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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jo_The_marten

Updated: 12/30/07

---=====NiGHTS Journey of Dreams Walkthrough=====---

Is used elsewhere, please give credit! 


Characters [CRCT]

Dream Gate [DRGT]

Will's Dream [W-001]

 -Pure Valley [W-002]
 -Lost Park [W-003]
 -Delight City [W-004]
 -BellBridge [W-005]

Helen's Dream [H-001]

 -Aqua Garden [H-002]
 -Crystal Castle [H-003]
 -Memory Forest [H-004]
 -BellBridge [H-005]

My Dream [MDRM]
Secrets/Unlockables [SCRT]
Special Ending BellBridge [SPBB]
F.A.Q. [FAQ]
Contact [CNCT]


NiGHTS - A First class Nightmaren that lives in the land of Dreams. Unlike all 
other Nightmarens, NiGHTS is friendly and free. NiGHTS is Reala's sibling (so 
to speak)

Owl - An old bird that lives in the land of Dreams. He gives you tips and 
offers advice throughout the game.

Reala - A First class Nightmaren that lives in the land of Nightmares. Reala 
is a cruel and deceiving Nightmaren, who is completely loyal to his 
master, Wizeman. Reala is NiGHTS' sibling (so to speak)

Will - A Young boy who lives in the real world. He loves Soccer (or Football.)
Whichever you want to call it) and practicing with his father, and starts
having nightmares when his dad leaves(most likely on business trip).

Helen - A Young girl who lives in the real world. She practices playing
the violin with her mother but has lately begun hanging out with her
friends more than practice. The guilt of not being with her mother causes
her to have nightmares.

Wizeman - A god who creates the nightmares in people's dreams. He created
all nightmarens (Including NiGHTS and Reala) and does not like when his
creations are disloyal to him. He hates the land of Dreams and wishes to
destroy it.

Nightopians - Creatures that live in Nightopia. Friendly and timid, very
much like the Chao of the Sonic series.

Nightmarens - Evil creatures created by Wizeman sent out to stop NiGHTS,
Will, and Helen, and destroy Nightopia.

Ideya - The essence in one's body and soul that allows them special powers
in the dream world. There are 5 Ideya's total, each with their own color and
strength. Red - Courage, White - Purity, Blue - Intelligence, Green - Growth,
and Yellow - Hope. You automatically start the game out with the Red Ideya.
(I know they're not really characters but I thought I'd put em here anyway.)

---=====Dream Gate[DRGT]=====---
The main area, you will be brought here as both children at the end of every
level and when you turn on your game. There is a large fountain in the center
and doors on one side with crumbled door frames on the other (the side the
doors appear on depends on the character you're currently playing as) After
doing the first mission a 2nd door will appear that leads to a place called
"My Dream"(see below). When you first start the game, you will dualize with
NiGHTS for the first time. Use this to your advantage (and do it more than
once if this is your first NiGHTS game. It will take a while to get used to
the controls) 
anytime after the tutorial you can go up to NiGHTS, who hovers next to the 
fountain on the opposite side of the area from where you start, and do it 
again if you so choose.

---=====Will's Dream[W-001]=====---
Will's Doors to Nightopia appear on the left side of the Fountain in the 
Dream Gate

---=====Pure Valley[W-002]=====---

Mission 1: Chase Mission

The Mission starts out with you encountering NiGHTS' twin sibling, Reala. 
Reala locks NiGHTS up in a cage (places conviently 5 feet away from your 
current position) so it is up to you to get NiGHTS out. So climb the 
chain and Duelize with NiGHTS. After Dualizing, the bird guarding the 
cage will fly off in fright. It's your job to chase after him and get 
the key! To catch up to him quickly, fly through rings as often as 
possible to keep your drill meter charged. After getting him, another 
cage will appear and you must chase after another bird, same strategy,
longer course. Then after him, ANOTHER bird appears. Know what you gotta 
do? After getting all three birds, the screen will turn into a red hue
and you will have to battle a boss, Donbalon. This light, round, clown
is a pretty easy opponent. Simply fly towards him and NiGHTS will grab him
and spin, then you pick when you think NiGHTS is at the right angle, then
launch Donbalon into the air. The objective is to get him to the top of the
course, the large flaming mouth you see at the beginning of his entrance.
When you get him to the top, he will explode and you will be claimed victor!
(For now...)

