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FAQ/Walkthrough by gondee

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/25/07

                                                                       @@@W@@ @
                                                                  @@@@@@#    @@
                                                              @@@@@@@        @@
                                                          @@@@@@@            @@
         @@@@@@@@@@@@@@##@@                      @@@@@@@@@@@@                @@
       @@          @@@@@@@#@@@@                @@@@@@@@@                     @@
     @@W               @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@                          @@
     @@               @@@           @@W@@@@@@@@@     @                       @@
    @@               @@               @@@@@@@@@      @                       @@
   @@                @@              @      W@       @                       @@
   @@         @@@@@@@@             @@@             @                         @@
   @@#         @@@@@W*       @@@@@@@@@*           @                         @@
    W@#           W@W@         @@@@@@@@*         @                         @@
   @@@@@            @@@:         @@@@@@*       @                          W@
  @@   *@#              @          @@W@@       #                          @@
 W@      @@*              @          W@         @                        W@
@@         @@@             *@                    W                     @@@
@@           *@@             :@            @      @                   @@@
@@@             *# ,          @,          W@@@     @@@@@            ,@@@@
 @@WW                                    W@@@@@  @@@@@@@@@@@       @@@@@
  +@@@@                               @@W@@@@@WW@@@      +@@@:   @@@@@
     @@@@@             @@@@@:,      @@W@@@@@@  @  @   W, .W@@@@#@@W
    +@@@W@@          @@@@@@@@@@@@:...@@@  W    @  @:     *@@@@@@@@
         @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@#@@@@@@   ,    @   @  @  @@   @  @@@@@
            @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  ,,@   @@   @  @  @@  :@  W@@
                              #|@@@:   @@   @,    @@  .@@  @@ 
                               @@W     @*   ,,@@@@@@WW@@@@@@@
                               #@@  .: @@,   @@@@@W@@@@@@@
                                @@  ,W   .  ,@@@@@@@@@
                                @@       @@@@@@@@
                              @@@@@     :@@@@@@
                             @@@*    ,@@@@@@
                               @@  @@@@@@

                         SSX Blur Complete FAQ
                         Version 1.0 (6.25.07)
                          Compiled by gondee

        | Advice by members of the Merqurycity.com and Gamefaqs.com |
        |         Message Boards and Internet contributors:         |
        |  gondee, yako591, Deaddster, vix, Dominik Buhler          | 

If you are an author listed on this FAQ, and you want me to remove your
submission, just e-mail me: gondee6@yahoo.com.

Version Details
~ Version 1.0 - Finished up ALL the challenge guides, including all the 1-on-1
Character challenges. Added a Happiness Freestyle guide. Also removed the
scoreboard section as it seemed like filler to me. The guide is officially 
complete and for all intents, finished. Woohoo!

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS
Note: To find a particular section, copy the bracketed words [these]
into the "Find" command of your browser and you will jump directly to
that section.

Prelim: Introduction
   a. FAQ Introduction                            [PrelimIntro]
   b. Is this official?                           [PrelimOfficial]
   c. Submission Policy                           [PrelimSubmit]

1. Control System/Game Overview                   [ControlSysStart]
   a. General Overview                            [ControlOverview]
   b. Control Specifics                           [ControlSpecifix]
   c. Mode Explanation                            [ControlMdXplain]
   d. Frequently Asked Questions                  [ControlFAQBlur]

2. Walkthroughs                                   [BlurWalkthrus]
a. Medal Events                                   [BlurMedalListing]

   PEAK ONE                                       [PeakOneStart]

     Compilation                                  [CompTrackStart]
       Halfpipe                                   [CompHPStart]
       Slopestyle                                 [CompSSStart]

     Dysfunktion                                  [DysTrackStart]
        Halfpipe                                  [DysHPStart]

     Kick Doubt                                   [KDTrackStart]
        Slopestyle                                [KDSSStart]

     Wild Tree Fun                                [WTFTrackStart]
        Race                                      [WTFRaceStart]
        Slalom                                    [WTFSlalomStart]

     Snow Jam                                     [SnowJamTrackStart]
        Big Air                                   [SnowJamBigAirStart]
        Race                                      [SnowJamRaceStart]

   PEAK TWO                                       [PeakTwoStart]

     Between The Sheets                           [BTSTrackStart]
       Half Pipe                                  [BTSHPStart]
       Race                                       [BTSRaceStart]

     Happiness                                    [HappTrackStart]
       Race                                       [HappRaceStart]
       Slopestyle                                 [HappSSStart]

     Proud Powder                                 [PrdPwdrTrackStart]
       Slalom                                     [PrdPwdrSlalStart]
       Slopestyle                                 [PrdPwdrSSStart]

     Spring Break                                 [SprgBrkTrackStart]
       Big Air                                    [SprgBrkBAStart]
       Race                                       [SprgBrkRaceStart]

   PEAK THREE                                     [PeakThreeStart]

     Ruthless                                     [RuthTrackStart]
       Race                                       [RuthRaceStart]
       Slalom                                     [RuthSlalomStart]

     History Lesson                               [HisLesTrackStart]
       Halfpipe                                   [HisLesHPStart]
       Slopestyle                                 [HisLesSSStart]

     On The Rocks                                 [OTRTrackStart]
       Big Air                                    [OTRBAStart]
       Race                                       [OTRRaceStart]

b. Tournaments                                    [BlurTourneyListing]
     Tournament #1 - Fresh Powder Open            [BlurTourney1]
     Tournament #2 - Yeti's Footsteps             [BlurTourney2]
     Tournament #3 - Amateur Challenge            [BlurTourney3]
     Tournament #4 - Eagle's Nest Xtreme          [BlurTourney4]
     Tournament #5 - Slopestyle Shenanigans       [BlurTourney5]
     Tournament #6 - Big Air Broadcast            [BlurTourney6]
     Tournament #7 - Halfpipe Heyday              [BlurTourney7]
     Tournament #8 - Rat Races                    [BlurTourney8]
     Tournament #9 - Old School Pro Tour          [BlurTourney9]
     Tournament #10 - Magnum Opus                 [BlurTourney10]
     Tournament #11 - The "Ultra-Super-Secret     [BlurTourney11]
                       Platinum Tour" 

c. Challenges                                     [BlurChallListing]

   PEAK ONE                                       [PeakOneChallStart]

     Compilation                                  [CompChallStart]
       Only spend 45 seconds on the ground        [Comp45SecStart]
       Grind 300m                                 [Comp300MStart]

     Kick Doubt                                   [KDChallStart]
       Throw snowballs at 15 yetis                [KDYetiStart]
       Get 110,000 points                         [KD110KStart]

     Wild Tree Fun                                [WTFChallStart]
       Get 120,000 points                         [WTF120KStart]
       Knock over 12 gates                        [WTFGateStart]

     Snow Jam                                     [SnowJamChallStart]
       Get 135,000 points                         [SnowJam135KStart]
       Collect 15 stars                           [SnowJam15StarStart]

   PEAK TWO                                       [PeakTwoChallStart]

     Between The Sheets                           [BTSChallStart]
       Grind 450m                                 [BTS450MStart]
       Get 500,000 points                         [BTS500KStart]

     Happiness                                    [HappChallStart]
       Maintain groove level 3 or higher          [HappGroovStart]
       Get 55 seconds of air                      [Happ55secStart]
       Do 5 ubers                                 [Happ5UberStart]

     Proud Powder                                 [PrdPwdrChallStart]
       Go through 8 rings                         [PrdPwdr8ringStart] 
       Throw snowballs at 10 yetis                [PrdPwdr10YetiStart]

     Spring Break                                 [SprgBrkChallStart]
       Go through 9 rings                         [SprgBrk9RingStart]

   PEAK THREE                                     [PeakThreeChallStart]

     Ruthless                                     [RuthChallStart]
       Get 300,000 points                         [Ruth300KStart]
       Go through 17 rings                        [Ruth17RingsStart]

     History Lesson                               [HisLesChallStart]
       Do 15 ubers                                [HisLes15UberStart]
       Throw snowballs at 10 yetis                [HisLes10YetiStart]
     On The Rocks                                 [OTRChallStart]
       Grab 20 stars                              [OTR20StarStart]

   1 ON 1 Challenges                              [1on1ChallStart]

     Griff: Peak 1 - Compilation                  [1on1ChallGriff]
     Mac: Peak 1 - Kick Doubt                     [1on1ChallMac]
     Felix: Peak 1 - Wild Tree Fun                [1on1ChallFelix]
     Maya: Peak 1 - Snow Jam                      [1on1ChallMaya]

     Skye: Peak 2 - Between The Sheets            [1on1ChallSkye]
     Kaori: Peak 2 - Happiness                    [1on1ChallKaori]
     Allegra: Peak 2 - Proud Powder               [1on1ChallAllegra]
     JP: Peak 2 - Spring Break                    [1on1ChallJP]
     Elise: Peak 2 - Spring Break                 [1on1ChallElise]

     Psymon: Peak 3 - Ruthless                    [1on1ChallPsymon]
     Zoe: Peak 3 - History Lesson                 [1on1ChallZoe]
     Moby: Peak 3 - On The Rocks                  [1on1ChallMoby]

d. Frequently Asked Questions                     [EventsFAQBlur]

3. Gameplay Techniques                            [GameplayTechStart]
   a. In-Depth Uber Trick Section                 [GameplayUberDepth]
   b. Grabs and other Minutae                     [GameplayUber]
   c. Attributes                                  [GameplayAttributes]   
   d. Handplants and Board Presses                [GameplayHandplant]
   e. Groove Meter Details                        [GameplayBoost]
   f. Manual Reset/Crash Recovery                 [GameplayManCrash]
   g. Bonus Icons                                 [GameplayBonus]
   h. Advanced Techniques                         [GameplayAdvanced]
   i. Frequently Asked Questions                  [GameplayFAQ]

4. Collection                                     [CollectStart]
   a. Uber Icons                                  [CollectUberIcon]

5. ***SPOILERS*** (Secret Characters, etc.)       [SpoilerStart]
   a. Cheat Codes                                 [SpoilerCheatCode]
   b. Secret Characters                           [SpoilerSecretChar]
   c. Completion Rewards                          [SpoilerCompRew]
   d. Frequently Asked Questions                  [SpoilerFAQ]   

6. Characters                                     [CharacterStart]
   a. Character Bios                              [CharacterBio]
      Allegra                                     [BioAllegra]
      Elise                                       [BioElise]
      Felix                                       [BioFelix]
      Griff                                       [BioGriff]
      JP                                          [BioJP]
      Kaori                                       [BioKaori]
      Mac                                         [BioMac]
      Maya                                        [BioMaya]
      Moby                                        [BioMoby]
      Psymon                                      [BioPsymon]
      Skye                                        [BioSkye]
      Zoe                                         [BioZoe]
   b. Frequently Asked Questions                  [CharacterFAQ]

7. Various Details                                [DetailsStart]
   a. Music                                       [DetailsMusic]
   b. Various Trivia                              [DetailsTrivia]
   c. Frequently Asked Questions                  [DetailsFAQ]

8. Epilogue: Assorted Details                     [EpilogueStart]
   a. Legal                                       [EpilogueLegal]
   b. Thanks and Credit                           [EpilogueThanks]
   c. Contributors Section                        [EpilogueContrib]


a. FAQ Introduction                                               [PrelimIntro]
SSX Blur is the fifth version of the SSX Snowboarding series for the Nintendo
Wii. It is the first game to come out for the next gen systems and features an
all new control scheme that is drastically different than any other previous 
system. This guide will attempt to provide some instruction on how to use the
Wiimote and Nunchuk to full advantage. 

b. Is this guide official?                                     [PrelimOfficial]
No it is not. This guide is created by fans for fans to provide information 
to help you master SSX Blur. This guide comes from various 
sources across the internet, but primarily it is published as a labor of love
from the great SSX fans on the Internet. 

I will always attempt to validate any info here, but as with any FAQ, there can
be errors. If you would like to report an error, please read the submission
policy in the next section.

c. Submission Policy                                             [PrelimSubmit]
This guide is going to encompass hours of work and lots of people. 
If you want to be one of the people who help contribute to the Complete SSX 
Blur FAQ, please let me know: gondee6@yahoo.com. I will gladly take any 
submissions you can give me, but don't forget to take a look at the Version 
Info and Table of Contents to get a good idea of what I'm looking for.

All authors will recieve an author credit as well as a short bio in the
"Contributors Section" at the end of this guide. See my other FAQS to get a
good idea of what this entails.

Please note that I reserve the right to edit any submissions for punctuation,
grammar and spelling, in order to make the guide the best and most readable
it can be. This doesn't entail altering the guides in any editorial way,
however. As author, what you have written is yours. However, as compiler I
also have the responsibility to keep this guide streamlined, and this includes
the right to remove those parts of the guide that are obsolete or incorrect.
For the most part, however, your work will remain in the guide "as is" and
complete, for good.

Send any submissions to gondee6@yahoo.com. Thanks!

                SECTION ONE: CONTROL SYSTEM                  [ControlSysStart]
The control system in SSX Blur is completely different from any other SSX 
game in the entire series. It takes advantage of the Wiimote and Nunchuk
in innovative ways which can, for even the most experienced SSX player, be
like learning to walk again. 

