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Sidekick Strategy Guide by smit_massacre

Updated: 07/12/07

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* m ******* m* a *** a r **** r     I     O     O *** by smit_massacre *********
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===========================SIDEKICKS  STRATEGY FAQ==============================

0.  Introduction___________________________________________[INT]
1.  About this FAQ_________________________________________[FAQ]
2.  How to use this FAQ____________________________________[HOW]
3.  What are SIDEKICKS?____________________________________[SID]
 -  What are the differences?______________________________[DIF]
 -  What are Skillshots?___________________________________[SKL]
 -  How to use Skillshots__________________________________[HSK]
 -  Terminology____________________________________________[TRM]
4.  Koopa__________________________________________________[KOP]
5.  Shyguy_________________________________________________[SHY]
6.  Boo____________________________________________________[BOO]
7.  Toad___________________________________________________[TOD]
8.  Hammer Bros.___________________________________________[BRO]
9.  Dry Bones______________________________________________[DRY]
10. Birdo__________________________________________________[BRD]
11. Monty Mole_____________________________________________[MOM]

12. Formation suggestions__________________________________[CSS]
13. Credits, copyright etc.________________________________[CCE]


0.  INTRODUCTION___________________________________________[INT]

Welcome to this Mario Strikers Chargerd Football Sidekick FAQ! With the added
ability to create your very own perfect strikers team from a range of different
characters, beginners and those no too familiar with the game are bound to 
struggle, as well as some returning vets are bound to struggle with this new
concept. So I've decided to help those in need of desperate help to get over
this hurdle by making an FAQ that tells you all you need to know about each
of the eight different Sidekicks and their different styles of play.


1.  ABOUT THIS FAQ_________________________________________[FAQ]

This FAQ basically goes through each of the 8 different Sidekicks available to
you in the game and breaks them down to their most simpliest and tells you,
the player what each sidekick will bring to the team and how they'll compliment
your chosen captain and style of play.

This FAQ will also offer team combinations for the starter captains (the ones
you don't have to unlock) as well as some more basic information for those new
to the game to help you tackle the online mode.


2.  HOW TO US THIS FAQ____________________________________[HOW]

By now you'll have noticed little boxes with words in such as the one above this
sections subtitle, they look like this:


These boxes are infact shortcuts to sections, so you don't have to plough 
through all of the information to get to just one point.

If your web browser allows for the Search tool (Ctrl+F) then copy paste the
boxes next to the subject title and hit enter to be instantly taken there.

You can find all of the subject boxes along the lines in the contents section.

Try it Now!


3.  WHAT ARE SIDEKICKS?____________________________________[SID]

Sidekicks are basically the team mates of your chosen captain. They can do 
everything your captain can bar the megastrike ability. Instead they have their
own unique Skillshots. The real beauty behind your choice of sidekicks will
rely solely behind how well their Skillshots gel with your captains style of
play and of course how well you execute them.

Each sidekick is split into one of 5 different categories; OFFENSIVE, DEFENSIVE
POWER, PLAYMAKER and BALANCED. Ideally you want to pick sidekicks from
catergories that will blend with your own style of play and compliment your
captains abilities.

-  What are the differences?______________________________[DIF]

The differences between the different categories are very noticeable once you
get on the field, unfortunately by that point it is already too late. So what
do this stats next to the sidekicks portrait actually mean?

  Power players excel in the position you put them in. So upfront near
  your Captain will mean they'll help you score goals with their powerful shots
  and at the back they'll always be there to deliver a heavy tackle. However 
  they can't pass properly and you'll often have your other players running to
  recieve passes that have gone astray. They also move very slow and will
  to catch the more balanced players and the faster ones until they stop.

  Offensive players are slightly more team attacking orientated as they can
  pass the ball and shoot. They still suffer from poor movement and they'll
  stay in their own half if you rely on them to defend, leaving the goalie 
  vulnerable at the back. But at least you won't be worrying about the other
  team getting to your passes before you and Offensive players still have an
  awesome strike at the ball.

