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Reviewed: 07/02/07

2K Hits a Grand Slam

Ever since the Wii has been out people have seen the likes of Madden and Tiger Woods grace the system and show off how their games can make use of the Wii's unique control. Now 2K has used this opportunity to show the gaming industry that a good baseball game can be made utilizing these controls.

Game play: Very fun very exciting. Once you get the controls down you really feel like you are playing a baseball game. Pitches are fast depending the speed of which you swing the controller so if your opponent throws a slow changeup then you better not be fooled by how fast you think the ball is coming at you. True there is no online modes for this game the Rookie Challenge offers quite the in depth play. You build a player from the ground up and then complete challenges which then earns you points to build up your player in the aspects of Power, Contact, Speed, Arm, Glove and Running. So when you start out you really do feel like a rookie, but the more you play and do better in the game the more points you earn for your player.

Controls: Very easy to master and there really ist no learning curve. For pitching you just hold down the corresponding buttons and then swing your arm as if you were really pitching a ball. Batting is simple for those who have played Wii Sports except if you want to put power on the ball you can by holding the A button down and you can also aim my holding the control stick in any direction you wish to hit. Fielding is where it does tend to get a little tense as in order to dive you must hold down the A button and flick towards where you want your player to dive ad if you want to jump you must flick the remote up. To throw to a base you must flick it in the direction of the bae you want. Finally with base running you can aim with the stick the direction you want to go and then make a drumming motion with the Wii remote to make your runner sprint.

Graphics: Looks pretty nice in 480P so really no argument here the players look like their real life counterparts and the stadiums really give you that feel you are playing in your favorite teams home field. One of the really cool things is the cut scenes whenever your player hits a home run because the ball will actually do damage to the scoreboard etc.

Overall: I must say that this game has been a great experience to play. If your board with playing the Wii Sports version of baseball then definitely pick this up as it isn't a waste of money.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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