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FAQ/Walkthrough by Adam13171717

Updated: 08/18/07

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S T R I K E R S                         C H A R G E D

by Adam13171717

1. Intro
==1a. Legal Stuff
==1b. Version History
2. Characters
==2a. Captains [Balanced, Defensive, Offensive, Playmaker, Power]
==2b. Sidekicks [Balanced, Defensive, Offensive, Playmaker, Power]
3. WiFi
==3a. Getting Started
==3b. Playing Against Others
4. Striker Challenges
5. Other Notes NOT FINISHED
==5a. Choosing Your Characters/Making a Balanced Team
==5b. Tips, Tricks, Skills and Hints

6. Conclusion & Credits


 Hey, and welcome to my first FAQ!

 Ok, so this guide is about the UK's first Wifi supported game on the Wii,
Mario Strikers Charged. First, I'd like to point out that although this is the
sequel to Mario Smash Football/Super Mario Strikers on the Gamecube, it is a
completely different game. Stuff from the old game has been left out
(for instance the super team, and Perfect Passes) while loads of new things
have been put in to this version (Bowser is a playable character, new
sidekicks, different ball e.t.c.). It's really easy to get the hang of, since
all you need is a remote and nunchuk. The controls are pretty much the same
this time around as well, with the exception that Z is lob pass/shot and the
remote has to be shaken to perform the big hit. I will not be covering any of
the Striker Cup in this FAQ, because it is full of randomly generated teams
that are all different, and it would take me AGES. Well, that's it for my
nervous introduction. I hope you like my FAQ and you enjoy reading it!
I am also on the message board every day if someone wants to talk.

1a.==Legal Stuff==

 Basically, anyone and everyone is free to read this FAQ but should not under
any circumstances claim it to be made by them. If you do, I WILL FIND OUT. Do
not put it on your piczo or bebo or myspace or whatever without notifying me
and recieving my permission. This guide may only be printed off for personal
use. Only IGN FAQs can display this guide. Finally, if you send me an e-mail
with some tips on how to make the FAQ better, I will put you in the credits
section if I decide to take the advice. Offensive or irrelevant e-mails will
be filtered to my junk box and deleted immediately.

1b.==Version History==

/02/07/07/ - Finished the intro, legal stuff and started the guide.

/03/07/07/ - Sorted out the weird text, worked on characters section.

/04/07/07/ - Continued and finished captains section, started sidekicks

/05/07/07/ - Lazy day, did nothing on the FAQ. Instead, played MSC ;p

/06/07/07/ - Continued and finished Sidekicks section, completed WiFi section,
started Other Notes section.

/07/07/07/ - Continued Other Notes, added Striker Challenges section

/31/07/07/ - Big break, been very busy. Finally got round to fixing stuff in
the characters section.

/1/08/07/ - Pinch, Punch. Continued with the tips section.

/11/08/07 - FINALLY got round to uploading the nearly finished version.


 Now we reach the bulk of my FAQ, the characters section. MSC offers a much
wider range of characters than its predecessor, which adds a lot more depth
and strategy into the game. The characters come in 2 sections, Captains and
Sidekicks, and 5 different types of player. These are Balanced, Defensive,
Offensive, Playmaker and Power. I'm gonna do a quick review on all of them.
Remember, this is just my opinion. Try and reach your own verdict on whether
you want to use a character or not. This is how I'm going to review each one:
Deke: The type of deke each character has, complete with my own little
nickname ;p
Super Ability (Captains Only): The name and description of each captain's
Super Ability.
Skillshot (Sidekicks Only): The name and description of each sidekicks unique
Tactics: Common use of this character.
What to look out for: What not to let this character do.
Rating: My overall rating out of 10
Notes/Comments: Miscellaneous stuff


 These guys are your team leaders. MSC doesn't have the HUGE amount of random
Mario characters that other games such as Double Dash!! have, so the captains
are pretty much A-list Mario characters.

--Balanced Captains--

 These guys can be counted on to get a job done. They have average everything,
and their Super Abilities involve crushing the opposition into the ground,
similar to the Offensive characters' dekes. Their skills are:

Movement: 6
Shooting: 6
Passing: 6
Defence: 6


 Maz' is obviously the star of the game. Being a Balanced character, he's
pretty good at everything. He is a common choice on WiFi and is often
accompanied by Offensive and Power characters to back up his average shooting.

Deke: Mazza Roll (Mario does a small roll and is able to dodge attacks)
Super Ability: Super Mario (Mario shouts a random Mario phrase and then grows
to an enormous size, crushing everyone)
Tactics: Mario fits pretty well into any of the standard football positions
(defence, midfield, striker)and can help set up for other characters. The
standard strategy is crush everyone with Super Mario and go straight into a
What to look out for: Mario players tend to go super, crush everyone and get a
Megastrike. Use a fast character like Dry Bones to run from the super because
eventually they will stop chasing you and go straight into a Megastrike. He
will shrink as he determines the number of balls to be shot, so hit him then.
Rating: 7/10
Notes/Comments: Mario fits anywhere in a team, but he's not that good in my
books. Monty Mole, DK, Bowser and even other balanced characters can easily
take out Mario with a big hit.


 Luigi, the younger bro of Mario. He's exactly the same as his brother in this
game, right down to the super ability. For some reason, he's not as popular as
Mario on WiFi even though they are exactly the same ability wise. Meh, maybe
it's his music or something......

Deke: Crouch Jump (Luigi sort of sits down and jumps a short distance)
Super Ability: Super Luigi (Luigi says "Luigi man!" and grows to a massive
size just like Mario)
Tactics: Same as Mario.
What to look out for: Same as Mario.
Rating: 7/10
Notes/Comments: Well, he's almost EXACTLY the same as his brother. They could
have at least made him Defensive; his attitude in other games fits the role


 At last, a captain that's a bit different. Yoshi is like the other side of
the Balanced group, with a MUCH better Big Hit and a different Super Ability.
Mario is still more common on WiFi though.

Deke: Flutter Jump (Yoshi hops a short distance forward, but stays in the air
for longer than the Mario bros. do when they use their dekes)
Super Ability: Egg Roll (Yoshi grunts and appears in an egg, which can
controlled. The idea is you roll around to crush your opposition)
Tactics: Yoshi users tend to spam his deke and use the Egg Roll to crush the
What to look out for: Egg Roll is bad. If they use it when Yoshi has the ball,
the ball will become trapped inside the egg which can be frustrating but still
easily countered the same way you can counter the Mario Bros. Super Ability.
Rating: 7.5/10
Notes/Comments: Marginally better than the Mario Bros., but not enough to go
up by a whole mark in my books. A craptacular Super Ability ruins a character
with a lot more potential.

