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FAQ/Walkthrough by bowser194

Version: 0.70 | Updated: 08/23/07

        __  __   _   ___ ___ ___    ___ _____ ___ ___ _  _____ ___  ___ 
       |  \/  | /_\ | _ \_ _/ _ \  / __|_   _| _ \_ _| |/ / __| _ \/ __|
       | |\/| |/ _ \|   /| | (_) | \__ \ | | |   /| || ' <| _||   /\__ \
       |_|  |_/_/ \_\_|_\___\___/  |___/ |_| |_|_\___|_|\_\___|_|_\|___/
                    ________  _____    ____  ________________ 
                   / ____/ / / /   |  / __ \/ ____/ ____/ __ \
                  / /   / /_/ / /| | / /_/ / / __/ __/ / / / /
                 / /___/ __  / ___ |/ _, _/ /_/ / /___/ /_/ / 
                 \____/_/ /_/_/  |_/_/ |_|\____/_____/_____/  

               *            bowser194's Tenth FAQ             *
               *          Mario Strikers Charged FAQ          *
               *                 Version 0.70                 *
               *         FAQ Created: August 21, 2007         *
               *        Latest Update: August 23, 2007        *
               *      E-Mail: bowser194(at)gmail(dot)com      *


                       * Section 1 - The Introduction *

                        Section 1A - Table Of Contents

Section 1 - The Introduction
Section 1A - Table Of Contents
Section 1B - Version History
Section 1C - Introduction

Section 2 - Various Information
Section 2A - Controls
Section 2B - Player Types
Section 2C - Characters
Section 2D - Items
Section 2E - Stadiums
Section 2F - Gameplay

Section 3 - Gameplay Modes
Section 3A - The Cups
Section 3B - Striker Challenges*
Section 3C - Strikers 101*
Section 3D - Online Play*

Section 4 - Tactics & Unlockables
Section 4A - Tips & Tactics*
Section 4B - Unlockables
Section 4C - Frequently Asked Questions**

Section 5 - Conclusion
Section 5A - Closing
Section 5B - Credits
Section 5C - Contacting Me
Section 5D - Copyright

*Indicates this section has not yet been completed.
**Indicates this section will be frequently updated.


                          Section 1B - Version History

Version 0.55  -  FAQ Size: 36KB  -  Date: August 21, 2007
First version of the FAQ. There is a huge gap of missing information in Section 
#3, which will be filled in with future updates.

Version 0.70  -  FAQ Size: 49KB  -  Date: August 22, 2007
Section #2 is now fully completed. Section 3A has also been fully written and 
completed. Section 4B has been opened to some of the basic questions regarding 
the game, and more will be added as they are recieved. Major sections still 
requiring work should at least be partially completed by the next update.


                           Section 1C - Introduction

Mario Strikers Charged is the sequel to the original, and fairly popular, Super 
Mario Strikers for GameCube. It joins the collection of Mario sports games, 
which include Mario Tennis, Baseball, Golf, and several others. This newest 
edition of Mario Strikers includes several updates to the gameplay engine, such 
as varying character abilities, megastrikes, sidekick powershots, and more. 
Alongside this, online play has been introduced, complete with rankings and 
friend lists. All this make Mario Strikers Charged even more wacky and insane 
than before, an enjoyable experience for all ages.

This FAQ is designed to provide various bits of information on the game and 
gameplay modes, as well as help you through the sometimes impossible 
cups/challenges with strategies and tactics for winning. So, let's begin.

                      * Section 2 - Various Information *

                             Section 2A - Controls

One of the greatest things about Mario Strikers is the simplicity of the 
controls, allowing a newcomer to pick up and play with ease. There are few 
advanced moves or button combinations to remember. This section has been split 
into offensive, defensive, and goalkeeping moves.

Offensive Controls
Control Stick - Control character.     
  Control Pad - Deke.
     A Button - Regular pass.
     B Button - Shoot. Hold it down to charge the shot or perform a Megastrike.
     C Button - Use an item.
     Z Button - Chips the ball ahead, and the character will chase it down.
      Nunchuk - Shake to switch the item order.
        Z + A - Lob pass.
        Z + B - Lob shot.
            1 - Pause.

Defensive Controls
Control Stick - Control character.
  Control Pad - Slide tackle.
   Wii Remote - Shake to perform a big hit.
     A Button - Switch players.
     B Button - Clear the ball when in your own half.
     C Button - Use an item.
      Nunchuk - Shake to switch the item order.
            1 - Pause.

Goalkeeper Controls
Control Stick - Control goalkeeper.
   Wii Remote - Point at the screen when saving Megastrikes.
     A Button - Throw the ball to a teammate. Also used to stop Megastrikes.
     B Button - Kick the ball high and far upfield.


