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FAQ/Walkthrough by acortest

Version: 1.16 | Updated: 01/18/08

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Players Guide/FAQ Version 1.16
By: Tone-C (acortest@hotmail.com)
Last Updated: 18 Jan. 2008
My NiGHTS Journey of Dreams friend code is: 1590-3465-7871
          ____  _____   ^    ______  ____  ____  _________   ______
         |_   \|_   _| / \ .' ___  ||_   ||   _||  _   _  |.' ____ \
           |   \ | |   \ // .'   \_|  | |__| |  |_/ | | \_|| (___ \_|
           | |\ \| |  [  || |   ____  |  __  |      | |     _.____`.
          _| |_\   |_  | |\ `.___]  |_| |  | |_    _| |_   | \____) |
         |_____|\____|[___]`._____.'|____||____|  |_____|   \______.'
            |_   _|
              | |  .--.   __   _   _ .--.  _ .--.  .---.   _   __
          _   | |/ .'`\ \[  | | | [ `/'`\][ `.-. |/ /__\\ [ \ [  ]
         | |__' || \__. | | \_/ |, | |     | | | || \__.,  \ '/ /
         `.____.' '.__.'  '.__.'_/[___]   [___||__]'.__.'[\_:  /
                                     .' ..]
                              .--.   _| |_ 
                            / .'`\ \'-| |-'
                            | \__. |  | |
                             '.__.'  [___]
          |_   _ `.
            | | `. \ _ .--.  .---.  ,--.   _ .--..--.   .--.
            | |  | |[ `/'`\]/ /__\\`'_\ : [ `.-. .-. | ( (`\]
           _| |_.' / | |    | \__.,// | |, | | | | | |  `'.'.
          |______.' [___]    '.__.'\'-;__/[___||__||__][\__) )  TM


Legal Stuff:


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for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission from the author. Use
of this guide on any other web site or as part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

This guide is for use by people who play NiGHTS Journey of Dreams by Sega on
the Nintendo Wii. The author of this guide (and all contributors) can in no
way be responsible for anything you do after reading excerpts from this guide
or the guide in its entirety. This guide guarantees nothing to the players of
the game or to the readers of the guide. The accuracy of the guide is also not
guaranteed and is left to the discretion of the reader or player.


"NiGHTS", "NiGHTS Journey of Dreams", "NiGHTS into Dreams" and "Sega Saturn"
are all Registered Trademarks of SEGA and their Sonic Team.

"Wii", "Wiimote", "Wiimote and Nunchuk", "Wii Classic Controller" and
"GameCube" are all Registered Trademarks of Nintendo.

NOTE: If a trademark isn't here please email me so it can be added. All
trademarks (shown and not shown) are acknowledged.

Navigating the Guide

You can use the 'Find' feature in your particular word processing program to
quickly jump to a specific area of the guide by searching for the Table Of
Contents section reference number.

Table of Contents

[1] Introduction to the NiGHTS Journey of Dreams Players Guide/FAQ
[1-1] A Forward From The Author
[1-2] Submissions for inclusion in The NiGHTS Player's Guide/FAQ
[1-3] Acknowledgements

[2] Starting The Game
[2-1] Control Schemes
[2-2] Saving
[2-3] Play Modes
[2-3-1] Story Mode
[2-3-2] 2P Match
[2-3-3] Options

[3] The Dream Gate
[3-1] The Plaza
[3-2] Introduction to Owl (Your Guide)
[3-2] Introduction to NiGHTS
[3-2-1] Dualizing with NiGHTS
[3-3] Training
[3-4] The Fountain
[3-4-1] Dream Drops
[3-5] Other things to do in The Dream Gate

[4] Personas/Persona Masks
[4-1] Non-Selectable Personas
[4-2] Selectable Personas
[4-2-1] Original NiGHTS Persona
[4-2-2] Dolphin NiGHTS Persona
[4-2-3] Rocket NiGHTS Persona
[4-2-4] Dragon NiGHTS Persona

[5] Will's Courses
[5-1] Pure Valley
[5-1-1] 1st mission - Chase Mission/First Encounter with Donbalon
[5-1-2] 2nd mission - Link Challenge
[5-1-3] 3rd mission - Fluffy Catch
[5-1-4] 4th mission - River Rescue
[5-1-5] 5th mission - vs. Donbalon (Will's 1st Boss Stage)

[5-2] Lost Park
[5-2-1] 1st mission - Chase Mission/First Encounter with Chamelan
[5-2-2] 2nd mission - Bomb Panic
[5-2-3] 3rd mission - Link Challenge
[5-2-4] 4th mission - Coaster Rescue
[5-2-5] 5th mission - vs. Chamelan (Will's 2nd Boss Stage)

[5-3] Delight City
[5-3-1] 1st mission - vs. Reala/Chase Mission/First Encounter with Cerberus
[5-3-2] 2nd mission - Neon City Battle
[5-3-3] 3rd mission - Link Challenge
[5-3-4] 4th mission - Broadway Guide
[5-3-5] 5th mission - vs. Cerberus (Will's 3rd Boss Stage)

[6] Helen's Courses
[6-1] Aqua Garden
[6-1-1] 1st mission - Chase Mission/First Encounter with Girania
[6-1-2] 2nd mission - Aqua Challenge
[6-1-3] 3rd mission - Link Challenge
[6-1-4] 4th mission - Marine Escape
[6-1-5] 5th mission - vs. Girania (Helen's 1st Boss Stage)

[6-2] Crystal Castle
[6-2-1] 1st mission - Chase Mission/First Encounter with Bomamba
[6-2-2] 2nd mission - Link Challenge
[6-2-3] 3rd mission - Labyrinth Guide
[6-2-4] 4th mission - Jewel Fever
[6-2-5] 5th mission - vs. Bomamba (Helen's 2nd Boss Stage)

[6-3] Memory Forest
[6-3-1] 1st mission - Chase Mission/First Encounter with Queen Bella
[6-3-2] 2nd mission - Forest Adventure
[6-3-3] 3rd mission - Link Challenge
[6-3-4] 4th mission - Sky Concert
[6-3-5] 5th mission - vs. Queen Bella (Helen's 3rd Boss Stage)

[7] Bellbridge (Shared course between all characters)
[7-1] Chase Mission/Boss Fight vs. Wizeman
[7-1-1] First Course
[7-1-2] Second Course
[7-1-3] Third Course

[7-2] vs. Wizeman (Will and Helen's 4th and Final Boss Fight)
[7-2-1] Recharge/Safe Zone
[7-2-2] Water Realm
[7-2-3] Rock Realm
[7-2-4] Fire Realm

[7-3] Second One-on-One battle with Reala

[7-4] Defeating Wizeman
[7-4-1] Defeating Wizeman As Will
[7-4-2] Defeating Wizeman As Helen

