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Striker Cup/Challenge Guide by White_Pointer

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/05/07

Mario Strikers Charged Football
Striker Cup and Striker Challenge Guide
Copyright 2007
Version 1.0
Written by White_Pointer 

e-mail: whitepointer@blood-sports.net 

Contents of this Guide: 
1.0 Introduction 
2.0 Legal Information 
3.0 About the game 
4.0 What’s in this guide? 
5.0 Beating the Striker Cup
6.0 Beating the Striker Challenges 
7.0 Acknowledgements and Credits

1.0 Introduction

So, let me guess...you've got yourself Mario Strikers Charged. You're playing 
the Road to Striker Cup. You found the Fire Cup really easy, and the Crystal 
Cup challenging. But then got a rude shock when you attempted the Striker Cup? 
Yup...so did I. How on earth do you beat it? I've done it, and decided to write 
this guide for people just like you.

2.0 Legal Information

This guide is intended for personal use only. No profit can be made from this 
guide under ANY circumstances, it is to be used for non-profit only. This guide 
will ONLY be hosted on Gamefaqs, unless you have my written consent to publish 
it on your own site and you MUST e-mail me to request my permission to use it. 
Please explain in your e-mail what the theme of your site is, the approximate 
amount of unique visitors you receive each month and what materials the site 
covers. This guide may not be altered in any way, shape, or form.

3.0 About the game

Mario Strikers Charged Football (the US version does not have "Football" in the 
title) is the sequel to the Gamecube game Super Mario Strikers, and is the 
first online-enabled game for the Nintendo Wii.

4.0 What’s in this guide?

This guide doesn't go into any detail on character statistics, or strengths 
and weaknesses, or tips and strategies for picking the best team of 
captain/sidekicks, or how to pull off advanced moves. There's already good
FAQ's on Gamefaqs that cover that stuff. This guide is for all of you out there
(and I know there's a good number of you!) who are having difficulties beating
the Striker Cup. It contains tips and strategies for beating the opponents
you'll be facing, and a few tricks that'll come in handy to win those tight
games. Also included is a guide to beating those Striker Challenges...because
those can be quite tough too.

5.0 Beating the Striker Cup

Most likely, when playing the Road to Striker Cup single player mode, you 
breezed through the Fire Cup relatively easily, and Bowser Junior was a piece 
of cake. The Crystal Cup is a different story, as the opponents are 
significantly more challenging without being overly difficult. Diddy Kong can 
be a pain, but is certainly beatable.

Then you come to the Striker Cup...feeling confident after knocking over Diddy
Kong, you feel like you are ready to take them on...then you get absolutely


The Striker Cup's difficulty is insane, to put it bluntly. It can seem like 
it's stupid hard and you may start getting frustrated that things aren't going
your way. Before we get into specifics, here are a few general things you
really need to watch out for when attempting to beat the Striker Cup:

- The AI plays dirty. Really dirty. They won't hesitate to whack you when you 
are not in possession of the ball, especially if the ball is lobbed into the 
air. To counter this, there isn't much you can do except play dirty yourself.
Give them a taste of their own medicine. Sorry, but if you play nice and try
to win the ball by normal tackling all the time, you aren't going to get far
in the Striker Cup.

- The AI will often seem to get into a state where it basically says "I'm going
to score a goal here, and there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop me". 
It does seem like that sometimes, where no matter what you do to try to stop 
it, they always seem to manage to get a goal in. Often they'll take multiple 
shots on goal which always manage to rebound back to them if they don't go in,
or if you tackle them another member of their team ends up with the ball and 
takes another shot. When this happens, you'll need to frantically attempt to 
put them out of action. Smack them into the electric fence, throw items at 
them, do anything it takes to get the ball off them. With quick reflexes you
can prevent them scoring in these scenarios...but sometimes, there simply
isn't anything you can do except sit there in aghast as the goal goes in.

- If you manage to draw level with the AI, or somehow manage to get ahead of 
them, be on your guard, because they often strike back almost immediately.
Also don't allow yourself to lapse in concentration when there's only a few
seconds left on the clock either, because the AI loves scoring in this period

- On the subject of the AI scoring goals, there can be times, especially 
against the offensive or power characters, where it will seem like the AI
scores off every shot on goal they take. If this starts happening, it can be
incredibly frustrating to say the least. I myself often yelled at the TV
saying "That's ridiculous! Every shot they are taking is going in! How can I
defend against that?". It's important to keep your cool though and attempt to
win the ball and hold onto it as much as you can, otherwise you'll find 
yourself 5-6 goals behind before you can blink.

