I cannot figure out how to save a game?

  1. I get to level 2 and expect to be able to save the game but cannot figure out how to. The save game option remains greyed out or not an option when i go to quit the game.

    User Info: Sasquatchdave

    Sasquatchdave - 10 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You can only save the game at a checkpoint. They're blue and cyan, glowing cross thingies on the ground, which open out and spin when you walk over them. They also appear as white crosses on the minimap.

    Once you're positioned on a checkpoint, press the Plus button to open the menu, choose the "Save Game" option, and then point to and choose one of the small boxes around the sides. Each box is a save slot, so you can save up to twelve games.

    User Info: DeMatt31415

    DeMatt31415 - 8 years ago 3   0

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