[7-5] Credits

[8] Extras
[8-1] Unlockables
[8-1-1] Last Ideya
[8-1-2] Sound Library
[8-1-3] Sketchbook

[8-2] Christmas Music

[8-3] Viewing NiGHTS' Other Personas During Cutscenes
[8-3-1] Cutscenes During Training Missions Are Not Pre-Rendered

[8-4] Confirmed Bugs/Glitches and Errors
[8-4-1] Bugs/Glitches (currently 0)
[8-4-1-1] (The first Bug/Glitch will be added as soon as it is discovered)
[8-4-2] Errors (currently 1)
[8-4-2-1] System Error - Losing Nightopians and Nightmaren in 'My Dream'

[9] Miscellaneous
[9-1] Proper FAQ viewing tests
[9-2] Coming Soon
[9-3] Authorized listers of this FAQ


[1] Introduction to the NiGHTS Journey of Dreams Players Guide/FAQ

[1-1] A Forward From The Author

I'd like to say that the main reason that I started to create this guide is
because I was such a huge fan of the original NiGHTS Into Dreams on the Sega
Saturn (which I am), but the real reason I started this FAQ was because I was
stuck trying to pass the first encounter with the 2nd Boss. I finally figured
out how, but it took me several tries after looking and failing to find any
information on the Internet. So I'm going to give a crack at writing my first
FAQ and hopefully it will help someone else out who is stuck somewhere in the
game. I know the guide is not going to be complete for some time and someone
else will more than likely create a much more comprehensive guide, but until
that happens, I hope this helps.

[1-2] Submissions for inclusion in The NiGHTS Player's Guide/FAQ

Just E-mail me anything you'd like to see included in future revisions of this
FAQ and I will give credit where credit is due. E-mail: acortest@hotmail.com

[1-3] Acknowledgements

I am using a format similar to the one used by Steve Towle and Dustin Cushman
when creating "The NiGHTS Players Guide" for the original Sega Saturn version
of NiGHTS into Dreams also available at GameFAQS.com

For info on where to find all of the Dream Drops in the game, please see the
"Dream Drop Guide" by RyokoSparda also available at GameFAQS.com

[2] Starting The Game

[2-1] Control Schemes

The game can be played with 4 different control schemes:
-Wiimote only
-Wiimote and Nunchuk
-Wii Classic Controller (connected to the Wiimote)
-GameCube compatible controller

[2-2] Saving

The game automatically saves your progress.

When the save icon is being displayed in the upper-right corner, please do not
touch the Power Button or Reset Button on the Wii.

The save icon is a small icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and
consists of a flashing yellow/red arrow pointing toward a brown book. In this
case, the book is the diary or Dream Journal of whichever character you are
playing as.

[2-3] Play Modes

After entering your name and selecting your region/country, you can enter one
of 3 modes:
- Story Mode (The primary focus of the game and also of this FAQ)
- 2P Match (Versus modes which include: 2-Player Race or 2P Battle Mode)
- Options (Here you can: Register Friends or change Nintendo WFC settings)

[2-3-1] Story Mode

When you first begin, you can only select 2 of 8 possible options:
(Immediately Available)
- Will's Dream [Begin Will's Story]
- Will's Diary [Begin Helen's Story]
(Initially Unavailable)
- Will's Journal [View Will's memories]
- Helen's Journal [View Helen's memories]
- Will's Sound Library [Listen to Music from the game]
- Helen's Sketchbook [View Concept Art from the game]
- Will's (Trophy) Visual Memory Theater [Review the events in Will's dreams]
- Helen's (Violin) Visual Memory Theater [Review the events in Helen's dreams]

Note about the Dream Journals: After completing your first mission with either
character, their respective Journal will be made available for you to look at.
The Journals are basically a Statistics Screen.

Note about the Sound Library and Sketchbook: Only after completing the game
with Will or Helen do the Sound Library or Sketchbook become available. You
will know that they are available because 1) The game tells you they are
available after defeating Wizeman and 2) You will see either a speaker on
will's nightstand or a book on Helen's nightstand during the Story Select

Note about the Visual Memory Theatre's:

The first time you choose the Visual Memory Theater, the movies start playing
in order and if you don't press any buttons, they will all play in order in
their entirety (approximately 8 minutes total for each character). If at any
time you wish to bring up the menu listing all of the movies individually,
press 'A' on your controller and you can select any of the character's 7 movies
or you can choose 'Quit' to exit the Visual Memory Theater.

Both characters have 7 movies in their Visual Memory Theatres. They include:

01 - Opening
02 - Chapter 1
03 - Chapter 2
04 - Chapter 3
05 - Chapter 4
06 - Chapter 5
07 - Chapter 6
(Quit) The Quit option is available to you from the Visual Memory Theatre menu.

[2-3-2] 2P Match

Here you can engage in 2-Player Races or 2-Player Battles. More arenas for
races and battles become available as you complete certain missions during
the Story Mode. The game informs you When a new areana is available.

When you start a 2P Match, you get the option to:
- Start with a Nearby Friend (Local Match)
- Start with a Faraway Friend (via Nintendo WFC)
- Start with a Random Player (via Nintendo WFC)

Note about 2P Matches via WFC: You must have the NiGHTS Journey of Dreams
friend code in order to play with 'Friends'. Also, once you complete any 2P
Matches online, the rankings are saved to the Nintendo server.

[2-3-2-1] 2P Race Courses
- Random
- Pure Valley
- Lost Park
- Memory Forest

[2-3-2-2] 2P Battle Courses
- Random
- Aqua Garden
- Crystal Castle
- Delight City

[2-3-3] Options

Here you can view your NiGHTS Journey of Dreams friend code so you can exchange
it with other players, Register or Delete other player's friend codes, and turn
ON or OFF 'Enable Auto-Login' or 'Show Call Chime'.

[3] The Dream Gate

[3-1] The Plaza

This is where you begin the game once you have selected to play Will or Helen's
Story. Each time you enter, either by starting the game or returning from a
mission or the 'My Dream' area, you can pick up 12 free Blue Chips. 4 by the
entrance, 6 either on the left side (for Will) or right side (for Helen) of the
fountain 2 in front of the door behind which your next mission lies. The only
exception to this that I noted was after opening up Bellbridge (the last
shared mission) the last 2 Blue Chips were not present in front of the stairs.

[3-2] Introduction to Owl (Your Guide)

Your guide in the world of Nightopia is an owl who goes by the very unoriginal
name of "Owl". In some parts of the game he speaks the full dialogue which
coincides with the on-screen subtitles. In other areas he just mumbles stuff
and calls you by the generic name, "Visitor". I'm not sure why the didn't have
him simply refer to the kids by their names, Will and Helen, but I guess in
order to same one extra line of code during the programming phase, they kept
the player's name as just "Visitor".