                           Section 2B - Player Types

Before getting into each character, it's important to know what kinds of 
character types exist. Explanations for each type can be found below.

Shooting - 6/10
Passing - 6/10
Speed - 6/10
Defense - 6/10
The balanced player is perfectly capable in all aspects of the game. They are 
able to shoot, pass, run, and tackle with moderate ability. These types of 
players are great choices for newcomers to adapt to the game, as well as for 
players of the original Mario Strikers.

Shooting - 3/10
Passing - 10/10
Speed - 10/10
Defense - 3/10
The playmaker is a crucial element of every team, with great speed and ability 
to set up other players with quick and accurate passes. Sidekick playmakers 
tend to be best used alongside offensive or power captains, as their shooting 
and tackling is lackluster.

Shooting - 10/10
Passing - 10/10
Speed - 3/10
Defense - 3/10
If you favor the pass-pass-pass-shoot style of play, an offensive captain is 
probably right for you. While they lack defensive capabilities and speed, their 
passing and shooting abilities are flawless and many shots they take are likely 
to go in.

Shooting - 3/10
Passing - 3/10
Speed - 10/10
Defense - 10/10
The most popular of all defensive characters is Dry Bones, and you will find 
him on just about every team you encounter online. Defensive characters are 
fast and able to take the ball off opponents with ease; obviously, this means 
that their shooting and passing abilities are quite weak.

Shooting - 10/10
Passing - 3/10
Speed - 3/10
Defense - 10/10
The power player is an odd but effective combination of offense and defense, 
with great shooting ability, but also exceptional tackling. The only problem is 
that their speed means they probably won't be your first choice when it comes 
to getting the ball from an opponent.


                            Section 2C - Characters

This section is divided into two categories, one for captains and another for 
Sidekicks. Their special abilities are also listed, as well as what type of 
player they are, all in alphabetical order for your convenience.

The Twelve Captains
       Name - Bowser
       Type - Power
Description - For years, Bowser's has captured the Princess and forced Mario 
              out to save her, and just in general created havoc in various 
              Mario games. Occasionally, he has also been a playable character.
Spc Ability - 'Fire Storm', in which Bowser breathes fire directly in front of 
              him. Unfortunately, these flames don't get much distance, meaning 
              it isn't too hard to strip the ball away.

       Name - Bowser Jr
       Type - Offensive
Description - Different variations of Bowser Jr and Baby Bowser have existed as 
              different publishers have developed different games, but despite 
              the choice of name, they both refer to Bowser's son.
Spc Ability - 'Sonic Roar' allows Bowser Jr to knock over an opponent for 
              several seconds, as well as shrink them for about the next 20. 
              Best used during gameplay, and not to attempt a megastrike.

       Name - Daisy
       Type - Defensive
Description - Daisy is the Princess of the 'other kingdom', and pops up in 
              various party games from time to time. The only game she was ever 
              featured in was Super Mario Brothers for the original Game Boy.
Spc Ability - 'Crystal Smash' creates a ring of diamonds around Daisy, knocking 
              out anybody, including the goalie, who is around her. This 
              ability to disable the goalie should be frequently exploited.

       Name - Diddy Kong
       Type - Playmaker
Description - He's back again. Donkey Kong's little buddy from the original 
              series has rarely made appearances in party games, but in this 
              case his playability in Mario Strikers Charged is invaluable.
Spc Ability - 'Red Card', possibly the best special ability in the game, 
              creates a beam of light near Diddy Kong, and all players who 
              enter it are sucked out of the stadium. It can be almost 
              flawlessly used for megastrikes.

       Name - Donkey Kong
       Type - Power
Description - The first game he was featured in was 'Donkey Kong' in the 
              arcade, and since then he has evolved into a popular and commonly 
              seen character in party-style Mario games.
Spc Ability - 'Thunder Wham', which is similar to Daisy's special ability, 
              knocks down everyone within a small range, giving DK all the time 
              in the world to score a megastrike. 

       Name - Luigi
       Type - Balanced
Description - Since the beginning, Luigi has always played second fiddle to his 
              older brother, but over the years he's had his chances in games 
              like Mario is Missing and Luigi's Mansion.
Spc Ability - 'Super Luigi', which makes him giant, allows him to trample 
              opponents and take fully powered shots without charging. However, 
              the ball can easily be taken with a slide tackle.

       Name - Mario
       Type - Balanced
Description - Since the 1980's, Mario has starred in a wide variety of games, 
              Everything from 'Mario Golf' to 'Mario Tennis'. In this game, he 
              is yet again, the star of the show.
Spc Ability - 'Super Mario', which makes him giant, allows him to trample 
              opponents and take fully powered shots without charging. However, 
              the ball can easily be taken with a slide tackle.

