against things much larger than he's ever faced before. Not a bad plot at all, and the non-zombie twist was a good addition.

Sound: 8/10
The game sounds exactly the same. The only difference is that now your Wii Remote will make sounds of your weapons, particularly when the weapons are being reloaded. The sound was already pretty good, so nothing new here.

Game Play: 9/10
The Wii-specific controls are actually pretty good once you get the hang of them. Movement is completely based on the nunchuck, while targeting relies on pointing the Wii Remote at the screen while holding B to start targeting mode. Once in targeting mode, the nunchuck is used to adjust the area Leon is facing while targeting enemies/things to shoot. Shooting's made easier through the target system that basically allows for your controller to vibrate whenever something's in definite range to shoot at successfully. Overall, the Wii controls really do make the game feel somewhat new for those who have played the game before and will definitely give newcomers a fun go with their Wiis.

Overall: 8/10
The game's worth buying for those who haven't played it before, and at $30 it may be worth buying for those who have played it. I for one have played all versions, and can honestly say that whichever version you play and like is certainly up to opinion.

The best comparison of the previous RE4 versions and this one that I can think of is the difference between the Gamecube and Wii Zelda: Twilight Princess games. Both are solid games, but it's up to you as the gamer to decide which is better: the classic version of the game or the newer game that attempts to try something new and utilize the Wii's unique control schemes.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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