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FAQ/Walkthrough by gamecube master

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 08/10/07

Mario Strikers Charged! FAQ 
Copyright 2007-2008 Brian Gaffey
Author: Brian Gaffey (gamecube master) E-mail: gcubeking@gmail.com
Most Recent Update: August 10th, 2007
Version: 2.0
Table of Contents:
1. Disclaimer 				[MSC 1]
2. Arenas     				[MSC 2]
3a. Captains  				[MSC 3a]
3b. Sidekicks				[MSC 3b]	
4. Controls				[MSC 4]
5. Tips & Tricks			[MSC 5]
6. Items				[MSC 6]
7. Tournaments				[MSC 7]
8. Strikers 101				[MSC 8]
9. Hidden Characters			[MSC 9]
10. Locked Arenas			[MSC 10]
11. Striker Challenges			[MSC 11]
12. Hall of Fame		 	[MSC 12]
12a. Cheats				[MSC 12a]
13. Online Play				[MSC 13]
14. Special Thanks			[MSC 14]

All striker challenges done along with cheats save for Yoshi.
Boo-urns is the stratagy of using Boo to teleport into the goal.
Striker Cup coming next update sometime on the 18th or 19th

Super Strikes and Mega Strikes are the same thing, please dont email me about
the proper name I knwo it but I like typing Super Strikes mores.  If its
that Annoying I'll fix any I find in later revisions.

Tournament walkthroughs will come tomorrow or next update along with some more
Striker Challenges, The Hall of Fame, and a Cheats Section.

1. Disclaimer	[MSC 1]
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without  advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is stictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright. If you find any mistakes please email them to me so 
they can be corrected.

This guide contains spoilers (Hidden Arenas and Characters) they are in a
special section but here is a warning anyways. 

Sites that can host my guide:

1. Stadiums	[MSC 2]

Bowser Stadium

A blue stadium that flys around in Space at high velocities, and is owned by

The Battle Dome

A stadium that is located deep within Bowser's Castle.  It is made completly
of metal.

Konga Coliseum

This stadium actually is wooden. It's located somewhere in the jungle.

A wooden stadium located deep within the Jungle.  Which Jungle?  No one knows...

Crater Field

A grassy stadium that is built within a giant crater on Yoshi's home Island.

The Palace

A stadium that is contained within a Palace, very basic.

Pipeline Central

A stadium in the sky that was built for Mario and Luigi.

The Underground

A stadium underground built byWario and Waluigi.  It is grassy and has a lot of

The Vice

A bare field that lacks anything unique,  the ground is cracked about.

Thunder Island

An island in the middle of a vast sea, it has rough/mountainous terrain.  There
is no electric fence so you can fall into the ocean.  Because of strong winds
the ball can move without anyone touching it and cheep cheeps and cows can be
blown accross the field.

Sand Tomb

A field filled with sand built strangly in the middle of a desert.  The field
is split into two seperate areas each with its own strength and weaknesses. The
middle of the stadium is solid ground allowing a normal running speed but you 
can be crushed by Thwomps.  If you go around the middle you will enter the sand.
The sand makes you run slower but it lacks the thwomps.

The Classroom

A very basic arena with no hazards in it at all.  It is used for practice in
Strikers 101.


Poor: 1-2
Below Average: 3-4
Average: 5
Above Average: 6-8
Excellent: 9-10


They are balanced stat wise.  They can do everything decently great for filling
in any team's weak spot be it offensive deffensive or inbetweensive.


These guys cna make the plays!  They can get out the X's and O's and draw all 
sorts of crazy diagrams that no one can figure out what they mean!  In actuality
they are the speedy players.  They can run and pass like the wind and make for
a great forward to bring the ball into enemy territory and then pass the ball
for a one-timer!  But in the end isn't that what a true playmaker does?


These are the players on the roids.  Just look how angry they are, serious case
of roid rage.  They can shatter bones and electrify enimies with one solid push
into the fence!  They move slow (who needs speed when you can kill those in 
your way?) and are total ball hogs with poor passing skillz.  Use these guys 
with some playmakers to make a formitable team!


A good defense is a wall or something like that.  Having a strong defense is 
the name of the game really.  Have a good defense and those playmakers and
power houses wont know what to do!  USe them to save your goalie from a 
strenuous game of diving to save every other ball (he wont catch them all 


They play offense; they score.  They are what you get when a playmaker and a
power are thrown into a blender and one type comes out.  They can pass and shoot
they are as they say a renonsance man.

Captains	[MSC 3a]
Type: Balanced
Speed: Above Average
Shooting: Above Average
Passing: Above Average
Defence: Above Average

Super Power: SUPER MARIO! Become giant sized and gain the ability to crush
opponents.  The giant Mario can be very helpful for super Strikes just crush
everyone then go for the strike.

Weaknesses:  Slide tackle him to take him down!  A Mega Strike will also
Shrink him.


Type: Play maker
Speed: Excellent
Shooting: Below Average
Passing: Excellent
Defence: Below Average

Deke: Jump

Super Power: FREEZE FRAME!  Freeze all surrounding Characters for a few seconds
Freeze before attempting a Super Strike it will stop most attacks on you.