--Defensive Captains--

 Defensive characters are few and far between in strikers, so I recommend
that you use Dry Bones in your team if you don't play as one of these 2
captains. Although they are pretty weak when they have the ball, they are a
great asset to team with low motility/tackling power. Oh, and did I mention
they have the potential to teleport into the goal (see Other Notes for details
on how to do this)??? Their skills are:

Movement: 10
Shooting: 3
Passing: 3
Defence: 10


 Daisy's back in full sporty strikers kit, looking like a supermodel. She's
pretty much the standard Defensive character in the game, with no particular
quirks other than her supreme madness which seems to get worse the more games
she's in. Waluigi is generally used more than her on WiFi.

Deke: White Smoke (Daisy spins round for a split second and disappears,
reappearing a split second later)
Super Ability: Crystal Smash (Daisy crouches down before six spiky "crystals"
pop out of the ground in a hexagon shape around her)
Tactics: I've seen people on WiFi get right near the goalie and then use
Crystal Smash to stun him as well, before taking a little shot.
What to look out for: Be aware that she is very fast and can easily run over
and tackle you to stop you doing a Megastrike even after being hit by an item.
Use a power character to frequently knock her into the fence. Don't let her
near your goalie if she has Crystal Smash and also don't let her get the ball
if it's white, above all.
Rating: 6/10
Notes/Comments: Daisy's pretty cool, but is obsolete when compared to Wally.
If you have a choice, go with the bony one.


 And here he is, the man himself. He's quite rare on WiFi which is surprising
since a lot of people think he is the best captain because of the ability. I
always dread playing a Waluigi player, because they'll either be total rubbish
or unstoppable. His Super Ability is great as well, if a little tricky to get
the hang of.

Deke: Vanish (Wally grabs the ball and disappears in a cloud of purple smoke,
shouting "Hello!" or "Bu-Bye!")
Super Ability: Wall-Luigi (Waluigi leaves a trail of purple vines behind him
wherever he runs. He also runs faster while doing it as well)
Tactics: Players try to box themselves into a corner using Wall-Luigi and then
perform and Megastrike. Wally's opponents can only watch him charge up the
ball, and just using Megashakedown to try and get him off the orange area
(which is almost as big as Bowser's green and orange areas put together).
What to look out for: Never tackle anyone on Waluigi's team unless they have
the ball, because you don't want to give them Wall-Luigi. Like with Daisy,
don't let him get a white ball.
Rating: 8/10
Notes/Comments: Wally would be perfect if it wasn't for the fact that Wall-
Luigi doesn't last long enough and that his normal shots are useless. Some
don't even reach the goal, for goodness sake! Oh, and don't try passing with
him on The Dump, because the combined mud and terrible passing skills that he
naturally has sometimes cause the ball to go a few metres and then stop.

--Offensive Captains--

 Offensive Captains are my personal favourites. They are the opposite
of Defensive players, having trouble getting the ball but being extremely hard
to top once they have it, with great passing and shooting. Their dekes involve
slamming themselves into the ground. Their skills are:

Movement: 3
Shooting: 10
Passing: 10
Defence: 3


 Wario is a great character. His shots are strong, his deke is very useful and
his Super Ability is pretty good as well! He is quite common on WiFi.

Deke: Butt Smash (Wario leaps in the air, yells "Butt Smash!" and comes
crashing down with a large damage area)
Super Ability: Gas Mask (Wario says "pull my finger..." and releases a green
cloud of fart gas. Any other players running into it yell things in disgust
such as "Eugh, Wario!" and run around randomly. When controlled, the movement
of these players is messed up. When he has no more "fart power" left, Wario
shouts "Juicy!!!")
Tactics: A lot of players use Gas Mask as an advantage to go straight into a
Megastrike. Since it mucks up the controls of the opponent, it is confusing to
try and stop the strike.
What to look out for: Gas Mask is annoying, but you can tackle through it to
reach Wario. Sometimes they will just release it as a trump card (no pun
intended) to try and confuse your players. Beware of Butt Smash, it is a bit
of a nuisance.
Rating: 7/10
Notes/Comments. Again, a great character ruined by minor things. His original
mark was 8, but then I played as him and realised his ability really isn't
that good, since you can just tackle through it.

_Bowser Jr._

 This is your other option for an Offensive captain, and my personal
favourite! I use him on WiFi whenever I go on, but have only seen him used by
my opponent a few times.

Deke: Shell Smash (Jr. jumps in the air and crashes down, shell first)
Super Ability: Sonic Roar (Jr. screams in a high pitched voice and lets out
a "ray" of greenish... noise I guess. Any other players caught in the green
ray are shrunken to a miniature size, having all their abilities lowered to 3)
Tactics: Pass the ball back and forth to get it to white, and shoot. Jr. can
score with an uncharged ball though, folks! I've done it myself! Also, try
making a shot at the goalie and having it bounce off him back to a character
like Monty Mole, who can then just shoot freely.
What to look out for: Sonic Roar is extremely annoying and is often a saviour
in sudden death. In my opinion its in the top 5 abilities because it does make
it a lot easier to score and also a lot harder to defend for them.
Rating: 9/10
Notes/Comments: Jr.'s great in my books. His main problem is a terrible slide
tackle (though it does have a wider area than Wario's).

Jr. is unlocked by beating the Fire Cup

--Playmaker Captains---

 Playmakers... not sure what to say about them. Well, they're the only type of
player that I don't use in my team, because I don't find very much use for
them. Yes they can move, but they can't get the ball. Yes they can pass, but
in a 2 on 2 in Crystal Canyon they can't shoot to save their lives. I guess
the only good thing going for them is the jump the goalie and teleport tricks
(see the Other Notes section for info on this). Oh, and I guess they're pretty
good at setting up as well. Their skills are:

Movement: 10
Shooting: 3
Passing: 10
Defence: 3


 Princess Peach, constantly kidnapped maiden of the Mushroom Kingdom, is known
for that pink dress and long blonde hair. Well, how do you think my older
cousin reacted when he heard that she's in a Mario game wearing a bikini,
shinpads and trainers? Controversy on Peach's outfit aside, she's not a
personal favourite of mine. She's not very common on WiFi and her jumping deke
doesn't seem as good as the other Playmakers' ones.

Deke: Jump (Peach grunts and jumps up in the air. You can jump the goalie if
done correctly)
Super Ability: Freeze Frame (similar to Thunder Wham, Peach jumps up
shouting "Say cheese...." or "Princess Peach!!!" and cameras surround her,
flashing. Any opponents caught in the damage area are trapped for a while in
grey snapshots on the field)
Tactics: Like Bowser Jr., several Peach players on WiFi pass the ball between
herself and another character with good passing. Normally, it's a Hammer Bro,
but it can be done with several other characters.
What to look out for: The passing is annoying. She can also pass when she uses
her deke. Steal the ball and shoot yourself and stay away from her when she
has Freeze Frame. Rating: 5.5/10
Notes/Comments: Peach isn't my favourite captain, as I said. She has no
particularly good strategies and needs a lot of luck to get a Megastrike.

