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Map Guide by StarPaul00

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/21/07

                   ||MARIO||      i0...E.       ||STRIKERS||               



Hi everyone! My name is Paul Herzlich, and this is my first FAQ ever. I've 
worked very hard to make this FAQ as in-depth and accurate as possible, and I 
believe that my attempt was very successful. I spent hours and hours over a 
matter of weeks to bring as much detail as possible to the intelligent pile of 
schlorp known as your brain.

Anyway, on to the actual point of this guide. 

For most video games, a strategy guide about maps wouldn't be so useful; a 
person's style of gameplay usually takes precedence over the game's 
surroundings. However, in Mario Strikers Charged, a map can actually be the 
difference between winning a match and losing a match. No matter how good of a 
player you are, you have to be able to adapt to the map's conditions. This 
guide is designed to raise your awareness of each map's effects and to suggest 
just how you can exploit these effects.

The general format of this guide is as follows:

A. The name of the map
   1) A *general description* of the map
   2) The *effects* that come along with that specific map
   3) *Strategies* that I propose in accordance with the effects of the map
   4) How to unlock the map (if applicable)

Please keep in mind that there are no effects or strategies for the classic 
maps. Classic maps are the ones that come from the original Super Mario 
Strikers for Gamecube. In Mario Strikers Charged, these old maps are indicated 
with "Classic:" at the beginning of the map's title. While there are no 
effects or strategies to list, I still composed a general description for each 

All maps are organized in the order given at the map-select screen in the 
game. I would have alphabetized the list, but then people would easily get 
confused about whether or not to include "the" in the title as they searched 
down the list. If you're having any trouble finding a certain map, take a peek 
at the table of contents and you should find what you need.

That's pretty much all you need to know about this guide.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you'd simply like to contact me, 
my email is StarPaul00@hotmail.com.

Wii Friend Code: 0705 8128 2668 0843
Mario Strikers Friend Code: 463963 379664

With that, we're pretty good to go! Enjoy the guide.

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

Version Number 1.0
Date of Current Version: 9/6/07

A. Copyright Information
B. Maps
   1. The Vice
   2. Thunder Island
   3. The Sand Tomb
   4. The Classroom
C. Locked Maps + How to Unlock
   1. The Lava Pit
   2. The Wastelands
   3. Crystal Canyon
   4. The Dump
   5. Stormship Stadium
   6. Galactic Stadium
D. Classic Maps
   1. Battle Dome
   2. Bowser Stadium
   3. Crater Field
   4. Konga Coliseum
   5. The Palace
   6. Pipeline Central
   7. The Underground
E. Email, Wii Friend Code, Mario Strikers Friend Code

                             COPYRIGHT INFORMATION

This guide and/or anything within this guide may not be reproduced under any 
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any 
web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
(If you would like advance written permission, please contact me at 
StarPaul00@hotmail.com.) Use of this guide and/or anything within this guide 
on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited, and a violation of copyright, unless advance written permission is 
received. When advance written permission is received, credit for any used 
parts must still be given to the creator of this guide, Paul Herzlich. Any 
person, group, or other party who violates these terms will be subject to 
punitive and/or other damages in accordance with copyright laws.

Copyright 2007 Paul Herzlich.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.


The Vice

        The standard soccer field for Mario Strikers Charged.





Thunder Island


        There is no electric ring around the field like usual, and objects
        (cows, trucks, and cheep cheeps) are periodically blown onto the field
        by the wind.


      - You can hit anyone (or be hit yourself) off the top or bottom of the
        field into the abyss. Slide tackles will usually work as well. After
        falling off the map, characters will be able to play again after about
        18 seconds or when someone scores a goal (whichever comes first).

      - You can walk off either the top or bottom of the field without being
        hit, so be careful! However, you cannot walk off if you have the ball.

      - Wind occurs (and only occurs) about 11 seconds after a player falls of
        the field. This wind will blow your player back into the center of the
        field, and your player will rejoin the game after landing on the

      - A truck, a cow, or a cheep-cheep will be blown across the field
        whenever wind blows. If you are hit, you'll be knocked into the abyss.

      - The wind will blow the ball around the field when nobody has control
        of it.

      - Avoid any objects that fly onto the field, unless you're hitting an
        opponent into the way as well.

