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Trick Shot FAQ by titankratos

Version: 1.40 | Updated: 09/30/07

Mario Strikers Charged: Trick Shot and Special Technique F.A.Q.
By: Titankratos, Tyberg29
Last updated: 9.30.07   
Table of Contents- 
2.Timeline of F.A.Q.
3.Trick Shots, Special Techniques, and How to Execute Them
4.Serve It Up
5.Serve It In
6.Titan's Chip
7.Belgian Waffle
8.Lob Shot
9.Flaming Shield
11.Deke Charging
13.Deke Goals Via Teleporting Techniques
14.Boo Deke Goal
15.DK, Bowser, Petey, Wario, and Hammer Bro Deke Goals
16.Monty Mole Deke Goal
17.Toad/Diddy Kong/Peach Goal Keeper Hop
18.Alternative Kritter Hop Goal Method
19.DK's Captain Item Special Goal Trick 
20.Daisy's Captain Item Special Goal Trick
21.Waluigi's Captain Item Special Goal Trick
22.Intro to Gimmick Stage Advantages/The Wastelands
23.The Sand Tomb/The Lava Pit
24.The Dump
25.Thunder Island
26.Credits/Legal Information

Welcome to our trick shot F.A.Q. This F.A.Q. will teach you the 
fundamentals of trick shots and how to use them. This F.A.Q. was created to 
teach newer players about these shots to hopefully make them better. More 
experienced players can also raise their level of play with these moves. 
Lastly, less commonly used methods of gaining the upper hand and scoring that 
aren't exactly trick shots will be explained in detail.  With us and the help 
of other players we hope to inform you of all the trick shots,less common 
scoring techniques, and a few new things along the way as best we can.

Starting F.A.Q. Writng and spell checking F.A.Q. Waiting for more tricks to 
come in to write down.  Submitting F.A.Q.

Fixed every grammar thing I could find. Added 6 or so new entries to the 
tricks/technique list as well as minor updates to the pre-existing ones. Added 
special techniques to the title, and introduction.

Added more trick shot descriptions plus other special techniques and scoring 
methods to use in game.

FAQ accepted.  Spent 2 hours working on it to meet standards.

Working on update.  Hope you like it.

Trick Shots and How to Do Them-
Trick shots are basically easy goals without worrying about the goalie 
blocking them. Some are easy to pull off and others aren't.  Hopefully, after 
reading this F.A.Q. you will be a scoring maniac.

Things you need to know before executing trick shots is how to chip, deke,  
pass, and shoot. You will need to be able to chip the ball at odd angles off  
the wall, and in some cases at odd heights.  As far as dekeing goes, you will 
need to know how to adjust the length of your deke with Drybones, Waluigi, and 
Daisy. You may also need to know the distance and way most other characters' 
dekes work.  As for passing and shooting, you will need to master your pass 
precision and how to change the direction of your shot. Finally, to 
appropriately pull off some of the special techniques covered in this guide, 
you will need to know the basic elements of many captains' specials, and how 
to use them in different situations. You may also need a keen sense of game 
observation about you, which will help in our gimmick stage advantage 
articles. Most of all, enjoy yourself here in our F.A.Q., as it was created 
for all of you to learn new ideals in and have a great time in the process! 
Thank you, and good luck.

Serve It Up-
There are a couple ways to do a serve it up which will be explained right now.

Normal Serve It Up-
Result of Move- Making a goal by beating the goalie to the ball.
Easiest Character to Use- Drybones/Any fast character

Difficulty- 4/10
How to do It- First what you want to do is possess the ball with Dry Bones or 
another fast character of choice and run up to the goal from the side. Next, 
chip the ball so that it hits dead center over the goal. You will need a fully 
charged chip to achieve this.  While the goalie is getting ready to grab the 
ball, run around him, being careful not to get hit, and tap "B" to knock the 
ball in before the goalie can grab it, making a goal with no obstruction in 
the way. You can also do this by chipping it directly over the goalie's head 
from no angle.  Another thing that might make this easier is by using a 
Mushroom before you launch the chip.  The speed boost will allow you to get to 
the ball much quicker.