_Diddy Kong_

 Diddy is much better than peach. His jump is better because he is smaller and
more agile, he has an almost flawless Super Ability. Oh yeah, he's not very
common on WiFi.

Deke: Monkey Jump (Diddy jumps up and flips. It can be used to jump the goalie)
Super Ability: Red Card (Diddy screeches in monkey language and points to the
player nearest him. A tractor beam appears, lifting anyone who steps in it out
of the match apart from Diddy himself)
Tactics: Making charged shots on the goal and trying to get Red Card is a
common tactic, as is jump the goalie. An uncommon (but I find it extremely
effective) tactic is using Red Card to get a Megastrike chance. See Other
Notes for details.
What to look out for: Said tactic is countered by stealing the ball and
forcing Diddy to use Red Card prematurely. Jump the goalie is common with him.
Rating: 7.5/10
Notes/Comments: Diddy is probably the best Playmaker. If Red Card only sucked
up the opposing team, he would be extremely overused I guess!

Diddy Kong is unlocked by beating the Crystal Cup

--Power Captains---

 The last category of captains, the Power clan. These guys are an odd mix.
They can't move much, yet they still seem to be great at getting the ball,
since their tackles and dekes make up for it. After getting the ball, there's
not much else for them to do but shoot. They can't pass very well, but I
suppose you can get a rally going if you pass to someone close to you. They
are probably the most common captain type I see on WiFi. Their skills are:

Movement: 3
Shooting: 10
Passing: 3
Defence: 10


 Donkey Kong, in other words. Personally, I really hate DK. He's very overused
on WiFi, but I can't understand why. He's quite cheap and I don't find his
Super Ability very useful. Boy I'm gonna get some stick for that......

Deke: Chest Smash (DK pounds his chest, hurting anyone who comes near him)
Super Ability: Thunder Wham (DK smashes his fists into the ground, causing a
huge shockwave knocking a lot of players into the fence)
Pros: Fast deke, good normal shooting.
Cons: Never in the right place, bad ability IMHO, large body size and easy to
Tactics: Most DK players use Thunder Wham to try and create a MegaStrike
What to look out for: Thunder Wham looks like a covers a huge area, but the
reality is that it doesn't hit you if you are just on the outskirts of it.
Still, try and force DK to use it before getting a Megastrike, like with Diddy
Rating: 5/10
Notes/Comments: As you may have guessed, I'm not very keen on DK. Sure he's
powerful, but he's one of those characters that you don't have any skill to
find. When the package is that pretty, nobody care's what's inside. What is
inside is a very cheap character with an overrated ability.

 Bowser is your other Power captain not available from the start. I like him
better than DK. His Super Ability is either really good or really bad
depending on how it's used. I've only seen him used a few times on WiFi. For
those interested in the "changing size" argument, he is about a foot or 2
taller than Mario.

Deke: Withdraw (Bowser does an evil chuckle and withdraws into his shell,
sliding slightly in the direction you pressed on the control pad. Other
players then bounce off the shell)
Super Ability: Fire Storm (Bowser breathes fire, which makes players run
around panicking if they are hit. They can run into the electric fence and
cannot be controlled manually. If Kritter is hit, his hands will be on fire as
if he was hit by Toad's Fire Meteor)
Tactics: Here's where it gets technical. IF you manage to hit all the players
on the opposition's team, you are practically invincible until they cool down.
What to look out for: Fire Storm is quite slow, but still try and avoid it.
Bowser is becoming more popular on WiFi now for some reason and I think it is
because people have discovered the Flamethrower with Fire Storm (see Other
Rating: 7.5/10
Notes/Comments: I like Bowser as a captain. Personally, I haven't had much
experience with him, but the Bowser I played on WiFi was very good and I had a
tough time playing them. If you use him, use his strengths to your advantage.


 Petey Piranha, a random boss from Super Mario Sunshine has joined the
Strikers line-up. I'm not really sure why he's here, but I can understand that
he's in quite a few Mario games nowadays and has become a half A-lister I
guess. Anyway, Petey is pretty cool but has several flaws. Most people
think "Why play as Petey when Bowser/DK are a few inches away?" I happen to be
one of these people. I've only played a Petey player a few times on Wifi.

Deke: Head Rattle (Petey bangs his head back and forth very quickly, hurting
anyone who comes near him)
Super Ability: Mud Slinger (Petey spits out the mud from SMS. If it hits a
player directly as it is coming out of his mouth, it acts as a tackle.
Otherwise, players move slower while running on the mud)
Tactics: Most Petey players will either spam the head rattle or use Mud Sling
to take out the other players and create a Megastrike chance.
What to look out for: Mud Slinger can hit you as you run toward him. Be
careful when running on it because it slows you down terribly, though you can
still tackle at normal speed. Also, watch out for Head Rattle spammers.
Rating: 7/10
Notes/Comments: Mud Slinger comes in handy sometimes, and overall he's a
pretty solid choice.

==2b. Sidekicks==
 These guys make up the rest of your team. They don't have Megastrikes or
Super Abilities, but instead they have Skillshots which are activated in the
same way the Captain activates a Megastrike (hold down B). The Sidekicks too
are split up into Balanced, Defensive, Offensive, Playmaker and Power. You can
modify your team to have 3 of the same sidekick, or 3 completely different

--Balanced Sidekicks---

 Like the Balanced captains, these guys fit anywhere on the field and have
pretty good Skillshots. Their dekes are pretty decent as well. They are
probably the least common of the sidekicks on WiFi.


 Koopa Troopa, one of the returning sidekicks from the previous game, has not
changed at all. He's still balanced, his deke is the same and he still makes
weird popping noises. The only thing that has changed is the inclusion of
Shell Smash.

Deke: Shell Spin (Koopa gets in his shell and does a little spin in the
direction desired)
Skillshot: Shell Smash (Koopa launches a giant metal shell straight at
Kritter, stunning him)
Tactics: Often, the best thing to do with Koopa is look for a Shell Smash
chance. But since he fits in anywhere he can do a lot of other things. He can
rally with Jr., warm up the ball for Birdo or simply knock the ball into the
goal after a particularly powerful shot from Monty Mole knocked the keeper
What to look out for: The Skillshot is, quite frankly, amazing. Do not let
Koopa charge the ball!!
Rating: 8.5/10
Notes/Comments: Koopa is probably my second or third favourite sidekick. An
amazing Skillshot which can set up endless possibilities for teammates.

~Shy Guy~

 The other Balanced sidekick, Shy Guy is that shady enemy from the Yoshi
games. He wasn't in the last game and therefore is sorta like the one that
everyone wants to try out. Personally, I prefer Koopa but hey, that's just me.