       Name - Peach
       Type - Playmaker
Description - Usually the reason Mario is always out on a trek is because of 
              Peach, but you'd think after all these years she'd have learned 
              to defend herself!
Spc Ability - 'Freeze Frame' will do precisely as described, freeze all 
              characters within a small radius and prevent them from moving for 
              several seconds; this can also affect her own teammates.

       Name - Petey Piranha
       Type - Power
Description - From attacking Mario on his quests by coming out of pipes, to 
              becoming a most unlikely candidate to be in such a game, Petey is 
              playable in Mario Strikers Charged.
Spc Ability - 'Mud Sling' has Petey lashing out some kind of substance which 
              slows down anybody that walks into it, apart from Petey. Even 
              items are slowed down, too. 

       Name - Waluigi
       Type - Defensive
Description - Very similar to Daisy in the sense that he's never had a game 
              featuring him, but he always seems to pop up in party games, 
              including this one.
Spc Ability - 'Wall-uigi' can be used to create a wall anywhere on the field, 
              most optimally used to cover himself while attempting a 
              megastrike in a corner. However, it is somewhat difficult to use.

       Name - Wario
       Type - Offensive
Description - Mario's arch-rival, Wario, appears in most party games and is 
              also Waluigi's sidekick. He has a couple of his own games himself 
              and has quite the ego in most of them.
Spc Ability - 'Gas Mask', which is essentially Wario farting, leaves behind a 
              trail of gas which, if the opponent enters, will mess up their 
              controls by reversing them, which is fairly weak.

       Name - Yoshi
       Type - Balanced
Description - Every now and then, Yoshi will pop in a random game to play the 
              common role as Mario's sidekick. But the cute little dinosaur you 
              know is not as happy in this game.
Spc Ability - 'Egg Roll' is Yoshi's speciality, in which he'll suddenly pop 
              into an egg and the user will be able to roll around crushing 
              everything they run into, and then pop out and shoot.

The Eight Sidekicks
       Name - Birdo
       Type - Power
Description - Birdo made his first appearance in Super Mario Bros 2, and was at 
              the end of every level. Yes, HIS first appearance, Nintendo has 
              confirmed this.
  Skillshot - The ball is transformed into an egg of some sort, which, if fired 
              directly at the net with no obstruction, is an automatic goal. 
              However, the odds of it working all the time are extremely low.

       Name - Boo
       Type - Playmaker
Description - Since the original Super Mario Brothers, Boo has chased Mario 
              when his back was turned and been the death of numerous players. 
              Now his tricky tactics are found in Mario Strikers Charged. 
  Skillshot - Boo's skillshot requires him to be fairly close to the edge of 
              the penalty box to score - Boo will launch himself forwards, 
              invisibly, and then shoot the ball into the net if done right.

       Name - Dry Bones
       Type - Defensive
Description - The enemy that would just never go away, Dry Bones could never 
              actually be killed, and could be extremely irritating when there 
              were several of them.
  Skillshot - A very useful skillshot, Dry Bones fires an electrified ball at
              the goalie, which will disable him and then allow for an easy lob
              shot or pass-shoot goal, if Dry Bones isn't hit.

       Name - Hammer Bros
       Type - Offensive
Description - Yes, this is the Hammer Bros from Super Mario Brothers, where in 
              those games he would attempt to hit Mario by throwing hammers as 
              he ran by. This is only the third time he has ever been playable.
  Skillshot - One of the most favored skillshots in the game. When in proper 
              range, Hammer Bros rises up into the air and fires three hammers 
              at the goalie that render him useless while Hammer Bros scores.

       Name - Koopa
       Type - Balanced
Description - If you know who Hammer Bros is, then you know who Koopa is - the 
              second most frequent enemy in the original games. 
  Skillshot - Koopa's skillshot is extremely useful when used correctly. A 
              shell is fired at the goalie, disabling him for several seconds 
              while the ball bounces away for a rebound you can put in the net.

       Name - Monty Mole
       Type - Power
Description - Monty Mole has somehow managed to change his size from huge to 
              small and back to huge again from game to game. This time, he's 
              extremely big... and powerful.
  Skillshot - When used within the correct range of the goalie, Monty Mole will 
              dig underneath the ground, shoot forward a small distance, then 
              pop back out and fire the ball in the net.

       Name - Shy Guy
       Type - Balanced
Description - Varying in personality, Shy Guy has popped up randomly in various 
              Mario games, and has taken on the role of both bad and good guy. 
              He also used to be an enemy in Super Mario Brothers 2.
  Skillshot - When used, Shy Guy jumps onto a Bullet Bill which launches toward 
              and crashes into the goalie. This creates an explosion which may 
              or may not result in your getting the ball returned right back to 
              you for an easy goal.

