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Copy Ability Guide by Elec_Man_EXE

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 11/22/2011

Kirby's Return to Dreamland - Nintendo Wii
Copy Ability Guide
Written by Elec Man EXE (elec_man_{at}hotmail{dot}com)

Version History
Version 1.00 (10 / 28 / 2011) - Initial version
Version 1.01 (11 / 01 / 2011) - Corrected a few mistaken assumptions, added a 
few mini-boss names, added a couple new discoveries
Version 1.02 (11 / 04 / 2011) - Few more mini boss names, minor changes / 
additions, new permission, added list of Ability Rooms
Version 1.03 (11 / 22 / 2011) - Minor changes / additions to abilities, new 
Secrets section with details on the HAL Room in World 1 Stage 4


Note: Copy and Paste the listed tag into your Search function (Ctrl+F) to 
easily jump to the desired section. 

1.) Guide Introduction     [FINT]

2.) Copy Ability Basics    [CABB]

3.) Standard Abilities     [SDAB]
     3.01) Beam          [ABBE]
     3.02) Bomb          [ABBM]
     3.03) Cutter        [ABCT]
     3.04) Fighter       [ABFT]
     3.05) Fire          [ABFR]
     3.06) Hammer        [ABHM]
     3.07) Hi-Jump       [ABHJ]
     3.08) Ice           [ABIC]
     3.09) Leaf          [ABLF]
     3.10) Needle        [ABND]
     3.11) Ninja         [ABNJ]
     3.12) Parasol       [ABPS]
     3.13) Spark         [ABSK]
     3.14) Spear         [ABSP]
     3.15) Stone         [ABST]
     3.16) Sword         [ABSW]
     3.17) Tornado       [ABTR]
     3.18) Water         [ABWT]
     3.19) Whip          [ABWP]
     3.20) Wing          [ABWG]

4.) Temporary Abilities    [TPAB]
     4.01) Crash         [TACR]
     4.02) Mike          [TAMK]
     4.03) Sleep         [TASP]

5.) Super Abilities        [SUAB]
     5.01) Flare Beam    [SAFB]
     5.02) Grand Hammer  [SAGH]
     5.03) Monster Flame [SAMF]
     5.04) Snow Bowl     [SASB]
     5.05) Ultra Sword   [SAUS]

6.) Secrets                [SCRT]

7.) Legal                  [LGSF]

8.) Credits                [CNCT]

1.) FAQ Introduction [FINT]

Welcome to the Kirby's Return to Dreamland Copy Ability Guide. The purpose of 
this guide is, as you might imagine, to provide information about the many copy 
abilities in the game in a fair amount of detail. Moves and how to perform them 
, where the abilities can be acquired, and so on, as well as any more unusual 
or in-depth facets of the abilities. So if you want the rundown of what might 
be considered the main attractions of the Kirby series, you're looking in the 
right place.

2.) Copy Ability Basics [CABB]

As mentioned in the intro, Copy Abilities have been considered by many as one 
of the major defining factors of the Kirby series since they were introduced in 
Kirby's Adventure for the NES. Almost every Kirby game since has included Copy 
Abilities, even the spinoff titles that aren't normal sidescrollers.

Of course, Copy Abilities are alive and well in Kirby's Return to Dreamland as 
well (or you wouldn't be reading this guide). They more or less follow the same 
formula they always have. 

To gain an ability, inhale certain enemies which grant an ability, press down 
while on the ground, and voila. Kirby gains the ability and a hat which matches 
the ability and gives you a clear visual indication of which ability you have 
at the time. 

While you have an ability, your attack button performs different attacks 
related to the ability. This game uses what some players refer to as the 
"Superstar ability system" named that simply because Kirby's Superstar on the 
SNES introduced the mechanic. What it basically means is that most abilities 
have multiple attacks you can use by pressing the attack button in combination 
with different directions on the control pad, being in different movement 
states (either dashing or in the air), or being certain distances from enemies, 
among other variations. A distinct difference from many other Kirby games in 
which abilities have only 1 attack each. Specific combinations for every attack 
will be listed in this guide under each individual power section, so look there 
for more information.

Most abilities are permanent. I'll refer to these as "standard abilities" 
throughout the guide. You can use them as much as you want, and the only way to 
lose them is manually dropping them (see below) or by recieving damage. Each 
time you recieve damage from an enemy, there's a chance you'll lose your 

A few abilities are temporary, however. They'll be refered to as "temporary 
abilities" throughout the guide. Such abilities will be automatically lost 
after being used a certain number of times or simply after a period of time.

If you ever inhale 2 or more enemies who give copy abilities at the same time, 
you'll get a Copy Roulette. You'll see powers rapidly cycle and pressing (1) 
will grant you whatever power the roulette is on at the time. Very hard to 
actually predict or choose a specific attack using it, its basically a random 
ability, but it can be useful if you don't like the abilities you can get from 
the enemies normally. Can choose from all Standard abilities as well as the 
temporary abilities (don't get Sleep).

Abilities aren't all positive, though. Having an ability removes Kirby's normal 
Inhale and newly introduced Super Inhale attacks. At times you'll want or 
require the Inhale, so you'll need to get rid of your ability. Pressing the - 
(minus) button on your Wiimote will make Kirby drop his ability in the form of 
a colored star that will bounce around the screen. The star will remain on-
screen for a period of time, and as long as its still there you can always 
Inhale it and swallow it to obtain the power once more. But after some time the 
star will disappear, and you'll need to track down an enemy that yields the 
ability to get it again. Environmental hazards like lava or spikes will also 
instantly destroy a bouncing ability star if it touches such a hazard, so be 
especially careful around those.

New to this game is the ability for your co-op partners or even you yourself to 
grab the star without Inhaling, letting you carry it above your head like any 
other item. A grabbed star will not disappear, so you can carry it around or 
have one of the other players carry it around so you can use it once you're 
done needing your default Inhale abilities. Of course, you can't Inhale while 
holding an item, but you can drop a star, inhale what you need to, and grab the 
star again if you're quick enough about it, so most circumstances you can keep 
an ability if you really like it even if you need to drop it temporarily.

This game also adds Super Abilities to the mix. Super abilities are given by 
special enemies with a very visible glow and slightly different appearence from 
a normal enemy. When you kill a special enemy, no matter how you kill them, 
they'll drop a stationary ability star. Touching that dropped star even if you 
have another ability already will remove your existing ability and grant you 
the Super Ability.

Super Abilities have a time limit associated with them, unlike standard 
abilities. The colored bar represents how much time you have left, when it runs 
out the ability automatically disappears. Using the ability or getting hit 
doesn't effect the time limit at all and you can never lose a Super Ability by 
getting hit. 

Super abilities also only have a single attack, again unlike most of the 
standard abilities. That attack is extremely powerful and covers a huge area of 
the screen, however. Some can even be controlled by the player during the 
attack itself.

Super abilties have the unique function of being able to greatly effect the 
terrain. You can often destroy or alter large portions of the terrain using a 
Super Ability, and doing so will often yield hidden items. You may also uncover 
a star-shaped glowing portal using a Super Ability. You can enter these portals 
to find hidden areas and collectables. However, you should note that you (as 
well as every other player using Kirby) will automatically lose your ability 
when you enter a star portal.

While getting a Copy Ability normally requires you to eat an enemy with the 
corresponding ability, you will occassionally run into items called a "Copy 
Essence" that appear to be bubbles on a pedastal with a picture of an ability 
on them. Touching one of these will automatically grant you the shown ability 
(and will overwrite your current ability if you have one, so don't touch one if 
you don't want to lose what you have).

You can find groups of Copy Essences inside the Lor Starcutter if you gather
enough Energy Spheres. The left side of the ship houses Ability Rooms, each
containing 5 Copy Essences for specific abilities. Unlocking every room by
gathering enough Energy Spheres means you'll have easy access to any power you 
want between stages, so its greatly beneficial to gather those Spheres.

For reference, the 4 copy ability rooms are as follows...

20 Energy Spheres - Cutter, Fire, Leaf, Sword, Needle
40 Energy Spheres - Whip, Spark, Parasol, Beam, Stone
60 Energy Spheres - Water, Spear, Hi-Jump, Tornado, Bomb 
80 Energy Spheres - Hammer, Ice, Ninja, Fighter, Wing

3.) Standard Abilities [SDAB]

And here's the meat of the guide, listing all abilities in the game, their 
properties and movesets, as well as my personal thoughts on each. If you're 
looking for a specific ability, using the tags listed in the Table of Contents 
is a good way to find it quickly, but they're listed in alphabetical order if 
you'd rather just search the list yourself.

>>>>>>>>>> Beam [ABBE] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A red and orange jester hat 
Star - Orange star with red energy spheres in a line
Enemies - Waddle Doo, Beam Wizard, King Doo
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - None

(1) - Beam Whip
Kirby arcs his wand from above his head down, creating a short-range laser 
chain. Fairly weak and pushes enemies away, but has a decent area to hit 
enemies above or below. Goes through walls. Can also be used in the air.

Hold (1) > Release - Wave Beam
Kirby waves his wand behind his head and charges a beam blast that is launched 
when you release the button. Kirby is unable to move while charging. Travels in 
a straight line full screen and pierces enemies, is quite powerful. Also usable 
in the air, but since you can't jump while charging you'll need to jump, 
charge, and release before you land.

Dash + (1) - Cycle Beam
Kirby holds his wand in front and creates a small cyclone-shaped cone. Has 
roughly the same range as Beam Whip but with a smaller area of attack. Can deal 
multiple hits, especially to closer enemies or enemies who can't be pushed back 
like bosses. Brings you to almost a full stop when used. Not usable in the air.

(1) repeatedly in air - Revolution Beam
If you repeatedly press (1) in the air, Kirby will slowly spin his wand around 
himself in a complete circle in a clockwise direction (if facing right, if 
facing left its reversed). Hits multiple times and Kirby will float in the air 
while performing this ability.

Dash + (1) in air - Beam Blast
Kirby will arc his whole body downward at a 45 degree angle and launch a 
barrage of beam shots from his wand in that direction. Does decent damage and 
can hit multiple times but mostly against enemies who can't be knocked back 
like bosses, regular enemies tend to be pushed out of the blast. Gives Kirby a 
slight boost in aerial height when you use it and also makes Kirby fall a bit 
slower while in use, but slows your horizontal momentum quite a bit as well. 
Doesn't end your dash.

Any direction + (1) near foe - Capture Beam
Kirby grabs a nearby regular enemy or star. When you have an enemy in your 
grip, using (1) again will make Kirby lift the enemy up on a damaging beam 
blast. Does very high damage to the grabbed enemy and will also do damage to 
any additional enemies who get hit by the beam or the grabbed enemy. You're 
invulnerable to damage while you're holding an enemy and during the throw 
animation. Usable in the air. Can be used while dashing on the ground, but not 
while dashing in the air.

