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FAQ by floackle3

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/07/2008


Guitar Hero 3 FAQ by floackle

Table of Contents

I.	About me
II.	About the FAQ
III.	Contact
IV.	Version history
V.	Terminology
VI.	Basics/Getting use to things
VII.	Easy mode
A. Encore songs
B. Boss Battles
VIII.	Medium mode
IX.	Hard mode
X.	Expert mode
XI.	Song list
A. Setlist
B. Bonus songs
C. Downloadable songs
XII.	Co-op
XIII.	Face-off (versus)
XIV.	Pro Face-off (versus)
XV.	Battle (versus)
XVII.	Cheats
XVIII.	Unlockables and stuff in the shop
XIX.	Achievements
XX.	Conclusion and Legalities and thanks


   Hello fellow rockers! My name is floackle (screen name at least), and 
this is my first FAQ ever, so please bear with me. I’ve been gaming for  
a bit over ten years, and have been following guitar hero since the release 
of number one. Why should you care? Because if you’re here, obviously you’re 
having some trouble. Now if you’re having trouble on the last brackets of 
Expert, leave now, because I am too. However, back when the game 
first came out, I couldn’t beat hard mode, and if you’ve been playing 
guitar hero, you’ll know that hard mode on the first game is pretty 
close to medium on the third. Now however, I’ve five-starred Medium, 
beat Hard, and am on the eighth bracket of Expert (as of version .8). 
My goal here is to give you hints, clues, and little tips on how to 
advance yourself in this game. If I prove anything, it’s that any FAQ 
will help sure, but the best thing for anybody to do, is just practice. 
Just play, and play, and in time you will get better. Don’t come at this 
like a game, but rather like an instrument (that doesn’t mean however 
that you can play guitar, you probably can’t). You don’t start to play 
an instrument and automatically ace hard music, it takes time and practice. 
No, it won’t take as long as an actual instrument, but it won’t come as easy 
as learning the controls to an FPS. Just remember, have fun with it.


   Now as I said, I have not completed Expert mode as of version .7, 
so if you’re looking for help on the final brackets, it is not going to 
be here. In this FAQ I’m going to show beginners how to play on easy, 
how to move up to medium, how to move onto hard, and how to move into 
expert. I’m going to try to show you how to get by some harder parts 
in songs, how to make things easier for you, and other random things 
that come to mind. This FAQ will mostly help people trying to get 
through/five-star easy and medium, and people trying to get through hard 
mode. If you need help on expert, my only real advice that I can give you
 is practice. Practice mode is a god-send. There will be some information 
for people going through expert, but for the most part, if you are playing
 on expert, a FAQ isn’t really going to help you; you’re mostly on your own
 now. For anyone else, I hope this can help you in anyway possible. I am 
using the 360 version, and haven’t used any others, so if there are large 
differences, forgive me, but as far as I know there aren’t any big differences
 other than characters and downloadable content. Good luck with gaming, and
 I hope you get past whatever you are stuck on.


   You can contact me at floackle@hotmail.com . Title the message as 
"Guitar Hero 3 question" or something along those lines. If the question 
is answered in the FAQ, don’t expect a response. If the message says something
 along the lines of "You suck", don’t expect a response. Questions not already
 answered and praise are always acceptable ;). If you have a tip, but don’t
 feel like writing an FAQ, feel free to send me your tip, and with your 
permission I’ll post it in here with proper credit and thanks. If you want 
to add me on Live my gamer tag is floackle. If it’s just a quick question, 
you can also message me through AIM as floackle3, however I won’t always 
be on and isn’t the best way to get through to me.


2/6/08	 .6      Started FAQ. Finished East Career, Basics, Terminology, and 
started Song list.

2/10/08  .7      Started a hard mode and medium mode guide. Pro Face-off 
updated . Other minor stuff. Sending into GameFAQs, hoping for the best.

2/11/08   .71     Realised that word wrapping this stupid thing won't actually
make it any smaller in the end. Made everything to (hopefully) 79 characters 
or under, and resending to GameFAQs.

2/16/08   .8   Wow! I never could even have imagined the huge response this has
been getting. Thanks to everyone that's written, and to everyone that has
read this, and to all that will. Obviously the FAQ got accepted and is
now runnning at a great speed. Updates to guitars (thanks to heathernoel(all
credit will be done in screennames for confidentiality unless specified)),
numerous songs for hard and expert (thanks to dcuajunco), and other little
stuff. Also now on the eighth bracket, largely due to heathernoel's help.
More about that in gutairs.

3/6/08 1.0  There it is, the big 1.0! I figured since it hit over 10,000
views that it well deserves some more updates, and seeing as SSB:B comes out
very soon, if I don't do it now, I won't ever. And so here it is. Scores
are updated, more songs updated, hard mode updated, and other songs and
random crap I can't remember but fixed/did. This'll probably be the
last update in a while because 'Brawl' will deffinatly consume my life
for a while. Hope there's enough here to occupy you for the time being.


   Throughout this FAQ, there may be some words that I use that you may 
not know. First you should know some things that are going to be on your 

********** - this signals that the following information was submitted, and
not my idea. Just want to give proper credit where it's due.

FRETS - Do you see those pretty colored buttons on the top of the guitar? 
Those are called frets. When running through song parts, I will use ‘G’, ‘R’,
‘Y’, ’B’,  and ‘O’ to represent the different colors (if you don’t know what 
each one represents you are going to need more help then I can provide). You
put two or more frets together, and you have a chord. So far we have, frets
that are the colorful buttons, letters that represent colors, and chords. Ok,
let’s keep going. 

STRUM BAR - That white colored bar on the bottom of the guitar is the 
strum bar. I will call it the strum bar, not the bangy-thing, or the note 
maker, or whatever you might think it is. Strum bar, period. 

You should also know what on the screen of your game. There are three main 
things on screen that you should know.

BOARD - First is the Board, that big thing in the middle of the screen that 
all your notes come down, not hard. 

ROCK METER - On the right is your rock meter. Real simple, green is good, 
red is bad, and in between your ok. Play good, it goes to green, play bad, 
it lowers into red. When your rock meter gets too far into the red, your board
will start to flash red. That’s really bad, and you’re about to lose the 
song you’re on.

SCORE METER/ NOTE STREAK COUNTER THING - On the left side of the screen is 
a counter that will show you your score. More notes you hit the higher your 
score will be. Two-note chords are worth more then single notes, and 
three-note chords are worth more then both of them.

HAMMER-ONS/PULL-OFFS (H/O and P/O) - Next, when in the harder difficulties 
(and in the earlier ones, just not as much) you will see certain notes 
that don’t have a black ring around the center, and seem to glow brighter 
then the other notes. They are quite easy to spot in the third game, and are 
called Hammer-On and Pull-off notes. Remember these terms, because in the hard
and medium mode sections they will pop up a lot. There is a whole tutorial in
the game on it, but here is the long and short of it. Hammer-On and Pull-Off 
notes (from here on they are known as h/o and p/o) are notes that you do not 
have strum on. They are always single notes (never chords) and usually are 
during faster segments in a song. H/O notes are notes that go up on the screen
(as long as its not left-handed on) and P/O notes are notes that go down on the 
screen,though essentially they are the same, and you don’t really need to know
the difference between them. All you have to know is what these notes look like,
and that you do not need to strum on these notes, though you can if you want to.

STAR PATHS AND STAR POWER - Next, star paths and star power. Star paths are 
sections in the song that have notes shaped like, you guessed it, stars. 
Hitting every single note in this star path raises your star power. Once you 
have a certain amount of star power, you can tilt your guitar or press select, 
and activate said star power. By doing this, two things happen. One, every note
you hit gets double the amount of points it would normally, i.e. you have a X3
multiplier, activate star power, and now it’s a X6 multiplier. This makes your
score go wild when used correctly. Secondly it makes your Rock meter rise at
insane rates. This is very helpful when making though a tough section in a song.

By knowing the things above, you should be able to navigate this FAQ quite 


	Playing Guitar Hero for the first time can easily be a bit disorienting,
and for good reason. Lots of lights, loud music, a whole new controller, and to 
top it all off, if you do badly a crowd starts booing you off stage. Sounds 
like good fun. However, once you get used to playing, this game can provide a 
great experience for all of us that want to be big rock stars, without all the 
baggage that comes with it. Now if this is your first time using this game, 
let’s try getting used to the controller. I suggest you run through the tutorial
modes that are packaged with the game, but if you don’t feel like it, this 
segment here should help you. Hold the controller so that if you are right 
handed, your right-hand is over the guitar and on top of the strum bar. Your 
left-hand should be cradling (not strangling) the upper part of the guitar so 
that your index finger is on the green fret, your middle on the red, your ring 
finger on the yellow, and your pinky is on the blue fret. You only have to 
worry about your first three fingers right now, or the G, R, and Y frets. The 
B fret doesn’t appear until medium, and the ‘evil’ O fret until hard. Ok, 
so now you have the controller held properly and can go rock out! 
But wait one moment! What is this metal stick popping out of the guitar? 
Well no, your guitar is not happy to see you, but rather this is called 
the Whammy Bar. This Whammy Bar is used on long notes and it bends the sound
of the note. It makes the note sound a bit different, and you can push it up
or down to make is sound however you choose. This does NOT increase your 
points. What it does do though, is when on star power notes is make the star 
power increase. So if you have a star path section that includes long notes, 
use the whammy bar to increase the amount of star power you get out of it. 
Without using the whammy bar, it takes two star paths to first use your star 
power, and four star paths to completely fill up your star power. There are 
also start and select buttons. Start pauses your game, and select activates 
star power. Alright, for beginners, I’ve just thrown a lot of information at 
you, take a brake. Ok, brake over.