Serve It In-
Result of Move-The goalie A.I. doesn't realize that chips
from outside the box that don't land in it are threats, so
you can just chip a ball over his head that he won't go for!
Easiest Character to Use- Any fast player, I prefer Boo
How to do It- For this trick, grab a faster character. Now, this move requires 
perfect ball control and timing. Run down the  center of the field, and when 
you get about half-way between the middle circle and the goal crease, hold "Z" 
for chip. When you reach the point where the ball is just on the penalty box 
line, release the button. The ball should fly right over Kritter in a small 
arc and give you a point. Note: This trick is easier to perform from an angle. 
Run down the side of the court, a little out from the wall. Start to charge 
your chip when you become perpendicular with the front goalie box line, as 
referred to many times before. Now, make your way towards the goal mouth, and 
let go of "Z" a little before Kritter, and the ball should either land just  
the net, or bounce off the crossbar and drop in. Variation: Playmaker, 
invented by VAK. See 10.0 This move is based on the same mechanic.  

Serve it in D.K. style
Result of move- Same as the serve it in
Easiest character to use- D.k.
Difficulty- 5/10
How to do it-For this one it is quite simple, get the ball to dk and start 
heading towards the goal.  Until you are about one dk length from the goalie 
box, hold the chip button for 1.5 seconds.  It goes over his head and in the 
goal.  This can be done with anyone but is most effective with dk.

Titan's Chip-
Result of Move- Making a goal over the goalie's head.
Easiest character to Use- Any maximum skill power character.
Difficulty- 6.7/10
How to do It- First, run towards the goal making sure you are 
parallel to the marking of the goalie box, leaving a little space in between 
it and you.  Next, chip it up against the wall straight ahead of you. This 
move is most easily accomplished with the most powerful "Z" chip possible. As 
the metal sphere is coming back down, tap "B", and you should strike the ball 
over the goalie's head. Note: Even if you follow this description exactly, the 
Titan Chip is not an absolute guaranteed goal. Oftentimes, the goalie may make 
the save. Estimated success rate: 70%. This move can also be done a bit 
further away from the location described above. Simply lob the ball off any 
wall, wait for it to come back, and slam it out of mid-air. Although, this 
method will not go in with a purple ball as the original Titan Chip does, it 
looks cool and has a decent chance just like a regular shot as a white ball 
with a power or offensive person.

Belgian Waffle-
Result of Move- Making a goal without Kritter in the way.
Easiest Character to Use- Boo/Any max. speed player.
How to do it- First, achieve possession of the ball with Boo or preferred 
speed player. Next, run along the opponent's wall with Boo and about when you 
reach maybe 10 feet in front of the corner, chip the ball so that it hits both 
walls and makes its way  towards Kritter,  and hold down "Z" and mash "A" 
afterwards. If done correctly, you should pass it to someone in front of the 
goal while the goalie is still off  to the side. Once you receive the pass 
shoot it in. Note: You can also pass the ball out with a regular "A" pass. 
This move is counterable, so try and pass it out quickly, and shoot, so 
Kritter can't get back into position. Also, this move normally gets your first 
player plowed into the electric fence.

Lob Shot-
Result of Move- A small glitch in the goalie A.I. doesn't
allow him to correctly grab a lob shot, "Z"+"B" from 
certain areas of the field, which gives you a goal from a 
dinky no charge shot, and hurts your enemie's pride.
Easiest Character to Use- Any character will do, but using
fast characters is recommended, especially Boo.
How to do It- Select a fast character and gain the ball. Next, position 
yourself so that the ball is either right on, or an inch before the crease. 
Press "Z"+"B" to tap the ball into the sky. As it comes down, Kritter may do a 
couple of things. This is where this move gets tricky. If Kritter throws his 
whole body backwards, parallel with the ground, you are too close for the ball 
to glitch in. If Kritter jumps to the side and reaches out with one hand to 
grab it, you are near the right range. Eventually, Kritter will go up for that 
grab save, but miss it completely, and it will just go in. Sometimes, Kritter 
just submits to the ball, and drops to the ground, knees collapsed, and falls 
backwards in defeat, hilariously. This move is hard to do in high pressure  
situations, so it is better to try and do it on the run, straight towards the 
Note: Different stages require different distances. The Vice will allow you to 
often chip the ball over Kritter right on the goal line, while the Battle Dome 
requires you be a few feet out from it. Experiment with it, and enjoy it, it 
is one of the hardest shots in the game, if not, and my specialty. This lob 
shot can also net you a goal from another area. This area is located in the 
exact spot as VAK's Playmaker shot is taken, about at the end of the middle 
circle. See 10.0

