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Reviewed: 10/15/07

Fifa 08 wii review

About one week ago, I bought FIFA 08 on the wii. Before I bought it, I had fairly high expectations of it as it was a FIFA game which are all generally good. As soon as I put the disc into my wii and started playing, I was not disappointed.

Graphics: 7
The graphics in this game are good, but not at the level of the ps3 or 360. But they are definitely better than those of ps2 and being a fan of Nintendo, I do not really care about the graphics of a game but FIFA 08 on the wii is very good looking. The kits and the players look similar to previous FIFA games but slightly upgraded. The animations are nice as well.

Sound: 8
The sound in this game is great. The sounds of the spectators and the commentator are all very realistic, but in this years instalment, when a well-known player shoots or misses a free kick etc, the commentator says that players name in the same sentence as, for example, "Rooney's shot should have been more accurate", instead of "His shot should have been more accurate."

Controls: 9
This is the area of this game that shines. The first time your start a match, you are taken to a tutorial mode called football academy, which teaches you how to shoot, pass, defend, take free kicks, do tricks and more. There are two different ways of playing, family play or advanced. Family play only uses the wii-mote and has you controlling passing, shooting and defending and the CPU controls movement. In advanced, you use the wii-mote and nun-chuck. This way you are able to control movement and do more advanced moves like tricks and chip shots. The controls are very responsive, but on-line they are a little unresponsive because of lag, but it won't spoil the fun.

Game play: 9
In FIFA 08 on wii the game play is great and the passing and shooting is accurate and crisp. There are different types of passing and shooting that you can utilise to score and set up teammates. You can also control the keeper and move him towards and oncoming attacker or send him up to a corner at a late stage in the game. You can also take free kicks when fouled around the centre of the pitch or when there is a chance to score. When you shoot during play and in free kicks, you can curve the ball side ways or give it top or backspin by tilting the nun-chuck in which direction you want it to spin.

Features: 7
As you may have heard, there is no manager mode, create a player, be-a-pro or training. Instead the wii version has a mode called foo-tii party, which is three mini-games, a table football game, a juggling game, and a game called boot it, which is like a target practice penalty shoot out kind of game. Despite some of these losses there is on-line matchmaking and interactive leagues, both the EA network (EA NATION). The on-line matchmaking is good and has many users so it generally takes about 5 seconds to search someone to verse. Both users can pick any team available. The only problem with the on-line is some lag, which annoys some unlucky people. The interactive league for some reason does not work for me but might work for some. There are still transfers in this game as last year, but you cannot change numbers and any formation changes that you do go away when you connect on-line due to on-line roster updates.

Replay ability: 8
With all the features in this game on-line and offline, you will just want to keep coming back to verse someone on-line or beat your friend at table football. It would have scored higher if there were the features included that I previously mentioned were removed.

Overall: 8
FIFA 08 wii is a great game but slightly downgraded because of the lack of modes and for some unlucky people like me, lag on-line and minor interactive league flaws, but a great game. Lets hope FIFA 09 on wii will be as complete as it is on other consoles.

Buy or Rent:
If you're not sure then rent it, but I strongly suggest you buy it, as you will not regret it!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: FIFA 08 (AU, 09/27/07)

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