       Name - Toad
       Type - Playmaker
Description - The servant to Princess Peach in all Mario games. Toad rarely has 
              much of a role in any game, but does pop up as a playable 
              character from time to time.
  Skillshot - Toad's skillshot is literally a rocket fired at the goalie, which 
              rarely goes in, however it weakens the goalie by putting him in 
              flames for a period of around 10 seconds.


                              Section 2D - Items

Items are a huge part of what makes Super Mario Strikers so insane and chaotic. 
When timed right, items can also save you from letting a goal in or get you out 
on a breakaway, or also set you up for a megastrike. Note the goalies are 
immune to all items. Also note that you get three or even five of an item.

When you're playing, you can gain items by having someone take a cheap shot on 
you (use a Big Hit when you don't have the ball), by taking a good shot, or by 
scoring. You can hold a maximum of two items at once. The items below are 
listed in alphabetical order for your convenience.

       Name - Banana
  Frequency - Common
 Multiplies - Yes
Description - Simply put, you can drop bananas anywhere on the field to slip up 
              your opponent, or even yourself if you accidentally run into 
              them. Usually, the best place for these is a couple of feet to 
              the left or right of your own goal, which is the most frequent 
              place for shooting - however, they can also be effectively used 
              when backed against a wall to defend yourself against tackles as 
              you attempt a megastrike. Note that these also come in giant 
              size, too.

       Name - Blue Shell
  Frequency - Uncommon
 Multiplies - Yes
Description - Blue Shells have an entirely different function in this game. 
              They do not target your opponents, but instead they'll actually 
              freeze your opponent in their position for about three seconds. 
              When using this item, be cautious, as they can also freeze your 
              own teammates, too.

       Name - Bob-Omb
  Frequency - Common
 Multiplies - Yes
Description - When you get one of these and use it, they will drop over the 
              playing field to somewhere near the location of the ball (they do 
              have a limited distance, though). When they land, they explode 
              with such powerful force that they'll send anybody who was in the 
              landing path flying into the air. Extremely useful to block 
              opponents from reaching you and to stop potential breakaways. 
              Note that these also come in giant size, too.

       Name - Chain Chomp
  Frequency - Rare
Description - The most powerful item in the game, but it's also one of the most 
              unlikely to be found, and can be countered by an experienced 
              player. When used, Chain Chomp will drop down on one of your 
              opponents characters and crush them, then proceed to go after the 
              other three characters until it has crushed them, too. After 
              they're hit they'll sit dazed for a second or two before getting 
              back up again. This puts you in a great position for a breakaway 
              or megastrike. However, Chain Chomp can be countered by moving 
              your players towards the opposition so they are crushed as well 
              while it chases you down.

       Name - Giant Shells
  Frequency - Common
 Multiplies - No
Description - These shells come in any of the aforementioned colors or types, 
              are triple the size, and extremely useful. They can hit three to 
              four people at a time, or even more, if you're lucky. However, 
              these are also extremely unpredictable because they can also hit 
              one of your teammates, and they continue to bounce around even 
              after they've hit people.

       Name - Green Shell
  Frequency - Common
 Multiplies - Yes
Description - The Green Shell is one of the most common items you'll come 
              across in this game. When you throw them, they'll aimlessly 
              bounce around the stadium until they hit somebody or randomly 
              explode. Therefore, they're best used when you're directly behind
              or in front of the opponent that you want to hit.

       Name - Invincibility Star
  Frequency - Rare
Description - As you might imagine, when you use this, your character becomes 
              invincible, so anybody that touches you is knocked aside, and you 
              also gain a bit of speed. It only lasts for a few seconds, but a 
              few seconds is all you need to get your captain to attempt a 
              Megastrike of three or four goals. You can also try for five or 
              six, but odds are you won't get it before losing invincibility 
              and getting hit.

       Name - Mushroom
  Frequency - Common
Description - The Mushroom may at first seem unhelpful, but it really serves 
              many purposes, one of those being the ability to slide 3-4 times 
              faster when combined with a slide tackle. Or when you're able to 
              use it on a breakaway, to speed ahead of the defenders trailing 
              behind you. Otherwise, the effect disappears quickly after only a 
              few seconds, or if you switch characters, making it an item 
              you'll have to use with precise timing.