There are two veins in which the controls for SSX Blur can be divided. The 
first is the "On The Ground" controls, which are primarily relegated to the 
Nunchuk. Second is the "In The Air" controls, which mostly involve the Wiimote.

a. General Overview                                          [ControlOverview]

                       ON THE GROUND - SNOWBOARDING
   ACTION                                        WII COMMAND
Turn left/right        Rotate Nunchuk Left/Right 

Turn SHARP left/right  Rotate Nunchuk Left/Right + Hold Analog Stick same 
                          direction as nunchuk

Build Speed            Hold Up on the Nunchuk Analog Stick

Slow Down              Tilt the Nunchuk Up and/or Hold Analog Stick Down

Jump                   Flick Nunchuk Up OR tap the A button

Use Boost              Z button 

Board Press (Nose)     Hold C on the Nunchuk and Hold Analog Stick Up 

Board Press (Tail)     Hold C on the Nunchuk and Hold Analog Stick Down 

Handplant              A + B button

Throw Snowballs        Hold B and flick the nunchuk forward

                       ON THE GROUND - SKIING
   ACTION                                        WII COMMAND
Turn left/right        Rotate Nunchuk Left/Right 

Build Speed            Hold Up on the Nunchuk Analog Stick

Slow Down              Tilt the Nunchuk Up and/or Hold Analog Stick Down

Jump                   Flick Nunchuk Up OR tap the A button

Use Boost              Z button 

Pivot                  C button - (Pivot switches your stance 
                       from forward/backward and counts as a trick worth 140.)

Tail Press             Hold C on the Nunchuk (momentary, always switches to 

Handplant              A + B button

                       IN THE AIR
   ACTION                                        WII COMMAND
Do a Grab              Hold Z button + tilt the nunchuk left/right/forward/back

Tweak a Grab           Press and hold a grab, then push the Analog Stick

Do a forward flip      Flick Wiimote downward

Do a backward flip     Flick Wiimote upward

Do a spin              Flick Wiimote to the side (left/right) 

Handplant              Press A + B 

Do an Uber Trick       When you're in the air, press and HOLD the A button 
                       while you draw the shape of that particular uber. See
                       Ubertricks section for more information on how to do
                       particular ubers. 

                        MISCELLANEOUS ACTIONS
   ACTION                                        WII COMMAND

Reset Boarder           - button

Pause Game              + button

Wipeout Recovery        Shake both the wiimote and nunchuk up/down in 
                        opposite directions

b. Control Specifics                                         [ControlSpecifix]
The control scheme in SSX Blur is the source of some controversy. Some people
love it and say it has reinvigorated the franchise, while others have said the
controls are unresponsive and hard to control at times. However you feel about
it, there are plenty of changes you can make to the control scheme should you
not like any particular aspect of the control system. 

1. Options Menu - In the option menu you can alter the relationship of turning
between the Nunchuk and the Analog stick. The default is to leave the majority
of turning up to the Nunchuk, but if you like, you can change it so that your
turning is done entirely by the Analog stick. 

2. Leaving the Gate/Starting the Event - it doesn't say so in the guide, but
you should push UP on the Analog stick to leave the gate in racing or start
a freestyle event. 

3. To do a handplant you must be near a rail and hold down the A+B button. If
you are going too fast you may not be able to do one, so slow down if you'd
like to try one. You also use the handplant to switch between different areas
of superpipe, however, only Dysfunktion has extra pipes for you to switch to. 

c. Mode Explanation                                          [ControlMdXplain]
After you push the A button, you are taken to many different options: 

At the title screen there are several options (from right to left) 

QUICKPLAY:   Allows you to select a boarder, ski or board and track and play
             an event right away. It is important to remember that you can only 
             play events that you have UNLOCKED in CAREER mode. So if you are 
             wondering where a certain track is, play to at least Peak 3 in 
             CAREER mode. 

             You can also view top scores on various tracks by clicking on 
             "Random Track", selecting a different track and pushing the 1
             button. This shows a top 10 scoreboard of the various tracks. 
             Why you can't select this in-game is beyond me, heheh. 

CAREER:      See the Career Mode section below for more info on Career Mode. 

MULTIPLAYER: This is where you go to play a quick event with multiple players
             or by yourself. Here you are given two options: 
             SPLITSCREEN: Play against 1 other person side-by-side at the 
                          same time. This requires 2 Wiimotes to be connected
                          to the Wii.

             HOTSEAT:     This is new to SSX, but basically it's a turn-based
                          event system where anywhere from 2-4 players can 
                          take turns on different events. It only requires 
                          one Wiimote. After selecting the number of players, 
                          you then pick which characters each player will use. 
                          Then you pick the event they will compete in. Each 
                          player will then have a go at the event, whoever 
                          scores best wins. 

TUTORIAL:     This is very important for EVERYONE to play, at least once. Even
              SSX veterans. Because the control system for SSX Blur is so new,
              take some time and master all the various challenges the Tutorial
              system throws at you, you'll thank yourself. 

OPTIONS:      This is where you can tweak all the settings for playing in SSX
              Blur. Take some time and go through this to be sure something 
              that bothers you can be changed: 

              CHEATS: This is where you enter the cheats to unlock various 
              rewards. You'll basically select letters from a set of "wheels". 
              Remember that all the cheats in the FAQ are CASE-SENSITIVE, 
              meaning you must input the letters exactly as they appear,
              paying attention to capitilization. 

              PROFILES: Want to start a new profile? You can do it here. You 
              can also select a new profile if you desire (up to 12 total). 
              If you've mastered a particular file, a small "wing" icon will 
              appear beside the profile name. 

              RESET: Resets all the settings back to default. 

              MUSIC VOL: Change the volume of the in-game music.

              DJ VOL: Change the volume of DJ Atomika's voice

              SFX VOL: Change the volume of the sound effects in the game

              HUD: Turn the "Heads Up Display" (HUD) in the game on or off. 
              If you don't like looking at the score, boost bar and other 
              information that clutters up the screen, turn it off here. 

              CONTROLS: Take a few minutes and check out all the small numbers
              here (highlight them and push A to view them.) As you select each
              one, a small animation showing the type of movement you must do 
              is displayed. 

              More importantly, pushing the "1" button here gives you a bar 
              that allows you to tweak the settings of your turning mechanism.
              Pushing the bar to either side allows you to tweak whether you 
              want to make turning rely on either the nunchuk, or the analog 
              stick on the nunchuk. Default relies mostly on the Nunchuk with
              sharp turns relying on the Analog stick. Tweak the setting to
              your desired sensitivity. Also keep this in mind if you are 
              having trouble in Slalom - tweaking these settings can improve
              your ability to navigate the twisting courses in that event. 

EXTRAS:       Allows you to view either the credits for SSX Blur or all the 
              reward concept art that you unlock through winning events in 
              Career mode. There are 34 pieces in all. 

                           CAREER MODE SPECIFICS
Here is where the magic happens. You pick a character and tackle the SSX Blur
mountain. Here is also where you earn points to power up your character and
unlock events for QuickPlay and Multiplayer modes. 

As you play in Career mode and pass Events and Tournaments, you'll earn 
points to put towards your character to power them up. You'll also unlock
snowboards and skis as you pass Challenges as well. 

Additionally, here is where you unlock Ubers by collecting Uber Icons in 
Freeride, earn medals by competing in events and tackle the Tournaments that
allow you to progress to different peaks. In order to fully enjoy SSX Blur,
you should master at least one character in Career Mode. The Career Mode in 
SSX Blur is the main challenge of the game. It is where you unlock all the 
events for use in other modes, and all the rewards that you can view in the 
options screen. 

CHALLENGES are sort of like the BIG Challenges from SSX 3, in that they 
involvea wide variety of requirement-based missions, most of which are not
the typical "score the most points" or "race the fastest time" type 
challenges. These are things like "Get 45 seconds of Air" or "Grind 
300 Meters of Rails", and you must do these specific actions before 
you can pass the Challenge. Sometimes they will have time limits or 
point requirements, other times they will not. Most Challenges are pass/fail,
there is no "coming in second" on Challenges, you either pass them or you 
start them over until you fulfill the requirement. On each Challenge, we 
will list the requirement for you to fulfill before you pass the Challenge.
You unlock almost ALL the snowboards and skis in the game by doing 

MEDAL EVENTS are the typical SSX classic events like Slopestyle or Racing. 
There will be opponents for you to race or a point total to beat in the 
event and you will be given a place from 1-6. Some events require you to
place in the top 4 to move on, others in 1st place. 

When you pause the game, you will come across the following selections: 

QUIT - Quit out of the career mode. 

RESUME - Resume Play from the Pause screen

MAP - Allows you to "warp" right to different tracks and play events 
instead of travelling to them on the Mountain. You can only select 
the first Peak to start, and after you open up additional peaks by
winning tournaments, then you can select those mountains. This is 
also where you select the option to "Freeride" particular events or

UBERTRICKS - This is where you should spend quite a bit of time if you
cannot figure out how to do Uber tricks. Selecting this gives you a 
list of all the Uber tricks you have unlocked and how many uber icons
you have collected for each one. When you select an Uber trick, you 
can then practice the motion for each one. The screen will then flash
green if you have done it correctly or red if you failed. This is an 
excellent way of perfecting your technique without having to do tricks
in game over and over. See the Ubertricks section for more info on 
how to do specific tricks correctly. 

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS gives you all the various minutae you need to see your
progression on the mountain. Listed here are things such as how many 
tournaments you've unlocked and won, how many Ubertricks you have 
available, and how many boards, skis and outfits you've unlocked. It 
also lists each course and the best medal you've achieved on that course, 
signified by colored stars beside each event name. The stars go like this: 

       LIGHT BLUE STAR - Platinum Medal
       YELLOW STAR - Gold Medal
       SILVER/GREY STAR - Silver Medal 
       DARK RED STAR - Bronze Medal 

The final screen in Career Highlights lists the Challenges and how many
you've completed, as well as a list of individual character challenges 
you have completed. See the Challenge Section for individual guides for
each one. 

TOURNAMENTS are a new entry in the SSX Franchise, completely new to SSX Blur. 
Don't worry however, they are all simply a series of mix-and-match events from
various tracks in SSX Blur. You can use the track guides below to tackle each
tournament. Selecting this brings up a list of all the tournaments in the game
and what is required to unlock them. 

The LEADERBOARD is a list of the 12 characters how many "points" that they
have accumulated by playing in Events in Career Mode. Everything you do in
Career Mode can add points to the leaderboard, and the computer gains points as
you play as well. So if you play in an event and don't win, another computer 
character will gain more points than you. 

So if you start an Event or Tournament and then quit in the middle, you'll 
come in last and gain significantly less points than the computer player who
"wins" the tournament. Thus, if you quit a lot of events, your standing on 
the Leaderboard will suffer. 

This doesn't really mean much, as you don't have to be at the top of the 
Leaderboard to unlock Peaks or Tournaments or even to pass the game. The 
only real effect getting to the top has is that it gives you "bonus" points
to spend on powering your character up - this can come in handy to have a 
powerful character later but is not needed. Eventually you earn enough points
by winning tournaments to fully max out your character. 

d. Frequently Asked Questions                                  [ControlFAQBlur]
Q. Uber Tricks are so hard! Why can't I do Uber tricks? 
A. Read the Uber section, it could be any number of reasons, but odds are it's 
   because you aren't holding the Wiimote level to the ground. That's the 
   main reason people can't do Ubers, because they're using the Wiimote like 
   a pencil and "drawing" the shapes in the air, which is incorrect. You need
   to keep the Wiimote completely level - imagine that it's like a glass of 
   water and you can't spill any water out of the glass. 

Q. Where do I enter cheats at? 
A. Title Screen > Options > Cheats

Q. How do I change to a different Snowboard or Skis?
A. Unfortunately the only way to do this in Career mode is to quit out of 
   Career mode and select different boards/skis. At least you're not locked
   into a single one for the entire career mode the way you were in On Tour. 
Q. How does the game save information? 
A. The game autosaves after you complete an event. SO, if you've gone about
   and collected a bunch of ubertrick icons, make sure to complete a simple 
   event so that your icons are saved. Otherwise if you turn off the console
   you may lose them. There is no "save" option like in the other games. 

                SECTION TWO: WALKTHROUGHS                       [BlurWalkthrus]

a. Medal Events                                              [BlurMedalListing]
The next section contains the walkthroughs for the medal events in SSX 
Blur. It is organized by track, so that if you are looking for a 
particular event in the game, first look for the track it is on and 
then look for that particular event. 

 PEAK ONE                                                        [PeakOneStart]

     COMPILATION                                               [CompTrackStart]

|          COMPILATION HALFPIPE             |                     [CompHPStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
Walkthrough Goal: 2.5 million + 

Halfpipes are pretty much the same, but Compilation offers some small treats
in way of track design that make it slightly trickier than the average half
pipe. As you start out, do some small flips on the hill on the way down to 
get bar up to level 3 and do Ubers. 

Once you've done that, you're off to the races in the Compilation halfpipe.
Be careful about the looping steel scaffold that goes from one side of the
pipe to the other. You can grind this all the way upside down and do an 
entire loop, but odds are you'll probably just crash into it as you do 
jumps, so watch out for it. 

About 1/3 of the way down the course, you'll come across the upper pipe in 
Compilation. This is the safest place to do Ubers in the entire pipe. Try 
and stay up here if you can. 

Each jump in the side pipe, you should get AT LEAST 2 Uber Tricks per 
jump. On massive air time and with a little practice, experts at pipe can 
get 3-5 Ubertricks! Work with 2 Ubers as your base, and as you 
get better at timing your jumps, try to fit in the additional Ubers. 
The height you are looking for on each jump is to reach the point bonuses
above the course. 

