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Reviewed: 07/13/07 | Updated: 07/17/07

The BIGS is better than BIG

Since the Wii has been out lots of people have loved the sports games including Madden NFL 07, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, and Wii Sports. So far there has been no Baseball games except Wii Sports, but finally 2K has released the first Baseball game.

Game Play:
Very exhilarating you will get that feel your actually in "The BIGS!" There are 4 selections for game play the first Play Game, Exhibition, Home Run Derby, and Rookie Challenge.

The difference between Play Game and Exhibition is in Play Game you choose teams and sides and you start the game but in Exhibition you choose difficulty, jersey you want to wear, innings, stadium where you want to play, and innings in the game.

Home Run Derby is just a quick challenge to see who makes it to 10 home runs first.

There isn't a real franchise mode, but Rookie Challenge is almost like a franchise. What you do is you build a player edit him to whatever you'd like him to look like put vinyl on his bat pick their music and complete games and challenges that earn you points so you can make your player better by Power, Contact, Fielding, Arm, and Running.

The Controls can be tricky at the start they take some getting used too but when you get them down the game will become much better. Batting is just like any other game but your actually swinging, the strike zone depends on your hitter if he's bending or if he's tall. So when you hold up on the nunchuk for fly ball swings, hold down for ground ball swings, and hold left or right for pulling or going with the pitch.

Pitching is great because for different pitches you twist your wrist different ways and hold various buttons for certain pitches. And in a way of aiming you use the nunchuk to aim the pitch in the strike zone and hold Z to aim out of the strike zone.

The base running controls are a very nice touch in order to sprint you use your nunchuk and Wii mote and make a drumming motion. But you can only control one base runner at a time.

The Graphics are pretty good in my opinion, the players look almost real just the fact that they can be real BIG makes it not as realistic. Just because the graphics aren't perfect doesn't mean the game won't be fun. The stadiums are very good they seem smaller when your in the outfield probably just because the players are pretty BIG but everything in the stadium is great.

The Sound pretty good it just depends on your taste in music. It features many of my favorites: Motor-head, Prim-us, and White Zombie.

The sound during the game is great the PA announcer Damon Bruce , the sound of the bat hitting the ball, the umpire, and the crowd are done perfectly.

This game would be hard to play it over and over when you've accomplished everything. Just because there are only 4 modes Play Game, Exhibition, Rookie Challenge, and Home Run Derby doesn't offer you very much. But an upside is with every mode (but Rookie Challenge) you can play up to 4 people what you'd do is alternate batting in the lineup.

This game is defiantly worth 50 dollars so if your loosing interest in Wii Sports be sure to either save up the money or go buy The BIGS today!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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