  Obviously the exact opposite of offensive. Goodspeed making them an excellent
  choice to have at the front or back for defensive purposes as they can nip in
  and out of both the oppositions and your own area to make the tackle that can
  potentially stop a goal. Unlike offensive Sidekicks, defensive players have a
  poor passing and shooting ability. So stick with short simple passes or you
  may find them going astray. 

  Playmakers are the closest a specialist category comes to being balanced.
  They've got great movement and are very fast as well as being the best at
  passing the ball and clearing the ball. Another great category to have at the
  back in front of keeping but their passing ability alone will warrant the
  excuse of sending them up to connect the goals together.

  Does exactly what it says on the tin. Balanced characters don't excel in any
  particular field but don't have any major hang-ups like the other specialists
  either. The beauty of Balanced characters is that it's their skillshots and
  your own style of play when it comes to those skillshots that sets them

 -  What are Skillshots?___________________________________[SKL]

So you've had all this talk of skillshots and how important they are, but
you're probably asking, what are they? Skillshots are the special technique
shots that only the sidekicks can perform and each are different for each 
sidekick character. However, skillshots can be "slotted" into specific
categories into what exactly they do.

Some skillshots stun the keeper. These "stunners" have a 50/50 chance of going
in the back of the net, or hitting the keeper meaning you've got to go for the
rebound shot. Great if you've got a "finisher" upfront, not so good if the
computer ge to it first.

Other skillshots just look to damage your goalkeeping any what way. These are
your "sure-thing" skillshots and you'll find they take a fraction longer to
charge but they'll be worth it in the long run.

Then theres's skillshots which some will deem as "cheap" as their is near to
no chance of stopping them. These skillshots basically give the goalie no
chance of saving them bu the characters that posses them really do need to be
noted as they can make a difference. Take note in later sections

 -  Terminology____________________________________________[TRM]

Here's a basic explanation of some of the key/buzz words to do with Football
and the game that you'll find in the FAQ:

VOLLEY - As in "on the Volley", basically shooting the ball whilst it's in the
air or being rebounded off the keeper.

WING - The top and bottom lanes or edges of the pitch. In Football they'd be 
refered to as the left and right Wings.

Winger - Someone who plays along the Wings. Their primary role would be to cross
a pass into the box for a team mate to take a shot on.

LONG BALL - As in "Long Ball Game", this is the act of making a long overhead
pass to your players up front to either Head or shoot the ball on.

WHITE BALL - Refers to when the ball in MSCF is glowing white, this means the 
chance to score is far greater than before.

ITEM RUN - When you dribble the ball and use Items to attack opposition and keep
possession rather than pass. The best way to get Mega Strikes in.

SMALL SCREEN ADVANTAGE - The theory (because it hasn't been proven) that having
a smaller TV screen helps you stop incoming goals when you're defending Mega

SPAMMING - When you continuously use the same move over and over again. Like
when you use Hammer Bros. DEKE over and over again.

UPFRONT - Refers to the area of play with the oppositions half where your main
attackers should lie.

CLEANSHEET - As in "keeping the cleansheet", making sure you're final goal score
is 0 and you don't give the opponent an opportunity to score a goal.

FINISHER - Refers to someone who has got the appropriate skill to get the ball 
in the back of the net. For example Monty would be classed as a finisher whereas
Dry Bones would not be.

THE BOX - The Goalie's domain and the only area where he can pick up the ball


Here they are. All the sidekicks with an indepth and detailed look at what
they'll bring to the tea, what their abilities are and what possibly 
strategies you can play around with them.

- Koopa__________________________________________________[KOP]

A strikers veteran and player favourite. Koopa returns in Charged Football on
hi own rather than with his brothers, but don't underestimate, he's still top

CLASS::  Balanced
SKILLSHOT:: Shell Smash

A swift charged on the ball will see Koopa unleash a giant Green Shell on Goal
that will take out all in its way, except the goalkeeper who'll force the ball
back at Koopa and make you go for the shot on the volley. Useful for clearing
the way of opponents and a good way to get your goals. Caution should be taken
as there's friendly fire involved in the shot and you could potentially take
ou those waiting for the Volley. 

DEKE/FAKE:: Rapid Spin 

Very poor Deke/Fake by anyone's standards. Koopa will just move in his in the
desired Fake direction at no great pace or speed. Don't expect this to get you
the Koopa goals or get passed opposition for that matter.