Weaknesses:  Just watch out for her Freeze attack, if you have a fast character
once she gets the power up run away with said Character, then after she has used
the power tackle her so that she'll lose any advantage that she would gain.


Type: Power
Speed: Below Average
Shooting: Excellent
Passing: Below Average
Defence: Excellent

Deke: Pound chest knocking away all those who touch his mighty pecks

Super Power: THUNDER WHAM!  Causes a shockwave to go out around DK which pushes
away anyone fool nearby.  If you knock away enough go into a super strike.

Weaknesses:  Just run away while he is in the air, then tackle him so that the
others can get back close to him.


Type: Defensive
Speed: Excellent
Shooting: Below Average
Passing: Below Average
Defence: Excllent

Deke: Teleport

Super Power:  WALL-LUIGI (Its a pun lolz)!  Create walls whereever you go, use
it to trap opponents.  While they are trapped go for the strike!

Weaknesses:  He lacks them mostly, just get a fast character and then RUN FOREST
RUn! and get into his fort of walls and attack him before he can finish the 


Type: Balance
Speed: Above Average
Shooting: Above Average
Passing: Above Average
Defence: Above Average

Super Power:  SUPER LUIGI! Become giant sized and gain the ability to crush
opponents.  The giant Mario can be very helpful for super Strikes just crush
everyone then go for the strike.

Weaknesses:  Slide tackle him to take him down!  A Mega Strike will also
Shrink him.


Type: Offensive
Speed: Below Average
Shooting: Excellent
Passing: Excellent
Defence: Below Average

Deke: Ground Pound

Super Ability:  Gas Mask!  He farts, which messes up the controls of anyone
caught within the toxic gas.


Type: Power
Speed: Below Average
Shooting: Excellent
Passing: Below Average
Defence: Excellent

Deke: Hide in Shell, stun anyone who touches the shell (its a spikey shell)

Super Power:  FIRE STORM!  Unleash Bowser's powerfull firebreath upon the weak!
It even affects the goalie!  It lites the people on fire and makes them run 
around in a panic (fools should Stop Drop and Roll not run around). Once you're
master of your domain (fire breathing) just attack the goalie so he can only

Weakness:  Attack his weakpoint for massive damage!  His weakpoint is in the 
back he will turn around so use it to stop him from burninating the goalie.


Type: Balanced
Speed: Above Average
Shooting: Above Average
Passing: Above Average
Defence: Above Average

Super Power:  Egg Roll (yummy)! Hops into his trademark egg and rolls around the
field crushing all who oppose the mighty dinosaur.  If you hit B you break out
of the egg.  Just crush all who oppose you near the goal, and unleash your 

Weakness:  Just run, run like the dikens and you wont be crushed.


Type: Defensive
Speed: Excellent
Shooting: Excellent
Passing: Below Average
Defence: Excellent

Deke: Teleport

Super Power:  Crystal Smash!- Cause massive crystals to pop up from the ground
to stab (ok just push away) nearby players.  Use this to clear the immediate
area for a Strike!

Weakness:  Just run away, before you get hit.  


The Sidekicks are back and more powerful than ever.  Although they cannot use 
the OMFG Mega Strikes, they can pack a punch.  You can also now pick and choose
sidekicks to make your team the best of the best.

Koopa Troopa:

Type: Balance
Speed: Above Average
Shooting: Above average
Passing: Above Average
Defence: Above Average

Skillshot:  Hulk Smash err...I mean Shell Smash! Send a giant metal koopa shell
at the goalie, stunning him in place!

Tatics: Crush and shoot, sounds very good.

Weakness:  Just run out of his shell's way and hes a pushover just tackle him.


Type: Playmaker
Speed: Excellent
Shooting: Below Average
Passing: Excellent
Defence: Below average

Deke: Jump

Skillshot:  Fire Meteor!  Send  a gaint ball of fire at the goalie.  If hit he
burns his hands rendering him unable to catch balls only rebound them.

Tatics: Burn the hands, then shoot shoot shoot!

Weakness:  Steal the ball/tackle before he fires the ball off.

Dry Bones:

Type: Defensive
Speed: Excellent
Shooting: Below Average
Passing: Below Average
Defence: Excellent

Deke: Teleport

Skillshot:  Shocker!  Electrify the ball and zap th goalie into a coma leaving 
an open goal.  Then the ball rolls back with next-gen backspin giving him a 
free shot.

Tatics:  Shock those in your path then go for the goal with the 2nd shot

Weakness:  You can tackle him while the ball comes back.  DO that is probably
the best thing you can do.


Type: Playmaker
Speed: Excellent
Shooting: Below Average
Passing: Excellent
Defence:  Below Average

Deke: Quick Teleport (limited use)

Skillshot:  ???( I call it OMG I CAN'T SEE HIM!1!)  Turn invisible and run 
through stuff, including the goalie.  Works best if you're close to the goalie
go through him then quickly shoot the ball and score

Weakness:  The chance of getting through the goalie then scoring fst enough
is miniscule not worth it really, but if you can pull it off ^5.


