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FAQ/Walkthrough by umbratile

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 02/20/13

                          |                         |
                          |     MARIO STRIKERS      |
                          |    CHARGED FOOTBALL     |
                          |                         |
                          | FAQ by umbratile        |
                          | (aka Fredk22)           |
                          | Version 1.5 - 20.03.13  |
[tofc]                 T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S 
Press Ctrl + F to bring up a search menu. Type in the six-character code next
to the section you want to go to and press enter to go straight there.

Part 1 - General Information  [PRT1]
  Modes _____________________ [mode]
  Controls __________________ [cont]
  Characters ________________ [char]
  Stadiums __________________ [stad]
  Items _____________________ [item]
  Cheats ____________________ [chts]

Part 2 - Guides               [PRT2]
  General Tactics ___________ [gent]
  Road to the Striker Cup ___ [r2sc]
  Striker Challenges ________ [chal]
  Unlocking Guides __________ [unlc]

Part 3 - Last Gasp            [PRT3]
  Update Log ________________ [ulog]
  Contact & Copyright _______ [ctcp]
  Credits ___________________ [cred]

                                  P a r t   1
                     G E N E R A L   I N F O R M A T I O N
This section contains all sorts of general, useful information about the game
and its contents.

[mode]                             M O D E S
There are seven modes in the game, all of which can be selected on the main
menu. Here's a little overview.

Domination Mode
Your standard VS mode, for offline matches with friends or a computer
controlled opponent.

Road to the Striker Cup
The typical cup/tournament/campaign mode, where you must advance through three
cups defeating other teams.

Striker Challenges
Special challenges, testing your skill, wit and patience. Especially patience.

Nintendo WFC
Play online.

Hall of Fame
View your records and achievements for the Road to the Striker Cup and Striker
Challenges modes.

Set your visual and audio options, or view the credits.

Strikers ABC
Learn how to play. This is very useful for new players!

[cont]                          C O N T R O L S

Point Wii Remote - [Nothing]
Shake Wii Remote - [Nothing]
   Control Stick - Move
           D-Pad - Deke (Defensive move)
               A - Pass (Automatically switches to the character you pass to)
               B - Shoot
                   Hold to charge
               1 - Pause
  Shake Nunchuck - Switch items
               C - Use items
               Z - Chip the ball ahead
                   Hold Z + A: Lob pass
                   Hold Z + B: Lob shot

Point Wii Remote - [Nothing]
Shake Wii Remote - Big Hit
   Control Stick - Move
           D-Pad - Slide tackle
               A - Switch player
               B - [Nothing]
               1 - Pause
  Shake Nunchuck - Switch items
                   Shake opponent's MegaStrike meter
               C - Use items
               Z - [Nothing]

Point Wii Remote - Control Kritter's hand while defending against a MegaStrike
Shake Wii Remote - [Nothing]
   Control Stick - Move
           D-Pad - [Nothing]
               A - Pass (Automatically switches to the character you pass to)
                   Destroy ball (While in MegaStrike defense mode)
               B - Shoot
               1 - Pause
  Shake Nunchuck - Switch items
               C - Use items (used by a player)
               Z - Lob pass/shot

[char]                        C H A R A C T E R S
When putting together a team, you have to choose one captain and three
sidekicks. You'll always have a Kritter as a goalkeeper. You will also have to
choose the positions for your sidekicks.

C L A S S E S /
Speed:    [xxxxxx----]
Shooting: [xxxxxx----]
Passing:  [xxxxxx----]
Hitting:  [xxxxxx----]

MegaStrike meter: Balanced
Deke style: Dodge
Characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Koopa, Shy Guy

These are decent at everything - a balanced character in your team is never a
bad choice, as they can fill both defensive and offensive roles.

Speed:    [xxx-------]
Shooting: [xxxxxxxxxx]
Passing:  [xxxxxxxxxx]
Hitting:  [xxx-------]

MegaStrike meter: Many balls are easy; Fast balls are hard
Deke style: Defensive (jumping)
Characters: Wario, Bowser Jr., Hammer Bro.

The exact opposite of Defensive players, these are exceptional at both passing
and shooting. As their name suggests they are great at attacking, but make sure
you combine them with some players that are actually capable of getting back a
lost ball.

Speed:    [xxx-------]
Shooting: [xxxxxxxxxx]
Passing:  [xxx-------]
Hitting:  [xxxxxxxxxx]

MegaStrike meter: Many balls are easy; Fast balls are difficult
Deke style: Defensive (stationary)
Characters: DK, Bowser, Petey, Birdo, Monty Mole

Proper powerhouses that are really great for scoring as well as defending...
if you can get them to the right place at the right time. With some support,
they can be extremely effective.

Speed:    [xxxxxxxxxx]
Shooting: [xxx-------]
Passing:  [xxxxxxxxxx]
Hitting:  [xxx-------]

MegaStrike meter: Many balls are difficult; Fast balls are easy
Deke style: Jump (Boo teleports a short distance)
Characters: Peach, Diddy Kong, Toad, Boo

These characters are made for passing... and little else. They're good for
charging up the ball for your hard-hitters, and for keeping it out of
opponents' reach. Never rely on a playmaker to score with a normal shot.

Speed:    [xxxxxxxxxx]
Shooting: [xxx-------]
Passing:  [xxx-------]
Hitting:  [xxxxxxxxxx]

MegaStrike meter: Many balls are difficult; Fast balls are easy
Deke style: Teleport (distance depends on ball charge)
Characters: Waluigi, Daisy, Dry Bones

Defensive characters are very situational, because they should under no
circumstances be allowed to handle the ball unless you're going for a Skill
Shot or a teleportation goal (See General Tactics [gent]). However, they do
their job of defending very well, so I would recommend always having one.