Place Koopa on your preferable side, top or bottom it's your choice and you 
should put him where you feel most comfortable running down as Koopa is a
versatile character. If you can't choose between top or bottom then try at the
back. This will mean he'll attack down the centre and won't garnish the
attention of your opponents heavy hitters upfront.

Koopa is best used as partnership up front either with your Captain or with
another SideKick that will complement Koopa and go on the attack because that
is the way forward with Koopa as his Shell Smash is a powerful tool for scoring
goals, especially if another BALANCED or Power/Offensive character is upfront
with Koopa, ready for the Volley. Play Koopa at the back only if you're going
for a centre offensive in a power house team as his FAKE won't help him keep
possesion and he's not got the best pace for stopping other faster characters
and captains from scoring.

CONCLUSION:: 9/10 - a top notch character wherever you put him but best suited
to a wingers role because of his excellent Skillshot and poor FAKE.

- Shyguy_________________________________________________[SHY]

An old nemesis of Mario and Luigi and a character whose appeared in nearly all
the Mario spinoff games. He's quiet, dangerous and who knows what's lurking
behind that mas of his?

CLASS:: Balanced
SKILLSHOT:: Bullet Bill Blast

One of the more colourful and quirky skillshots. Shyguy and the ball go for a
ride on a Bullet Bill that Blasts the goal area and everyone (that's right,
everyone!) who get's involved. The great thing about this shot is it clears the
area for a weaker shooter to nip it in the bud and score, or you can wait a sec
for Shyguy to get up and put the ball in the back of the net. You'll have to be
quick though whatever you do because at the end of the day the blast isn't
permanent and the opposition is bound to be wanting to get the ball out of the
goal area.

Be careful when and where you chose to use the shot as well. You don't want to
do it when the rest of your team is in the blast radius and if someone gets in
the way of the flight path the blast will go premature.


Another poor FAKE put slightly better than the woeful Koopa's. Shyguy will
just hop in the chosen FAKE direction, hoever whilst going forward this is
useful for getting away from same speed characters as well as dodging the odd
shell and charging a shot. Not horrid but nowhere near the best.


Personally, I'd pair him up with Koopa on your weak side, because then if he's
able to grasp a breakaway the charge shot will come in handy whilst the 
opposition are slightly surprised by a change in tactic - that ends in a 
surprise result.

At the back is good too as Shyguy isn't too attacking orientated and can get
away with sluthing in front of your Keeper. This is also the best place to
initiate his Bullet Bill Blast, as in the centre there's usually not as much
havoc - especially if you can charge the shot all the way as you'll get past
the last line of defence and wingers get finish Shyguy's work.

A little more flexible than Koopa as he's not as attacking orientated but still
does a fine job on the Wing. Partnering him up with Hammer Bros. or Koopa will
pay off as if you get a chance for the Skillshot with Shyguy, either one of 
will be able to finish it off appropriately and odds are they won't be in the
box all cluttered up.

At the back he's slightly better than koopa being slightly more defensive,
downside is he won't be as available for finishing strkes or setting them up as
perhaps Koopa would be. It's more ideal for his Skillshot as well. You'll
perhaps get less opportunities to use it howeverand therefore less goals.

CONCLUSION: 7/10 - Slightly harsh but his Bullet Bill Blast is a gamble and you
can never guarantee his contribution will be there every game.  


Perhaps the most annoying of all the Mario enemies in platforming and now he's
here to aggrivate on the pitch. It's the Zidane Headbut incident all over


One of those Skillshots that when you first witness them you'll scream; "cheap!"
At the top of your lungs. Whilst we can argue whether or not it is indeed cheap
it's in the game and you've got to deal with it.

The Skillshot in question is not so much a shot but more Boo rushing through 
the goalkeeper with the ball and scoring. This makes it very difficult to 
intercept as Boo is in a "proper" ghost state and stuff passess right through
him, meaning the trick is to sLIDE tackle the Ball rather than the player.
Easier said than done.

Problem with this Skillshot is it can be used in only one way otherwise it's
useless. The main purpose of the shot is to score as the goalie's deflection
isn't favourable to anyone, so you've gotta get close, charge up and ghost it
into the back of the net.

