How to defeat the 2 giants in chapter 4?

  1. Cant get the last giant after the machine is locked what else can i do?

    User Info: MzTTBabe

    MzTTBabe - 8 years ago

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  1. u already know to use the lava pit on the 1 but u can use a similar technique on the 2 Giant
    1) run to the ladder
    2) before he grabs the thing use the zipline
    3) shoot him until he kneels
    4) shoot the plaga or climb i prefer saving ammo
    5) rinse and repeat

    User Info: buster_soldier0

    buster_soldier0 - 8 years ago 3 1


  1. I'll need more info on what guns you have.

    User Info: jprogo

    jprogo - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. If your problem is that you don't have enough ammo, it's not all that difficult to knife the last one until it dies - I had to do the same thing on my first playthrough.

    User Info: SirIlpalazzo

    SirIlpalazzo - 8 years ago 0 1
  3. The only way to save ammo is knife them. Don't think it's so hard to do that because I know this trick to knife them so easily.
    There is a higher level with the slide down command in this area. Two giants will come if u go near the door, but the second giant will not attack u if u try to make the first giant not far away from him.
    When they come up, climb on the ladder, wait until one of the giants shake the level, jump down then use ur knife to hit them 2-3 hits, then climb on the ladder, repeat until the first one die then do it with the second.
    When the plagas sneaked from their back, do not press X to cut. If u do it, the second giant will attack u so u will never have time to knife them again.

    User Info: krauser1989

    krauser1989 - 8 years ago 0 1
  4. Well, i'll split this:
    W/ rocket launcher: shoot it at the one with chains. as he's more powerful. and the other one you going to have to knife and save ammo.
    W/ out launcher: NEVER use this method to save ammo. use guns and ALL the ammo you've got. if you run out, use the knife as a last resort.

    Now, always cut the plaga, it's the only way to actully kill any gigante without a launcher! well, that's MY experences.
    also, you need great timing to use the lava pit... im not good at that...
    Hope this helps! ~ Domo-cool.

    User Info: Domo-cool

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  5. Fiest kill the first giant by using the machine be carefull he will pull you down stay away from the middle until the the machine is lock the 2nd one use your shotgun,tmp and few magnum bullet when the plaga comes out press A and swing as fast as you can repeat until its dead

    good luck

    User Info: Xtreme_Legend

    Xtreme_Legend - 8 years ago 0 1
  6. or (if u are lucky) both Giants will fall into the lava pit
    happened to me on 2 play through

    User Info: buster_soldier0

    buster_soldier0 - 8 years ago 0 3
  7. pull the lever so the one with the chains falls into the lava. DON'T go near the pit for a while pecause the lavaed one will grab toy and pull you in.

    User Info: Dragon0640

    Dragon0640 - 8 years ago 0 2
  8. When they first enter through the door turn around and go up the ladder. wait till they shake the platform and use the zipline. hopefully if u do it right, one of the giants will fall into the lava pit. DO NOT GO NEAR THE LAVA PIT. for the last one ur going to have to keep shooting it until the plaga comes out of its back then climb and knife it. repeat the process until it dies

    User Info: vanillacola35

    vanillacola35 - 8 years ago 0 1
  9. Kill one with a RPG then kill the other one with the lever just dont go near the lava or else the Giant will grab you

    User Info: Crazyman127

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  10. In Order to defeat those two el gigantes. Concentrate on the one you want to first fight the masked one or unmasked. What to do, If you have a rocket launcher (single shot) take one down easily if dont then shoot the unmasked el gigante for his face damage with the shotgun or broken butterfly. Then next the second one is a easy, go to the ladder with the zip line and make sure the el gigante is in the middle of the volcanic pit to activate the switch. Then continue on...

    (Beginner Walkthrough)

    User Info: Liljoethemaster

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  11. Buy a rocket launcher. Equip it once you get into the room. Walk over the where they show up, and quickly shoot one of them once the cutscene ends. Then, climb the ladder and drop the other one into the pit. Wait for the pit doors to close.

    User Info: VladYvhv

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  12. Use the floor to drop one in the lava and then the rest is easy enough, just one El Gigante

    User Info: brawlfanboy9

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  13. Hello

    Buster_Soldier0, and Vanilla_cola35 are both right. I used those methods myself, because I'm cheap, and didn't want to waste money on a Rocket Launcher. the Knifing tactic does work also, but it takes way too long, and im very impatient.

    Once i managed to make both fall in the lava also, But i cant remember if i still got my money, from noth after I left and came back in the room. If you remember from the first giant, it'd gives you $15K, so if you dont get a total of $30K, After you kill them, wether you have to leave the room and reenter, then the games riping you off.

    Have fun :)


    User Info: Mykey2011

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