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General FAQs

  1. FAQ/Walkthrough by umbratile v.1.5, 02/20/2013, 56KB
  2. FAQ/Walkthrough (Incomplete) by bowser194 v.0.70, 08/23/2007, 48KB
  3. FAQ/Walkthrough (Incomplete) by gamecube master v.3.0, 08/10/2007, 42KB

In-Depth FAQs

  1. Extreme Difficulty Guide by Sturm_the_Dark HTML Highest Rated v.1.1, 06/23/2020, 164KB
  2. Item Guide by StressBot v.1.1, 07/19/2007, 31KB
  3. Map Guide by StarPaul00 v.1.0, 09/21/2007, 26KB
  4. Striker Cup/Challenge Guide by White_Pointer v.1.0, 09/05/2007, 35KB
  5. Trick Shot FAQ by titankratos v.1.40, 09/30/2007, 25KB
  6. Wifi Tactic Guide by shadowb0rn v.1.10, 09/18/2007, 66KB

Foreign Language FAQs

  1. FAQ/Strategy Guide (Spanish) by B.lu4R v.0.46, 08/06/2007, 63KB

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