Beam is a fairly versatile ability, with decent close range capabilities and a 
great long range attack. Quite easy to use, no tricky inputs or exceedingly 
dangerous attacks. Lacks invulnerable attacks to dash through enemies, but 
usually gets by fine without them. Its equally strong in the air or on the 
ground. Beam Whip's ability to go through the ground and its wide area comes in 
handy for certain puzzles. You find Beam enemies early and often, so its one of 
the most readily available abilities in the game.

>>>>>>>>>> Bomb [ABBM] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A blue party hat with a red ribbon on top and a blue gem on the forehead
Star - Grey star with a bomb
Enemies - Poppy Bros. Jr, Fallie
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - None

(1) - Bomb Prep
Kirby pulls out a bomb and holds it in his hand. Not a direct attack, but some 
of Bomb's other attacks can't be used without a bomb in hand, so it sets up for 
those. A bomb in hand will explode after a period of time and will damage Kirby 
if it explodes while in his hands (the bomb will flash when its almost going to 
explode) so be careful and only take out a bomb if you think you'll use it in 
soon. Bombs thrown will not damage Kirby, only a bomb held in his hand. Bombs 
explode when they hit an object or enemy, deal moderate damage in a small area 
and travel as far as the throw will take them. If you hold (1) while using Bomb 
Prep you'll automatically enter the basic bomb throw / aiming stance as below.

(1) (hold) - Bomb Throw
Kirby throws a bomb in an arc forward and slightly upward. Can only be used if 
you have a bomb in your hand. If you hold (1) instead of simply tapping it, 
Kirby will enter a throwing stance and you'll get an arrow, and during this 
time you can aim the bomb's arc using the D-Pad. If you hold Up while using 
Bomb Throw you'll automatically throw a bomb at the highest angle, letting you 
quickly throw bombs up. Can be used in the air.

Dash + (1) - Bomb Bowl
Kirby will roll a bomb across the ground. Goes fairly far and will of course 
obey gravity if it rolls off an edge or something. After it travels the full 
distance it stops and will sit on the ground for a while until it explodes 
after a certain amount of time or after an enemy touches it.Can be used without 
a bomb in hand, but if you have a bomb readied it will use that one. Using this 
attack will bring you to a complete stop but will not end your dash. Can be 
used in the air, and when used in the air bombs will fly straight for a long 
distance then begin to be pulled down by gravity

Down + (1) - Bomb Set
Kirby will drop a bomb on the ground. The bomb will sit on the ground for a 
period of time, then flash and explode.  Can only be used without a bomb 
readied. Can also be used in the air, with the bomb dropping straight down to 
the ground from and giving Kirby a minor boost in aerial height. If an enemy or 
hazard touches a dropped bomb it will immedietly explode.

(1) near foe - Bomb Drop
Kirby will place a bomb directly on a minor enemies head. The enemy will panic 
while the bomb is on their head, which will cause them to deal no damage to 
Kirby at all (you can even stand directly on top of them and you won't take 
damage, they're completely harmless). After a period of time or when another 
enemy touches the bomb, the bomb will explode, dealing moderate damage to the
enemy and splash damage to anything nearby. This attack cannot be used if you 
have a bomb in your hand but can be used in the air. Can be used while dashing 
both on the ground and in the air, and will not end your dash.

Bomb is a superior long-range ability that suffers a bit at short range. Theres 
a distinct blind spot at close to mid range with Bomb Throw unless you spend a 
bit specifically angling a bomb downward, and dashing with an enemy in your 
face to do a Bomb Bowl can be dangerous. Bomb Drop can help keep you safe at 
close range, though, so keep it in mind if an enemy gets too close. Bomb really 
likes to stay at mid range or longer, though, and its ability to aim lets it 
adapt to enemies above fairly easily. It can deal good damage fairly quickly at 
long range. Starts appearing in World 2 and isn't particularly common, but not 
exceedingly rare either.

>>>>>>>>>> Cutter [ABCT] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A yellow helmet with eyes, little wings and a cutter blade in the center
Star - Yellow star with a cutter blade
Enemies - Sir Kibble, Cutter Drone, Kibble Blade
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - Bladed (can cut ropes)

(1) - Cutter Boomerang
Kirby throws the blade on his hat (which mysteriously regenerates shortly after 
being thrown). It will travel a short distance forward, then fly back toward 
Kirby. Can be angled by holding up or down any time a boomerang is flying 
onscreen. If the blade touches Kirby as it comes back, he catches it and the 
projectile will disappear, however if it doesn't touch Kirby it will continue 
flying backwards full screen. Deals light damage. Can be used in the air.

Hold (1) > Release - Hyper Boomerang
Kirby will charge up his Cutter Boomerang, becomming immobile while doing so. 
It acts in the same way as the normal Cutter Boomerang, flying forward and 
returning, but it flies further and is larger in size. It also deals more 
damage and will pierce enemies. Can be angled just like the normal Cutter 
Boomerang, and also used in the air, but since you're immobile during the 
charge you need to jump first then start to charge. Will also bounce off of 
walls up to 3 times (upon hitting a 4th wall it simply breaks). Can't be used 
while airborne.

Hold (1) in air - Sweep Cutter
Kirby holds one of his cutter boomerangs out in front of him for as long as (1) 
is held in the air. Deals moderate damage, and you can continue to control your 
fall with the D-Pad while its out.

Dash + (1) - Cutter Dash
Kirby pulls off the blade on his head and rushes forward a medium distance, 
holding the blade out like a sword. Has invulnerability during the charge 
animation and deals light damage while knocking enemies into the air. Ends your 
dash when used. Not usable in the air.

Down + (1) in air - Cutter Drop
Kirby pulls the blade from his hat and dives diagonally downward, holding the 
sword out in front of him slightly. Has short range and deals good damage. Has 
invulnerability during the attack, but because of the down-forward trajectory 
it will often leave you in the middle of tough enemies if not aimed carefully, 
and as soon as you hit the ground you'll become vulnerable and take a hit.

(1) repeatedly near foe - Final Cutter
Kirby uses the blade from his hat to perform a damaging combination attack 
consisting of 2 melee strikes, a jumping uppercut that sends him flying into 
the air, and finally ending with a large downward slash. The uppercut will deal 
extra hits to minor enemies that can be thrown into the air. The final diving 
slash causes a shockwave to launch forward a bit further than a normal Cutter 
Boomerang travels. First 2 hits are quite weak but the uppercut deals decent 
damage and the dive slash deals good damage, and all together they create a 
heavily damaging combo. You can "cancel" the attack if you stop pressing 
buttons at any time during the 2 initial melee strikes, but once you activate 
the jump slash the attack will need to finish completely. You are invulnerable 
to damage during the jump slash and downward slash. Not usable in the air.

Cutter is a competetent mid-range ability, and with a bit of practice with 
throwing boomerangs the opposite way you want them to go and letting the 
boomerangs fly past you it can be a decent long-range ability as well. The new 
ability to angle the cutters gives you some nice coverage above and below too. 
Pretty decent at close range as well, with a decent (though a bit short) 
invulnerable dash and nice damage from Final Cutter. Fairly low damage output 
means it suffers against bosses, though. Fairly common ability that starts 
appearing in World 1 and can help with a few puzzles.

>>>>>>>>>> Fighter [ABFT] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A red headband with a yellow star in the center
Star - Light red star with a boxing glove
Enemies - Knuckle Joe
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - None

Note - Fighter's moveset is an interesting one, because it has attacks that 
vary based on how hard / quick you push the attack button. Tapping the attack 
button gets you the "Short" attack, and pressing it harder and for a slightly 
longer period gets you the "Long" attack

(1) Short repeatedly - Vulcan Jab
Kirby rapidly performs jab punches that hit a short range in front of him. 
Deals weak damage but hits repeatedly in quick succession. Continues as long as 
you keep tapping (1). Not usable in the air.

(1) Long - Smash Punch
Kirby performs a straight punch which causes an energy blast to launch from his 
fist and travel roughly half the length of the screen. Does moderate damage and 
pierces enemies and obstacles. Not usable in the air.

Down + Hold (1) (light) > Release - Force Blast
Kirby holds his hands behind his body and charges an energy blast between them, 
then launches it when you release the button. The light blast is a small burst 
of blue energy that has a somewhat limited range and only hits 1 enemy. Deals 
light damage. Cannot be used in the air.

Down + Hold (1) (medium > Release - Mega Force Blast
Kirby holds his hands behind him and charges a larger ball of energy, then 
launches it forward. Flies fullscreen and pierces enemies. Moderate damage. Not 
usable in the air.

Down + Hold (1) (full) > Release - Giga Force Blast
Kirby charges a full blast of energy and hurls it forward. The energy becomes 
so powerful that it turns red and gains a fire element. This large energy blast 
pierces enemies and deals heavy damage. Not usable in midair.

Down > Forward + (1) Long - Instant Force Blast
Kirby taps into his power at once, bypassing the normal charge limitation on 
Force Blast and unleashing a medium-strength blast instantly. Identical to the 
Mega Force Blast but with the charge ignored. Fighting game fans will recognize 
the motion for this attack as a "fireball / hadouken" motion, fittingly.

Dash + (1) Short - Leg Sweep
Kirby slides a short distance with his leg outstretched on the ground. Deals 
light damage and has no invulnerability at all, but knocks enemies upward. Ends 
your dash. Stops at ledges, not usable in the air.

Dash + (1) Long - Spin Kick
Kirby performs a double kick while flying forward and up. Deals moderate damage 
and has invulnerability during the rush, goes a medium distance. Ends your 
dash. Leaves you in the air when it ends. Not usable in the air.

Up + (1) - Rising Break
Kirby jumps into the sky, performing an uppercut as his fist surges with 
energy. Minor enemies will be carried upward by the attack, taking numerous 
hits that each deal light damage. Attack carries him upward and slightly 
forward. Larger enemies will not be pushed up but will still take multiple hits 
as long as the attack is hitting them. Kirby is invulnerable during the attack 
animation. Can be used in the air.

Any Direction + 1 near foe in air - Moon Somersault Kick
Kirby will do a quick crescent moon kick on a nearby enemy. Stops Kirby's 
aerial momentum during the attack. Deals moderate damage and knocks the enemy 

(1) Short in air - Down Kick
Kirby sticks his foot out at a downward angle. When you hit an enemy, Kirby 
will bounce off of them. Will stay out until you land or touch an enemy. Deals 
light damage.

(1) Long in air - Double Kick
Kirby performs a kick which sends out an energy wave straight forward and 
travels about half screen. Basically an aerial version of Smash Punch. Despite 
the name, this is a single kick that launches a single energy blast. Does 
moderate damage and pierces enemies and obstacles.