Deke: Shy Jump (Shy Guy does a small jump while grunting, very similar to
Yoshi's flutter jump)
Skillshot: Bullet Bill Blast (Shy Guy pulls a Bullet Bill from the ground and
rides it towards Kritter. If someone stands in front of Shy Guy as he's
pulling the BB from the ground, it explodes on the spot)
Tactics: Most Shy Guy players use Bullet Bill Blast to the max. Shy Guy and
the BB explode when they hit Kritter, and the blast area is much larger than
it looks. Everyone in that area gets knocked down including Kritter and Shy
Guy, but Shy Guy gets up faster than everyone else and has a chance at
knocking the ball into the goal.
What to look out for: Have one of your players stationed near the goal when
Shy Guy is riding towards it, then run in and steal the ball after the
explosion. Also, stand in front of the bullet as it is coming out of the
ground to stop it.
Rating: 5/10
Notes/Comments: Shy Guy's not great. If you want to use a Balanced sidekick,
go with Koopa. His deke is faster, and his Skillshot (though still risky) has
a lesser chance of backfiring

--Defensive Sidekicks---

 Well, there's only one Defensive sidekick in this game. Therefore, he tends
to be the most popular on WiFi. He has the shooting of a Power/Offensive
character with Shocker and has the movement equal to Daisy. His name is...

~Dry Bones~

 So, as I said above, he's your only Defensive player apart from the two
captains. Obviously his passing and shooting are pretty rubbish, but lob
passing works fine as you often get free items and Shocker gives you a great
scoring chance.

Deke: Teleport (Dry Bones does a small roll forward and disappears,
reappearing wherever the human player directed the deke)
Skillshot: Shocker (Dry Bones somehow electrifies the ball and shoots it hard
at Kritter. If it hits him, he becomes electrified)
Tactics: Most Dry Bones players will either teleport into the net OR use
Shocker to electrify Kritter. After the ball has hit Kritter, it bounces
straight back to Dry Bones 95% of the time, giving him a great scoring chance.
What to look out for: Everything really. There's also a tactic I use on WiFi
that isn't very common and often people find it hard to counter. I call it
Chip & Run (see Other Notes section for info on how to do this) and the only
way to counter is to tackle - hard.
Rating: 8.5/10
Notes/Comments: As you can see, I really think a lot of Dry Bones. I highly
recommend you use a Dry Bones in your team.

--Offensive Sidekicks---

 There's only one Offensive Sidekick in this game, and that's the Hammer Bro.
He's not my favourite but still pretty good. Actually, he's very good as long
as you aren't spamming. He's pretty common on WiFi, but not as common as Dry

~Hammer Bro~

 Hammer Bro, Hammer Bro, Hammer Bro. The centre of the spamming situation and
one of the characters that is often regarded as cheap. He is a great asset to
your team if you use him correctly, but it's hard to resist the temptation of

Deke: Hammer Smash (Hammer Bro gets out a hammer and slams it into the ground)
Skillshot: Hammer Throw (Hammer Bro jumps up in the air and throws hammers at
Kritter before kicking the ball)
Tactics: Several Hammer Bro players will try Hammer Spamming. This is
basically spamming the deke over and over again. It's quite easy to counter
though and you should be on the look out for other tactics, such as the
oppurtunitist Hammer Bro, looking for a chance to score with the Skillshot.
What to look out for: Hammer Spamming may be annoying but it is easily
countered if you have good predictability skills. Don't let him use Hammer
Throw either.
Rating: 8/10
Notes/Comments: Hammer Bro is really good if you use him right, but most
people opt for the "easy" way of using him which is the Hammer Spammer. Don't
get sucked in and use him as a striker and setup player and you have a neat
little player who can get right on everyone's nerves.

--Playmaker Sidekicks---

 The Playmaker sidekicks are quite famous for being able to score, but not by
shooting. Their normal shots are weak and both their Skillshots suck (with the
exception that Boo's is good if he's virtually on the "Penalty Box"). However,
they can still score by using their dekes and movement as their biggest
weapons. They are both pretty common on WiFi.


 Boo is another newcomer who is quite different from the rest of the
Playmakers. His deke is the core of his difference, being that he does not

Deke: Short Teleport (Boo, disappears and reappears, going the same distance
as a Defensive character teleporting with a purple ball. He does it much
faster however, but has to recharge after)
Skillshot: Possess (Boo disappears and launches the ball at Kritter. The idea
is that he goes through him, but this is unlikely.
Tactics: Teleporting into the goal works well with Boo (see Other Notes). The
Skillshot is pretty bad unless you are close to the keeper.
What to look out for: Look out for Boo players running around and dodging
attacks, chances are they will teleport past the keeper.
Rating: 7/10
Notes/Comments: I do like Boo. He's not as terrible as everyone will tell you!
He has his flaws, but if you use him as an annoyer rather than an outright
defender/attacker you will find that you can score lots of goals by just
teleporting the keeper.


 The Playmaker returning from the old game, Toad hasn't changed much. He's
still small, he's still annoying and he's still a great passer. The
differences are that he now has a Skillshot (albeit a useless one) and he is
the most commonly used "jump the goalie" player.

Deke: Shroom Jump (Toad jumps in the air and does a back flip. You can jump
the goalie if timed correctly)
Skillshot: Fire Meteor (Toad launches the ball at Kritter, but it leaves a
trail of fire in its wake. When Kritter saves it, his hands catch fire. He
cannot pick up the ball with his hands on fire, but can still save shots as
per normal)
Tactics: Most Toaders will know that all the shots at their disposal are
useless, so they will nearly always use Toad as either a setup player or a
jump the goalie player. ALWAYS assume it's a jump the goalie Toad.
What to look out for: The reason to assume it's jump the goalie toad is
because it's much more dangerous than setup toad. He's not really that fast.
Tackle him with Power characters.
Rating: 5/10
Notes/Comments: Almost. No. Scoring. Chance. At. All.

--Power Sidekicks---

 The last category out of all the characters in MSC, the Power sidekicks. Like
the Power captains, their dekes are defensive manoeuvres and they have some of
the hardest tackles ever, as well as amazing shooting. Their passing leaves
something to be desired, but they still have great potential in a team. They
are pretty common on WiFi.


 Birdo, the last of the returning sidekicks from MSF is a gender-confused
powerhouse. She carries the ball in her mouth and her Extreme Egg has a good
potential for scoring.

Deke: Spin Dry (Birdo spins round with the ball. Any players caught in the
spinning motion are damaged)
Skillshot: Extreme Egg (Birdo shoots a giant egg at the goalie. It will always
crush him and go into the goal)
Tactics: Birdo is pretty good anywhere on the field, but obviously her
strengths lie in shooting and curling the ball. If there's nobody standing in
front of you, let off an Extreme Egg.
What to look out for: Extreme Egg, really. If you are at a distance where you
cannot tackle her in time, just stand a few metres in front of her to block
the egg OR stand in front of the goalie.
Rating: 7/10
Notes/Comments: Birdo can be a great asset for your team, but she's unreliable
and never seems to be where you want her to be.