      - Try hitting your opponents off the map, while still being careful that
        you don't fall off yourself in the process. Less opponents on the
        field means a huge advantage, so it may sometimes be helpful to do so
        even when your opponent doesn't have the ball. This will give your
        opponent an item, but it's worth making your opponent lose a player
        for 18 seconds. Items do help in the game, but players always help

      - Listen to your surroundings as a warning that objects are about to fly
        onto the field. You'll hear a honking noise when a truck is about to
        appear; you'll hear a moo when a cow is about to appear; you'll hear a
        cheep-cheep call when a cheep-cheep is about to appear. (If you don't
        know what it sounds like, it's similar to Boo's laugh.)

      - Stars protect you from getting hit off the field by flying objects.
        You can still run off the side of the field if you don't have the
        ball, however.

      - You'll notice that wind is occurring when you see leaves blowing
        across the field. When this happens, try not to pass in the air,
        because the ball will be blown away from your teammate while in mid-

      - Be aware that wind occurs about 11 seconds after a player falls off
        the field. You'll have an advantage knowing ahead of time that wind is
        about to occur and that you'll need to avoid incoming objects.

The Sand Tomb


        A sandy desert with thwomps that hit the ground periodically.


      - On the center bricks, you are vulnerable to being crushed by a thwomp.
        If this happens, your character will be stunned for about three

      - On the sides where there is sand, you run much slower.

      - Passes can be blocked by thwomps and will either rebound or be stopped


      - Watch for shadows on the center bricks. If you see a circular shadow
        appear there, a thwomp is going to hit the ground in about three
        seconds. Stay away or hit your opponent into the center of the brick

      - Don't pass on the ground if a thwomp is in your way. If you still
        intend to pass, either pass in the air (if you're far away to get it
        over the thwomp) or run around the thwomp and pass when you get a
        better angle.

      - Try to run on the center bricks rather than running through the sand
        on the side. You are much quicker on the bricks.

      - Sand can often be used as protection. Remember, you aren't the only
        one who runs slowly through the sand-- so does your opponent. They
        won't be able to reach you as quickly.

      - Thwomps can also be used as protection. If a thwomp lands between you
        and your opponent, you may be able to launch a megastrike. However,
        since thwomps come back up in about three seconds, this may not be
        very successful, though it does increase your chances.

      - If a ball rolls into the corner and you're racing an opponent to the
        ball, take the middle road. Run on the bricks as long as possible and
        THEN run into the sand at the last minute. If your opponent runs in
        the sand more than you do, you're much more likely to get the ball
        first. Taking the shortest path possible (i.e. a straight line) does
        not necessarily take the least time in this case.

      - The sandy corners are great places for megastrikes. Your opponent may
        not be smart enough (or may just be too under pressure) to remember
        that they run slower in the sand, and they'll try to reach you through
        the sand-- often too late.

      - Stars protect you from getting squashed by thwomps. They also keep you
        from slowing down in the sand.

The Classroom


        A small, white, building-like field with no audience. Not playable


      - The field is not quite as wide or as long as normal.

      - There shouldn't really be any change in your style of gameplay on this
        map. This map is often a fun choice because gameplay feels slightly
        faster and because the visual effects are easier on your eyes.

                          LOCKED MAPS + HOW TO UNLOCK

The Lava Pit


        Fireballs hit the field periodically.


      - Large circles of lava are left on the ground for about 7 seconds after
        a fireball strikes the field.

      - Stepping in a lava circle will incapacitate your player for about 7
        seconds, unless your player runs into the electric fence around the

      - If the ball hits a lava circle, it will be tossed into the air, and it
        will fully charge (white) but will be yellow by the time it hits the


      - This one should be obvious, but avoid walking into lava circles. There
        is no advantage to doing so, unless you hit an opponent into a lava
        circle with you.

      - You may want to try passing the ball purposely into the lava, just to
        fully charge it. However, this totally depends on your style of play,
        and you can't guarantee that you'll regain control of the ball when it

      - You can run through lava if you have a star. You will also retain
        control of the ball; the lava will not send it flying into the air.

How to Unlock:

        Win the Fire Cup in the Road to the Striker Cup.

The Wastelands


        Lightning strikes the ball periodically. In addition, the field is
        more slippery than normal.


      - Changing direction slightly will take a little bit longer to do. If
        you try to change direction, you'll notice that your character slides
        a little bit first, as if on ice. However, if you change in the
        completely opposite direction, this seems to have no effect.

      - Slide tackles and hits go for longer distances.

      - Passing the ball can sometimes miss your teammate if the ball is
        passed on the ground, but this is rare and shouldn't have an effect on
        the outcome of the game.

