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FAQ/Walkthrough by StBacchus

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/04/07

                         ____  _            __
                        / __ \(_)________ _/ /____  _____
                       / /_/ / / ___/ __ `/ __/ _ \/ ___/
                      / ____/ / /  / /_/ / /_/  __(__  )
                     /_/   /_/_/   \__,_/\__/\___/____/
                            ____  / __// /_/ /_  ___
                           / __ \/ /_ / __/ __ \/ _ \
                          / /_/ / __// /_/ / / /  __/
                  ______  \____/_/ _ \__/_/_/_/\___/
                 / ____/___ ______(_) /_  / /_  ___  ____ _____
                / /   / __ `/ ___/ / __ \/ __ \/ _ \/ __ `/ __ \
               / /___/ /_/ / /  / / /_/ / /_/ /  __/ /_/ / / / /
               \____/\__,_/_/  /_/_.___/_.___/\___/\__,_/_/ /_/
            ___,     _                  _      o    ___
           /   |    (_|   |   |_/      | |   | /   / (_)         |
          |    |_|_   |   |   |__  ,_  | | __|  ,  \__  _  _   __|
          |    | |    |   |   /  \/  | |/ /  | / \_/   / |/ | /  |
           \__/\_/_/   \_/ \_/\__/   |_/__|_/|_/\/ \___/ |  |_|_/|_/

This is a FAQ/Walkthrough for the game Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
as developed for the Nintendo Wii. It should also work for the Playstation 2
version, but no promises.

                   Version : 1.00
                      Date : August 4, 2007
                Written by : Saint Bacchus
                   Contact : stbacchus (at) gmail (dot) com

= Table of Contents ===========================================================
1.0 Gameplay                     [ GPLAY ]
      1.1 Combos                 [ CMBOS ]
2.0 Walkthrough                  [ WLK00 ]
      2.1 Prison Fortress        [ WLK01 ]
      2.2 Isla de Pelegostos     [ WLK02 ]
      2.3 Port Royal             [ WLK03 ]
      2.4 Pearl vs Dutchman      [ WLK04 ]
      2.5 Tortuga                [ WLK05 ]
      2.6 Isla Cruces            [ WLK06 ]
      2.7 Pearl vs Kraken        [ WLK07 ]
      2.8 Singapore              [ WLK08 ]
      2.9 Davy Jones' Locker     [ WLK09 ]
      2.10 Sea Battle            [ WLK10 ]
      2.11 Shipwreck City        [ WLK11 ]
      2.12 Maelstrom             [ WLK12 ]
3.0 Challenge Mode               [ CHG00 ]
      3.1 Prison Fortress        [ CHG01 ]
      3.2 Isla de Pelegostos     [ CHG02 ]
      3.3 Port Royal             [ CHG03 ]
      3.4 Pearl vs Dutchman      [ CHG04 ]
      3.5 Tortuga                [ CHG05 ]
      3.6 Isla Cruces            [ CHG06 ]
      3.7 Pearl vs Kraken        [ CHG07 ]
      3.8 Singapore              [ CHG08 ]
      3.9 Davy Jones' Locker     [ CHG09 ]
      3.10 Sea Battle            [ CHG10 ]
      3.11 Shipwreck City        [ CHG11 ]
      3.12 Maelstrom             [ CHG12 ]
4.0 Dueling                      [ DDUEL ]
5.0 Treasure Cove (Unlockables)  [ TCOVE ]
      5.1 Black Pearl Crew       [ PCREW ]
      5.2 Flying Dutchman Crew   [ DCREW ]
      5.3 Pirate Lords           [ PLORD ]
      5.4 Pirates                [ YARRR ]
      5.5 Civilians              [ FOLKS ]
      5.6 Soldiers               [ SLDRS ]
      5.7 Concept Art            [ CTART ]
      5.8 Poker Charm Cards      [ PCARD ]
      5.9 Dice Charm Cards       [ PDICE ]
      5.10 Swords                [ SWRDS ]
      5.11 Title Sequences       [ TTLES ]
7.0 Copyright Information

= Gameplay      [ GPLAY ] =====================================================

The basic gameplay is explained in some detail in the first Story Mode stage,
Prison Fortress.

One of the more important moves is the Ole or Side-Step. There are several Ole
sub-missions and one Ole boss battle. To perform an Ole, hold Z to block and
wait for the enemy to run at you. When they do, hit left or right on the
control stick. Your character should step gracefully to one side, sending the
enemy flying over ledges, into barrels, into other enemies, etc.

You can grab an enemy by approaching them - without blocking or attacking - and
flicking the nunchuck. You are open to attack while you're doing this, so it's
best used in one-on-one duels.

= Combos      [ CMBOS ] =======================================================

Flick the Wiimote left or right for a quick and light hit. Flick the Wiimote up
or down for a slow and heavy hit. Do any combination of two hits and a thrust
towards the screen, and you'll execute a combo. The first combo, Focus Attack,
is available as soon as it's explained in the Prison Fortress level. The others
are unlocked by completing Story Mode levels.

    # | Level Name         | Combo
    1 | Prison Fortress    | Focus Attack (left/right, left/right, thrust)
    3 | Port Royal         | Range Attack (left/right, up/down, thrust)
    6 | Isla Cruces        | Barge Attack (up/down, left/right, thrust)
    9 | Davy Jones' Locker | Block Attack (up/down, up/down, thrust)

Block Attack is slow, but it's the quickest way to dispatch enemies that block
a lot, which is all of them towards the end of the game. Range Attack is good
for clearing away a group of enemies that is mobbing you, and for chaining
together hits for Hit Combo challenges.

Focus Attack is fine for single strong enemies. Barge Attack can be used to
knock enemies off of ledges.

= Walkthrough      [ WLK00 ] ==================================================

Once a level has been completed, it may be replayed. When replaying levels, you
have any item power-ups and new combos that have been unlocked while playing
Story Mode. However, you start with zero Loot and zero items, so the Loot
sub-missions are best done the first time around.

Once a level has been completed, it is unlocked in Challenge Mode (see Chapter
3) and Replay mode.

= Prison Fortress      [ WLK01 ] ==============================================

Level Complete Rewards
  1. Captain Jack Sparrow unlocked
  2. Prison Fortress unlocked in Challenge Mode

Sub-Mission Rewards
  1. Crab Pendants        - Pirate Poker Charm Card 01
  2. Defeat 10 Enemies    - Bootstrap Bill Turner
  3. Release 4 Prisoners  - 400 Notoriety
  4. Ole 4 Enemies        - 250 Loot
  5. Collect 850 Loot     - Inmate
  6. 15 Hit Combo         - Prison Fortress Guard 2
  7. 1500 Level Notoriety - Prison Fortress Guard 3


Cutscene: Captain Teague finds Captain Jack Sparrow in a cell in the Prison
Fortress. Teague tells Jack he only has one hour to escape the hangman's noose
and unlocks the cell.

Break the first crate to get a Crab Pendant. The second holds a turkey. Head
down the stairs and talk to the prisoners. They will teach you how to attack,
and then you get to try it yourself on a couple of guards. After finishing them
off, talk to the prisoners again to release them. They'll tell you to take the
rope on your left.

On the second floor, head right and talk to the prisoner. He will give you a
tip on dueling. After releasing the prisoners, go left to find a pulsating
yellow spot on the floor. Hit C and Jack will fly over to another catwalk in
inimitable Jack Sparrow style. Here you will enter duel mode, a one-on-one
fight in which you can only go forward or back. Use Z to block the guard's
first hit, then swing away until you hear the clink of metal on metal. Then
block again and attack when the guard's, well, guard is down.

Move ahead and talk to the prisoner, who will tip you off that the Fortress's
loot is hidden above the armory. Pick up some loot in the crates to the left
and then head down the ladder. Follow the stairs to your right up to a landing
where you can either fight a guard or proceed to the right. Fight the guard and
open the door. Inside is a small room with a cannon. Cut the rope to release
the barrel of the cannon, then light the fuse and let 'er rip to reveal another
small room with a ladder. Up here is the secret cache! Take the rope back down.

Ignoring the stairs, head left and break the crates for more loot and a second
Crab Pendant. Go right again and open the big door. Outside are three more
guards. This is a good place to try for the Ole Enemies sub-mission. Just block
until a guard runs at you, then quickly jerk the nunchuck to the left or right.
You can also use the control stick to move away quickly. Jack will dodge, and
the guard should run right off the ledge. Sometimes Jack will kick the guard in
the butt, in which case just try again. After fighting the three guards, you
will be thrown into a duel with the Fortress cook. Force him back, then run
back up the stairs and attack from the top to get the drop on him. Proceed to
the right. Break the crates for some loot before heading down the rope.

At the bottom, first go left up the stairs. There is a cache upstairs that
includes the third Crab Pendant. After grabbing the loot, head back down the
stairs and into the room.