Type: Power
Speed: Below Average
Shooting:  Excellent
Passing: Below Average
Defence: Excellent

Deke:  Spin attack, knocks down those surrounding it

Skillshot:  X-treme Egg-  An unstoppable egg is sent flying at poor Mr. Goalie
knocking him down and scorring instantly.  (Eggtreme enough for you?)

Weakness:  Egg can be stopped by anyone but th goalie standing in front of it
so stand in front of it.

Hammer Bros.:

Type:  Offensive
Speed: Below Average
Shooting:  Excellent
Passing:  Excellent
Defence:  Below Average

Deke: Slame Hammer into ground, stunning all those who oppose it

Skillshot: Jump in air, and block out the sun with your rain of Hammers, then
your team shall score in the darkness.  ( Throw a buncha hammers then shoot 
ball, instant score)  Use the skill shot after your Deke for a more or less
a gaurenteed goal.

Weakness: Just before he lands form his slam attack unleash a tackle on him and
you should make it out fine before the waves.

Monty Mole:

Type: Power
Speed: Below Average
Shooting: Excellent
Passing: Below Average
Defence: Excellent

Deke:  Burrow underground, pop up and knockdown the person you pop up under.

Skillshot:  Dirt Drill- Dig underground and form a tunnel leading to the goalie
then pop up and shoot.  Cna knock out goalie if close enough.
Burrow and pop up and then smack talk your friend who just got knocked 
out?  Honestly I got nothing.

Weakness:  You cna ounch yoru friend for making fun of your team?  No weakness
really, but theres no strategy to give a weakness so it sind of a moot point.

Shy Guy:

Type: Balanced
Speed: Above Average
Shooting: Above Average
Passing: Above Average
Defence: Above Average

Skillshot:  Bullet Bill Blast- A Bullet Bill appears and Shy Guy rides it to the
goal.  You can only stop the bullet before shy guy gets on otherwise its 
indestructable.  Once it hits the goal it stuns everyone including himself, but
shy guy gets up quicker than the goalie or others so you might still score.

Tatic:  Blow up the goal then use Shy Guy if you wanna wait, or run a speedster
to the goal and pick up the ball and score before anyone gets up.

Weakness:  Blow up the bomb early, or use a fast character and steal the ball 
before Shy Guy Wakes up.

Controls		[MSC 4]


Control Stick: Move
D-Pad: Skill (Deke, defensive move whatever you wanna call it)
A: Pass
B: Shoot Hold to use Strike/charge
1: Pause
Nunchuck: Move to switch item
C: Use Item
Z: Chip Ball
Z+A: Lob pass
Z+B: Lob Shot


Wiimote: Shake to hit opponent
Control Stick: Move
D-pad Slide tackle
A: Switch player
1: Pause
Nunchuck: move to switch items, shake opponent Mega Strike
C: Items


Wiimote: Point to block ball in Super Strike
Control Stick: Move
A: Pass, during Super Strike: Defend
B: Shoot
This is the bulk of the guide. The opponets wont be listed because they most 
likly will be in a different order depending on who you picked.

Tips & Tricks		[MSC 5]

Intercepting a Pass:

Slide tackle into the ball, you know control the ball!

Intercept a Lob:

Run to the Circle that appears then press A first to intercept and pass or B
to intercept and Shoot.


Press A to pass the ball then while the ball is traveling hit B to shoot the 
ball as soon as the receiver gets it.  This can be done with lobs too.  Makes
scoring a little easier as it confuses the Goalie.


Charge the ball then press A in the middle of the charge to pass and preform
a fake out.  If you hit B before the receiver gets the ball you will preform
a one-timer.


To make the game appear to be in Slow motion just charge the ball then do a

Slam Dunk:

Take a character whose Skill is Jump.  When the goalie is about to attack you
jump then shoot the ball in midair and score above the goalie's head.

Charge the ball, then pass to a defensive player.  USe their Skill and teleport
ahead, if done right you'll end up in the goal and with a quick shot you'll 

Items		[MSC 6]
Bananas:  Banana peels appear, they come in 1, 3 or 5.  They cause your 
opponent to slip and fall.  They are randomly shot out when used.

Green Shells:  Three Green shells fly straight ahead and bounce on the walls.
They break uon contact with a player.  Giant Shells do no break upon player

Red Shells:  Like Mario Kart they hunt down close members and knock them down.
There are giant Red Shells as well.

Blue Shells:  Blue Shells are sent out like Green Shells but upon contact they
freeze the player.  Useful for  setting up charge shots and mega Strikes. Gaint
Shells of Blue Exist as well.

Spikey Shells:  Green shells with spikes, enough said, gaint availble etc.

Mushroom:  Makes you grow large and get faster.

Star:  Makes you invincible.  Use it set up combos works great with Super 

Bob-ombs:  Bombs fall from the sky, get stuck then blow up.  Giant ones make
bigger explosions.