Eventually, as time continues and gets below a minute, move down the pipe, 
and start doing ubers in the final 1/4 of the pipe. That way, you can exit 
the pipe and boost to the finish line as quick as possible. Give yourself
at LEAST 10 seconds to finish, because the finish line for Compilation is 
pretty far past the end of the pipe. Good luck!

|          COMPILATION SLOPESTYLE           |                     [CompSSStart]
AUTHOR: yako591
Walkthrough Goal: Up to 10 million

1. Do a few flips off the first jump, then do another quick flip right when
you land to get your groove meter to uber.

2. Go straight off the jump ahead with the 5X multiplier, doing a quick uber.

3. Land and continue off the jump straight ahead (the middle one) with another
5X multiplier. Do a few ubers.

4. Land and again go straight off of the middle jump, doing an uber or 2 
through a 3X multiplier.

5. Follow the path to the right, and go off the jump doing some ubers.
You don't want to go off this jump full speed, or you will go right over
the 5X multiplier.

6. Go straight off the next jump (no multiplier) and do a few ubers.

7. Land and approach the middle jump ahead slowly, angled slightly to the
right towards the rail. You might not be able to do any tricks off the jump,
because you need to land on the rail.

8. Follow the rail to the end, and jump off of it, getting a 10X multiplier
and doing an uber or two.

9. Land and do some ubers off the jump ahead with the 2X multiplier. Try to
land on the rail, but its not a big deal if you don't.

10. Follow the rail straight ahead, and you will see a jump with a 2X 
multiplier to the right of the staircase. Go off this jump and try to
land on one of the rails on the staircase.

11. Grind down the next staircase on the middle rail, and approach the
jump straight ahead of you.

12. Do not jump right away when you go off this jump, but instead get on
the rail in the middle of it first and grind to the top, then jump before
you get to the flat part of the rail.

13. You should land back on the rail, grind down it and be prepared to get 
on another rail.

14. Get on the rail ahead, use a lot of boost and jump off the rail before 
you reach the top of it. This way you will have enough air to do an uber
and get the 10X multiplier.

15. Land and turn slightly left. Approach the jump ahead with a rail in the
middle of it. Grind the rail and jump off it, doing a few ubers and grabbing
some gold stars.

16. Land and go straight ahead to another rail on a jump. Grind it and jump
off at the top. You will be able to do a quick uber or two and you should 
grab a 2X multiplier.

17. When you land you will notice a big cliff ahead. Make your way to the 
far left before you go off the cliff, then do a couple ubers off of it. 

18. You will see a jump ahead of you with a big red thing right behind it.
Go straight off this jump with a lot of speed to get the 10X multiplier,
do a couple ubers and clear the big red rail. If you went perfectly straight
off this jump, you will be able to land on a rail on the other side of the
big red rail. If you can do this, you can get well over 2 million points
for this jump.

19. Make your way to the halfpipe entrance. You should have at least 1:35
-1:45 left for the pipe. Make sure to get the 5X multiplier on the left
side of the upper level of the pipe. Take your last jump out of it when 
you have about 15 seconds left. 

     DYSFUNKTION                                                [DysTrackStart]

|          DYSFUNKTION HALFPIPE             |                      [DysHPStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
Walkthrough Goal: 2 million + 

The trick here is to transfer as soon as possible into the furthest back 
pipe. While you can do this by doing a handplant and then dropping into the  
far pipe, it's much quicker (and cooler) to jump early entering the middle 
pipe. This will cause you to jump off axis and you will jump from the middle 
pipe into the back pipe. Be careful - it is very easy to hit the top of  
the ramp doing this. As you jump from one pipe to another, do a quick set
of tricks and enter the back pipe with the ability to do Ubers.  
This small back pipe can get you some of the most massive halfpipe air in  
the game. The trick is to time your jumps just right, it takes practice, but 
make sure you don't jump too late. These side pipes are much more narrow  
than the big middle pipe, but get you much more air time. If you jump too  
early, however, you will jump 'off axis' again and fly back into the middle 
pipe. While this isn't bad, you want to stay in the side pipes as long as 
possible because it gets you the best air.  
Each jump in the side pipe, you should get AT LEAST 2 Uber Tricks per 
jump. On massive air time and with a little practice, experts at pipe can 
get 3-5 Ubertricks! Work with 2 Ubers as your base, and as you 
get better at timing your jumps, try to fit in the additional Ubers. Timing
is of course absolutely crucial here. The height you are looking for on each
jump is to reach the point bonuses and 'ropes' above the course. 
Continue jumping as you play the pipe. Be careful in the side pipes, the 
camera is at it's most unstable about 2/5 of the way down the pipe. As you  
approach the end of the pipe, it is VERY EASY to fly out of the pipe before 
you want to. Pay special attention to pushing back towards the middle of 
the pipe as you approach the end.  
Exit the pipe once the clock hits 15 seconds. You can pull 2 Ubers 
if you are fast on this last jump, as it gives you major airtime. But 
it's a long way down to the finish line, so make sure you don't exit too  
late. If you can transfer smoothly at the beginning, keep a combo going  
the whole time and get at least 2 Ubers per jump, then you can easily bust 
3 million on this course. Good luck!  

     KICK DOUBT                                                 [KDTrackStart]

|          KICK DOUBT SLOPESTYLE            |                      [KDSSStart]
AUTHOR: MrChaos from the SSX 3 Guide, revised for SSX Blur by gondee
Walkthrough Goal: over 2 million

1. Out of the gate, do 2 quick tricks. If you did tricks before the start of 
the course, you should now have adrenaline to do Uber Tricks. 
2. Do several ubers through the 2X in the air. Veer right and you will
see an upcoming yellow rail. Try to either A. Jump off the hill doing
an Uber through the 10X or B. Get on the rail and jump off it doing a Uber
through the 10X.  
4. When you land, you will see a red hill. Launch off it doing whatever uber 
you want. 
5. Next, veer left and do a Uber through the 2X. 
6. Landing, you will eventually come to a green hill. Launch off it on the 
right side doing a Uber through the 5X. 
7. Do whatever uber you want off the next jump after landing step 6. 
8. You will see an upcoming red hill. If you launch off it correctly, 
you can do a Uber through the 2X. 
9. When you land, you will see a red hill to the left. Now comes the 
tough part. You want to launch off this hill on the right side of it 
with a good amount of boost. If you do this correctly, which can be 
tough, you will be able to a Uber through the 10X. 
10. Landing, do a simple uber off the next hill.
11. Go straight ahead and do a Uber off the next hill. 
12. Veer right and you will ee a long curving yellow rail. Get on it and 
hold a rail uber if you can. 
13. Do the same for the next rail through the 3X. 
14. Get on the next rail, but jump off hitting the 2X. 
15. Do a simple uber off the next hill. 
16. Do a Uber off the next red hill. If you launch off this hill correctly,
you will come down and attract a 2X for an easy 40K. 
17. Go straight ahead and do an uber off the next hill. 
18. Now comes the crucial part to getting a high score. Straight ahead 
are a trio of hills. Veer left and launch off the hill. If you do this 
correctly, you will be able to hit a Uber through the 10X netting you upwards
of 400K!!!! 

     WILD TREE FUN                                              [WTFTrackStart]

|          WILD TREE FUN RACE               |                    [WTFRaceStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
Walkthrough Goal: 1:15

As you come out of the gate, go to the left of the jump and cross between a
couple of fir trees, catching a wooden branch to the left. Ride it ahead, 
through a boost icon and over a jump. This jump should lead you to a shortcut
that is a tunnel ahead. 

Go through this tunnel and come out of it to the right of several jumps ahead.
Don't catch the branches onto the jumps, instead boost to the right past all
the jumps. 

Eventually you'll come to a sharp left turn with a gate at the top, go up onto
the curve and get to the right of that gate. There's a wide, snowy path behind
it that you can boost down for a good portion of the track. It continues until
you come out from between the trees, catching some airtime. Ahead of you will
be yet another tunnel - catch this and boost down it, as it leads directly to
the end of the track and a super quick time!

|          WILD TREE FUN SLALOM             |                  [WTFSlalomStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
Walkthrough Goal: 50-55 seconds

*****   Event Tips   *****

Slalom is not about speed - it's about control. It will probably be the harder
of the events for you to do when you first start out, even if you've played 
every SSX that came before this. Remember to take it slow and steady, as 
you'll quickly incur multiple minute penalties if you miss more than a 
few flags. Each flag missed is 15 seconds added to your total. You must 
go to the RIGHT of the RED flags and LEFT of the BLUE flags. You can also
hit the flags directly and get credit for them if it's easier.

Here are a few tips you can use if you're having trouble: 

1. Play around with the nunchuk vs. analog stick controls under OPTIONS at 
the title screen. You'll have to find a setting you like. Often times I've
heard that if you put the controls to completely nunchuk it can help you 
turn, but it's up to you. 

2. Pick a board/skis that has +1 in Edging and -1 in Speed. This will help your
turning and keep you slow. 

3. Players have said going backwards on a set of skis can help make the sharp
turns in Slalom. 

4. Practice. It sounds redundant, but there's no magic bullet for these 
events. Just keep at it and you'll find that you'll get the feel for it 

*****   Course Walkthrough   *****

Whatever you do - DO NOT MANUAL RESET your boarder on Wild Tree Fun. You
will reset completely OUTSIDE the slalom area, unable to get ANY of the 
flags except the last ones and guaranteeing yourself a last place finish. 
So unlike other courses where resetting might save you, DO NOT do it here.

Back to Wild Tree Fun. Coming out of the gates, the first 8 flags are in 
roughly a straight line. You shouldn't have a problem reaching these. After
the 8th one however, the course gets much tougher, so SLOW down and drop off
the hill ahead after the 8th flag TO THE RIGHT, since the next flag is a red

The second you land, SLOW DOWN. Now it's more about control than speed. Use 
consistent speed in your turns, and use a steady motion from left to right. 
Hit each of the flags 14 in turn, making sure to turn sharp enough to reach
each flag and slow yourself down. As you reach the last blue flag you'll 
drop off another hillside, down to the regular track below. 

Ahead is a red flag, then a blue and then a final red. At this point, you 
should be speeding up to get to the finish, as you're almost done. Once
you cross that final red and see a jump ahead, cut to the sharp right of the 
jump and boost across the hillside, cross cutting the finish line. That'll 
save you several seconds. Good luck!

     SNOW JAM                                               [SnowJamTrackStart]

|          SNOW JAM BIG AIR                 |              [SnowJamBigAirStart]
AUTHOR: yako591
Goal: 450,000-550,000

1. Do a couple flips right away to fill up your groove meter. Get on the
rail ahead and do a rail uber. Do a couple flips or maybe a very quick
uber when you jump off the rail.

2. Go off the big jump ahead angled a little bit to the left and do an
uber or two. Land on the wire rail suspended above the ground. Jump off
of it right away and do quick uber.

3. If you can, get on the rail by the billboards to the far left and do
some tricks off of it. Then, go off the big jump ahead and do a few ubers.

|          SNOW JAM RACE                    |                [SnowJamRaceStart]
AUTHOR: Cpd4224 from the SSX 3 FAQ, revised by gondee for SSX Blur

Go right and grab the rail and boost down it.

Go off the end of this rail and onto the second rail in this series.
Go onto the third rail and start to lean left. 

Land from this jump and go very tightly to the left of the jump right in
front of you. Stay out of the powder here and head straight for the log. Grind
the log. Time when you hit the log,

Now that you've done some ubers do a double flip with spins and grabs to keep
that uberness. Grab the next log and do a trick off the jump, ie off this
rail do some flips, spins and grabs, no ubers. Now you've built some boost.

Land here and head for the left side of this jump. Do not jump off of this
jump but go off full speed and do two flips with spins and two tweaked grabs
(just some stuff to refill your uber meter).

Land from this jump and head straight for the curvy rail ahead of you.
Grind this rail as quick as you can. Off of this rail veer right and
go to the right of this big jump. When you get to this point youll notice 
that the slope on the side of the jump isnt exactly rounded. you'll notice
that there's a slight vertice. Make sure you go to the right of this vertice.
Boost straight to the fog jump.

Go off the right side of the fog jump and DO NOT jump. 
The key here is to keep boost. Land and boost on a direct line inbetween the 
three huge trees. and as soon as you pass the third tree veer hard right
through the glass. Go straight to the long log rail. Time when getting on 
log rail.

Grind to the edge of this rail and do some flips and spins and grabs to
refill your uber meter. Try to get enough air off the end of the log rail
that you land in the hollow log smoothly. Don't cut this turn too sharp, go
with the flow. Grab the speed boost and catch both rails coming out. After
landing from the second rail turn sharply right and you'll see a jump, a big
log sticking out of the ground inside of the jump going left and then two
stumps beyond that and a big tree behind those. Go on a direct line to
this big tree.

Right when you pass the first stump turn right and head straight for the
crooked rail. Grab it.

Land from this rail and go over the bumps. Head straight for the log in
between two flares. Grind it and when you land youll need to turn slightly
left in order to catch the next log smoothly. Grab it and dont jump off
of it. Cut into the mountain and land very smoothly on the other side.

Go off the left side of this jump up here to minimize air time. Ok,
coming up is the riskiest part of this line and probably the most difficult
part. It just sucks that it's so late in the run instead of very early so
you can restart without worry, but alas it's not. When you take this left
turn you'll see a jump. Boost, dont jump off the jump slightly right of
center. Now youll hit the ground in perfect rhythm after this jump but as
soon as you land turn right. This part youll need to figure out on your
own as it's tough the explain. If you turned the right amount of degrees
to the right you'll boost yourself right onto the rail going along the
side here. This is a tough move so keep at it.

Boost to the end of this rail and follow the path it takes you on. Grab
the rail at the end of this path and grind it. About 3/4 of the way through
this rail jump. You should sort of bump your way onto the rail heading to
the right, crossing paths with your rail and be on your way to the finish.