So now you know how to hold your guitar, how to use it (kind of), what 
everything on your screen is, and even how to change the sound of notes. 
That’s a lot. Think it’s time to start your Easy Career mode yet? I do, so 
let’s move on.


	So you’ve selected easy mode, and named your band now it's time to
get a character and guitar. Choose your character based on..well whatever
you think looks coolest, it doesn't matter much. Now for you're guitar.
Thanks to heathernoel, here's a little tip.

When choosing your guitar, it may not look like there is any difference 
between them other than looks, but there is.
The more expensive the guitar is, the more likely you are to stay in the
green with your rock meter. So take for example the Flying V, to the CES.
If you were constantly losing a song (like I was in "Before I Forget" on
Expert) using the Flying V, switching to the CES will keep you closer to
the green throughout the song (which is how I beat "Before I Forget"). So
one of the first things you might want to buy (songs are nice too) is the
most expensive guitar you can find. Whether or not specialty guitars do
anything (The Bat, Distant Visitor, El Jefe, etc.) is still up to debate.
Thanks again to heathernoel for this great tip! (this is also posted under
tips for songs in case you miss it)

So let’s go my favorite first song, "Hit me with your best shot" by Pat 
Benatar. I’m going to walk you through this so it will be really easy. Your 
going to not move your hand at all, but keep your fingers exactly on the 
notes that they are on. Your hand doesn’t need to move to touch the O fret, 
because it doesn’t appear. In fact, your pinky can rest too because the 
B fret doesn’t appear either. Simple enough.

Now when the first note comes up, you are going to wait for it to come to the
on-screen frets at the bottom of your board. When it is at the center of the
on-screen frets (it doesn’t need to be exactly centered), you can strum up or
down while holding the same fret color of the one on screen. For example, a G
note is coming towards you, before it even is close to the on-screen frets,
hold down the G fret on your guitar. Once it is touching the on-screen G fret
(as long as it is touching you will get the points for it) you are going to
strum up or down, whichever is more comfortable for you. Generally people use 
their thumb and index finger to strum, either by hitting the strum bar, or by
holding it and moving it up and down. Before playing a song, try out different
ways to strum. See which way if better for you, which one you have more control
of when going faster or slower, and which position won’t wear you out over time.
I personally hold my index finger and thumb together, and hit the strum bar with
the bottom of my thumb, except for in fast parts, but you don’t have to worry 
about that on easy mode. Alright, so back to Benatar.  Your basic rhythm here is
beat, pause, two beat, pause, multiple beats, beat, pause, two beat, pause, 
multiple beats. It’s not too technical and is a good starting song. Should be
relatively easy, even if it your first time. So how did you do? Five-star? If
not that’s ok, you can go through it again any time you want to. If you think
you did good enough, you can move onto the next songs in this bracket. Now
you’re not always going to want to play every song in a bracket, and that’s ok
because in easy mode you don’t have to beat one of the songs in that bracket.
So if you end up getting stuck on a song, or just don’t like one, skip it and
move on. If you get stuck on multiple songs, see my help with specific songs
later on in the FAQ, which should help. 


Ok, so you went and beat the amount of songs needed for the opening bracket
and now the game wants you to play an encore. It gives you an option to take
the encore, or decline it. Accepting it just means that you play it
automatically, while declining it makes you play it later. No matter what you
choose, you are forced to beat the encore song if you wish to move onto the
next bracket. So the first encore song is "Rock and Roll All Night" as made
famous by Kiss, but sung horribly (sorry guys, you didn’t do too hot on this
one) by the guys at Guitar Hero. Good luck, and if you get stuck on it, just
look at the bottom part for song details.

You went and beat your first bracket, good job! Onto the second bracket now
(there are eight total). Go through these songs and check the bottom as needed.
Onto the encore song, but wait one second! This isn’t an encore song at all!
No, this is something entirely new to guitar hero.


	Boss battles are very different from normal songs. First you’ll notice
that you’re not the only person on the screen now. The boss also has a board
that plays on the right of yours. The boss will hit every single note correctly,
unless you attack him. How do you attack said boss? Well no longer do you have
any star power or star paths, but rather you have battle stars that come
through. By completing these Battle Paths (I made that term up, I don’t really
know what they’re called) you gain a power-up. However, the boss will also get
power-ups to try and mess you up. These power-ups are as follows:

BROKEN STRING - this power up will make it so you or your enemy has one fret
button that is broken. You cannot play any notes on this fret until you fix it.
To fix it you have to repeatedly tap this fret button a good amount of times
until it is good to go.

AMP OVERLOAD - This power up will make your board flash and shake so that you
can’t see notes properly. You just have to wait this one out as there is not
way to get rid of it faster.

DIFFICULTY UP - This power-up will make you  or your enemy play one mode higher
than what you’re on. So if you’re playing on Easy, it will make you play on
Medium mode for a short period of time. Although (and this isn’t comfirmed)
I’m pretty sure that it makes you play even harder then that mode. Like if you
did the Easy to Medium jump, not only would it use the B fret, but it would
also have more notes then normal Medium mode would, but of course I could be

DOUBLE NOTES - This power-up will make your or your opponent play all chords.
It will still use the same amount of frets(you still won’t see B fret on easy),
but instead of playing only one fret, you will use two, or if you would use a
two fret chord, it would change to three fret chord, and so on.

LEFTY FLIP - This power-up will make you or your opponent play as if lefty-flip
was on (or if it is, then as if it wasn’t). This makes all the notes flip over
to the other side, so G fret is now on the left, and O fret now on the right.
You still play the same frets, it just looks weird on screen. It takes a while
to move back, and you just have to wait it out.

WHAMMY BAR - This power-up is probably the most destructive and best/worst
(depends what side of it your on) power up. This makes it so that you can’t
play any notes whatsoever until you move your whammy bar up and down a bunch
of times. If you time this right during an insane solo (talking about later
difficulties) then you can end a boss very easily.

STEAL POWER UP - This power up steals your opponents first power up and gives
you it. If you use it and your opponent doesn’t have a power up, then it is

There is also one more power up, but that only shows up in multiplayer, so we
won’t worry about it. Throw using these power ups, you can throw your opponent
off and make them mess up. The only way to win is to make your opponent lose.
You can carry three power ups at a time, and if you get a fourth, it will knock
out the first power up you got. You activate these power ups the same as star
power. There are a few main strategies when in a boss battle, but of course,
you do whatever works for you.


Collect three power ups, and release them one after another. So if you have
Amp Overload, followed by Broken String, followed by Whammy, you would activate
the Amp Overload first (not that you have a choice what goes first). The moment
that the Amp Overload ends, you then send out the broken string. Once that time
is up, then you set out Whammy. That way the enemy never has time to get their
‘health’ back up. 


Collect one power up, and then use it when your enemy is about to get a power
up. So whatever you have, you are occasionally looking over your enemy’s board,
and when they are about to get a power up, you activate yours. By doing this
your enemy never has a chance to throw you off. However there are a couple
problems to this strategy. One, some power ups take a while to activate
(the double notes won’t actually start until a couple seconds after you
activate it). Two, by doing this, your enemy has some time to recover their
‘health’, and if they don’t fail by the time the song is over, you fail. But
this has worked for me in some cases, and that’s why it’s here.


Learn the song. This is sometimes the only way to beat the boss’s on harder
difficulties (Lou on Hard is hell to go through). Sometimes luck is your best
friend, but if you combine luck with knowledge, then you can destroy your
opponent. My point being that if you know a point in a song that has a large
solo for your opponent (knowledge), and you keep repeating the song until you
have the whammy power up (luck), then you can take out your opponent with
possibly just one power up. I have heard (haven’t done) that this is the easy
way to beat Lou on Expert. If you keep failing a boss battle, it may do you
good to watch your opponent’s screen a little more, so that you can time your
power ups exactly right.

