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Reviewed: 06/20/07 | Updated: 06/21/07

Quite possibly the best game ever made.

"Quite possibly the best game ever made"

I remember that back in the days, Resident Evil was on everyone's lips. It was the game to be playing if you wanted to be ''in''. First one I bought was RE: Director's Cut and then I got my fill of undead horror fun with the third chapter. Man...That was the best time to be a gamer.

I must admit that when RE4 was first shown, well I was less than impressed. Seemed to me that they stripped away everything that made Resident Evil what it was. I was crushed...and the fact that I didn't own a GameCube didn't help either. But as more news were revealed and as the screenshots poured in...I had to get a GC just for this game. It looked more than stellar.

Here are we, 2 years later and RE4 is considered one of the best games ever released and it envigorated a stagnating genre. Everything that needed to be said about the game already was said so let's try to simply analyse this Wii Edition.

The plot takes place, years after the fall or Umbrella Corporation, the pharmaceutical giant who created the horrid biological agent to make the living unto souless monsters. Now Leon Kennedy, the hero of RE2 is sent to a remote Spanish village to enquire about the whereabouts the missing First Daughter. Is he a bad dude enough to save her? Yeah, he is. Of course, the plot soon takes a turn for the worse when Leon realize that the villagers aren't exactly human anymore.

GRAPHICS: I'm a big 360 gamer and I'm now used to high-def, slam bam graphics and the Wii simply doesn't deliver in the same way as the 360. Well, that said, RE4 still is a next-gen game through and through. It was in advance of it's time and the fact that visually, I find it more impressive than Gears Of War is incredible. It's that the graphics truly are better, no other games do lighting and atmosphere like RE4. Sure they aren't technically better but the art is. It's simply gorgeous AND the best looking game on the Wii.

MUSIC/SOUND: I always loved the music Capcom used in RE games. Then again all Capcom soundtracks from Megaman (Snake Man!) to Ace Attorney are wonderful (OBJECTION!). The use of sound is pretty much the standard for games to match now. Capcom went all out and there's no better sounding game out there.

GAMEPLAY: Take Resident Evil...then throw all that out the window. RE4 is played from a rather brilliant over the shoulder perspective that was copied ad infinium by various companies. It's way better than the camera angles from previous survival horror games and put you in the game in such a grand way that it's hard to go back (not really, REmake and RE2 are still grandiose).

The game emphasis on white knuckle action and less on puzzle solving is a welcome change of pace. There's still some thinking to be done but most problems can be solved with bullets.

The game's RPG like mechanics from health boosting to items storing and buying/upgrading weapons makes for alot more freeform gameplay than before. No player will have the same arsenal so everyone will tackle the incredible boss fights quite differently. Capcom truly hit this one out the ballpark.

The game can be played with the GC's controller making this version the PS2 one with GC graphics all around. Use the Wiimote and you'll get surgical precision making this the most fluid action game ever.

REPLAY: Two main games to play through with two different characters. Two unlockable mini games including the Mercenaries mode that could be packaged as a game itself. Uber weapons/costumes to be found and cutscenes viewers to more difficulty levels. The game is simply gigantic and keep in mind that the main game itself got mini-games of it's own.

The Wii edition of RE4 is the definitive version of last-gen's best served in a next-gen plate with next-gen sauce. With the cheap price tag, if you own a Wii and not this game, you don't deserve to own Nintendo's hard to find console.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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