- Try to avoid sudden death against the AI if it's at all possible. It seems,
at least, that their difficulty increases again once sudden death kicks in. Not
only does it become a lot harder for you to score, they also seem to be able to
put the ball in the back of the net a lot more reliably. If you do get into a
sudden death situation, hold onto the ball as much as you can and fire as many
charged shots at goal as possible.

- The AI is quite smart in knowing when to use a character's fake (or deke as
they seem to be more commonly known as). They'll often use it and time it very
well if you rush up to them. So don't run up to them and attempt to take them
out or tackle them immediately. Hang back if you can spare the time, and wait
for them to attempt to fake or start charging a shot or pass, THEN go for them.

- Conversely, don't overuse your own fakes (or deke's). The AI is quite good
in avoiding them, and timing their tackles or hits right to get the ball back
off you.

- Kritter (the goalkeeper) is usually very adept at saving your megastrikes,
even if you manage to hit the orange spot absolutely perfect. It doesn't seem
to make much difference. I'm not saying don't attempt to score megastrikes...
you should always take the opportunity to fire them off if the opportunity 
presents itself. Just don't expect to get many of them in. You definitely 
shouldn't rely on them to win you games. You'll find the times when you most
need them to go in is when every shot gets saved.

- The AI also knows when and how to use the captain's special abilities. Be
very wary of them if you notice they have one ready to go. Every ability gives
them a chance at a megastrike in some way.

- Learn to save the opponent's megastrikes. Practice and practice. Because 
you'll no doubt be facing a lot of them.

- Learn the "charge and pass" technique. That is, charge the ball with B, then 
hit A, to pass, or A while holding Z to lob pass. This skill will become 
invaluable and give you much better chances of scoring goals (of course, it 
also has the unfortunate side effect of giving the AI a good chance to score
goals if they get the ball off you).

- The difficulty seems to increase once you get to the elimination stage. A 
character you might have comfortably beaten in the group stage can come back 
and give you a nasty shock in the eliminations. Don't get lax and prepare 
yourself for a lot of close games.

- By the same token, pay no attention to the rank of your opponent during the 
group stage. Their rank means nothing - a lower ranked opponent is just as 
difficult to beat as a high ranked opponent. Don't enter games believing you 
should easily win it on account of the opponent being of lower rank to you.

- Pick a good combination of playmakers, offenders/powers, defenders and all-
rounders in your team. I'm not going to recommend any specific combinations as
choosing your team is totally up to you, but do make sure that you mix them up
a bit. A team full of power characters or a team full of playmakers isn't going
to go very well against the barrage you'll be facing in the Striker Cup. My 
personal recommendation is one balanced, one offence/power (pick one), one
playmaker and one defence - but mix and match to find the combination that best
suits your style of play.

- Score however you can. There's no morals when playing against the AI. Do
whatever it takes to score, including scoring goals by teleporting or jumping
the goalkeeper with those characters that can do it. Tactics like that might
be frowned upon by some people when playing online, but against the AI...do 
whatever it takes.


It's impossible to provide strategies when playing against certain teams, since
every time you play the cup the combination of captains and sidekicks the AI
uses are randomly chosen. However, what I CAN provide is specific tips on how
to counter each specific captain...since they are, usually, your biggest threat
in a game. You can use some of the general tips I mentioned when dealing with
the sidekicks.

Note that you won't play against the captains in any particular order, nor
will you necessarily play against any one of them. You only play 9 games in
the round robin competition, and there's 12 captains in the game (including
Petey), so you won't face all of them. For ease of reading, I have listed them
here alphabetically.

Note these descriptions are in no way indicative of the way real opponents will
use these captains when playing online, this is specifically for playing 
against the AI in the Striker Cup single player mode.