~Monty Mole~

 The last sidekick I'm covering and also my personal favourite, Monty is
another great Power character to be. His Skillshot is FANTASTIC when you can
get the right distance away from Kritter and his tackling is legendary.

Deke: Dig (Monty goes underground and pops up again, hurting anyone in the
Skillshot: Dirt Drill (Monty goes underground and pops up again nearer the
net, knocking the ball off of his head)
Tactics: I use a Monty Mole quite often, and I tend to team him up with Jr. as
a shooting combo. More on that in the Other Notes section. Dirt Drill is best
used at around... halfway between the edge of the pitch and the halfway line?
Around there anyway, you will knock Kritter back before you knock the ball off
your head.
What to look out for: Hmm, the deke is pretty slow and easy to counter, but
you have to be careful not to be hit by Monty's return shot.
Rating: 8.5/10
Notes/Comments: Monty can be a priceless member of your team once you really
get him, but since it's really hard to actually play as him at the beginning
you may want to try using him once you understand the game more. Dirt Drill is
a great starting move, though.

==3. WiFi==

 So, as I said in the Intro, MSC is the UK's first Wii title that supports
WiFi. It's lucky it does as well, because it takes multiplayer into a whole
new level. Before I go any further, I just want to say that there is no point
reading this section unless you have or are going to get a router that
supports Nintendo WFC. If you don't have WiFi, I recommend you get it; it's
much easier to set up on the Wii than it is on the DS and it's a better
graphical experience too!

==3a. Getting Started==

 Ok, so when you first log in there will be 4 options. These are:

Friendly - This is a match against one of your registered friends.

Friend Roster - This is a list of all your registered friends.

Ranked - This is a random match against someone... I think just in Britain,
but I'm not sure.

Leaderboard - This is where you go to check the daily rankings. It shows the
wins and losses out of you and your registered friends and also the people
closest to you in ranking.

 I think the most popular choice is probably Ranked, because several people
don't have any Wii friend codes. I always go on Ranked because you get more
variety of match difficulty there.

==3b. Playing Against Others==

 This section is about actually having a match against others. Skip to the
Other Notes section for some tips on winning matches.

~Your Record~

  This is the thing that says W - L - and Pts. Obviously they aren't blank,
they give you a number for each one based on your wins, losses, goals scored
e.t.c. When you win a match, you go up by one in your W column. When you lose
a match, you get an extra point in your L column. The tricky part is the Pts
column. When you win a match, you get 10 points in this column, plus one point
each according to how many goals you scored in the match (10 points maximum).
When you lose a match, you get 1 point in this column. You still get points
for the number of goals you scored. Your overall rank is determined by how
many points you have. For example, Dave has 20 wins, 3 losses and 250 points.
Jack has 4 wins and 134 losses (unlikely, but go with me). He scored a lot of
goals in all his matches however and therefore has 378 points. Jack's rank
would be higher than Dave's, even though he lost a lot more matches.

~Connection Quality~

 This is explained in the MSC booklet, but I'll quickly skim over it in a bit
more detail here.

* - This is the lowest connection you can have. Gameplay is slow and the match
is sort of shown in several different frames. It's complicated to keep up, let
alone defend and shoot. I normally reject these connections.

** - 2 stars means a slightly better connection. The gameplay is still slow
but you can enjoy the match. Megastrikes often go funny on this level. I
usually accept these connections.

*** - This is pretty good. You can enjoy your game without much pausing to
catch up. Megastrikes usually work, but sometimes even though you press A on
the ball the game will not register it and the opposition will get a free
goal. Avoid letting them get Megastrikes! I always accept this connection,
unless I have to go or something.

**** - This is the best connection you can get. The gameplay is pretty much
the same as it would be if you were playing a computer.  I always accept these
connections as well.

4. Striker Challenges==

 This is the other 1 player mode available. I'll be looking at the teams given
to you and sort of analysing them so that you get an idea of what makes a good
team and what doesn't. I'll also give you a quick guide on each challenge.


Skill Level: Novice
Team: Mario, Toad, Boo, Monty Mole
Rating: 7.5/10

 Your aim is to beat DK in a sudden death match. This is very easy since DK is
on a very low level and you have Monty Mole. Overall, this isn't a
particularly bad team but lacks balance. You don't really have much of a
chance of scoring without Monty Mole unless you get lucky Toad and Boo's dekes
or get a Megastrike. Still, this is a very easy challenge which shouldn't be
hard at all. DK's team is made up of Birdo, Hammer Bro and Toad. It's a pretty
good team, but since DK's on such a low level it's barely worth mentioning.


Skill Level: Novice
Team: Luigi, Koopa, Koopa
Rating: N/A

 Again, this is a very easy challenge. I can't give this team a rating because
there are only 3 members. Anyway, this challenge requires you to beat Mario in
1 minute when you are 2 goals down. Just pass to Luigi and get a Megastrike.
Mario's team can't defend all that well, so this should be easy. His team is
Monty Mole, Toad and Dry Bones. If the missing member is another Koopa, then
it's one of the All Balanced teams I mentioned earlier. I don't like these
teams because they lack variety, but hey, it's your call.


Skill Level: Professional
Team: DK, Boo, Toad, Toad
Rating: 4/10

 You are down by 3 goals and have 2:45 to score at least 4 goals against
Petey. Not really diffucult, but it becomes instantly harder when combined
with the pathetic team you are laden with! There's no point trying to shoot
with anyone but DK, you will just have to use the Playmaker's dekes to try and
get you through. That's not even the worst thing; Petey's team consists of a
Monty Mole, Birdo and Dry Bones, all of which have good scoring potential.
Lucky they're just on Professional level, isn't it!


Skill Level: Professional
Team: Peach, Boo, Shy Guy, Koopa
Rating: 4/10

 You are against Daisy and her team of Birdo, Shy Guy and Dry bones trying to
score 5 goals more than her. What is it about this game that it wants to give
you rubbish teams? Peach's team has no good shooters, so you will have to rely
on decent items and Megastrikes. Daisy's team however is good at defending and
also has some potential to score with Birdo. Definitely the hardest challenge
yet, but still not terribly hard.


Skill Level: Superstar
Team: Daisy, Koopa, Toad, Hammer Bro
Rating: 7/10

 For once, the game actually gave you an OK team! The object of this challenge
is to beat Waluigi and his team of Monty Mole, Birdo and Hammer Bro without
conceding a goal. This is hard because all of Waluigi's sidekicks have
brilliant shooting. While your team is more balanced, his focuses on pure
power and his team members will often tackle you and shoot, regardless of the
colour of the ball. Their main downfall is that they will often pass the ball
to Waluigi, who will then shoot and nearly always miss since he has rubbish
shooting. I still think Peach's is harder, but you need your wits about you
with this one.