Basically disapears and reappears in ghost form giving him some invulnerability
from items and attacks. Pretty decent infact, especially as Boo is a fast

His speed would suggest a place on the top/right or left/bottom wing as they he
can blitz in and out of he opponents half and get a set up for his Skillshot.
However, poor shooting means that if he's going for the Volley chances are that
the Goalkeeper's going to catch the ball with ease because there's no power
behind hit. 
This is why I'd suggest placing him at the back, the speed and
precision passing will be useful at the back and the speed will be good in 
defending the goal area as well. The speed also gives you the edge to whip
inside the opponents area and try for the Skillshot.

Stick Boo at the back as your last line of defence. His good passing means
you can play a long ball game with the aerial passes from within yor own half
and let the Captain or other characters with better shots score the goals. If
your desperate or confident use the Skillshot to score a goal by mixing up
passes and items to give Boo some space to charge up and score. Remember though
you've got to get close-ish to score.

He's not that much of a versatile character, you could use him as a Winger but
you'd get better results and Skillshots from other characters who are better
suited to the role. Your best bet is to make Boo wait for his opportunity to
strike whilst he's keeping guard of the back and throwing the ball up in the

CONCLUSION:: 5/10 - By no means useless but there's just nothing but his DEKE
that should draw you to him. He's really only good if you have an annoying


A good friend of Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom and he's taking he loyalty back
on to the pitch again and showing everyone what real team spirit is all about!

CLASS:: Playmaker
Skillshot:: Fire Meteor

Well, this isn't exactly the Skillshot to end all Skillshots neither is it that
good either. Basically it's equivalent to one of Monty Moles charged curved
shots but the balls on Fire and the goal keeper cANNOT catch the ball, only 
punch it away. The likelyhood of you scoring without the ball glowing White
are slim and chances are still low when the ball's glowing White as well. 
Toad's poor shooting ability means the Skillshot itself is poor and pointless in
all honestly. I'd say use Boo's over Toad's Skillshot any time of the day.
Purely as you've got a better chance to score.

DEKE/FAKE:: Front Flip

The best quality of Toad and one of the best DEKEs in the game. Not only does it
get you out of harms way from non-explosive items as well as slide tackles and
the occassional heavy tackle but itcan also be used to flip over opponents AND
the goal keeper, meaning you can do one of the most sensational goals ever. A
FAKE good for offense and defense. Simply brilliant.

No brainer - at the back in front of goal. Whilst the Skillshot Toad has may
be near useless, as a Playmaker his passing is personally better than Boos and
he still has speed to best any offensive players, meaning he's great for
defensive roles. His speed combined with the DEKE allows you to do runs from
one goal to another without having to think about the consequences, especially
if you can really nail and master the art of Front Flipping the Goalkeeper. 
You'll be near unstoppable then.

If you're looking for a Sidekick who's good on his feet, can pass the ball and
create opportunities for the team and is a ricky one to take down, Toad is your
man - and that's how you play with him. He's an Owen Hargreaves or Gattuso of
your team. You have him at the back and move him in, letting him create chances
for the team and get in a cross or pass that can lead to a goal. With Boo
you're best bet is to lay low and wait for the right moment to go for goal,
with Toad you can do the exact opposite because his DEKE is that good and can
allow you to not only dodge item danger, but player danger and interceptions as
well as being useful to jump over Keeper and score.

There's no use playing him as a winger as his poor shooting ability will mean
any shots he gets on the Volley are prety much a waste except for the odd 'un.

CONCLUSION: 7/10 - His DEKE is alot better than Boo's and makes up for his
poor Skillshot. A good replacement for Shyguy if you want one, but only at the
back. TOAD>SHYGUY at the back in short. 

 Hammer Bros.___________________________________________[BRO]

Another classic villian of the Mario Bros. and another returning Vet. This time
Hammer Bros. has brought his Hammers with him and honed his strike!