C A P T A I N S /
The only characters that can use the MegaStrike!

Type: Balanced
Team colors: Red
Deke: Short dodge
Super Ability: Super Mario! Mario grows to an enormous size for a short while,
  capable of crushing and stunning anybody.
  Super Mario! is an excellent tool for a Mega Strike chance, if you manage to
  hit everybody.
  If Mario uses his Super Ability, slide tackling the ball is the only way to
  stop him. Also, when he does a Mega Strike, he shrinks - that's your chance
  to knock him out!
  Mario is a decent character all-around. His Super Ability is useful, and as a
  Balanced captain, he can fill any role.

Type: Balanced
Team colors: Green
Deke: Short dodge
Super Ability: Super Luigi! Luigi grows to an enormous size for a short while,
  capable of crushing and stunning anybody.
  Super Luigi! is an excellent tool for a Mega Strike chance, if you manage to
  hit everybody.
  If Luigi uses his Super Ability, slide tackling the ball is the only way to
  stop him. Also, when he does a Mega Strike, he shrinks - that's your chance
  to knock him out!
  Luigi is a decent character all-around. His Super Ability is useful, and as a
  Balanced captain, he can fill any role. Oh, and he's an exact clone of Mario,
  which is why I just copy-pasted his profile.

Type: Balanced
Team colors: Green (Alt: Orange)
Deke: Short dodge
Super Ability: Egg Roll! Rolls around in his egg, crushing anybody. Press B to
  If you manage to crush everybody, the Egg Roll does give you a chance.
  You can run away from his Super Ability pretty easily!
  Yoshi's big hit is a bit different - his big hit never puts him in danger,
  because he uses his tongue. Otherwise, Mario and Luigi are superior due to
  their Super Abilities being better.

Type: Playmaker
Team colors: Pink
Deke: Short jump
Super Ability: Freeze Frame! All characters surrounding Peach get frozen for
  some seconds.
  Jumping over the goalie is a good tactic (See [gent]. Also, the Freeze Frame!
  may give you a chance for a Mega Strike.
  If Peach has the Freeze Frame! in her inventory when she has the ball, switch
  to a fast character and stay away from her, so that you can run up to her and
  hit her after she has used it.
  Peach may not be your best choice, because her Super Ability is somewhat
  difficult to use, not to mention a playmaker leading the charge is not always

Type: Power
Team colors: Yellow (Alt: Purple)
Deke: Chest pound (knocks away close opponents)
Super Ability: Thunder Wham! Jumps up and slams the ground to knock away
  anybody nearby.
  If you get lucky with Thunder Wham!, you may get a Mega Strike chance.
  See Peach's.
  Power characters make good captains, it seems, though his Super Ability is
  only so-so.

Type: Offensive
Team colors: Yellow
Deke: Butt smash!
Super Ability: Gas Mask! Wario farts, messing up the controls of anybody caught
  in the green gas. He has a lot of "fart power", and you can save some for
  whenever you want.
  If you manage to mess up everybody's controls, do a MegaStrike while they're
  The controls are reversed when you've been hit by the fart, so with some
  practice you can master it.
  A pretty great captain, as his Super Ability is bound to mess heavily with
  inexperienced players and easy computer players. One of my favorites.
  If you can't get the hang of burning other players, go for the goalie. When
  burnt, he can only do rebounds, increasing your chance of scoring.
  Hit Bowser from behind before he can turn around and harm you with fire.
  My personal favorite captain; as a power player he is great in the front,
  and his Super is both fun to use and very effective.

Type: Defensive
Team colors: Purple
Deke: Teleport
Super Ability: Wall-Luigi! Creates a wall wherever he goes, which can be used
  to trap others or defend himself.
  You can teleport into the goal using the deke. Using his Wall-Luigi!, you can
  close yourself up in a corner and perform a Mega Strike while your opponents
  watch helplessly.
  If he gets a Wall-Luigi! (it's not even rare at all), keep a good eye out for
  him. Just don't let him get alone with the ball!
  He may not do well in the front, but his great Super Ability makes up for it,
  if you use it well. Also he's hilarious.

Type: Defensive
Team colors: Orange (Alt: Teal)
Deke: Teleport
Super Ability: Crystal Smash! A lot of crystals pop up from the ground and
  knock away nearby players.
  See DK's.
  See DK's.
  Not a terribly good captain. In any case, I would pick Waluigi above her due
  to his great Super Ability.

Bowser Jr. (Unlocked by beating him in the Fire Cup)
Type: Offensive
Team colors: Orange (Alt: Yellow)
Deke: Ground pound
Super Ability: Sonic Roar! Bowser Jr. roars, sending a soundwave in a straight
  line that shrinks enemies.
  Nothing in particular.
  If you get hit by the Sonic Roar!, don't worry, you can still do anything,
  you're just small and slower.
  His Super Ability is one of the least useful in the game. Still, he's not bad

Diddy Kong (Unlocked by beating him in the Crystal Cup)
Type: Playmaker
Team colors: Yellow (Alt: Purple)
Deke: Jump
Super Ability: Red Card! A tractor beam steals some players and keeps them
  away from the field for a long time.
  Jumping over the goalie, and using the Super Ability to get a good
  MegaStrike chance.
  Keep your distance when he gets his Super Ability, or it's going to cost
  His Super Ability is very good, as the lack of a player can severely hinder
  the other team.