Bowser's big and bulky, but boy does he hit hard. He loves to just smash you 
whenever the opportunity presents itself...and he's quite good at shooting too.
If he gets the ball while it's white and he's anywhere on your side of the 
halfway line, he'll likely take a shot and more often than not, it'll go in. 
Beware of his special ability...when he uses it, he's pretty much immune to 
anything unless you hit him from behind or throw something at him. Bowser also
has an uncanny ability to hit his megastrikes perfectly and fire them off at
maximum speed, (more so than most of the other captains, it seems) so try not
to let him get too many away. Bowser does tend to leave himself open to being
tackled or hit as he's recovering from his fake, so take the opportunity to 
steal the ball in this window of opportunity.


I hate this little *%&$*. Like Bowser, he's exceptionally good at shooting and
can score a goal from just about anywhere on your side of the field. He doesn't
necessarily even need the ball charged up to take a shot either. Beware of his 
fake as it'll knock you away. The golden rule with him is don't allow him to
take a shot - if necessary, gang up on him with your team mates and pummel 
him from all directions to get the ball off him. Luckily his special ability
isn't too much of a problem to deal with...even if he manages to hit one of
your team with it it's not the end of the world. Sometimes you may be unlucky
and it'll hit multiple team members, where it might spell trouble.


Daisy can be a surprisingly difficult customer to deal with. She sucks at 
shooting, but will often have a couple of power or offensive sidekicks 
accompanying her to offset that. She's very fast around the field and can come
at you from seemingly anywhere to diffuse any situations where you might be in
a position to score. Her special ability isn't bad, but also not too hard to
avoid if you see it coming. If she manages to get a megastrike away, like
Bowser she seems to hit the orange area and fire them off at maximum speed most
of them time. Don't treat her as an easy opponent. Luckily, she doesn't use her
fake too often to attempt to score goals, but be on the lookout for it


If you are anything like me, you probably found Diddy Kong a bit of a pain to
beat the first time you played through the Crystal Cup. He doesn't get any
easier if you face him in the Striker Cup. He's extremely quick at running
around the field, and very good at charging the ball and passing it off to one
of his sidekicks to take a shot. Like Daisy, he always seems to have a couple
of offensive or power sidekicks with him which cancels out his poor shooting
ability quite nicely, and also like Daisy he can come from nowhere to prevent
any goal scoring opportunities you might have. Watch out for his special 
ability, he's quite good at using it to trap your players and send them off 
the field, giving him a free shot at a megastrike.


Donkey Kong, or "DK" as he's referred to in the game for some reason, is 
usually one of the easier AI opponents you'll face in the Striker Cup. Don't 
rush up to him as he loves doing his fake and knocking you away. He falls into
the same class as Bowser, being a power character, but for some reason, he 
doesn't seem as good at shooting as Bowser is, and certainly doesn't hit the
orange area very often if he manages to get a megastrike away. However, he's a
power character nonetheless, so you need to be wary of him if he ventures past
that halfway line and into shooting zone...he'll often score several goals
quickly in succession if you let your guard down. His special ability can be
a problem if most of your players are within range when he uses it, so make 
sure you've got someone hanging back to take him out after he lands.


Luigi, the man in green, is back and is my preferred captain of choice...though

he's actually not much different to Mario. Playing against him, he can be a 
very annoying opponent, as all the balanced captains tend to be. He's adept at
shooting...though he's not going to score off every shot he takes, you should
still be on the lookout if he takes a shot while the ball is white. His super
ability is quite good, but can be countered by slide tackling him at the exact
right moment...unfortunately this can be difficult to time correctly as he
tends to use his fake when he's really big and in possession of the ball. Don't
allow him to squash all of your teammates and you should deny him a chance at
a megastrike. Bombs, shells and banana peels are also effective in stopping
him or slowing him down when he's a giant.


What's a Mario game without Mario? As noted, in this game, he's really not that
different to Luigi...the only real difference is that he has a different fake.
Like Luigi, he's decent at shooting...though he tends to score more often than
his green-clad brother for some reason, and doesn't seem to come back to assist
in defence as often. His super ability can be countered by timing a slide 
tackle perfectly...though, like Luigi, he likes using his fake when he's big
and in possession of the ball, making it a lot harder to tackle him and making
it a lot easier for him to squash you (unlike Luigi, who can't really squash
you when using his fake while he's big). Items like shells and bombs, and even
banana peels, can also work to stop him. Overall, he can be an annoying 
opponent, but usually not too much of a problem.