Throws 5 Hammers in direction of goal all at distances greater than the last 
Hammer thrown, so there's potential to Hit the Keeper nearly 5 times and score
an open net goal! The trick is getting into appropriate range of the goal and
getting th time to charge as it's a fracion longer than the others charges. You
also need to take into account the angle of the goal as there's a small chance 
the Keeper will be in the way of the shot as he's dazed. The trick is to angle
the attack and keeper so that there's a large part of the net uncovered by the
goalie in this situation.

In truth it's slightly cheap because your keeper can be ou for quite sometime
depending on the amountof Hammers that hit him and how badly beat up he is
anyway, but Hammer Bros. slow movement balances that out pretty fairly anyway.

DEKE/FAKE:: Hammer Slam (or Hammer Spam as it's come to be known)

The best DEKE in the game, simply as. Hammer Bros. Slams a huge Hammer into
the ground below him whilst jumping forwards a bit. This Hammer can and will and
does hit your team mates. In fact a decent Hammer Spammer will run Hammer Bros.
from the back, spam his DEKE, knock all nearby opponents to the floor then 
charge for the shot.A simply brilliant if antagonising strategy and one you must
take advantage of and learn how to counter it also. The DEKE is one of the top
3 reasons for picking Hammer Bros.

Despite the label he's a very versatile character in where he can be placed
thanks to Hammer Spam. At first instance it's obviously upfront on the wing
as this means he can get the passes going with his excellent passing ability
and get the goal on the volley from an overhead pass or snipe it in along the
floor. Don't forget to charge your regular shots slightly as well. Being good
at Offense means Hammmer Bros. can get more curve on the ball than Beckham and
score a goal from the halfway line by doing just this.

Next, you can have him at the back. Perfect for Hammer Spam runs and even 
better as a surprise White Ball Shot from way out goal area. Of course his
high attack drive and low speed will mean he won't be the first to run back
if there's a one on one with your goal keeper and an oppositions player.

Hammer Spam is the best strategy I can give for Hammer Bros. It may be cheap
but all Hammer Bro. players do it , and do it to perfection, so train up
whils you play. If you are going to Hammer Spam do it from the Wing as there's
less danger at the sides anyway and your Hammer Slam has a chance of getting
opponents caught on the electric fence as well, giving you more time to charge
up the Skillshot - an essential goal scoring technique for Hammer Bros. as it
is very effective.

If you chose not to Hammer Spam, fair play - keep it clean! Use HB as a winger,
that's where he's most dangerous, especially if you partner him up with someone
like Koopa or Shyguy who offer good passing and speed and shooting as well.
Remember HB's passing is as good as a playmakers so don't be afraid to use him
as a set up man for other SideKicks to score off of. Try to get the Hammer
Throw in however, at any moment you can as it's a dangerous tool of destruction
that begs to be used. Don't be afraid to DEKE to do it either...

CONCLUSION:: 8/10 - Brilliant in everyway but his slow movement and the
unpopularity that he has the potential to cause make him lose a mark and because
he's happy to leave goalie unprotected.

 Dry Bones______________________________________________[DRY]

Quite possibly one of the most popular characters in the game as you'll find out
quickly by playing around as him...

CLASS:: Defensive
SKILLSHOT:: The Shocker

One of the best Skillshots in the game and the best skillshot for a Sidekick
with low Shooting ability. Not only does it stun the Goal Keeper but it also
has a good chance of going in the back of the net on its own merit.

The shot itself is powerful and electrocutes the Keeper, stunning him and giving
you a goal-scoring opportunity on the Volley. If an opponents player gets in the
way they'll be the ones getting shocked, unfortunately this does send the ball

With the Shocker you do have a certain amount of control over which way the ball
will curve. This helps you increase the chances of Scoring rather than stunning.

DEKE/FAKE:: Shake, Rattle and Roll

Another great DEKE move and another reason to have Dry Bones on the team. This
DEKE causes Dry Bones to roll forwards and disappear then reappear a distance 
in front of him. What this means is that you can run at goal, DEKE and walk the
ball into goal. The trick behind this DEKE is the longer Dry Bones has the ball
and the closer to being a White Ball it is, the further Dry Bones will reappear
after the initial roll. So mix up the passes between your team, give the ball
to Bones and dribble in and go for the DEKE to score!