Down + (1) in air - Sky Kick
Kirby sticks his foot out and dives down at a 45 degree angle. Upon contacting 
an enemy he'll bounce off their head. Deals moderate damage. Has 
invulnerability on startup.

Any Direction + (1) near foe - Grab
Kirby grabs a minor enemy or star with his arms. Kirby is invulnerable while he 
holds an enemy. Cannot be used in the air, but can be used while dashing. While 
an enemy is held, you can do either of the following 

Grab + (1) - Arm Throw
Kirby punches the enemy, sending them flying in a forward arc. Deals heavy 
damage to the thrown enemy and heavy damage to any enemy the thrown opponent 
hits. Thrown enemy pierces enemies.

Grab + Back / Down + (1) - Judo Throw
Kirby flips the enemy and kicks them backwards in an arc. Heavy damage to the 
thrown enemy and any enemy that gets hit by the thrown foe, pierces enemies.

An extremely good ability with amazing adaptability. Good damage output at any 
range (though long range is limited to the ground), highly damaging throws, a 
wide variety of effective attacks both in the air and on the ground. Even has 
some puzzle solving capabilities with the Fire element on the full Force Blast. 
Does take a bit of practice to use with the Short / Long gimmick and some other 
unusual attack commands. Doesn't start appearing until World 4 and fairly rare 
even after that. Can be found earlier by visiting the HAL Room (see Secrets).

>>>>>>>>>> Fire [ABFR] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - Yellow crown with a blue gem in the center and burning flames on top
Star - Red star with a flame
Enemies - Hot Head, Flamer, Galbo
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - Fire element (lights fuses, melts ice)

(1) (hold) - Fire Breath
Kirby will blow out a stream of hot flames in a short range. Will deal multiple 
weak hits. If you tap (1) it lasts for a set period of time. You can also hold 
(1) to continue the attack indefinately. While holding (1) you can use the D-
Pad to aim the fire. Up and down adjusts the angle of the fire, holding forward 
will make the flames longer, and holding back will make them shorter. Not 
usable in the air.

Fire Breath + Back - Fireball Inferno
If you press and hold (1) to activate Fire Breath and then hold back on the D-
Pad for a certain amount of time, you'll get this attack in which Kirby lights 
himself on fire, causing damaging flames in a short area around Kirby's whole 
body and above him. Does heavy damage and continues for as long as you keep 
holding (1) and back together. 

Dash + (1) - Burn
Kirby turns into a fireball and rushes a long distance. At the end of the 
attack he'll land on the ground and become vulnerable for a short time. 
Normally flies straight ahead, but you can hold up or down on the D-Pad during 
the attack to angle it either up or down slightly. Full invulnerability during 
the attack, but invulnerability doesn't apply during the cooldown after the 
attack. This attack can break heavy blocks (the grey metallic ones). If used on 
the ground, this attack will end your dash. If used in the air or if you angle 
yourself up during the dash, you will still be dashing when it ends. Deals 
moderate damage and flies straight off ledges.

Burn + (1) - Burning Flame
Pressing (1) during a Burn attack will cause Kirby to drop a flame that will 
fall to the ground. The flame will sit on the ground and burn constantly for a 
period of time, damaging enemies who touch it. Once it damages an enemy it 
disappears. Minor damage. Can drop up to 3 flames during one Burn attack, but 
the timing is strict and you'll usually only drop 2.

(1) in air - Spinning Fire Breath
Kirby while blow out a short range blast of fire while spinning in midair 
horizontally. The attack will alternate hitting in front or behind Kirby as he 
spins. Can hit once each time the spin comes around. Deals moderate damage.

Down + (1) in air - Fireball Spin
Kirby will surround himself with a ball of fire as he spins vertically like a 
wheel. Unlike Spinning Fire Breath, Kirby is completely surrounded by fire 
during this attack and so it will hit all around him at all times, but it has a 
shorter range. Full invulnerability during the attack. Lasts until you hit the 

Fireball Spin near ground - Fireball Roll
If you touch the ground shortly after activating Fireball Spin it'll become 
Fireball Roll, which will send Kirby rolling along the ground like a fiery 
wheel. If you use Fireball Spin while dashing, you'll always get a Fireball 
Roll at the end no matter the timing. Like Fireball Spin, Fireball Roll has 
invincibility during the attack. Like Burn, this attack has a short cooldown at 
the end where Kirby will stop and become vulnerable. Moderate damage, and will 
roll off ledges and be pulled down by gravity if it does.

Fireball Spin or Fireball Roll touching wall - Fireball Climb
If you use Fireball Spin while touching a wall or hit a wall while using 
Fireball Roll, you'll climb up the wall a medium distance (or as far as the 
wall goes). Automatically stops when reaching the top of a wall or after 
travelling a set distance.  

Great mid to short range ability. Fully extended Fire Breath has suprising 
range and can quickly wear down tough enemies, Inferno deals a ton of damage if 
you can find a moment to use it, while multiple dash attacks grant great 
mobility. Fireball Spin being fully invulnerable is unique for a non-moving 
aerial attack and has great utility against bosses, particularly if you Dash 
and use it so that it lasts until you hit the ground. No true long range 
abilities and the vulnerable periods after dashes leave some gaps, though. 
Solves a few puzzles with the Fire element. One of the first abilities you'll 
see and fairly common throughout the game.

>>>>>>>>>> Hammer [ABHM] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A blue and white braided headband
Star - Gold star with a hammer
Enemies - Bonkers
Usable Underwater - Yes
Attack Properties - Smash (can break heavy blocks), Pound (can pound stakes)

(1) - Hammer
Kirby does an overhead hammer swing, smashing his hammer into the ground. Has a 
short range and deals moderate damage. Not usable in the air.

Hold (1) > Release - Triple Hammer
Kirby charges energy and then smashes his hammer into the ground 3 times in 
succession. Each hit deals moderate damage. Not usable in the air.

Dash + (1) - Hammer Swing
Kirby spins his hammer around horizontally multiple times, which basically 
turns him into a spinning ball of destruction with the momentum from the swing 
moving him forward a short distance. Hits multiple times. Can be lightly 
steered, if you press forward during the attack you'll move a bit further and 
pressing back will slow you down and even let you move slightly backwards if 
you do it early enough. Full invulnerability during the attack, but has a short 
cooldown period after the attack. Stops your dash when used and not usable in 
the air. If you hit a ledge while moving, you fly off and keep spinning.

Down + (1) - Hammer Twirl 
Kirby hops up slightly, puts his hammer below him and spins it as he falls. 
Pulls in enemies and deals multiple light hits, fully invulnerable for the 
duration. Can be used in the air, won't hop and will fall down at the normal 
falling rate.

(1) in air - Giant Swing
Kirby spins around vertically once, swinging his hammer in almost a full 
circle. Only the spot where the hammer currently is deals damage, so must be 
aimed somewhat carefully. Deals moderate damage.

Dash + (1) in air - Ultra-Giant Swing
Kirby rapidly spins around in two verticle circles, quickly spinning his 
hammer. Spins much faster than Giant Swing, making it much easier to hit with. 
Slightly lower damage than Giant Swing but can hit twice. Does not cancel your 
dash state, so can be used in succession.

Up + (1) - Hammer Flip
Kirby pulls his hammer back and winds up for a powerful blow, then swings his 
hammer (now burning) from a low angle into the air. Has a long windup period 
where you're completely vulnerable and getting hit will stop the attack. Deals 
very heavy damage, one of the most damaging attacks in the game outside of 
Super abilities or stuff like Crash. Not usable in the air. Has a Fire element 
attached to it (can light fuses and break ice).

Dash + (-) - Hammer Throw
Kirby spins around a couple times and then hurls his hammer forward as a 
projectile. The hammer goes straight and angles up just a slight bit. After 
using this attack, Kirby loses the Hammer ability (he did just throw his hammer 
away after all). Deals high damage and pierces enemies, and Kirby is 
invulnerable during the spin.

Immensely powerful at close range, but entirely limited to that range. Hammer 
Flip is extremely powerful and with practice can be used a lot more often than 
you'd think, same with Triple Smash. A decent dash and invulnerable downward 
attack give some protection, but this ability is all about careful positioning 
and timing at short range to let you steamroll enemies. Also a great puzzle 
solving ability, possessing 3 different puzzle related qualities (Hammer Flip 
has fire, remember) and is also one of only 2 abilities that can pound stakes. 
Pretty rare ability since its only obtained from a mini-boss (which I believe 
starts appearing in World 3) or the rare Copy Essence.

>>>>>>>>>> Hi-Jump [ABHJ] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A headband with wings on either side and a red cape (blue inside)
Star - Light blue star with a Kirby ball and movement lines below
Enemies - Starman
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - Smash (can break heavy blocks)

(1) - Hi-Jump 
Kirby crouches down and then excecutes a powerful jump, raising his hands above 
his head as though he's flying. Kirby becomes invulnerable while jumping and 
damages enemies he touches. Can be steered left or right quite a bit using the 
D-Pad while rising. Usable in the air. Moderately damage.

Hold (1) > Release - Rocket Hi-Jump
Kirby crouches down and charges energy, releasing it for a super jump. Works 
very similar to the normal High Jump except more powerful. Has a small area of 
explosive damage around when releasing.

Hold (1) (full) > Release - Mega Hi-Jump
Kirby crouches down and charges even more energy, releasing it for the ultimate 
jump that creates a large fiery explosion on takeoff. Same properties as Hi-
Jump but even stronger. Has an even larger area explosion (than Rocket Hi-Jump) 
upon release.

Down + (1) in air - Rocket Dive
Kirby dives downward after launching with a fiery explosion. Basically Hi-Jump 
in reverse. Same properties as Hi-Jump. Causes a small explosion of area damage 
when used.

Has good damage and invulnerability everywhere, but is extremely limited. You 
can get a little horizontal attack range by using Hi-Jump and angling left or 
right immedietly or a Rocket / Mega Hi-Jump if you get time to charge it, but 
for the most part you're entirely restricted to the vertical, which can make a 
number of situations much more difficult. The forced jump aspect is also 
undesirable at times when there are areas where you jump too high and can't 
backtrack or areas where hazards line the ceilings. Obviously excells at 
vertical situations and enemies above or below you will be destroyed, though, 
so it has some uses. There are a couple puzzles specifically designed for Hi-
Jump, so you're just about forced to use it for those. Starts appearing in 
World 2 and is quite rare overall. Can be more easily found in the HAL Room 
(see Secrets section).