Peach, along with Donkey Kong, is probably the easiest AI opponent you'll face
in the Striker Cup. For some reason, she just doesn't seem that good when the
AI uses her. She very fast, and good at offloading the ball to her sidekicks,
but that's about it. She's not very good in defense, nor is she very good at 
shooting, and her special ability isn't all that useful and not that hard to 
avoid. You just need to watch her speed, and watch any passes she might get 
away to her sidekicks - who are without a doubt a far bigger threat than Peach 
herself. She falls into the same class as Diddy as a playmaker, but Diddy is 
easily a much tougher opponent.


Waluigi can be one of the most frustrating AI opponents you can face in the 
Striker Cup. He won't exactly score goals in quick succession like the 
offensive or power characters can, but he will tend to score them at regular
intervals, usually when you are in a position to win the game. Unlike the other
defensive captain Daisy, he DOES tend to use his fake to teleport behind the
keeper and score goals, so you really need to watch out for that if he gets
possession of the ball anywhere near the keeper's box. His special ability is
excellent, but luckily he doesn't always get it right and gives you a chance
to take him out before he gets a megastrike away. When he does get it right
though, short of dropping a bomb on his head there's no way to stop it so make
sure you stop the shots as they come in - he'll rarely, if ever, hit them 
perfectly in the orange area, so it shouldn't be that difficult. Oh, and he's 
very fast too and an excellent defender.


Wario is another one of those opponents where you must absolutely, positively,
in all manner of humanity, not allow him to take a shot on goal. He's an
offensive captain like Bowser Jr, and like Bowser Jr, he can score goals from
just about anywhere in your half of the field, and he doesn't need the ball
fully charged to do so. If he takes a shot, it'll very often go in. His fake
can be a pain to deal with, and will knock your team members down and stun
them for a short time, giving him virtually a free shot if he's within range.
His special ability is also very good...getting hit by his stink bomb will 
cause your controls to be reversed. While it's possible to tackle through the
gaseous cloud, you still need to be running in the right direction to do so, 
which is very tricky. Luckily, he usually won't hit his megastrikes absolutely
perfectly, though he still will from time to time.


Like the other balanced captains, Yoshi can be damn annoying as an opponent in
the Striker Cup. He loves scoring against you in the final seconds of the game
to secure a win (and for some reason, I find his celebration sequences really,
really annoying). Even though he's decent at shooting, he'll tend not to score 
goals himself unless the ball is white, relying on his sidekicks quite a bit to
do that work for him. He loves running around the field though and is great in
defense, particularly because he's the only character in the game that doesn't
actually put himself at much risk when clobbering you. His special ability is
similar to Mario and Luigi's, though you can't interrupt it with a slide 
tackle. The best defense against it is to try and avoid it until the egg 
breaks, then take him out as he's charging up his megastrike (which he'll 
almost always do immediately after doing his egg roll).


If you've managed to reach the champion in the Striker Cup...congratulations.
Actually reaching him, in my opinion, is the hardest thing about the Striker
Cup. Petey Piranha is the initial champion, but don't think the match will be

As a side note, since Petey appeared in Mario Kart Double Dash!!, my brothers
and I simply refer to him as "Plant". As in "I just unlocked Plant!" or "Grr
I hate Plant! He's so annoying!". Feel free to also use that nickname
yourself, it's quite funny when you say it aloud in a sentence such as
"Stupid Plant!" and everyone around you joins in :) Anyway...strategies for
beating Plant:


Plant falls into the same category as Bowser and Donkey Kong - he's a power 
character which means he's good at shooting. Don't allow him to get too many
shots away because he does have the ability to score a lot of goals very
quickly, and put you out of the game. Don't rush up on him as his fake is good
at knocking you away, usually into the electric fence. His special ability is
very good...and when he uses it, short of dropping a bomb on his head or
managing to throw a big shell at him, it's almost impossible to stop the
megastrike coming in, as your players slow down to a crawl and get stuck in
the mud. Plant will almost always hit his megastrikes perfectly in the orange
area and fire them off super fast too...so I hope you have practiced up and
have gotten good at saving them. Plant does have one weakness though, he's
absolutely atrocious in defense...though he does tend to have fast moving 
sidekicks that offset this vulnerability. Still, it's a vulnerability
nonetheless and you need to exploit it if you're going to beat him.

If you manage to knock him over in the best out of three game series,
congratulations, you've beaten the Striker Cup. Go get yourself a beer.