       Name - Red Shell
  Frequency - Common
 Multiplies - Yes
Description - While they're more uncommon than Green Shells, Red Shells are 
              also much more useful than Green Shells because they actually go 
              after your opponents. These can be used very effectively when 
              you're surrounded with the ball, allowing you to break free and 
              pass/shoot. Occasionally, they might miss hitting their intended 
              target and go after somebody else or even your own teammate, 

       Name - Spiked Shell
  Frequency - Uncommon
 Multiplies - Yes
Description - These shells are the exact same as Green Shells, except when they 
              hit somebody, they continue to bounce around the field until they 
              randomly explode. This can be quite useful for hitting one 
              opponent after another, but also backfire if it bounces off an 
              object of some sort and hits you instead.


                             Section 2E - Stadiums

There are 17 different stadiums in Mario Strikers Charged, a huge upgrade from 
the original, which only featured seven. The newer stadiums also have various 
environmental effects that can change the gameplay in a instant. This section 
is split up into Classic and Charged stadiums.

Charged Stadiums
       Name - The Vice
Description - This is your standard arena with absolutely no quirks to it. A 
              nice tint of green with several dirt cracks cutting through to 
              mark the penalty box and halfway line/circle, and that's about 
              all you'll find here.

       Name - Thunder Island
Description - One of the most dangerous stages in the game, you can be knocked 
              off as a result of being too close to the edge alone. There are 
              various objects that blow across the stage from time to time, 
              including a Cheep-Cheep, a cow, and even a tractor. If they hit 
              you, these items will send you spiraling off the stage. On top of 
              all this, there is a constant wind blowing, which has a powerful 
              effect on ball movement. The wind tends to favor the player 
              behind on the scoreboard. When you're knocked off the stage, your 
              character will only return after about 10-15 seconds.

       Name - The Sand Tomb
Description - On this stage, you essentially have two choices; run at top speed 
              in the middle of the arena where Thwomps crush players 
              frequently, or run slowly on the sides of the arena, where the 
              Thwomps can't reach you. If you're crushed, you'll stay crushed 
              for several seconds until finally your character rejoins the 

       Name - The Classroom
Description - The exact same as The Vice, apart from the fact that there's no 
              audience watching the game, and that it looks different. A fan 
              favorite due to the calmness of the arena, which allows you to 
              focus on playing the game. This is where all Strikers 101 matches
              are played, as is reflected by the name.

       Name - The Lava Pit
Description - Here we have what is considered to be the most havoc-wreaking 
              arena in the game. Random pits of fire pop out of nowhere in 
              random spots throughout the stage, spurting out fireballs that 
              can obstruct your view. If you run into the lava pit, you'll 
              bounce around in pain until you reach solid ground. The ball also 
              bounces off these fire pits as well. Alongside this, you also 
              need to keep an eye out for the frequent flares that slice 
              through the crevices in the arena floor - they'll burn you and 
              you'll lose the ball immediately.

       Name - The Wastelands
Description - This is quite a frustrating arena to play in. The floor is 
              slippery, making it a pain to try and manuever your character to 
              a stationary or slowly moving ball. If you can get over this, you 
              still have to worry about the lightning that will frequently 
              strike the ball and knock out everything  around it. You have a 
              small warning - the lightning will flash twice before actually 
              striking, which gives you a chance to quickly shoot or get the 
              ball away from you. On the third time, the lightning will hit and 
              stop the ball dead. You need to be extremely cautious here.

       Name - Crystal Canyon
Description - This stadium has a very unique twist to it - upon beginning the 
              match, you'll notice that you'll lose one or two players right 
              from the beginning, as they're zapped and simply run away. This 
              also happens between each goal that is scored. This means that 
              you'll require a bit of luck to win here - you'll need to hope to 
              have the right combination of players remaining to suit you.

       Name - The Dump
Description - This stadium lives up to its name, as the floor is composed of 
              some sewage-like substance that drains into the center of the 
              field. This means that here, the ball will come to a dead stop 
              much quicker than it would on a regular playing surface, and you 
              may notice your players slowed down just a bit.

       Name - Stormship Stadium
Description - The camera angles used on this stage definately need some work, 
              as you'll find when the stage tilts from side to side during the 
              match. Based on the scoreline, the tilting of the stadium will 
              favor the losing player, meaning most matches on this stage are 
              bound to be tight. When the stadium is tilted in your favor, 
              you'll be able to run (downhill) much faster than normally, as 
              well as the ball will constantly roll towards your opponent's 
              goal. Be sure to take advantage when the stadium is tilted for 
              you, and when it isn't, try to have at least one teammate back on 
              defense, as it can be a long way up for some of the slower 

       Name - Galactic Stadium
Description - The hardest stadium to unlock has absolutely no quirks to it. How 
              logical. As implied by the name, the arena is found in the middle 
              of space, displayed through an impressive intro at the beginning 
              of matches played here.