Chain Chomp:  A chain comp appears and takes down everyone on the opposing team.
Very rare, only appears if you are getting skooled.

Super Skill:  Item in the shape of the captain's face allows them to use their
super Skill.

Tournaments: 			[MSC 7]

Fire Cup

Firecup Qualifying Rules: Four Teams, Play each team twice, Top two teams
advance to elimination round.

View the Schedule to see who you're playing and when, and cup stats to see how
the other teams have done.

Since it is hard to give a walkthrough with the game randomized.. I'll try my 
best. Listed is each Character their team and any tips I have after beating 


Captain: Wario		Sidekicks: Boo, Toad, Dry Bones

I found that using Dry Bone's Shock attack worked well against the goalie, and
if shot from just over the center line it would go right above the goalie.
Use items to protect and use Megastrikes.


Captain: Yoshi		Sidekicks: Dry Bones, Toad, Shy Guy

The Hammer trick as always will work decenty againt the computer.  The electric
ball thatDry Bones has is aso effective.  Be sure to watch out for Shy Guy's
bullet ride!


Captain: Bowser		Sidekicks:  Boo, Hammer Bros, Monty Mole
His team is power heavy but slow, use this to your advantage.  Use one timers
and pass quickly and use white charged shots to gain the victory!

Bowser Jr.

Captain: Bowser Jr.	Sidekicks:   Monty Moles, Koopa, Dry Bones

He is very tough being the champion and all.  He is very VERY aggresive never
letting you charge p shts or use megastrikes.  Use one timers and items to gain 
some time to charge up shots or megastrikes.  Use the Hammer spam to keep his
Sidekicks at bay while you unleash the Hammer Rain.  The 2nd time you fight him
he is even more agresive and will constantly attack you with tackles, the fence,
and items. This challenge is  a series of 3, so you'll need two wins to beat 
the Fire cup.

Congrats You've now unlocked Bowser jr. as a captain and the Lava Pit Level.
If you earned the two Trophies, (Brick wall,limited goals allowed, and the 
Golden Foot, many goals scored) congrats you've also unlocked the Wastelands!

Crystal Cup	


Captain:  DK		Sidekicks:Dry Bones, Shy Guy, Monty Mole

The match is played at the Dump.  DK has a lot fo power so do anything to 
stop him from getting the ball, even if it means giving him items by tackleing
him when he doesn't have the ball.  All his team mates will pass the ball to
him mostly.  If he charges a megastrike and no one is near shake the nunchuck 
like hell and you'll screw up his megastirke hopefully allowing you to block
all the balls.

Bowser Jr.

Captain: Bowser Jr.	Sidekicks: Hammer Bros. Hammer Bros. Shy Guy

The match is played at the wastelands. His goalie is very good at stoping
megastrikes so its up to you if you want to use them.  Be careful of the
lightning here remember the 1st two are warnign and the 3rd the real deal,
use this to your advantage let him have the ball during lightning or shoot
the ball so his goalie is holding the ball when the 3rd strike comes.
His goalie will be knocked out for 15 seconds, ample time to just do a quick 
shot into the goal! 


Captain: Mario		Sidekicks: Birdo, Monty Mole, Dry Bones

The field is pipeline central.   Mario is ultra violent.  He will
tackle you relentlessly so use the items you get to your advantage use them
to use skillshots and megastrikes.  Keep the ball away from him at all costs 
as he will score if you don't have a dtrong defense.  Watch out for Birdo's 
egg, stop him ro stand in front of it, cause its an instant goal if not stopped.


Captain: Peach		Sidekicks: Monty Mole, Toad, Shy Guy

The field is the Lava Pit.  USe the lava that spits up to your advantage. Get
behind it and usleash megastrikes or a skillshot.  Dry bones and Hammer Bros.
work well for skillshots behind the lava.  Just keep on her with tackles, and
use items to your advantage and especially the lava, and you'll walk out
a winner.


Captain: Waluigi	Sidekicks: Birdo, Boo, Shy Guy

The Field is The Sand Tomb.  Keep the ball from them.  Birdo cna one shot
the goal and score easily.  Follow Waluigi like a hound, especially if he has
Wall-uigi dont let him incase himself and unleash a megastrike.  With a little
luck and good timing/items you can win it!

The Dump is unlocked when you get the Golden Foot and Brick Wall awards.

Diddy Kong

Captain: Diddy Kong	Sidekicks: Hammer Bros, Shy Guy, Dry Bones

The big daddy, and man is this match tough.  This is a best of 3 series so
even if you lose a match don't fret you just have to win the rest.  Diddy's
ability the Red Card is a pain and he knows how to use it.  Especially since
you're at the Crystal field which removes players to being with, this means
you might not have any players at all, and he will use a 6 ball megastrike.
Shake the nunchuck like mad and hope your awesome at Megasaves.  Make sure
you do not under any circumstance give him any items, cause he will get good
items and not bananas.  Use skill shots like the Hammer Rain, Egg-streme shot,
and the electriball to get some goals.  This match is the hardest yet and if you
lose you have to re-play the whole tournament so stay calm, Don't Panic!, and
just try your best.