[3-2] Introduction to NiGHTS

NiGHTS rudely introduces himself while you are talking to Owl the first time,
after which, you are asked to Dualize with NiGHTS. I was a little disappointed
that they made the NiGHTS character kind of rude. Also, I wish they hadn't
given him/her a voice. Some people think the character is a boy and some think
it's a girl, but it's really just supposed to be whatever you want it to be in
The World Of Dreams. I used to think NiGHTs looked more like a male (I guess
because I'm male), but after hearing the voice they gave him, I'd say he sounds
more like a female. It really could go either way, but regardless, I think they
should have left NiGHTS mute which would have added to the "Let the player's
Dream World be whatever they want it to be" experience. For the sake of
simplicity, I will from this point forward refer to NiGHTS as 'he' or 'him',
so regardless of whether you are male or female, if you envision NiGHTS as
being female, I apologize for having to read this entire FAQ referring to
NiGHTS as he and him instead of she and her. As you can see from the beginning
of this paragraph, I actually started writing this FAQ saying him/her every
time I referred to NiGHTS and it just got to be too cumbersome and awkward
looking, so I went ahead and changed all subsequent references to he/she and
him/her to just he/him.

[3-2-1] Dualizing with NiGHTS

You MUST Dualize with NiGHTS before the first mission becomes available to you.

When the Owl or NiGHTS asks you to Dualize with NiGHTS, you simply walk up to
NiGHTS and the story/dialogue takes over. Here in The Plaza of The Dream Gate
you have to go through a mandatory training session with NiGHTS to familiarize
yourself with the controls. This is where you can try out one, two, or all
three of the control schemes. Wiimote is by far the most advanced, but when
properly learned, is the most like real flight (which is one of the things the
makers of the game were trying to capture) and therefore the most rewarding.

[3-3] Training

The training section asks you to fly to the right (which is what you do most
often in the game, although you are free to fly the opposite direction if you
want to), collect Blue Chips, Learn to Paraloop (which collects nearby items
such as Blue Chips, Learn the Drill Dash (which is to simply push any of the
4 main buttons: A/B/X/Y) while flying, Fly Through Rings (to replenish your
Drill Dash power gauge), defeat Nightmaren, and do Acrobatic Flight (by using
the Left and Right shoulder buttons.

The only real reason for ever needing to Dualize and Train with NiGHTS again is
to collect the Dream Drop which is located underwater, hence it can only be
reached by using the Dolphin Persona. Other than to obtain the underwater Dream
Drop, there's really no need to Train with NiGHTS again here in The Dream Gate
even though he asks if you want to Dualize with him every time you wander close
to to him in the Dream Gate Plaza just North of the fountain. The only reasons
I can see doing it again are if 1) You need the training, 2) You are
desperately in need of Blue Chips, or 3) You have obtained the Dragon Persona
Mask and are having a difficult time obtaining the Dream Drop located inside
the Well. Will and Helen can obtain this by going through the hidden tunnel
entrance and staying to the extreme right side of the Well when they are blown
up and out of the Well. The dragon is not affected by the wind and can
therefore, simply enter the well from the top (in Training Mode only) and
easily collect the Dream Drop.

[3-4] The Fountain

The first time you approach the fountain, it is bone dry.

Owl says that something 'Magical' will happen when the fountain is full of
Dream Drops, which is odd considering that immediately after collecting your
very first DreamDrop, the fountain appears to be full of water.

You can inundate the fountain by collecting your very first DreamDrop which
is located behind the empty doorway at the 12 O'clock position (North?) in
The Plaza section of The World of Dreams. Immediately after you collect it,
turn around and you can see that the fountain appears to be overflowing with
water (er... Dream Drops) and if you approach it, you can see the number '1'
appear on the main pillar in the middle. This number always shows you how many
Dream Drops you have collected so far.

[3-4-1] Dream Drops

For a complete list of locations for all of the Dream Drops in the game,
please see the "Dream Drop Guide" by RyokoSparda. This reference is also
listed in the Acknowledgements section.

[3-5] Other things to do in The Dream Gate

Any time you are in The Dream Gate, you can leave the plaza and wander around
the Dream Gate 'planet'. There are lots of Blue Chips to pick up and a few
Treasure Chests to open (giving you more Blue Chips).

[4] Personas/Persona Masks

[4-1] Non-Selectable Personas

During various stages, and sometimes for only a portion of a stage, NiGHTS will
transform into a different persona. The ones that happen automatically are that
of a river raft and the other being a roller coaster cart.

[4-2] Selectable Personas

Once you have acquired the Persona Masks for the following Personas, you can
transform at will into one of 3 Personas (actually 4 including the Original
NiGHTS character) by pushing the appropriate direction on the 4-way D-Pad. 

              |   |
              |   |
         _____|   |_____
Dolphin |               | Dragon
 NiGHTS |_____     _____| NiGHTS
              |   |
              |   |

        (default Persona)

[4-2-1] Original NiGHTS Persona

The Original NiGHTS you know and love. There is no Persona Mask to collect.

[4-2-2] Dolphin NiGHTS Persona

This is awarded to your character after beating the fifth and final level
(i.e. the Boss Stage) at the end of their respective first Dream World.

When playing as Dolphin NiGHTS, you can dive underwater. You can use this
Persona when outside the water, but there's no real reason to. There's really
no need to change into the dolphin at all since, once you acquire the mask,
NiGHTS will transform into the Dolphin simply by diving into the water.

[4-2-3] Rocket NiGHTS Persona

This is awarded to your character after beating the fifth and final level
(i.e. the Boss Stage) at the end of their respective second Dream World.

When playing as Rocket NiGHTS, you fly faster than normal (when not using
Drill-Dash). Caution though when using Drill-Dash as the rocket; although you
move extremely fast and are almost invincible to things in your way, however
you cannot move in any other direction until you let go of the Dash button.

[4-2-4] Dragon NiGHTS Persona

This is awarded to your character after beating the fifth and final level
(i.e. the Boss Stage) at the end of their respective third Dream World.

When playing as Dragon NiGHTS, you are not affected by wind and the Drill-Dash
is much faster and more powerful.

[5] Will's Courses

[5-1] Pure Valley

Pure Valley is a lush, green area with trees, hills and a river flowing through
it. The doorway to the Pure Valley missions is located at the 11 O'clock
position in The Dream Gate Plaza.

[5-1-1] 1st mission - Chase Mission/First Encounter with Donbalon

Chase missions involve freeing NiGHTS from his captors. You accomplish this
by collecting 3 keys on 3 different courses by catching up to 3 separate birds
who do their best to stay just out of reach, but close enough to really
frustrate you. However, NiGHTS wouldn't be able to engage in a chase mission
for the 3 keys if he was still locked up, so the nice captors in Nightopia
cheerfully let NiGHTS out (when Dualized with a Visitor), so he can try to
escape by chasing down keys. I need to stop explaining here because this is
really a weird 'chicken and the egg', infinity loop, paradox kind of thing.
Just take it for what it is: you have to catch 3 birds and get their keys back
to the cages before time runs out.