Classic Stadiums
       Name - The Palace
Description - This is your standard grassy field with a couple of weak spots 
              here and there in places that the ball is seen frequently. 

       Name - Pipeline Central
Description - This stage is made up of a rough, rocky terrain that crumbles 
              easily as things tend to explode often. The posts and crossbars 
              of the nets are extremely thin pipes that somehow manage to 
              withstand the power of the shots.

       Name - The Underground
Description - Metal flooring? Doesn't look like it. The Underground is a simple 
              stadium that gives you the feeling of street soccer and really 
              doesn't offer much else.

       Name - Konga Coliseum
Description - Uncomfortable, wooden terrain and average-sized nets. This is 
              fairly similar to The Palace in terms of how it's laid out.

       Name - Crater Field
Description - This is the greenest and cleanest of all seven fields - there 
              appears to be no weak spots. The posts of the net are made of a 
              dark substance and they're fairly thick, while the crossbar is 

       Name - The Battle Dome
Description - The nets on this field are the widest and the shortest out of all 
              the classic fields. This makes it easy to score when curving the 
              ball from a distance. As with Pipeline Central, the concrete is 
              constantly crumbling under the force of items. 

       Name - Bowser Stadium
Description - This field doesn't really give off the sense that it's Bowser's
              Stadium, without any form of lava or fiery substance.


                             Section 2F - Gameplay

Being an arcade style soccer game, Super Mario Strikers is extremely easy to 
just pick up and play. In this section, I'll review how the game works and what 
options you have. When you first start up the game, you'll find a simplistic 
menu with the following options available.

Domination Mode
You may be confused at first, but very simply, this is your basic exhibition 
match. Choose your captain, then adjust your sidekicks lineup, choose a 
stadium, and you're ready to go.

Hall Of Fame
The Hall Of Fame menu is where the trophies you've won are displayed, as well 
as player cards obtained by completing the Striker Challenges..

Nintendo Wi-Fi
It's finally here - a great game that utilizes Nintendo's online Wi-Fi 
connection so that you can play friends and random people online. Complete with 
a ranking system and a nearly lag-free environment, this is currently the best 
online game available for Wii right now. Refer to Section 3D for more 
information regarding online play.

In the Options menu, you can tinker with your audio and visual settings.

Strikers 101
If you're a new player to the game or just a veteran looking to freshen up on 
some old material, Strikers 101 offers 10 different challenges that allow you 
to learn the game by playing it. Refer to Section 3C for more information on 
thee ten tutorial challenges.

Striker Challenges
Here you have one of the new modes introduced in Mario Strikers Charged, in 
which you are set up with a challenge, and opponent, your character and team, 
and even the stadium, and you must complete the objective described to you at 
the beginning of the match.

The Cups
Refer to Section 3A for information.


In-Game Play
------------                                          ________________________
During the game, you have a simple screen layout     |DK II 3   2:38   2 II DK|
shown to the right. The two characters names are     |                        |
on the left and right of the screen. Next to their   |                        |
name, you have the items in their possession.        |        The Game        |
The item closest to the time is the next one in      |                        |
line to be used. On the other side of their name,    |                        |
you have their score. In between the two names,      |  The two II's next to  |
you have the time remaining in the game. The rest    |  the name are items.   |
of the screen is simply used for the main gameplay.  |________________________|


                        * Section 3 - Gameplay Modes *

                             Section 3A - The Cups

The Cup Battles are where you will unlock much of the important material that 
there is to unlock, by participating in a league, which then progresses into a 
knockout round. It also where you'll have one of the most frustrating 
experiences, particularly in the Striker Cup. There are awards given for 
winning the tournament, giving up the fewest goals, and scoring the most goals. 
Refer to Section 4B for more information on what you can unlock. 

There are three cups that you must complete, those being the Fire Cup, the 
Crystal Cup, and the Striker Cup. They range from ridiculously easy to nearly 
impossible, and to make things worse, you cannot change teams between Cups, 
unless you don't mind going through the ones you've beaten again. This section 
will walk you through what you should expect to face and how to get through it.

Fire Cup
This is the easiest of all three cups. You should be able to blaze through all 
six league matches with little to no trouble. The only advice I have for you is 
that you score only as much as you're required to win the Golden Foot award - 
there's no point wasting your time on this one. Once you're done, you'll 
progress to the Crystal Cup.

Crystal Cup
While you've (hopefully) been relaxing while completing the previous cup, it is 
here that you'll need to start paying attention. The AI takes a huge leap and 
actually becomes fairly intelligent, preventing you from taking megastrikes and 
forcing you to actually work for the goals. You should still be able to win the 
league and the Golden Foot/Brick Wall awards without too much trouble, possibly 
dropping a game or two here and there.