Writer's Tips:
-When going after Birds, if you get to the bird right after flying through the 
cage, just turn around so you don't waste time going through the whole course. 
-At the beginning of a chase, go the wrong way, when you get near the bird 
it'll fly the correct way, and if you're in the right position, right into 
you! (Only really works on the first bird on most levels like this)
-Don't drill into Donbalon, it only sends him bouncing off walls without any 
direction or control. It's just easier to grab him and chuck him where you 
want him.

Mission 2: Link Challenge

At the start of the mission, you find a Octopus like creature called Octopaw.
He leaves trails of rings when he flies, and NiGHTS challenges your flying 
skills by seeing how many rings you can fly through consecutively. You have to 
many atleast 25 Links. Just constantly be near a ring or blue chips and you 
should be alright. To get an A on this mission you must get 100 Links without 

Writer's Tips:
-When a ring is abit of a distance...drill charge. 
-Do Paraloops to collect lots of Blue Chips. It really helps on the link 

Mission 3: Fluffy Catch

While playing in some Dandilions, black clouds appear and start sucking up 
Nightopians! It's up to you and NiGHTS to save them. To do this, simply 
paraloop as many of them as you can before the reach the black clouds. 
You can only lose 5 before you get a game over and have to start all over. 
Keep saving them until the clock stops.

Writer's Tips:
-Stay in the center somewhat towards the top. That way it'll be easier 
to catch up to any you might have missed.

Mission 4: River Rescue!

Some Nightopians are seen playing in a river when they are suddenly swallowed
by the current. NiGHTS turns into a boat and you must ride the rapids and 
rescue atleast 30 Nightopians and make it to the end of the course in the time 

Mission 5: Boss

He's Baaaaaccckk! Donbalon returns! This time the battle is exactly the same,
only a MUCH larger battle field. Try not to many too many mistakes or it 
could seriously change the outcome for this battle.

There you go! You've completed the Pure Valley! You will be awarded the White 
Ideya and a persona for NiGHTS that can turn him into a Dolphin!

---=====Lost Park[W-003]=====---

Mission 1: Chase Mission

The World starts as Reala comes out and captures NiGHTS once again. Only this
time he sends Will off to another world! There he meets Helen and she guides 
him back to the door to the Dream Gate. After the Cutscene, head back to the 
door that leads to Lost Park and save NiGHTS. The same basic idea as the the
chase in Pure Valley. Chase after 3 Goddles riding birds and get the keys. 
The Boss that appears afterwards is called Chamelan. He does card tricks! 
To win the fight you must paraloop to find him beneith the curtain of ?'s 
and shadow. when you find a card, follow it (From Greatest to Least Ex. King 
To Ace) until you find the Aces. The Aces will be in a circular formation 
and your target is in the center of that circle. The moment you see him 
paraloop him until he appears and if you manage to hit him with a paraloop,
the battle is yours! A single hit is all it takes

Writer's tips: 
-Same as the other chase missions
-Make a path in the veil hiding Chamelan. That way if you don't get him, you
can atleast follow him visually when he flees and hopefully catch up to him.

Mission 2: Bomb Panic

Nightmarens have begun dropping bombs down in Nightopia! To save the tree that
supports Will's Dreamland, you must break the chains of 50 bombs. Simply dash 
into them to break the chain. Running into the bombs works too, but you'll 
lose time by doing so. 

Mission 3: Link Challenge

Octopaw is back and yet again Challenges you to a game of Keep up. Just do the 
same strategy as before and get as many consecutive links as you can.