After escaping, you are thrown into a giant, vertical pinball table-like stage
where you have to defeat the evil clown, Donbalon, by touching him, to connect
to him where you will start spinning around him and when you reach the opposite
side of where you would like to throw him, hit the Drill Dash button (A/B/X/Y).
You must hurl him around and through obstacles and eventually through a gate at
the end/top of the stage. This stage is fairly short compared to the second
meeting with him.

[5-1-2] 2nd mission - Link Challenge

You are introduced to Octopaw who is a scared octopus who constantly remains
just out of your reach. The goal, however, is not to catch or defeat him, but
simply to see how long of a Link you can make. A link is continued by either
flying through a Ring or collecting a Blue Chip with less than a second
expiring without doing one or the other. The goal to complete this stage is
only 30 so it shouldn't be too difficult. Don't worry if you've gotten a link
of 30 more than once and the stage hasn't ended. It is a timed stage, but it
doesn't end until time runs out, then you are credited with the longest Link
you made during the stage.

[5-1-3] 3rd mission - Fluffy Catch

This is an interesting stage in which a bunch of little Nightopians are being
carried aloft by the Fluffy dandelion seeds. The stage is timed at 140 seconds,
during which time you must rescue as many Nightopians as possible by touching
them or Paralooping them (or the dandelion seed) before time runs out. Oh yeah,
there's another catch, you can't allow more than 5 to be sucked away into the
void at the extreme upper limit of this stage. The height of a rising
Nightopian is directly related to how important it is for rescuing.

[5-1-4] 4th mission - River Rescue

NiGHTS takes on the shape of a river raft and you control the raft down a
whitewater rafting course.

[5-1-5] 5th mission - vs. Donbalon (Will's 1st Boss Stage)

Basically the same as the first meeting with Donbalon except the 'pinball'
table course is about 3 times as tall/long.

After defeating Donbalon, you are rewarded with the Dolphin Persona Mask which
will be waiting for Will in a chest next to the fountain in The Dream Gate
Plaza. For more information on the Persona Masks, please see that FAQ section.

[5-2] Lost Park

This is basically a desert with some amusement park rides in it. The doorway to
the Lost Park missions is located at the 10 O'clock position in The Dream Gate

[5-2-1] 1st mission - Chase Mission/First Encounter with Chamelan

Standard Chase Mission followed by your first encounter with Chamelan (no, this
is not a typo, that's how they've spelled Chameleon in the game). I played this
first stage half a dozen times without ever laying eyes on the Boss. I just
made Paraloops over and over again exposing more and more of the stage until
time ran out. This was the main reason I was looking for a FAQ or Strategy
Guide for this game. All this boils down to is pure luck from what I can tell.
I don't think there is any indication of where exactly Chamelan is hiding
behind the black 'curtain' so just keep making paraloops until you see him.
Once you do, try to immediately do another Paraloop in his vicinity and if the
attractive force of the Paraloop is close enough to 'hit' him, you will defeat

HINT: An easier way to locate where Chamelan might be is to just look for the
transparent cards, near the ace of the set of transparent cards Chamelan should
be there.
-Contributed By: Sinjo200

[5-2-2] 2nd mission - Bomb Panic

Single and double bombs connected by various lengths of chain. The object is to
destroy all of the Bombs by Drill-Dashing through the chain portion thus
disabling/destroying the Bombs. Fairly easy.

[5-2-3] 3rd mission - Link Challenge

Another meeting with Octopaw. Create the longest Blue Chip and Ring chain that
you can in the time allotted.

[5-2-4] 4th mission - Coaster Rescue

Similar to the River Rescue Stage, except you are trying to catch up to a
roller coaster cart filled with little Nightopians in order to save them. The
stage ends when you catch up to them. I finished it the first time before the
end of the track so I don't know if the stage ends if you don't catch them or
if the stage/track is a loop and starts repeating itself. I'll do it again and
not catch them to find out and will post results in future version of the FAQ.

[5-2-5] 5th mission - vs. Chamelan (Will's 2nd Boss Stage)

Same as defeating Chamelan the first time. Coincidentally, as tough as he was
to find, I actually found him and beat him the first time I encountered him
here. Go figure. If you didn't see the first meeting notes, there is a hint
now on how to locate him.

[5-3] Delight City

Delight City bears a striking resemblance to the Las Vegas strip full of neon
lights and large buildings. The doorway to the Delight City missions is located
at the 9 O'clock position in The Dream Gate Plaza.

[5-3-1] 1st mission - vs. Reala/Chase Mission/First Encounter with Cerberus

You start this stage by having a One-on-One duel with Reala and even though you
beat him/her, you still get locked up in a cage and then Will must Dualize with
NiGHTS in order to defeat the 3 birds holding the keys to his/her freedom.

This stage is by far the most confusing as you will switch between 2-D and 3-D
flight an may become disoriented as I have. After successfully completing the
Chase Mission you have your first encounter with Cerberus.

Cerberus is a pair of dogs chained together. In the middle of the chain is a
sphere which you can attach to and propel with the Dash. All you have to do is
attach to the sphere and shoot it in the direction away from where the dogs
are. It doesn't alway work, especially if they are close to the sphere and
there is a lot of slack in the chain. If they don't take damage from the first
throw, follow it, attach to it again and throw it again. I have yet to throw
it twice in a row without it doing damage to the Boss. You only have to damage
them 3-4 times to defeat them the first time.

[5-3-2] 2nd mission - Neon City Battle

This mission takes place completely in the multi-level Neon City. Again, this
is very confusing as you have to hit switches and use transport tubes/tunnels
to switch between the upper and lower levels and neon signs will block you at
various times when you are trying to find and defeat the 20 evil moths here.

[5-3-3] 3rd mission - Link Challenge

Another Link Challenge agains the dim-witted, scaredy-cat, Octopaw. Collect
a Link of 30 rings or Blue chips to pass the stage.

[5-3-4] 4th mission - Broadway Guide

This is a very fun stage where you guide an injured Helen through a Neon maze.
She cannot always follow you, so you have to continue on and find another way
back to her (usually after activating a colored switch) so she can continue on.

[5-3-5] 5th mission - vs. Cerberus (Will's 3rd Boss Stage)

Similar to the first encounter with Cerberus except this time, the glowing orb
connecting the two chains sometimes has an evil head appear over top of it, at
which time, you cannot attack it. It is easier to Dash at it if you use the
Rocket or Dragon Personas. It only takes about 4 hits to defeat the Boss.