Here you'll have your first try at a Jackanism. It has 8 steps:
1. Flick Wiimote left/right
2. Rotate control stick until all three lights are yellow
3. Flick Wiimote left/right
4. Flick Wiimote left/right
5. Swing Wiimote up/down until all three lights are yellow
6. Flick Wiimote left/right
7. A
8. Flick Wiimote up/down

If you fail at the Jackanism, you fight several waves of guards. This is a good
place to try for the Hit Combo sub-mission. You can also Ole the guards into
the barrels around the edges of the room. If you succeed at the Jackanism,
there are no guards. Either way, once you're done, trip the three switches in
the room to release the bridge to the next area. There are also three crates
with loot.

Head across the bridge and go left. Talk to the prisoner, who will tell you
about Davy Jones' key. Releasing him completes the Prisoner sub-mission. Head
down the stairs and go all the way to the right, where you will find the fourth
and final Crab Pendant in a crate. In the center of this room is the head
guard. If you succeeded at the Jackanism before, this is a good place to try
for the Hit Combo. If you just want to get through it, run away and use the
torture devices scattered around the room. The guard drops a drawing of Davy
Jones' key. Pick it up and follow the arrow out.

Through the gate is a lone guard. Take him out and kick down the barrel, then
light the gunpowder to explode your way to freedom. Outside are three more
guards. This is where you can finish the Ole Enemies sub-mission. Once the
guards are finished, head left to the peninsula.

Cutscene: Captain Teague tells Jack he must find Tia Dalma in Port Royal and
boots him into a casket. After rowing back to the Black Pearl, Jack finds
Boostrap Bill Turner, who reminds him that Jack bargained away his soul. Jack
must get to land before Jones has a chance to collect.

= Isla de Pelegostos      [ WLK02 ] ===========================================

Level Complete Rewards
  1. Will Turner
  2. Isla de Pelegostos unlocked in Challenge Mode

Sub-Mission Rewards
  1. Crab Pendants        - Pirate Dice Charm Card 02
  2. Free 9 Captured Crew - Cotton
  3. Collect 1000 Loot    - Male Warrior 1
  4. 15 Hit Combo         - Pirate Poker Charm Card 02


Cutscene: Will Turner rows to Isla de Pelegostos, where he finds Jack about to
roast. He frees Jack, who runs off.

Immediately, you face three natives. After defeating one, a fourth will appear.
Take them out, then break the pots to get the first Crab Pendant. Free your
first captured crewman and head to the left to fight another native and free a
second crewman. Head back to the right, but just before the throne, cross the

On the bridge, duel a native. Jack is visible in the background, busy with his
own problems. Across the bridge is a plateau where four natives will attack.
Take them out (you can Ole them if you are near the cliffs) and go left, back
to the bridge where you came from. Instead of crossing it, go around the back
of it, near the hut. There is a third crewman back here, guarded by one native.
Back up top, walk to the right. You should slip right through some tall grass
between two huts. Follow the path to a fourth crewman, guarded again by one
native. Back on the plateau, keep to the right. Instead of crossing the bridge
on the far-right side of the plateau, go behind it for a fifth crewman and
another native. Collect the second Crab Pendant from the pot next to the bridge
and head across.

Two natives cut through the rope bridge and dump Will on a lower cliff. From
here, you can climb back up to the previous plateau if you missed something.
Otherwise, head to the right. Ignore the ladder for the time being, unless you
don't care about the sub-missions, in which case skip right to the next
paragraph. Keep right, and you'll find a pot, a native, and a sixth crewman. If
you break the pot, you'll alert the native to your presence, so wait till later
to get the drop on him. Cross the bridge to the right to find another native
guarding the seventh crewman. While you're at it, break the pots to get the
third Crab Pendant. Go back across the bridge and up the ladder you passed

Up the ladder, fight another native and slide down the rope. Jack is in the
background, still keeping busy. Head down the hill, but DO NOT CUT THE CREWMAN
DOWN! Instead, slip around the backside of that hill, where crewman #8 is
waiting with a native guard. After freeing him, go back up to the plateau and
break all the pots for loot. The fourth and final Crab Pendant is in a pot near
the bridge on the far right. Now, finally, you can free the ninth and final

Freeing this crewman starts a boss fight. You must Ole the native woman into
the pot, where Jack can crack her noggin with a coconut. To do an Ole, get Will
between the woman and the pot. When she runs at Will, thumb the control stick
left or right. Will should step to the side, and she should land in the pot.
After each coconut, she will run away and you will fight two natives. On the
third coconut, Jack and Will flee across a bridge. Here you must do something
similar to a Jackanism, which allows you to fight with both Jack and Will at
once. The pattern is:
1. A
2. B
3. Flick Wiimote up/down
4. Flick Wiimote left/right

Jack and Will end up on a raft, with Jack stuck in a hole and Will fighting an
endless number of natives. This is a great place to finish both the Loot and
Hit Combo sub-missions. You'll get stuck twice along the way - once where
you'll have to hit three spots while fighting natives, and a second time where
you'll have to cut down some branches in addition to the enemies.

Cutscene: Will and Jack make it out to the ocean. Jack orders the Pearl to Port
Royal. "We have a pressing and unyielding need to find Tia Dalma."

= Port Royal      [ WLK03 ] ===================================================

Level Complete Rewards
  1. Capitaine Chevalle
  2. Port Royal unlocked in Challenge Mode
  3. New Combo: Range Attack (left/right, up/down, thrust)

Sub-Mission Rewards
  1. Crab Pendants    - Pirate Poker Charm Card 03
  2. Wanted Posters   - 300 Loot
  3. Sneaky Man       - 400 Notoriety
  4. Rum Raid Part 1  - Townsfolk 3
  5. Missing Person   - Tia Dalma
  6. Pirate Dice      - Pirate Dice Charm Card 03
  7. Collect 500 loot - Townsfolk 1
  8. 17 Hit Combo     - Town Landlord


Cutscene: Jack's compass is still not working. Will remarks that Port Royal is
not the safest place for them to be, as Lord Cutler Beckett has put a price on
their heads. Jack, however, is desperate to find Tia Dalma.

On the docks, first head down to talk to a prisoner whom you previously
released from the Prison Fortress. He will give you 200 loot. (Note: You can't
do this when replaying the level.) Bust up the East India Trading Company
crates for fun and profit, too. On your way off the dock, hit the stealth
action point to quietly eliminate one of His Majesty's Finest.

Next is a Jackanism, which unlocks the Red Coat character for play. It has 7
1. Control stick up
2. A
3. Control stick down
4. A
5. Control stick right
6. Control stick up
7. A

You also get 560 Notoriety for completing the Jackanism. Go back to the left a
bit to break some crates and talk to the lady. She wants to find her worthless,
philandering husband. To accept the mission, choose the first option: "I might
have time to assist...is there recompense, I wonder?" Cross the bridge to the
right and talk to the rum runner to accept the Rum Raid mission. Keep going

In the town square, tear down the Wanted Poster with Jack's face. Tia Dalma is
standing off to the right, so talk to her. She has three important piece of
information: 1) Whoever controls Davy Jones' heart controls Jones; 2) the
Pirate Lords must be rallied for a Conclave; 3) one of the Pirate Lords,
Capitaine Chevalle, is about to be hanged right here in Port Royal. This opens
up the next few objectives.

Head to the right. If you talked to the rum runner before, you will be able to
talk to the innkeeper now. Dazzle him with your wit thus:
1. "I am a student of Inns, and outs."
2. "Ah, but it does!"
3. "Fascinating...I once considered running an Inn. Just now, in fact."
4. "Listen, I've got a tale of a night in an Inn...."
5. "Aye, but before we get to that, one question."

Finishing the sub-mission puts you back at the entrance to the town square,
where you tore down the first Wanted Poster. This time, go left to hit a second
Stealth Point and put another soldier out of commission. If you continue to the
left, you can get a Royal Navy officer over a barrel. Or rather, under.

The man standing outside The White Peruke will offer you a game of Pirate Dice.
(Fascinating historical note: a peruke is a man's wig, especially the long and
luxurious variety worn by Governor Swann.) To complete this sub-mission, you
must come out on top - or tied - after 10 rounds. You can try as many times as
you like, as long as you have at least 30 Loot to put up. You can also come
back and play again after you've got more Charm Cards for cheating.

Head out the town square in the opposite direction from the docks. Tear down
the Wanted Poster showing Elizabeth Swann. Rob the East India Trading Company
crates on the raised sidewalk, but follow the lower path to the right. You can
then sneak up on the fourth and final soldier. In the dead end, talk to the
philanderer to send him back to his missus. Choose the second option, "Listen
mate, she wants you back." You can now return to the wife, who gives you 100
loot and 100 Notoriety for your trouble. Before leaving this alley to the
right, break the last East India crate to get your second Crab Pendant.