Strikers 101			[MSC 8]
Learn the basics and how to play well!


	      The Basics

Objective:  Score a goal and win the Game
Initial Time: 1:00
Initial Score: 0-0

Shouldn't be hard.  Jsut use one of the techniques listed in Tips an Tricks.
To make this really easy simple just use Kooper's deke.  Run near the goalie,
hit left teleport and quickly hit B easy Score.  The Minute flys by, anyways
and Sudden Death is here if you can't do it within a minute.


	  Charge that Ball!

Objective: Charge the Ball and Win the Game
Initial Time: 1:00
Initial Score: 0-0

You don't actually need to chage the ball but you are allowed to now so it is
easy than last time.  Just do like you did last time with either Toad and his
"Slam Dunk" shot or Koopa and his teleport and score.  Another real easy 


	      Mega Saves!

Objective: Stop Enough Balls to win the game!
Initial Time: 0:20
Initial Score: 12-0

This one may take a try or two before you beat it but thats ok the more practice
the better!  Depending on how well DK times his shot anywhere from 3 to 6 balls
can come flying at you at various speeds.  Then they will stop and you have to 
point and hit A and the ball will blow up.  Anny you don't blow up score.  If
you manage to stop all the shots you will hold the ball for a fw seconds then
throw the ball all the way down the field this allows him less time to shoot
and makes the challenge that much easier.



Objective: You trail 0-12, Come back to win!
Initial Time: 0:20
Initial Score: 0-12

This should be reall simple.  Run to the middle of Bowser's part of the field
then charge the ball, hit B when you hit the "6" section then hit B again
when at the green marker.  The Number tells you how many Balls and the color
tells how fast they fly.  You should have plenty of time to get at least 12
goals to put it into sudden death if you don't win it!


		Hammer Bros.
	    Sidekick Skillshots!

Objective: Win the Game by using Skillshots!
Initial Time: 0:45
Initial Score: 0-02

This shoudl be simple if you use Hammer Bros.'s Hammers of fury.  Run up to the
green square but not close enough to be hit by the goalie, then charge up 
unleash the rain of hammers and score three times to win, no sweat.


	  Skllshot Sequel!

Objective: Win the Game by using Skillshots!
Initial Time: 1:00
Initial Score: 0-2

Monty mole can get a little annoying but thats it.  Just use his deke to turn
invisble then cahrge a shot and fly to the goal and score three times. It takes
a few seconds to get comfortable with Boo so it might take a 2nd try.


	  Super Mario Time!

Objective: Win the Game and use your Super Ability!
Initial Time: 1:00
Initial Score: 0-2

Spam C and while Huge trample all over little Luigi.  The charge up a 
MegaStrike and score up to 6 times with that.  All there is to it easy easy.


	  Bring the Thunder!

Objective: Win the Game and use your super Ability!
Initial Time: 1:00
Initial Score: 0-2

Just hit C when DK is near Wario (you don't need to be controling DK to do it),
it will push Wario away and stun him then score twice or use a MegaStrike or 
however it pleases you to score.  Be forewarned his shockwaves hurt your
team-mates as well.



Objective: UNleash some Power-ups and Win the Game!
Initial Time: 2:00
Initial Score: 0-0

You don't need items to win, and you only get the items if Bowser or his team
hits you a lot or you hit a fence etc.  You don't really need them his team 
is a push over just use the tatics that they've trained you in through the
past 8 101 lessons and you'll be fine.


	    Win the Game!

Objective: Win the Game
Initial Time: 3:00
Initial Score: 0-0

Its just your team against Bowser's team in a real match.  All normal rules
Apply and you just have to do your best to win. Remember the training lessons
you have done and you'll win this one no problemo.

Hidden Characters	[MSC 9]

Bowser Jr.:

Type: Offensive
Speed: Below Average
Shooting: Excellent
Passing: Excellent
Defence: Below Average

Skill: Ground Pound

Super Skill: Sonic RAWR I mean ROAR!- Bowser Jr. roars, making sound shockwaves
that move in a straight path shrinking all those who stand in it's path.  Use
the shrinking skill to slow down opponents and then use your Super Strike.

Weakness:  His skill only makes you small and slower, jsut get out the way or
just be prepared to deal with the slowness, not that bad really.

Unlock:  Defeat him in the Fire Cup.

Diddy Kong:

Type: Playmaker
Speed: Excellent
Shooting: Below Average
Passing: Excellent
Defence: Below Average

Skill: Jump

Super Skill: RED CARD! (OH SNAPZ)- Super Beam, kicks players out and keeps them
out of play for a while.  Use this to open a path then do a Slam Dunk or Super 
Strike to score.

Weakness:  Outrun the beam at all costs and keep on him when he doesn't have the
Red Card.

Unlock:  Defeat him in Crystal Cup

Petey Piranha

Type: Power
Speed: Below Average
Shooting: Excellent
Passing: Below Average
Defence: Excellent

Skil:  Shake head hurting all of those who he touches

Super Skill: Mud Slinger!- Throw mud on the field, has the same affect as Sand.
It slows you down. Put mud around yourself and Super Strike.