>>>>>>>>>> Ice [ABIC] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A blue circlet with a blue star gem in the center and ice crystals on top
Star - Light blue star with a snowman
Enemies - Chilly, Frigis
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - Aqua element (can put out fires), Freeze (will turn all 
enemies killed into ice blocks that can be touched to hurl them forward)
Special Properties - Dashing is modified to an ice skating dash that moves 
slightly faster than a normal dash doesn't stop instantly and has a slight 
delay when turning, but also ignores the normal momentum limitations on icy 
terrain, letting you start your dash instantly on ice. Skate dash lets you move 
over the surface of fiery blocks and will extinguish them. Guard puts Kirby 
into an ice block which will freeze weak enemies who touch it, and dropping 
your guard causes the ice to shatter and damage enemies. Guard is also immune 
to chip damage.

(1) (hold) - Ice Breath
Kirby exchales a frigid blast of cold breath with short range. This attack will 
deal multiple weak hits to enemies. Tapping (1) will give you a short burst of 
breath, holding (1) will give you a continuous blast until you release the 
button.  Not usable in the air.

Dash + (1) (hold) or Tap (1) 3 times (hold) - Ice Storm
Kirby crouches down and emits an icy blizzard of cold surrounding his entire 
body in a short range area. The attack deals multiple weak hits. If you dash 
and excecute this attack, you will slide along the ground for a short distance 
(as though on ice) before slowly coming to a stop, sliding off ledges if you 
hit a ledge. If you tap (1) to activate the attack while dashing, it ends when 
the slide ends. You can hold (1) to continue the attack as long as you want. If 
you use the triple-tap to activate the attack, it continues as long as you hold 
(1) and you don't move at all. Stops your dash when used. No invulnerability 
and not usable in the air.

Dash + Down + (1) - Ice Ball
Kirby encases himself in a large sphere of ice and spins forward a medium 
distance, after which the sphere stops and shatters. Completely invulnerable 
while encased. Deals moderate damage. Not usable in the air, stops if it hits a 
ledge. Hitting a wall causes it to shatter immedietly. The shards from when the 
ball shatters can deal damage to enemies as well.

(1) in air (hold) - Ice Sprinkle
Kirby spins around once at a slight angle in the air, sprinkling cold breath as 
he spins. Alternates damage between front and back. Normally lasts a short 
time, but holding (1) will prolong it indefinately.

Dash + (1) in air (hold) - Super Ice Sprinkle
Kirby spins rapidly and repeatedly at a slight angle in the air, blowing out a 
frosty wind as he spins. Deals multiple rapid hits. Normally only lasts a 
second, but can be prolonged until you hit the ground by holding (1).

Any direction + (1) near foe - Ice Suction
Kirby quickly gulps a nearby minor enemy or star into his mouth (not an inhale, 
but a grab). With an enemy in your mouth, pushing (1) again will cause Kirby to 
spit the enemy, now encased in a block of ice, out of his mouth. Deals heavy 
damage to the grabbed enemy and any enemys hit by the ejected block of ice. 
Usable in the air. Cannot be used while dashing on the ground, but can be used 
while dashing in the air.

Most of Ice's abilities themselves are decent but nothing too amazing. Plenty 
of decent short range abilities that can rack up multiple hits for good overall 
damage, but the range hurts since none have invulnerability nor knock enemies 
away, making Ice a bit risky and limited. Ice Ball gives a bit of 
invulnerability and a more traditional dash, which is a nice addition in this 
game. However, the fact that all of Ice's attacks freeze enemies and provide 
you with long-range ammo that deals high damage and pierces enemies really 
helps the ability, and overall makes Ice a much better ability than it would be 
without that function. Ice Suction is also an amazing throw for hitting other 
enemies and bosses, especially now that its usable in the air. Ice starts 
showing up in World 3 and is somewhat common after that.

>>>>>>>>>> Leaf [ABLF] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A headress of leaves with a green gem in the center
Star - Bright green star with a leaf
Enemies - FloatLeaf, Flower 
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - Bladed (cuts ropes)
Special Properties - Guard places you in a pile of leaves that ignores enemy 
attacks completely. When exiting guard, the leafs are thrown off and do minor 
damage to nearby enemies and also knocks them away.

(1) - Leaf Shot
Kirby throws 3 leaves which move in a rather odd trajectory. The leaves fly 
forward a short distance then turn and fly back, go a little further, reverse 
directions again and go a little further, and so on until they go off-screen. 
They also go up higher and higher as they move. Basically they circle Kirby 
getting further away each time. They also follow Kirby as he moves to an 
extent. Each leaf does minor damage. Can be used in the air.

Hold (1) - Leaf Swirl
Kirby starts spinning his body, creating a whirlwind of leaves which spin 
around him at mid range. Enemies will get pulled in by the attack and take 
multiple weak hits before being thrown out in various directions. The attack 
continues as long as you hold (1) and you can move while using the attack, but  
you move fairly slowly. You're invulnerable on startup but not while spinning. 
Unusable in the air.

Release (1) during Leaf Swirl - Leaf Scatter
Kirby stops, puts his arm up in the air and releases all the leaves he had 
circling him during Leaf Swirl. The leaves scatter into the wind in all 
directions, reaching higher, lower, and further out than Leaf Swirl. But they 
only go a short distance before they slow down and disappear. Kirby is 
invulnerable as he releases the leaves outward. This attack does medium damage 
but will not hit bosses and mini-bosses if they're being hit by Leaf Swirl, so 
move out of range of Leaf Swirl then release to make Leaf Scatter hit.

Dash + (1) - Leaf Dance
Kirby charges forward while twirling, spinning dozens of leaves around his 
body. Enemies get slashed and sent flying into the sky. This attack has a 
smaller range than Leaf Tornado, however it does have full invulnerability 
throughout the entire attack and moves signifigantly faster. Also has a brief 
invulnerability period after the attack ends, enough for you to Guard and not 
get hit even if you stop on top of an enemy. Not usable in the air and falls 
off ledges.

Up + (1) + (1) - Leaf Uppercut
Kirby raises his hands into the air, causing a tower of leaves to spring up in 
front of him. The tower is approximately twice Kirby's height. Enemies hit by 
the tower's initial formation or who hit the tower while its active take 
damage. Deals moderate damage and also usable in the air.

Down + (1) in air - Leaf Rain
Kirby whips his hand downward and throws a spread shot of 5 leaves toward the 
ground. Using this attack gives Kirby a very slight boost in altitude if he's 
rising upward or neutral. If he's falling downward it simply halts his downward 
momentum and makes him stop in midair for a moment. Deals minor damage per 

Leaf is a very powerful ability on the ground with a distinct weakness in the 
air. On the ground you get access to large AoE abilities that dish out great 
damage and a highly invulnerable dash, as well as a decent (albeit somewhat 
unpredictable) long-range projectile and a fully invulnerable guard. In the air 
your basic attack is ill-suited for defending you and you lose your dash and 
your AoE, so you're left only with Leaf Uppercut to defend yourself and it has 
short range. When using Leaf, best to stay on the ground and use Leaf Uppercut 
to fend off attacks from above unless you're jumping above something to use 
Leaf Rain. Leaf is the very first of the new abilities to appear and remains 
somewhat common throughout the game.

>>>>>>>>>> Needle [ABND] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - Semicircle pink helmet with numerous spikes sticking out
Star - Orangish brown star with 3 spikes
Enemies - Needlous, Tick, Cactapole (can only be inhaled once you hit it down 
to just the head)
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - None

(1) (hold) - Needle Attack
Kirby tucks in his arms and legs and the spikes covering his hat and back get 
longer, covering him in a short range shell of spikes. Enemies who touch the 
spikes will take moderate damage without damaging Kirby himself. The spikes 
also block some projectiles, though not all of them, some will get through and 
damage you. Minor enemies will be knocked back when they take a hit from the 
spikes, but mini-bosses and bosses will not, and against those enemies you can 
score multiple hits with this attack (though since they aren't knocked back its 
also very easy for them to hit you). You can keep the spikes active for as long 
as you want by holding (1). Usable in the air.

Waggle / D-Pad during Needle Attack - Needle Burst
Kirby retracts his spikes (the faster you waggle or rapidly move the D-Pad the 
faster they retract) and then shoots them out, covering a semi-circle with 
damaging spike projectiles. Launched needles go full-screen. Minor damage per 
spike. Usable in the air, and when used in the air shoots projectiles in a 
complete circle instead of a semicircle. 

Dash + (1) - Rolling Needle
Kirby stops in place, hops up and curls into a ball and becomes a wheel lined 
with spikes, then rolls forward a medium distance. Can roll off ledges and will 
be pulled down by gravity when it does, but stops as soon as it goes off a 
ledge. During the roll you can press left or right to change directions pretty 
much instantly, but the duration of the attack remains even if you switch.  
Vulnerable during the hop, but becomes invulnerable once you curl up and 
through the whole dash. If you press (1) again during this attack you will 
cancel it and go into Needle Attack, which is handy for quick stops. Not usable 
in the air.

Up + (1) - Mega Needle
Kirby tucks his arms in and turns all the spikes on his hat into a huge drill 
spike that stabs straight up. Has almost no horizontal coverage, purely a 
vertical attack. Deals moderate damage and can be used in the air.

Needle only has a few attacks compared to most abilities, but its a very solid 
ability in spite of that. Its got a good short-range defense, a nice 
invulnerable dash, an anti-air and a nice (albeit weak) spreadshot projectile. 
It suffers at long range, but getting close isn't a problem with your defense. 
Not the greatest ability against bosses since getting close to them is a lot 
more risky than normal enemies and your long range attack is ill-suited to chip 
away their high health, but repeated Rolling Needles and careful use of Needle 
Attack at the right range can get you through in a pinch. Shows up in World 1 
and is fairly common throughout the game.

>>>>>>>>>> Ninja [ABNJ] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - Typical Ninja headress with a metal star plate headband
Star - Purple star with a shuriken
Enemies - Bio Spark
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - None
Special Properties - Holding forward while against a wall will intiate a Wall 
Cling, which will cause Kirby to hang on the wall. Jumping while Wall Clinging 
gets you a triangle jump which has a unique trajectory. Holding forward as you 
jump makes you go further. Most attacks are unusable during a Wall Cling.

(1) - Knife Throw
Kirby throws a single kunai knife forward. Extremely weak, but can rapidly tap 
to throw multiple knives very quickly. When rapidly throwing, there is a very 
slight variation in throwing height. This attack has Bladed properties (can cut 
ropes). Can be used in the air and can also be used while clinging to a wall 
without making you drop off, though it can't be used as rapidly during wall 

Hold (1) - Quad Shock
Kirby takes out the sword on his back and performs a 2-hit combo. The first hit 
is a standard melee sword slash, but the second slash sends out a strong 
shockwave which has a decent height. Each hit causes moderate damaging, adding 
up to a fairly damaging attack. Can be used in the air, and will still cause a 
shockwave even in the air. If the first hit doesn't hit an enemy the second hit 
and shockwave do not occur.