Flaming Shield-
Result of Move- Goalie allows you to walk right in the net.
Easiest Character to Use- Toad.
How to do it- First, you catch the goalie's hands on fire by using Toad's 
unique Skillshot. Next, you pass to a quick character, (Toad works too) and 
run from one side of the goal, to the tip of the goalie box, down to the other 
side near the opposite goal post and you should be able to walk right in.

Result of Move- Goalie doesn't recognize the ball as a
shot threat because of his A.I., and therefore doesn't block 
it, resulting in a funny and sweet trick shot goal.
Easiest Character to Use- Boo
How to do it- First you hand the ball off to Boo or whoever you choose to use 
that is fast, and roam around on your side of the field. This will trick the 
goalie into thinking you are not on the offensive, which causes him to move to 
the front of his crease. Next, hold down "Z" 'till you think you have a fully 
charged chip. Next cross over the half mark. A few moments after you do let go 
of z and turn right back  around to your side of the field.  Failing to turn 
around will make the goalie think you are coming in to scoop up the ball 
making him move back messing up the trick.

Deke Charging-
Result of Move- You charge the ball with a single person by 
repeating a deke in between to lower the risk of a stolen ball.
Easiest Character to Use- Boo
How to do it- Start to charge the ball with "B". Then deke, and start the 
whole thing over until the ball is fully charged. Best done when you have no 
pressure, allowing freedom of deke direction and such. Boo is easiest, since 
he charges so quickly and his deke takes no time at all. Just remember to pass 
it off after the second charge, since his deke needs time to refuel. This is 
an impossible tactic with Dry Bones, Daisy, and Waluigi, since they teleport 
and return the charge of the ball to purple.

Result of Move-You are able to charge the ball in a very
short amount of time, to do what you like with.
Easiest Character to Use- Boo, or any other very quick 
How to do It- This move requires that you don't have anyone on your tail, or 
trying to steal the precious ball from you. Run towards a wall, normally in 
your own end so you have more free time to charge, and just press and release 
"Z" as fast as you can. The ball should bounce against the wall, but remain 
pretty much in the same place. Now, make a small circle backwards and make 
your way to the ball on the sidelines and chip it once again. By repeating 
this process, you can have the ball charged in two or three chips within 
seconds, and it normally takes less time than powering it to white with dekes 
(except for Boo's).

Teleporting Deke-
Result of Move- You reappear behind goalie or in the net for
an easy score.
Easiest Character to Use- Waluigi
Difficulty-9/10 with purple charge on ball, 7/10 with red, 
4/10 with yellow, and 1/10 with white.
How to do it- Get any character that can teleport when they  deke(except for 
Boo, who's deke will be described later)and run  towards the goalie. When you 
are about 4 feet from the  goalie, deke. If timed correctly, you should wind 
up behind the  goalie for an easy shot or walk into the goal. Note: A purple 
ball deke goal can be most easily achieved by dekeing as soon as the ball is 
on the goal line. A red ball  can deke you past Kritter from a little further 
out than that, and a white ball can easily take you from the middle of your  
opponent's end into the net. This deke can be done from all angles, and one of 
the most common techniques is to dribble the ball up the side wall with "Z" 
and teleport into the goal  from the corner.

Boo Deke Goal-
Result of Move- Boo teleports into or past the goalie, allowing
a goal to be made.
Easiest Character to Use- Boo
How to do it- To score with Boo's deke, head towards the  goalie. As soon as 
you are halfway on the goalline, deke. At this point, mash the "B" button to 
get a shot off quick.  It should go in most of the time, since Kritter tries 
to hit Boo before the ball, and this gives enough time to easily pound a goal 
Note: You can pull off a fancier version of this move as follows.  Instead of 
dekeing on the goal line, deke right before the goalie is about to grab you. 
Now, you should be behind him.  When you are, shoot as quick as you can or he 
will spin around and hit you, thus stealing the ball. The thing about doing it 
this way is, that Boo can often pull it off without getting hit, or  pushed 
into the fence, so it is just for better looks compared to the original way. 
Once you master the distance to achieve the chance for a shot, you can deke 
from all angles and still score.