Capitaine Chevalle is pilloried, and townsfolk are pelting him with rotten
vegetables. Make a circuit around this area, stopping at the action points
wherever they appear. You can also tear down Will Turner's Wanted Poster, the
third and final one. Try and avoid the Red Coats if you can. If they spot you,
you'll have to defeat an officer and a soldier before either of them can ring
the alarm for more guards. If they reach the bell, you start the area over

Once you're done with that mischief, make for the stairs behind Capitaine
Chevalle (opposite where you came in). Head left, where you'll find some
prisoners and some crates. Liberate the loot from the crates BEFORE liberating
the prisoners, because their release will throw you into a cutscene. The third
Crab Pendant is at the far left-hand side of the prison.

With Capitaine Chevalle on board (so to speak), head back to the docks. On your
way, you'll have to duel a Red Coat. In the town square, you'll fight two
officers and two soldiers. On the bridge, another duel with a Red Coat.

Cutscene: Jack meets up with Governor Swann, who pleads with Jack to help
Elizabeth. Having been branded a pirate for helping Jack, she has fled to
Tortuga to find Will.

To give the Black Pearl crew time to prepare, Jack must fight off Red Coats. A
series of crates blocks his way. Your crew on the Pearl will blow them every
fifteen to twenty seconds, with the final two out of your way at around 40
seconds on the timer. The crates on the lower level of the last pier have loot
and health. The crate nearest the ramp on the upper level has the fourth and
final Crab Pendant. On the upper level, go all the way to the right and hit the
action point to get on the Pearl.

= Pearl vs. Dutchman      [ WLK04 ] ===========================================

Level Complete Rewards
  1. Davy Jones
  2. Pearl vs. Dutchman unlocked in Challenge Mode
  3. Dutchman Sword
  4. Inventory items now at Power Level 2

Sub-Mission Rewards
  1. Crab Pendants     - Pirate Dice Charm Card 04
  2. Defeat 10 enemies - Pirate Poker Charm Card 04
  3. Avoid detection   - ???
  4. Collect 600 Loot  - Black Pearl Crew 1
  5. 20 Hit Combo      - Maccus


Cutscene: Jack and Will spot the Flying Dutchman. Jack tells Will about Jones'
heart, and tells Will to board the Dutchman and grab the key while Jack keeps
Davy and the fish people busy.

You start out as Jack, and your goal is to protect Will, who for some reason is
cowering behind some crates up to your left. The first Crab Pendant is up the
stairs to your right. A decent strategy is to run up, grab the pendant, and run
back to the left just in time to stop the fish man from killing Will. After
that, try to keep the fish people busy on the lower part of the deck. In each
set of fish people, there will be one Maccus (shark-head) who makes a beeline
right for Will. Focus on that one guy. When you kill one, another will come up
out of the deck. Once you kill three of them, Will swings over to the Dutchman.

As Will, you'll have to fight some more fish people. Once they're dispatched,
hit the action point to get down to the lower deck. Head right to pick up your
second Crab Pendant. To the left, fight a wave of fish people. At the far left,
push the crate using the action point, then fight yet more fish people. Hop up
on the crate and climb the ladder.

Hey, more fish people! Didn't see that one coming. After taking them out, break
the door to the right to steal some loot. Release the prisoners at the far left
for some Notoriety and solidarity with your fellow seamen. Then head up the
stairs. After yet more fish people, Will tries to open a door only to have it
busted open by Electric Arm. It's time for a duel. After finishing off Electric
Arm, go right and loot the Dutchman's cache. Continue right.

Just through the door, in the left-hand corner, is a crate containing the third
Crab Pendant. This deck here is where the "Avoid Detection" sub-mission takes
place. In the opposite corner, at the far right-hand side of the deck, smash
the crate for the fourth and final Crab Pendant. Now go back left and up the
stairs. Proceed to the right, following the arrow at Will's feet.

Cutscene: Will meets his father, Bootstrap Bill. Will promises to return and
free his father.

In Davy Jones' cabin, fight two more eel men. Then exit to the left. Will has a
little "Willanism" here. Press A and then flick the Wiimote up and down as
indicated. Will ends up at the top of a mast, where you must fight two more
fish people. Then hit the action point to slide down the rigging and duel with

Cutscene: Will makes it back to the Pearl with the key. Davy Jones swears
revenge. The Black Pearl heads for Tortuga. "General rule: It's never not a
good idea to go to Tortuga."

= Tortuga      [ WLK05 ] ======================================================

Level Complete Rewards
  1. Elizabeth Swann
  2. Tortuga unlocked in Challenge Mode

Sub-Mission Rewards
  1. Crab Pendants     - Pirate Dice Charm Card 05
  2. Face Slap         - Wench 3
  3. Pirate Poker      - Pirate Poker Charm Card 05
  4. Rum Raid Part 2   - 500 Notoriety
  5. Collect 1500 Loot - Pirate 2
  6. 21 Hit Combo      - Penrod


Cutscene: Will wonders if Elizabeth is here, but Jack is more concerned about
finding the rest of the Pirate Lords.

You start as Jack on the dock. Talk to the wench to get a nice slapping, the
first of many. Loot the crates for loot, then head left. The first Crab Pendant
is in the lower-left-hand corner of the left-hand dock. Also be sure to burgle
the ship for more loot. Then head back to the right and take the pier that
leads into town. Halfway down, you'll have to duel an angry pirate. At the end
of the pier, talk to the wench for a second slap.

Take a stroll around the town square. There is a Crab Pendant and a slap to
your right, another slap and another Pendant to the left, and Cutler Beckett's
cargo all around for the taking. Two thugs will attack you along the way.

Follow the road farther into town. Along the way, talk to one of the prisoners
you rescued at the Prison Fortress. He gives you 200 Loot. (Note: this cannot
be done when replaying the level.)

At the second town-square-like-place, talk to the two wenches and receive your
slaps. There is an Innkeeper standing outside an open door that you can talk
to. If you completed the Rum Raid mission in Port Royal, he's expecting a
shipment. To offer your protection, choose the following:
1. "Listen, I've heard you're expecting some rum from Port Royal."
2. "Seems I know the blokes who'll be doin' the delivering..."
3. "So then...I'll meet you back here."

Go through the open door to the man's left. Inside, you can play Pirate Poker
(also known as Texas Hold 'Em). To complete the sub-mission, you must come out
on top or tied after 10 rounds. Like Pirate Dice, you keep your winnings or
lose your initial stake of 50 Loot. Unlike Pirate Dice, one good hand can make
or break you, and you can win by running your opponents out of money. There is
also a wench with a ready hand in here. Leave out the back door.

In the courtyard behind the tavern, loot the three crates. The one on the far
left has a fourth Crab Pendant. Then talk to the man to start the Rum Raid
mission. (Note: If you're replaying the level, you can just talk to this guy
and still do the mission.)

There are two ways to complete the Rum Raid mission. If you've spoken to the
Innkeeper, you can choose the second option, "I'll be making the
delivery...savvy?" The rum runner will sic a whole bunch of pirates on you.
Fight them off and talk to the Innkeeper again. He will pay you 500 Loot and
500 Notoriety for protecting the rum.

Otherwise, you can choose the following:
1. "No worries, mate...there's just the little matter of my share."
2. "And what would you gents be wanting now?"
3. "Yes."

Fight off the bad (worse?) pirates as they try to get to the back of the
courtyard. Focus on the ones who are striding purposefully towards the rum.
Prevent them from slipping through for long enough, and you get 200 Loot and
500 Notoriety.

When you're finished with the Rum Raid, head to the right. An eighth slap
awaits. The fifth and final Crab Pendant is in the crates just past the wench.
After grabbing the pendant, hang a right to get to Pirate Lord Villanueva's

The ninth and tenth slaps are inside the mansion. GET THE SLAPS FIRST, because
they aren't available later. Then hit the action point to trigger a fight with
Villanueva's men. This is an ideal spot to try for the Hit Combo. In this big,
open area, the best strategy is to rapidly switch between targets. The pirates
let their guard down when they aren't being actively attacked, but they block
all day long if you focus on one at a time.

After fighting off Villanueva's men, he beats a retreat back out the front
door. Follow him.

Cutscene: Villanueva has located another Pirate Lord, Mistress Ching. Jack
tells her of the Conclave, but she is more interested in seeing (hearing?)
Villanueva kill Jack.

Time for an epic duel with a Pirate Lord! In this duel, watch for the (C) to
appear on screen. Hitting C at those points allows Jack to use his surroundings
against Villanueva.

Two-thirds of the way through the duel is another Jackanism. This one has 5
1. A
2. A
3. Flick Wiimote left/right
4. Swing Wiimote left/right until all three lights are yellow
5. Flick Wiimote up/down

Completing the Jackanism unlocks Mistress Ching and gives you 330 Notoriety.