Now you can also just send your power ups out the moment you get them, but I
don’t recommend that, especially not in multiplayer for other reasons, but
that’s not necessary now. Knowing this should be able to get you through Tom
Morello (your first battle) and Slash (your second) easily. Lou may be more
difficult, but in time I think you can get through it. Oh but they won’t let
you out that easily. After you beat the boss, you still have an encore song to
play. For Tom it’s "Bulls on Parade", and for Slash it’s 
"Welcome to the Jungle".

Bracket three now. You should be able to handle things on your own now, and if
you ever get stuck, just remember to look at the song list on the bottom for
help. Things are on a steady rise of difficulty the farther that you go, but
none of the songs are drastically harder then the ones before it (on easy mode
that is). This is only true until bracket seven. No matter what difficulty you
are on, bracket seven always seems to ramp up the difficulty at an insane rate.
Main song to watch out for is "Before I Forget". "Stricken" is easy enough,
and "Knights of Cydonia" is long but fairly easy is on this mode. "Before I
Forget" is a good bit harder then the other songs you’ve played so far. Just
use practice as necessary, or look at the hints at the bottom. After the
Seventh bracket comes your final, and most difficult bracket. Songs to watch
for here are "One" (which is incredibly long), and "Raining Blood". "One" is
relatively simple until the end, which has an amazing solo that can be a bit
hard, and will require you to strum faster then you might be used to. But if
you go into practice mode, and select only the parts toward the end that
trouble you, then I’m sure you can get through it. Then there’s "Raining Blood".
I want you to know right now that I hate this song. "Raining Blood" is quite
difficult for people playing through easy for the first time (even took me
two times to five star it, and I beat hard). This song was hard for me to
five star on medium, and very hard for me to even beat on hard. This transcends
down to easy mode as well, and if this if your first time with a guitar hero
game, this song will probably frustrate you as well. The key here is learning
the timing for your strumming in the beginning, and just learning where the
notes are at the end.  Practice mode is your best friend to get through/five
star this song. Just slow it down, and repeat it as much as necessary for you
to beat it. If you try hard enough, you will finish the eighth and final
bracket, and meet Lou, the devil.

LOU - This is what it has all come down to. You must fight for your soul in a
battle against the devil, playing what? Why "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" of
course! But this isn’t the DWDTG that you know, rather this is a whole new
version completely redone with a new singer, electric guitars, and well, a
whole bunch of new stuff.  I’m going to try and walk you through this to the
best that I can.

OPENING - Song starts out and it’s relatively simple. Its mostly just up and
down. By this I mean G-R-Y-R-G-R-Y and so on. After that it’s a G/R chord 
that goes on a good pace. Simple enough, and no power ups on either end.

MID OPENING - This section is G-G-Y-Y-G-G-Y-Y.  Every now and then it will
switch to one yellow, but stay at two greens. Still not too hard, and still
now power-ups either way.
SECTION 3 - Here we have a bunch of G notes, followed by a bunch of Y notes,
then a bunch of R notes, and back and forth for a while. Just keep a good beat,
and you’ll be fine. Still no power ups.

SECTION 4 -  Repeat opening. No power ups to speak of

SECTION 5 - Up and down again, still nothing too hard, just keep strumming at
the same beat, and don’t lose tempo.

SECTION 6 - This is where it is all instrumental.  It’s G-G-R-R-Y kind o
 pattern (don’t hold me to that exactly) but isn’t too difficult. Right before
you hit a bunch of yellow notes in a row, Lou will obtain a power up. No matter
what you get, just remember that it’s all yellow going at the same tempo you
were at. So if you get sent amp overload, don’t worry about it.  You will get
your own power up in the midst of these Y notes. Use it as you see fit.

SECTION 7 - G-G-R-R-Y-R-Y-R repeat...ish. Don’t hold me to that either. In the
middle of this  Lou will get another power up, and the notes aren’t as easy to
memorize. For the most part however it’s the same exact tempo, so concentrate
and don’t worry. At the end you will get another power up on the R- long G
notes, I suggest that you save this one with your other one if you haven’t
used it already.

SECTION 8 - Same stuff repeating, up and down, and then some faster notes at
the end, and your third power up. Long pause while the dude talks.

SECTION 9 - Faster notes here, strum faster to keep up, but don’t go too fast
and double hit the long notes at the end. Then it’s a bit over the place, but
the tempo is back to normal. This is followed by a good amount of Y notes with
a G-R thrown in every now and then. Watch carefully at the pattern of the
yellows as the timing is different from before.

SECTION 10 - This is where you want to move in for the win. When you start
playing a bunch of the same notes in a row, Lou will be playing a relatively
fast solo. Send your attacks over to him, timing them one after another, and
he should be beat relatively easily. When your notes start going up and down
again you should receive yet another power up, so this makes it even easier
to defeat Lou. There are over four power ups in this solo that comes up, and
honestly it is too hard to detail the solo you have, but if you focus on
getting the power ups, and have attacked him earlier like I said above, then
Lou should fall at your feet.

END - After you destroy Lou, the song cuts to the part where it says 
"And the Devil bowed his head for he knew that he’d been beat." Very cool
if you ask me. The second board is no longer on screen, and it’s just you in
all your glory. This end solo is mostly a re-hash of stuff you’ve already done,
with some simple long notes at the end.

Conrgats!! You just beat easy mode! After you watch the end movie, you play 
"Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce. Don’t worry, this song isn’t an
actual song. You can’t fail and there’s no score. Once you beat it, you can buy
it at the store if you wish. You can also buy the "moon-shot" guitar at the
shop, and the "bat" guitar if you five starred it. Take a break, you’ve earned
it. Because after this comes the Blue fret button and a much faster board. 


The easy stuff is over, now it's time to actually begin Guitar Hero (as far as
I'm concerned easy mode isn't the real game at all). There are quite a few new
things to get used to when playing in medium mode. The biggest of all is:

THE BLUE FRET BUTTON - Yes, now you have four buttons to worry about. Don't
fret though (bad pun fully intended), it's alot easier then you may think. If
you're having trouble getting used to the blue button, here are some tips.
First of all, use your pinky. Sounds like common sense to some, but I've seen
people that slide their three fingers down, which I guess makes sense because
all you've used so far is three fingers. So now you have your pinky on the B
fret. Try to get used to using your pinky with the game off. Just your guitar
try getting used to the new chords your going to be using, such as B/Y, B/R,
and B/G. Also try doing a R-Y-B-Y-R repeat exercise if your not used to it yet.
The first time using your pinky may hurt a little just because your muscles
aren't used to it yet, honestly how much do you use your pinky? But give it
time, as it will become second nature.

After you got the B fret down pat, you're going to see alot mroe H/O's and
P/O's from now on, and its only going to increase the harder the mode you play.
Now if you didn't read above what H/O's and P/O's are, go above and do so
because they will become almost necessary when playing some songs. If you
completly understand H/O's and P/O's and you can use the B fret button, you're
ready to go through the medium career. If you're still having trouble with
H/O's and P/O's then try this:

Go into practice mode, and boot up the first couple pieces of "My Name is
Jonas" by Weezer. Almost all the notes in the beginning are H/O's or P/O's.
Your goal here is to strum the notes that you absolutly have to (the notes with
the black ring around the white center). Every other note should only be tapped
with the frets, no strumming required. If you need to, slow it down to get the
fingering right. Then go back to normal. Try this again and again until you
get a good 97% or higher (reminder that this is only for that sectional). Once
you achieve that, you'll spot H/O's and P/O's much easier, and pull them off
with ease.

The songs are faster, the bosses are harder, but the money increases and it
is alot more fun then Easy mode. So go into medium and I wish you the best of

Songs to watch for on Medium

Expect this section to be updated more often as people ask for help with a
specific song (which is perfectally acceptable). Remember to look at the bottom
for help, and practice mode is your save you.

Before I Forget
Cliffs of Dover
Raining blood
Number of the Beast
3's and 7's


So you just owned Medium mode and think that you can tackle the orange button.
Well my hat's off to you, because play time is over, and now it's time for
business. Before you even think of starting hard mode, go back through medium
and 5-star every song in it. I'll let you slide on the last bracket, but ever
other song should have 5 stars. Why? Because if you can not get five stars on
all medium songs, you will not survive the seventh bracket on hard, and since
you won't be able to finish the hard career, I'm just saving you time. Sadly,
I'm telling you the truth here. If you haven't started hard mode yet, and you
can not 5-star just about all of medium mode, don't bother. You won't finish
hard mode. Unless you're satisfied with just leaving it half-done, then go
ahead. Most people should be able to clear the first three, four, maybe five
brackets no problem. However once you hit the seventh bracket, things take a
serious turn for the worst. Well let's see the basics that you need to help you
through Hard mode.