Go to the end of this rail and then veer right and go in between the
purple flares. Try to get over the edge here at 2:04 or maybe 2:05. 
Oh yeah don't jump just boost off of it. Now just boost like a mother 
to the end. 

 PEAK TWO                                                        [PeakTwoStart]

     BETWEEN THE SHEETS                                         [BTSTrackStart]

|       BETWEEN THE SHEETS HALFPIPE         |                      [BTSHPStart]
AUTHOR: eviltim from the SSX On Tour guide, revised by gondee for SSX Blur

Note: For every jump you should be doing plenty of  spins and flips. 
Also, this walkthrough is aimed at people using snowboards,  but it can also
help for people using skis, you will just need to find the ideal Uber for 

This superpipe event is shorter than the events at the Compilation Superpipe,
so getting into the halfpipe quickly is required for a high score, as it
is for all low time limit events. You can get into the halfpipe if you jump
off the little ledge ahead where they start you and have plenty of time
on the clock. 

Take the little boost and space you have and get as high as you can on your
first jump, it won't be much air, but it should hopefully be enough to
attain full boost upon landing. Once youhave landing, boost as fast as you
can. Hopefully you will be starting this jump with about 2:00 left or sooner.
For this jump attain as much air for this jump as possible so you can have
maximum air for the rest of the jumps in this run. Shoot for 3-5 Ubers per

Once you have this down, you should do your entire superpipe run near the
 middle of the pipe between the beginning and the end. Until you are 
approaching the end of the time limit, you should not be jumping near 
the end of the pipe where the logs are hanging in the middle. This is 
because there seems to be something in that area that prevents you from 
getting as much air as you can in the rest of the track, which is 
counter-intuitive to high scores. 

Another thing to make sure to use to your advantage at Between the Sheets 
is that you can take probably a jump with less time left than you can at 
Compilation because the finish line of the Between the Sheets Pipe is 
exactly where the pipe stops. Use this and maximum air to your advantage 
in this pipe to go for high scoring runs. If you can do that, you will
be among the top of the players for one of SSX Blur's 

|        BETWEEN THE SHEETS RACE            |                    [BTSRaceStart]
AUTHOR: gondee, from a vid from SSX On Tour by RE Virus

Coming out of the starting gates, use the airtime to get some boost, or you
may manual reset down to the bottom if you wish to save time. 

Head right immediately and stick right for the first few seconds of the track.
Eventually you'll come to a flat area with a few rails. Take the rightmost
rail. Ride off it and do a few flips once you get some airtime and catch the
next log in the ground that has a boost icon on it. This leads to yet another
log rail and back onto the main path. Continue on down the central path
(on the ground) for a short ways. 

Ahead you'll see a log rail that sticks out at a 45-degree angle into the
air. Skip it, but go to the left of it slightly and you'll boost down the
central flat area of the track. Skip the rail that leads into the air ahead
and instead look for a Yeti sign to the left and catch the rail right past
that, one that curves left. 

Hop off this rail and go ahead a short ways then look for another series of
rails ahead. One with a Yeti sign is the optimal one to catch, but if you
miss that, catch the one right past that starts in the middle of a split
tree trunk. Ride a series of log rails on down the track, skipping a rail
that lets you jump up to an 'upper level'. 

Continue down the main section of the track for some time here, there's no
reason to catch any of the rails that lead upward. When you pass through
a small 'cabin tunnel' you can either use the airtime to get some boost
or manual reset down to the ground to save time. 

Continue on down the center track, limiting airtime as necessary. Eventually
you'll head through another tree trunk tunnel and pass under a rail that 
leads over the main path. Ahead the path will 'split' left and right, look
for a yeti sign in the middle and catch the rail here - it will lead to two
other rails and up onto a nice clear path that leads to the finish line.

     HAPPINESS                                                 [HappTrackStart]

|       HAPPINESS RACE                      |                   [HappRaceStart]
AUTHOR: Jesster from the SSX 3 FAQ, revised by gondee for SSX Blur

Intended for maxed out character stats. 

When reading this guide, assume that the boost button should be held down
at all times except when specifically noted otherwise. Also assume that
you should be doing flips/spins every time, and I mean every single time, 
you jump in order to maintain your boost.

1.Cruise down the slope and jump between the last two trees on the left. 
Do some tricks here. At the drop off, jump and do another uber.

2. Cruise around the bend and aim for the log sticking up in the air straight
ahead. Get plenty of speed, grind the log, and jump at the very tip to get
as much air as possible (you do not need to flip/spin off this jump).
Do some tricks here.

3. When you come off the log, release boost and carve a sharp left into the
tunnel, then carve a sharp right again before going over the lip at the tunnel
exit. The goal here is to catch a little air (no need to jump) and glide down
into the little valley between the cliff wall on your right, and the hill on
your left.

4. When you land, start boosting again, and carve right, but don't get too
close to the wall. You'll go over another lip and then see a steep ice ramp
up ahead. Go over the hill to the right of the ramp.

5. Now you should be in a relatively level, open area. Up ahead, you'll see a
small hill with a couple trees on it. Aim for the left edge of the hill and
boost straight ahead. This will take you into the first big cave area.

6. Just before you hit the first drop off upon entering the cave push.
When you land, carve left up the hill in order to take the left cave exit.
There is a lone tree in the middle of this exit. Aim just a bit to the left
of it.

7. Cruise straight through the open area, and when the path splits go left.
You should see a log jutting out over a cliff straight ahead. Either grind
the log, or cruise off the cliff just above or below it.

8. Wait until just after you land and start carving left into the cave.
Depending on your trajectory, you may need to release the boost button
momentarily in order to turn sharp enough to avoid the falling rocks along
the right side of the cave.

8. After exiting the cave, carve a little to the left and jump in center
of the next drop off and do some tricks.

9. When the path splits again, go right. You'll see another log angled up on
the edge of a snow drift. Grind the log, jump and do some tricks.

10. Cruise staight through the cluster of trees ahead, then veer left to 
avoid the next tree. Try to stay along the left edge of the valley here,
as you boost your way down.

11. When the path curves sharply to the right, you should see a small gap
between the rocks ahead of you. Aim for that gap and boost right off.
This should drop you right in front of the lip of another drop.

12. This last section is fairly chaotic with lots of hills, valleys, rocks,
and trees, and its hard to hit the same path exactly each time. If you
stay along the left you'll end up in a valley that will take you to the
left-most final tunnel. This is the easiest path to take, but probably
not the fastest. My best advice is to aim just a bit to the right of this
valley, and skim across the tops of the first couple hills, then drop into
the second valley from the left. Cruising off the drop off here should put
you in a pretty good line for the 2nd or 3rd tunnel from the left. Boost
down the hill and take one of these tunnels and you should be aimed right
for the 'finish line.'

|       HAPPINESS SLOPESTYLE                |                     [HappSSStart]
AUTHOR: gondee, adapted from a vid by IceXtreme
Walkthrough Goal: 1.5 million +

Coming out of the starting point, head to the sharp left. Use the soft hills
here to get some decent air time and build up your uber meter to level 3. 
Once you are there, use one of the hills to pull an Uber trick. 

Ahead you will see a split in the path, one that leads left and one that 
leads into a short tunnel to the right - head right and use the jump here to
get some decent airtime and pull an Uber trick off the jump here. As you 
land you'll see a path to the left and the right, take the right path into 
the cavern ahead. 

Do tricks off the jumps here - it often helps if you ride up the side of a 
particular ramp and jump sharp to the side as it will often get you more 
airtime. You should be able to pull 2 or 3 Ubers before you exit the cavern.
As you come out of the cavern you'll see a large ramp centrally ahead of you. 
Boost off it and get great airtime, and pull at least two Uber tricks with it. 
You should have at least 200K in points by this time. 

You'll see a short hill in front of you with some pine trees on it, boost and
jump off of it and do 2 Ubers, heading down into the ice caves.Take the right
most path in the ice cave and do a short jump with Uber going into and coming
out of that area. 

Do a few small jumps in the small hills here, and look ahead slightly right 
for a large drop off with a log sticking off the edge of the hill here. This 
is a very large jump that you can get 2-3 Ubers off of. As you land, head 
into the ice cave to your left. Do an Uber off the jump here, and then 
another off the jump out of the ice cave.

Just ahead will be a jump, do an Uber or two off of it, and head slightly 
forward aways and look to the right. There will be another sharp cliff you
can jump off of with a short wooden rail you can grind off of to get excellent
airtime here. Do 2 Ubers off of this jump and land on the area below. Ride
down the valley ahead until you see yet another ledge to the right you can 
cut across and get major airtime, pulling 2-3 ubers off the jump. You should
be getting up there in score by now. 

Pull a jump off one of the ice caves in the valley here, and as soon as you 
pass through the ice cave, cut to the right. This will give you a few jumps 
off the very steep hills and moguls here, and you can end the run with a large
jump that can get you 2-3 Ubers before you finish in the valley below. 

Good luck!

     PROUD POWDER                                           [PrdPwdrTrackStart]

|       PROUD POWDER SLALOM                 |                [PrdPwdrSlalStart]
AUTHOR: gondee 

*****   Event Tips   *****

Slalom is not about speed - it's about control. It will probably be the harder
of the events for you to do when you first start out, even if you've played 
every SSX that came before this. Remember to take it slow and steady, as 
you'll quickly incur multiple minute penalties if you miss more than a 
few flags. Each flag missed is 15 seconds added to your total. You must 
go to the RIGHT of the RED flags and LEFT of the BLUE flags. You can also
hit the flags directly and get credit for them if it's easier.

Here are a few tips you can use if you're having trouble: 

1. Play around with the nunchuk vs. analog stick controls under OPTIONS at 
the title screen. You'll have to find a setting you like. Often times I've
heard that if you put the controls to completely nunchuk it can help you 
turn, but it's up to you. 

2. Pick a board/skis that has +1 in Edging and -1 in Speed. This will help your
turning and keep you slow. 

3. Players have said going backwards on a set of skis can help make the sharp
turns in Slalom. 

4. Practice. It sounds redundant, but there's no magic bullet for these 
events. Just keep at it and you'll find that you'll get the feel for it 

*****   Course Walkthrough   *****

On to Proud Powder. This guide should net you a time of around a minute.

The starting point for this event pretty much stinks, it's right off a jump
and you'll have to slow down once you hit the bottom, so be ready for it.  
The first flag is a blue flag, so veer left to catch. For the next 8 flags 
it's fairly simple, just make sure not to go to far to one side to hit the
next flag. 

After the 8th flag (blue) you'll drop down a small incline like before.
Immediately after the red flag below you'll have to turn sharp to catch
another blue, so keep control as you'll be going pretty fast from the drop. 
After the next red, you'll drop off another incline. Don't go too far right, 
as the next flag is blue and you'll need to cruise to the left to catch it. 

The flags at Proud Powder are in more of a straight line than spaced equally
apart like at Wild Tree Fun. Remember that you only need to TOUCH each flag
to get it to register, so if there's an easy "straight" line between each 
flag, just take it and bump each flag with your boarder instead of skiing 
in a looping fashion. 

The next set of flags curve to the left, so catch them all and watch for 
the next set off to the left as well. Then the set of flags curve to back
to the right. By this point you should have 27 or so flags. 

Now you'll hit the moguls at the end (steep set of drop offs). It's difficult
to control your boarder as you go over these, but steer to the right and 
catch one final red flag as you cross the finish line. 

|       PROUD POWDER SLOPESTYLE             |                  [PrdPwdrSSStart]
AUTHOR: yako591
Walkthrough Goal: 4 million

1. Start off with two quick flips right away to fill your uber meter. 
Then use boost and go off the first jump and do a couple ubers.

2. Do another uber or two off the next jump. Continue along the path to a
jump with a 5X multiplier. Go off it with full boost, but do not jump or
you will fly right over the multiplier. You should be able to still do 
one or two ubers without jumping.

3. The next jump is very small, so just do some flips or spins off of it.
Do a few ubers off the jump after it. 

4. Do an uber or two off the next two jumps, which are both relatively small.
Now you will be in a fairly wide open area with a big jump to the left and a
small rail with a multiplier to your right. 

5. Go slightly right of the big jump, towards a pole in the distance. Approach
the pole from the right side angled slightly left and jump when you go off the
small hill in front of the pole. Land on the rail connected to the pole 
(a wire with colored triangles hanging off of it).

6. Don't use boost right when you land on the rail, but wait until you go 
over a small bump created by another pole beneath the rail. This bump will
throw you off of the rail, but if you are going slowly you can easily land
back on it. Now use your boost and jump just before you reach the end of
the rail. Do some ubers through the 10X multiplier. You should land on 
a hill next to some log rails.

7. Before advancing forward, make your way to the far left side of the
course, where you will see a series of short log rails. Stay slightly
left of the log rails, and build up speed for the final log rail, 
which has a 10X multiplier. Go off of it and do one or two ubers.

8. Land on the ice and go off the icy jump ahead with a 3X multiplier,
doing a couple ubers.

9. Now you will be an area with some 2X multipliers. Get as many of them 
as you can. Eventually, after going off of a small drop, you will see a 
3X multiplier to your right. You might be able to do one very quick uber
through it. 

10. Now you will be coming up on a series of small cliffs. Stay on the
left as you approach them, and aim for the 5X multiplier. You will have
to grind a rail that resembles a fallen tree in order to get the
multiplier. You can probably do a few ubers through it.

11. Usually you will have about 45 seconds to a minute left so don't
finish right away. Instead use the rest of your time doing some 
tricks on the rails to the left and right of the finish line. 