Mission 4: Roller Coaster Rush

While taking a joy ride on a Roller Coaster, some nightopians fates are sealed
by a rock slide at the end of the track. You must catch them on the NiGHTS car
before they reach the blockage in the tracks. Manuver around and drive through
green rings to boost your speed.

Mission 5: Boss

Chamelan is back and this time he as a new trick up his sleeve, explosives. 
Use the same attack plan as before, only this time, if you see solid cards, 
leave them be. You're after transparent cards. Solid cards only lead to a 
bomb, the transparent ones lead to Chamelan himself where he waits for you to 
paraloop him.

You are now given the Blue Ideya, and a new persona that can turn NiGHTS into 
a Rocket.

---=====Delight City[W-004]=====---

Mission 1: Chase mission

Nightopia this time starts with Will witnessing a conversation between Reala 
and NiGHTS, and he learns the truth about NiGHTS. Owl tells him that Reala's 
words are true but that it is his choice whether to trust NiGHTS or not. 
After this we get to have an awesome mini battle with Reala. To beat him, grab
a blue sphere and toss it at Reala. Do this three times and you will win. 
Afterwards the rest of the level is the same as the others,follow 3 birds and
unlock the cages. The boss afterwards is a Cerberus. The two spiked mutts are 
chained to a round "Ball-&-Chain" type object. To win, swerve through or 
aroundthe Cerberus and push the object away from them. If it doesn't work 
the first time, keep pushing it until the Cerberus clash together. Continue 
it 2 more times and you'll send the beasts back to the depths of the 

Mission 2: Neon City Battle

Will's City is being taken over by Nightmarens and you must get rid of them. 
Fly through the city and hunt down all the Nightmarens. Use the Switches and 
Lights to move from the sky to the ground. 

Mission 3: Link Challenge

Follow Octopaw through the level while gathering links. The best way to do 
this in my opinion is to hit the slot levers and get the Blue Chips from 
the machines. They come right for you so it's a lot of help.

Mission 4: Broadway Guide

Helen has now appeared in Will's dream and, to return the favor to her 
helpinghim earlier, he offers to guide her out of the city and to the door.
Go forward and hit the yellow (I'm gonna call em Disco balls), walk across 
the lights and go on the platform with the redish orange square. It will
take you across the gap and to the other platform. Keep going and throw a 
blue chip at the blue disco ball and make your way across the lights. Open 
the Chest to lose time, proceed until you reach an unlit red path. There is 
no switch to be found. Jump on the platform below and head out on your own, 
Helen states she can't follow you so she'll wait for you right there. Keep 
going until you find a yellow disco ball. Activate it and take the Light 
path upwards. Get the Time Chip from the Chest, defeat or evade the 
Nightmaren, get across the gaps and activate the red disco ball. Go across 
the lights and retrieve Helen. Guide her over to another Red/Orange Squared 
platforms and ride it to the other end. Kill or evade the Nightmaren and 
ride the other platform. Here you'll find a special disco ball that can turn 
into any of the three colors in the order of Red > Yellow > Blue. Toss a Blue
Chip at it to turn it Yellow then head across the lights. Turn left and gain
a Time Chip from a chest then proceed in the opposite direction across a 
platform and then head up the rings. Again Helen will wait for you as you 
head across and activate the blue disco ball. Turn around and guide Helen 
across to the Yellow unlit path (but don't drop down from the grate like 
platform you're on!!) Jump down and turn the multicolored disco ball to 
Yellow (If you didn't guide Helen across the blue lights,change the ball to 
red and use the rings to get back up on the grate.) Then go get her and 
bring her across. Get the Time Chip from the chest and get onto the square 
platform (it's your choice if you want to kill the Nightmaren before or 
after(or at all) you get onto the platform. When you get across, hop down 
on the Yellow lights and head to the end. Activate the disco ball in front 
of you by tossing a blue chip at it. You'll fall through and land on the blue
lights below. Head to the end of the blue lights and activate the red disco 
ball where you'll fall through onto a red platform. Climb back up onto solid 
ground and then take the red rings up and claim a Time Chip from the chest at 
the end of the platform. Follow the Neon lights to the end then hop down, 
collect some blue chips and go get Helen and bring her back to that area. 
Turn the disco ball yellow and defeat or evade the nightmarens waiting for 
you. Go across the platform and while riding, either jump, or throw a blue 
chip at the blue disco ball to activate it. When you reach then endget on the 
blue lights you created then head over to the platform and guide your guest 
to the exit. If you got her there in 3 minutes or under you get an A! 