ORANGE FRET KEY - *sigh* This is going to be tough for most people. There are
two techniques to mastering the orange key, here they are:

SLIDE - This means that you have your fingers on the G-R-Y-B frets, or the
R-Y-B-O frets when starting a song. You then 'slide' (no, we're not creative
people) your fingers over to the opposite position, this way you can hit both
the G or O frets when you need to. The downside to this is that it take some
time to move down, and in the harder songs, even 1/4 of a second can cost you.
This is my preffered method though, and I personally use the G-R-Y-B starting
position, though many people say the other position is easier, mostly because
the next technique can be pulled off easier using it.

STETCH - When using the stretch technique, most people have their fingers on
the R-Y-B-O keys when starting out a song. From there they 'stretch' their
index finger to reach the G fret when needed. By doing this three of your
fingers stay in the same place, and don't have to move too much. The downside
is the when trying to hit  the G/R chord, you're going to have to stretch your
middle finger out, or slide it, same with any chord that has G/R in it.

In the end, you're going to be forced to use a combination of both. You can't
pull off G/R/Y chords without sliding, and you can't hit a G/O (yes, those will
happen) without stretching. It really comes down to what you're most comfortable

Now you may not have used Practice mode much in Medium career, but unless you're
extremly good at this game (and seeing as you're at an FAQ done by a guy who
can't even beat Expert, you're probably not) you ARE going to use it in Hard
mode. For songs like Raining Blood and Number of the Beast, you will be very
thankfull for this amazing little device the Guitar Hero devs were nice enough
to put in.

Second thing you need to get used to in hard mode, is alternate strumming, or
whatever people call it. The point is that you are going to need to grab the
strum bar with two or three fingers (I use two) and flail it up and down as
necessary to the song.  Why would you do something as stupid-looking as that?
Because you will never beat Knights of Cydonia by just tapping the strum bar
(I take back that never, 7-year old kids have beat Psyhcobilly Freakout (GH2) on
Expert without looking at the screen, someone can do this). When you get an 
insane amount of notes coming at you, at a speed that seems impossible, grab 
the strum bar and fling it up and down as you see fit. Some songs need this, 
but at a slower rhythm than others. Try it out on some songs that you see need 
it (I'm not going to list any, because some people can strum faster than 
others), and see what rhythm you think different parts need. I found that the 
game uses two main rhythms or speeds while double strumming, at least for me 
(with the exception of Knights of Cydonia on Expert which is just insane (I 
beat it finally!!!)). Work with whatever is best for you.

Well good luck now that you're actually using the full guitar now. This won't 
be easy, but just think, Expert's even harder. If you do get stuck on a song, 
try playing it on Expert. Once you see how much harder it could be, the Hard 
mode won't look so scary anymore. By the way, if you happen to get to Lou on 
Hard, my sole advice is to not give up. Yes, he is infuriating. Yes, there is a
good bit of luck involved to beating him. Yes, he sucks. However, no matter how
much you may think he is (I did too for a good two months), he is not
impossible. Just don't keep trying to tackle him so many times. Take a break,
give it up for the day. I won against him my second try one day, after going at
him twenty plus times earlier in the week. Good luck with Hard mode and Lou!


Black Sunshine
Before I Forget
3's and 7's
Cliffs of Dover
Knights of Cydonia
Raining Blood
The Number of the Beast


Medium mode blew by. Hard mode is tackled. What's left? Why crazy-awsome-
insane-shouldn't be played by human beings mode of course! Crazy fast boards,
three note chords are the norm., and that orange button's gonna become
your best buddy or worst enemy. Right now I want you to know that there
is no need to ever even look at this mode. If you can play hard mode that's
good enough, don't feel that this is necessary. Too many people think that
if they can't play expert then they fail at this game. That's not true.
This mode is only meant for players looking for an extra challenge, and for
those that get bored with hard mode. So if you feel like you're ready for
this (i.e beat hard mode), well then let's get going.

Key point to remember when starting/playing Expert Mode:

Alternate strumming is now a big part of your playing experiance.
Like, nearly all the time. Ok, so not that much, but if you slid by
without doing it in hard, well that's not going to work anymore.
You're going to have to learn the timing for fast alternate strumming and
slow alternate strumming. What do I mean by this? I mean the difference
between doing it in "Paranoid" and doing it in "Number of the Beast".
Your speed is going to have to change for these songs, and as for the
rest of them. Generally I have seen two speed for when Alternate strumming
is needed, the only exception being "Knights of Cydonia" in which
you just kinda flail the bar up and down as fast as you possibly can.

The Orange Fret is now as commonly used as any other fret. Sure it was used
in hard mode, but it didn't use it constantly. Hard mode kind of let you
get the feel of sliding back and forth, untill the last brackets. Well imagine
the use of the Orange Fret from the last bracket of Hard thorughout all of
Expert career. Many people like to just start with their index finger on the
Red Fret instead, which in some cases helps alot. Get used to sliding,
because it's going to happen alot now.

The board is extremely fast now. I know that you're expecting this, but
it may throw you off at first. What you had memorized for note spaces before
(i.e this note is this far away so hit it within this much amount of time)
is now practically cut in half. Songs like "Hellicopter" and some others
have to be done faster then they might seem.

Last and probably most important, don't get upset. If you can't beat a song,
it's ok. This is meant to be a challenge, not something you'll beat on your
first try. Some songs will get you stuck and it's your job not to give up.
But that's not give up, not chuck your guitar at your tv. Not yell at your
TV blaming the world's troubles on it. It's take a breath, calm down,
maybe take a break, then try again. These songs are not impossible
(except 'Raining Blood'). I thought they were at one point. However now
I'm just one song away from reaching Lou (guess which one). And this is
coming from someone who couldn't even play hard on GH1, so all of you
can do it too.  Just don't give up, and don't get angry.


Talk Dirty to Me (If trying to 5-star only)
Same Old Song and Dance
Welcome to the Jungle
Black Sunshine (My arm was going to fall off when I finished this song)
The Metal
Before I Forget
3's and 7's
Knights of Cydonia
Raining Blood
Cliffs of Dover
The Number of the Beast


Submitted by heathernoel:
((not my idea, but still fact)) When choosing your guitar, it may not look
like there is any difference between them other than looks, but there is.
The more expensive the guitar is, the more likely you are to stay in the
green with your rock meter. So take for example the Flying V, to the CES.
If you were constantly losing a song (like I was in "Before I Forget" on
Expert) using the Flying V, switching to the CES will keep you closer to
the green throughout the song (which is how I beat "Before I Forget"). So
one of the first things you might want to buy (songs are nice too) is the
most expensive guitar you can find. Whether or not specialty guitars do
anything (The Bat, Distant Visitor, El Jefe, etc.) is still up to debate.
Thanks again to heathernoel for this great tip! (this is also posted under
Easy carrer, in case you missed it)


"Slow Ride"

Artist: Foghat
Release Year: 1975
Personal best:
Easy- 62,973 5 star
Medium - 115,860 5 star
Hard - 125,530 5 star
Expert - 128,251 5 star

Tips: Come on. It's the first song of the game. You can do it!

"Talk Dirty to Me"

Artist: Poison
Release Year: 1986
Personal best:
Easy - 96,693 5 star
Medium - 94,449 5 star
Hard - 176,038 5 star
Expert - 184,942 5 star

"Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

Artist: Pat Benatar
Release Year: 1980
Personal best:
Easy - 53,658 5 star
Medium -100,639 5 star
Hard - 127,799 5 star
Expert - 125,380 5 star

Tips: Coming...

"Story of My Life"

Artist: Social Distortion
Release Year:  1990
Personal best:
Easy - 178,017 5 star
Medium - 212,912 5 star
Hard - 287,762 5 star
Expert - 271,284 5 star

Tips: Coming...

"Rock and Roll All Night" (encore)

Artist: Kiss
Release Year:  1965
Personal best:
Easy - 66,892 5 star
Medium -77,248 5 star
Hard - 110,291 5 star
Expert - 61,458 3 star

Tips: Coming...

"Sabotage" (Co-op only)

Artist: Beastie Boys
Release Year: 1994
Personal best: 
Easy -
Medium -
Hard -
Expert -

Tips: coming...


"Mississippi Queen"

Artist: Mountain
Release Year: 1970
Personal best:
Easy - 58,848 5 star
Medium - 65,128 5 star
Hard - 71, 805 5 star
Expert - 74,508 5 star

Tips: Coming...

"School’s Out"

Artist:  Alice Cooper
Release Year: 1972
Personal best:
Easy - 72,324 5 star
Medium - 98,414 5 star (100%)
Hard - 108,950 5 star
Expert - 99,295 5 star

Tips: Coming...

"Sunshine of Your Love"

Artist: Cream
Release Year: 1968 
Personal best:
Easy - 95,706 5 star
Medium -165,049 5 star (100%)
Hard - 194,669 5 star
Expert - 167,392 5 star

Tips: Coming...