     SPRING BREAK                                           [SprgBrkTrackStart]

|       SPRING BREAK BIG AIR                |                  [SprgBrkBAStart]
AUTHOR: yako591
Goal: 400,000-500,000

1. Do a few flips right away to get to uber status on the groove meter. Then,
right before you get to the pink winged A icon, turn sharply right and jump off
of the little snow bank and do a quick uber. When you land, turn all the way
around and go back to where you started the level.

2. This time go straight off the huge jump ahead, making sure to get the A icon
before you go off it to get Uber-duper on your groove meter. Do a bunch of ubers
off the jump.

3. When you land, go straight and do some tricks off the small drops. You will
be able to do a quick uber off of the last drop before the finish line.

4. Don't finish right away, but instead use up the rest of your time on the 
rails on either side of the finish line.

|       SPRING BREAK RACE                   |                [SprgBrkRaceStart]
AUTHOR: IceXtreme from the SSX On Tour guide, revised by gondee for SSX Blur
Time: 1:30

Hold up on the analog stick to get a gate boost. Take the first jump and do a 
combination of flips and spins to get some boost. When you land turn left
and take that big jump that has a shortcut. Follow the path and take
the next 4-5 jumps while staying in the middle to get as less air as

You should enter the first cave area of Spring Break. Try to say in the middle 
in the cave area and you should avoid any crashes. When you come out of the
cave turn left and follow the path until you come to the an area with log 
rails.Don't grind any of them big log rails above, instead just try to stay 
in the ice path. 

Next you should come to some more big log rails. Grind the rail that is 
the furthest right You should grind 3 more continueous big log rails. 
Ahead will be a jump in the middle and two paths, one on the left and the 

Take that path to the right and you will be in the last cave area. 
When in the cave, stay as far left as possible to avoid crashing and
taking any unnecessary jumps.When you come out of the cave take a sharp
turn right and continue straight ahead for the huge jump. Press select 
right as you are over the top of the jump and you should land near 
the bottom of the jump. Grind one of the three big rails and cross the
finish line at a time of atleast 1:30! Good Luck!

PEAK THREE                                                     [PeakThreeStart]

     RUTHLESS                                                  [RuthTrackStart]

|       RUTHLESS RACE                       |                   [RuthRaceStart]
AUTHOR: Laidback0378 from the SSX 3 FAQ, revised by gondee for SSX Blur

Note: As with all races, if your board is touching the ground, boost!! 

1. At start, do a big trick off first jump, which should leave you with
good boost.  

2. After landing first jump, head a little to the right, and you will see
a very slight rise immediately ahead. When at the first split in the course,
take the left path. The course splits again, so take the left path. 

3. There is a small ridge at the bottom. Land and shoot off of the next 
ridge. Don't go for maximum height, but DO jump, as the wind will carry
you and this is much faster.  

4. When you land, the course splits yet again, and you want to go slightly
to the right, and go over the next ridge as far to the left as you can, 
to kill airtime. Airtime = bad. 

5. You want to boost in a straight line slightly to the right, and when you
get down to the right path, immediately grind the cliff edge. About halfway
around the turn, you want to let yourself slip off, outward. 

6. When you land, boost between the sets of trees near the top of the small 
and white mound of snow on the right side of this area. Jump off this, and,
if the force is with you, you will land on the downslope of a hill that 
leads into a cave. 

7. Boost through the cave, out onto the open field, and make a beeline for
the log sticking up out of the ground on the right hand side. Up the log,
onto the raised section, tap jump over the rocks, stay straight, and boost
off the subsequent jumps. 

8. continue down the course till you come to the waterfall section. As you
jump down to the waterfall section, do an uber. Do another on the first
gap jump. Another rail uber on the first log, and yet another rail uber
on the next log. 

9. After the third log, stay right. 

10. As soon as you reach the edge of the cliff continue on until you reach
the bottom of the gully. Boost onto the upturned tree roots, and it will
send you up in the air. 

11. When you land, aim to the left of the ridge in front of you, and take
the short ice cave. Out of the cave, take the center path to the bottom
of the track. Good luck! 

|        RUTHLESS SLALOM                    |                 [RuthSlalomStart]
Slalom is not about speed - it's about control. It will probably be the harder
of the events for you to do when you first start out, even if you've played 
every SSX that came before this. Remember to take it slow and steady, as 
you'll quickly incur multiple minute penalties if you miss more than a 
few flags. Each flag missed is 15 seconds added to your total. You must 
go to the RIGHT of the RED flags and LEFT of the BLUE flags. You can also
hit the flags directly and get credit for them if it's easier.

Here are a few tips you can use if you're having trouble: 

1. Play around with the nunchuk vs. analog stick controls under OPTIONS at 
the title screen. You'll have to find a setting you like. Often times I've
heard that if you put the controls to completely nunchuk it can help you 
turn, but it's up to you. 

2. Pick a board/skis that has +1 in Edging and -1 in Speed. This will help your
turning and keep you slow. 

3. Players have said going backwards on a set of skis can help make the sharp
turns in Slalom. 

4. Practice. It sounds redundant, but there's no magic bullet for these 
events. Just keep at it and you'll find that you'll get the feel for it 

Track guide forthcoming!

     HISTORY LESSON                                          [HisLesTrackStart]

|       HISTORY LESSON HALFPIPE             |                   [HisLesHPStart]
AUTHOR: gondee

History Lesson halfpipe is completely new to SSX - although the course 
was present in SSX 3 (where it was named Style Mile), there was no halfpipe. 
The History Lesson Halfpipe is a mixed bag, it's a BIG pipe, but it's also 
very moody and you'll find yourself cursing it sometimes as you play. 

When you start off in the pipe, immediately catch the rail ahead and get the 
Boost icon. As you come off the rail, jump and do a very quick flip which 
will increase your boost meter well past Level 3 and allow you to do Uber 
tricks from the very first jump. 

As you start doing tricks in the pipe, you'll find that you can sometimes hit 
the side of the pipe as you come down off of jumps. Therefore, it's probably 
best to play it safe and end your jumps with a quick uber so that you can 
be sure to avoid crashing as you land. Try to shoot for at least 2 ubers 
per jump, but more advanced players should be able to do more. 

About halfway down the pipe, the elevation changes and you'll drop down into
a pipe much lower than the first half of the course. You can use this drop 
to your advantage and fly off the upper level and do a few more ubers on that
particular jump than normal. 

As your time winds down, look for a 3x multiplier that you can do a small uber
through as you leave the pipe. The finish line is about 5 seconds outside the 
pipe, so be sure to give yourself enough time to finish. Good luck!

|       HISTORY LESSON SLOPESTYLE           |                   [HisLesSSStart]
AUTHOR: yako591

1. Go off the first jump to the far left, grabbing the 2X multiplier and
landing on the rail below. Follow this rail and jump off it at the end,
grabbing the 3X multiplier and doing a quick uber.

2. Land and go off the jump up ahead on the far left to grab the 5X 
multiplier, doing one or two ubers. Land and turn sharply to the right,
maybe around 90 degrees. 

3. Go straight towards the jump ahead (you will be going off it kind of 
sideways). Go off the jump, doing some ubers and grabbing the 2X multiplier
if you are lucky.

4. Now go off the little ledge ahead, doing a couple flips and maybe a
quick uber. 

5. There should be 3 jumps ahead of you now. Go off the one on the far left,
angled probably about 30 degrees left. If you go off it at the right angle,
you should grab the 10X multiplier. If you are lucky, you will land on a 
little log rail below for extra points. 2 million points is possible for
this one jump!

6. Now you will enter the halfpipe. Continue going back and forth off the
walls, doing some ubers with each air. Leave the pipe when you have around
1:40-1:50 left. When you leave the pipe, jump out of it from the middle,
grabbing the 3X multiplier and doing a quick uber.

7. Now go on the rail straight ahead that goes over the right side of the
building. Jump off the rail before you hit the 2X multiplier, grabbing it,
doing an uber, and landing to the right of the building below.

8. Go off the jump straight ahead, jumping over a gap and landing on the
top of another cliff. Follow it to the left, and go off the jump, getting
the 10X multiplier and doing an uber or 2. It is easily possible to get 
1.5 million points off this jump.

9. There will be two jumps ahead of you (or maybe a little to your left)
when you land. Go off the smaller one on the right with a 2X multiplier.
Land and go off the jump ahead, to the right of the rail. 

10. Shortly after you land, you will approach a big gap with a jump on the 
right and a bridge on the left. The gap is much harder to clear, so grind
along the left side of the bridge instead.

11. Now make your way to the far left, going off the jump with the 5X 
multiplier and doing some ubers. When you land, make your way towards 
the houses on the far right.

12. Approach the front house straight on, and jump off the little ramp
in front of the house. Hopefully you land on the rail in the middle of 
the roof. Follow this rail across the other roof, and onto a big log rail.
Jump off the log rail at the end of it, grabbing a 10X multiplier and doing
a quick uber. 

13. Continue along the right side of the course. Do a few tricks in the area
with all the little log rails. Now go off the jump straight ahead, doing 
a few ubers.

14. When you land, you will see two jumps ahead of you with a big loop rail 
in the middle. Try going off the jump on the right at a leftward angle, so
you go through the rail loop. If you do this, you will be able to grab a
5X multiplier and do a couple ubers. 

15. Now land and go to the right where there is a log rail with a 5X 
multiplier at the end of it. You may be able to do a quick uber off this.

     ON THE ROCKS                                               [OTRTrackStart]

|       ON THE ROCKS BIG AIR                |                      [OTRBAStart]
AUTHOR: yako591
Goal: 400,000-500,000

1. Start off with two quick flips to get your groove level up, then boost
and jump off the middle section of the cliff, doing a few ubers. 

2. Continue straight ahead, getting the boost icon to completely fill your
groove meter and going off of the jump right beyond it. Do an uber or two off
the jump.

3. Land and get on the rail to your left. Do a few quick flips or spins on
the rail, then boost and jump off of it at the very end and do a couple ubers.

4. Use the rest of your time doing tricks on the rails to the right before
you finish. 

|       ON THE ROCKS RACE                   |                   [OTRRaceStart]
AUTHOR: gondee from a vid by RE Virus, revised for SSX Blur

As you come out of the gates, immediately head left and do several flips
off the jump here. You want to take the left-most path at the beginning. 
Look for a yeti sign and head to the left a bit and drop through a 
narrow ravine. 

Continue down the left side of the track for about the first 25 seconds 
of the race. Once the track becomes much flatter, head to the right side
of the course into the area where you grind ladders on the ground.
Look for a small cave to fly into near the second set of ladders and 
head down a narrow path that leads along the right side of the lower area. 

You'll exit out onto the main path right before an area with two jumps
higher than a central "valley" of sorts. Head down the upper left side of
this and as you land from the small jump and catch the rail to the fence.
This is the jump that leads you into the large ice cave in the middle of 
the track. 

Make your way through the ice cave (down the middle is generally best) 
and as you head off the last jump as you land, push manual reset to 
avoid the large, slow jump out of the ice cave and save a few seconds. 
Off the large jump ahead, push select a little after you jump to respawn
on the ice below, again saving some time. 

Catch the boost icon ahead and take the path to the right of the cabin.
Manual reset a little past the jump and boost your way down to the end. 
Good luck! 

b. Tournaments                                             [BlurTourneyListing]
Tournaments are a new entry in the SSX Franchise, completely new to SSX Blur. 
Don't worry however, they are all simply a series of mix-and-match events from
various tracks in SSX Blur. You can use the track guides above to tackle each

It is important to remember that in order to "win" the tournament you ONLY 
need to get a gold medal on the LAST event of the tournament. As long as
you place 4th or better in any other event you will still pass the preliminary

|  TOURNEY #1 The Fresh Powder Open         |                  [BlurTourney1]
Required to Enter: 50 points on the Leaderboard

Events: Snow Jam Race and Snow Jam Big Air

|  TOURNEY #2 Yeti's Footsteps              |                  [BlurTourney2]
Required to Enter: 200 points on the Leaderboard

Events: Wild Tree Fun Slalom and Happiness Slopestyle

NOTE: This tournament gives you access to Peak 2.

|  TOURNEY #3 Amateur Challenge             |                  [BlurTourney3]
Required to Enter: Peak 2 Access and 300 points on the Leaderboard

Events: Between The Sheets Race and Proud Powder Slopestyle

|  TOURNEY #4 Eagle's Nest Xtreme           |                  [BlurTourney4]
Required to Enter: Peak 2 Access and 700 points on the Leaderboard

Events: Spring Break Race, Proud Powder Slalom and Between The 
          Sheets Halfpipe

NOTE: This tournament gives you access to Peak 3. 

|  TOURNEY #5 Slopestyle Shenanigans        |                  [BlurTourney5]
Required to Enter: Peak 3 Access and 1000 points on the Leaderboard

Events: Slopestyle Events at Kick Doubt, Happiness and History Lesson 

|  TOURNEY #6 Big Air Broadcast             |                  [BlurTourney6]
Required to Enter: Peak 3 Access and 1200 points on the Leaderboard

Events: Big Air Events at Snow Jam, Spring Break, and On the Rocks

|  TOURNEY #7 Halfpipe Heyday               |                  [BlurTourney6]
Required to Enter: Peak 3 Access and 1800 points on the Leaderboard

Events: Halfpipe at Compilation, Between the Sheets and History Lesson

|  TOURNEY #8 Rat Races                     |                  [BlurTourney7]
Required to Enter: Peak 3 Access and 2100 points on the Leaderboard

Events: Wild Tree Fun Race, Proud Powder Slalom, and On the Rocks Race

|  TOURNEY #9 Old School Pro Tour           |                  [BlurTourney8]
Required to Enter: Peak 3 Access and 2500 points on the Leaderboard

Events: Ruthless Slalom, History Lesson Slopestyle, & On the Rocks Big Air

|  TOURNEY #10 Magnum Opus                   |                  [BlurTourney9]
Required to Enter: Bronze in all tournaments

Events: Ruthless Race, History Lesson Slopestyle, Spring Break Big Air, 
          and Between the Sheets Halfpipe

NOTE: This is "technically" the Tournament you must win to "pass" the game
officially. After you pass this tournament you get a formal "Ending" to the
game. There is still more to do though! Read below! 

|  TOURNEY #11 The "Ultra-super-secret" Platinum Tour  |       [BlurTourney10]
Required to Enter: Win Magnum Opus and 1 Platinum Medal

Events: On the Rocks Big Air, History Lesson Halfpipe, Spring Break Race, 
            and Proud Powder Slopestyle

Notes: This is the reward for mastering SSX Blur. Once you get a Platinum 
Medal and win Magnum Opus, this unlocks. 