[6] Helen's Courses

[6-1] Aqua Garden

The Aqua Garden area contains a sandy beach, fountains, and water-filled
caverns all surrounded by an atoll. The doorway to the Aqua Garden missions is
located at the 1 O'clock position in The Dream Gate Plaza.

[6-1-1] 1st mission - Chase Mission/First Encounter with Girania

This Chase Mission is pretty straightforward, then after getting all 3 keys,
you face off against the evil, aromor-wearing, fish Boss Girania who starts off
large (and even larger in the 5th mission Boss Stage), but after attacking it
with a Paraloop, it bursts into what looks like hundreds of small, colorgul
spheres or balloons, which you must collect by flying through and doing
Paraloops around to collect as many as possible for only about 10 seconds
before they reform into a slightly smaller Girania. The less spheres = a
smaller Girania. The stage is not over until you collect just about all of the
spheres at which time Girania is dispelled of.

[6-1-2] 2nd mission - Aqua Challenge

This is Challenge stage where you are tasked with creating a large drop or ball
of water larger than that created by Owl. You accomplish this by either pushing
a bunch of individual, small water droplets into the large center one, or you
can do it easier by pushing a bunch of small droplets together out in the
periphery and push those larger ones you make into the center. The second
method is much easier.

[6-1-3] 3rd mission - Link Challenge

Same as the previous link challenges. Follow Octopaw and try to get the largest
chain or Link that you can.

[6-1-4] 4th mission - Marine Escape

This is an interesting platform level that you play as Helen. It is timed, but
there are lots of stopwatches that you can collect to stop the Awakers from

[6-1-5] 5th mission - vs. Girania (Helen's 1st Boss Stage)

Battle and defeat Girania the same way you did during your first encounter with
this Boss. I believe that Girania starts off quite a bit larger than during the
first encounter as you will see.

As a reward for defeating Girania, when you are returned to the Dream Gate, a
treasure chest awaits you with the Dolphin Persona Mask inside. The Door to the
Crystal Castle area is now available.

[6-2] Crystal Castle

Crystal Castle area looks like a desert with everything made out of glass. The
doorway to the Crystal Castle missions is located at the 2 O'clock position in
The Dream Gate Plaza.

[6-2-1] 1st mission - Chase Mission/First Encounter with Bomamba

Standard 3 Course Chase Mission. When finished, you face off against the cat
Boss, Bomamba. The boss has her minions (smaller cats) down on a triangular,
tilting board and ou fly around the outside, grabbing onto spherical 'handles'
and tilt the board until the cats roll or fall into holes in the table. When
the last small, black cat has fallen though a hole in the table, you have
successfully beaten Bomamba.

You are rewarded by adding the Crystal Castle stage to the 2P-Battle Mode.

[6-2-2] 2nd mission - Link Challenge

Standard Link Challenge stage with Octopaw. Get a Link of 25 Rings or Blue
Chips to pass the stage.

[6-2-3] 3rd mission - Labyrinth Guide

One of the most fun, but confusing of the 'platform' stages in the game. You
play it as Helen and must navigate the Glass and Mirror Maze. If you get turned
around, look for rows of Blue Chips. They usually point you in the right

[6-2-4] 4th mission - Jewel Fever

A fun challenge stage where you must try to collect as many Jewels in the
allotted time. Jewels are spewed forth from the volcano in the middle of the
stage and you are flying arond it. There are green rings toward the bottom
which you may have to use to replenish your Dash Meter as you will probably
need it if you hope to get a 'B' or 'A' ranking.

[6-2-5] 5th mission - vs. Bomamba (Helen's 2nd Boss Stage)

Basically the same as the first enconter with Bomamba except you must defeat
two stages of cats. The first one is easier since there are no rails to block
the 'kittyballs' from rolling into the holes. The second wave is more difficult
since the holes are raised on small 'hill's which means you have to use a
little more finesse when trying to get them to fall. A good technique is to
attach to a 'handle' sphere, an d try to finesse one or more 'kittyballs' into
a hole. Once you've done all you can with that handle, tilt it to the extreme
left or right until most of the 'kittyballs' are in that corner. Now quickly
Dash to in the opposite direction to the next 'handle' and repeat. Like I said,
you must use finesse (i.e. very small movements) in order to get the
'kittyballs' into these raised holes.

You are rewarded with the Blue Ideya for defeating Bomamba. Also, when you
return to the Dream Gate Plaza, a treasure chest awaits you with the Rocket
Persona Mask inside. The Door to the Memory Forest is now available.

[6-3] Memory Forest

Memory Forest area is a dark, wooded forest. The doorway to the Memory Forest
missions is located at the 3 O'clock position in The Dream Gate Plaza.

[6-3-1] 1st mission - Chase Mission/First Encounter with Queen Bella

A standard Chase mission followed by your first encounter with the spider Boss,
Queen Bella. She walks atop the higher of two round platforms (made up of
multiple tiles. She drops white spheres from her backside and you simply
attach to them and you will start spinning around it. You should wait to time
your shot so as to hit the tiles that she is on or heading toward to try and
knock her off the platform. It is important to know that you cannot destroy the
tiles which have solid tiles at the ends. The first time I fought her, I
stranded her on a single panel (with the solid tiles) and could not destroy it.
I had to simply wait for time to expire and try it again.

By defeating Queen Bella the first time, you are rewarded by adding the Memory
Forest stage to the 2P-Race Mode.

[6-3-2] 2nd mission - Forest Adventure

A dark, dangerous and confusing forest maze. You have to keep hitting the
handle of the Sundials in order to turn the solid blocks invisible to either
pass through them or acquire things you need to pass the level.

[6-3-3] 3rd mission - Link Challenge

Follow Octopaw and get a Link of at least 35 to complete the mission.

[6-3-4] 4th mission - Sky Concert
The Dream of Memory - Memory Forest

This stage is a concert stage set in the middle of the forest. You must fly
around a circular music staff and touch successive notes while maintaining the
tempo (i.e. speed) set by Owl. It is more important to hit all of the notes
than it is to keep up with Owl. Careful not to miss the notes as you will get
a 'Night Over' if you miss just a few notes.

Hint: I tried this mission several times before disconnecting my Classic
Controller and using just the Wiimote. I passed it the first time using only
the Wiimote.

[6-3-5] 5th mission - vs. Queen Bella (Helen's 3rd Boss Stage)

Almost identical to the first encounter with Queen Bella in the 1st Memory
Forest mission except she now had 3 platform levels that protect her from
her silk balls being thrown back at her.
Agian, remember that the platform pieces with solid panels at the ends cannot
be destroyed so don't purposely aim for those ones and definitely do not trap
her on one by itself or you will never be able to get her to fall off of it and
your time will run out as it did for me when I accidentally did that one time.

A [Sketchbook] of concept artwork has been added to Helen's room on the Story
Select screen!