Artist: Heart
Release Year: 1977 
Personal best:
Easy - 102, 983 5 star
Medium - 133,258 5 star
Hard - 139,114 4 star
Expert - 123,734 4 star

Tips: For all modes, learn the triple strum. No it’s not easy, and your probably
 not going to be able to do it without holding on the strum bar. This song uses 
the triple notes constantly, and the sooner you learn how to hit them, the 
easier this song will be. Practice mode is a godsend. I still have trouble 
hitting the triple notes, so don’t feel dismayed if it takes you a while to 
learn them.

"Guitar Battle vs. Tom Morello"

Release Year: 2007

Tips: The easiest of all the battles. If you need help with Tom on lower levels,
look in the Easy section of the FAQ. If you need help with Tom on the higher
levels, just practice against him, watch when his fast solos are. If you still
can't get it, just wuss out.

"Bulls on Parade" (encore)

Artist: Rage Against the Machine
Release Year: 1996
Personal best:
Easy - 88,333 5 star
Medium - 150,748 5 star
Hard - 168,463 5 star
Expert - 182,465 5 star

"Reptillia" (Co-op only)

Artist: The Strokes 
Release Year: 2003
Personal best:
Easy -
Medium - 133,178 5 star
Hard -
Expert -

Tips: Coming Soon...


"When You Were Young"

Artist: The Killers
Release Year: 2006 
Personal best:
Easy - 69,571 5 star
Medium - 131, 868 5 star
Hard - 248,881 5 star
Expert - 155,029 5 star

Tips: One of my favorite song on here. Just keep a good beat, tap your foot
if you need to. On the easier settings it’s just single notes again and again
with small changes every now and then. On harder ones just know the chords that
they’re sending at you, and you’ll be golden. A very simple song to play, as
long as you can keep the tempo.

"Miss Murder"
Artist: AFI
Release Year: 2006
Personal best:
Easy - 68,193 5 star
Medium - 109,206 5 star
Hard - 167,279 4 star
Expert - 158,476 4 star

Tips: Coming...

"The Seeker"

Artist: The Who
Release Year:  1971
Personal best:
Easy - 91,136 5 star
Medium - 99,509 5 star
Hard - 148,817 5 star
Expert - 112,083 3 star

Submitted by dcuajunco:
In the beginning, the GY chords are better used as strumming fast either 
upstrum or downstrum to make it easier not to lose your streak. (thanks!)

"Lay Down"

Artist: Priestess
Release Year: 2006
Personal best:
Easy - 74,637 5 star
Medium - 124, 029 5 star
Hard - 199,009 5 star
Expert - 169,459 4 star

Tips: Coming...

"Paint It Black" (encore)

Artist: The Rolling Stones
Release Year: 1966 
Personal best:
Easy - 81,425
Medium - 136, 573 5 star
Hard - 160,517 5 star
Expert - 116,377 3 star

Tips: On easy and medium this song isn’t too hard, but on the harder modes it
can be a bit of a challenge. My advice is to go onto practice mode and really
nail down the tempo for the notes when the go G-R-Y-B-O-B-Y-R-G and so on. It
won’t be easy to go at the speed that it wants you to, but through practice
it won’t be too long.

Another tip, submitted by dcuajunco:
Life is so much easier if you hold down green for mos of the song (the parts in 
where you do R-G-Y-G-B-G-O-G-B-G-Y-G-R...) (thanks!)

"Suck My Kiss" (Co-op only)

Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Release Year: 1991
Personal best:
Easy -
Medium - 115,445 5 star
Hard -
Expert -

Tips: Coming Soon...


Artist: Black Sabbath
Release Year: 1970
Personal best:
Easy - 73,167 5 star
Medium - 101,719 5 star
Hard - 209,676 5 star
Expert - 200,329 5 star

Tips: Coming...

"Anarchy in the U.K."

Artist:  The Sex Pistols
Release Year: 2007
Personal best:
Easy - 115,919 5 star
Medium - 144,005 5 star
Hard - 210,035 5 star
Expert - 143,889 5 star

Tips: The reason that the release year says 2007 is because The Sex Pistols
actually recorded this song again just for guitar hero. That’s because they
couldn’t find the original master recording, but whatever, it’s still very
cool that they re-recorded it just to get in guitar hero. Actual tips

"Kool Thing"

Artist: Sonic Youth
Release Year: 1990
Personal best:
Easy - 115,919 5 star
Medium - 133,256 5 star
Hard - 189,645 5 star
Expert - 91,841 3 star

Tips: I hate this song, and don’t even know why it’s in Guitar Hero, no tips
for this song because I refuse to play it more than I absolutly have to.

"My Name is Jonas"

Artist:  Weezer
Release Year: 1994
Personal best:
Easy - 100,004 5 star
Medium - 163,608 5 star
Hard - 244,324 5 star
Expert - 250,862 5 star

Tips: I love this song. On the lower difficulties it’s a great song to learn
the H/O and P/O. They are everywhere, and aren’t terribly hard on medium or
hard. If you’re having trouble with H/O and P/O then this is the song to
practice with. On the harder difficulties, go into practice and slow down the
H/O and P/O sections and get them down, so when you play at full speed, you’ll
already be prepared for what’s coming.

"Even Flow" (encore)

Artist: Pearl Jam
Release Year: 1991
Personal best:
Easy - 115,031 5 star
Medium - 140,335 5 star
Hard - 188,071 5 star
Expert - 157,999 4 star

Tips: Coming...

"Cities on Flame With Rock & Roll" (Co-op only)
Artist: Blue Oyster Cult
Release Year:  1972
Personal best:
Easy -
Medium - 118,967
Hard -
Expert -

Tips: Yes, Blue Oyster Cult is a real band, and yes they did more then just
"Don’t Fear the Reaper". No, Will Ferrel is not part of the band, sorry. Tips


"Holiday in Cambodia"

Artist: The Dead Kennedys
Release Year: 1980
Personal best:
Easy - 98,329 5 star
Medium - 142,305 5 star
Hard - 193,602 4 star
Expert - 126,064 3 star

Tips: I think this song is weird. Actual tips coming...

"Rock You Like a Hurricane"

Artist: Scorpions
Release Year: 1984
Personal best:
Easy - 77,452 5 star
Medium - 116,801 5 star
Hard - 180,475 5 star
Expert - 190,149 4 star

Tips: Coming...

"Same Old Song and Dance"

Artist: Aerosmith
Release Year: 1974
Personal best: 
Easy - 88,675 5 star
Medium -89, 014 5 star
Hard - 119,954 5 star
Expert - 58,604 3 star

Tips: I remember me and my friends having trouble on this one on Expert, so
tips will be updated on this song ASAP.

"La Grange"
Artist: ZZ Top
Release Year: 1973
Personal best:
Easy - 116,142 5 star
Medium - 120,718 5 star
Hard - 131,288 5 star
Expert - 160,652 5 star

Tips: Coming...


Artist: Slash
Release Year: 2007

Tips: A very cool battle, I really like how he made this. Tips coming...

"Welcome to the Jungle"

Artist: Guns N’ Roses
Release Year: 1987
Personal best:
Easy - 104,430 5 star
Medium - 132,299 5 star
Hard - 155,326 5 star
Expert - 110,267 3 star

Tips: Another song I struggled on on Expert, so tips also due on this song

"Helicopter" (Co-op only)

Artist: Bloc Party 
Release Year: 2005
Personal best:
Easy -
Medium - 120,767 5 star
Hard -
Expert -

Tips: Coming Soon...


"Black Magic Woman"

Artist: Santana
Release Year:  1970
Personal best:
Easy - 102,020 5 star
Medium - 124,853 5 star
Hard - 124,981 4 star
Expert - 127,919 4 star

Tips: Some people find this song boring, but I personally like it a lot. It is
a relatively long song, but stick through with it, it really isn’t that hard.
Tips coming...

"Cherub Rock"

Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins
Release Year: 1993 
Personal best:
Easy - 113,434 5 star
Medium -182,462 5 star
Hard - 268,348 5 star
Expert - 162,789 3 star

Tips: Coming...

"Black Sunshine"

Artist:  White Zombie
Release Year:  1992
Personal best:
Easy - 102,183 5 star
Medium - 114,350 5 star
Hard - 75,111 3 star
Expert - 61,461 3 star

Tips: Coming...

"The Metal"

Artist: Tenacious D (Yes, it’s Jack Black. No, I’m not joking)
Release Year: 2006
Personal best:
Easy - 76,878 5 star
Medium - 103,845 5 star
Hard - 93,929 4 star
Expert - 93,889 3 star

Tips: Coming...

"Pride and Joy" (encore)

Artist: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Release Year: 1983
Personal best:
Easy - 111,869 5 star
Medium - 124, 284 5 star
Hard - 126,335 4 star
Expert - 112,882 3 star

Tips: Coming...