DK, Bowser, Petey, Wario, and Hammer Bro Deke Goals-
Result of Move- Dekeing into the goalie with any of 
the above characters can open up opportunities for a
sure goal.
Easiest Character to Use- Petey Piranha
How to do it- With any of the forementioned players, make your way to the 
goalie. Deke as soon as he makes a move for you, or even a bit sooner. After 
this, a  couple of things may happen. The ball may just roll by Kritter, 
unnoticed, and score, or it may drop short of the net. In this case, try and 
shoot it in with another man before Kritter realizes that he has been duped! 
If you can't accomplish this, oh well, you gave it a good try.  Also with 
hammer bros. you can use a star to give yourself more speed, resulting in you 
clearing the goalie for an open shot.

Monty Mole Deke Goal-
Result of Move-Monty stuns the goalie with his deke, 
letting you shoot the ball in without competition.
Plus, you may get another fun result that will be 
in this trick's note.
Easiest Character to Use-Monty Mole
How to do It- First, you have to lug Monty Mole's big body
all the way to the net, which can be a challenge. Move inside the penalty box, 
and as soon as you see the keeper make a move for  you, deke. One of two 
things will happen. One possibility is that Kritter will get dazed by the 
deke, and remain motionless in the ground for a few seconds. If this occurs, 
simply move to the side a bit, and tap "B". You move to the side so your shot 
does not hit Kritter. The other thing that sometimes happens is that Kritter 
will crouch down as he does when preparing to toss Monty from underground due 
to a badly judged skillshot. But, because you are this close to the net, he 
will often throw the ball in his own goal behind him! Unfortunately, this 
doesn't happen all the time, but I would give it a good 30% chance of success.
Note: Remember, Monty Mole's deke can duck items, such as harmful Shells, or a 
charging Mushroom maniac.

Toad/Diddy Kong/Peach Goal Keeper Hop-
Result of Move- You will be put behind the goalie much like a 
teleport deke, only without the ability to end up in the net
Easiest Character to Use- Toad
Difficulty- 2/10
How to do it- While controlling Toad, you run straight at the goalie, right 
after you cross the goalie front box line, deke, you should be  behind the 
goalie for an easy shot.
Note: This deke trick also works with Diddy and Peach from the same distance. 
We recommend shooting it in, since it is more reliable and faster than walking 
it in. Once you learn the correct distance to succeed in the deke, you can use 
it from  all different angles.

Alternative Kritter Hop Goal Method
Result of Move- A playmaker steals the goalie's attention, leaving
an open net for a teammate to seal the deal
Easiest Character to Use- Toad, but Diddy and Peach work, too.
How to do It- As a playmaker with the jump deke, make your way towards your 
target, the goal. Then, either a bit before or after the correct distance to 
completely jump over Kritter, see 17.0, perform the deke. Kritter should come 
out or back up to volt you into the air, taking the ball away from your 
control. To score, you have to pass the ball off to another on the field just 
before you get chucked. Then, shoot it into the net. Most of the time, Kritter 
will still be somewhere else, hurting your playmaker, showing much
open net.  
Note: This trick is easiest achieved with a white ball, of course. Also, don't 
forget that you can use the playmakers' deke to simply avoid players by 
vaulting over and landing behind them.

DK's Captain Item Special Goal Trick
Result of Move- DK sends a shockwave towards Kritter that makes
him release the ball from his grip, backwards into his own goal.
Easiest Character to Use-DK
How to do It- Before you begin to attempt this technique, first makes sure 
that DK is your captain, and that you have obtained his special item, Thunder 
Wham, one way or another. Now, to continue, DK must have the ball and charge 
up a full chip with "Z". From about half-way into your challenger's side of 
the field, launch your chip and follow it towards the goalie. After Kritter 
catches it near the back of the net, use Thunder Wham and he will simply fall 
over, letting the ball slip behind him.
Note: Remember to use a chip here, not a lob. If you try lobbing the ball 
towards the next and attempting the move, you either won't be able to get 
there fast enough, or Kritter will have caught the shot too far out from the 
entrance of the net, causing your shockwave to send the ball off to the side, 
instead of in the  desired direction.