Weakness:  The mud is easy to avoid.

Unlock:  Defeat him in the Striker Cup.

9. Locked Arenas	[MSC 10]

Lava Pit-  A stadium built inside a Volcano.  It is rocky and giant fireballs
can and will apear on the field (more than one can be present, sometimes a 
giant wall of Firey doom can form from the balls).  Players are hurt by fire
the ball just bounces off the fire.

Unlock: Win the Fire Cup!

Wastelands- A stadium built of Ice.  Moving is trickey because of less fiction
resulting in you sliding more and farther.  Lightning falls from the sky and
attacks the ball only the 3rd strike will harm you though. 

Unlock: Gain the Brick Wall and Golden Foot awards in the Fire Cup.

Crystal Canyon- A stadium surrounded by crystals.  Players are removed from the
match once you beign making for very interesting match-ups.  Players return 
after a goal, but new players are removed.

Unlock:  Win Crystal Cup!

The Dump-  A rainy, wet, field with an evil brown substance oozing towards the
center of the Arena.

Unlock:  Gain the Brickwall and Golden Foot Awards in the Crystal Cup.

Stormship Stadium-  A stadium hanging in suspense on a flying mejig.  The 
stadium being in a state of suspense will tilt and turn in the direction of the
most players.  Lighting strikes throughout the field.

Unlock:  Win the Striker Cup! 

Galactic Stadium- A Stadium within the deep reaches of Space.  Um and I guess
it looks pretty cool?

Unlock:  Gain the Brickwall and Golden Foot awards in the Striker Cup.

11.  Striker Challenges [MSC 11]


    Till Sudden Death Do Us Part!

Difficulty: Rookie
Objective: Score before Dk to win the Game!
Initial Time:  Sudden Death
Initial Score: 2-2

Theres no time limit just keep the ball out of Dk's possesion.  Try and use Boo
to get an easy goal or Toad to lite the goalie's hands on Fire then go for a
one timer.  I personally use monty to clear an area then passed to Mario who
used a Megastrike.

Unlock:  Classic Mode Cheat. 


	   Sibling Rivalry!

Difficulty: Rookie
Objective: You are down by two goals come back to win!
Initial Time: 1:00
Initial Score: 1-3

This match can be a bit tricky as you lack good sidekicks.  A good idea since
this is rookie is to move to a sei-open shot and unleash a megastrike.  It will
allow you to have more time to score and it can give you the 3+ goals you need
to win!

Unlock: Safe Megastrike Cheat.


	This Monkey Shines

Difficulty: Professional
Objective: You are losing 0-3 come back to win
Initial Time: 2:45
Initial score: 0-3

Megastrikes.  Use them.  Start of the match pull out either a 4 or 5 ball one,
most likly 1 or 2 will be blocked that will give you a tie.  Now you have 
lets say 2:30 to score one more goal and keep the ball away.  Petey's team is
all Power so use Toad and Boo to run around them and keep the ball away.  Either
Slam dunk with Toad or teleport through with boo if you can find the time or 
are skilled nough otherwise just try like hell to score you will.

Unlock: Super Captains Cheat


	Battle for the Crown!

Difficulty: Professional
Objective: Win the game by at least five (5) goals
Initial Time: 3:00
Initial Score: 0-0

At the Begining of the match run immediatly down and use a Megastrike you should
get 5 or 6 balls and most will go in.  This should give you about 3 or 4-0.
Use Boo to teleport in a goal and you'll have the 5 you need.  Now make sure
Daisy doesn't score because the game will not go into sudden deaht since
you will win but not complete the challenge.  Use megastrikes for insurance to 
get a safety goal or two it will never hurt you physically.

Unlock: High Voltage Cheat


	   Brick Wall Baby!

Difficulty: Superstar
Objective: Win the game with a shutout!
Initial Time: 3:00
Initial Score: 0-0

This match can either be hard or easy depends on your defense.  Go for a goal
early and then you'll have the lead 1-0, now all you have to do is keep him
from getting the ball because if he does, there is a very good chance he will
score so jsut keep the ball away,  if you're really having a hard time, goalie
camp.  Thats when you take the ball and stand next to your goalie any time 
someone steals the ball the goalie will tackle them instantly and you keep the
ball, it an underhanded tatic but it'll help you out if you can't seem to win 

Cheat Unlocked: Devastating Hits!


	A Stunning Situation

Difficulty: Superstar
Objective: Win the game, but your goalie is stunned easily
Initial Time: 1:25
Initial Score: 2-2

This match is really simple actually,  just play a good defense which will
stop the opposing team from getting the ball and shooting at the goal.  All
you need is one goal to win so after you get it just slam on all you got
on the defense and you'll win this one no sweat.

Cheat Unlocked: No Power-ups!