This tournament is NO joke though, it will be difficult even for people who
consider themselves Masters. Every score required to get first place in 
the events in this tournament will typically be 2 or 3 times higher than 
the usual score. The good news is that it only requires a gold medal in the
final events to pass the tournament. 

c. Challenges                                                [BlurChallListing]
Challenges in SSX Blur are only accessible in Freeride mode, and you can find
them by finding the large columns of light on the track. Once you approach it, 
push the A button when you are in the vicinity of the icon and you will start
the event. 

Many many thanks to Deaddster for compiling the info on the challenges. 

 PEAK ONE                                                  [PeakOneChallStart]

   PEAK ONE                                                 [PeakOneChallStart]

     COMPILATION                                               [CompChallStart]

|  Only spend 45 seconds on the ground      |                  [Comp45SecStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About 1/3 of the way down the course on the far right side. Be 
careful not to jump once you get near the Challenge Emblem, because you 
can't enter a challenge if you are in the air. 

This challenge is tricky, because the wording is really ambiguous. The goal 
of this challenge is to make it all the way to the end of Compilation while
only staying on the ground a maximum of 45 seconds. This means you should be
grinding as many rails as possible, or doing as many long jumps as possible. 
Basically you want to avoid skiing across open ground as much as you can. The
easiest way to do this is to find a rail "path" and boost from rail to rail 
to make it down the course. 

After you've passed about a third of the course, make your way to the 
far right side of the course. There's a fence that you can launch onto that 
takes you down most of the course. You should catch that and ride it as long
as you can. It will eventually drop you off at the halfpipe at the very end of 
Compilation, where you should have enough time left to simply ski through the
halfpipe to the finish line. 

|  Grind 300 Meters worth of rail           |                   [Comp300MStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About 1/3 of the way down the course off to the far left
TIME: 2:00

This challenge should be about as easy as it gets, because there are rails 
everywhere in Compilation. Just find a set and grind it for as long as you 
can. Remember, you can hop up near rails and use A+B to handplant onto them. 
And you also don't need to grind different rails, if you find one good flat
rail, just turn around after you've ridden it and do it again. :) 

    KICK DOUBT                                                   [KDChallStart]
|  Throw Snowballs at 15 Yetis              |                     [KDYetiStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About 1/4 of the way down the track right in the middle
TIME: 3:00

These can be tricky, as it seems like the "auto-aim" feature of the snowballs
doesn't always want to work on the Yeti targets. So if you miss one, just
snowboard over it, it counts exactly the same. Honestly, I have an easier time
hitting them with my snowboard sometimes than I do throwing snowballs at them.
It's also important to remember that you CANNOT throw snowballs backwards, so 
if you miss a target, your only way of getting it if you turn around is to 
hit it with your snowboard or board well back to before the target.

Coming out of the start, hit the first yeti target then go down the 
trail a bit over a small jump. You'll see the next two targets, one over a 
small hill and the other a little ways down to the left. Hit them both.

Head down the trail a bit and ski to the right side, ahead will be a Yeti. 
Hit it, then head for the jump ahead, but don't launch off it, instead just
board just over the jump and hit the Yeti on the plateau on top of it.
Hit the next Yeti after that, off to the right a tad, then turn sharp left
and get another Yeti at the very top of a ramp. After you hit this one, board
ahead a small ways and hit another one just after the hill, then take a soft
right and hit two more ahead. After that, head to the far right of the track 
and hit two additional Yetis by the rails on that side of the track. 
That will give you 12 Yetis. 

The rest are on the next section of the track, so board past the next few 
jumps, taking the right side trail. Ignore the jumps and look for a Yeti
on top of a ramp right past a boost icon. Hit this, but don't jump. Hit the
Yeti on the area below the ramp. Slow down at the ramp ahead and drop into the
chasm ahead and fall to the bottom, resetting yourself. This will place you 
perfectly in line for the final 15th Yeti. Congratulations!

|  Get 110,000 points before time's up      |                     [KD110KStart]
AUTHOR: gondee 
LOCATION: About halfway down the track, off to the right side down a gully
with a rail. If you hit the area of Kick Doubt that is underground, you've 
gone too far. 
TIME: 2:00

This challenge isn't difficult, you just need a few good jumps and you can 
pull off 110,000 points before time runs out. Remember to do some quick tricks
to get your Groove Meter to level 3 where you can do Ubers. You'll need to do
Uber tricks here to get 110K here quickly, so practice if you have difficulty
pulling them out. Otherwise, you'll have to go off several jumps and do flips
and spins as much as possible to get 110K within the time limit. 

    WILD TREE FUN                                               [WTFChallStart]
|  Get 120,000 points before time's up      |                    [WTF120KStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About 1/3 of the way down the track, past the ramp under the 
ski lift - right before a jump.
TIME: 2:00 

This can be tricky if you aren't good at Uber tricks, but with Uber tricks 
it's a cinch. Use the first two jumps ahead to get your boost bar up to level 
three - after that simply pull Ubers off every single jump. You can pass it
within three jumps if you are good at Ubers. Pick some easy ones and go to 
town. Otherwise, pull as many flips/spins off these jumps as you can, and 
get in as many jumps, because two minutes runs out pretty quickly.

|  Knock over 12 gates                      |                    [WTFGateStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About 2/3 down the track, past the really curvy section with the 
steep embankment turns. It's at the top of a triple ramp jump, on the rightmost

Remember one thing about this challenge - it's NOT a race, so go slow if you
have to. Your objective here is much like slalom - hit 12 gates. But the key 
difference here is that you're not required to go to a particular side of a
gate to get it to count, you must HIT the gate. So you can't just ski wide
to the side of the gates, you must hit them. 

Even though this isn't a slalom, the same tips for slalom can help you. 
It is important however to use a smooth boarding motion when you ski on this 
track. Pay attention to the "trails" left on the track by previous travellers
down this section and follow it in the beginning of this section, it will help.
Slow down constantly, use turn your wrist smoothly from side to side. Follow
the curves of the slope and you'll have a much easier time. Don't take 
wide turns or you're liable to miss one, and if you miss one, you will fail,
so make sure you take your time and practice if you have to.

    SNOW JAM                                                [SnowJamChallStart]
|  Get 135,000 points before time's up      |                [SnowJam135KStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: Right after the starting gates, before a ramp on the right side
TIME: 2:00

This can be tricky if you aren't good at Uber tricks, but with Uber tricks 
it's a cinch. Use the first two jumps ahead to get your boost bar up to level 
three - after that simply pull Ubers off every single jump. Use the wooden 
rails on the first few embankment curves to get some good air, and by the 
third or fourth jump you should be golden. There's some big jumps ahead, 
so if you wreck or take a bad turn, don't worry, just be sure to stick your
landings. Remember, pull Ubers if you can, even if you have to repeat the same
one and just vary the flips, spins and grabs you do to avoid trick duplication.

|  Collect 15 stars                         |              [SnowJam15StarStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About 2/3 of the way down the track, right after the area with 
the huge log shortcut. It's in the main area of the track. If you hit the 
steel bridge at the end you've gone too far.
TIME: 2:00

This is difficult only the first few times. If you get near the stars, they
will get attracted to you, so if you see one on a fence or rail that you missed
just hop up and get it. 

Starting out, hit the first three in front of you leading to the rail to the
left. Collect 3 more on this rail, then catch another off a jump ahead. Don't
worry if you miss a few, there are more than enough to make up any you might
pass by. 

Around a left-hand turn ahead, catch a rail on the right side of the turn 
and quickly turn a sharp right to catch a star off a small jump ahead. Catch
another star off a small jump and then look for a rail to the right of a 
left-hand turn ahead. Ride that rail to a star and then ride to the right of
the embankment ahead for two more. 

Just ahead is a star on top of a rail off the side of a turn. If you use
the turn like a ramp, just hop up and get the star, then reset yourself back
onto the main track. Catch the next star on a rail above the turn ahead, then 
the next star is right on the main track. That makes 15. Don't worry, there are
plenty ahead on the main track you can catch if you missed a few. 

 PEAK TWO                                                   [PeakTwoChallStart]

   BETWEEN THE SHEETS                                          [BTSChallStart]
|  Grind 450 Meters of rail                 |                    [BTS450MStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: In the first 1/3 of the track, off to the left, in a little 
"underground" passageway under a set of log rails.
Time: 3:00

This isn't the easiest challenge, and it'll probably take you a few times 
before you get it. Be persistent and remember that you may need to boost on
some rails to be able to connect to another rail to get the required 450 
meters before time runs out. 

coming out of the gate, hop on the first rail to the left and ride it. Go
down the trail a bit and hop on another rail to the left to get about 75 
total meters. Continue down the trail and there will be a short rail up on 
the hillside, ride that and boost off it to hop to another rail which will
curve to the left and lead to a large log rail you can grind. This should 
give you about 170 meters of rail.

Shortly down the trail on the left side is a very short log rail, grind it
and boost off it to connect to another wooden rail in the sky. This one 
curls around to the left and again connects with a log rail on the ground.
This log rail will then connect with a second rail that curves up out of the
track, and you'll have to boost to stay on it. Ride this rail and you should
have about 290 total meters of rail to this point. 

Hop on a few log rails over the next few sections of track. Anything extra 
you can pick up here is bonus.

As you come through this crowded section, look for a long rail to the right
of the track that curves up and to the left. Get on this rail and ride it, 
it will lead to another rail and then another that should put you well over
450 meters for the track. Good luck!

|  Get 500,000 points before time's up      |                    [BTS500KStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About halfway down the track, in the middle area, right by a few
big trees and upwards wooden rails.
TIME: 2:15

This would be challenging for even the hardest veteran if you tried to get
500,000 points in 2:15 on just the short hills and curving rails of Between 
The Sheets. But instead of trying to do that, play it smart. Head off to 
the far right at the very beginning and you will find the HALFPIPE at
Between The Sheets. From here just get your boost up and do tricks on every
jump. In order to make 500,000 you'll HAVE to do Uber Tricks, so do the 
easy ones and vary your flips and spins and grabs if you have to. It shouldn't
take more than 30 seconds for you to get 500,000 once you enter the pipe. 
Good luck!

   HAPPINESS                                                  [HappChallStart]
|  Maintain groove level 3 or higher        |                 [HappGroovStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: The first 1/3 of the track, down the main path, just past a hill
with a log rail sticking out of it.

Hmmm...this one is almost a give me, it's so easy. Just do really simple 
jumps and don't crash. You have to keep your boost bar above level 3 for 
the time required in the upper left hand corner. It's not difficult. You 
don't even have to do it for the entire time. Just play it safe, do really
simple jumps as much as you can and you should be fine. 

|  Get 55 seconds of air before time's up   |                 [Happ55secStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About 1/2 way down the track, look for a light past the first set 
of tunnels you reach. You should ride towards the middle-left of the track
to reach it the easiest. 
TIME: 2:00

The trick here is to go off as many big jumps as you can. Look for places to 
ride up the side of walls and jump off, jump off branches and small hills, 
just basically do as much airtime as possible. 

On a side note, if you just want to be cheap, if you simple press + over and
over you'll rack up about a second of airtime each time you do that. SO if 
you wanna be cheap, press it until you reach 55 seconds of airtime. It 
shouldn't take more than 90 seconds if you do it this (cheap) way. 

|  Do 5 ubers                               |                 [Happ5UberStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About 2/3 of the way down the track, past the large set of 
tunnels off to the slight right. Take the right set of tunnels to reach
it the easiest.

Again, very easy. If you have problems doing Ubers, make sure you have your 
Groove meter at 3 or above. Then, do really simple ubers, like the Loop or
the Heart and you should have no problem getting 5 ubers. Remember, they don't
have to be different Ubers, they can be 5 of the same kind (5 hearts or loops).

   PROUD POWDER                                             [PrdPwdrChallStart]
|  Go through 8 rings                       |               [PrdPwdr8ringStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: 1/2 way down the main course, shouldn't be hard to spot
TIME: 3:00

It can be hard to find the first ring on this track, but once you locate it
finding the rest is fairly straightforward. As you start, board off to the 
left and get on the plateau above the area you start on. You'll see two 
different plateaus, the lower one is the one you want. There are 9 possible
rings on this challenge, so if you miss one you can still possibly pass the 

Ahead of you you'll see a purplish ring, get on the rail ahead and board 
through that. Use the control stick to lean your boarder to the right of the
rail (not TOO far or you'll fall off) and you'll catch a second rail that 
juts off the first one, catching your second ring. Monitor your speed as you
come off this rail and you'll see the third ring ahead of you on the side of
an embankment. Board up and through that.