Dash + (1) - Stealth Slash
Kirby takes out his sword and moves quick as a flash, moving a medium distance 
almost instantly. At the end of the dash Kirby will stand and sheath his sword 
dramatically. Enemies that are in the path of the dash will be held in place 
and hit with with multiple sword slashes. Dash has full invincibility, but the 
sword sheathing at the end leaves you vulnerable. However, you can cancel the 
sheath animation by using other attacks or guarding. Individual slashes are 
weak, but add up to moderate to high damage. Has bladed properties and ignores 
ledges. Can't be used in the air.

Down + (1) in air - Ninja Kick
Kirby will excecute a dive kick that will carry him downward quickly at a 45 
degree angle. When he hits an enemy, he'll bounce off of them. Deals moderate 
damage. Has startup invincibility.

Down + (1) - Smoke Screen
Kirby throws a smokebomb at his feet which creates a small explosion. Creates a 
very short range AoE around Kirby's feet, deals moderate damage. Not usable in 
the air. Kirby is invulnerable during this attack.

Up > Down + (1) - Blossom Storm
Kirby whips out a colorful pink fan, makes a short jump into the air, and waves 
the fan toward the ground. This causes a burst of flowers above Kirby and petal 
explosions around the ground under him, each with a fairly large area of 
effect. Both the flowers and the explosions do moderate damage to enemies. 
Cannot be used in the air.

Any direction + (1) near foe - Air Drop
Kirby grabs onto a minor enemy or star, leaps into the air with them, then 
spins and falls back down headfirst, smashing the enemy's head into the ground. 
Entire animation is fully invincible. Grabbed enemy is dealt major damage, and 
any enemy thats at close range or under Kirby will also take damage, often 2 
hits (one for the jump and one for the fall), which can add up to extremely 
high damage. Can be used in the air, and can be used while dashing both in the 
air and on the ground.

(1) after taking damage - Hide Guard
After getting hit (while Kirby is in his hurt animation) press (1) and Kirby 
will vanish in a puff of smoke. He'll be completely invisible and invulnerable 
for a period of time after vanishing. Pressing (1) again after disappearing or 
waiting a certain amount of time will cause you to reappear along with a fiery 
explosion at your location, which will damage enemies nearby. You have a brief 
invulnerability period when you reappear. Usable in the air.

(1) after guarding an attack - Smoke Counter
After guarding an attack from an enemy, pressing (1) will make you disappear 
just like Hide Guard. Same properties as Hide Guard, not usable in the air.

(1) on surface of water - Stealth Water Gun
Kirby has a bamboo snorkel while on the surface of the water when he has the 
Ninja ability, and this attack lets him shoot a burst of water from the bamboo. 
Unlike the normal water attacks, this one flies up and not forward. Also has 
fairly short range, shorter than the normal Water Gun.

Ninja is a very strong ability at short range, with a bit of extra long-range 
utility to back it up. Quad Shock and Air Drop are both very strong, and Quad 
Shock in particular covers a decent area as long as you connect with the 
initial close-range hit. Blossom Suprise also deals good damage and gives you 
some offense in an area. The smoke counters can be effective against groups of 
minor enemies, but don't try it against minibosses or you're liable to take a 
hit (or another hit in the case of Hide Guard) as you come out. Knife Throw 
gives you a backup ranged option and actually deals decent damage rapid-fired. 
Can solve a few puzzles with blades and fire. Ninja shows up in World 4 and 
remains fairly rare. It can be used early by going to the HAL Room (see Secrets 

>>>>>>>>>> Parasol [ABPS] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - No hat, just always has a red and white parasol in hand or on back
Star - White star with a red parasol
Enemies - Parasol Waddle Dee, Parasol Waddle Doo, Parasol
Usable Underwater - Yes
Attack Properties - None
Special Properties - When in the air, the parasol will let you slowly drift 
downwards using the parasol to slow falls, and will continuously drift back and 
forth. Pressing Down while floating will cancel the float and make you fall at 
normal speed. Parasol is held overhead while moving and can cause minor damage 
and block falling objects.

(1) - Parasol Swing 
Kirby will swing his parasol forward, hitting at medium melee range. There will 
be small water droplets thrown off the front of the parasol which will extend 
the range of the attack slightly. Both attacks do moderate damage. The water 
droplets carry the Aqua element and can extinguish fire. Usable in the air, not 
usable in the water.

Hold (1) - Parasol Shield
Kirby holds his parasol out in front and spins it like a drill continuously. 
Attack continues as long as you hold (1). Enemies who bump the spinning parasol 
will be knocked back and take minor damage, enemies can take multiple hits if 
this attack is used close enough. Bosses and mini-bosses who can't be knocked 
back can take multiple hits from this attack. While holding the shield, you can 
switch directions using the D-Pad. Can be used in the air.

Dash + (1) - Parasol Drill
Kirby rushes forward spinning his parasol like a drill in front of his body 
while stars circle the parasol. Travels a medium distance and knocks enemies 
out of the way. Full invulnerability for the duration of the dash. Moderate 
damage. If used on the ground and you reach a ledge, the attack will stop upon 
reaching the ledge but your momentum will carry you off the ledge and make you 
start falling. Can also be used in the air. Usable underwater, but since you 
can't dash it becomes your default (1) attack and doesn't carry you forward.

Down + (1) - Parasol Twirl
Kirby does a short hop into the air, holds his parasol downwards and twirls it 
as he falls back to the ground. Enemies are pulled in by this attack and take 
multiple light hits. Short range, full invulnerability for the entire duration. 
You can move left and right while this attack is in effect. Not usable in the 

Down + (1) in air (hold) - Parasol Dive
Kirby puts his parasol underneath his body at an angle and flies downward while 
the parasol spins accompanied by stars. Carries Kirby down and forward. 
Normally lasts just long enough to hit the ground from a full jump and stops if 
used higher than that, but if you use it from higher up you can hold (1) to 
keep going all the way until you hit the ground if you wish. Very short range 
with full invulnerability, and causes decent damage. Usable underwater.

Any direction + (1) near foe - Circus Throw
Kirby puts a minor enemy or star on top of his umbrella, holds it straight up 
in the air and spins it around for a while. After a bit of spinning, Kirby 
throws the enemy off the umbrella. You can alter which direction the enemy is 
thrown by holding a direction. Holding up will make the enemy bounce into the 
air, and holding it either left or right will have Kirby throw them off the 
umbrella in that direction. Heavy damage to the grabbed enemy and also damages 
any enemy hit by the thrown foe. Can also cause damage to an enemy who touches 
the grabbed foe as they twirl on the umbrella. Not usable while in the air, and 
not usable while dashing.

Parasol is suprisingly good considering its... well, an umbrella. The umbrella 
itself keeps aerial enemies from hassling you quite well and the actual attacks 
cover the ground quite well, getting decent range and some impressive dash 
attacks (especially if you Parasol Drill in the air) while doing decent damage. 
Between the great dash and the 2 other invulnerable attacks Parasol has some 
good defense. Circus Throw gives you some nice attack power if you can get 
"ammo" for it. Underwater I'd rate Parasol as the best ability in the game, 
covering a wide area in front of you and giving you an invulnerable attack for 
moving down. Parasol appears in World 2 and is somewhat common throughout the 

>>>>>>>>>> Spark [ABSK] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - Teal circlet with a blue gem and jagged green and blue sparks on top
Star - Teal star with a lightning bolt
Enemies - Sparky, Shocker, Dubior
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - None
Special Properties - Waggling the Wiimote or moving the D-Pad while you have 
the Spark ability will generate electricity which will automatically charge 
your attacks. This can be done any time you aren't attacking, you can be 
guarding or moving and still charge. Light charge will display as small sparks 
around Kirby's body, almost unnoticable. Medium charge gives you a very small 
persistent barrier thats light green. Full charge gives you a larger barrier (a 
bit smaller than Spark Attack) in a darker green. When carrying any level of 
charge you are unable to use any attack other than Spark Arrow / Laser / Wave, 
even if you for example hold Up while attacking (to try to activate 
Thunderbolt). Your charge will slowly deplete over time, so you need to keep 
moving the Wiimote or the D-Pad occassionally to maintain a charge.

(1) (hold) - Spark Attack
Kirby crouches down and releases a damaging field of electricity around his 
body with a short range. Holding (1) will make this attack continue as long as 
you want. Enemies who touch the electrical field will take light damage and get 
pushed back a bit. Enemies who can't be knocked away or who are at very close 
range when you begin the attack will rapidly take damage from multiple hits. 
Can be used in the air.

(1) (light charge) - Spark Arrow
Kirby uses a light charge to fire a small arrow of electrical energy. Deals 
minor damage to a single enemy, and drains your power charge.

(1) (medium charge) - Spark Laser
Kirby uses the energy from a partial charge to launch an electrical laser from 
his hands. The beam flies straight, pierces enemys and obstacles, and deals 
moderate damage. Can be used in the air and drains your charged power.

(1) (full charge) - Spark Wave
Kirby channels the full power of his electricity to launch a large sphere of 
electricity similar to the passive shield he gets when he achieves a full 
charge. The sphere flies forward in a straight line, piercing any enemies it 
hits, goes through walls, and deals heavy damage. Can be used in the air,  
drains your charged electricity.

Up + (1) - Thunderbolt
Kirby raises his arm and unleashes a long-range bolt of electricity up into the 
sky. Goes through ceilings. Does light damage, and is usable in the air. Has a 
very small horizontal range that will hit enemies who are right next to Kirby. 
When used in the air Kirby will stop in the air during the attack. Holding down 
(1) prolongs the attack slightly but does not deal additional damage or more 

Down + (1) in air - Lightning Strike
Kirby crouches down and unleashes a bolt of lightning straight down toward the 
ground. Goes through the ground and deals medium damage. Has a very small area 
that will hit enemies right next to Kirby. Kirby stops in the air when using 
this attack. Holding (1) prolongs the attack slightly but deals no extra hits 
nor additional damage.

A very strong ability with both close-range defense (with moderate offense as 
well) and powerful long-range offense. The passive defense provided by a 
partial or full electrical charge lets you run through enemy infested areas 
with a bit of a safety net without stopping. Spark Attack is great defense 
against small enemies, and against groups or bosses you can use the long range 
abilities to avoid getting close and into trouble. The one major weakness this 
ability has is that you have to be doing one thing or the other at any given 
time. If you charge to fire a projectile, until you fire it your close range 
defense and upward / downward attacks are unavailable to you, and likewise your 
projectiles are unavailable unless you charge first. There are some puzzles 
that require an ability that goes through walls, and Spark solves those nicely. 
It appears in World 1 and is somewhat common through the game.