"Monsters" (Co-op only)

Artist: Matchbook Romance
Release Year: 2006
Personal best:
Easy -
Medium - 156,437 5 star
Hard -
Expert -

Tips: Another favorite, Tips coming soon...


"Before I Forget"

Artist: Slipknot
Release Year: 2004
Personal best:
Easy - 128,438 5 star
Medium - 158,860 5 star
Hard - 163,345 4 star
Expert- 134,445 3 star

Tips: I love this song too, though I know a lot of people don’t, whatever.
Pretty simple on East and Medium, takes a drastic turn to incredibly hard on
Hard, and then near impossible on Expert. This song had me beat for the longest
time, until I switched guitars thanks to heathernoel's tip (shown above).
Once using the CES the hardest part was just getting by the bridge (the
part that uses G/Y, R/B, Y/O back and forth). Save up your star power to that
point, then with star power activated, concentrate on the G/Y and R/B chords,
that way you'll stay green, and won't worry about sliding too much. 

Here's another tip submitted by dcuajunco:

A good tip for you to pass it....(Only passed it once with Guitar controller 
alone because of the bridge)
1)Save all your star power for the bridge
2)Slide really fast for the RBO to GRB chords
3)DON'T PANIC since most of the song repeats itself


Artist: Disturbed
Release Year: 2005
Personal best:
Easy - 131,114 5 star
Medium - 259,722 5 star ((not a typo, one of my fav songs)
Hard - 189,936 4 star
Expert - 147,737 3 star

Tips: Definitely one of my favorite songs, tips coming...

"3’s & 7’s"

Artist: Queens of the Stone Age
Release Year: 2007
Personal best:
Easy - 114,030 5 star
Medium - 174,874 5 star
Hard - 132,697 4 star
Expert -95,703 3 star

Tips: Another favorite, though I have no idea what the title has to do with
the song, oh well. Tips coming...

"Knights of Cydonia"

Artist: Muse
Release Year:  2006
Personal best:
Easy - 142,994 5 star
Medium - 203,544 5 star
Hard - 159,845 3 star
Expert - 152,080 3 star

Tips: Two things to watch for in this song. Throughout most of the song,
you will be bombarded with a bunch of the same notes in a row. You MUST
master the rhythm for these notes, both the slower (if you can call it slow)
parts and the faster ones. These sections are a pain to master, but once you
do, your score will sky-rocket, and the song will be easier to complete. The
second thing to watch for is at the end of the song, and you are thrown an
immense amount of P/O’s to do. They usually are O-B-Y for a good while, and
then B-Y-R. Getting your fingers to go at that speed, without skipping the
middle button (which happens a lot) is key. Once again, practice mode is great
because you can single out certain sections and work on them.

"Cult of Personality" (encore)

Artist: Living Colour
Release Year: 2007 
Personal best:
Easy - 128,654 5 star
Medium - 114,003 5 star
Hard - 189,752 5 star
Expert - 156,577 4 star

Tips: An incredibly fun song to play on Hard mode, and an insane one on Expert.
This song is full of H/O’s and P/O’s, and the key to mastering this song, is
following those notes like you follow map directions. They aren’t too hard up
to the solo, then thing get a little crazy, A little trick I have is to strum
every third note or so (on the H/O and P/O sections). This way, you never lose
too many notes if you lose your fingering in a H/O and P/O section. Really a
fun song to play once you get those tough sections down.


"Raining Blood"

Artist: Slayer
Release Year:  1989
Personal best:
Easy - 113,461 5 star
Medium - 140,228 5 star
Hard - 62,814 3 star
Expert -

Tips: This song is a beast. I had huge trouble playing this one, so I only have
a few tips to give to you. One, practice, practice, practice. I can’t stress
that enough. Secondly, Learn the rhythm for strumming in the fast sections that
are all one note, and keep close attention in the beginning for the it has the
slide of notes (O-B-Y-R-G) because that holds the star power for a couple times.
Star power is going to be your best friend in this song. Lastly, H/O’s and
P/O’s will save your life if you can hit them right. Once again, just to be
sure, strum some notes in between, so if you do lose your place, your rock
meter won’t drop down horribly. In the end it comes down to practice and a lot
of memorization. 

Here's some help from Dcuajunco:

Raining Blood(Hard)-Took forever to 5-star!
Keep on practicing on the Mosh since, unlike Expert has less HOPOs since you 
need to strum on the first parts of the O-B-Y-B-Y-R patterns and save star 
power too for the Flood.
Raining Blood(Expert)-Practically the reason nearly no one can fight Lou...
The Mosh...
Get the two star power parts or else, if you didn't practice, YOU'LL DIE.
It's also pretty obvious that you'll eventually miss notes so start strumming 
correctly when you do make mistakes. (thanks!)

"Cliffs of Dover"

Artist: Eric Johnson
Release Year: 1990
Personal best:
Easy - 81,308 5 star
Medium - 142,350 5 star
Hard - 114,806 4 star
Expert - 68,264 3 star

Tips: Such a fun song to play. Especially after "Before I forget", "Stricken",
and "Raining Blood", to be thrown a chill instrumental was a very smart move on
behalf of the Guitar Hero team. As with most of the upper bracket songs,
memorizing (to some extent, not complete memorization) of the H/O and P/O
sections is a big help. This song isn’t terribly hard compared to the others in
the bracket, and if you beat "Raining Blood" before it, this will be a cake
walk. However, it is relatively hard on Expert, I'll post some tips for it

"The Number of the Beast"

Artist:  Iron Maiden
Release Year:  1982
Personal best:
Easy - 181,066 5 star
Medium - 174,481 5 star
Hard - 184,388 3 star
Expert - 157,051 3 star

Tips: Hmm...finally we get some "Maiden". I personally would have preferred
"Rainmaker", but we got "The Trooper"in GH2, so I can’t complain. The chord
patterns in Hard mode are extremely confusing, and to get them down, you should
go into practice mode. Run through the intro a couple of time to get those down
right. Then when you have a chord followed directly by a single, followed
directly by a chord again (G/Y, G, G/Y, G, and so on) I have a little tip.
Never let go of the note that continues to play. So say it was the pattern
shown above, you would hold onto the G fret, and tap the Y fret when needed,
all while strumming appropriately. This way your not moving as much and you
can keep beat better.


Artist: Metallica
Release Year:  1998
Personal best:
Easy - 165, 684 5 star
Medium - 279,374 5 star
Hard - 153,633 3 star
Expert - 221,366 3 star

Tips: Well ever since the first game came out people wanted Metallica, and
now we have it, and I have to say, "One" is not a bad choice at all. A great
song and a nice way to finish the real setlist, 80% of this song isn’t terribly
difficult, but rather the last 20% is pretty difficult. The section that goes
G-G-G-G-G-G/R or something along those lines very fast, is going to require
you to hold on the strum bar, and move it up and down pretty fast, much like as
needed in "Knights of Cydonia". Then we have another set of 3 P/O’s and H/O’s
all in a row. Once again, timing is everything, and make sure you don’t miss
the middle note. It’s very typical when doing a P/O line of Y-R-G a bunch of
time in a row that you miss the R fret, so watch yourself. Faster strumming,
concentration, and practice will get you through this. 

Here's some help from DcuaJunco:

One(Hard and Expert)
To simplify... the secret pattern of the darkness areas!(The one where there 
are a lot of G frets)
-When you reach the pause of each of those G frets, the strum last is the 
opposite of the first!(Except for G-G-G-RBO)
The recommended hand position I use is...(1 is my index finger, 4 is my 
pinkie.. and it's pretty obvious what 2 and 3 are)
1 is G(duh)
2 is Y
3 is B
and 4 is O so it's easier to slide from G-G-G-G-G-G-GBYx2 to G-G-G-RBO
Save all you're star power for Fast Solo A!!!!!!!! (thanks!)


Artist: The Charlie Daniels Band
Release Year: 1979

Tips: I have a whole section for easy mode on this above. For medium and hard
(haven’t reached him in expert) tips are coming soon. My only tips I have for
you right now is don’t play it too many times in a row. Play it maybe three or
four times, then take a break. My biggest mistake playing this was doing it
twenty times in a row, getting tired and frustrated and then giving up. I
ended up beating it on Hard mode my first try on another day. Just out of
nowhere beat it. So don’t play it too many times, and give yourself a break.


All the songs that you can buy from the shop. Personally I like most of the
songs here better then the regular setlist.


Artist:Heroes Del Silencio
Release year: 1995
Personal Best:
Hard- 212,065 4 star

Tips: coming soon...

"In the Belly of a Shark"

Artist: Gallows
Release year: 2006
Personal Best:
Hard- 113,427 4 star

Tips: Coming Soon...

"Can't Be Saved"

Artist: Senses Fail
Release year: 2006
Personal Best:
Hard- 175,650 5 star
Expert- 144,306 4 star

Tips: Another favorite. Tips coming soon...