Skill Level: Superstar
Team: Wario, Dry Bones, Birdo, Toad
Ratiing: 8/10
 This is a good, balanced team. Pass to Wario or Birdo to shoot while trying
to get lucky with Dry Bones' Shocker. Try and keep Dry Bones in defence for
your tackling purposes. Your opponent is Diddy Kong, and he has a team of
Hammer Bro, Koopa and Monty. This is an easy match because the challenge is
that you're goalie is stunned easily. Both times I did this match they had
several shots and the goalie was not stunned that badly. Just to be safe,
don't let them take many shots at your goal and focus your attention on

7. 3 GOALS AWAY! (Waluigi)

Skill Level: Superstar
Team: Waluigi, Boo, Boo, Monty Mole
Rating: 6/10

 We're back to the mediocre teams now. You are against Luigi and his 2 Dry
Bones with Monty Mole bringing up the rear. The objective here is to win by at
least 3 goals. It's pretty hard, but easy when compared to the other "SCORE
THIS MANY GOALS" challenges. Go for a Wall-Luigi and get a Megastrike. Watch
out for the annoying tackling of Luigi's Dry Bones'.

8. SO FAR BEHIND... (Yoshi)

Skill Level: Legend
Team: Yoshi, Hammer Bro, Hammer Bro, Koopa
Rating: 6.5/10

 A good team for scoring, but not very balanced unfortunately. You are against
Wario and his team of 3 Dry Bones'. Wario has scored 5 goals and you need to
score 5, bringing the total up to 6 goals required to beat Wario. His team is
pretty unbalanced but it was made I expect because the Dry Bones' are all
excellent tacklers. Anyway, you have a good chance of winning if you manage to
crush everyone with Egg Roll and then get a good Megastrike. Also try the
Hammer Bros. Skillshots and shooting from the halfway line with Yoshi and
Koopa. Luckily, you get good items at the start but as the match evens out you
will find you get normal items.


Skill Level: Legend
Team: Bowser, Dry Bones, Boo, Koopa
Rating: 7/10

 An ok team, the object here is to beat Peach and her Birdo, Toad and Monty
Mole without conceding a goal. Pretty straightforward, but harder than
Daisy's. Use Fire Storm to create a Megastrike chance but watch out for Freeze
Frame and Peach's "Wings of Love" Megastrike.

10. TAG TEAM TUSSLE! (Petey)

Skill Level: Legend
Team: Petey, Monty Mole
Rating: N/A

 This is so easy. Basically, you have to beat DK and his Toad. The idea is
that you have both lost players and are only left with your most trusted
sidekick. Anyway, this will probably be a lot of players' first experience
with Petey (it was mine), so have fun experimenting with his ability and deke.
When you're done having fun, just shoot because both your players have
excellent shooting. Try not to let DK's Toad get the ball, it may jump the

11. AGAINST ALL ODDS! (Bowser Jr.)

Skill Level: Megastriker
Team: Jr., Hammer Bro, Koopa, Dry Bones
Rating: 8/10

 Finally, a pretty good team! Ok, the idea is Jr. was found cheating with
power-ups in his semi-final match and now he cannot get any, but his opponent
Bowser still can. This means Bowser and his team of Toads are free to use
dirty tactics. It may seem easy at first, but the Toads are EVERYWHERE and are
not afraid to bash you with their heads. They don't waste items either. I
regret to admit it, but Hammer Spamming can be your friend here. Even so, it
has it's flaws and the Toads are skilled at stopping it. Try and score with
normal shots from Jr or Hammer Bro and go for Skillshots with all your team
members, since they are all very good. Play this match like Brazil would play
Portugal in the World Cup.

12. LUCKY SEVEN! (Diddy Kong)

Skill Level: Megastriker
Team: Diddy Kong, Dry Bones, Shy Guy, Dry Bones
Rating: 5/10

 The hardest challenge, and they give you a TERRIBLE team for scoring! Not
only that, Yoshi's team is made up of Birdo, Monty and Koopa! The aim of this
challenge is to score at least 7 goals and also beat Yoshi. This is extremely
hard because nobody in your team is great at scoring. I've played this
challenge a few times and every time I've won it I've used this strategy.
First, let Yoshi get a Megastrike (preferably 5 balls) and don't save any of
them. Now every time you release a charged shot you should get Red Card or a
star. Personally, I use the "standing in the spotlight" tactic (see Other
Notes) now, but it's your call. Remember to defend like crazy if you opt for
this tactic. If you don't opt for it, I recommend teleporting with Dry Bones
and shooting with Shy Guy, and you could also try jumping the goalie with

==5. Other Notes==

 Here are some random bits of info that you may find useful. I made this
section to try and help you start the game as well as prepare you against the
many, many, MANY cheaters (in some way) out there on WiFi.

--5a. Choosing Your Characters/Making a Balanced Team---

 Nice long title.

 Basically, you want to create a team that has a little bit of everything.
It's no good have Jr. as your captain with a whole team of Hammer Bros, just
like it's no good having Waluigi as your captain with a whole team of Dry
Bones accompanying him. The only (possible) exception to this rule is having a
Balanced captain and a whole team of Koopa/Shy Guy, because that can sometimes
pay off.
 Firstly, when it comes to choosing your captain, go with your instinct! If
you wanna pick Peach, go with Peach! Just be aware of their strengths and
weaknesses before you start making the rest of your team. Here's a
quick "chart" showing the opposite players.

        Offensive                       Defensive

        Playmaker                       Power

        Balanced                        Nothing

 So, if your captain is Petey, you might want to have a Playmaker in your team
just to even things out. Of course some power characters move fast when they
sort of walk by tackling and yeah a couple of playmakers do have decent big
hits when combined with their movement, but overall you want to even things
out by using lots of different types in your team.

==5b. Tips, Tricks, Skills and Hints==

 Another long title. Basically, this section is all about giving you some tips
on how to win the match and how to have fun playing. First, I'll cover general
hints, and then I'll move on to more individual tips.

--Jumping the Goalie----

 This can only be done with 3 playmaker characters. These are Peach, Diddy
Kong and Toad. Boo has a different jump the goalie technique (see below). This
move is about using these characters' dekes just when Kritter is about to dive
for you. I normally use Toad for this because he's the smallest, but I see no
problems with using the other 2.
 To start off, you have to have the ball before using the deke. I know that's
just common knowledge, but sometimes after tackling someone into the electric
fence, I've assumed that I've picked up the ball and assumed that my character
has it. Next, you have to be able to dodge the opposition. Items work wonders
here. Finally, get close to Kritter. DO NOT JUMP IMMEDIATELY, he will simply
shove you away when you are above him. You want to jump around when you see
him about to dive for you. What should happen is you jump just as Kritter
falls on the floor. You can then just run into the goal with the ball, or
shoot to be on the safe side. It takes a bit of practice, but keep with it if
you want to be able to jump the goalie; it can really save your butt in a
 Oh yeah, Kritter will sometimes dive for you and miss you when you jump, but
he will actually grab the ball. Be careful of this. Also, if you stand in
front of him waiting for him to dive for you, he may not dive for you. He will
probably do the roundhouse kick and knock you halfway down the pitch.