Mission 5: Boss

Cerberus has returned and has gained a 3rd head. Too bad it's on the very 
object that you must use to defeat the beasts. To get to it you must get 
near without it noticing, and to do that you must turn into Rocket NiGHTS 
and head for it. NiGHTS will turn back into normal when you get close enough 
automatically, so don't worry about that. If you're quick you should be able 
to get your mitts on the object before it can turn into the mutt. Again do 
it till the two dogs collide, and repeat 2 more times and you will win.

You have gained the Green Ideya and the Dragon Persona! ...and a mysterious 
staircase has appeared at the end of the Dream Gate. Let's go Check it out! 
When you reach the top of the stairs, you'll see Helen and NiGHTS at the 
top fending off Wizeman, but then both are taken into the black sea! Well, 
nothing else to do but dive in after them!


Will makes a speech about how he needs to trust people more and asks his 
father for support and then starts the level with the awesomest BGM in the 
whole game! Similar to chase missions in previous levels, fly after the bird 
with the Goddle on it. When you get the Key unlock the Door and head to 
another portion of the City. After catching the 2nd Bird all the lights go 
off and you see Helen lose her Ideya(I guess that's what it is..) and she 
falls to the ground. Will dives down after her and catches her, which brings
light back to the city and the 3rd bird chase begins. Follow the bird and 
unlock the covertop on the Clocktower. 

Writer Tips:
-Touch the stars to get rid of obstacles and make rings
-On the 3rd Goddle chase, if you reach the clock tower and haven't gotten 
the key yet, don't follow the bird, turn around and fly into him. It will 
move in a continuitive circle anyway.

After a cut scene of the children freeing NiGHTS of his prison, Wizeman 
appears and is not happy with NiGHTS, thus you battle it out. He has three 
different "forms". One he makes a red swirling vortex and shoots fireballs 
at you, another he makes many clones of himself and meteors float about, 
and the third he sends whirlpool like things at you with rocks in them. For 
the Fireball form turn into a Dragon so the winds of the Vortex don't blow 
you away. The Clone form you use the Rocket Persona to get to him quickly 
and plow through most of the obstacles(except the giant meteors, stay away 
from those.) Then you automatically become a dolphin in the water form. 
When you reach Wizeman break his barrier(requires both of the NiGHTS to 
break) and then push him. After beating him, Wizeman vows to return and we 
see Will at his Soccer game and he remembers all he's learned from NiGHTS 
and when he sees his Dad his kicks the ball and wins the game for his team. 
Then the Credits roll by. Yay you! You beat Will's Story! Now on to Helen's

---=====Helen's Dream[H-001]=====---

Helen's doors to Nightopia appear on the right side of the Fountain

---=====Aqua Garden[H-002]=====---

Mission 1: Chase Mission

The Mission begins with Owl introducing the Nightopians to Helen and then 
informing her 
that NiGHTS has been locked inside a cage. Helen goes to check on NiGHTS and 
when NiGHTS realises she has the red Ideya, tells her that with that Ideya 
they can take care of the bird guarding the key. The chase is on and you must 
capture the bird and claim the key. Do this with all three birds and a boss 
will appear. His name is Girania and I like to call him an illusion fish, 
because instead of water, he hosts a sort of projection of himself against 
the stone slabs on the ground. To defeat him either grab his face (but not 
his mouth) or make him crash into a paraloop and make him pop into many multi 
colored spheres. Paraloop and collect as many spheres as possible. When he 
turns back into a fish repeat, though if you made him small enough, he should 
just die altogether the next time you grab him or have him hit a paraloop.