Artist: Lacuna Coil
Release Year: 2006
Personla Best:
Expert- 196,506 5 star

Tips: Coming soon...

"Don't Hold Back"

Artist: The Sleeping
Release year: 2006
Personal Best:
Hard- 130,712 5 star

Tips: Coming soon...

"Down 'N Dirty"

Artist: La Slum Lors
Release year: 2007
Personal Best:
Hard- 131,063 3 star

Tips: Coming soon...


Artist: The Fall of Troy
Release year: 2005
Personal Best:
Hard- 64,617 3 star

Tips: I love this song, on guitar hero or off of it, it's a great song.
tips coming soon...

"Generation Rock"

Artist: Revolverheld
Release year: 2005
Personal Best:
Hard- 151,448 5 star
Expert- 131,034 4 star

Tips: Yet another favorite. Tips coming soon...

"Go That Far"

Artist: Bret Michaels Band

Tips: Coming Soon...

"Hier Kommt Alex"

Artist: Die Toten Hosen
Release year: 1993
Personal Best:
Hard- 219,023 5 star
Expert-199,196 4 star

Tips: I love this song as well. Tips coming soon...

"I'm in the Band"

Artist: Hellacopters
Release year: 2005
Personal Best:
Hard- 146,810 5 star

Tips: Coming soon...


Artist: An Endless Sporadic
Release year: 2007
Personal Best:
Hard- 129,234 4-star

Tips: Another instrumental, very cool. Tips coming soon...

"In Love"

Artist: Scouts of St. Sebastian
Release year: 2007
Personal Best:
Hard- 146,454 5 star

Tips: Coming soon...

"Mauvais Garcon"

Artist: Naast
Release year: 2007
Personal Best:
Hard- 182,116 5 star

Tips: Coming soon...

"Metal Heavy Lady"

Artist: Lions
Release year: 2007
Personal Best:
Hard- 133,642 5 star

Tips: Coming soon...

"Minus Celsius"

Artist: Backyard Babies
Release year: 2003
Personal Best:
Hard-79,826 3 star

Tips: Coming soon...

"My Curse"

Artist: Killswitch Engage
Release year: 2006
Personal Best:
Hard- 147,997 5 star

Tips: What is this? Yelling in Guitar Hero? Yes! This what we need more of!
Now I'm not saying make the whole game full of screamo and heavy metal,
but if you were going to throw in some "Bullet for My Valentine", or maybe
"Second Heartbeat" by "Avenged Sevenfold", well I wouldn't go complaining.
This is another favorite. Tips coming soon...

"Nothing For Me Here"

Artist: Dope
Release year: 2006
Personal Best:
Hard- 58,628 3 star

Tips: Coming soon...

"Prayer of the Refugee"

Artist: Rise Against (Fav band in guitar hero)
Release year: 2006
Personal Best:
Hard- 86,639 3 star
Expert- 107,459 3 star

Tips: Rise Against has been one of my favorite bands since "Revolutions Per
Minute" and when I heard that "Prayer" was in GH I nearly pissed myself.
Ok, so their not exactly the normal Guitar Hero band and care more about
the message than the guitars, but still. It's Rise Against. And I love
them. Anyways this song is pretty simple until the crazy fast chorus. Doesn't
matter if you're playing on medium, hard, or expert, the chorus is very fast
and kind of confusing. Hello practice mode! Slow it down, and run through it
a couple of times. That's the only real tough part. Get back to enjoying
awsome Rise Against.

"Radio Song"

Artist: Superbus
Release year: 2004
Personal Best:
Hard- 134,475 5 star

Tips: Coming Soon...


Artist: The Kaiser Cheifs
Release year: 2007
Personal Best:
Hard- 111,877 5 star

Tips: I know I've heard this song somewhere before. If anyone knows
what commercial or movie or whatever this was in, an e-mail would be
highly appreciated! Tips coming soon...

"She Bangs the Drums"

Artist: The Stone Roses
Release year: 2007
Personal Best:
Hard- 197,323 5 star

Tips: Another favorite. Tips coming soon...

"Take this life"
Artist: In Flames
Release year:
Personal Best:
Hard- 140,941 3 star

Tips: Coming Soon...

"The Way it Ends"

Artist: Prototype
Release year: 2006
Personal Best:
Hard- 118,452 3 star

Tips: Coming soon...

"Through the Fire and Flames"

Artist: Dragonforce
Release year: 2006
Personal Best:
Hard- 137,112 3 star

Tips: You want tips for TTFAF? Are you joking? Here's a tip, practice. Honestly
this song is just plain nuts not matter what difficulty you're on. If you
absolutly need the achievements for beating this on Expert then you're biggest
concern in easily the intro. It's all H/O's and P/O's and yes, that's a G
fret in between every single note. So what do you do? Hold it down, tape it
down in necessary. I can't beat this song on Expert and I'm not going to
continue to try. My only other advice is that this song is perfect for getting
the '1000 note streak' achievement. Just go to Easy and play through a couple 
of times. I got it on my second day working on it. There's 1122 notes in the 
whole song on easy, so if you miss a few at the very beggining or end it won't
matter, just don't screw up in the middle. Good luck!


"Tom Morello Guitar Battle"
"Slash Guitar Battle"
"The Devil Went down to Georgia"

All three songs are the real full versions of the boss battles. Good
training if you can't beat the boss. All were made in 2007 and are all for

"Halo Theme Mjonir Mix"

Artist: O'Donnell/ Salvatori, Vai
Release year: 2006
Personal Best:
Hard- 83,519 4 star

Tips: Halo + Guitar Hero = Awsomeness overload. The only thing I can imagine
that's better than this is Ryu (Street Fighter) fighting Dante (Devil May
Cry). Or maybe two Chuck Norris'. This song is a lot of fun to play and
another favorite. Tips coming soon...

"Pretty Handsome Awkward"

Artist: The Used
Release year: 2007
Personal Best:
Hard- 210,597 5 star

Tips: Love this song. Practically the only reason I bought this pack ((I'm
a huge "Used" fan)). Tips coming soon...

"No More Sorrow"

Artist: Linkin Park
Release year: 2007
Personal Best:
Hard- 202,658 4 star

Tips: Whoever thought that Linkin Park should be in Guitar Hero should be shot.
Sorry, but they have no place in this game. Don't get me wrong, I love Linkin
Park, I really do. Just not in this game. Ah well, it's still better than
"Kool Thing". Tips coming soon...

"Sleeping Giant"

Artist: Mastadon
Release year: 2006
Personal Best:
Hard- 178,335 4 star

Tips: Coming soon...

"We Three Kings"

Artist: Steve Ouimette"
Release year: 2007
Personal Best:
Hard- 112,004 5 star

Tips: Yup, the christmas carol is now metalized and sounds better than ever.
Awsome song, and another instrumental. Tips coming soon...

"Any Way You Want It"

Artist: Journey ((Why isn't there more Journey?))
Release year: 1980
Personal Best:
Hard- 142,251 5 star

Tips: The main reason I bought the Classic Rock pack. I love Journey, and ever
since hearing this song covered by Rise Against I've been hooked. Of course
Journey did it originally (and better) so here it is. Amazing song.
Tips coming...

"Jukebox Hero"

Artist: Foreigner
Release year: 1981
Personal Best:
Hard- 110, 362

Tips: Absolutly love this song. Tips coming soon...

"Peace of Mind"

Artist: Boston
Release year: 1976
Personal Best:
Hard- 287,227 5 star

Tips: Yet another awsome song. Tips coming soon...

"Dream On"

Artist: Aerosmith
Release year: 2007
Personal Best:
Hard- 188,383 5 star (100%)
Expert- 166,537 5 star

Tips: While possibly being one of the easiest songs on the game, it's still
a favorite. Great song to listen to and to play. Tips coming soon if you
really need it for this simple song.


Coming soon...I promise!


This mode is alright, but won't prove somebody better than another. This
mode switches off different sections of a song to both players, so that both
players rarely ever play together. By doing this, some players may get easier
sections than the others. This mode dates back to the first game, and I don't
like it too much, Pro Face-Off is much better.

Pro Face-Off

My versus mode of choice. First introduced in Guitar Hero 2, this mode is 1v1
(they all are) and will have you and your enemy playing against each other,
note for note. This is forced to make both people play on the same difficulty,
so that way, nobody can have an advantage on the other one. If you really want
to see who's better at this game, Pro Face-Off is the only way to go.


You remember the boss battles? Now replace the boss with a friend, and you
have Battle mode. Make sure they're dead before the song ends, or else
you end up replaying the song, only with one difference, every power up is
a death drain. This means that the person that fires off this power up first
with the most health (your rock meter is your health) wins. So say Player 1
sends it off to Player 2 first, but player 1 is constantly in the red, while
Player 2 is consistantly in the green, if Player 2 can fire off their own
death drain fast enough, they could win. It's a fun little game, and is
the fastest one easily, so best if you're going for achievements.