>>>>>>>>>> Spear [ABSP] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A red headband with a visor-shaped gold plate attached to the front
Star - Orange star with a spear
Enemies - Spear Bee, Spear Knight
Usable Underwater - Yes
Attack Properties - Bladed (cuts ropes)

(1) - Spear Thrust
Kirby stabs his spear forward with decent range but a narrow area. Deals 
moderate damage, can be used in the air and underwater.
Back + (1) during Spear Thrust - Back Thrust
Kirby flips his spear around and stabs backwards, nailing any enemies who might 
try to sneak up on him during Spear Thrust. Can only be performed at the end of 
Spear Thrust's animation. Not usable in midair.

(1) repeatedly - Multispear Attack
Kirby rapidly stabs the area in front of him with his spear, follow by a single 
more powerful thurst that flings enemies away. Has slightly shorter range than 
Spear Thrust. Causes repeated minor hits and a final more powerful hit. Can be 
used in the air.

Up + (1) - Skyward Thrust
Kirby stabs his spear upward directly above his head. Has similar range and 
properties to the basic Spear Thrust. Usable underwater.

Down + (1) in air - Moon Drop
Kirby spins his body and dives downward like a falling drill. Has a short delay 
before the dive begins. Invulnerable on startup but not in the middle of the 
dive. Usable underwater, but will not spin and will simply thrust downwards.

Dash + (1) - Spear Throw
Kirby comes to a stop and hurls his spear forward in an arc, hitting slightly 
less than mid screen. The thrown spear pierces enemies and flies as far as the 
arc will allow before it hits the ground or goes offscreen. Not usable in the 
air, and using this attack stops your dash.

Dash + Hold (1) > Release - Triple Throw
Kirby charges up a spear throw, which lets him hurl 3 spears at once. While 
holding (1) you are able to slowly move left and right, making it easier to 
aim. Once you release (1) Kirby lunges forward and hurls 3 spears at 3 
different arcs, one staying fairly close to Kirby, one going mid-range, and one 
going slightly further than Spear Throw. Like Spear Throw, spears pierce 
enemies and continue until they hit the ground. Usable in the air, and can 
cancel the falling animation if you touch the ground shortly after throwing.

Dash + (1) repeatedly in air - Spear Barrage
Kirby starts hurling multiple spears in succession. There's no limit to how 
many spears you can throw, you'll hurl as many spears as button presses until 
you touch the ground, or you can just throw 1 if you only tap once. Each spear 
flies in a set arc similar to Spear Throw. Each time you throw a spear you 
hover in the air very briefly. Spears pierce foes and travel on until hitting 
the ground or a wall.

Hold (1) > Release - Spear Copter
Kirby holds his spear above his head and charges energy. When you release, 
Kirby will spin his spear rapidly above his head like a helicopter. And like a 
helicopter, you will be able to fly while this attack is active. After a forced 
ascent at the start of the attack, pressing any direction makes Kirby fly at a 
medium speed in that direction. Enemies who get hit by the spinning spear take 
minor damage and are juggled on top of the spinning blade, taking repeated 
hits. Lasts for roughly 5 seconds, and at the end the spear starts spinning 
more slowly and you start to drop in altitude automatically. Can be cancelled 
by using any aerial attack or by puffing up. Usable in the air.

Spear is an interesting ability, a melee ability with a whole lot of ranged 
attacks. Makes for a pretty nice combination. None of its attacks are hugely 
powerful, but it has plenty of adaptability with the 2 ranges covered. Lack of 
invulnerability hurts a bit, but its melee repetoire is otherwise solid. Spear 
Copter is an interesting blend of offense and manueverability. Spear first 
appears in World 3 and is fairly common.

>>>>>>>>>> Stone [ABST] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A circlet of gemstones with horns on either side and a crown of rocks
Star - Brown star with a rock
Enemies - Rocky, Moundo
Usable Underwater - No, but if you enter stone form above the water you'll 
remain in stone form and sink until you manually turn back
Attack Properties - Pound (can pound in stakes), Smash (can break heavy blocks)
Special Properties - While in Stone form Kirby will slide down any and all 
inclines, heavily damaging enemies he hits while sliding.

(1) - Stone Change
Kirby morphs his body into various stone statues and stone forms. While he's in 
stone form he's completely invulnerable to all damage except enemy grabs. When 
exiting stone form there's a small burst of rock shards that cause very minor 
damage and knock enemies out of the way. Not usable in the air.

(1) in air - Stone Smash
Kirby morphs his body into a stone, and then crashes straight down to the 
ground (and straight through breakable objects). Enemies smashed by this fall 
take heavy damage. 

Down + (1) in air - Heavy Smash
Kirby morphs into stone form, then spins around while enlarging his stone body. 
He then crashes down with even more force and a usual Stone Smash. Does very 
heavy damage upon crashing down, and will also deal repeated light hits to 
enemies who are very close during the enlarging process.

Dash + (1) - Turbo Stone
Kirby transforms into stone form mid-dash and his momentum allows him to slide 
forward a short distance throwing up a cloud of dust in the process. Any 
enemies he crashes into while sliding will take heavy damage. Not usable in the 
air, and will slide straight off of ledges.

Up + (1) - Stone Uppercut
Kirby does a quick, small uppercut with a fist made of rock (the rest of his 
body remains normal). Has a short range and hits directly in front of Kirby, 
causing moderate damage. Usable in the air. This is Stone's only attack that 
doesn't put you into Stone form.

Stone is very powerful offensively but at the same time very limited. You can 
either drop on top of something or dash on the ground and slide at them, so 
there's a large blind spot for anything not under you or on the ground. Stone 
Uppercut can fill that gap somewhat, but it lacks the power of Stone's other 
attacks. Defensively Stone is almost unmatched, being immune to almost 
everything, but the fact that you can't damage anything while you're a stone 
once you're stopped moving makes it a one-dimensional defense. 

>>>>>>>>>> Sword [ABSW] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A green elf hat with yellow trim and a yellow ball on the end
Star - Dark green with a sword
Enemies - Sword Knight, Living Sword, Gigant Edge
Usable Underwater - Yes
Attack Properties - Bladed (can cut ropes)

(1) - Overhead Slash
Kirby slashes his sword from high to low at short range. Deals moderate damage, 
has a decent area of attack. Cannot be used in the air.

(1) (full health) - Sword Beam
At full health, Kirby's normal Chop attack will also send out a sword-shaped 
beam of energy that will go full screen in a straight line. Deals the same 
damage as Chop. Remind you of anyone? Not usable in the air.

(1) repeatedly - Multisword Attack
Kirby will repeatedly slash at the air in front of him with his blade. After a 
specific number of attacks, Kirby will perform one final overhead cut that 
sends enemies flying. Deals minor damage per hit but hits rapidly and holds 
enemies in place for the duration. You can stop pressing (1) early to cancel 
the remainder of the hits and the final hit. Not usable in the air.

Hold (1) > Release - Spin Slash
Kirby charges, then spins around rapidly with his sword outstretched, slicing 
enemies to either side of his body. Can be steered left or right while in use. 
Pulls enemies in and deals multiple light hits, then throws them away. Not 
usable in the air, has invulnerability throughout the spin.

Dash + (1) - Drill Stab
Kirby lunges forward a short distance with his sword held straight out, 
stabbing any enemies in his path. Deals multiple hits. Has invulnerability 
during the lunge. Can be cancelled into Upward Stab at any time during the 
dash. Not usable in the air. Ends your dash state and carries you off ledges.

Up + (1) - Upward Slash
Kirby leaps into the air with his sword outstretched, cutting enemies 
vertically. Carries minor enemies upward into the air with him and deals 
multiple light hits. Will not carry larger enemies but still deals repeated 
hits as long as he's hitting them with his blade. Has invincibility when you 
start the attack but becomes vulnerable in the middle of the upward motion. 
Usable in the air.

Down + (1) during Upward Slash - Sword Dive
Kirby flips around in midair and dives downward, sword stretched out in front 
of him. When he hits the ground he bounces up slightly. Can be used any time 
during Upward Slash's animation. Carries enemies downward and deals multiple 
light hits. Also has invulnerability.

(1) in air - Chop and Thrust
Kirby does a mid-air slice with his blade that deals moderate damage. If he 
hits an enemy with the slice he bounces off them and up a bit, ending the 
attack. If he doesn't hit an enemy with the initial cut, he'll hold the blade 
out until you do another attack, and if an enemy hits during that time he'll 
damage them and bounce up as well.

Dash + (1) in air - Sword Spin
Kirby spins around vertically with his blade outstretched, looking like a 
sawblade. Hits enemies for weak damage multiple times as he spins and doesn't 
knock them away very much, allowing for easy repeated hits, but also making it 
easy to run into enemies if you go forward too much. This attack is your 
default attack in the water.

Down + (1) in air - Down Thrust
Kirby holds his sword in both hands pointing straight down, and lunges 
downward, stabbing enemies below and jabbing his sword into the ground. This 
attack pushes Kirby down faster than usual. Enemies are dragged downward by the 
attack and then knocked away by the final blow (when you hit the ground). 
Has invincibility on startup and once you touch the ground, but no 
invulnerability in the middle of the dive.

Sword is the quintessential melee ability. Decent power, a large variety of 
attack types, and completely melee (other than Sword Beam, which is 
unreliable). Its got some interesting combos and plenty of variety to cover 
almost any melee situation while not being too difficult to use. Cutting can 
help solve a few puzzles here and there. The first ability you'll ever see in 
the game and continues to be common throughout.

>>>>>>>>>> Tornado [ABTR] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - Blue headband with curved spikes on either side and a tornado on top
Star - Light grey star with a tornado
Enemies - Twister
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - None

(1) (hold) - Tornado Attack
Kirby spins himself so rapidly that he becomes a swirling tornado for a few 
seconds. Moves quite quickly horizontally and a bit slower vertically. Will 
normally follow the ground, dipping down into ditches and such. However, you 
can use the D-Pad to make yourself move up and down in the air, or you can hold 
(1) to rise as well. Enemies that you touch will take repeated light hits. You 
have full invulnerability while in Tornado form but when Tornado starts to wear 
off you lose your invincibility (unless you activate Hyper Tornado).  

Tornado Attack + Waggle / D-Pad - Hyper Tornado
At any time while Tornado Attack is active, you can shake your Wiimote or 
rapidly move the D-Pad to charge up the attack (you'll see some charge lines 
and hear a ping once its charged and the charge stays once you do it). Once 
charged, at the end of your tornado attack Kirby will throw off his tornado 
form by releasing the built up energy, which causes a fairly large AoE around 
his body during the ending animation for Tornado Attack. Great for protecting 
yourself from smaller enemies during Tornado Attack's cooldown as enemies will 
be pushed away from you and killed, and also has invulnerability. Won't push 
bosses or minibosses away, but because it deals multiple hits each doing 
moderate damage it will heavily damage them. You can continue to move using the 
D-Pad while the attack is active.