Petey Piranha (Unlocked by beating him in the Striker Cup)
Type: Power
Team colors: Red (Alt: Yellow)
Deke: Shakes his head, hurting anyone who touches him
Super Ability: Mud Slinger! Spits mud on the field, which anybody will walk
  slowly in. He has a meter for how much of it he can use.
  His Mud Slinger! can be used for a Mega Strike chance...
  ...But it's pretty easy to avoid as well.
  A good choice, given that power characters are great in front. I'd pick
  Bowser over him though.

S I D E K I C K S /
While the sidekicks can't use the all-powerful Mega Strike, they still have
some special skills. Pick your sidekicks wisely and find a combination you

Koopa Troopa
Type: Balanced
Deke: Short dodge
Skillshot: Shell Smash - Shoots a huge metal shell at the goalie, stunning him.
  Use the Shell Smash as an opener for an easy goal. If you can get to the ball.
  Run for the ball after he's used his Skillshot, and get it away from your
  A decent character by all means, but if you're going to have a Balanced
  sidekick, Shy Guy is better.

Shy Guy
Type: Balanced
Deke: Short dodge
Skillshot: Bullet Bill Blast - Rides a Bullet Bill to the goal, which explodes
  when it hits something (preferrably the goalie). The explosion knocks out
  everyone nearby, including himself.
  Have another player nearby to take over after he uses his Skillshot. Or wait
  for Shy Guy to wake up; he can make it in tim etoo.
  When he starts his Skillshot, keep your distance, then run for the ball when
  everybody else is knocked out.
  One of my favorites, he will fit any position on any team. Thanks to his
  great Skillshot he's definitely better than Koopa.

Type: Playmaker
Deke: Jump
Skillshot: Fire Meteor - Shoots a fireball at the goalie. If he's hit, he'll be
  unable to hold the ball for a while.
  Jumping over the goalie (See [gent]).
  Go get the ball as soon as possible if he hits with Fire Meteor.
  A useful sidekick, though his Skillshot is not very good. It's better than
  Boo's, though.

Type: Playmaker
Deke: Short teleport
Skillshot: [Unnamed] - Becomes invisible and flies through the goalie, then
  See [gent] for a neat trick. Don't bother with his Skillshot.
  Nothing in particular.
  He has a weak deke, and a useless Skillshot. Definitely the worst Playmaker.

Type: Power
Deke: Spins around and damages players that touch her
Skillshot: Extreme Egg - Fires an unstoppable egg at the goal, knocking down
  Kritter and going straight into the goal, unless it hits a player on the
  Her deke is fairly good for self-defense when attempting a Skillshot.
  Stop the Skillshot by standing in the path of the egg.
  Birdo is a great character thanks to her good deke and very dangerous

Monty Mole
Type: Power
Deke: Burrows underground and pops up again
Skillshot: Dirt Drill - Digs a tunnel towards the goal, then pops up and
  shoots. Can knock out Kritter if you gauge the distance well.
  Learn to use Dirt Drill, and it could be a fairly decent tactic.
  Nothing in particular.
  His deke is not as good as Birdo's, nor is his Skillshot. Thus, you should
  probably pick her instead. Still, he's not bad.

Hammer Bros.
Type: Offensive
Deke: Slams a hammer into the ground, stuns opponents
Skillshot: Jumps into the air, throws hammers and shoots the ball. If he's
  close enough to hit Kritter with a hammer, it's a near-guaranteed goal.
  His deke is extremely good for self-defense, allowing some easy Skillshot
  See General Tactics [gent] for tips on how to avoid excessive deking.
  He has the best offensive deke in the game, and his Skillshot is also very
  powerful. He is a fantastic asset to your team.

Dry Bones
Type: Defensive
Deke: Teleport
Skillshot: Shocker - Shoots an electrified ball at the goalie. If it hits, it
  leaves the goal open for a few seconds, and the ball is returned to Dry
  Teleporting into the goal (See [gent]).
  If he uses Shocker, try to hit him before the ball returns to him.
  As a defensive sidekick, he is incredibly useful, especially when placed in
  the back. In addition, his Skillshot is very good - if it hits, it's an easy
  goal! Highly recommended for all teams.

G O A L K E E P E R S /
Goalkeeper, goalie, keeper, I'm not really sure which word I should be using.
Either way, there is only one of them.

Kritter can survive normal items and attacks from opponents, but different
Skillshots can electrocute, stun, or burn him, or knock him out. He can only be
controlled when he has the ball, so the AI does all the goalkeeping for you.
Be sure not to approach the opponent's Kritter - he'll knock you out and steal
the ball!
[stad]                          S T A D I U M S
This game contains the seven old stadiums from Mario Smash Football (Super
Mario Strikers), as well as ten new ones.
N E W   S T A D I U M S /
The Vice
A regular field. Doesn't look very well kept, but hey, what were you expecting?

Thunder Island
Some sort of plateu in the middle of the ocean, on a stormy night. This field
has no electric fence, so players can fall right off the edge, and they take a
while to return! In addition, obstacles are blown across the screen. Touch
them, and you'll be knocked into the water. The wind also blows the ball around
sometimes. Knocking players off the edge with a big hit is a dirty but very
valid tactic.

The Sand Tomb
A sandy field. The edges are covered in sand, making you run very slowly, and
the middle has Thwomps trying to crush you. This stadium can be very difficult
to play on.

The Classroom
Used for practicing in Strikers ABC. It has no hazards, but looks pretty cool.

The Lava Pit
A rocky stadium in a lava pit. Sometimes, fireballs land on the ground,
creating a circle of fire that will hurt anybody that touches it. If the ball
touches fire, it will bounce off.

