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Reviewed: 06/21/07

You owe it to yourself to buy the best horror, if not the best ever, game of all time

This is what, the third time that we have been graced by the presence of RE4? First on the Gamecube, with amazing graphics and audio, then on the Playstation 2, with horrid graphics and audio, but the addition of new weapons and Separate Ways. And now, with the combination of great graphics, audio, weapons, and Separate Ways, along with the new Wii controls, you could call this the best Resident Evil 4.

RE4 is takes place many years after the events of Resident Evil 2. Leon S. Kennedy has been given a new job to protect the President of the United States and his family. But, as luck would have it, the President's daughter, Ashley, was kidnapped and taken to a rural part of Europe. So, off Leon goes to rescue the lovely lady.

But all is not good in this part of Europe. Just minutes in the new place, Leon finds a nice little village...filled with crazed Spaniards who attack Leon. But...they're not zombies. Something is going on here that defies logic, and it looks like Leon is going to have to multitask: find Ashley and what's going on in this strange countryside.

Gameplay remains mostly unchanged from previous versions of RE4. You control Leon in a 3rd person view, with the Over-the-Shoulder view that grabbed so much awe. You roam the roads, looking for clues to Ashley's location, all the while killing the barbaric villagers who attack you. Leon can use many different guns, like the Handgun, the Shotgun, to the strange and wacky Mine Launcher and Bowgun. All of these guns can be upgraded by the strange man, the Merchant, by giving him Pesetas, and can also buy various other things from the Merchant as well. Leon also has a handy dandy Knife that can be used in close quarter combat and to conserve ammo for later battles.

The new Wii controls are intuitive and easy to use. The gun's laser sight has been replaced with an aiming reticule that stays gray when you are moving, green when aiming and red when over something you can shoot. A quick shake of the Wiimote makes Leon autotarget with his knife, which is surprisingly accurate, able to hit enemies as well as boxes and barrels. All in all, it has never been easier to aim and kill the villagers with the Wii controls: the reticule even allows for long range sniping with handguns and for some impossibly accurate shots. But, if you miss your old gameplay that much, you can play this one with your CGN controller.

The graphics in Resident Wivil are a small step down from the Gamecube version, a big step up from the PS2 version, and a bit better than most other Wii titles. Everyone is animated with good fluidity, and the environments are realistic and help set the mood of the game. There are very few, if any, glitches or bugs. Cutscenes are very good, and move the story along with a beautiful sheen...but don't put the Wiimote down. Some cutscenes will end with Leon's demise if you don't push A and B or swing the Wiimote are the right time. These action-sensitive areas make the game even more involving and help make for a great experience.

The audio is amazing. All of the tracks are utterly fantastic in the way they help protect the mood in a way that scares you when one little zombie pops out from behind a building. All of the sound effects are realistic and well placed. Knife swipes emanate from your Wiimote, as well as all of the reload sounds and transmission sounds, diving you into the world of RE4. The voice acting, while not Emmy material, gets the job done with a bit of flair...including the ever famous, "Your right hand comes off?" conversation.

RE4 has quite a bit of replay value. Beating the game once unlocks several new ways to play. Assignment Ada is a quick bit where the lovely woman in red must obtain 5 "samples" and leave the Island. Mercenaries acts as a sort of "Arcade" mode, where five characters can fight off waves of zombies in 4 locations. Finally, Separate Ways is another tale with Ada Wong that runs parallel to Leon's story, and helps to answer some of the questions that Leon's story leaves. All of these are great and entertaining, but I do thing that Mercenaries is very difficult to beat completely.

Beating the above mentioned scenarios unlocks various other goodies, such as Professional mode, alternate costumes for Leon and Ashley, and a armory full of fun weapons to play around with. Chances are that RE4 will be spinning in your Wii for weeks to come.

All things said, RE4: Wii Edition is an amazing game...if not on that some of us have played twice before. But now, you have no excuse not to pick it up. Not having a CGN or not wanting to listen to the PS2 version hold you back no longer! You have the grace of the CGN and the exclusive content of the PS2 wrapped up in the pillow of amazing controls. You owe it to yourself to buy this game...besides...who know what dangers might be hiding in the shadows if you don't...

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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