The knockout round is where things will become difficult. You'll probably be 
able to manage getting through the semifinal and even final rounds, but 
defeating and unlocking the champion, Diddy Kong, can be very frustrating. The 
match takes place in Crystal Canyon, which means that you will lose one or 
two players right from the beginning, and between each goal that is scored. It 
is important to have at least one fast character in order to stop your speedy 
opponent from running lose, therefore you'll need a bit of luck here. 

Diddy Kong will frequently be awarded with his Red Card special ability, 
meaning you must be extremely careful not to give away items unless it is 
entirely necessary. He also uses his megastrike in constant combination with 
this special ability, hiding in the beam that is created, which sucks away all 
players before they can tackle him. His sidekicks aren't usually the source of 
the goals, so if Diddy Kong is one of the players that gets zapped away, make 
sure to take advantage of the situation.

You'll need a bit of luck to get through Diddy Kong because of the stadium the 
match is played in, but once you've won, you'll advance to the Striker Cup.

Striker Cup
Here you have the most challenging and frustrating of the thrree cups. It is 
clearly evident at this point that the AI cheats, or in other words, is given 
several unfair advantages that you are not. These include the ability to power 
up to a white ball within three passes, purple or even red ball going in for 
goals, your goalie making constant mistakes that he generally wouldn't make, 
and so on. It is here that you'll want to throw your controller in frustration, 
so make sure to wear the wriststrap as a precaution.

If you're struggling to get through the league stage, try attempting the Cup 
with several friends. One of the key methods of scoring in this cup is with the 
megastrike, as you're almost always guaranteed a goal as long as you hit the 
green or orange section. However, it isn't very easy to get into an open 
position when you're playing because of the intelligent AI. This is where your 
friends come in. With several humans, you can guard the captain while they 
attempt a megastrike, and it is generally very successful, with the only 
problem being that the computer has items, and uses them.

If you manage to get through the league stage and hopefully secure the two 
awards, you'll be presented with an even tougher challenge in the knockout 
round. If you can somehow get through this stage, you'll progress to the match 
with the champions, Petey Piranha. Unlike the Crystal Cup, this entire team in 
able to score almost at will. Your best bet is to get the first goal of the 
game, and then proceed to camp out in front of your goalie. If you are tackled, 
the ball should roll right back into the goalie's hands and you can repeat this 
process. This is, however, where the luck factor comes in - if the goalie fails 
to pass the ball off properly, you may lose it and surrender an immediate goal.

For those players wishing to attempt to 'fairly' (whatever that means) defeat 
the champion, then the best advice there that can be given is to not over-
commit on offense. It'll help when you score a goal, but it helps even more to 
have an agile player back on defense that is capable of catching up to and 
stopping any opponent character. Also be sure to charge up the ball as far away 
from the defenders as possible, and then either lob or bring the ball up to 
someone else on your team who can score.

If you manage to beat Petey Piranha and win the Striker Cup, congratulations - 
you have achieved what many have simply given up on attempting to do. 


                        Section 3B - Striker Challenges

                               - Coming Soon! -


                           Section 3C - Strikers 101

                               - Coming Soon! -


                           Section 3D - Online Play

                               - Coming Soon! -


                   * Section 4 - Tactics and Unlockables *

                          Section 4A - Tips & Tactics

                               - Coming Soon! -


                            Section 4B - Unlockables

There is a lot to unlock in Super Mario Strikers, and while most of it is done 
by winning Battle Cups, some of it involves the Milestone Trophies. This 
section is split into multiple categories so you can find what you need, and 
data within the categories is listed in alphabetical order.

In-Game Cheats/Modifications
Always Sidekick Skillshot - Beat Striker Challenge #11
Always White Ball - Beat Striker Challenge #10
Classic Mode - Beat Striker Challenge #1
Custom/Infinite Powerups - Beat Striker Challenge #12
Devastating Hits - Beat Striker Challenge #5
Field Tilt - Beat Striker Challenge #9
High Voltage - Beat Striker Challenge #4
No Power-Ups - Beat Striker Challenge #6
Power Shortage - Beat Striker Challenge #8
Safe Megastrike - Beat Striker Challenge #2
Secure Stadiums - Beat Striker Challenge #7
Super Captains - Beat Striker Challenge #3

Unlockable Stadiums
Crystal Canyon - Win the Crystal Cup.
Galactic Stadium - Win the Brick Wall and Golden Foot awards in Striker Cup.
Stormship Stadium - Win the Striker Cup.
The Dump - Win the Brick Wall and Golden Foot awards in Crystal Cup.
The Lava Pit - Win the Fire Cup.
The Wastelands - Win the Brick Wall and the Golden Foot awards in Fire Cup.