      - When lightning occurs, the ball becomes fully charged (white).

      - Any players who are hit by lightning will be incapacitated for about 3


      - Use the longer slide tackles and hits to your advantage. Be aware of
        this and your style of gameplay may change a bit on this map.

      - Because of the effect in terms of changing direction, your slide
        tackles and hits may miss your opponent if you do them before you
        finish changing direction. In addition, you may go farther past your
        opponent than usual because of the longer slide tackles and hits on
        the map. Because of this, you may or may not want to use slide tackles
        and hits less often.

      - Megastrikes are easier to pull off, because your opponent will often
        miss when trying to hit or slide tackle you. So even if there is an
        opponent nearby, you may still want to try a megastrike.

      - You can actually start a megastrike or skillshot from behind the
        middle line if you are running, because the extra slide on this map
        will take you across the line before your charge is finished.

      - Two short lightning strikes with absolutely no effect will occur as a
        warning before a third lightning strike (the real one) will hit the
        ball. This third lightning strike is the one you need to avoid. You'll
        also see the whole field get darker just before the first two
        lightning strikes occur. When you see this start to happen, prepare
        yourself and stay away from the ball until the third strike occurs. If
        necessary, kick the ball away and retrieve it afterward. The ball is
        of no use to the opponent; if they go to get it when the lightning
        strikes, they'll be incapacitated anyway, which is to their

      - Stars protect you from getting struck by lightning. This gives you an
        extra chance for megastrikes; if you have a star when lightning is
        about to occur, start a megastrike and use both the lightning and the
        star as protection from your opponent.

      - When lightning occurs, you can use the fully-charged ball to your
        advantage, depending on your style of gameplay.

      - When lightning occurs, all nearby players are incapacitated, so rush
        in a player as soon as possible after lightning strikes to take
        control of the ball.

      - If you have control of the ball when the warning strikes occur, you
        may not want to just get rid of it right away. If you're close enough
        to the opposing goalie, hold onto the ball for just a bit and then
        shoot it at the goalie. If you time it right, the goalie will receive
        the ball just as the real lightning hits, shocking the goalie and
        temporarily immobilizing him. (He doesn't actually have to receive the
        ball; he just has to be within the lightning strike's radius.) Then
        it's a race to the ball-- send in one of your players and score a

How to Unlock:

        Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Fire
        Cup. The Brick Wall Award is earned by having the smallest total
        amount of goals scored against you in the qualifying rounds of the
        tournament. The Golden Foot Award is earned by scoring the largest
        total amount of goals in the qualifying rounds of the tournament.

Crystal Canyon


        One or two of your players will not play in the match, resulting in a 
        two-on-two or three-on-three match. This resets every time someone 
        scores a goal, and another set of players is randomly chosen to sit 


      - Gameplay changes completely. Advantage usually goes to good passers 
        and fast runners, especially when the match is two-on-two.


      - Your style of gameplay will probably change altogether, as it should.
        You have to be able to adapt to the kinds of players on the field, and
        your strategies should be open to change depending on what
        combinations there are.

      - Try spreading out your opponent and/or knocking down your opponent,
        especially if your players are fast and/or if your opponent's players
        are slow. They may not be able to reach you in time if you try to
        release a megastrike or a skillshot. This works especially well if the
        match is two-on-two.

      - Try to stay near your opponents if you're on defense and if your
        players are slow. If you get too far away or if one player is knocked
        down, you may not be able to reach them in time if they try to release
        a megastrike or a skillshot.

      - If you don't like the set-up of players and you can afford to give up
        a goal, let your opponent score a goal and new players will be chosen
        when play restarts. This can also be done by letting your opponent
        start a megastrike, and then blocking all of the balls except for one.
        Probably the only time that you'd want to use this strategy, though,
        is if the game is running out of time and you're behind by enough
        goals that you need to launch a megastrike, but your captain is not
        one of the players playing. In that case, let your opponent score one
        goal so that you can get your captain on the field without wasting too
        much time, and then hope that you can launch a megastrike and win the

      - If you are playing online, you won't know that this map is coming up
        until the match starts. However, if you're playing in Versus mode and
        you know that you're going to be playing this map, choose your captain
        and sidekicks based on the fact that you'll have both three-on-three
        and two-on-two matches. Personally, I find that Dry Bones works very
        well, because he's fast and often has time to release his skillshot or
        deke without being slide tackled or hit. He works especially well when
        the other two or three players are slow. In addition, DK Junior is a
        great captain for this map, not just because he is fast, but mainly
        because of his special ability. If you are DK Junior and you release
        youry on your opponent, you can get the match to be three-on-
        two or two-on-one. And if you're lucky, you may get it to be three-on-
        one, or even better: two-on-zero.