20. Daisy's Captain Item Special Goal Trick
Result of Move- In an uproar of rage, Daisy punches the
ground in front of the goalie, causing a small quake and
easy-peasy free from worry point.
Easiest Character to Use-Daisy
How to do It- Make sure that Daisy is your team's captain and has her special 
move waiting handily on "C". Retrieve the ball as Daisy and strive onwards. 
You have a few options  of what to do next. There is the option to just tap 
"B" and hope Kritter picks the ball up, send in a lob and make sure he catches 
it, or chip it towards him and hope he bends over and brings it up in his 
hands. Just make sure you don't score immediately, and that Kritter has the 
ball in his hands. Now, quickly, run up in front of Kritter and hit "C" on the 
nunchaku before he gets a chance to throw  or pass the ball away. He should 
collapse under the force, leaving the ball right in front of your nose to poke 
in with "B".

Waluigi's Captain Item Special Goal Trick
Result of Move- Waluigi sprints into the goal past 
Kritter with blazing speed un-matched!
Easiest Character to Use-Waluigi
How to do It- As with the previous captain item tricks,  set up Waluigi and 
Wall-Luigi. Now, this move has a very small range of use, since it is useless 
in many situations. It has been found out that Waluigi can use his item to 
gain an immense burst of speed and just run in the net unchallenged. Be warned 
though, this can be hard to do, and should only be attempted when there is a 
clear, somewhat open path. Otherwise, you will just waste your limited supply 
of vines.  Note: I marked difficulty as N/A because I have actually never done 
the move before, but this is subject to change.

Intro to Gimmick Stage Advantages/The Wastelands
Finally, instead of focusing on the actual mechanics of player choices to gain 
the upperhand, we will look at some of the things you can't control in the 
game-the gimmick stage  environment changes. In this section, you will learn 
how to use each of these unique gameplay additions in your benefit, and not 
fall victim to their events. First, I will explain how to survive and more in 
the stage, "The Wastelands". The events of this stage include: Slippery 
surfaces and lightning hazards. To use these to your advantage, move around a 
lot more on the court when you have the ball than you normally would, it will 
make it harder for you to catch. When you see the lightning beging to strike, 
try and give the ball to their Kritter in some way. He will become 
incapacitated for a while, and allow you to score a goal with no worries.

The Sand Tomb/The Lava Pit
At "The Sand Tomb", there is sand on the walls of the court to slow you down, 
and thowmps in the middle to crush you. Try to use the sand by running through 
it with a fast character  or your captain to rush a megastrike or skillshot 
before  the slow enemy can reach you. When passing through the middle, 
normally use lob passes to avoid the thwomps the most, both physically, and 
them messing up your pass half-way through. The only thing you have to worry

The Dump
"The Dump"'s only gimmick is that everything movement wise is slowed down. 
When on this stage, you just really have to try and deal with the lack of 

Thunder Island
Elemental acts on this stage range from obstacles flying through the field to 
knock your teammates away for a few seconds, so there being no walls along the 
side to stop you from dropping off the cliff. Try to knock opposing
players off the sides to lower their team's amount of players and abilites. 
Always get out of the way of obstacles if possible, and have fun with this 
one, since it has to bethe closest to a comic relief stage out there, if there 
is one.

Titankratos- One of the creators, inventor of Titan's Chip
Tyberg29- The Other Author, Prime Community Founder of
Banked Shot to the Side
Senor_Waffles- Inventor of the Belgian Waffle
_Crazy__Zero_- Supporter of the Flaming Shield
VeryAngryKirby- Inventor of the Playmaker
Zzz- Prime Community Founder of
Banked Shot to the Side
GenericGamer-Prime Community Founder of
Banked Shot to the Side
PAL players- For inspiring some of these great shots

For a video demonstration of some go to

Thanks to golden goal.



Copyright, 2007 Cory Clements

Rights reserved for gamefaqs.com, gamespot.com, neoseeker.com, and 

F.A.Q. Subject to change.

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