Unlockable Characters
Bowser Jr. - Win the Fire Cup.
Diddy Kong - Win the Crystal Cup.
Petey Piranha -	Win the Striker Cup.

Unlockable Character Cards
Bowser Card - Beat Striker Challenge #9
Bowser Jr. Card - Beat Striker Challenge #11
Daisy Card - Beat Striker Challenge #5
Diddy Kong Card - Beat Striker Challenge #12
Donkey Kong Card - Beat Striker Challenge #3
Luigi Card - Beat Striker Challenge #2
Mario Card - Beat Striker Challenge #1
Peach Card - Beat Striker Challenge #4
Petey Piranha Card - Beat Striker Challenge #10
Waluigi Card - Beat Striker Challenge #7
Wario Card - Beat Striker Challenge #6
Yoshi Card - Beat Striker Challenge #8

Unlockable Trophies
Brickwall Trophy - Have the least amount of goals against in any tournament.
Crystal Trophy - Win the Crystal Cup.
Fire Trophy - Win the Fire Cup.
Golden Foot Trophy - Score the most goals in any tournament.
Striker Trophy - Win the Striker Cup.


                    Section 4C - Frequently Asked Questions
  **Note this section will be frequently updated as new questions are added.**

Q: Is Bowser a playable character in this game?
A: Yes, Bowser is finally a playable character, unlike in the previous Mario 
   Strikers game, where he only existed as a distraction.

Q: How many items can be held at a time?
A: Two is the maximium.

Q: What do I need to play online?
A: Either a Nintendo Wi-Fi adapter or a wireless router, an internet 
   connection, and of course, a copy of the game.

Q: How much does online play cost?
A: Nintendo Wi-Fi connection is completely and entirely free. There are no 
   charges of any sort.


                        * Section 5 - Conclusion *

                           Section 5A - Closing

That's about it. You've reached the end of my Mario Strikers Charged FAQ. 
Hopefully you enjoyed reading this, and that it was in some way useful to you. 
I also hope you appreciate this work - it came from hours upon hours of 
typing, playing, and staring at a computer screen to compile this FAQ.


                             Section 5B - Credits

The link itself says it all, my ASCII art for the first page came from here.
It doesn't just come in one font, either - there are many other types as well,
I just chose to use a rather simple one.

**GameFAQs Codes & Cheats**
A good reference for many of the unlockables I was unsure about.

**Jeff 'CJayC' Veasey**
Without him, this FAQ wouldn't exist in the first place. He has the best video
game reference site I've ever found in GameFAQs, and I have nothing but well-
wishes for him in the future.

Why you? Because as the reader, you provide me with a reason to write. What
use would this guide be without people to read it? Thank you.


                            Section 5C - Contacting Me

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? If you have anything to say, you
can email me at bowser194(at)gmail(dot)com. You can also find me on the boards,
but that isn't the best form of communication.

I'm generous enough to give you the privilege of contacting me, so don't abuse 
it. When emailing me, please put Mario Strikers Charged somewhere in the title, 
just so I have an idea of what the email has to do with, and so I don't think 
it's spam. I'll also be quite blunt in terms of friend requests - I have no 
interest in playing you online. The odds are that you will receive a response 
if you followed the above guidelines.

Do not email me asking for permission to host this guide. If you're not on the 
list found in the copyright section, your request will be turned down.

Simple, I hope.


                              Section 5D - Copyright

This FAQ is not to be reproduced, altered, or changed in any way. You cannot do 
anything with this FAQ that will be profitable in any way. It is not to be used 
for promotion or commercial purposes of any kind. It is not to be used in 
published text of any kind. It is not to be used in electronic text of any 
kind. It is not to be distributed in any way. Please comply to all of these 

The only sites allowed to host this FAQ are the following:
   GameFAQs      - http://www.gamefaqs.com 
   Super Cheats  - http://www.supercheats.com
   IGN FAQs      - http://faqs.ign.com
   Gamer Help    - http://www.gamerhelp.com/

If you're not on this list, you are not allowed to host this guide. Don't email 
me asking for permission, as your request will be turned down.

This FAQ can be saved to hard drive. It also can be printed, but for personal
use ONLY. Once it is printed or any part of it is printed, do not do any of
the aforementioned things with it. Remember, plagiarism is not only illegal,
but also stupid, and I'll be able to tell if you've stolen my work from me, so 
don't try it.

If this FAQ is found anywhere other than the sites listed above, please notify 
me. This FAQ is written by and owned by me, bowser194.

Copyright (C) 2007 bowser194

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