How to Unlock:

        Win the Crystal Cup in the Road to the Striker Cup.

The Dump


        The field is muddy... duh.


      - The ball doesn't travel as far whenever rolling on the ground between

      - The ball will reach your teammate much more slowly when passed on the

      - The ball may not always reach your teammate when passed on the ground,
        because the ball may roll to a stop on its way.


      - Passing in the air is as efficient as usual, so you may want to use
        that more often. But be careful, because air passes can sometimes be
        up for grabs, on any map.

      - Passing on the ground is not necessarily a bad idea. Just be aware
        that long-distance ground passes will sometimes not reach your

How to Unlock:

        Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the
        Crystal Cup. The Brick Wall Award is earned by having the smallest
        total amount of goals scored against you in the qualifying rounds of
        the tournament. The Golden Foot Award is earned by scoring the largest
        total amount of goals in the qualifying rounds of the tournament.

Stormship Stadium


        A ship in the middle of nowhere that tilts in different directions. In
        addition, lightning periodically strikes the center of the field,
        sending electric currents down some of the paths outlined in the


      - The ball will roll on the ground in the direction of the tilt if
        nobody has control of it.

      - Players are immobilized for about 3 seconds when hit by lightning or
        an electric current.

      - There will be an additional tilt in the direction of whoever is
        winning; the tilt will favor the losing player. The more somebody is
        winning, the bigger the tilt, up to a certain point. The field will
        still tilt back and forth, but it will generally favor the losing

      - Whenever lightning strikes, avoid the electric currents (obviously).
        Note that for each lightning strike, electric currents occur three
        times. That is, when lightning strikes, electric currents will be sent
        down some of the paths, and then electric currents will be sent down
        those same paths a second and a third time.

      - The field gets darker about a second before lightning hits. If you are
        in control of a character in the center of the stage (especially if
        you are in control of the ball), get out of the center and try to
        avoid any electric currents that come down the paths.

      - The tilt on this field doesn't seem to have a major effect on passing,
        whether in the air or on the ground. There is a slight difference than
        normal, but your players will usually adjust to the change. Your style
        of gameplay in terms of passing shouldn't be affected.

      - Stars protect you from lightning and from electric currents.

How to Unlock:

        Win the Striker Cup in the Road to the Striker Cup.

Galactic Stadium


        A normal stadium in space, except that there are no circles to
        indicate where the ball will land after kicked into the air.


      - You'll have a harder time trying to determine where the ball will

      - There isn't really a huge change in strategy for this map. However,
        air passes are safer and are less likely to be intercepted by an
        opponent, because your opponent won't really be able to tell where
        they should stand to header the ball out of the way.

      - If you're on defense and the ball is passed in the air, look at where
        the screen is moving. You'll be able to figure out which is going to
        receive the ball, and, if you're quick enough to get there, you'll be
        able to header it out of the way.

How to Unlock:

        Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the
        Striker Cup. The Brick Wall Award is earned by having the smallest
        total amount of goals scored against you in the qualifying rounds of
        the tournament. The Golden Foot Award is earned by scoring the largest
        total amount of goals in the qualifying rounds of the tournament.

                                 CLASSIC MAPS

Classic: Battle Dome


         A gray-tiled, mechanical-looking field.

Classic: Bowser Stadium


        A shiny blue-floored stadium flying quickly through space.

Classic: Crater Field


        A smooth, grassy field in the middle of a crater. Stadium seating is
        carved right into the side of the crater. 

Classic: Konga Coliseum


        A wooden field between two large tree logs, one behind each goal.

Classic: The Palace


        A slightly worn-out grassy field in front of a large palace.

Classic: Pipeline Central


        A gray-colored field with a layer of mist floating above.

Classic: The Underground


        A worn-out grassy field in the middle of a semi-caged environment.

                        THANK YOU FOR READING MY GUIDE

If you have any questions or comments, or if you'd simply like to contact me, 
my email is StarPaul00@hotmail.com.

Wii Friend Code: 0705 8128 2668 0843
Mario Strikers Friend Code: 463963 379664

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