After finishing off Villanueva, he and Mistress Ching agree to meet at the

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is brawling in a tavern. She is quickly joined by Will,
then Former Commodore James Norrington. Help them work together:
1. A
2. A
3. Flick Wiimote left/right
4. A

Afterwards, Will and Jack escape back to the Pearl, but not without fighting
most of the town. If you haven't already got the Loot sub-mission locked up, be
sure and get the crates. Actually, get the crates anyway. When in doubt, rob
Cutler Beckett.

There's a melee first, then a duel, then another melee, then another duel.
After that, you're free to run around the docks and steal even more from the
East India Trading Company. And these are crates you've already looted! Jack
Sparrow is just that good.

Cutscene: Jack isn't too chuffed about giving Former Commodore Norrington a job
on the Pearl, but Elizabeth persuades him.

= Isla Cruces      [ WLK06 ] ==================================================

Level Rewards
  1. Pintel
  2. Isla Cruces unlocked in Challenge Mode
  3. Norrington Sword
  4. New combo: Barge Attack (up/down, left/right, thrust)

Sub-Mission Rewards
  1. Crab Pendants - Pirate Dice Charm Card 06
  2. Gold Idol     - Quartermaster
  3. Buried Chest  - 600 Notoriety
  4. 30 Hit Combo  - Ghost Sword


Cutscene: Landfall on Isla Cruces. Will has given Jack's compass a heading.

Go all the way to the right for the first Crab Pendant. You have two choices
now: follow the vines here up, or follow the crates to the left.

If you follow the crates, you get some loot and you have to dodge swingy spiky
things and quicksand (don't touch it!). Grab the second Crab Pendant in the
crate before climbing the vines up.

If you take the vines, you just have to dodge falling rocks. When you reach a
spot where you can go up again, instead go down (to Will's left). Hug the
cliffs, and you'll find a spot where you can climb down the vines. Climb down
to find the second Crab Pendant. Then get back up, because you don't want end
up in the quicksand.

From here, you can just head left to fight some fish people. Or you can climb
up the vines and make your entrance in style. Either way, you're getting fish
people. Keep an eye on the Cannon Arms, because their bombs hurt a lot and
knock you down. There is a third Crab Pendant in a crate near the water's edge.
Follow the river to the left.

There are more fish people in the stream, as well as falling logs. The logs
will work against your enemies, too. When you're finished with them, walk into
the waterfall under the big rock to get the Gold Idol. 

On the other side of the stream, two crewmen are digging up Davy Jones' chest.
Your job is to protect them for 50 seconds. Whether you succeed or not, you
only have to fight fish people for 50 seconds. Afterwards, Norrington runs off
with the chest, Will and Jack following.

As Elizabeth, you have no choice but to proceed left. Duel with Ratlin, then
fight more fish people in the middle of some ruins. Norrington and Jack
scuffled on the rafters above. Be sure and grab the fourth and final Crab
Pendant in the crate on the right-hand side, because it won't be available
after this fight.

Eventually, the scene changes to Jack dueling Norrington on a water wheel.
After dealing some pain to Norrington, there is a very brief cutscene where the
water wheel detaches itself. But stay ready, because you get thrown right back
into the duel.

After a bit more dueling, there is another Jackanism:
1. A
2. B
3. Swing Wiimote left/right repeatedly
4. B
5. Flick Wiimote left/right
6. Swing Wiimote left/right repeatedly
7. A
8. A

Completing the Jackanism gets you Pirate Poker Charm Card 06 and 700 Notoriety.

Finish the duel with Norrington, and let's get back to the Pearl.

= Pearl vs. Kraken      [WLK07] ===============================================

Level Rewards
  1. Palifico
  2. Pearl vs. Kraken unlocked in Challenge Mode

Sub-Mission Rewards
  1. Crab Pendants - Pirate Poker Charm Card 07
  2. Ole Enemies   - Pirate Dice Charm Card 07
  3. Rescue        - ???
  4. 7 Hit Combo   - 400 Loot


Cutscene: Jack dances around with his jar of dirt, but the heart isn't inside -
Norrington has absconded with it. Will asks if they can outrun the Dutchman,
but Jack has a better idea.

As Jack, your job is to fend off the fish people for 75 seconds. Also, to grab
one Crab Pendant from the deck at far left, and another from the deck at far
right. Also, this is the only place to try for both the Hit Combo and Ole
Enemies sub-missions. Whew!

Once the wind turns, the Kraken will attack the ship directly. When it's just
slamming its tentacles around, avoid them. They will slam the deck, debris will
drop, then you have a short window to attack the tentacles if you like (I
recommend not, because it doesn't really help you). If the tentacles have
grabbed the crewman, slice them to get the Kraken to drop the poor soul. After
75 seconds, an arrow will appear at Will's feet to guide him below decks.

The crates right next to the stairs contain the third Crab Pendant. The Kraken
will swing its tentacles inside for a while, then grab a crewman. Here, if the
Kraken gets a man, it's all over for him (and your "Rescue" sub-mission), so
keep the Kraken busy. Dart in quickly, hit it, then get out of range of its
counterattack. Quick attacks are good enough, so don't bother with slow heavy
hits or combos. Avoid getting knocked over at all costs, because it takes a lot
of health and a lot of time. Once the crewman has prepared the cannon, you'll
have to time the firing correctly to get the cannonball in the Kraken's toothy
maw. Don't rush. If you've done it correctly, the Kraken recoils and then drags
the cannon down to the depths. Move right for the next cannon. If you didn't
time it right, the poor crewman will have to come out and do it all over again!

After three cannonballs to the mouth, the Kraken slams Will down to a lower
deck. Immediately break the crate behind you to get the fourth and final Crab
Pendant. Then head towards the action point at the end of the hall. Along the
way, you'll fight the Kraken by button-pushing similar to the Jackanisms, but
using only the quick motions. At the end of the hall, jab your sword into the
Kraken's meaty tentacles. Then stay on your toes, because you'll have to push
more buttons for Jack and Elizabeth.

Cutscene: Elizabeth kisses Jack to distract him while she shackles him to the
mast. On the lifeboat, rowing away from the sinking Pearl, she explains to Will
that Jack "fell behind."

= Singapore      [ WLK08 ] ====================================================

Level Complete Rewards
  1. Sao Feng
  2. Singapore unlocked in Challenge Mode
  3. Bone Sword
  4. Inventory items now at Power Level 3

Sub-Mission Rewards
  1. Crab Pendants   - Pirate Poker Charm Card 08
  2. Old Enemies     - Singapore Townsfolk
  3. Debt Collection - Chinese Henchman 1
  4. Pirate Dice     - Pirate Dice Charm Card 08
  5. 15 Hit Combo    - Mercer


Cutscene: Norrington delivers the heart to Beckett. Hope you enjoyed
Norrington, because this is the last you'll see of him. Elsewhere, Elizabeth
admits that she sent Jack to the depths, and swears she'd do anything to bring
him back. Captain Barbossa appears and says he'll serve as guide, but they need
to go to Singapore to find a map.

As Barbossa, bust up the crates with the dragon symbol to your immediate right
for the first Crab Pendant. Also to your immediate right is the first of five
old enemies. Give him what-for and head left. The first of three old debtors is
at the left side of the dock. Demand your money, then tell him he also owes for
the brawl he started in the Flying Tiger. You'll get 300 Loot and 150

Follow the walkway left. There are two men almost immediately visible who will
chat. The nearer offers you a game of Pirate Dice. The further is the second
old enemy. Continue left along the walkway. When you reach a wide area, go down
to see a debtor. Tell him he still owes you for the dice game. It's worth 200
Loot and 150 Notoriety. Continue left and pick up the second Crab Pendant
before leaving the wide area. Talk to the man on the walkway and tell him Sao
Feng is expecting you. He pays off the third and final debt, to the tune of 200
Loot and 150 Notoriety.

Just off the walkway, to Barbossa's right, is a ladder. Climb the ladder and
follow the upper level until you find a third old enemy. Climb back down the
ladder. Sao Feng's bathhouse is just to the left, but before entering, talk to
the man standing far back away from the entrance. He is the fourth old enemy.
The fifth and final old enemy is the one immediately visible on entering the
bathhouse, standing close to the camera. Talk to him before heading left and
talking to the guard. Choose "Just let me in!"

Cutscene: Sao Feng isn't inclined to help Barbossa bring back his hated enemy,
Jack Sparrow.

When the cutscene ends, Sao Feng's men will attack. This is the best place to
do the Hit Combo. When you're done with enough of them, a crewman will call for
help. Follow the arrow, which may lead up or down a ladder, and get to him
within 60 seconds. Make sure the timer at the top of the screen is gone before
you get too into the fight. If you stray too far from the crewman, you'll fail
and have to start over.