Mission 2: Aqua Challenge

You enter the door and see Owl playing with Bubbles along with the 
Nightopians.NiGHTS and Helen laugh at his failure and he challenges you to 
make a bubble bigger than his. In my opinion this level is really simple.
Slowly move a small bubble to another to make it bigger. The bigger it is the
easier it isto get more thrown into it. Make it as big as you want it, then 
when you can't stand it being so big anymore, push it into the pink bubble in
the middle. If the Bubble count is over 10 you should have this level in the 

Mission 3: Link Challenge

Follow Octopaw around and collect links. Simple as that

Mission 4: Marine Escape

Helen has fallen into the ocean! Oh no! You must find your way back to NiGHTS.
This level is pretty small and simple. You can reach NiGHTS in atleast 1:10 no 
sweat if you take the right path.

Mission 5: Boss

Girania again. There's hardly any difference here from the first time you 
fought him.

You are now awarded the White Ideya and the Dolphin Persona.

---=====Crystal Castle[H-003]=====---

Mission 1: Chase Mission

Stalk the Goddles and collect the keys. Afterwards you will fight a Cat-like
Witch called Bomamba. She will summon bodyless cats that stand on their tails 
to defend her. They will charge at you if you don't hurry. Fly over to a base 
of the triangular turn table and latch onto the sphere then tilt the table to
make the cats roll into balls. Manuvur them into the three holes in the board. 
Get all the cats into a hole and the board will fall along with Bomamba.

Mission 2: Link Challenge

Follow Octopaw around the course while collecting links

Mission 3: Labyrinth Guide

Helen is seen wandering through the Crystal Castle when she stumbles upon Will
who appears to be lost, so she offers to show him the way. Not much guidence 
is needed here. Simply go through the maze without crasing into mirrors, glass 
walls, and transparent walls. The Blue Chips show you which way to go, and 
sometimes you must defeat enemies to unblock a doorway so you can move 
forward. When you reach the end of the level there are hidden blocks that 
only appear when you get near them. Scale the tower of blocks and activate 
the switch that will get rid of the fake wall blocking the exit. Then you're 

Mission 4: Jewel Fever

NiGHTS finds a volcano but it seems it's upset and spewing out jewels. You 
must collect the jewels to calm the raging mountain. Just watch for the paths 
the jewels leave behind when the shoot out of the mountain and simply fly into 
them to get them. Collect the right amount to win the level.

Mission 5: Boss

Bomamba is back and this time there are no rails to make getting the cats into
the holes easier. When you get all the cats in the holes she summons more cats
and puts a hill sort of thing over each hole to make it difficult to get the 
cats into. Just use the same method and simply roll them in and when they all
fall in you'll win the battle.

You're now given the Blue Ideya and the Rocket Persona

---=====Memory Forest[H-004]=====---

Mission 1: Chase Mission

Follow the bird and collect the keys, on the first bird you have to play
'London Bridge' to get back on track. You'll have to fight Queen Bella at the
end. She will spin balls out of her web and send them down at you. Grab them 
then fire them at her to break the grate that she's standing on. Destroy all 
her footing and watch her plummet into the lava below.