[7] Bellbridge (Shared course between all characters)

The Bellbridge area is a dark, floating city illuminated by the lights in the
windows. The stairway leading to the Bellbridge missions is located at the top
of the double staircase at the 12 O'clock position in The Dream Gate Plaza. The
left and right staircases straddle the "My Dream" doorway.

Bellbridge is referred to as 'The Unconscious Space' and is the final course
shared by both Will and Helen. You reach it by first ascending the double
staircase and as you start to climb it, a cutscene takes over whereby Will sees
Helen at the top of the staircase and cries out to her just before Wizeman
appears, spouts off some mumbo-jumbo and then shoots a powerful blast at the
staircase, ripping it from it's earthly grasp and raising it high in the air.
Once the cutscene is over, the only thing your character can do is walk around,
jump into the 'gutters' on each side of the top of the stairs (nothing to find,
I've checked), or jump off any part of the broken, floating platform into the
"Sea of Darkness". It doesn't matter when or where you jump off, as soon as you
leave the platform, this is what triggers the beginning of the first stage.

The Bellbridge Chase missions consists of 3 separate courses and instead of
locked cages, the keys collected actually open large metal doors.

[7-1] Chase Mission/Boss Fight vs. Wizeman

This last Chase is basically practice for the final showdown with Wizeman. One
major difference between this and all of the other Chase missions is that you
fly these courses as the character (Will or Helen) and not as NiGHTS. Because
of this difference, you are not able to use NiGHTS' Personas to your advantage.
After completing the 3 Chase Mission Courses, you enter the Boss Fight vs.
Wizeman. If you fail to defeat him and attempt a Retry, you must complete the
Chase Missions again, just as you do with the 1st missions for each characters
normal stages.

[7-1-1] First Course

Pretty basic and short. Catch the bird, get the key, get it to the locked door.

[7-1-2] Second Course

After getting the 2nd key back to the locked door, a cutscene takes over where
everything goes black and you see the other character fall toward the ground.
The character you are playing as dashes down toward them and catches them
before they hit the ground. Once they're caught, thier combined Ideya light
brightens up the world again and they complete the third chase mission
together. The other character following you is behind and a little off-center
of where you are flying which helps to pick up Blue Chips and Rings along the

[7-1-3] Third Course

During this last Course you will learn while chasing down the third bird, that
if you get stuck behind a locked door, you must wait for the other character
following you to catch up and attach to the door before you hit the Dash button
and then together, you both can break through it. This is what you will have to
do to get through Wizeman's protective shields during your final battle with

The last door is located near the top of a very tall tower. If you don't have
the key by the time you reach the top of the tower, immediately turn around and
fly backward to reach the bird the fastest. This technique can be used on any
short Chase mission that allows you to fly backward for the entire course.

During the next cutscene, the three of them (NiGHTS, Will and Helen) team up
by holding hands in a triangle formation and Dualize into two instances of
Original NiGHTS.

[7-2] Second One-on-One battle with Reala (See *Note*)

This is pretty much the same as the previous one-on-one battle vs. Reala. This
level is not available until you have obtained the Yellow Ideya.

*Note* The first time you play through the game with either character, this
second battle vs. Reala will not be presented to you. Instead you will go
straight from the third Bellbridge course to the battle vs. Wizeman. Only
after defeating the game with a 'C' or better for all missions are you awarded
with the Yellow Ideya.

[7-3] vs. Wizeman (Will and Helen's 4th and Final Boss Fight)

You always enter the battle against Wizeman in the Recharge/Safe Zone and are
taken back there immediately after defeating him in the first two of the three
battle Realms (Water, Rock and Fire). You are thrown into the Realms in a
random order. I played this final stage multiple times and each time, the
Realms appeared to me in a different order (there are only 6 orders total that
they can appear in). It doesn't matter in which order you battle him in each of
the the three Realms.

[7-3-1] Recharge/Safe Zone

After entering Wizeman's Realm you are in this Recharge/Safe Zone for only 7
seconds before being whisked away to one of the following three Realms; they
are the Rock, Fire and Water Realms and you must reach and destroy Wizeman in
all three Realms before his is actually defeated. There are Green Rings here
in the Recharge/Safe Zone so be sure and try your best to fully charge your
Dash Meter before being sent to each successive Realm as you will need the Dash
Power in order to Dash with the respective Personas needed to reach and defeat

[7-3-2] Water Realm

You transform into Dolphin NiGHTS and must avoid the swirling columns by
guiding Dolphin NiGHTS through the empty holes in the columns. When you reach
Wizeman at the end of the stage you automatically turn back into Original
NiGHTS and when the other character joins you as a second instance of the
Original NiGHTS persona, together you can penetrate his shield by repeatedly
using the Dash technique.

[7-3-3] Rock Realm

You transform into Rocket NiGHTS and must avoid different sized asteroids
while trying to reach and defeat Wizeman before the timer runs out. Along the
way you will encounter several instances of Wizeman (not the actual one, but
holograms or something like that) which can hurt you if you don't use Dash
power to destroy them. When you reach Wizeman at the end of the stage you
automatically turn back into Original NiGHTS and when the other character joins
you as a second instance of the Original NiGHTS persona, together you can
penetrate his shield by repeatedly using the Dash technique.

[7-3-4] Fire Realm

You transform into Dragin NiGHTS and must avoid or destroy the fireballs being
hurled at you by Wizeman at the far end of the stage. When you reach Wizeman at
the end of the stage you automatically turn back into Original NiGHTS and when
the other character joins you as a second instance of the Original NiGHTS
persona, together you can penetrate his shield by repeatedly using the Dash

[7-4] Defeating Wizeman

Wizeman rambles on about how even though you've beaten him, he and his evil
Nightmaren will always be around. He then disappears in a bright ball of white

[7-4-1] Defeating Wizeman As Will

Will wakes up to bright sunlight. He looks at a picture on his nightstand of
him and his dad. Will grabs his soccer ball (which he sleeps with) and the
cutscene flashes forward to a very important soccer game. The crowd filling
the arena is cheering wildly as the game is tied 2-2 at 44:26. One of Will's
teammates kicks the ball to him when suddenly he has a brief flashback to the
Red Ideya glowing from the palms of his hands (Remember, the Red Ideya is for
Courage). He has enought time for a flashback and also to catch a glimpse of
his dad waving to him in the stands. Will then has an epiphany of one of his
flights in the Dream World. Flash back to reality and Will dribbles past four
defenders then a quick flashback to himself flying upward in his Dream World
garb, then back to reality once again where he kicks what appears to be the
winning goal. His Dad pumps his fist and his teammates rush to him to
celebrate their apparent 2-3 victory with him. The last image shown is a
picture of Will Dualizing with NiGHTS.