After rescuing three crewmen, Barbossa lets loose an ill-advised crack about
fighting wenches, and must battle Lian and her twin sister Park. This is a
duel, although Lian and Park kind of tag-team. As in the Villanueva duel, you
can hit C in certain spots to have Barbossa use the environment. Against Lian,
use the hot coals on the ground by standing a couple paces to the left. To the
right of the coals is a pipe. Stand under it to deliver a blast of steam.
Against Park, back her to the right and grab the hanging lantern. Against Lian
(again), you can hit C almost immediately to hit her with a flying kick. Force
her to the right and grab a spare sword to fling at her.

After Barbossa kills Park, Will tells Sao Feng that they do have something to
offer him - revenge on a living Jack Sparrow. While Sao Feng considers this,
Red Coats burst in and join the melee.

Cutscene: Sao Feng loans Will his maps. Will says he'll give them back at the
Conclave (oh yeah, the Conclave!).

As Elizabeth, run left out the bathhouse's back door. Two Red Coats and two
Black Cloaks attack. They can all be dispatched by Ole, off the sides of the
walkway. That's the easiest way to get rid of the Black Cloaks, who are very
big on blocking. Before proceeding left, grab the third Crab Pendant from the
crates closest to the camera.

At a second open area, fight off more Red Coats. They can also be Ole'd into
the barrels. After dispatching them, head left and set off some firecrackers.
Then fight a duel with a Red Coat. Then another firecracker and another Red
Coat duel. Second verse, same as the first. After setting off the third
firecracker, Elizabeth can swing across to the next dock. Before getting too
far, smash the nearest crate to get the fourth and final Crab Pendant.

At this third area, you will need to fight off Red Coats while also keeping the
powder kegs from exploding. Prioritize stamping out the fuses. Ole is very
useful here, as it keeps the Red Coats occupied for longer than just hitting or
killing them. And it's satisfying to watch them clunk heads like the Three

Cutscene: Will smarts off to Barbossa.

= Davy Jones' Locker      [ WLK09 ] ===========================================

Level Complete Rewards
  1. Gentleman Jocard
  2. Davy Jones' Locker unlocked in Challenge Mode
  3. New Combo: Block Attack (up/down, up/down, thrust)

Sub-Mission Rewards
  1. Jackanism        - Pirate Dice Charm Card 09
  2. Collect 850 Loot - Tortured Pirate 1
  3. 26 Hit Combo     - Skeleton Demon


Cutscene: Will is concerned that they aren't going the right way, but Barbossa
assures him they're heading to Davy Jones' Locker. Washed ashore, Barbossa says
he will go and bring Jack back. Tia Dalma warns him that there are strange and
deadly creatures in this legendary land, but Barbossa is strange and deadly and
legendary himself.

Stick to the wood, bones, or basically anything but the sand. If you stray from
the path, zombie hands will reach up and damage you. Go right, and the second
crate holds the first Crab Pendant. Eventually, you will be attacked by the
first of many, many, many zombies. After taking them out, continue right until
you end up in a huge rib cage. Walk towards the last rib, and it should fall
onto the sand. Some helpful crabs will then create a path for you.

Follow the path and fight some more zombies. Again, keep to the path as much as
you can. When you reach the edge of the path, the C symbol should appear. Hit
it to toss a rock out into the desert. A scale will appear. Hit A at the top to
toss the rock in the correct area. Again, the crabs will help you along.

Proceed right and fight more zombies, then hit C at the end of the path to
throw another rock. Hop on the wood square and toss another rock to direct the
crabs. Go right until you are attacked by more zombies. At the far right of
this area is a mast that can be chopped down. It does massive damage to the
zombies, but also to you if it lands on you. After taking out the zombies, hit
the action point to climb to the upper deck.

Up here, grab the crates near the camera for a second Crab Pendant. Then fight
some zombies. Proceed left across the mast and giant spine and admire the dead
Kraken in the background before hitting the action point to break a mast to use
as a balancing beam. Head across the mast and - oh no! Zombies! Send them back
to the sand, then follow the action points until you get to Jack.

Cutscene: Jack tries not to get rescued by Barbossa and fails.

As Jack, you must prevent waves of zombies from reaching Barbossa. He might be
a legend, but he can only handle nine at a time. Move immediately between two
zombies and don't stray too far, because moving takes a lot of time you don't
have. Use quick attacks only.

It's another Jackanism! This one has all of two steps:
1. Swing the Wiimote left/right repeatedly
2. Swing the Wiimote up/down repeatedly

For this, you get Pirate Poker Charm Card 09 and 40 Notoriety.

Cutscene: Tia Dalma senses a Pirate Lord who needs to go to the Conclave. Jack
hasn't seen anything that normal, but agrees to do his best.

Break the crates farther from the camera to get the third Crab Pendant. Walk
left until you reach a wide area where tortured pirates attack. When grabbing
the crates nearest the entrance to this area, be careful not to knock the mast
down on yourself. After taking out the pirates, continue right. You'll have to
press buttons to dodge the boulders thrown by another cursed pirate.

After more tormented pirates, dodge more boulders. Then another open area with
more battling and a bunch of crates. The two crates nearest the camera towards
the middle of the area hold the fourth and final Crab Pendant. Head left and
dodge more boulders: B, up/down, A, A. One more set of cursed pirates, then
head left to free Gentleman Jocard. Then fight your way all the way back down.

Cutscene: Tia Dalma says that everything is reversed here. Jack runs from side
to side and turns the ship upside down.

= Sea Battle      [ WLK10 ] ===================================================

Level Complete Rewards
  1. Tai Huang
  2. Sea Battle unlocked in Challenge Mode
  3. Gun Sword

Sub-Mission Rewards
  1. Crab Pendants - Pirate Poker Charm Card 10
  2. Don't Take a Hit - ???
  3. Collect 850 Loot - Ratlin
  4. 26 Hit Combo - Pirate Dice Charm Card 10


As Jack, run up to the left to grab the first Crab Pendant. Fight off enough of
Sao Feng's men until one bursts out of the Captain's quarters. Follow the arrow
down and battle yet more pirates. Inside the Captain's quarters is a second
Crab Pendant, in the far right corner. Finish the pirates and run back out to
the deck.

Cutscene: Sao Feng wants to collect Jack. Will explains, "We dealt you...to get
you." Sao Feng will let Jack go if he gets "Calypso" instead.

Elizabeth duels Sao Feng for the lives of the Black Pearl. If she loses, Sao
Feng will hand the Pearl and her crew over to Lord Beckett.

Cutscene: Elizabeth demands the release of the Black Pearl and her crew. Sao
Feng is killed, but passes his Pirate Lordship over to Elizabeth first.

On the deck of the Empress, fight off Davy Jones' fish people until the
Dutchman's cannons appear. Then hide! The red zones are safe. Everything not in
a red zone when the cannons fire gets obliterated. The third Crab Pendant is in
a pot near the stairs to nowhere by the Captain's quarters.

After three cannon strikes, Elizabeth is blown into the lower decks. Fight some
fish people, then hit the action point to blow your way into the next room.
There are more fish people in here, and the fourth and final Crab Pendant.
Continue right, into a tiny room. Grab the loot and head up the stairs. Fight
more fish people, then head left to the deck. 

Cutscene: Elizabeth surrenders to Davy Jones.

= Shipwreck City      [ WLK11 ] ===============================================

Level Complete Rewards
  1. Captain Hector Barbossa
  2. Shipwreck City unlocked in Challenge Mode
  3. Pirate King Sword
Sub-Mission Rewards
  1. Crab Pendants    - Pirate Poker Charm Card 11
  2. Pirate Dice      - Pirate Dice Charm Card 11
  3. Pirate Poker     - Ammand the Corsair
  4. Collect 650 Loot - Pirate 3



Break the first two crates to get the first Crab Pendant. Then head left and
talk to the man. Answer him:
1. "Amazingly enough..."
2. "I assure you, mate..."

You get 50 Notoriety. Proceed to the left, passing up the bearded man standing
next to the mermaid (or talk to him if you want to get some attitude). He won't
be of any use until later. When you get to Captain Teague, a cutscene will
start automatically.

Cutscene: Captain Teague tells Jack that things are bad - two of the Pirate
Lords are still missing, and Beckett's men have infiltrated the city.

Break the crates to Teague's left to get the second Crab Pendant. The man in
the upper-right-hand part of this area offers you a round of Pirate Poker. The
man to the left of Teague offers Pirate Dice. Play or don't, then head left. 

Cutscene: An underling of Captain Ammand not only denies Jack access to the
Pirate Lord, but also calls Jack odd and ineffectual-looking!

