1. Scott McFadyen Additional Music
  2. Davor Vulama Additional Music
  3. Jon Adkins Additional Work
  4. Robert Baxter Additional Work
  5. Duane Bieber Additional Work
  6. Steven Brekelmans Additional Work
  7. Barret Chapman Additional Work
  8. Harlan Galer Additional Work
  9. Brandon Gill Additional Work
  10. Aazim Khan Additional Work
  11. Dennis Pena Additional Work
  12. Jim Randall Additional Work
  13. Marcus Wild Additional Work
  14. Reece Mills Animation
  15. Aric Norine Animation
  16. Cai Wen Animation
  17. Marie Wyatt Animation
  18. Rob Willock Animation and Special Effects
  19. Kalvin Lyle Art Director
  20. Chad York Audio Director
  21. Chiko Bird Bilingual Product Specialist
  22. Scott Lube Lubker Character Modelling
  23. Darcy Patko Character Modelling
  24. Jonathan Yao Character Modelling
  25. David Chambers Concept Art
  26. Nigel Quarless Concept Art
  27. Yuji Ichijo Coordination
  28. Toshihiko Okamoto Coordination
  29. Akiya Sakamoto Coordination
  30. Anthony Leonati Environment Art
  31. Kate Liu Environment Art
  32. Adam Munton Environment Art
  33. Satoru Iwata Executive Producer
  34. Neil Singh Front End Design and Art
  35. Chris Cleroux Game Design
  36. Matt McTavish Game Design
  37. Mike Inglehart Game Director
  38. Shigehisa Nakaue Illustration
  39. Masanori Sato Illustration
  40. Ryusuke Yoshida Illustration
  41. Yusuke Nakano Illustration Supervisor
  42. Kanae Kobata In-Game Graphic Supervisor
  43. Tsuyoshi Watanabe In-Game Graphic Supervisor
  44. Takumia Kawagoe Intro Movie Supervisor
  45. Mike Peacock Music Composition
  46. Darren Radtke Music Composition
  47. Chad York Music Composition
  48. Shigeru Miyamoto Producer
  49. Kensuke Tanabe Producer
  50. Ken Yeeloy Producer
  51. Mike Cline Programming
  52. Mike Vlad Cora Programming
  53. Ryan Dyck Programming
  54. Andrew Grieve Programming
  55. Keith Hentschel Programming
  56. Bryce Holliday Programming
  57. Tim Jennison Programming
  58. Jonathan Kift Programming
  59. Kris Lang Programming
  60. Ivan Sergeyenko Programming
  61. Gary Shaw Programming
  62. Tedd Streibel Programming
  63. Hewan Woolley Programming
  64. Jason Wylie Programming
  65. Jack Yee Programming
  66. Chris Cleroux QA Team Lead
  67. Simon Delaat Sound Design
  68. Scoot McFadyen Sound Design
  69. Brett Gow Supervisor
  70. Shigeru Miyamoto Supervisor
  71. Jeremy Kersey Technical Art Lead
  72. David Catlin Technical Director
  73. Norihito Ito Technical Support
  74. Akira Kinashi Technical Support
  75. Scott Burns Voice
  76. Sam Kelly Voice

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