Datel Wii Power Save (North America)

  1. From Jay FNG Philbrook (11/06/2007; 68KB) 01 All 20 Characters Unlocked & Playable. Game Modes, Movies, Sounds, Info, etc. Unlocked.

Wii Game Save File (North America)

  1. From opalpikachu13 (10/27/2007; 63KB) RNXE- All characters and stages unlocked
  2. From adam12694 (02/18/2008; 63KB) RNXE-Game is beaten; all characters; everything extra is done except for survival

Wii Game Save File (Europe)

  1. From Bigk4ever (03/28/2008; 63KB) RNXP- All Characters and Arenas Unlocked.Easy Missions Completed.

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