Duel with Ammand's underling. Then give Ammand a hand (or a foot) out of the
chair where he's passed out drunk. Now you'll have to clear a path for the
drunken sailor so he doesn't accidentally kill himself on the way to the

Head right and stand to the left of the big hole in the pier. Remember
Beckett's men who are reportedly skulking about? Here they are, and they're
better trained than the standard Royal Navy soldiers. Take them out quickly,
because Ammand can't avoid plunging to his death for very long. I recommend the
Block Attack combo (up/down, up/down, thrust). Once they're gone, hit the
action point on the opposite side of the hole that Captain Ammand is teetering

Continue to the right and stand near the hanging boat until two more Black
Cloaks arrive. Take them out, then hit the action point near the torch by the
right-hand side of the boat (the aft end for you nautical types).

Third set of Black Cloaks. Take them out, and hit the action point near the
barrels and crate at the far-right-hand side of the area. Home free! Just
defeat one last pair of Black Cloaks, and Captain Ammand's path is clear.

Cutscene: Captain Teague grabs Ammand as he stumbles past the Conclave. Teague
then flips Jack a doubloon and tells him to take it to the old man by the

Take the doubloon back to the old man by the mermaid, who is now looking pretty
menacing. He'll take your doubloon, but then try to rip you off. Fight off him
and his twin, then kick in the door and go climbing. At the top of the mast are
three action points. The left one is a dead-end. The right one takes you back
to the beginning of the stage, and the middle one takes you forward.

Slide down the middle rope, then go to the immediate right - not down the
stairs. In the crates is the third Crab Pendant. Then head right down the
stairs, to the open area. Six Black Cloaks will attack, three at a time. Be
sure and collect the fourth Crab Pendant from the crates to the left of the

Proceed right, up the stairs, where Sri Sumbahjee is tied up and three powder
kegs are rigged to explode. Three Black Cloaks will come after you, but first
stop the kegs from blowing. Then you can take out the Black Cloaks at your
leisure. Once you're finished, free Sri Sumbhajee and follow him back to the

At the open area where you previously fought a bunch of Black Cloaks, a
Jackanism is available. It has 7 steps:
1. Swing Wiimote left/right repeatedly
2. Swing Wiimote up/down repeatedly
3. Flick Wiimote left/right
4. B
5. A
6. Flick Wiimote left/right
7. Swing Wiimote left/right repeatedly

If you succeed, you get Wench 1 and 140 Notoriety. If you fail, you get to
fight more Black Cloaks. Either way, hit the action point to swing down to the
dead end with just a rope going up. Back at the mast with three options, choose
the right-hand path to get back to the main part of Shipwreck City.

Head left, towards the door where Captain Teague was standing before. You'll
have to fight a few waves of Black Cloaks to get back there. Once Jack slips
into the Conclave, it's time to bring the last Pirate Lord to the party.

As Barbossa, head left. You'll be attacked by Black Cloaks. Defeat them, then
head down the stairs to the lower deck. The crate just under the stairs holds
the fifth and final Crab Pendant. Kill two more Black Cloaks, then blow the
cannon to topple a mast on an adjacent ship. Head back upstairs and walk across
the makeshift walkway.

Go right, and five Black Cloaks attack. Follow the path, and you'll find
yourself back where Sri Sumbhajee was being held. Keep going, and Barbossa hops
on a little rowboat. While Black Cloaks pelt you with bullets and bombs, duel
another one. Once the boat reaches its destination, kill the Black Cloak and
hop off. If you're too efficient at killing your opponent, another one will hop
onto the boat.

Cutscene: At the Conclave, all the Pirate Lords present their Pieces of Eight
(which are actually coins, as opposed to Pieces of
Whatever-We-Happened-To-Have-In-Our-Pockets-At-The-Time). Elizabeth Swann turns
up and dispenses with both Sao Feng and poor James Norrington in one sentence.
Jack votes her in as Pirate King. The assembled pirates take this a lot better
than they did in the movie.

= Maelstrom      [ WLK12 ] ====================================================

Level Complete Rewards:
  1. Lord Cutler Beckett unlocked
  2. Maelstrom unlocked in Challenge Mode
  3. Davy Jones Sword unlocked
Sub-Mission Rewards:
  1. Crab Pendants                             - Pirate Dice Charm Card 12
  2. Defeat 8 enemies using Calypso's weather  - Black Cloak
  3. Destroy 6 targets using Calypso's weather - 600 Notoriety
  4. 21 Hit Combo                              - Legend Sword unlocked


Cutscene: Tia Dalma reminds Barbossa that they had a deal. He releases her from
her human form and asks for her favor as promised. Calypso brews up a huge

On board the Black Pearl, your only major goal is to defend it. Not too
difficult, if you've made it this far. But your secondary goal is to use the
nasty weather Calypso is generating to blow up cargo and enemies. Here, Calypso
will periodically toss a lightning bolt down. There will be a white spot on the
deck that follows Elizabeth for a few seconds, then it stays put, then
lightning will strike. Try to maneuver enemies towards the spot once it has
chosen its position, or maneuver the spot over to the boxes. Just don't stand
in one place too long! The lightning doesn't kill Elizabeth instantly, but it
hurts. There are two sets of boxes that are convenient to destroy with
lightning right now, one on the left and one on the right side of the main

Once you've held out long enough, an arrow will appear at Elizabeth's feet. Now
is a fine time to grab the Crab Pendant in the upper-left-hand corner of the
deck. Then follow the arrow when you're ready. On the Flying Dutchman, Calypso
brews up whirlwinds. She sends them right to left across the top, middle, or
bottom of the screen. Look for a faint white funnel to appear - that will
indicate the path of the whirlwind. Unlike the lightning, these will kill you
instantly, so watch out. There is a set of boxes in the upper-left-hand part of
the deck. It's easiest to get this one immediately after boarding the Dutchman.
Then run (fast!) to where you're supposed to be. There is another set of boxes
down here that can be destroyed.

After fighting for a while, another crewman will call for help. Follow his
arrow up and to the right. There is a second Crab Pendant in a crate at the
bottom middle of this area, near the mast. There is also another set of boxes
to destroy in the middle plane, to the right of the mast.

A crewman calls from the Pearl. Return and follow the arrow to him. Defend him
for a little while. There is a set of boxes to the right of the mast that can
be destroyed.

Cutscene: Will and Davy Jones face off.

As Will, duel with Davy Jones. There are two action points (ropes) you can use
against him, one to the left and one to the right. Calypso will also be hurling
lightning bolts, which you can shove Jones into.

As Jack, continue to fight Davy Jones. Again, there are two action points, one
to the left, and one to the right. Look for the ropes. After fighting off
Jones, a Jackanism is available. It has 7 steps:
1. B
2. Control stick up
3. Control stick down
4. A
5. Rotate control stick repeatedly
6. Swing Wiimote left/right repeatedly
7. Flick Wiimote left/right

If you succeed, you get Pirate Poker Charm Card 12 and 1100 (!) Notoriety.

As Will, continue dueling with Davy Jones.

Cutscene: Will tries to stab Jones through the heart, but Jones doesn't have
one (d'oh!). Jones stabs Will, but Will quickly stabs the heart. As the storm
subsides, Lord Beckett decides it's time to send the Black Pearl to the depths
for good.

On the Black Pearl, fight off the Blue Coats and Black Cloaks while Beckett
cheerleads back on the Endeavour. Improbably, there is now a Crab Pendant in
the lower-left-hand corner of the deck (just up the short set of stairs), and
another just up the stairs on the right-hand side as well. GET THE CRAB

Eventually, Beckett will open fire with the cannons. This is your cue to take
cover behind the crates or the masts. Anywhere in an orange zone is fine.
Anyone not inside an orange zone will be blown to smithereens. Once the crates
holding the Crab Pendants are destroyed, the Pendants will only stay on screen
for a short time.

After the cannons fire, whatever enemies were on deck will probably be gone.
Alas, more follow. After a while, action points will appear near the Black
Pearl's cannons. Fire both to drag the Endeavour over to the Pearl. Beckett
will hop onto the Pearl and make the fight personal. Give Beckett a few solid
whacks and he'll escape back to the Endeavour.

Repeat the previous - fight enemies, fire cannons, fight Beckett, hide, fight
enemies, fire cannon, and fight Beckett one last time.

Cutscene: Beckett has a few pleasant seconds of thinking he's won before the
Flying Dutchman sends him to kingdom come. Will reveals that he is the new
captain of the Dutchman. Barbossa mutinies against Jack (again!), sending him
out in a tiny rowboat. Time passes.

Jack runs into another legendary pirate...Black Bart.


= Challenge Mode      [ CHG00 ] ===============================================

Challenge Mode is not available immediately. Each stage is unlocked when you
complete the corresponding stage in Story Mode.

You only have the item power-ups and combos that you've unlocked in Story Mode,
so the Challenges here are easier to complete after Davy Jones' Locker, when
you unlock the last combo and all the items are powered to max.