Dry Bones is another character who is able to go along the Wing or at the back.
Personally I'd have him at the back. This allows you to have a speedy character
whose strong in defense protecting the goal keeper, meaning it's very hard for
the opponent to get a Mega Strike against you as well as allowing you greater
ease at intercepting White Ball passes and Dry Bones will position himself when
not be played as in front of the opponent meaning shots will get blocked.

Having him at the back will also mean that he'll go unmarked and will be able
to sneak into the oppositions have a go for a sneaky charge, thus allowing for
a surprise shot and a surprise Volley and goal. Or you can zip in from the back
and go for a DEKE goal and take the opposition by surprise once again. While
he may not look or act like it, Dry Bones is very good at surprising the 
opponent and usually he'll score or develop a goal before the other team can

The best method to using Dry Bones is to stick him at the back as a proper
defender and go for the Skillshot when you feel you have the best chance.
Unlike Boo who you should play a patience game with at the back, Dry Bones can
take a risk as if he does get tackled, he'll return to defending whilst you
control a different character and if you don't do that his fast running speed
will help you regain some ground against opposition.

With him at the back you don't have to worry about his poor passing and shooting
skills interrupting the rhythme of play you'll have going with your players
upfront, as a pass from him good amount to leg work for your own players which
in turn can result in you losing possession - possibly resulting in a goal for
the other team. 

One little trick in the Dry Boes arsenal is his clearance. Whilst pressing Z+B
You'll do a overhead Clearance into the opponents half, the trick is to do it
just before the halfway line whilst standing in the centre, this will send the
ball into the dip, drawing the Keeper out, but if you capitalise on the moment,
especially with a White Ball you can score an impressive goal. Anyone can do it
but Dry Bones seems to do it best because of his high defense skill.

CONCLUSION:: 9/10 - Essential for most teams, fast, brilliant Skill shot and an
amazing defender.


He (yes he as in accordance to the manual) is yet another returning sidekick
whose decided to hone their shooting and defending skills!

CLASS:: Power
SKILLSHOT:: Extreme Egg

Quite possibly the best Skillshot to get goals, otherwise it's useless. You'll
either score in which case the Egg has just steamrollered the goalie or you'll
hit someon along the way in which case the egg shatters and no-one's hit. The 
idea of the skillshot is to take it purely whenever you get a chance and when 
you're 90% sure no-one from the other team is going to get in the way of the
shot. It's as simple as that and it's the simplicity that makes Birdo a goal

DEKE/FAKE:: Tail Whip

Another great move from the great Birdo. Similar to Hammer Bros. Hammer Slam in
that this DEKE will cause heartache fo opposition as Birdo knocks them to the
floor as he spins round. The great thing is, if you DEKE an opponent near the
electric fence they'l go flying into it and get shocked, buying you alot more

The DEKE is different to Hammer Bros. as in it doesn't flow with your dribbling
and causes you to stop at a stand still rather than continue, which whilst not a
major hinderance and can lead to enemy items getting you when your most 

As a Powerhouse character you would expect Birdo to be good upfront and the back
seeing how his stats dictate that, however, that Skillshot is to good to be 
wasted at the back, especially as Birdo is slow and chances are you'll only
get one opportunity to stop a snap shot and if you don't you might concede a 
goal. So have Birdo upfront alongside your captain and other Winger and use him
as a tank, hitting others hard and blasting those Extreme Egg shots left and

Definately have Birdo on the Wing as so he can fire off his skillshot whenever
he's given the chance - this way you're guaranteed to rake in the goals and you
can use Birdo as a finisher for White balls, seeing as he has a great offensive
stat. Just don' rely on Birdo being the key person in the process of passing the
ball as he has a poor passing stat being a Power class character.

With Birdo on one side of the Wing have someone else who's going to compliment
him and help lead up to some good passes and White Ball goals.

CONCLUSION:: 8/10 - Really is a shame he can't run as fast as a balanced, he'd
be perfect.

 Monty Mole_____________________________________________[MOM]

Making one of his first Mario Sports debuts is the loveable Monty Mole, last 
seen digging around in the Super Mario series...