6.0 Beating the Striker Challenges

Some of the Striker Challenges can also be quite difficult to complete. You're
going to need to complete them all if you want to unlock all of the cheats for
domination mode in the game and have a sense of finishing the game completely.

You'll notice I've listed two different difficulties for each challenge here.
"Skill Level" is the reported difficulty of the challenge according to the
game. "Difficulty" is how hard the challenge really is. This is because these
reported difficulties seem to be more based on the actual skill level of the 
AI, rather than how hard it is to actually achieve the objective that's 
required to successfully complete the challenge. I've grouped the difficulties 
of the challenges into four categories: Easy, Moderate, Hard and Insane.

6.1 Mario's Challenge - Till Sudden Death Do Us Part

Challenge Objective: Win in Sudden Death

Skill Level: Novice
Difficulty:  Easy

Your Team: Mario, Boo, Toad, Monty Mole
Opponent's Team: Donkey Kong, Toad, Hammer Bros, Birdo

No surprises here that this is the easiest challenge of them all. You are 
Mario and must beat Donkey Kong in sudden death. Piece of cake. You only have
one good goal scorer in your team in the form of Monty Mole, although Mario is
adept enough at scoring as well, and Toad can jump the goalkeeper. On this
skill level you can even use Boo's skillshot to score. You only need one goal.

6.2 Luigi's Challenge - Sibling Rivalry

Challenge Objective: Come back from 2 goals down with 3 team members
                     to win

Skill Level: Novice
Difficulty:  Easy

Your Team: Luigi, Koopa, Koopa
Opponent's Team: Mario, Dry Bones, Toad, Monty Mole

Despite the fact you are a player down in this challenge, it shouldn't be too
much of an issue for you. It may seem difficult at first, needing to come back
from 2 goals down with a minute left, but it's not that hard. You can use one
of Luigi's megastrikes, which is really easy to get away at this skill level,
or you can simply score your goals by charging the ball and taking shots with
Luigi or using Koopa's skillshot to stun the keeper and then fire it in off the
rebound. 3 goals in 1 minute is a cinch here.

6.3 Donkey Kong's Challenge - This Monkey Shines

Challenge Objective: Come back from 3 goals down to win

Skill Level: Professional
Difficulty:  Easy

Your Team: Donkey Kong, Toad, Toad, Boo
Opponent's Team: Petey, Birdo, Monty Mole, Dry Bones

Two minutes and 45 seconds to score at least 4 goals? Even with the team you 
are given (DK's the only really good striker) you've got almost a full game to
put the goals away. One good megastrike is all it'll take, though you may not 
even need it with DK's good scoring ability and Toad's ability to jump the 
keeper. You shouldn't find this any more difficult than the previous two 

6.4 Peach's Challenge - Battle for the Crown

Challenge Objective: Score 5 goals more than your opponent

Skill Level: Professional
Difficulty: Moderate

Your Team: Peach, Shy Guy, Boo, Koopa
Opponent's Team: Daisy, Birdo, Dry Bones, Shy Guy

Finally, a challenge that's actually a bit of a challenge! Actually, the only
thing that makes this challenge moderately difficult is the fact you've got no
really good goal scorers on your team. But, at this skill level, it's also not
that hard to get megastrikes away, so aim for doing that. Also make use of Shy
Guy and Koopa's skillshots to stun the goalkeeper giving you a free shot on
goal if you get the rebound.

6.5 Daisy's Challenge - Brick Wall Baby

Challenge Objective: Win without conceding a goal

Skill Level: Superstar
Difficulty: Hard

Your Team: Daisy, Toad, Koopa, Hammer Bros
Opponent's Team: Waluigi, Birdo, Monty Mole, Hammer Bros

So the challenge here is to beat Waluigi without conceding a goal. The "win 
the game" part of the challenge should be a cinch considering Waluigi's team
is not good at defending. However, the "without conceding a goal" part is 
actually very tricky. Every one of Waluigi's team is good at shooting apart 
from Waluigi himself, but he can teleport past the goalkeeper and score 
instead. You're going to need to keep possession of the ball as much as 
possible and not allow the AI any time with it on your side of the field. 
It's really frustrating to concede a goal right at the end of this one, and 
you need to last the entire 3 minutes, which isn't easy against the attacking
powerhouse team Waluigi has.