Win the Fire Cup to unlock for Domination Mode

The Wastelands
A very slippery stadium. Lightning sometimes strikes. When this happens, it will
first strike twice in random locations, before it hits the ball on the third
strike. Make sure not to be touching the ball when this happens! Kritter is also
vulnerable to lightning, which you can use to your advantage by "giving" him the
ball just before lightning strikes it.

Earn the Brick Wall and the Golden Foot Awards in the Fire Cup to unlock for
Domination Mode

Crystal Canyon
A stadium in the middle of a canyon of some sort. It's pretty normal, except
at the start of a match (and after every goal), one or two players on each
team will be temporarily removed, making for some interesting matchups.

Win the Crystal Cup to unlock for Domination Mode

The Dump
A rainy field where brown... material is running down towards the middle. This
hinders movement somewhat.

Earn the Brick Wall and the Golden Foot Awards in the Crystal Cup to unlock
for Domination Mode

Stormship Stadium
A stadium on a flying ship. It tilts in the direction of wherever there is an
"overweight" of players. Lightning sometimes strikes the middle and travels
down the paths on the field. Just do your best to avoid the middle and the
lightning's paths.

Win the Striker Cup to unlock for Domination Mode

Galactic Stadium
A stadium in space. Somehow. There are no hazards.

Earn the Brick Wall and the Golden Foot Awards in the Striker Cup to unlock
for Domination Mode

C L A S S I C S /
Bowser Stadium
Bowser's blue stadium flying around at an extremly high speed. In space.
Notably devoid of lava.

The Battle Dome
A metallic stadium, located in Bowser's Castle (According to Mario Smash

Konga Coliseum
A wooden stadium somewhere in the jungle.

Crater Field
This big crater on Yoshi's Island (again, according to Smash Football) is used
as a grassy stadium.

The Palace
The very first stadium of Mario Smash Football, looking a bit like a palace.

Pipeline Central
According to the game's website, this was built for Mario and Luigi and is
located in the sky. It seems to be raining slightly at times.

The Underground
Also according to said website, this stadium was built by Wario and Waluigi.
It seems to have received some graphical updates for some reason.

[item]                         P O W E R - U P S
Power-ups - they give you huge goal opportunities. They can be gained by
getting an innocent player hit (by innocent, I mean not carrying the ball) or
by sending a well charged ball towards the goal. Use them by pressing C, and
shake the nunchuck to switch between the two you can carry at a time.
Note: The ratings are based on my opinion.

Rating: [xxx--]
They come as one, or in bunches of three or five. Throw them on the ground, and
they will make other players slip and fall. They're placed in a random
TIP: Use bananas to block yourself in a corner, where you can use a MegaStrike
or Skillshot. They can also block Birdo's Extreme Egg.
(Sumbitted by "JKill09")

Green Shells
Rating: [xxx--]
These will be fired in one direction and bounce of walls. They aren't very
effective at long range, but if you can get close to someone, you can fire
those at them, giving you a chance for a good charged shot. They break when
they hit players. Green Shells come in giant versions, which won't break when
they hit someone.

Red Shells
Rating: [xxx--]
They will track down and follow random nearby players, knocking them down like
Green Shells. They can be a bit random at times, though, becuase they may as
well hit your teammates. Their huge counterparts are to the small Red Sheels,
what the Giant Green Shells are to the small Green Shells.

Blue Shells
Rating: [xxxx-]
Those are worth their weight in gold, because they freeze the players they hit
for a pretty long time, giving you a huge chance for a Skillshot, a Mega Strike
or at least a fully charged shot. These also have huge counterparts, and
they're no different from the other huge ones.

Spiny Shells
Rating: [xxxx-]
These are basically Green Shells, but they won't break very easily at all. Very
good if you want to cause some random chaos. Also come in giant versions.

Rating: [xxx--]
Fall in a line from the sky, where they get stuck in the ground before
exploding. They usually land next to the player with the ball (or sometimes
another player, for some reason). They come in giant size as well, which cause
a bigger explosion.

Rating: [xx---]
This makes you grow slightly in size (which makes no difference), and you'll
become faster. The most common item, which is pretty useless unless you've just
got to chase someone. It can help you get alone so you can use a Skillshot or
something, but it's rare that this actually works.

Rating: [xxxxx]
This one makes you invincible for a short time. If you use it strategically, it
can lead to some guaranteed goals. For example, you can start a MegaStrike,
then activate the star when someone comes close to you.

Chain Chomp
Usefulness: Rating: [xxxx-]
An item that usually only appears when you are at a huge disadvantage. The
Chain Chomp will drop onto the field and run around attacking opponents... and
your players too, if they get in the way. It can be unpredictable and run off
in some odd direction, though.

Super Abilities
These come in item forms. They're the captains' super powerful abilities. You
can read more about them in the Characters [char] section. The icon is the face
of you captain.

[chts]                            C H E A T S
The cheats are unlocked by beating challenges in the Striker Challenges mode.
They can be used in Domination Mode as well as when playing online against
friends. You can turn on cheats on the Settings screen before a match.