SKILLSHOT::  Dirt Drill

This is a Skillshot similar to that of Boo's but it's better in everyway purely
because it firstly it has a much better chance of scoring even if the range is
spot on. Secondly it has better range, seriouly a few paces past the halfway 
line and you're capable of scoring with the Skillshot. Another great asset of
Monty's shot is it can't be intercepted as he's underground and once he emerges
anyone standing ovr him or nearby will be knocked down as if they've been heavy
tackled. If they shot doesn't go in the net, any of your nearby team mates can 
have a shot on the volley with a decent success probability.

DEK/FAKE:: Tunneling

This DEKE is like a combination of Hammer Bros. and Birdo's. Take the opposition
battering aspect of the Hammer Slam and the fact you have to stop ala Tailwhip
and you basically have Monty's DEKE. He digs down sending the ball in the air
and just before it touches the floor he pops back up again, now the great thing
is this DEKE is amazing for item dodging, getting your timing right and no item
can hit you. It's also great for attacking the other team as would be tacklers
and sliders will be toppled and knocked dowm just like the Hammer Slam, if you
can get he timimg right. Luckily enough timing isn't much of a problem for
inexperienced players as they'll see the ball and think "oh! I'll take that!"
and get hit by Monty's return. It's also great for keeping possession. 


You have a dialema here. Monty is great at attacking and great at defending
thanks to his DEKE being able to bide you some time. Where you put Monty is a 
case of who else yo want in your team. If you have Birdo on your team as well
stick Monty at the back as you don't want two poor passers of the ball upfront
with the Captain, if you have a Playmaker or a Balanced Sidekick upfront and
there's a free space on the wing, give Monty a trial run as if his skills fit
in with your tactics you can have a lot of success thanks to his strong
offensive abilities.

So in short, have Monty fill in the gaps and empty spaces where you just can't
see anyone else going, he'll get the job done right.


With the Skillshot and DEKE, Monty plays alot like Hammer Bros. just ever so
slightly more flexible in that he'll be better hanging round near the centre
left/right as well as totally upfront because his snap shots pack a bigger
punch than Hammer Bros. especiallu on a White Ball close to goal and his
skill shot and curved shots have a great impact on the match, purely because
both can end up in the back of the net.

So it's best to have Monty as one of your Wingers. His DEKE being so useful
for keeping possession balances out his lack of speed and slow movement, not to
mention you'll find that you will have alot more chances to spring a Dirt Drill
on the opponents goal.

CONCLUSION:: 7/10 Not quite as good as Birdo but still a damn sight better than


So that's basically the all the Side Kicks in the game explained out in great
detail. I hope that at least helps you to play or plan out better strategies
with each of the Side Kicks. If not then the next section may be just right
up your alley because I'll go through some good Captain - Sidekick combinations
and game plans.

12. Captain/Sidekick suggestions___________________________[CSS]

Like I said above, this section will go through some good Sidekick combinations
for a few of the captains that can help youmap out some strategies of your own
as well familiarise yourself with the concept of 

It should be noted that these aren't fool proof strategies and should be
considered as the foundations for you to relay your own individual style of

So let's get things started...


As balanced characterS, Mario  AND Luigi can have several different game plans:

                               MONTY MOLE

HAMMER BROS.                                      MARIO


Nothing to intense here, the basics of this formation is to use Hammer Bros. to
attack down the centre with either his Skillshot or you spam his DEKE. You then
have Moty and Birdo stop would be attackers from in deep within your own half.

The great thing about having Monty and Birdo as you defenders is there's more 
chance of opposition getting electric fence'd and obviously there's two main
defenders. Let's not also forget that both Birdo and Monty have decent Skill
shots as well so use them to your advantage whenever possibly.

With Hammer Bros. you have the choice of either Hammer Slam spamming or going
on item runs and going for a Hammer Throw skillshot. Also use him to take pot
shots, especially of any White Balls you may charge up or steal.



DRY BONES                                      MARIO


As you have an almost completely balanced squad, there are a numerous amounts
of things you can do. One tactic that is favourable for this setup is to pass
around the ball til it'sWhite and go for the pot shot. You may not have a
distinguished Finisher but Mario and Koopa are both capable, and with Dry Bones
at the back you have defensive issues immediately solved.