Q: Can I play Bass line ever outside of Co-op?

A: Yes! Though it's not exactly normal, and the score won't save. You can
go into practice mode, and select the bass line. You don't have to slow it
down and can play the whole song, so it's almost like normal, you just 
won't know if you actually passed or failed or not (if it's below 75%,
more than likely you failed).

Q: What are the downloadable songs for 360?

A: So far (2.16) there is:

Boss Battle Pack: Has all three Boss Battles as normal songs, and its
completly free!

Warner/Reprise Pack: Contains "No More Sorrow" By Linkin Park,
"Sleeping Giant" by Mastadon, and "Pretty Handsome Awkward" by
The Used. 500 Microsoft points will net you these songs by big name
bands of today.

Velvet Revolver Pack: This package has "She Builds Quick Machines",
"Slither", and "Messages", all done by Velvet Revolver. 500 Microsoft
Points will let you pick this up.

Foo Fighters Pack: This has got "The Pretender", "All My Life", and
"This is a Call" all by The Foo Fighters. Another 500 Microsoft Points
for this baby.

"Trust" by Antisocial is a single worth 200 Microsoft Points.

"We Three Kings" By some dude or group is completly free!

"Halo Theme Mjonlinir Mix" By three different dudes is also free!

"Dream On" by Aerosmith is free as of writing, but is gonna cost you after
2.17, probably around 200 points.

Classic Rock Pack - "Anyway You Want It" by Journey (why isn't there more
Journey?), "Piece of Mind" by Boston, and "Juke Box Hero" by Foreigner is in
this sweet package. 500 points will give you a trip down memory lane.

There are also two foreign songs, and I'm just too lazy to go write down the
names. Both are worth 200 points.

Now the only ones I have are the free ones (including "Dream On") because 
these costs far too much for someone making minimum wage. 
If you feel like sending money, I won't complain ;) 

((just a joke, I don't want your money))

If you want tips on the downloadable songs that cost, you'll have to go
somewhere else, or wait until someone sends tips for them, sorry.


To get the following cheats to work correctly, go into options and select the
cheat menu. Hold the frets listed down and strum. You need to go at an alright
speed for the code to work.

AIR GUITAR (makes you guitar disappear onscreen) - B/Y, G/Y, G/Y, R/B, R/B,
R/Y, R/Y, B/Y, G/Y, G/Y, R/B, R/B, R/Y, G/Y, G/Y, R/Y, R/Y

Bret Michaels as a singer (makes Bret Michaels the singer for every song) -
G/R, G/R, G/R, G/B, G/B, G/B, R/B, R, R, R, R/B, R, R, R, R/B, R, R, R

And here's some cheats submitted by Dcuajunco

Precision Mode(Been there on Expert and passed except for TDWDTG((I never beat 
him on Expert))
[GRx3, RYx2 RBx2, YB, YOx2] x2

Hyperspeed! (you can change it up to 5 different speeds)
O, B, O, Y, O, B, O, Y

Unlock all songs
YO, RB, RO, GB, RY, YO, RY, RB, GYx2, YBx2, YOx2, YB, Y, (R, RY)x2, O

Bunch more coming, I promise!

Unlockables/Stuff at the store

Coming soon...I promise!


Before we begin, I have a confession to make. I am a dreaded achievement
whore. I am not proud of it, but it is something I have to live with every
day. My gamerscore is over 14,000 as of version 1.0. Yes, I am that kid
that actually played Fusion Frenzy 2 ((It was only a rental though)). So I'm
going to try and help you get these to the best of my ability, though
Guitar Hero 3 has some of the hardest achievements I've ever seen.
This is not a game you're going to get all 1000 points out of. In fact count
yourself lucky if you break 300 points. It's not easy, but here we go.

Person stats:
33/59 achievements (I didn't wuss out on the bosses so think 34)
350/1000 points
As of 1.0.

These are in the order in which I unlocked them:

A couple of Streakers
Hint:200 note streak in Co-op? Simple.

Two by Four
Hint: 8x multiplier in co-op. easy.

Bronze Streaker
Hint: 100 note streak. no problem.

Silver Streaker
Hint: 250 note streak. Done.

Gold Streaker
Hint: 500 note streak. Through Fire and Flames on Easy.

Hint: 100% a song. Pick any easy mode song.

Track Master
Hint: Unlock all code.

Medium Rare
Hint: Read the medium section

Ready to Rock
Hint: C'mon now, just do the tutorial.

Whammy Mania
Hint: Tape the whammy bar down, play on easy. Easy 15 points.

Rock Guru
Hint: Practice, practice, practice.

Blowin it
Hnt: Fail a song 10 times. Put it on medium and strum a bunch.

Almost Got It
Hint: Fail a song past 90%. Try playing One on Hard or Expert. You'll fail
right about 93-97% almost guarenteed.

Tone Deaf
Hint: Slow Ride or Closer with the sound turned off. Simple.

First Big Score
Hint: One on Medium.

Meet Your Maker
Hint: It's viral so play online a lot.

Life of the Party
Hint: Pro-Face off on a song that you know in and out on a difficulty you
can 100% it 15 times. Bam, 10 points. Quit out if you're going to lose.
I only condone quitting if your going for the achievement and even then
you should at least feel bad.

Hint: Get lucky and hope your opponent doesnt get whammy. Good luck.

Axe Collecter
Hint: Unlock all cheat.

Got 'em All
Hint: Unlock all cheat.

Burnin a Hole in you're pocket
Hint: Unlock all cheat.

Easy Rider
Hint: Look at the easy section above.

Axe grinder
Hint: Practice.

That's what Friends Are For
Hint: Get a buddy and jam through Co-op career mode.

Two Timer
Hint: Play with somebody good on "One" on Medium

Dynamic Duo
Hint:Play with somebody good on "One" on Medium

Always Hard
Hint: Good luck!

Buy a Guitar Already
Hint: Beat it on hard, go to dashboard, unplug guitar and plug in normal
controller, log back in, go to hard career and the achievement should unlock.

Hendrix Reborn
Hint: Easy mode. Done and done.

Streak Master
Hint: Through the Fire and Flames on Easy.

Too Many to Count
Hint: Play ALOT.

Search and Destroy
Hint: Quit out if you're going to lose.

Button Masher
Hint: Do battle and always choose easy. Then do Through Fire and Flames.
Easy 5 points. Quit if you're going to lose.

The rest of the achievements I haven't unlocked as of 1.0.

Enlightened Guitarist

Who Needs the Power

Star Mania

Never Gonna Spend It All

Back Up Hero

Guitar Wizard

100 Million!?! Gulp!?!

Solo Career

Big 'Ol Pile of Wins

The long road ahead

Right Hand of God

Half a Mil'

Now that's Impressive


Guitar Hero

Streak Masters

Millionaire Club

Higher than most

Easy Duo

Medium Duo

Hard Duo

Living Legends

Leaders of the Pack

Half Mill' Club

The Inhuman Achievement

Conclusion and Legalities and thanks

So I hope that this FAQ has helped you some how. Now for all the boring stuff.

I'd like to thank the whole Guitar Hero team, whether it's the guys from 1 and
2, or just the ones from 3, everyone who's helped with a Guitar Hero game is
automatically an idol in my book (extreme exaggeration). I'd like to thank my
dear old mom, for being awsome and driving me out to get the first game, and
the other two on opening day. I'd like to thank my all my friends. 'Fin' for
giving me somyoueone to strive to beat, and the only real reason I even tried
hard mode back on GH1. Carter for listening to me for picking this game up,
along with Duca. Mike for trying to be better than me at the game, and yet
failing and making me feel good when I win. For God because I know for sure
there's no way I beat Lou or Black Sunshine on Hard on my own (say what you,
I'm sure), and of course so much more. I'd like to thank Andrew just because
I'm sure he'd love a shout-out. A thanks to RENT, just because I adore that
movie. Also a big thanks to anyone that's read this guide and to everyone
that's played guitar hero, and helped make it the great success that it is.

And now time for something completly different (yes that's copyrighted, please
don't sue).I made this, me, floackle. If you see this anywhere else by any
other name, please  inform me. This is Copyrighted (2008) by Joshua Snell,
whatever crap people need to  show that this is my work, and whatever other
stuff that GameFAQS said in there little bit about copyrights. This can not be
altered at all, unless for personal use,  i.e. copy and pasted sections to
print w/e. Just not on another site and say it’s yours. The only site this FAQ
I allowed on is www.gamefaqs.com. This can not be reposted anywhere without my
permission, and as of now, you don't have my permission. If you see this
anywhere else, please tell me, thank you in advance. 
Hope this helped, continue to rock and game!

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