Mission 2: Forest Adventure

Helen loses track of NiGHTS and must find her friend in the forest. Start the 
mission by heading to the sundial and activating it then go through where the 
blocks were and jump across the floating platforms hovering above the water.
Once across head over to another sundial and use it to get up to a higher 
platform. Here you'll see a blue Nightmaren that makes black hole type objects
appear. If you get sucked into one don't panic too much. If there is another 
in the area touch it and it will revert things back to normal. If not, just 
be patient cause the effect will wear off eventually. Head to the left and 
avoid the Beehive like Nightmarens, touch the sundial and walk around the 
spiked bushes and collect the Time Chip and get to the other sundial. Touch 
it too and go through the other blocks and hop across the floating platforms. 
Don't worry if you fall in the water, just keep swimming forward and to the 
right and you'll find dryland. If you fell into the water climb the small 
block at the end of the path. Now jump into the large crater and off to the
left there is a Time Chip. Collect it if you want, then head towards the 
sundial. Go through the large blocks with small blocks that form a stair case
on the other side. When the timer runs out climb the small blocks and go to 
the sundial. Go through the large block with a canon inside it to get over the
pile of spiked bushes. Then run till you find another sundial and use the 
canons again. Use the next sundial to get up to a higher ledge via the 
platform that decends when the sundial is activated. The Sundial ahead lifts 
water bound platforms. Fall into the water and swim across to a tunnel with 
lots of spiked bushes. Jump across the spiked bushes and you should be 
reunited with NiGHTS.

Mission 3: Link Challenge

Follow Octopaw

Mission 4: Sky Concert

My favorite level of the whole game. Stay within the yellow area and hit the 
notes as you fly past them. You can only miss 5 Notes. The Song you perform 
is the NiGHTS' Series theme, Dreams Dreams.

Mission 5: Boss

Queen Bella has gotten more protection this time and nothing is covering the 
lava from the start. The same method as before, attack the grate she walks 
on to break her footing and have her fall into the lava.

You've now obtained the Green Ideya and the Dragon Persona, and the staircase
to BellBridge has appeared! Climb the stairs and NiGHTS will be at the top 
waiting for you. As Helen takes a step on the platform the ground begins to 
shake and Wizeman is seen looming over you out of the Black Sea. Enraged by 
NiGHTS' behavior he threatens to kill NiGHTS and then grabs Helen and drags 
her into the black sea.


We start by seeing Helen apologizing to her mother for not being there for her
and asks her mom to give her the courage to help those important to her. You
then chase after the three Goddles and unlock the doors. Though after the 2nd
one you are stopped by a dreadful laugh and all the lights going off and your
Ideya leaves Helen and she falls. But then Will is seen diving down after her
and saves her right before she hits the ground. You then chase after the 3rd 
Goddle and once you catch up to him you fight Wizeman again. 

After Defeating Wizeman you see Helen arriving at the concert hall where her 
mother is waiting for her. The two of them then perform in front of a large 
crowd and then both take a bow. Helen spots her friends and then goes over 
and nuzzles her mother's arms and the credits roll. 

Yay! You beat the game for real now! Congrats!

---=====My Dream[MDRM]=====---

It can be accessed after beating the first mission of either character. My 
Dream is similar to a chao garden in a Sonic game but with a few 
differences, such as you can't actually raise your Nightopians, the weather
reacts to the forecast channel on your Wii system, you can travel to other 
Dreams around the world. To get Nightopians into your Dream simply find one 
you like in a mission and paraloop them (doesn't count for missions where you 
have to save Nightopians) You can also bring Nightmarens into your dream and 
make a Nightmarish My Dream.


Yellow Ideya and Alternate endings - Get an A-C Rank on all missions for BOTH 
children and fight Wizeman a 2nd time for BOTH children.

Elliot and Claris - Get all 60 Dream drops (There is already a very helpful 
FAQ here for their locations. Use it!) The Fountain water will turn a rainbow 
color when you get all 60 of the drops.