6.6 Wario's Challenge -  A Stunning Situation

Challenge Objective: Win with a goalkeeper that is easily stunned

Skill Level: Superstar
Difficulty: Moderate

Your Team: Wario, Birdo, Dry Bones, Toad
Opponent's Team: Diddy Kong, Koopa, Monty Mole, Hammer Bros

Your goalkeeper can apparently be easily stunned, giving your opponent 
opportunities for a free shot on goal...though whenever I do it, it doesn't
seem like Kritter has too many problems in this one. Anyway, you start the
game level at 2-2, and the objective is to simply win the game despite your 
handicapped goalkeeper. This is actually quite easy. Charge the ball and shoot
with either Wario or Birdo, or use Dry Bones' of Toad's fake to teleport/jump
the opposing goalkeeper. Don't allow the AI too many shots on goal and the
challenge is yours. Daisy's challenge is way harder than this.

6.7 Waluigi's Challenge - 3 Goals Away

Challenge Objective: Win by at least 3 goals

Skill Level: Superstar
Difficulty: Hard

Your Team: Waluigi, Monty Mole, Boo, Boo
Opponent's Team: Luigi, Monty Mole, Dry Bones, Dry Bones

This challenge is significantly more difficult than Wario's. You need to win
by at least 3 goals, against a team that's pretty darn good at defending and
has the ability to score some annoying goals, to boot. Your best bet is using 
Waluigi's special to trap yourself in the corner and get a megastrike away,
but there's no guarantees you'll actually get his special ability. You really
need to make use of Boo's ability to charge and pass, and if possible get 
Monty Mole taking as many shots as possible with a fully white ball. Don't 
pass up the opportunity to use Waluigi's teleport to get past the goalkeeper
either. Winning the game isn't THAT hard, but winning it by at least 3 goals 
is quite challenging, especially considering you only get 50 seconds to do it.

6.8 Yoshi's Challenge - So Far Behind

Challenge Objective: Come back from 5 goals down to win

Skill Level: Legend
Difficulty: Insane

Your Team: Yoshi, Koopa, Hammer Bros, Hammer Bros
Opponent's Team: Wario, Dry Bones, Dry Bones, Dry Bones

This challenge is stupidly hard. You need to come back from 5 goals down to
win the game, against a team that's good at both attacking and defending, with
only a minute and 8 seconds on the clock. The stadium you draw for this one,
The Sand Tomb, doesn't do you any favours either. I mean good grief, this 
challenge is ridiculous.

To beat this challenge you really need to make use of Hammer Bros good shooting
ability...charge the ball up with Yoshi and Koopa and pass it off to your
Hammer Bros as much as you can for them to take shots with a fully white ball.
This may also sound strange, but try to allow the AI to take you out illegally
(the AI loves taking you out if you lob the ball in the air a lot) and give
you items...you'll often get Yoshi's special egg roll or a star, giving you a
chance at a megastrike. Don't rely on just megastrikes to win this one though,
Kritter is very good at saving them. Though obviously, with such a small amount
of time, the bulk of your goals do need to come from megastrikes - there's a
fair bit of luck involved here with how many goals you manage to get off the 
megastrikes. When I finally did it, I needed 3 megastrikes to draw level
(only 1 goal off the first two, and 3 off the third) then used a star on one
of the Hammer Bros to fire off a skillshot and pull ahead, and frantically
defended for the last 10 seconds. One of the hardest parts about this challenge
is stopping Wario from scoring...if he manages to get any goals in you can
basically kiss the challenge goodbye. Use your items wisely, and combine your
megastrikes with regular charged shots from your Hammer Bros, and hope for
some good fortune. This is probably the hardest challenge of all. Good luck
and be prepared to retry this one a lot.

6.9 Bowser's Challenge - Zero Tolerance

Challenge Objective: Win without conceding a goal

Skill Level: Legend
Difficulty: Hard

Your Team: Bowser, Boo, Koopa, Dry Bones
Opponent's Team: Peach, Birdo, Toad, Monty Mole

This is pretty similar to Daisy's challenge, but is obviously harder (though
not by that much). Bowser is the only character on your team with any real 
shooting potential, though don't miss an opportunity to use Dry Bones' fake 
to get past the keeper. Again though, the problem with this one isn't the 
scoring goals and winning necessarily, it's the not conceding a goal part
that's tricky. Try to prevent Peach's Birdo or Monty Mole getting the ball 
and taking a shot and you should be okay.