	    Three Goals Away

Diffivulty:  Superstar
Objective: Win the game by at least 3 goals!
Initial time: 0:50
Initial Score: 4-4

Now this can be a tough one, there are two ways really of getting the goals you
need.  One is through the Boo-urns, stratagy where you always pass to Boo and
then use his deke to teleport through the goalie and score,  you can easily,
do this 3 times in the 50 seconds if boo has the ball.  The other way and
probably how it will happen is through megastrikes.  The goalie is aweful at 
megasaves so you can easily get 3 in even with only 4 shot.  Since you're
Waluigi, use the Wall-lugi to encase yourself and megastrike, or if you get 
some bananas run behind them and use the mega.  If it comes down to sudden
death and it most likely will, you have to megastrike to win the challenge.

Cheat Unlocked: Secure Stadiums


Yoshi,  you'll get him later.


	   Zero Tolerance!

Difficulty: Legend
Objective: Win the game and post a shutout!
Initial Time: 3:00
Initial Score: 0-0

This game is just like Brick Wall Baby!  Only 10x harder.  Peach is WTF just 
happened how'd she score the whole match.  If you really just want to get 
through it and take the easy way out, goalie camp.  If you want to score you'll
have a hard time, Peach is a master of defense and she knows how to use items.
Use your fire breath if you can and burn them all including the goalie then
take a shot or you could Boo-urns a shot into the goal.  After that goal slam
on all you got defense wise and be prepared for the skills Peach will use
against you.

Cheat Unlocked: Tilting Stadiums

	  Tag Team Tussle 

Difficulty: Legend
Objective: Win the game! Each team has only two players
Initial Time: 3:00
Initial Score: 0-0

You're team is Petey and Monty Mole against DK and toad.  You're team is super
slow but Petey has a powerful shot and superskill.  Surround yourself in the 
much and megastrike for a goal or two.  Toad knows what he is doing with 
perfect Jumps and everything, he alos pulls off the fire move a ton.  You're
slow so its easy for the fast Toad to charge up shots and score, so keep
the ball away from Toad at all costs.  This challenge is actually pretty easy
and should only take a try or two.  Just get the mudslinger skill stand in mud
and megastrike 6 balls, DK will shake the meter but even if you dont get it in
green you'll at least get 1 in, I always got 1 in outside of green anyways.

Cheat Unlocked: Always White Ball


		Bowser Jr
	    Against All Odds!

Difficulty: Megastriker
Objective: Win the Game without any powerups (items)!
Initial Time: 3:00
Initial Score: 0-0

This match actually wasn't that hard.  Bowser will take advantage of the fact
you cannot get items and will just abuse you and tackle you all the time.
The trick here is to play a sart offense with lots of ball passing to get the
ball white, then you need to one timer it into the goal.  Use your sidekicks
to full advantage by using their skill shots, Hammer spammer wont work on 
Megastriker difficulty so dont bother.  Use Bowser's items against him as well.
If he puts down some bananas use them for yourself, stand behind them and use a 
volt ball and such.
Cheat Unlocked: Always Sidekick Skillshot


		Diddy Kong
	       Lucky Seven!

Difficulty: Megastriker
Objective: Win the game and score at least 7 goals
Initial Time: 3:00
Initial Score: 0-0

Really not that hard of a challenge.  Seems odd that the two megastriker levels
arn't that hard with Yoshi only being a legend.  YOu play on the Crystal field
that removes some players so already this is looking good.  His goalie is
god aweful at megasaves always letting two in sometimes 3 if you get green 
higher if you get orange.  Megastrikes are also easy to pull off use the Red
Card ability when you get it to removes some players and stand in the beam to
save yourself form any not in the immediate area and 6 ball it and you'll do 
fine.  DO that a few times and you'll have almost 7 or over 7 or maybe 7
exactly.  Also use items to your advantage Yoshi is always attacking you
giving you them, use them to get off a volt ball everyonce in a while and you'll
win this won in a few tries max.

Cheat Unlocked: Custom Power-ups!

Yoshi coming soon!

12.  Hall of Fame			[MSC 12]

Coming next update!

12a.	Captain Cards/Cheats		[MSC 12a]

Mario- Classic Mode
Unlock: Complete Striker Challenge 1
Cheat:  Play Strikers the Classic way with no Skillshots or Megastrikes.

Basically turns it into a regular match of soccer, or as regular as Mario Soccer
can be!

Luigi- Safe Megastrike
Unlock: Complete Striker Challenge 2
Cheat: A Captain is invincible once the Megastrike meter is visible, ensuring 
the move is completed.

Makes your megastrikes un-stoppable, best used for games where you and your
friends just wanna megastrike all day long.  Gives one an easy advantage if they
can charge the ball!

Donkey Kong- Super Captain
Unlock: Complete Striker Challenge 3
Cheat: Every Power-up received is a captain's super ability!

Makes for a very fun game of who has the better captain really.  Diddy becomes
super over powered with this own ;D.

Peach- High voltage
Unlock: Complete Striker challenge 4
Cheat: PLayers are electrocuted when they get too close to the electric fence!

Pretty fun actually, doesn't change the game overall, but it provides a good 
defense as you no longer to hit them into the fence to stun them.