Classic Mode
Removes MegaStrikes and Skillshots.
Unlock: Beat Mario's Striker Challenge

Safe MegaStrike
Only Kritter can stop the Mega Strike. In other words, you cannot knock down
somebody who is trying to initiate a MegaStrike.
Unlock: Beat Luigi's Striker Challenge

Super Captain
Every power up you receive is you captain's Super Ability.
Unlock: Beat DK's Striker Challenge

High Voltage
When players get too close to the electric fence, they'll get shocked (which
normally happens only when they're knocked into it).
Unlock: Beat Peach's Striker Challenge

Devasting Hits
All characters get the hitting strenght of a Power character.
Unlock: Beat Daisy's Striker Challenge

No Power Ups
Removes all power-ups, meaning the game will be based only on skill. This can
be abused, though, because that means no penalties for hitting players that
don't have the ball!
Unlock: Beat Wario's Striker Challenge

Secure Stadia
Special stadium effects, like the fireballs in the Lava Pit or the farm
equipment blowing around on Thunder Island, are turned off, making any stadium
(somewhat) more safe to play in.
Unlock: Beat Waluigi's Striker Challenge

Power Shortage
The electric fence doesn't function, meaning that nobody will be hurt by it.
Unlock: Beat Yoshi's Striker Challenge

Field Tilt
The field will tilt a bit towards the leading team whenever a goal is scored.
Unlock: Beat Bowser's Striker Challenge

Always White Ball
The ball will always be white, meaning that there's no need for charging it up
- just shoot and score!
Unlock: Beat Petey's Striker Challenge

Always Sidekick Skillshot
Any shot made by a sidekick will be a Skillshot, giving you huge scoring
chances constantly!
Unlock: Beat Bowser Jr.'s Striker Challenge

Custom Power-ups and Infinite Power-ups
This lets you customise the power-ups that will be used in the match, and/or
let you turn on infinite power-ups, meaning you'll constantly gain new ones.
Unlock: Beat Diddy's Striker Challenge

                                  P a r t   2
                                  G U I D E S
This section has some guides for general gameplay as well as some of the parts
of the game that call for it - namely, the cup and challenge modes. I also
threw in a little unlock list.

[gent]                   G E N E R A L   T A C T I C S
This section contains some tactics that you should know, as well as some that
are a bit harder to master.

A powerful move that can launch 3-6 balls at the goal at once. Each captain can
do a MegaStrike by holding B until the meter appears. Then, press B to stop the
needle in a colored area to determine how many balls you will get. Press B once
more to stop the needle on its way back to determine the speed of the balls. If
you miss with the first needle, you will get 3 balls, and if you miss with the
second needle, your balls will be very slow.

TIP: Balanced captains have "normal" MegaStrike meters. Offensive/power
captains have meters that make it easier to get a lot of balls but more
difficult to get high speeds. Playmaker and defensive captains have a harder
time getting many balls, but an easier time making them go fast.

Stopping MegaStrikes
When defending against a successful MegaStrike, you have to point at the balls
that appear on the screen and press A to block/destroy them. All it takes to do
this well is to focus, and practice.

Lob Passing
Hold Z, and pass (by pressing A). Not to be underestimated!

Intercepting passes
Slide tackle onto the ball as it's on its way to the receiver, and you will gain
control of the ball!

Intercepting lob passes
During a lob pass, a circle marker appears where the ball is going to land. To
intercept it, position yourself in the circle and press A to pass the ball away
from the receiver, or B to kick it away. Don't press A too early, or you may
accidentally switch players.

One-timers/touch passes
A "one-timer" is when a player shoots the ball the instant he/she receives it.
This can be done by pressing B after passing the ball, before it gets to the
receiver. One-timers seem to frequently pass by Kritter, so this is a good way
to score.

"Touch passes" are the same, but with passing instead of shooting. The strategy
is the same, just press A instead of B.

Charged Pass
Charge up the ball with B, as if you were shooting, but pass the ball before
the charge is completed. This is a very effective way of charging the ball, and
could also trick your opponent into thinking you're about to shoot.

Jumping Kritter
Can be performed with Peach, Diddy and Toad. To do this, you have to get close
to the goalkeeper. Just as he tries to attack you, jump over him and shoot the
ball as fast as possible (or run into the goal, if you feel like showing off).
Requires some practice to get the timing down.

Teleportation Goal
Not too difficult, but requires a good opportunity. Can be performed with
Daisy, Waluigi and Dry Bones. The length of their teleport dekes vary depending
on the charge of the ball - a white ball can send you off a very good distance,
and it is possible to teleport straight through the goalkeeper. All you need to
do is get the ball up to a high charge, and then run straight at the goal and
teleport past Kritter. Just don't do it too close to the goal, or you may end
up somehow hitting the electric fence above the goal...

TIP: This can be done in the style of a Charged Pass; in other words, you can
stand still, charge the ball, then deke, for a really easy and effective
variation on this move!

Boo's Teleportation Goal
Boo's teleport is always very short, but his recovery time is fast. Thus, it is
possible to teleport through Kritter and immediately shoot. Hard to pull off,
but this might just make it worth for you to use Boo.

Offensive Deke Spamming/"Hammer Spamming"
A really scummy tactic, if you're into that sort of thing. Please don't use
this against human opponents. Anyway, the trick is simple: Keep attacking
your opponents with an offensive deke (Hammer Bros.' being the best), until
you've stunned all the opponents in the vicinity. You are then safe to use
a Skill Shot, or even pass to your captain for a MegaStrike. This also works
well with Birdo.

Countering Offensive Dekes
Wario, Bowser Jr., Hammer Bros., Bowser, DK, Petey, Birdo and Monty Mole are
able to use harmful dekes. You may face an opponent who "spams" these dekes,
the most common being Hammer Bros.' deke. To counter somebody spamming dekes,
don't get upset - instead, keep your head cool, and take control of a nearby
character (preferrably a hard hitter). Keep a distance that is great enough
that he won't be able to hit you, but close enough that you can hit him with
your big hit. Just time your hit right, and you should be able to deal with
this just fine.

Waste Time Like a Coward!
Hiding behind Kritter is a surprisingly effective way to waste time if you want
to defeat a really difficult computer opponent (please don't do this to real
opponents...) and you're afraid of losing your advantage. Kritter will knock
down anyone approaching you and will also pick up the ball if you lose it.
Combine this with an offensive deke, and you're set for a while.