--Teleporting into the Net----

 This particular trick is the Defensive characters' speciality. We know that
their normal shots are rubbish, right? And that they have to charge for a
reasonably long time before doing their Megastrikes/Skillshot, right? Well,
they have another option for getting the ball into the net; using their dekes
to teleport there!
 Firstly, the teleport will only go the distance that corresponds to the
current colour of the ball. The ball will automatically be reset to purple
after using on of these dekes. When the ball is Purple, the teleport only goes
a very short distance, similar to that of Boo's special teleport. When it is
red, there is a big change in distance. It's double what it was before. It is
still very hard to get into the net with the ball this colour, however. Orange
is a good colour, going further still. Yellow goes about the same distance, a
little bit longer. These are the colours I normally end up teleporting with
because White goes away. White is the best colour for teleporting. You can go
across nearly half the pitch.
 It's best to teleport into the goal on a line. The best "line" is probably
the one from the very middle of the goal running down the pitch. Try
teleporting when you are on this "line".
 For practice, do Petey's Striker Challenge to unlock the cheat for domination
mode "Always White Ball". Now when you teleport the ball will stay white,
meaning you can keep practising without having to charge it.


 This does not just apply to the Hammer Bro's deke (though that is the most
commonly used). This can apply to all the characters' dekes. I've been on WiFi
a fair few times and I had one match where the guy playing was spamming
EVERYTHING. He was spamming Toad and Peach's jumps, Dry Bones' teleport and I
think the Hammer Smash but that I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, it's pretty easy to
just find yourself spamming a random move without even realising it. Don't get
sucked in! SPAMMING DOESN'T WORK! Most people on WiFi are very good at
defending against spammers, since it is a very predictable tactic. Take the
HB, for instance. There is a short delay when he jumps off the hammer he's
just thrown and cannot get another one right away. Get a Defensive character
to run near the Hammer Bro to get the other player to do Hammer Smash, then
just run near him when it's finished and tackle - HARD.

--Item Use----

 If you have 3 red shells, SAVE THEM. Then, when you get a Megastrike and you
see someone coming for you, use the shells. They will knock out that person
and also 2 other characters from the opposing team.
 Use freeze shells carefully because they can hit you as well. Use them when
the opposition has the ball and your characters are all on the floor or
 Bananas are useful for creating a "wall" between you and your opponents. Put
them in between 2 of your opponents to muck up their passing.
 Chain chomps should be used when your opponent is further away from you. If
the are too near then you will get crushed as well.
 Mushrooms should be used on slow characters to create more scoring chance and
on fast characters to make a very fast player that can tackle and defend with
 Stars don't last very long, so you will only be able to get a 4 (if you're
lucky, 5) ball Megastrike with the star still activated. If you are just one
goal behind, you might want to use it on your Hammer Bro or Dry Bones because
of their great Skillshots.

--The Starting Comeback---

 This trick is easy to get the hang of. It helps a lot when you have just
conceded a goal and are looking for a quick way to come back. It works with
any combination of players, but this is the best combination:



   Playmaker/Offensive                Offensive/Playmaker [C]



 Firstly, pass the ball from your captain to either the back, left wing or
right wing player, whichever one has good passing. Now, charge the ball a bit
with this player and you can do one of two things. You can pass to another
team-mate, have them charge it a bit and then pass to your Power player, or
simply pass it straight to the Power player. When the Power player gets it,
just shoot. The ball should be white and you've just made a 25 - 50% chance of
scoring. Well done! The Power player can be substituted with Offensive.
Obviously it helps to have Offensives/Playmakers passing because they have
great passes, but it can be done with Balanced characters and since it's short
range Defensive and Power characters may do ok, but stick to the plan above
for the best comeback.

~Individual Tactics~

 Here are some tactics that can only be done with a few characters. Some are
harder than others, so I added a difficulty rating out of 5, 1 meaning you
could do it in your sleep, 5 being nearly impossible.

--Chip & Run----

Done with: Waluigi, Daisy, Dry Bones
Difficulty: **

 This is a neat little trick for scoring a few quick unexpected goals.
Basically, it involves chipping the ball with a defensive character.
Personally I prefer using Dry Bones. First, pass the ball to your defensive
character of choice. Then, have them run to one of the sidelines. Now, make
them run down the sideline toward the opposition's goal and tap Z. If the ball
was purple, it should make the ball red or orange. When you catch up to the
ball, tap Z again to get the colour up. Now, when you reach the corner of the
pitch and Kritter is facing you (leaving the front of the goal open),you're
your teleporting DIRECTLY DOWNWARDS. You should now be in front of the goal.
You can now just run into the net or simply do a short kick. It's easiest to
do with a yellow ball, since white often makes you go too far, but it can be
done with orange quite easily and red isn't that hard either. The problems
arise when a Dry Bones from the opposing side starts following you, or a
playmaker for that matter. Usually you can outrun them and since the deke is
fast it normally works, but sometimes they are too quick. Watch out for power
characters tackling as well, though they are not usually too much of a
problem. Anyway, this has helped me a lot on WiFi and I thank the players who
did it before me who showed me what to do.

--Boo's Disappearing Acts----

Done with: Boo
Difficulty: **** (teleport) *** (Skillshot)

 This bit's all about Boo and his special tricks which he can use to score. As
we know, Boo's normal shots are rubbish and you need a lot of luck to get one
in, even with a white ball. Because of this, I normally see Boo users
(sometimes including myself) teleporting past the goalie using their deke.
I've never really got the hang of this (I can do it, but not every time). I
have seen some players on WiFi who can do it nearly every time they hover up
to the goalie, and it's SO FRUSTATING knowing that they will score that way.
Since Boo is quite hard to catch and tackle, it can be a very reliable way of
scoring. But I'm rambling, and I haven't told you how it's done yet.
 All you do is hover up to Kritter and deke past him. Simple, yes? Well, no.
Although it sounds easy, it's a lot harder than it seems. Kritter will often
turn around and kick you out of the way (sometimes kicking the ball into the
net, but that's like a 5% chance), or you will teleport too soon and will
simply hit his body, in which case you will be automatically tackled. Anyway,
practise helps here and if you can master this technique it can be very
helpful against opponents.
 The other easier way of scoring with Boo is his seemingly useless Skillshot.
Though it seems like you are just shooting the ball at high power, Boo is
encasing it inside his body and disappearing, reappearing a second later. If
you can get close enough to Kritter, you can pass through him. The distance
however can vary and it's not that reliable since the distance where the ball
and Boo are not there is very small. I find it helps to have a white/yellow
ball before charging the shot.