Audio Room - Beat Will's game

Sketch Book - Beat Helen's game

Helen's video room - Beat Helen's game with A-C ranks on all missions

Will's video room - Beat Will's game with A-C ranks on all missions

---=====Special Ending BellBridge[SPBB]=====---

After unlocking the 5th Ideya(the game will tell you when you have) go up the 
stairs like you're 
going to BellBridge like normal, only this time the cutscenes are abit 
different. NiGHTS will fly ahead and tell you about the Ideya's presence. 
Before you can grab it though Wizeman appears and knocks NiGHTS unconcious. 
He then takes the Yellow Ideya for himself then flees to the Black sea and 
you have to jump in after him. The bird chases are the same as before. This 
time however when the children free NiGHTS from the chains they are captured 
by Reala who is really PO'd at NiGHTS and thus NiGHTS challenges him to one 
final duel. Reala accepts. It's the same as in Will's story, but this time 
you must hit him 5 times instead of 3. After defeating him, Wizeman appears 
and challenges you. Right before NiGHTS charges at him Wizeman tells NiGHTS 
that if he dies, then everything he ever created will die also, along with 
NiGHTS himself. NiGHTS sees no problem in this but Will and Helen are 
heartbroken at the thought of their friend dying for their sake. NiGHTS 
assures them that he will always be in their hearts and they will be 
friends forever. The battle then carries on the same as it did before. 
After beating Wizeman NiGHTS hovers off and then takes one final bow to his 
friends before completely fading away. Then the CG endings commence.
(Posted below)

Will's Alternate ending - Will wakes up and sheds a tear for the loss of his
friend but then remembers that he must be strong. It then goes to the regular
video of the Soccer game and him winning it. Then afterwards he is seen 
walking with 2 friends and his dad, and while kicking his ball he ends up 
kicking it abit too hard and it goes rolling down some stairs into a park and
when he catches up to his he can hear a violen playing Dreams Dreams. 
Recodnizing the song he follows it until suddenly the lights all turn off. 
Facing the fear he continues towards the stage the song came from and sees 
Helen scared and curled into a ball. He then reaches his hand out for her 
and the lights come back on. She puts her hand out but before she can grab his
hand a snow flake falls on her hand and the two children begin laughing in the

Helen's Alternate ending - Helen wakes up quiet up set and crying for the 
death of NiGHTS. She tightly hugs her diary and thanks NiGHTS. She then 
stops crying and looks at her violin then is seen going up to the concert 
hall like in the normal ending and playing a duet with her mother. Then 
after the concert she takes her mother to the park and goes up on the stage 
having her mother for an audience. Helen then begins playing Dreams Dreams on 
her violin when the lights suddenly go out. Surprised/scared at the sudden 
darkness she curls into a ball and hides her face in her knees. She then 
hearssomeone walk towards her and when she looks up the lights come on and 
reveal Will standing right in front of her holding his hand out for her. She 
smiles at himand reaches her hand out when a snowflake suddenly falls on her 
hand. At the sight of the snow the children begin to laugh.

In both Alternate endings a remix of Dreams Dreams is played during the 
credits and NiGHTS is also seen at the top of the clock tower after the 
credits hinting he didn't really die.


Q. Is NiGHTS a boy or a girl?

A. Neither. NiGHTS is a Nightmaren. Nightmaren don't have genders.

Q. But Reala called NiGHTS a boy in the game!

A. So? Think about it, when something doesn't have a gender, or the gender is 
unknown mostly people refer to it as the male sex. It's just a common habit.

Q. Well drat! Now I can't write my slash fanfic about NiGHTS or draw 
inappropriate pictures of NiGHTS ):

A. Good! Glad to hear it!

Q. How do I do ---? Where do I find ---?

A. With questions like this, email me or message me on AIM. My email and AIM 
are at the bottem of this page.

Q. Can you write an FAQ about <insert game here>?

A. No. I'm a very lazy--I mean, busy person. I'm surprised I actually got 
around to making this one. But if you have a question about another game, 
email me or message me on AIM. I'm a Nintendo fan so most of 
their titles I've played.

~If there is a question you have unanswered here Email me or send me a 
IM on AIM. If I get asked a certain question a lot I'll post it here.


Email: SonicAmygirl@juno.com 
AIM: Yittric92

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This Walkthrough was created by Johanna W.

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