[r2sc]           R O A D   T O   T H E   S T R I K E R   C U P
This mode is where you and your carefully picked team (fair warning: you can
at no point change your team makeup) must go through three cups - the Fire,
Crystal and Striker Cups - in order to achieve ultimate victory. Or something
like that.

G E N E R A L   C U P   I N F O /
All opponents are randomly selected, which means I can't give you any detailed

The cup starts off round robin-style, meaning you have to battle each team
once or twice, depending on the cup. In said stage, you get three points for
winning, two for winning in Sudden Death and zero for losing.

The x best players from the group stage advances to the knockout stage. Lose
once here and you're out - yes, you have to start over again!

Try to get as many goals and concede as few goals as you possibly can in the
group stage; if you get the record, you'll get a Brick Wall award (For
conceding the fewest goals) and/or a Golden Foot award (For scoring the most
goals). Get both in one cup, and a new stage is yours for use in Domination!
Beat the knockout stage, and another stage is yours!

After the cup is won, the champion will challenge you. Win and you can play
as him in Domination! Each cup has an initial champion, but after it's
beaten once, it will get a new champion.

Questions and Answers
Q: How do I change my team?
A: You have to start all over again, from the start of the Fire Cup.

Q: What happens if I turn off the Wii in the middle of a match?
A: That counts as a forfeit, which means you lose.

Q: If I lose even once in the knockout stage/champion match, will I get another
A: No.

Q: So I have to start Road to the Strikers Cup all over if that happens?"
A: No, you will start the current cup over.

Q: What's with the character images in the pre-match room?
A: They're actually part of the room you see in Hall of Fame - they're captain
   cards, which tell you about cheats you've unlocked.

Q: Once in a while, Striker Times pops up - does it mean anything?
A: Not really, it's just there for the sake of flavor, I suppose.

F I R E   C U P /
A very easy cup to start you off.
Initial champion: Bowser Jr.

Group Stage
There are 4 teams. You must play each team twice, resulting in 6 matches. The
top 2 teams advance to the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage
The knockout stage lasts for only 1 round.

Champion Match
3 series against the current champion.
This should require no explanation, as it's a very straight-forward match.

C R Y S T A L   C U P /
An intermediate cup. You might start to feel some pressure here.
Initial champion: Diddy Kong

Group Stage
There are 6 teams. You must play each team twice, resulting in 10 matches. The
top 4 teams advance to the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage
The knockout stage lasts for 2 rounds.

Champion Match
3 series against the current champion.
Watch out for Diddy Kong's Red Card move, as it'll remove players from your
team. As such, there is some luck involved in which players you are left with.
Either way, you can use this to your advantage by playing smart and knocking
out your opponents with power-ups, which is easy when there are so few
players on the field.

S T R I K E R   C U P /
A really, really hard cup. This game gets somewhat unfair at higher
difficulties, and this cup does not hesitate to show it.
Initial champion: Petey Piranha

Group Stage
There are 10 teams. You must play each team once, resulting in 9 matches. The
top 8 teams advance to the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage
The knockout stage lasts for 3 rounds.

Champion Match
3 series against the current champion.
This is an incredibly difficult match. Petey and his team seem to possess
lightning reflexes, to the point where their defense is going to cause you more
trouble than their offense. Because the stadium is completely hazard-free, I
can't give you any very specific strategies. All I can tell you is: Practice.
A lot. Good luck.

[chal]                 S T R I K E R   C H A L L E N G E S
These challenges range from really easy to devilishly hard. Your reward for
completing them is... one cheat per challenge. Some of them are pretty neat,

1/12 Mario: Till Sudden Death Do Us Part! (Novice)
You are Mario, you have a Monty Mole, a Toad and a Boo on your team. The
opposing team is DK with a Toad, a Birdo and a Hammer Bro. The objective is to
win in Sudden Death (which has already started), by scoring a single goal. DK
and his team should prove to be no challenge at all, so if you can't do it,
all you need is some basic practice.

2/12 Luigi: Sibling Rivalry! (Novice)
Things are looking bad for Luigi. As Luigi, you have two Koopas on your team,
but the last team member is missing! Mario, on the other hand, has a full team
with a Dry Bones, a Toad and a Monty Mole. You're also down by two goals,
meaning you must score at least three goals to win - and that's not counting
any possible goals Mario may get. Fortunately, Mario is no smarter than DK was
in the previous challenge, so if you can press in a Skillshot or a MegaStrike
(or even a normal shot, all your characters are decent at shooting) here and
there, you should do fine. And remember, your players are Balanced, so taking a
few normal charged shots might very well land you some goals.

3/12 DK: This Monkey Shines! (Professional)
You're DK with two Toads and a Boo, against Petey and his team in the Stormship
Stadium. You're three goals behind, so you have to score a minimum of four! Not
only that, but with one power captain and three playmakers, your team is pretty
unblalanced. I suggest that you use the Sidekicks to pass the ball around until
it's white, then give it to DK and try a shot. If that doesn't work, you don't
really have any good Skillshots to use, but if all hope is lost, try jumping
over the goalie with Toad - that will earn you some goals! (See General Tactics

4/12 Peach: Battle for the Crown! (Professional)
You are Peach with a Boo, a Koopa and a Shy Guy. You're playing against Daisy.
In this match, you have to beat Daisy by five goals. There's no doubt you need
to use at least one MegaStrike here - so be on the lookout for a Freeze Frame!
You can also rely a bit on Shy Guy and Koopa's Skillshots. At least you have a
well balanced team. The difficulty has ramped up quite a bit, so don't fret if
you need to retry a few times.