[7-4-2] Defeating Wizeman As Helen

Helen wakes up to bright sunlight. She gives a big yawn then looks at a picture
of her and her mom. She looks over at her violin case, it's the day of the big
recital with her mom. the cutscene flashes forward to downtown as the camera
pans down from the tall Clock Tower. Her mom is waiting for her outside the
recital hall. Helen runs up the stairs. Her mom yells out her name and Helen
(in pure shampoo commercial-style) let's down her hair in slow-motion and winks.
The scene cuts to Helen and her mom playing their violins on stage for a packed
recital hall. Helen in pink, her mom in blue. Helen has a brief flashback of
herself flying skyward in her Dream World adventure outfit near the Clock Tower
in Nightopia. Cut back to reality and the two ladies finish their violin
concerto in usison as the crowd cheers wildly. They acknowledge each other with
a nod and bow in unison to the crowd. Helen's two girlfriends wave to her from
the crowd. Helens steps toward her mom and grabs hold of her mom's arm.

[7-5] Credits

The credits for the game roll while music plays and you are treated to a
montage of still shots from various, character specific cutscenes from
throughout the game.

[8] Extras

[8-1] Unlockables

These are things you are awarded with after completing the game with either

[8-1-1] Last Ideya

After finishing all of the levels with a ranking of 'C' or better, the game
informs you that there has been a change up on the hill in The Dream Gate. The
next time you visit The Dream Gate you will be shown the Yellow Ideya up on
top of the hill (at the top of the stairs).

Hey Helen, look at that. It's the last Ideya. The Ideya of Hope. Wizeman
tortures NiGHTS. I consign you to oblivion, along with this eyesore of a world.
Breaks stairs. NiGHTS!! as NiGHTS is carried away.

Will & Helen unchain NiGHTS. Reala
And just what do you think you're doing sneaking aroudn here
Can't do anything without borrowing any power

You're the puppet for Wizeman
You and me, One-on-one. Ha ha, yo're on.
NiGHTS... Thumbs up tothe kids.

5 hits

[8-1-2] Sound Library (50 of 52 known)

After finishing the game with Will, a message is displayed telling you that
the Sound Library of Musical Memories has been added to the Story Select
screen. The next time you visit the Story Select screen, you will see that a
speaker has appeared on Will's nightstand. Selecting this option takes you to
the Sound Library.

There are 52 songs to choose from, all of which are not accessible by beating
the game with only one character. Please note also that it takes more than
beating the game with both characters to unlock all 52 songs in the library.

01 - Theme Song - NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
02 - Theme Song - Dreams Dreams: Will ver.
03 - Theme Song - Dreams Dreams: Helen ver.
04 - Theme Song - Dreams Dreams: Sweet Snow [Beat game with Helen a 2nd time]
05 - Theme Song - Helen Solo [Beat game with Helen a 2nd time]
06 - Dream Gate
07 - ???
08 - Pure Valley - Chase Mission
09 - Pure Valley - vs. Donbalon ver.1
10 - Pure Valley - Fluffy Catch
11 - Pure Valley - River Rescue
12 - Pure Valley - vs. Donbalon ver.2
13 - Lost Park - Chase Mission
14 - Lost Park - vs. Chamelan ver.1
15 - Lost Park - Bomb Panic
16 - Lost Park - Coaster Rescue
17 - Lost Park - vs. Chamelan ver.2
18 - Delight City - Chase Mission
19 - Delight City - vs. Cerberus ver.1
20 - Delight City - Neon City Battle
21 - Delight City - Broadway Guide
22 - Delight City - vs. Cerberus ver.2
23 - Aqua Garden - Chase Mission
24 - Aqua Garden - vs. Girania ver.1
25 - Aqua Garden - Aqua Challenge
26 - Aqua Garden - Marine Escape
27 - Aqua Garden - vs. Girania ver.2
28 - Crystal Castle - Chase Mission
29 - Crystal Castle - vs. Bomamba ver.1
30 - Crystal Castle - Labyrinth Guide
31 - Crystal Castle - Jewel Fever
32 - Crystal Castle - vs. Bomamba ver.2
33 - Memory Forest - Chase Mission
34 - Memory Forest - vs. Queen Bella ver.1
35 - Memory Forest - Forest Adventure
36 - Memory Forest - Sky Concert
37 - Memory Forest - vs. Queen Bella ver.2
38 - Bellbridge - 1
39 - Bellbridge - 2
40 - NiGHTS and Reala 1
41 - NiGHTS and Reala 2 [Play Bellbridge after obtaining the Yellow Ideya]
42 - Wizeman
43 - Link Challenge
44 - Race [Unlocked after playing 2P Race]
45 - Mare Stage Clear
46 - Story Select
47 - Concept Art [Beat game with Helen 2nd time]
48 - Concept Art with Vocals [Beat game with Helen 2nd time]*
49 - My Dream - A
50 - My Dream - B [Obtained through raising Nightopians in "My Dream"]*
51 - My Dream - C [Obtained by raising at least 50 Nightopians in "My Dream]
52 - ???

*-Contributed By: AMJZero

[8-1-3] Sketchbook

This is a sketch book of Concept Art from the game

Characters (22 of 22 known)

01 - Will in his adventure outfit
02 - Detail of Will's adventure outfit accessories (undershirt, belt, etc.)
03 - Will in his soccer outfit
04 - Helen in her adventure outfit
05 - Various sketches of Helen's face
06 - Various sketches of Helen's adventure outfit in different color palettes
07 - B&W and color sketches of NiGHTS in his invisible flute-playing pose
08 - Color picture of NiGHTS flying
09 - Picture of detail on NiGHTS (back of his vest highlighted)
10 - Various sketches of NiGHTS facial expressions and one with his mask on
11 - B&W and color sketches of Owl
12 - B&W and color sketches of the birds that you chase to collect keys
13 - B&W sketch of one of the keys
14 - B&W sketch of three Awakers
15 - Color sketcches of a male and female Octopaw
16 - Various color sketches of a Nightopian
17 - Color sketch of Will in his adventure outfit with soccer ball*
18 - Color sketch of Helen in her adventure outfit with her violin*
19 - Color sketch of Will's Father (holding soccer ball)*
20 - Color sketch of Helen's Mother (holding violin)*
21 - Color sketch of NiGHTS in his invisible flute playing pose*
22 - Color sketch of NiGHTS in a flight pose*

* Unlocked after beating 2nd Bellbridge mission with both characters

Nightmarens (19 of 19 known)