--Monty Mole's Dodging Deke---

Done with: Monty Mole
Difficulty: Trick 1 ** Trick 2 *** Trick 3 ***** Trick 4 **

 In MSC, Monty Mole seems equal too, if not less important than, the popular
Birdo. They are both Power sidekicks, yet the majority of players on WiFi opt
for Birdo because she is probably easier to use. What they don't know,
however, is that there are a few tricks up Monty's sleeve that can come in
very handy at certain times.

1. The Item Dodge

 Ok, so this trick is all about dodging all kinds of different items. This can
also be done with the Hammer Bro's deke, but I find it easier with Monty's
deke. All you have to do is press the control pad when you see an item coming
for you. Simple as that. I've used it against all kinds of shells. You can
confuse foes that have a Mushroom or Star activated by going underground as
they come for you. Oh yeah, and perhaps my best example of how fun this trick
can be is dodging Chain Chomps. If you keep using it, the chomp will get very
confused and will just be running over bare ground, where you were a second
ago. Of course, this trick (as are all these tricks) is dependant on whether
or not Monty has the ball, but that isn't too much of a problem since you can
just pass to him.

2. Electrifying the Goalie

 This trick can only be done on The Wastelands stadium. While it is dependant
on the environment, it does pay off. On The Wastelands, you occasionally get 3
bolts of lightning striking the slippery pitch. The first is in a random
place, and so is the second, but the third aims for the ball and the area
surrounding it. When Kritter is holding the ball, or when he is within range
of the ball, he will be electrified as if Dry Bones' Shocker hit him if he is
struck by the lightning. What you can do with Monty Mole is get him
electrified when he isn't holding it, and you won't have a scratch on you!
Basically, when you see the sky turn grey and if you have the ball, pass to
Monty Mole and hope he is up front (which he should be), next to the goalie.
By now the first strike should have happened. When the second strike happens,
use the deke in the pause between the second and third strikes. Preferably,
you should use it around the middle of this pause, though you can give or take
a bit of time and it shouldn't be too difficult. Anyway, if you timed it
right, the lightning will strike where you went underground and will hit in
the area around you (which should include the goalie), but you will not get
hit! Instead, you will just pop up back from the underground. Now, you can
just shoot. Also, try using the trick to create space to charge up a shot or
do his Skillshot (from the right distance).

 Try dodging the lightning that strikes the ship on Stormship Stadium as well.

3. Hurting Kritter

 Before I start on this, let me just say that this trick is quite hard to do
and not useful that often, though it feels great when you do it and there are
times when this trick comes in handy. Also, since it is quite impressive it
will aggravate your opponents. Basically, you run at Kritter with the ball
and, when he is about to grab it off you, DIVE UNDERGOUND. What should have
happened is that Kritter is on the floor, but then you pop up again and send
him flying. Now you just have to catch the ball and shoot. The timing is hard
and you only have a few milliseconds in which to do it (I did it by fluke the
first time), but it is a very unique trick (one which I have never seen done
by anyone on WiFi before) that can sometimes be useful. It is hard though, and
if you can't do it don't worry because as I said it's rarely useful for
winning purposes and only useful for showing off purposes (though showing off
can be fun).

4. Thrown to the Goal

 I found this trick when I was practising the hurting Kritter trick. It's not
hard to activate, it's just luck whether or not it happens. Anyway, run toward
Kritter with Monty and use the deke. You might do the hurting Kritter trick,
or he might reach underground and start fumbling. A second later, you (along
with the ball) will be pulled out of the ground, and thrown away. However,
what sometimes happens is that Kritter will throw you and, more importantly,
the ball into the goal. Sometimes you will hit the fence but the ball will hit
the bar and it will count as a goal. This trick is one of those tricks that
will have your opponents saying "WHAT?!?!" It is based around luck where
Kritter throws you, but to help the odds never deke unless you are in
the "penalty box" area of the goal.

--Crystal Take-Out---

Done with: Daisy
Difficulty: **

 Use this for QUICK GOALS ONLY. Don't build your strategy around this since
not only does it require you to have Daisy as your captain, but it also
requires luck with items. This is a trick that can be done when Daisy gets her
Super Ability, Crystal Smash. Walk quite far up to Kritter and shoot. What
should happen is that he will catch the ball and jump back a step, holding it.
Now, use Crystal Smash. What should have happened is that Kritter becomes
stunned and he drops the ball. The ball should fall into the middle of the 6
jagged rocks, directly where Daisy is standing. Now, press B and you should
jump in the air and header it into the goal while Kritter gets up, looking
bewildered. It's not hard but requires you to have your Super Ability. For
practise, get the Super Captains cheat (from DK's Striker Challenge, I think)
to make sure you only get the Super Ability.

--Konfusing Kritter--

Done with: Toad
Difficulty: ****

 This is quite a confusing trick, so I'll cut the intro and skip to the main
part. Toad's Fire Meteor is useless, right? But it doesn't take as long to
charge as some of the other characters' Skillshots. This is because it's weak.
However, there is something you can do with this rubbish Skillshot, and that
is confuse the goalie. Basically, it's done by constantly shooting Fire Meteor
at Kritter, constantly setting his hands alight and eventually confusing him
(making him lay on the floor, groaning). You know how shooting several
powerful shots on Kritter eventually knock him back? Well it's the same kind
of system but somehow it can confuse him as well. You might be able to do it
with powerful shots as well, but I don't think you can. Nevertheless, this
trick can be useful for scoring but generally is hard to do since you need a
lot of opportunity and is quite slow. Chances are you will score before you
confuse him anyway.

--Standing in the Spotlight----

Done with: Diddy Kong
Difficulty: *

 A very easy trick, based on luck like Daisy's Super Ability trick but quite a
bit easier to pull off once you have the Super Ability. To get it, make
several charged shots at the goal or just do lob passes and have the opponent
tackle you so you win items. Anyway, once you have it, run into a corner in
the opponents half and use it. Now, stand in the middle of the tractor beam.
If an opponent tries to tackle you, it's impossible for them to get to you!
Charge a Megastrike and pray that you get lucky with that as well. They can
still hit you with items, but the easy way to avoid that is to make sure they
don't have any when you initiate the trick (though if they have bananas or a
mushroom don't worry because they can't hit you with those unless they have
very precise placing with 5 bananas).

--Burn, Baby, Burn!---

Done with: Bowser
Difficulty: ***

 This is the "flamethrower" trick I mentioned earlier. It's very easy to do
and often useful, but it does depend on the other team entirely. Well, the
other team's positions. Basically, when you get Fire Storm, hold down the c
button to launch a continuous jet of flame. Spinning round while doing this
gives a flame wheel effect. You may hit all the other team's players, or you
may hit several of your own. Either way it's a risky strategy that sometimes
comes in useful, especially when you are crowded.

==6. Conclusion & Credits==

 Well, this is it. I hope you found my guide a bit useful. My email is currently
working.Adam-1317@hotmail.com is my email,So I will put it on here once I get
it working again. Thanks to
Nintendo and Next Level Games for making the game and thanks to the people on
Gamefaqs who let me do this guide. Cya!

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