You'll see the next ring across the main path on the side of a hill above. 
You can hop through it to reach it. As you pass through it, get back on the 
main path, as the next ring is down a slight ways. You'll see it as you round
a small right turn, it's at the end of a jump underneath a little hut. 

Go off the jump here and look down a ways for the sixth ring off a short log
rail. Catch the rail to get the ring. The next ring is just off the top of 
the next mogul, so hop into it as you near it. The last ring you should 
need is the same situation, just down the hill to the left a tad. Finally, 
ring #9, in case you missed on, is down the hill a small bit on left.

|  Throw Snowballs at 10 Yetis              |              [PrdPwdr10YetiStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About 3/4 of the way down the course, just past the start of the 
          slalom event for Proud Powder. If you want to find it easily, just
          pick the Slalom event from the map and then cancel out of it. You'll
          see the beam of light right in front of you. 
TIME: 59 seconds

The short and steep moguls of Proud Powder make it exceedingly difficult to 
hit all the Yeti targets with snowballs, so save yourself a bunch of headaches
and just snowboard right over them. They still count the same and I find 
it far easier than trying to find a place to throw snowballs at the Yetis, 
who are often right beside each other. 

Start off and hit the first target to your slight right. Look down the hill 
to the left a bit and you'll see another, go down and get that. You can slow
down if you need to, but don't dawdle, you only have a minute to get 10 yetis. 

You'll board across a drop off ahead, look for a Yeti off to the right once 
you land. You now have a choice between a Yeti on the left or right, the left
is a tad easier, as you're right in line for the next one ahead. Get that one, 
then take a sharp right and get in line with the next one on a short mogul 
not too far ahead. You'll be heading down the left side of the course at this 
point. The 6th Yeti is just ahead off a short mogul. 

Now you're getting to the steep dropoffs at the end of Proud Powder. It's a 
major pain to try and throw snowballs, so simply try your best to run your
character over all the Yeti targets. If you're going too fast, you can also
manually reset your boarder, it often keeps you from blowing by the final 
three Yeti targets. There are 3 down the left side here, so shoot for those
and there's an extra one right past you can pick up in case you missed one. 

Good luck!

   SPRING BREAK                                             [SprgBrkChallStart]
|  Go through 9 rings                       |               [SprgBrk9RingStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About 2/3 of the way down the track, just past the area with the 
narrow gulley and the mining "bridge" of wooden rails. It's immediately off
to the right and very easy to miss, slow down as you come out of the gulley.
TIME: 1:00

Man oh man, what a difficult challenge this is! All the rings are in difficult
locations, and if you miss a single one, you'll have to start over because 
there are no extra rings at the end. So, if you miss one, just restart and 
save yourself the time. 

The first ring is off a small hill to the immediate right. As soon as you 
start off, do a quick turn right and then board off the small hill and hop
through it - this isn't easy and you'll find yourself restarting quite a bit. 
Just be patient, there are more challenging ones later. 

The next ring is off to the slight left on a drop off, no problem here, you 
don't even have to jump to get it. As you land, line yourself up for the jump
ahead - right down the middle - and don't boost. You're gonna have to jump 
perfectly straight and with just the right amount of speed to catch a rail 
on top of the narrow ledges that are in the middle of the narrow canyon here. 
If you go off to either side, restart. If you land on the ledge here but you
aren't on the rail, try to handstand on to it or if you are on the right side
of the ledge, you should be able to board to the end and get the ring at the
end here. That makes 4 rings. 

The next ring is easy to miss if you aren't paying attention. It's at the
end of this narrow canyon, off to the right. Slow down as you exit the canyon
and use the final embankment here to get it. It's VERY easy to miss, but not
hard to get once you see it, so slow down. 

Ahead you'll see the jump off the dam - there is a boost icon just before
this jump. GET IT. The problem isn't the ring just off the jump, it's the TWO '
rings you must hit as you are FALLING off the dam. In order to get these two, 
your trajectory must be PERFECT. In my experience, the easiest way to reach 
these two rings is to boost off the ramp, exactly in the middle, with full
boost and WITHOUT jumping. Then you have a chance to catch them both if you're
aligned just right. Make no mistake, there is no margin for error here, and
you'll find these two rings ruining a lot of perfect runs. Just remember, 
don't jump off this ramp, and catch that boost icon and boost off the ramp 
in order to get the right amount of speed to hit these two rings. 

The good news is that if you catch these two as you fall, the final one is 
a cinch and you'll finish the challenge. But this is one of the most 
difficult challenges, so be patient and give yourself plenty of time and 
opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Good luck, you're definitely 
gonna need it! :)

 PEAK THREE                                               [PeakThreeChallStart]

   RUTHLESS                                                    [RuthChallStart]
|   Get 300,000 points before time's up     |                   [Ruth300KStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: In the first 1/3 of the track, down the left side
TIME: 4:00

This can seem difficult at first, since Ruthless is one big pile of crashes
just waiting to happen, but relax. Once you know where to jump, you can beat
this particular challenge in about 90 seconds. 

When you first come out of the gate, take the right hand path. Just do really
simple jumps in the first section of Ruthless, simple hops with a spin or two.
Catch the boost icon down the right side that will make you able to do Ubers
by the time you clear this area. Once you clear the narrow corridors hear, 
ride the right wall and you can use it like a ramp and do a simple Uber off 
of it for about 40K. Ahead is a decent jump (right by a large wooden object)
that you can pull another jump off of for 50K or so. As you land, immediately
head right up the side slope and jump off for yet another jump of about 50K.
You should be at or near 125K by now.

As you land, look for a large log sticking up out of the ground with a boost
icon on it. This is a big jump, so grind it and jump off at the top and do 
an Uber for about 75K. You should have over 200K now. 

Now it's a matter of just finding rails to grind for jumps and hillsides to 
jump off of. There are several coming up that you can jump and grind off of, 
with plenty of time to do an uber. Land the jumps at the beginning and the 
rest is cake! Good luck!

|  Go through 17 rings                      |                [Ruth17RingsStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: 1/2 way down the track in the middle, by a couple of branch rails 
TIME: 2:30

The Ruthless Rings challenge is not the hardest one to get, but it can be 
challenging because Ruthless makes it hard to control your momentum as you
board down the mountain. If you find yourself out of control or out of 
alignment for the next ring, simply manually reset yourself and you'll often
find yourself in perfect line for the next ring in the bunch. There are 18
possible rings, so if you miss one, you're still good. If you miss two, 
however, restart. 

Starting out, the first ring is off to the left down the hill aways. Hop and
get it. If you manually reset yourself after you get it, you'll find yourself
perfectly lined up in order to hit the rail which leads to the second ring. 
Once you're through that, you'll drop down to the third, which is at the edge
of the hill ahead, no problem. 

The fourth requires you to grind a ledge to the right ahead, by the tunnels
you are about to enter. Once you've done that, the next ring is ahead past
a small series of rocks, off a narrow ice ramp. Number 6 is ahead off a short
hill ahead. Number 7 is down around the corner just over the hill. Hop to 
get it. 

Number eight requires you to grind another rail, but it's easy to get once you
do that. Rings 9, 10 and 11 are around the next 3 jumps, so be sure to get 
decent speed on this transitional part to reach them. Catch a rail just after
number 11 to catch number 12.

Number 13 requires you to build some speed, as you have to reach it by jumping
off the narrow ledge ahead. Number 14 is down the hill a small ways, off a 
small ledge. None of these are particularly tough to get unless you don't 
control your speed and get off the route, so be sure to reset yourself if you

Number 15 is ahead aways and is hard to spot because of the fog in Ruthless. 
It's past the large uprooted tree slightly off to the left.

Number 16 is the most difficult to find, and you'll probably pass it. It's 
off to the sharp left once you land, in a narrow gully that's easy to go by. 
If you happen to see the wings of it, but can't reach it, manually reset 
yourself and you will be placed on the narrow cave path to reach the last
two rings. Hop to # 17 and down the next ice tunnel is number 18 if you 
missed one of the previous ones. Good luck!

   HISTORY LESSON                                           [HisLesChallStart]
|  Do 15 Ubers                              |               [PrdPwdr8ringStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: In the beginning of the track right after the first jump
TIME: 2:00

This isn't very difficult - first things first, go forward a tad and then 
hang a hard left. Head straight for the halfpipe in History Lesson. Build
up your boost and pull more than one uber per jump - it can even be the 
same uber 15 times if you so desire. Just don't crash, you only have 2
minutes to complete this challenge. 

|  Throw Snowballs at 10 Yetis              |               [HisLes10YetiStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About 1/3 down the track, to the far right of the beginning 
          section. Go to the right of the halfpipe, avoiding the ramps and 
          down the hill, the icon is just around the corner.
TIME: 2:00

The only thing difficult about this challenge is actually FINDING the Yeti
targets to hit. Most of them are on flat ground, so feel free to throw 
snowballs if you'd like, but I usually just hit them with my snowboard since 
getting to them is 75% of the difficulty. 

When you start off, you'll notice that there is not a single Yeti target in 
sight. You'll have to do a good 20 seconds of snowboarding before you find 
one, so get moving right away. Go straight starting out, under the rock
"overpass" ahead. Jump on that ramp ahead, just to get over the rail ahead
of you. Once you are over that rail, continue ahead a little ways and then
turn left, going underneath a second rock "overpass" ahead, you'll pass 
several wood rails.  Here is the area where the Yeti targets are. 

Board ahead a bit and you'll see the first one pop out of the ground ahead 
of you, between a pair of jumps. Hit it and turn a quick right, the second
one is ahead a little bit on an ice path. Hit it and continue on. 

The next two are directly ahead, the third one is underneath another rock
overhang and the fourth is right by a short bridge ahead. The fifth is
directly ahead on the right on top of a small ramp. Grind the two rails that 
this leads you onto, which puts you right in line for the sixth Yeti target. 

Ahead you will see two small cabins, the next Yeti target is to the RIGHT of 
these two buildings, so get to that side or you will miss it. If you do, there
is an extra one at the end you can get. Follow the rail (to the right of the 
cabins) to the next Yeti target - making number 8. Continue ahead to number 9
just over a very small incline.

Number 10 is directly past that, and should have happened to miss one on the
way to this one, the final Yeti target (number eleven) is down the trail a 
tad, take the right path and it's to the right of the rail ahead of you. 
Good luck! 

   ON THE ROCKS                                                 [OTRChallStart]
|  Grab 20 stars                            |                  [OTR20StarStart]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About halfway down track, in the area where the two beginning paths
          merge, on the main course in a lower area with two paths arising on
          either side. 
TIME: 2:05

This is the largest collection challenge, but it shouldn't be any challenge 
at all if you can ride a few rails and board alright around some corners. 

Starting out, head slightly to the left and catch the first star on the narrow
path to the right of the lower area. Continue on that path for a short ways 
to collect another star, then if you're lucky you can catch a third shortly 
ahead, if not, no worries as there are plenty all over this track. 

Drop down into the narrow valley here and look for a sharp incline on the right
with a short ice rail to climb it for your next star. This will place you 
in line to ride the rail that curves around the turn here, catching two more 
stars. Manually reset yourself OFF this rail when you've got both stars, and
you'll reappear on the main track. Here you can catch another star along the
rail to the right if you hop, and ahead you'll see a rail along the left side 
of the main trail that you can get another star, then ride the rail to THREE
more stars. This rail leads through the "Big Air" event hut if that gives you
a hint as to which rail I'm talking about. 

Ride off the end of this rail and now you're down into the ice tunnel. There
are SIX stars in here you can get, which start out on the right side and then
switch to the left side. You should get at least four if you can. 

You'll jump out of the ice tunnels, and ahead there is a star off the middle
ramp ahead and another in the air. Get one for sure, but both if you can. 
After you land, head to the far right and hop on a rail to grab 3 more stars. 
If you haven't finished by now, don't worry, there are still more stars to 

Go over the jump at the end of the rail, but don't get any airtime. There's a 
star at the bottom of the ramp here. Immediately head left to the far left 
rail for the final two stars. I would say there is 25 stars or more 
on this track, so you shouldn't have any problems with making the required
number. Good luck!

   1 ON 1 CHARACTER CHALLENGES                                 [1on1ChallStart]
1 On 1 Character Challenges are challenges that you participate in versus the
character that is on the icon on the track. Typically they are either a race
or showoff competition where you must beat the character either to the end of 
the track or in total score.

They are found the same way the other challenges are found, look for beams of
light on the track. The only difference is the icon that denotes them has a 
picture of the character's face on it. Push A near it to challenge that 
character - if you win you get their snowboard/skis as a trophy. :)

|  Griff: Peak 1 - Compilation              |                  [1on1ChallGriff]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: Right in the beginning of Compilation off to the right
OBJECTIVE: Beat your opponent's score
TIME: 4:00

You're going to be competing with Griff in Freestyle on Compilation. Honestly,
this is pretty easy. Even if you don't have any Ubers you can still score 
plenty just catching multipliers and doing regular tricks. Griff never scores
more than 200-225,000 on this track, so you should be able to catch a few good
jumps with a multiplier or two and beat him. 