6.10 Petey's Challenge - Tag Team Tussle

Challenge Objective: Win the game with only 2 team members

Skill Level: Legend
Difficulty: Moderate

Your Team: Petey, Monty Mole
Opponent's Team: Donkey Kong, Toad

At first you might read the description of this challenge and say "oh man,
this is going to be tough with only 2 team members"...and then you realise
that your opponent also has the same disadvantage. So you are on even 
terms...and in fact you have the upper hand because both Plant and Monty 
are excellent shooters. The only real disadvantage is their slow speed, so 
watch out for DK's Toad zipping past you and attempting to score. Overall, 
this is harder than it looks at first glance...largely because Plant and 
Monty move so slowly, but is not a particularly difficult challenge.

(By the way, if you skipped the rest of this FAQ just to read this section and
are wondering why I'm referring to Petey as "Plant", see section 5.3).

6.11 Bowser Jr's Challenge - Against All Odds

Challenge Objective: Win without the use of items or powerups

Skill Level: Megastriker
Difficulty: Hard

Your Team: Bowser Jr, Koopa, Dry Bones, Hammer Bros
Opponent's Team: Bowser, Toad, Toad, Toad

You are Bowser Jr and you will not receive any items during the match...but
your opponent Bowser still can. That means that Bowser's team can basically
take you out at any time without any penalties...and believe me, they will.
The three Toads seem to be everywhere against your team which is generally a
lot slower...learn to time your fakes with Bowser Jr and Hammer Bros while you
charge and pass with Koopa and Dry Bones as much as you can to give your 
offensive players a white ball to shoot with. Teleport past the goalkeeper
with Dry Bones whenever the opportunity presents itself. The one thing in your
favour in this match is that the three Toads are not good at shooting (beware 
of their skillshots though) so if you can deny Bowser the ball (easier said 
than done) you're on the right track to winning. Watch out for Bowser's 
special ability though - if he gets a megastrike away he'll always hit the 
orange area. This one will probably take you several attempts but it's 
nowhere near as difficult as Yoshi's or Diddy's.

6.12 Diddy Kong's Challenge - Lucky Seven

Challenge Objective: Score 7 goals and win the game

Skill Level: Megastriker
Difficulty: Insane

Your Team: Diddy Kong, Shy Guy, Dry Bones, Dry Bones
Opponent's Team: Yoshi, Birdo, Monty Mole, Koopa

Holy Megastrikes Batman, this challenge is pretty darn hard. I guess, being 
the last challenge, you'd kind of expect it to be. It's not quite as hard as 
Yoshi's though, in my opinion...so if you managed to beat that one, you should
be able to beat this one. Remember you only need to score 7 goals, not win by
7 goals.

You are Diddy Kong, and you not only need to win the game, you need to score 
7 goals in the process (more if your opponent actually manages to score 7 or
more). Needless to say, with your team of abysmally bad shooters, scoring seven
goals is not going to be easy...but on the plus side, Yoshi's team is not that
great at defending. There is actually a trick to this one, though it does
require a bit of luck to pull off. As crazy as this may sound, let Yoshi get 
about 5 goals up on you at the start. Once you are that far behind, you start 
getting items like stars and chain chomps which give you perfect megastrike
opportunities. Fire a few of them away, and make use of Diddy's special 
whenever you get it to set up additional megastrike chances. Use Dry Bones'
fake to teleport past the keeper whenever the opportunity is there, and make 
use of Shy Guy's skillshot to stun the keeper and get a free shot on goal. 
Yes, some people are of the belief that the bulk of your goals should come
from your Dry Bones' in this one, and if both of them get zapped away at the
start you should concede a goal to get them back. I say NO! to this...Shy 
Guy's skillshot is PERFECT for scoring goals with when there isn't many 
players around. Following this strategy you should nail 7 goals in 3 minutes, 
but as I said, it does require some luck with the items you receive (and you 
also need to make sure you actually win the game and don't allow the AI to 
score any more goals). Be prepared to try this one a lot too.

7.0 Acknowledgements and Credits

Next Level Games and Nintendo, for making this fantastic game!
Gooberman, for proof-reading this FAQ.
Myself, for writing this guide :) 

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this FAQ, feel 
free to e-mail me.

Copyright 2007 by White_Pointer

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