Up + (1) - Rising Gust
Kirby does a quick spin and sends a whirlwind straight up into the air a medium 
distance. The gust will carry enemies upward, dealing multiple light hits. 
Usable in the air, and if used in the air Kirby will hover for a moment. Has a 
bit of horizontal range and will pick up enemies very close to Kirby when used. 
Has invincibility during the startup.

Down + (1) in air - Falling Gust
Kirby hovers in the air, spins his body and unleashes a tornado straight 
downward. When the gust hits the ground it will spread out, extending the 
horizontal range a bit. Deals multiple light hits and pushes enemies down and 
away. Kirby is invulnerable during the startup of this attack.

Dash + (1) in air - Tornado Dash
Kirby becomes a horizontal tornado and rushes forward a fairly long distance. 
This attack carries full invulnerability, deals multiple light hits and carries 
enemies forward as you move. Can be steered up or down using the D-Pad while 
dashing. Does not end your dash.

Tornado is the attack with the most invincibility of any normal attack, making 
it great on both offense and defense. However, it requires quite a bit of 
precision to use, since steering yourself in Tornado form is tricky in and of 
itself, can't be cancelled at all, and you also need to make sure to not be 
touching an enemy when you start to exit Tornado form, or else you'll get hit. 
Rising and Falling Gust are great support moves for situations when you don't 
want to use Tornado Attack, and Tornado Dash is a quick invincible alternative 
if you don't want to wait out the full duration of Tornado Attack. Tornado 
appears first in World 2 and is quite rare throughout the game. 

>>>>>>>>>> Water [ABWT] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - Gold crown with swirling mass of water on top
Star - Blue star with a wave
Enemies - Water Galbo, Water Galboros, Drop
Usable Underwater - No, but if you have the Water ability and you go underwater 
your normal water gun is powered up, going further and piercing enemies as well 
as being slightly larger
Attack Properties - Aqua element (extinguishes fires)
Special Properties - Kirby's dash in this form lets him surf on a small surge 
of water, moving slightly faster than a normal dash. If he runs into an enemy, 
he bounces back and deals very minor damage (against bosses he bounces off and 
deals no damage). He can also dash over the surface of the water without 
sinking, and can dash over burning blocks and take no damage and extinguish the 
blocks. If you're moving at near full speed and turn around, Kirby will cause a 
small wave that will do more damage to enemies, but his turning will also be 
delayed by his momentum. Starting the dash and stopping are similarly delayed.

(1) - Wave Attack
Kirby spits out a burst of water which will flow along the ground until it hits 
something. Follows the shape of the ground very closely. Deals light damage. 
Usable in the air but the projectile will be pulled down to the ground when 
used while airborne.

Up + (1) (hold) - Geyser
Kirby puts his hands down, steadies himself and blasts a geyser of water 
straight up out of the top of his hat.  Hits entirely vertical with no 
horizontal area at all. Holding the button will prolong the attack slightly. 
Tapping (1) repeatedly will make the attack continue indefinately for as long 
as you continue tapping. Deals moderate damage and can be used in the air.

Down + (1) - Water Crown
Kirby unleashes a small burst of water underneath his body, which causes a 
small splash. Does moderate damage to a fairly limited area around Kirby's 
feet. Unusable in the air, and makes Kirby invulnerable for the duration.

Dash + (1) - Wave Surf
Kirby puts his hands forward and summons a larger wave (compared to the one 
used for the normal dash) to ride. He'll rush forward on the wave, plowing over 
enemies and obstacles easily for a medium distance. Will dash straight off of 
ledges and will actually gain momentum from slopes (if you reach the top of an 
upward slope, you'll boost into the air). Invulnerable while using this move, 
deals medium damage. Not usable in the air, does not cancel your dash when 

Hold Down > Up + (1) - Rainbow Rain
Kirby throws his hands into the air and releases a fountain of water from his 
hat which creates shower or water and a rainbow around his body. Causes 
multiple light hits to all enemies in a decent area around Kirby. Can be used 
in the air. Kirby is invulnerable during this attack. You can "buffer" the down 
charge during other attacks including Rainbow Rain itself by holding down 
during another attack, letting you fire off repeated Rainbow Rain attacks in 
quick succession.

Down + (1) (hold) in air - Fountain Hover
Kirby faces downward and blasts out a very thin jet of water which he then 
hovers on. Once you activate this attack, you can use up and down on the D-Pad 
to make yourself hover higher or lower and left and right on the D-Pad to move. 
The height you can hover is determined by the ground, you're always limited to 
a certain height above the ground (and suddenly changing heights, for example 
dropping from a raised platform to the ground will immedietly change your 
height). Holding (1) will keep the attack in effect indefinately. Deals weak 
damage, hits multiple times but not very quickly. Not great as an attack, more 
useful as a way of getting around.

Water is an extremely unique ability with great mobility. A unique dash that 
hits enemies and keeps you relatively safe (since you'll bounce off an enemy 
from a clean hit), the ability to continuously dash on the ground even while 
using Wave Surf, and Fountain Hover for precise aerial manuevers. Its no slouch 
offensively either, as Wave Surf and Rainbow Rain are both quite strong and 
cover nice areas. Basic attack is fairly weak and leaves it a tad lacking at 
long range, and the unique dash can sometimes be a hinderence if you need to 
stop in a hurry or are dashing and need to use something other than Wave Surf. 
There are a fair number of fire puzzles Water solves handily, and is the most 
common ability to solve said puzzles. Water first appears in World 2 and is 
fairly common.

>>>>>>>>>> Whip [ABWP] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - Red cowboy hat with blue stars above the brim
Star - Orange star with a brown whip
Enemies - Whiplash
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - None
Special Properties - All Whip attacks will pull in any items (except Energy 
Spheres) the whip touches to Kirby. Can pull items through walls and through 
invulnerable enemies.

(1) - Whip Strike
Kirby snaps his whip directly in front of his body. Deals decent damage in a 
long melee range. Usable in the air.

Up + (1) - Ceiling Strike
Kirby snaps his whip above his head. Same properties as Whip Strike but hits in 
a different direction. Usable in the air.

Down + (1) in air - Jump Strike
Kirby snaps his whip at forward and slightly down. Much like Whip Strike at a 
different angle.

(1) rapidly - 100-Whip Strike
Kirby furiously whips the space in front of his body with his weapon. Has a 
shorter range than Whip Snap. Deals multiple weak hits in quick succession. 
Continuing to tap (1) will make it continue longer but it will still end after 
a bit.

Hold (1) > Release - Whip Grab
Kirby charges up power, then snaps his whip powerfully. Acts as a ranged grab 
attack, so will grab minor enemies or stars, which are then pulled back to 
Kirby and held. Normally whips forward, but if you hold Up on the D-Pad when 
you release you'll whip up instead (which will also grab). Deals heavy damage, 
usable in the air. Leads into 4 different throws, as below.

Whip Grab + Forward or (1) - Front Lash 
Kirby slams his whip (and the enemy attached to the end) to the ground in front 
of himself with a range similar to Whip Strike.

Whip Grab + Back - Back Lash
Kirby turns around and slams his whip and the enemy into the ground behind 
himself. Has around the range of Whip Strike.

Whip Grab + Down - Double Lash
Kirby whips the enemy into the ground twice in front of himself. Has shorter 
range than Front Lash, but will hit an enemy in front of Kirby twice.

Whip Grab + Up - High Lash
Kirby snaps the grabbed enemy into the air with enough force to kill it without 
ever touching the ground.

Dash + (1) - 100-Whip Dash
Kirby slides forward while rapidly whipping the air in front of himself. Moves 
a very short distance, but the range on the whip is as long as Whip Snap. Ends 
your dash when used. Deals multiple light hits and not usable in the air. Kirby 
is invulnerable while performing this attack.

Down > Up + (1) - Whip Tornado
Kirby spins his whip rapidly above his head, lifting himself into the air with 
the force of the spin. Goes a set distance up in the air, and can be steered 
left or right while rising. Deals multiple weak hits and pulls enemies up 
during the ascent, then knocks them away at the peak. Invulnerable during the 
upward movement of the attack, but you become vulnerable once you reach the 
peak of your vertical height. Not usable in the air.

Whip is a master of long range melee combat. It lacks any notable defensive 
techniques or invulnerability (it has some but you don't move during them so no 
dashing through enemies for example), so its best to stay at near max range at 
all times. It doesn't have too much variety, mid to long range melee is about 
the extent of its abilities, but it does them very well. Grabs let you do a bit 
more damage, and the long range is a change from the normal risk of grabs, but 
the range of the throws leaves a bit to be desired if you stick to max range. 
Whip's ability to grab objects can net you some items unacquirable otherwise, 
but since it can't get Energy Spheres there's nothing extremely important it 
can solve really, just the occassional healing item or 1-Up. Appears in World 2 
and is uncommon.

>>>>>>>>>> Wing [ABWG] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A headress of green feathers, flaps in back cover your arms like wings
Star - Sky blue star with a feather
Enemies - Owl
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - None
Special Properties - When you have this ability, your normal inflating flight 
gets replaced by flapping your wings. Lets you move much faster than Kirby's 
normal floating flight. Since you don't need to inflate (or deflate) you can 
attack directly without needing to exhale an air puff before you can use any 
other attack, which makes attacking from the air with Wing seemless. Also, the 
tips of your wings cause minor damage if you hit an enemy with them as you 
flap, and can also cut ropes.

(1) - Feather Gun
Kirby holds one of his wings out and launches a single sharpened feather from 
it. You can rapidly tap (1) to fire more feathers with a spread of varied 
trajectories. You can tap to fire as many feathers as you want fairly quickly. 
If you hold Up or Down once you enter the feather shooting animation you can 
aim your feathers up or down at angles, though they still spread. Does minor 
damage per feather. Can be used in the air, and is also bladed and will cut 

Dash + (1) - Condor Head
Kirby flies forward headfirst while spinning, headbutting enemies. Goes a 
medium distance, pushes enemies forward and deals multiple hits as it carries 
them. At the end of the attack Kirby flaps his wings to bring himself to a 
stop. You're invulnerable during the dash, but vulnerable as you stop. When 
used on the ground, stops your dash and will fly off ledges. When used in the 
air it will not end your dash and can thus be used repeatedly.