For the Combat and Loot Challenges, I recommend the Block Attack combo
(up/down, up/down, thrust). It's slow, but it's very powerful, especially if
you land all four hits. If the enemies are bunched together, you can even get
two or three at the same time. Combat Challenge is also a great place to use
those secondary weapons you probably ignored all game. The Flintlock (pistol)
and Grenades are especially useful.

In the Loot Challenge, keep in mind that you have plenty of time to do it. The
enemies never drop health, so take it slow and avoid getting hit.

For the Combo Challenges, I recommend the Range Attack combo (left/right,
up/down, thrust). It's quick, and it usually hits at least once. It can score a
succession of quick hits, which is perfect for stringing a combo together.

This is a list of all the challenges available, and their rewards.

= Prison Fortress      [ CHG01 ] ==============================================

Enemies: Prison guards

                 | Challenge   | Time      | Reward
Combat Challenge | 10 enemies  | 1 minute  | Captain Teague
 Combo Challenge | 8-hit combo | 2 minutes | Mordillah
  Loot Challenge | 200 Loot    | 2 minutes | Prison Fortress Guard 1

= Isla de Pelegostos      [ CHG02 ] ===========================================

Enemies: Male warriors

                 | Challenge    | Time       | Reward
Combat Challenge | 15 enemies   | 90 seconds | Female Warrior
 Combo Challenge | 10-hit combo | 2 minutes  | Male Warrior 2
  Loot Challenge | 250 Loot     | 2 minutes  | Townsfolk 4

= Port Royal      [ CHG03 ] ===================================================

Enemies: Red Coats

                 | Challenge    | Time      | Reward
Combat Challenge | 15 enemies   | 2 minutes | Gibbs
 Combo Challenge | 12-hit combo | 2 minutes | Townsfolk 2
  Loot Challenge | 300 Loot     | 3 minutes | Town Musician

= Pearl vs Dutchman      [ CHG04 ] ============================================

Enemies: Davy Jones' worst...I mean best!

                 | Challenge    | Time      | Reward
Combat Challenge | 20 enemies   | 3 minutes | Governor Swann
 Combo Challenge | 15-hit combo | 3 minutes | Angler
  Loot Challenge | 350 Loot     | 3 minutes | Electric Arm

= Tortuga      [ CHG05 ] ======================================================

Enemies: Pirates

                 | Challenge    | Time      | Reward
Combat Challenge | 20 enemies   | 4 minutes | James Norrington
 Combo Challenge | 15-hit combo | 3 minutes | Villanueva
  Loot Challenge | 350 Loot     | 4 minutes | Tortuga unlocked for dueling

= Isla Cruces      [ CHG06 ] ==================================================

Enemies: Davy Jones' worst

                 | Challenge    | Time      | Reward
Combat Challenge | 25 enemies   | 3 minutes | Ragetti
 Combo Challenge | 20-hit combo | 3 minutes | Isla Cruces unlocked for dueling
  Loot Challenge | 400 Loot     | 4 minutes | Pirate 1

= Pearl vs Kraken      [ CHG07 ] ==============================================

Enemies: Davy Jones' worst

                 | Challenge    | Time         | Reward
Combat Challenge | 30 enemies   | 4 minutes    | Cannon Arm
 Combo Challenge | 25-hit combo | 3:30 minutes | Wench 2
  Loot Challenge | 400 Loot     | 4 minutes    | Blue Coat

= Singapore      [ CHG08 ] ====================================================

Enemies: Chinese henchmen

                 | Challenge    | Time         | Reward
Combat Challenge | 35 enemies   | 6 minutes    | Lian
 Combo Challenge | 25-hit combo | 3:30 minutes | Chinese Henchman 2
  Loot Challenge | 500 Loot     | 5:30 minutes | Singapore unlocked for dueling

= Davy Jones' Locker      [ CHG09 ] ===========================================

Enemies: Tortured pirates

                 | Challenge    | Time      | Reward
Combat Challenge | 35 enemies   | 4 minutes | Tortured Pirate 2
 Combo Challenge | 30-hit combo | 4 minutes | Captain Elizabeth Swann
  Loot Challenge | 500 Loot     | 5 minutes | 450 Notoriety

= Sea Battle      [ CHG10 ] ===================================================

Enemies: Davy Jones' worst

                 | Challenge    | Time        | Reward
Combat Challenge | 40 enemies   | 5 minutes   | Hadras
 Combo Challenge | 40-hit combo | 4:30 minute | Black Pearl Crew 2
  Loot Challenge | 550 Loot     | 5 minutes   | Sea Battle unlocked for dueling

= Shipwreck City      [ CHG11 ] ===============================================

Enemies: Black Cloaks

                 | Challenge    | Time      | Reward
Combat Challenge | 45 enemies   | 9 minutes | Sri Sumbhajee
 Combo Challenge | 35-hit combo | 5 minutes | 600 Notoriety
  Loot Challenge | 600 Loot     | 7 minutes | 600 Notoriety

= Maelstrom      [ CHG12 ] ====================================================

Enemies: Davy Jones' worst

                 | Challenge    | Time      | Reward
Combat Challenge | 50 enemies   | 9 minutes | Black Bart
 Combo Challenge | 40-hit combo | 5 minutes | Maelstrom unlocked for dueling
  Loot Challenge | 700 Loot     | 8 minutes | 600 Notoriety

= Dueling      [ DDUEL ] ======================================================

The dueling mode isn't available immediately, but must be unlocked by
completing challenges in Challenge Mode.

Once any dueling stage is unlocked, the dueling mode opens up and any unlocked
stages can be played either single or multiplayer. In single player mode, you
replay the major duel from the stage. In multiplayer, two people replay the
major duel from the stage, with Player 2 as the "challenger" (on the right-hand

Both players can choose their character in this mode. To select a different
sword for use in Dueling and Challenge modes, you can go into Treasure Cove and
select the sword.

    Stage   | Opponent    | How to Unlock
    Tortuga | Villanueva  | Combo Challenge on Tortuga
Isla Cruces | Norrington  | Combo Challenge on Isla Cruces
  Singapore | Lian & Park |  Loot Challenge on Singapore
 Sea Battle | Sao Feng    |  Loot Challenge on Sea Battle
  Maelstrom | Davy Jones  | Combo Challenge on Maelstrom

= Treasure Cove      [ TCOVE ] ================================================

This is a listing of everything unlockable in the game. You can also see this
list in-game by selecting "Treasure Cove" on the main menu. They are presented
here in a different order than they are in the game. If you're having trouble
looking something up, hit CTRL-F and type in what you want.

"Clear" and "sub-mission" listings are unlocked in Story Mode. "Combat
Challenge," "Combo Challenge," and "Loot Challenge" listings are unlocked in
Challenge Mode. You have to complete a stage in Story Mode before it is
available in Challenge Mode.

= Black Pearl Crew      [ PCREW ] =============================================

              Character | How to Unlock      | Stage
   Captain Jack Sparrow | Clear              | Prison Fortress
                 Cotton | Rescue sub-mission | Isla de Pelegostos
                  Gibbs | Combat Challenge   | Port Royal
       James Norrington | Combat Challenge   | Tortuga
                 Pintel | Clear              | Isla Cruces
                Ragetti | Combat Challenge   | Isla Cruces
        Elizabeth Swann | Clear              | Tortuga
            Will Turner | Clear              | Isla de Pelegostos

= Flying Dutchman Crew      [ DCREW ] =========================================

            Character | How to Unlock              | Stage
               Angler | Combo Challenge            | Pearl vs Dutchman
Bootstrap Bill Turner | Defeat Enemies sub-mission | Prison Fortress
           Cannon Arm | Combat Challenge           | Pearl vs Kraken
           Davy Jones | Clear                      | Pearl vs Dutchman
         Electric Arm | Loot Challenge             | Pearl vs Dutchman
               Hadras | Combat Challenge           | Sea Battle
               Maccus | Hit Combo sub-mission      | Pearl vs Dutchman
             Palifico | Clear                      | Pearl vs Kraken
               Penrod | Hit Combo sub-mission      | Tortuga
        Quartermaster | Gold Idol sub-mission      | Isla Cruces
               Ratlin | Loot sub-mission           | Sea Battle

= Pirate Lords      [ PLORD ] =================================================

              Character | How to Unlock            | Stage
     Ammand the Corsair | Pirate Poker sub-mission | Shipwreck City
       Captain Barbossa | Clear                    | Shipwreck City
     Capitaine Chevalle | Clear                    | Port Royal
         Mistress Ching | Jackanism                | Tortuga
       Gentleman Jocard | Clear                    | Davy Jones' Locker
       Captain Sao Feng | Clear                    | Singapore
          Sri Sumbhajee | Combat Challenge         | Shipwreck City
Captain Elizabeth Swann | Combo Challenge          | Dave Jones' Locker
             Villanueva | Combo Challenge          | Tortuga