01 - B&W sketch of Donbalon
02 - B&W sketch of Donbalon's Boss Level
03 - B&W sketch of Girania
04 - B&W sketch of Girania's Boss Level
05 - B&W sketch of Chamelan
06 - B&W sketch of Chamelan's Boss Level
07 - B&W sketch of Bomamba
08 - B&W sketch of Bomamba's Boss Level
09 - B&W sketch of Queen Bella
10 - B&W sketch of Queen Bella's Boss Level
11 - B&W sketch of Cerberus
12 - B&W sketch of Cerberus' Boss Level
[Unlocked after beating 2nd Bellbridge mission with both characters]
13 - B&W and Color sketch of Reala*
14 - Color Sketch of Reala's Mask*
15 - Color sketch of Wizeman
16 - B&W sketch of Wizeman
17 - Color sketch of NiGHTS and Reala facing off in front of Wizeman
18 - Color sketch of Reala
19 - Color sketch of Wizeman with eyes glowing

* Unlocked after beating 2nd Bellbridge mission with both characters

Nightopia (19 of 19 known)

01 - Color sketch of The Dream Gate Plaza
02 - Color sketch of a natural bridge with waterfalls (Level Unknown)
03 - B&W and color sketch of a windmill
04 - Color rendering of a Nightopian in the Fluffy Catch mission
05 - Color sketch of the Lost Park
06 - Color sketch of vehicles in Lost Park (Train engine, roller coaster cart,
airplane, and dirigible)
07 - Color sketches of vehicles in action in Lost Park
08 - Color sketch of Delight City
09 - Color sketch of a cube-tree from Delight City
10 - B&W and Color sketch of one of the floating conveyor platforms from the
Broadway Guide mission in Delight City
11 - Color sketch of Aqua Garden
12 - B&W and color sketch of the well and it's water-based transport method.
13 - Color sketch of the multi-level platforms from the Marine Escape mission
in Aqua Garden
14 - Color sketch of Crystal Castle
15 - B&W and color sketches of the NiGHTS Capture
16 - Color sketch of a crystal column from the Crystal Castle
17 - Color sketch of the Sky Concert mission amphitheatre in the Memory Forest
18 - Color sketches of the Sundials (activated & deactivated) from the Forest
Adventure mission in the Memory Forest
19 - Color sketches of a tree from the Memory Forest

Will and Helen's Town (16 of 16 known)

01 - B&W sketches of the Clock Tower's clock
02 - B&W sketches of tops of large building from the Town
03 - B&W sketches of tops of more building from the Town
04 - B&W sketch of a panoramic city-scape of their Town
05 - Color sketch of the same city-scape in #4
06 - Color street level view of empty street (Clock Tower in background)
07 - Color sketch of inside the Concert Hall
08 - Color sketch of the same city-scape (in #4 & #5) but at night
09 - Color sketch of a ground-level view of the clock tower. The base of the
tower appears to be a town hall-type building
10 - Color sketch of the Soccer Stadium
11 - Color sketch of the soccer Practice Field
12 - Color sketch of Will's house
13 - Color sketch of Will's Room
14 - Color sketch of the Open Air Theatre*
15 - Color sketch of Helen's house
16 - Color sketch of Helen's Room

* Unlocked after beating 2nd Bellbridge mission with both characters

[8-2] Christmas Music

If you go into the "My Dream" stage on Christmas Eve, you can hear Christmas
music. If you got this game after Christmas and want to hear it, just go into
the Wii settings menu and set the date to 24 December. There may be other
special things that happen on other dates.

[8-3] Viewing NiGHTS' Other Personas During Cutscenes

During the Training Mission [3-3] the Owl interrupts NiGHTS mission several
times to impart wisdom upon him. Depending on which Persona Mask you are
wearing at the time, NiGHTS will show up in the cutscene as that particular
persona (i.e. Dolphin, Rocket, and Dragon NiGHTS). It is particularly odd when
Owl is speaking to Rocket NiGHTS as the Rocket has no eyes or face to speak of.
Also, particularly evident when using Dragon NiGHTS is that since the Dragon is
so long and more prone to being bent in an awkward shape moreso than any of the
other Personas, it is possible to go to a Cutscene with Dragon NiGHTS shown in
an awkward state (i.e. bent at an angle or even in an 'S' shape). This is
evidence that the cutscenes are generated on the fly and not pre-rendered.
Also, sometimes your Twinkle Dust will show up at the beginning of a cutscene
and if you are doing Acrobatics with the 'L' or 'R' buttons, the yellow ribbons
can be seen for a moment until they disappear(The Dust and Ribbons disappear
shortly after NiGHTS comes to a stop).

[8-3-1] Cutscenes During Training Missions Are Not Pre-Rendered

Knowing this now, it bothers me even more that they chose to have Owl refer to
the character during cutscenes as "Visitor" and not "Will" or "Helen" since all
the programmers would have had to do is check which character was being used
and say the appropriate name.

[8-4] Confirmed Bugs/Glitches and Errors

This section details any bugs or glitches in the gameplay or hardware/software
errors that have been discovered while playing NiGHTS Journey of Dreams.

[8-4-1] Bugs/Glitches (currently 0)

[8-4-1-1] (The first Bug/Glitch will be added as soon as it is discovered)

[8-4-2] Errors (currently 1)

[8-4-2-1] System Error - Losing Nightopians and Nightmaren in 'My Dream'

Even though the game saves whenever you switch realms between The Dream Gate
and the 'My Dream' (the A-Life area) if you receive a system error as I did
while trying invite someone to my 'My Dream' or access someone else's
'My Dream' via the Nintendo WFC (Wi-Fi Connection), you may lose some or all of
the creatures that you've collected in your 'My Dream' area.

The error I got said that a System Error had occurred and that I should remove
the game disc, and reset or power off my system and reload the software. I was
unable to do anything other than what it asked. If you encounter similar errors
or bugs/glitches in the gameplay itself, please email them to me.

[8-4-2-2] System Error - Black Screen from Sound Library

While trying to exit the Sound Library, I got the normal black screen (before
showing the Story Select screen again, but never got the Story Select screen.
The music kept playing, but I was left with just a black screen and could not
back out to the main menu or choose (in the dark) any of the selections on the
Story Select Screen. I was, however, able to still hit the 'Home' button on
the Wiimote and go to the Wii's main menu and did not have to reset the system
as I did with the previous error.

[9] Miscellaneous

[9-1] Proper FAQ viewing tests

Proper Text Viewing Test 1 (to make sure you're viewing a fixed-width font)
The following two lines should both be the same length

Proper Text Viewing Test 2 (to make sure your viewer doesn't text-wrap)
The following line is should not wrap around to the next line

[9-2] Coming Soon

In this section I detail what I hope to add in the next revision of this FAQ.

I am frustrated, as you probably are, that you cannot exchange

I have finally played through the entire game multiple times with both
characters and have also completed all of their missions with a ranking of 'C'
or better which has unlocked almost all of the unlockable content in the game.
I still hope to get some more information on what you can do with the area
known as  "My Dream". It is very similar to the A-Life system in the Sega
Saturn version of NiGHTS into Dreams. I have had one person enter my 'My Dream'
area, but without first being 'friends' it is impossible to exchange gifts via
the Nintendo WFC.

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