Review by Mr_Dooms_Day

Reviewed: 11/09/07

Best one in the series!

The guitar hero franchise has always interested many of us included myself. Heck, you think a real guitar is hard, you can instantly just pick up a plastic one and learn in minutes!

Graphics: 8/10. The graphics didn't amaze me in this one. They changed everything alot in the game. First off, the singer has the biggest chin I have ever seen. Not even kidding. The fretboard is much different. The graphics are totally different from the last three. The star power has changed and I'm not a huge fan of it how looks now. It's harder to see the notes, at least for me when your activate it. Everything else except the singer and crowd is ok. The crowd has the same movements most of the game, bobbing up and down to your song. The singer needs serious tune, but the good thing is the characters look pretty good in this game.

Song Selection: 9/10.
Alright, not the best songs in the world but a lot are very good and when you scroll through, you might find some new favorites and some old favorites. Most notably songs such as Pride and Joy, Slow Ride, Paint it Black, Welcome to the Jungle, Knights of Cydonia. I'm very pleased with most of the songs, but they could use some better ones towards the end though. Stricken and Before I Forget and notable ones, I'm not a fan of scream your head off and muttering songs. Also you have songs from different languages for the first time, Hier Kommt Alex is a good example.

Controls: 10/10.
Not much different here. Your usual guitar returns here with a twist. Detachable neck, analog stick, different fret buttons and a strum bar from heaven. Over all the guitar feels much more natural and you can get used to it much faster.

Story: 9/10
Yikes, there's a story! Everyone always though Guitar Hero was just playing a guitar. Nope, not this time. You do go your life rocking out to great songs, but at the end when you counter Lou the devil, you battle it out with all you got to ensure you don't lose your soul and end up tuning his guitars for all eternity. No pressure, right? Well, the story is rather good but Guitar Hero fans that this last boss battle will be no ordinary.

Replayability: 10/10.
This game is one of those games that once you beat you know you have to go back for. 5 Starring the songs can prove to be quite a challenge and getting 100% on them is much more of a challenge. Plus the online rules so hard, there's not many disconnectors either. Also with Leaderboards, you can assure you'll have some goals in this game.

Sound: 10/10
The sound works great on this game. If your a wii lover and have it, you'll be plugging in your Wiimote and be hearing the sound from there. The sound is like any game, you'll be hearing the music and you'll be hearing a lot of master tracks this time around.

Overall: 10/10
This game is great and I can't say much more about it. If your a true Guitar Hero fan you would have this already. You can also be sure that this will keep us die hard fans going for quite awhile, for the aspects of the game will have us pushing it to the limit when it comes to reaching your goals in the game.

If you don't have this game now I highly recommend and it's worth the money you'll pay for it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (w/Guitar) (US, 10/28/07)

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