= Pirates      [ YARRR ] ======================================================

         Character | How to Unlock               | Stage
        Black Bart | Combat Challenge            | Maelstrom
         Tai Huang | Clear                       | Sea Battle
              Lian | Combat Challenge            | Singapore 
         Mordillah | Combo Challenge             | Prison Fortress
    Captain Teague | Combat Challenge            | Prison Fortress
Black Pearl Crew 1 | Loot sub-mission            | Pearl vs Dutchman
Black Pearl Crew 2 | Combo Challenge             | Sea Battle
          Pirate 1 | Loot Challenge              | Isla Cruces
          Pirate 2 | Loot sub-mission            | Tortuga
          Pirate 3 | Loot sub-mission            | Shipwreck City
Chinese Henchman 1 | Debt Collection sub-mission | Singapore
Chinese Henchman 2 | Combo Challenge             | Singapore
 Tortured Pirate 1 | Loot sub-mission            | Davy Jones' Locker
 Tortured Pirate 2 | Combat Challenge            | Davy Jones' Locker

= Civilians      [ FOLKS ] ====================================================

          Character | How to Unlock              | Stage
Lord Cutler Beckett | Clear                      | Maelstrom
          Tia Dalma | Missing Person sub-mission | Port Royal
             Mercer | Hit Combo sub-mission      | Singapore
     Governor Swann | Combat Challenge           | Pearl vs Dutchman
             Inmate | Loot sub-mission           | Prison Fortress
Singapore Townsfolk | Old Enemies sub-mission    | Singapore
      Town Landlord | Hit Combo sub-mission      | Port Royal
      Town Musician | Loot Challenge             | Port Royal
        Townsfolk 1 | Loot sub-mission           | Port Royal
        Townsfolk 2 | Combo Challenge            | Port Royal
        Townsfolk 3 | Rum Raid sub-mission       | Port Royal
        Townsfolk 4 | Loot Challenge             | Isla de Pelegostos
            Wench 1 | Jackanism                  | Shipwreck City
            Wench 2 | Combo Challenge            | Pearl vs Kraken
            Wench 3 | Face Slap sub-mission      | Tortuga

= Soldiers      [ SLDRS ] =====================================================
              Character | How to Unlock               | Stage
            Black Cloak | Defeat Enemies sub-mission  | Maelstrom
              Blue Coat | Loot Challenge              | Pearl vs Kraken
         Female Warrior | Combat Challenge            | Isla de Pelegostos
         Male Warrior 1 | Loot sub-mission            | Isla de Pelegostos
         Male Warrior 2 | Combo Challenge             | Isla de Pelegostos
Prison Fortress Guard 1 | Loot Challenge              | Prison Fortress
Prison Fortress Guard 2 | Hit Combo sub-mission       | Prison Fortress
Prison Fortress Guard 3 | Level Notoriety sub-mission | Prison Fortress
               Red Coat | Jackanism                   | Port Royal
         Skeleton Demon | Hit Combo sub-mission       | Davy Jones' Locker

= Concept Art      [ CTART ] ==================================================

Concept art for each stage is unlocked by completing all of the sub-missions
for that stage.

= Pirate Poker Charm Cards      [ PCARD ] =====================================

       Number: 1
         Name: Change Hand
       Effect: Switch your hand with an opponent
How to Unlock: Find all Crab Pendants
        Stage: Prison Fortress

       Number: 2
         Name: Force Fold
       Effect: Force 1 opponent to fold
How to Unlock: Hit Combo sub-mission
        Stage: Isla de Pelegostos

       Number: 3
         Name: Reveal
       Effect: Show 1 opponent's hand
How to Unlock: Find all Crab Pendants
        Stage: Port Royal

       Number: 4
         Name: Raise the Roof
       Effect: Force 1 opponent to raise
How to Unlock: Defeat Enemies sub-mission
        Stage: Pearl vs Dutchman

       Number: 5
         Name: Invisible Ink
       Effect: Stop 1 opponent from seeing their hand
How to Unlock: Pirate Poker sub-mission
        Stage: Tortuga

       Number: 6
         Name: Vanishing Community
       Effect: Stop 1 opponent from seeing the Community Cards
How to Unlock: Jackanism
        Stage: Isla Cruces

       Number: 7
         Name: Change Face
       Effect: Change any Community Card by 5 nudges. You cannot change the
How to Unlock: Find all Crab Pendants
        Stage: Pearl vs Kraken

       Number: 8
         Name: Change Suit
       Effect: Change the suit of 1 Community Card
How to Unlock: Find all Crab Pendants
        Stage: Singapore

       Number: 9
         Name: Protect Gold
       Effect: If you lose, you lose no gold
How to Unlock: Jackanism
        Stage: Davy Jones' Locker

       Number: 10
         Name: Card Scry
       Effect: See the Flop cards before they are dealt
How to Unlock: Find all Crab Pendants
        Stage: Sea Battle

       Number: 11
         Name: Immune
       Effect: Immunity to all offensive charms for 1 round,
               offensive charms already on you are disabled
How to Unlock: Find all Crab Pendants
        Stage: Shipwreck City

       Number: 12
         Name: Steal Charm
       Effect: Swap this charm card with an opponent's
How to Unlock: Jackanism
        Stage: Maelstrom

= Pirate Dice Charm Cards      [ DCARD ] ======================================

       Number: 1
         Name: Ace Count
       Effect: Show the number of aces on the table
How to Unlock: Jackansim
        Stage: Prison Fortress

       Number: 2
         Name: Change Dice
       Effect: Change the faces of your dice with 5 nudges
How to Unlock: Find all Crab Pendants
        Stage: Isla de Pelegostos

       Number: 3
         Name: Tame Dice
       Effect: Aces are no longer wild during the game
How to Unlock: Pirate Dice sub-mission
        Stage: Port Royal

       Number: 4
         Name: Force Bidding
       Effect: Force a player to bid
How to Unlock: Find all Crab Pendants
        Stage: Pearl vs Dutchman

       Number: 5
         Name: No Dice
       Effect: Make 1 opponent's dice invisible
How to Unlock: Find all Crab Pendants
        Stage: Tortuga

       Number: 6
         Name: Protect Gold
       Effect: If you lose, you lose no gold
How to Unlock: Find all Crab Pendants
        Stage: Isla Cruces

       Number: 7
         Name: ???
How to Unlock: Ole Enemies sub-mission
        Stage: Pearl vs Kraken

       Number: 8
         Name: Double Dice
       Effect: Round loser pays double gold
How to Unlock: Pirate Dice sub-mission
        Stage: Singapore

       Number: 9
         Name: Show Dice
       Effect: Show dice for 1 opponent
How to Unlock: Find all Crab Pendants
        Stage: Davy Jones' Locker

       Number: 10
         Name: ???
How to Unlock: Hit Combo sub-mission
        Stage: Sea Battle

       Number: 11
         Name: Immune
       Effect: Immunity to all offensive charms for 1 round
How to Unlock: Pirate Dice sub-mission
        Stage: Shipwreck City

       Number: 12
         Name: Steal Charm
       Effect: Swap this charm with an opponent's charm
How to Unlock: Find all Crab Pendants
        Stage: Maelstrom

= Swords      [ SWRDS ] =======================================================

Here is where you choose the weapon for both Player 1 and (in Dueling) Player
2. This takes effect in Replay Level, Challenge Mode, and Dueling.

            Sword | How to Unlock
          Cutlass | Unlocked by default
   Dutchman Sword | Clear Pearl vs Dutchman in Story Mode
 Norrington Sword | Clear Isla Cruces in Story Mode
       Bone Sword | Clear Davy Jones' Locker in Story Mode
        Gun Sword | Clear Sea Battle in Story Mode
Pirate King Sword | Clear Shipwreck City in Story Mode
 Davy Jones Sword | Clear Maelstrom in Story Mode
      Ghost Sword | Complete the Hit Combo sub-mission on Isla Cruces
     Legend Sword | Complete the Hit Combo sub-mission on Maelstrom

= Title Sequence      [ TTLES ] ===============================================

Select which ship is sailing on the title screen. If you leave the title screen
sit for a while at "Press A to Start", the camera will pan all around the ship,
giving you a good look. However, the title text will still be there. Once
you've unlocked these, however, you can press (1) on the main menu to enter
"screen saver" mode, which lets you look at the ship without anything else.

           Ship | How to Unlock
    Black Pearl | Collect 2000 Loot
Flying Dutchman | Collect 5000 Loot
        Empress | Collect 8000 Loot

= Copyright Information =======================================================

This Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End FAQ is the original work of Saint
Bacchus. It may be copied and redistributed but not sold, and credit must be
given to the original author.

The ASCII art was produced by FIGWin.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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