Daisy- Devastating Hits
Unlock: Complete Striker Challenge 5
Cheat: Everyone gains the strength of a power Character, resulting in Massive 

If you play with this on, no need to have any power characters unless you like
their deke.  Use this with fast characters and you'll have quite the combo
ultimate strength and ultimate speed.

Wario- No Power-ups
Unlock: Complete Striker Challenge 6
Cheat: Turn off the Power-ups and experience a game based on pure skill.

PLays just like Bowser Jr's challenge only no one gets items.  Makes the game
less hetic and more like a normal soccer game.

Waluigi- Secure Stadiums
Unlock: Complete Striker Challenge 7
Cheat: All Stadium Events are inactive, making for a less hetic game.  

Use thsi to make everyfield like Classroom, Vice or any of the classics.  Use
if you like the look fo a field but not the effcts it has.

Bowser- Field Tilt
Unlock: Complete Striker Challenge 9
Cheat: Each goal scored tilts the field in a downward slant for the team that 
trails in the game!

Makes for an odd match really, it tilts the field giving the losing side an
advantage of scoring as the ball will always roll toward the opposing goal.

Petey- Always White Ball
Unlock: Complete Striker Challenge 10
Cheat: The Ball is always Fully charged, meaning lots and lots of goals!

Makes a fun match and interesting as people will be scoring left and right.
Petey has an amazing shot on the goal when the ball is white so use the cheat
to give him, or any power character really a super advantage while everyone
just scored like a normal power character-ish.

Bowser Jr- Always Sidekick Skillshot
Unlock: Complete Striker Challenge 11
Cheat: Every shot by a sidekick will result in a sidekick skillshot, creating 
tons of scoring chances.

I love this cheat.  It makes playing that much more intense one hit of B and
you're doing a volt ball, or raining hammers, or even launching that unstoppable
egg!  You're in for some high scoring games with this cheat on!

Diddy Kong- Custom Power-ups
Unlock: Complete Striker Challenge 12
Cheat: Set one of the Nine different power-up sets for a custom Experience!

Pretty cool, lets you pick what kind of power ups(items) that you want.
Nothing too special but a nice feature to have none the less.

13. Nintendo Wi-Fi COnnections (Online)	[MSC 13]

Online play is very easy to do and tons of fun.  All Captains are unlocked 
instantly so yes you can use Diddy, Petey, and Bowser Jr. before you unlock them
for use in off-line mode.

When you start up click on the globe to go the Mii menu.  Slelect the Mii you 
want to use for online matches.

If it is your first time your Wii will give you a code and log you on.
Otherwise a Box will appear with information.
It will show the Mii face then the Name when last used and Total Wins and Loses

SO my Card has the picture than says
		Last Used: 07/31/2007
	      Total Wins: 2. Losses: 0
I havn't played much online (too much single player for the guide).

Then Select Use this Mii.  You will then Login.

Once logged in you will see updated Statistics and Rankings, such as your season
rank, how many points you've gotten today.  How much Season Time is left, and 
the Striker of the Day and how many points they've earned.  You can also see
if any of your friends are connected.

You then have 4 options Battle Friends, Friend Roster, Ranked, LeaderBoard
(and Help but thats what I'm here for).

Ranked- PLay a series to earn points and climb up the Leaderboards

Battle Friends- Create a Domination Series and Challenge your friends!

Leaderboard- Check out your current Rankings and Compare yourself against others
in your region!

Friend Roster- Manage your Friend Roster Here by adding or removing friends! 

Use Battle Friends to play a somewhat friendly online match with no point or
rank gain.  

Friend Roster is where you can add Friends and view your Friend 
Code.  Your Friend code is tied to the Mii you are using and appears in fairly
small numbers compared to everything else on the screen.  The Code is 12 digits
in length seperated into two sets of 6, like this: 232034 938530 (Yes that is
my Friend Code email me if you want me to add you).  Click the Add Friend button
to enter in a Friend's Friend code (that sounds really wierd).

Ranked puts you into a match against someone of equal season Rank, they are 
best of 3 with whoever wins 2 getting the Win.  You gain 10 points for a victory
and 1 ponit for each goal you score.

Leaderboard:  View those who are like skilled.  You are ranked based on PTs and
record.  Someone 2-0 (like me) cna be the same rank as one who is 2-1 (like
many other rank 2499s :P).

Your connection is based on Stars 1 being worst and 4 being best (same as bars
only look nice).  There is very little Lag if any at all and feels like you are
playing against a really smart and good computer (sometimes).

Dissconects are counted as Losses but you almost always get poitns so dont 
dissconect its no fun.

Mega Strikes are hard to pull off I have yet to do so, I'll update what happens
when I can pull one off and when I defend one (it shouldn't be too different 

14. Special Thanks		[MSC 14]
I would like to thank Nintendo for making a great game series and a great game.
Nintendo again for making a real and good online game (Looking at you PBR).
Level Two for the development and release. 
GameFAQs for hosting my FAQ.
Thanks to everyone who worked on this game. 
And thank you for reading my FAQ. 

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