5/12 Daisy: Brick Wall Baby! (Superstar)
You - Daisy - have a team of one Toad, one Hammer Bros. and one Koopa. You're
against Waluigi with a Monty Mole, a Hammer Bro. and a Birdo. The objective is
to win without conceding a single goal! The bad news: It's in the Lava Pit, so
anything could happen to your precious players. If Waluigi scores, there's no
point in continuing, just quit and try again. But really, you should do just
fine, he's not that hard if you just practice. Also, remember that one goal is
enough - if you can do that, just go in defensive mode for the rest of the
match and try keeping the ball away from Waluigi. You could even look up the
General Tactics [gent] section for a special time-waster trick if you're having
lots of trouble.

6/12 Wario: A Stunning Situation! (Superstar)
Dry Bones, Birdo and Toad are on your team for this match. You're against Diddy
with a Hammer Bros., Koopa and a Monty Mole. The initial score is 2-2, and you
need to win. However, Kritter has some head problems and will get stunned very
easily. The goal is simply to win despite his problems. Just make sure you use
your teammates wisely, and this, too, will go well. Not a very hard challenge,
if you just make your opponents shoot as little as possible.

7/12 Waluigi: Three Goals Away! (Superstar)
Difficulty is starting to ramp up as Waluigi and his team of two Boos and a
Monty Mole have to win by three goals against Luigi and his two Dry Bones and
his Monty Mole. Your team also has a disadvantage - all players but Monty are
terrible at shooting. It's also hard to cheaply close yourself up in a corner
with Wall-Luigi here, because you're playing on Thunder Island, where you could
fall off if you try to do that. If you're good at goalie-jumping, you could
easily win with the Toads - if not, you simply have to practice to win. By the
way, your time is insanely short - so if you end up in Sudden Death, you'll
have to get three MegaStrike goals (that's actually most likely the best way to
do this!)

8/12 Yoshi: So Far Behind... (Legend)
Shamefully enough, I could never beat this challenge, but fortunately two great
readers submitted their strategies!

"In this one you have in your team a Koopa and two Hammer Bros, and you play
against Wario and three Dry Bones. the trick is to charge the ball and do a
high pass (Z+A). With this Wario´s team will hit you, usually giving you a
Star. Just pass the ball to Yoshi and use the Star immediately and try to do a
MegaStrike of 4 (you sure will be able to). Usually 2 will score, so, doing
this three times or more you will succes. Of course you can use your Hammer
Bros. to do a normal Skillshot with a white ball which will score for sure."
                                          From "uzamaki_henry" (Sligtly edited)

"For Yoshi's challenge, although I had to do it for hours and hours, I
completed it, but I can't guarantee it will work every time.
At the start, i deke down, staying close to the halfway line, for some reason
Wario doesn’t tackle if you go down there, so I can usually get a 4 ball
MegaStrike. If not, I charge and shoot, if you can shoot at the very bottom and
right on the halfway line, Kritter can’t save it, plus you get either Yoshi’s
Power up or a star. If you get Yoshi’s power up, flatten everyone else and make
a MegaStrike. If you get the star, start a 6 ball MegaStrike; but you usually
will only get one or two goals. There are rare instances where you get 4. Other
than that, Hammer Bros. can deke and skillshot; the only problem is that Wario
has 3 dry bones that almost always use their Skillshot/teleport and get a
                                        From "needtogetalife" (Slightly edited)

9/12 Bowser: Zero Tolerance! (Legend)
Dry Bones, Koopa and Boo - that's Bowser's team for this match, against Peach's
Toad, Monty and Birdo. The objective is, exactly like in Daisy's challenge, to
win without conceding a single goal. This is surprisingly easy! Just score a
goal quickly with whatever tactic you fancy, then slam on the defense and
you'll win without trying again once.

10/12 Petey: Tag Team Tussle! (Legend)
It's two on two, with Petey and a Monty and DK and a Toad. This really couldn't
be easier - two fewer players equal much worse defense. And with your two hard-
hitters, you can easily wipe away DK and Toad and win. There's not really much
to say about this, other than I suppose you should try not to let Toad get the
ball, since he can outrun you.

11/12 Bowser Jr.: Against All Odds! (MegaStriker)
You're Bowser Jr. with a team of one Koopa, one Hammer Bro. and one Dry Bones,
up against Bowser's team of three Toads. In this match, you don't get ANY power-
ups - but Bowser does! It sounds like Bowser's team is underpowered with those
Toads, but they know what they're doing! They're insane, jumping around
everywhere. With your extremly limited defense, getting control of the ball
isn't that easy either. But when you first have it, you should really try
teleporting into the goal as Dry Bones. Also, you should obviously make great
use of your two offensive players, Jr. and Hammer Bros. Note that the latter
player's deke rarely works against computer players (even on Novice level- and
this is MegaStriker!), so you shouldn't rely on that. What you need here is a
lot of luck - just hit away and pray that Bowser doesn't get his Super Ability,
because when he does (And trust me, sooner or later he WILL), all hell breaks
lose. Do not let him do a MegaStrike, because it's deadly - he'll always get
orange. I can't really give you any better strategies, because your team isn't
exactly better than "so-so", just practice a lot and you'll eventually win. 

