What is better ? a AK-47 that have shotgun inserted or the carbine rifle ?

  1. The title says it all

    User Info: sora2197

    sora2197 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. They are both formidable waepons, it really depends on preferance.

    The carbine is more powerful per shot and can take out vehicles more quickly, it also has a grenade launcher as an alternate fire which is good for open areas/large crowds/cars. Downside is some missions are inside buildings and the grenades will hurt Tony if you aren't careful. The carbine also burns through ammo quickly and you will be reloading frequently, plus when its upgraded it holds 100 rounds per clip thats 4.5 reloads until you get montana defense investment.

    The AK is still a decent weapon even if it does slightly less damage than the carbine it is still a respectable amount and can take out most enemies quickly. AK is more conservative of your ammo, you can hear each bullet fire and keep track of when to relaod better. The shotgun is useful for close quarters/ tight spaces/ and crowd control, downside is it only holds about 3 shells at a time so it is mostly for emergencies like if you turn a corner and are met face to face with an enemy or if you run out of ammo for the AK and have no time to reload.

    Bottom line: Carbine for speed and power and AK for safety and stamina.
    or you could just get the 50cal "little friend" and dominate, like a rapid fire Deagle.

    User Info: Xszit

    Xszit - 9 years ago 0   0

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