Down + (1) during Condor Head - Combo Bomb
Kirby goes straight from Condor Head into a Dive Bomb attack. Identical to Dive 
Bomb as described below, except can only be performed while using Condor Head 
and cancels immedietly from that attack into a dive. Doesn't end your dash 

Up > Down + (1) during Condor Head - Combo Dive
Kirby initiates a Condor Dive from the middle of a Condor Head. Same as Condor 
Dive as outlined below, but performed during Condor Head. Doesn't end dash 

Down + (1) in air - Dive Bomb
Kirby loops forward then back then divebombs straight into the ground with a 
crash. Upon hitting the ground a shockwave is launched in either direction, and 
Kirby bounces back up a bit. Both the shockwave and the dive do good damage, 
and because Kirby goes forward first you can hit enemies at close range in 
front of you with the dive (and then the shockwave). You have invulnerabilty 
during the dive but you become vulnerable as soon as you hit the ground. You 
can act again once you bounce off the ground before you land, letting you fly 
away or even perform another Bomber Head. You can cancel the dive by flying at 
any time once you start going down.

Dash + Down + (1) in air - Condor Dive
Kirby performs a diagonal version of the Bomber Head, flying forward at an 
angle towards the ground rather than looping back and crashing headfirst into 
the ground. Pretty much the same properties as Bomber Head but with a different 
angle of attack (diagonally down and forward). Doesn't end your dash state. Can 
be cancelled by flying during the descent.

Any direction + (1) near foe - Toss
Kirby gives a minor enemy or star a quick melee smack with his wing, knocking 
them into the air in front of him. Does extremely weak damage, tossed enemies 
will not damage other enemies. Counts as a grab even though it obviously 
doesn't grab. Usable in the air and while dashing. Almost useless on its own, 

Toss + (1) - Shuttle Loop
Kirby does a fast loop into the air, crashing into an enemy thrown into the air 
by Toss. This is the follow up to Toss, simply press (1) after Toss to activate 
it. You can activate it immedietly or wait a bit, you're given a bit of leeway, 
just don't let the tossed opponent get too far away. Deals heavy damage and has 
full invulnerability during the entire loop, though right after the loop you 
enter a fall state during which you're vulnerable and unable to act for a 
moment. Will smash any other enemies in the way as well, damaging them. Usable 
in the air, and you're invulnerable during the entire loop and for a short time 
after the attack ends.

Wing is probably the most manueverable ability in the game. The capability to 
seemlessly attack in mid-air at any time during flight and the fact that you 
can take off instantly means you can dart around without hindering yourself in 
the slightest, and the addition of combos to Condor Head means you can dash and 
dive across huge straightaways without ever landing. Controlling all that 
mobility can prove a challenge, however, and Feather Gun's limited range and 
spread fire make it a fairly limited projectile, and Wing has no others. It has 
no trouble getting into close range for maximum effect, but you still need to 
be careful once you're there. Wing is also the last ability that appears in the 
game, not appearing until World 5 and stays uncommon from that point on. But it 
can be found early in the HAL Room (see Secrets section).

4. Temporary Abilities [TPAB]

>>>>>>>>>> Crash [TACR] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - Spikey silver crown with a glowing yellow turban
Star - Magenta star with a starburst pattern
Enemies - Hoverbomb
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - None
Uses - 1

Kirby's original ultimate attack. Kirby unleashes a massive burst of power, the 
whole screen getting blasted with color which deals heavy damage to everything 
on the screen, destroying any normal enemy instantly and dealing huge damage to 
minibosses and bosses. If you hold (1) you'll enter a charge state, during 
which you can shake the Wiimote or move the D-Pad to power the attack up into a 
Supernova. The powered up attack is even stronger and more colorful than the 
basic attack. Not very useful since the attack already kills just about any 
normal enemy in one hit and you usually can't get this ability before bosses or 
minibosses, but if you're using it you may as well power it up for a more 
impressive display I suppose.

>>>>>>>>>> Mike [TAMK] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A red pair of headphones
Star - Purple star with a microphone
Enemies - Mike
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - None
Uses - 3

Kirby screams into a microphone, sending out bursts of sound in different areas 
depending on how many times you've used the attack. The first attack is done 
with a Megaphone, has Kirby wearing sports attire, and hits a somewhat narrow 
cone in front of Kirby. The second is done with a regular yellow microphone and 
hits a much larger cone in front of Kirby and has him looking a bit like a DJ. 
The third is a microphone on a long stand, gives Kirby a brightly colored 
rocker mohawk, and hits a large AoE all around Kirby. If you hold (1) when you 
do the third attack (only the third attack), you will enter a charge animation, 
and if you shake the Wiimote or rapidly move the D-Pad during that time you'll 
power the attack up. Once released, the powered up attack called Encore hits 
basically full screen and features some colorful explosions.

>>>>>>>>>> Sleep [TASP] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A purple nightcap with a white puffball at the end
Star - Purple star with a bed
Enemies - Noddy
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - None
Uses - 1

Kirby falls asleep for a few seconds, during which time he's completely 
vulnerable. Does nothing to enemies. Getting this ability is bad (and Copy 
Essences of the ability will sometimes serve as an obstacle), especially if you 
get it from a Copy Roulette. Shaking the Wiimote or rapidly moving the D-Pad 
will make you wake up faster.

5. Super Abilities [SUAB]

>>>>>>>>>> Flare Beam [SAFB] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A larger, more fancy version of the red and yellow jester hat of Beam
Star - Orange glowing star with red glowing orbs
Enemies - Super Waddle Doo
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - None

Using Flare Beam causes Kirby to wave his wand around and draw in energy from 
the surrounding area, concentrating that energy into a large glowing sphere 
above Kirby's head. Once the sphere is on-screen, you can use the D-Pad to 
steer it around, but of course Kirby is immobile while you're controlling the 
sphere (though he's also immune to damage). It lasts for a fairly long period 
of time before disappearing. Pressing (2) will allow you to cancel the attack 
and let you move early.

>>>>>>>>>> Grand Hammer [SAGH] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A braided headband like Hammer, but with a large braided bow on back 
Star - Gold star with a hammer
Enemies - Super Bonkers
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - Pound (smashes stakes), Crushing (breaks heavy blocks)

Kirby faces the front of the screen, enlarges his hammer to a rediculous size, 
and smashes the hammer down in front of himself. Hammer can be enlarged to 3 
different sizes based on how many times you shake the Wiimote when starting the 
attack. The force of the hammer being brought down causes shockwaves to blast 
out left and right upon impact. Basically creates a large block-shaped AoE 
around where Kirby is standing at the time, followed by shockwaves that follow 
the ground in either direction.

>>>>>>>>>> Monster Flame [SAMF] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - An enhanced gold crown like Fire with a larger, fierly burning flame
Star - Red glowing star with a flame
Enemies - Super Hothead
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - Fire element (lights fuses, melts ice)

Kirby throws his hands up and a giant flaming dragon bursts out of his hat, 
circles above him, then soars offscreen. Kirby then points his hands to the 
side he was facing when activating the attack and the dragon flies from one 
side of the screen to the other in the direction Kirby's facing. After the 
first use, the dragon just comes in from the side of the screen rather than 
coming out of Kirby's hat. Basically creates a horizontal bar of damage across 
the entire screen slightly above Kirby's body.

>>>>>>>>>> Snow Bowl [SASB] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - A large crown with what appears to be a giant softserve icecream on top
Star - Light blue glowing star with a snowman
Enemies - Super Chilly
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - Aqua element (extinguishes flames)

Kirby raises his arms, summons all of his ice powers, and turns into a giant 
snowball. Can be steered using Left and Right while in snowball form, and 
can also jump. Shaking the Wiimote will give you a burst of speed, allowing you 
to rocket off slopes and barrel through obstacles with ease. Pressing (1) while 
in snowball form will cause the snowball to explode and turn Kirby back to 
normal. The ice thrown off when the snowball breaks will hit enemies and 
obstacles, freezing them. Will draw in enemies (and in co-op allies) and carry 
them around, only to throw them everywhere when the snowball is broken. Allies 
that have been drawn in will not be damaged when moving over hazards. Fully 
immune to all damage.

>>>>>>>>>> Ultra Sword [SAUS] <<<<<<<<<<
Hat - Larger Sword hat with a star on the front and wings on the sides
Star - Green glowing star with a sword
Enemies - Super Sword Knight
Usable Underwater - No
Attack Properties - Bladed (cuts ropes)

Kirby pulls back his sword, which grows to a massive size, and does a huge 
overhead swing. Has multiple visual variations (sword, bamboo sword, cleaver, 
Meta Knight's Galaxia sword, schimtar) but they all hit the same area, which 
covers an almost circular area around Kirby's body, with only a small hole 
directly behind Kirby.

6. Secrets [SCRT]

There's a secret room dubbed the "HAL Room" (because it contains blocks 
spelling out HAL) that can be found in World 1 Stage 4. Besides being a fun 
easter egg that appears in the ending credits and having nice classic music, 
the room is noteworthy because it contains Copy Essences of 3 abilities that 
normally appear very late in the game (Ninja, Fighter, and Wing) as well as the 
rarely seen Hammer. So by using this room, you can use those late abilities 
throughout the earlier parts of the game.

To find this room, go to Stage 4 of Cookie Country. In the very first area, go 
all the way to the end of the area, but don't go through the door. Move past 
the door and touch the right edge of the screen. Now, go back to the left until 
you reach the last set of wooden bridges, and one of them should be broken, 
revealing a door that wasn't there previously. Go in that door, and note the 
change of music. At the end of this area you'll find the HAL blocks and the 4 
Copy Essences.

7. Legal [LGSF]

Copyright Nathan Nichols, 2011

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for private use. 
It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without 
advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a 
part of any public display is prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

As of this writing, the following sites have permission to post this guide. 
Want permission to post it on your site? Email me at elec_man_{at}hotmail{dot}
com and ask.


8. Contribution and Credits [CRCT]

Have something interesting you want to contribute to the guide? Tricks to using 
abilities, hidden properties I missed, that sort of thing? Email me or PM me 
via the Private Message system on the GameFAQs forums and I'll add it to the 
guide and credit you of course.

GameFAQs forum name - Elec Man EXE

>>>>>>>>>> Credits <<<<<<<<<<

Nintendo and HAL Labs - For creating Kirby and this amazing game in particular
The GameFAQs "Contribution Forum" - For linking me to the Metapad program I 
used for this guide and general basics
The team who made Metapad - For creating the program that made it a heck of a 
lot easier for me to format this thing 
Charlie Thompson - For pointing out that Flare Beam can be cancelled using (2) 
The GameFAQs Return to Dreamland Forum - For discussions that point out various 
details about the moves and abilities, as well as the discovery of the HAL Room
My Computer - For not crashing while I wrote this guide
The World - For not ending before this game came out

(can you tell I don't have much to put in the credits section and am just 
uselessly padding it out yet?)

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