12/12 Diddy Kong: Lucky Seven! (MegaStriker)
This is another challenge I didn't beat myself, but an awesome reader sent me

"For Diddy Kong's challenge, your key player should not actually be Diddy, but
your Dry Bones. Either of the two. Just make sure that at least one of them is
with you at all times. Since Dry Bones is the fastest character on the field in
this match, you should try to put as much space as you can manage between you
and your opponents while carrying the ball. You'll want to take a charge shot
at their goalie to get yourself an item. Almost any item will help you out, but
just give yourself enough room to launch his Skillshot. It's a guaranteed
goalie stunner, and if the opponents are far enough from you, it's a guaranteed

In the event that both of your Dry Bones are zapped before play starts, use
Diddy to run the ball into your own goal. As crazy as it may sound, it'll save
you time, and also will more than likely get you your Dry Bones back. Using Dry
Bones' Skillshot is way WAY more reliable than trying to use Diddy's
MegaStrike. In this match, the MegaStrike is way too difficult to set up, and
even more difficult to score with.

(Also, if time is running out and you've only gotten six goals, try to force a
tie before the clock winds down. You can buy yourself more time in sudden death
to get your last goal, rather than trying to score, missing and then having to
restart. You've got the fastest characters on the field, so if you've got 6 and
the opponent's a little behind, use either Dry Bones or Diddy to run the ball
into your net to tie it up.)"
                                                           From RicanPyroPrince

[unlc]                    U N L O C K I N G   G U I D E
Here's a quick guide on how to unlock everything in the game.

[ ] Bowser Jr.:    Defeat him in the Fire Cup.
[ ] Diddy Kong:    Defeat him in the Crystal Cup.
[ ] Petey Piranha: Defeat him in the Striker Cup.

Stadiums for Domination Mode
[ ] The Lava Pit:      Beat the Fire Cup.
[ ] Crystal Canyon:    Beat the Crystal Cup.
[ ] The Dump:          Earn Brick Wall and Golden Foot in Crystal Cup.
[ ] Stormship Stadium: Beat the Striker Cup.
[ ] Galactic Stadium:  Earn Brick Wall and Golden Foot in Striker Cup.

[ ] Classic Mode:              Beat Mario's challenge.
[ ] Safe MegaStrike:           Beat Luigi's challenge.
[ ] Super Captain:             Beat DK's challenge.
[ ] High Voltage:              Beat Peach's challenge.
[ ] Devastating Hits:          Beat Daisy's challenge.
[ ] No Power Ups:              Beat Wario's challenge.              
[ ] Secure Stadia:             Beat Waluigi's challenge.
[ ] Power Shortage:            Beat Yoshi's challenge.
[ ] Field Tilt:                Beat Bowser's challenge.
[ ] Always White Ball:         Beat Petey's challenge.
[ ] Always Sidekick Skillshot: Beat Bowser Jr.'s challenge.
[ ] Custom/Infinite Power-ups: Beat Diddy's challenge.

                                  P a r t   3
                               L A S T   G A S P
That's it, it's done. This was my first FAQ accepted by GameFAQs (I wrote one
on Mario Smash Football too, but it was atrocious), and as I rewrite this five
years later I'm still pretty proud of it. I know it's silly to take pride in
something like this, but hey, it was a big project. Anyway, I'm not going to
make this into an essay, so I'll wrap up for now and say good-bye and thank
you for the company.

[ulog]                        U P D A T E   L O G
07.05.07 | 0.1     | Made skeleton.
22.05.07 | 0.2     | General information added.
09.06.07 | 0.3     | MSFC has been released.
         |         | Minor updates.
10.06.07 | 0.4     | Submitted to GameFAQs.
12.06.07 | 0.5     | Finished Strikers ABC section.
13.06.07 | 0.6     | Updated Striker Challenges section.
21.06.07 | 0.7     | Updated Characters section.
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27.06.07 | 0.9     | Updated Striker Challenges section.
         |         | Added General Tactics section.
28.06.07 | 0.10    | Updated General Tactics section.
29.06.07 | 0.11    | Added contributor tips to Challenges section.
29.06.07 | 0.12    | Finished General Tactics section.
         |         | Added Nintendo WFC section.
         |         | Added contributor tip (Playmakers can pass during jumps).
01.07.07 | 0.13    | Added Cheats section.
         |         | Added Other Modes section.
15.07.07 | 1.0     | Finished Striker Cup section.
         |         | All base features completed!
15.07.07 | 1.1     | Formatting update.
09.08.07 | 1.2     | Minor updates.
10.08.07 | 1.3     | Added MegaStrikes tidbit.
         |         | Added Game Info section.
23.09.07 | 1.4     | Final version.
20.03.13 | 1.5     | Reduced rambling.
         |         | Removed useless sections and terrible attempts at humor.
         |         | Generally cleaned up stuff that is really embarrassing to
         |         | read over 4 years later. This is probably pointless, but
         |         | darn it, 16 year old me did not know how to write things.

[ctcp]               C O N T A C T   &   C O P Y R I G H T
You may contact me at: fredk222 (-at-) gmail (-dot-) com

Copyright information:
I don't care. Do what you want. Just don't be a jerk.

[ctcp]                           C R E D I T S
And finally, thanks a lot to...
- Super Mario Wiki for Skillshot names.
- Lots of GameFAQs users:
  - "needtogetalife" for tips on Yoshi's Striker Challenge.
  - "uzamaki_henry" for the same.
  - "dullflame" for a tip about midair passes.
  - "CaptainDrakesGhost" for a list of unlockables.
  - "Wiitendo64" for correcting my naming of one-timers/touch passes.
  - "RicanPyroPrince" for tips on Diddy's Striker Challenge.
  - "JKill09" for a tip about bananas.
  - Andrew, for some tips about stadiums and Yoshi's cheat.
- GameFAQs and GameFAQs' forums.
- You, my dear!

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