Everyones skillshot in this team is also another excellent means of finding the
goals, especially Dry Bones and your team mats will be appropriately placed
or have the pace and skill to score whilst the balls on the volley.

This teams best strength is the fact that Dry Bones is at the back and will be
able to keep a clean sheet along with help of your Wingers.



TOAD                                         MARIO

                               HAMMER BROS.

Well you have here a team of individuals that share nothing in common with one
another yet, as a eam they have a number of strong points with barely any 

Everyone in the team is more than adept at passing the ball around as well as
shooting at the goal.

You should use Toad as the architect of the whole passing movement as he has the
best passing ability within the team, use Koopa and Mario as linkers for Hammer
Bros. to shoot at goal on a White ball.

If passing the ball doesn't work you've got other options with Hammer Bros.
Hammer Spam, as well as using Mario's Captain item to help clear some space
for either a megastrike or to chain some passes together and finish off with a
BIG kick!



Yoshi plays slightly differently to Mario and Luigi for several different
reasons. Firstly his BIG HIT tackle has a sligltly larger range as he extends
his tongue for the hit, his special item acts very differently as well, forcing
you to either activate it when you have the ball giving you the added bonus of
being able to dribble, or you can use it as a purely defensive means when you
haven't got the ball - this also means you can't pick the ball up whilst in egg


TOAD                                         Yoshi


As you can see with Toad at the back this is a team where the main source of 
goals is through White Balls. Toad's excellent passing ability means he can do
a long aerial pass from the back to the Box and have a team mate put in the
back of the net.

With passing being the best and in most situations only source of scoring a goal
using your items at the right time and moment are key, so if you get Yoshi's
captain item - which transforms him into a giant egg, use it when you're 
controlling Yoshi AND have the ball. This way you can stomp all the opposition
and get a real powerful Megastrike charged. Don't bother going straight for goal
as you'll just smash the egg shell.

This team has only one strength and that's its ability to pass around the ball
so make the most of it. Unlike some other teams you don't have any real 
weaknesses either.


DRY BONES                                     YOSHI



This team gives you more options on how to score goals with the two Boo's
and Dry Bones at the back, but it still makes you rely on Yoshi's captain item.

The speed of the two Boo's also let's you ge close to players an pass the ball
with real ease and charge it up, this then in turn can give you the opportunity
to get the ballto Yoshi and shoot. A high risk strategy but Boo's speed can
help you pull it off, especially if the othe team isn't as fast as yours.

Dry Bones at the back also means you can fire off his Skillshot and get anybody
nearby to go for goal whilst the ball is on the volley if Dry Bones is unable



These are very good characters to play as if you can master the captains
items and get used to the pace of the game they play at. These three also play
very centrally which allows you to zip and weave in and out of opposition.


DRY BONES                                     WALUIGI


As you can see from the team selection, this team revolves purely around the
staggering pace of all the players in the team. No-one is a slow coach here so
use the pace to your advantage and attack down the slow/weakest area of the 
oppositions team and go for a skillshot.


These two are both big hitters and cantake a few blows before being KO'd on the
floor. They both have great shots and captain items that allow you to go with


TOAD                                          DK/WARIO

                               HAMMER BROS.

Basically the idea here is to use the Sidekicks to pick up the pace a bit with
Toad and Koopa as well as to really get the passes flowing with Toad and Hammer
Bros. passing abilities, allowing Wario/DK to go for goal on a white ball.

The Skillshots of Hammer Bros. and Koopa also add other sorces of goals to add
on to the tally.

13. Credits, copyright etc.________________________________[CCE]

Well that's about it for this FAQ on the Sidekicks. I hope it has been of some 
use to those who have read it and used it in their game.

The following section is copyright details and credits to those who helped.

This FAQ is copyright to Michael Smith 2007 and may not be re-used, editted or
sectioned without permission.

GAMEFAQ.com is the only site permitted to host this FAQ with my permission.
Other sites wanting to host the FAQ on their site has only got to contact me
via email at; Wendyanythin@aol.com

Thanks goes to Tim "Webby 007" Webb and James Crossley and Shane Dolman
as well as the whole GFAQS forums for Mario Strikers. 

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