Can you use the Wii zapper with this game??

  1. Im really wondering if it's possible to use the zapper with this game!!! Cause if it does than i would'nt mind buying the game cause it looks good! But if its the same as playing it on the xbox

    User Info: Faithhidie

    Faithhidie - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This game is mostly like a normal game where you push a button and the guy swings his sword. Only in aromory weapons and shooting devices does this game use the infra red targeting of the wii. (you can choose which weapons you use). The game is actually way better than the ratings give, but only if you like to upgrade and build character love with attributes. You can use the zapper, but you might find it clunky and in the way, but everybody has their own control choice. The use of the accellerometer is used individually between both the nunchuck and the controller, thus the zapper would cause times where you could not coordinate the extra movements you need (camera controls, and special attacks). WEll that should answer it all

    User Info: ipodtouchtech

    ipodtouchtech - 10 years ago 0   0

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