Control room password input location?

  1. In the beginning of Act 3, there is a black out and I need to reach the control room to turn the lights back on. I talked to 3 people and they gave me 3 possible answers however ... I can't find a location to input any of these passwords. Where can I go to input passwords? And what is the password?


    User Info: hayzen

    hayzen - 9 years ago


  1. The password is Utako but even if you know it, it wont work. First you must find all the passwords. There is one one the first floor from that stand-up comedian guy. Then you go to the third floor and talk to the reception girl and she gives you a password. Then you go to the second floor to where Utako, Chase's wife, is and she gives you a password. Then go to the floor with a guy in a tux near the window just standing there. He will give you a password. Then go to Mrs.Wexford and she will give you a password. Once that is all done then you go to CJ and she will tell you to use the air duct in the control room. Then you just go inside the room a short cut scene will appear and you can continue on with act 3.

    User Info: gill_bill

    gill_bill - 9 years ago 0   0
  2. B4 u go 2 the Secretary (Wexham) go to the woman behind the counter she will tell u 2 go c Ms. Wexham 4 the Final password then u go c her and then u just follow the rest of the act!! lol

    User Info: dn_angel000

    dn_angel000 - 9 years ago 0   0

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