Which class should I choose?

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    therealjamez - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It probably won't matter because there's not much of a difference from one class to another. While each class is designed for a specific type of weapon, the game will only start you off with a tiny nudge in that direction. Additionally, you don't have to stick with the weapons designated for a particular class. Provided that you have the necessary porficiency points, the game will allow you to use any weapon type, so it's quite possible to become simultaneously proficient in all classes with just a single character.

    It's really a matter of which weapons you prefer. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses: (1) Explosives require planning and good aim, but they can hit a large area and generally deal the most damage; (2) flame weapons concentrate their firepower into a smaller area, but they inflict a lot of damage and may also catch enemies on fire; (3) energy weapons seem to be the weakest of all, and you may temporarily run out of ammo, as they draw from the same energy source as your shields, but they're the easiest to aim with, and their recoil rates are probably the quickest; (4) melee weapons don't require ammunition either, and they are generally stronger than energy blasts, but you must get close to the enemy and take a greater risk receiving damage; and, finally, there's (5) normal projectiles, which are simple to aim, and they fire rapidly, but the damage dealt is mediocre. If you still can't make up your mind and decide, I'd recommend going with the Seal class just because it offers one more proficiency than all others. Firebug and Demolitions Expert should work well for newcomers as well.

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