Also remember, the event ends once you or Griff cross the finish line, so if
you are significantly ahead of him go ahead and race to the finish line and 
end the event. No need to wait! :) 

|  Mac: Peak 1 - Kick Doubt                 |                    [1on1ChallMac]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: At the very beginning of Kick Doubt, to the left of the starting 
          gates, turn sharp before the reach them. 
OBJECTIVE: Get 40,000 points above Mac's score within the time limit
TIME: 1:30

Folks, this shouldn't be difficult unless you've never played Kick Doubt 
before. You can honestly beat it within 10 seconds if you do one jump 
with an Uber and a multiplier. Once you are 40K above Mac, the challenge 
stops automatically - shouldn't be any problem at all. 

|  Felix: Peak 1 - Wild Tree Fun            |                  [1on1ChallFelix]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: On the main track, right in the middle in the very beginning after
the very first turn
OBJECTIVE: Get 150 meters ahead of your opponent before time's up
TIME: 4:00

A good racing route will get you ahead of Felix in no time. Starting out, see
if you can catch one of the rails off to the side of the track. You start out 
on the main course, so you'll have to board a ways to catch a good shortcut.
Avoid jumping but do some tricks if you do get air and boost ahead of Felix. 
As you come to the covered ramp (has the ski lift above it), board to the left
and take the shortcut here and just ski. Felix loves to get lots of airtime
off the jump, so this should put you ahead of him no problem.

|  Maya: Peak 1 - Snow Jam                  |                   [1on1ChallMaya]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: Follow the "Big Air" sign in the very beginning, and follow the 
trail to the left here. Maya is just over a small hill here. 
OBJECTIVE: Beat Maya down the hill, so it's a race!

This is a race down Snow Jam, so just use the race guide for Snow Jam here. 
You shouldn't have a problem - Maya runs about a 2:45-3:00 pace, so as long
as you can beat that (which is simple as long as you don't crash) you should
be fine. 

|  Skye: Peak 2 - Between The Sheets        |                   [1on1ChallSkye]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION:  Off to the left in the first 1/4 of the track
OBJECTIVE: Beat Skye down the hill, so it's a race!

Just a race down Between The Sheets, so use the race guide for BTS. Skye runs
about a 2:15 on this track, and seems to treat it like a freestyle event, so
you should have plenty of opportunity to pass her as long as you keep your 
race somewhat clean and don't go crazy with the tricks. 

|  Kaori: Peak 2 - Happiness                |                  [1on1ChallKaori]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: First 1/3 of the track, starting from freeride you'll see a beam
of light, head towards that, it's off to the left over a small hill
OBJECTIVE: Beat Kaori's score by the time the clock runs out
TIME: 2:00

You have two minutes to beat Kaori's score. She typically scores abour 125-150K
depending on how well you are doing. When you start out on Happiness here, you
are not in the best freestyle section, so veer to the right back onto the 
regular track and you'll run across some good jumps. You will have to pull 
Ubers on your jumps to beat her, so use the freestyle guide for Happiness
here if you need any additional help. 

|  Allegra: Peak 2 - Proud Powder           |                [1on1ChallAllegra]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: Very first part of the track, you'll see a beam of light off to the
          right, head there
OBJECTIVE: Get 170 Meters ahead of Allegra before time's up
TIME: 3:00

There's not much trick to this, Allegra is not particularly fast so just 
just do some tricks off the first few jumps, build some boost and use it
to speed down the main section of the course. The rails in the area don't 
give you much of an advantage as they often end in large jumps that slow you
down. Just get past the first part that is crowded with jumps and trees and 
then boost down the main track, avoiding jumps and you should pass Allegra in
no time. The event ends once you are 170 meters ahead of Allegra. 

|  JP: Peak 2 - Spring Break                |                     [1on1ChallJP]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: You'll see a beam of light right after the first big drop off
OBJECTIVE: Beat JP's score before time's up
TIME: 2:00

You've got two minutes to try and beat JP's score here. It can be difficult 
to find enough ramps here to keep up with JP, so you're going to have to get 

As you start up, there will be a very tiny ledge in front of you, use it 
to do a few flips or spins to build up your first 2 levels of boost. Then, 
as you land, look ahead at the curve. There is a large wall of the cliff in
front of you - use it like a ramp. Travel up it and jump just like you would
a regular jump. Do several flips and spins to get your boost bar up to level
3. Now you can do Ubers.

Landing is a bit tricky here, but as you come down, you'll see a trail that 
leads to an ice path with stalagmites on it that cross-cuts the regular trail.
Head here, and as the path curves to the right, cut right and jump off the 
ledge at the end back on to the regular path, doing an Uber before you land. 

Ahead will be a log rail that leads to an upper path that heads to another 
rail. Grind both these rails and it will lead to a short ledge where you 
can get some airtime and pull a level 2 uber. You'll be in a narrow gulley
now, so board to the end of that and as you see it curve right, use the
gulley walls like a ramp and pull an uber off of it. 

As you land, you'll now be in the beginning of the log rail system here. There
are several log rails you can choose from, but none of them are any better 
than the other, so avoid them and find a gulley to travel down. Look for an
embankment you can use like a ramp and jump off of it, doing an uber and 
finishing it quickly. Odds are you aren't going to get a whole lot of airtime
in this section. 

As you land, you'll find yourself approaching a narrow turn right before the 
beginning of a long "bridge" rail in the gulley ahead. Ride the rail if you 
can but you can also look for several small jumps to get points here as well. 
Everything helps, you don't have to pull ubers off every jump. 

Once you get past this section, you'll reach a clearing with a few decent jumps.
Pull ubers off them, especially the large ledge that leads to the icebed 
just before the extremely narrow canyon. As you approach the canyon, use the
ramp that leads into it and pull an uber. Just board through the area here, 
trying not to crash. You'll be approaching the end of your time at this point,
so race through the canyon and try to reach the dam at the end of the track. 
You can pull 3-4 ubers here if you get a good jump, which can make a huge
difference here. 

JP usually scores about 225,000 - 250,000 here, so you're gonna have to pull
a great run to beat him. It's not the easiest thing in the world. Good luck!

|  Elise: Peak 2 - Spring Break             |                  [1on1ChallElise]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: First 1/3 of the track, just around the corner from Felix's icon
OBJECTIVE: Beat Elise down the hill, so it's a race!

Not too difficult, simply use the race guides for Spring Break and you should 
be fine. I beat Elise with a completely unpowered character, so as long as you
don't crash, you should be fine. 

|  Psymon: Peak 3 - Ruthless                |                 [1on1ChallPsymon]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: You'll see a beam of light off to the right directly past the start
OBJECTIVE: Beat Psymon down the hill

This can be a tough race, but use the race guide for Ruthless and you should
be okay. Psymon usually runs about a 3:00 time on Ruthless, so if you are 
faster than that you are in good shape. Practice makes perfect, Psymon is 
fast and you may take a few times before you can best him. 

|  Zoe: Peak 3 - History Lesson             |                    [1on1ChallZoe]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: About 1/3 of the way down the track, on the left side, up on a 
          small ledge over a jump. A little difficult to get to. 
OBJECTIVE: Get 150,000 points above Zoe's score
TIME: 3:00

Jeez, how easy is this? They put you at the entrance to the halfpipe, while 
Zoe is somewhere else apparently, doing little tricks. You should be able to 
beat this in 30 seconds if you pull consistent ubers. No problem at all. 

|  Moby: Peak 3 - On The Rocks              |                   [1on1ChallMoby]
AUTHOR: gondee
LOCATION: First 1/3 of the track, main track area, around the first big left
          hand turn
OBJECTIVE: Beat Moby to the bottom, so it's a race!

You shouldn't have any problems here as long as you're adequately powered up.
You can use the race guides for On The Rocks if you want, but I didn't have
any problems simply racing down the main course and beating Moby, so I doubt
you will either. 

d. Frequently Asked Questions                                  [EventsFAQBlur]
Q. How do I view high scores for the events? 
A. From yako591: "You need to go into multiplayer (hot seat mode for big air, 
halfpipe and slalom; splitscreen mode for slopestyle and race), then hit the 
1 button when choosing your event. It will display your 10 best scores. 

Q. Can you get unlimited boost in racing? 
A. Nope. It doesn't take much to get it to keep it filled up. 

                SECTION THREE: GAMEPLAY TECHNIQUES          [GameplayTechStart]
a. In-Depth Uber Tricks Guide                               [GameplayUberDepth]
Before we even start to get down to the nitty gritty of describing how to 
do Uber Tricks, we need to come up with a standard convention for naming
each shape you are supposed to draw. I'm going to take some liberty here and 
name each shape as I've seen them described in the community. I'll also
"draw" the shape in ASCII as best I can to describe to you how to do the

General Tips for Registering Uber Tricks: 
Some people have real difficulty registering Uber tricks on the console. 
This may be due to several factors, which could include user error, low 
battery life in the Wiimote and simple coordination problems. 

Here are several tips to get Uber tricks to register in general: 

with just the tip of the Wiimote, like you were holding the pencil. That
won't work - keep the Wiimote flat as you move it through the air, like
it was on a table top the whole time. Keep your wrist and elbow locked
as you register the shape and use your ENTIRE arm to draw the shape. 
Imagine you're holding a cup of water and you don't want to spill any
of the water in the glass as you do the shape. 

game uses the accelerometer in the Wiimote and Nunchuk to register the
tricks, so do Uber tricks where you are most comfortable and have the 
most room. 

Those are just suggestions - if there is an Uber you do the best, do 
that one. It's far more important that you feel like you can do ubers
at any time to avoid frustration, which only makes it harder to play. 

4. CHECK YOUR BATTERIES. Whenever I have the most problems, it's usually 
because my batteries are low. Make sure you check your batteries if you 
can't figure out why your ubers aren't working and you've had success in 
the past. 

5. WHEN YOU SEE A 'Z' or 'N' SHAPE, IT'S NOT REALLY A Z OR N. There are 
several ubers that are basically a Z or N shape - what to keep in mind
to get these to register is that these are basically repeating vertical 
motions or sideways motions. For example, doing "The N's" uber trick can 
be done just by moving the Wiimote and Nunchuk up and down in opposite
directions - no sideways movement required, even though the uber icon 
seems to show it. 

6. USE THE UBER TUTORIAL! If you pause the game mid-play and scroll down 
the selections in the upper left, there's an option called "Ubertricks" - 
USE THIS. It allows you to select those ubers you have unlocked and practice
drawing the shape. The game will tell you if your motion is correct each 
time you do it. 

go when you are done. The game does not know you are registering an Uber 
unless you hold the A button down, so push it down when you want to do one. 
Then let it go when you're done with the motion. 

There are also several tips to keep in mind to maximize your scoring 
with Ubers: 

1. USE THE SYSTEM. It's generally better to do multiple ubers in a jump than
to hold one single uber, but that depends on how long you hold the uber and 
what uber you are doing. The level 2 ubers score higher than the level one
ubers, but the level 1 ubers are quicker. It's generally a good idea to do 
a simple uber to start off, that way you get the "Slow Motion" effect and 
can use the extra time to do the more complex motions for the Level 2 Uber

a LEVEL 2 Uber where the animation is very long, you can start do a new 
Uber before the animation has finished. Level 2 Ubers basically have 2 
parts to them, an opening animation that you can interrupt to do another
Uber and the remaining animation that you CANNOT interrupt and must push 
the A/B button to end. So if you plan on doing many uber tricks in one 
jump, be sure to do the animation for the next Uber trick before the Level
2 Uber has moved on to it's secondary animation. 

3. KEEP YOUR BOOST AT THE TOP. Ubers are worth more if your boost bar is 
in the "Uber Duper" range at the very top. So try to keep your boost up and
you'll score higher.

LEVEL 1 UBERS: (You start out with these 4 Ubers) 
                       / \           "The Loop" 
                       |  |
                       \ /           KICKBACK JACK - Snowboarding
                        /\           PORKCHOP AIR - Skiing
                       /  \                      
                      /    \         DRAWING TIPS: Just make a quick loop
                                     with the wiimote. This is generally
                                     considered the easiest one to do.

                           /          "The Z" 
                        /             DONKEY KICK - Snowboarding
                       /              JERKED CHICKEN - Skiing
                     /______          DRAWING TIPS: Instead of drawing a Z 
                                      shape, trying simply moving the
                                      Wiimote right, then left, then right

                      / \             "Sideways Double Loop"
                         |            DROP OUT - Snowboarding
                       __|________    DRAWING TIPS: Imagine it somewhat
                      /  /            like a cursive L

                      ___    ___       
                     /   \  /   \      "Heart"
                     \    \/    / 
                      \        / 
                       \      /        STEPPIN' OUT - Snowboarding
                        \    /
                         \  /          DRAWING TIPS: Use both the Nunchuk
                          \/           and Wiimote, start at the same point
                                       in the air, loop out to the side and
                                       then pull them together again at the

LEVEL 2 UBERS (You earn these ubers by collecting 20 Uber Icons for each shape)

                        _  _           "The M"
                       / \/ \
                      /  /\  \         STRING CHEESE - Snowboarding
                      |  \/  |                    
                                       DRAWING TIPS: Doesn't have to be done
                                       with large loops, a small M will work
                                       just as well

                            ___        "The Infinity Symbol"
                       ___     \
                      /   \    /       BODY MASSAGE - Snowboarding
                      \    \__/         
                       \_              DRAWING TIPS: Start the Wiimote at a
                                       lower point, make the motion and 
                                       loop back to where it began

                       / \
                       |  |            "The Clef"
                       | /
                       /               CHOCOLATE THUNDER - Snowboarding
                      /|   \
                     | |    |          DRAWING TIPS: This uber is difficult.
                     | |   /           Don't be surprised if it takes you 
                      \|__/            several times to get the motions down.


                 |\    |  |    /|    The "N's" 
                 | \   |  |   / | 
                 |  \  |  |  /  |    THE WIZARD - Snowboarding
                 |   \ |  | /   |
                 |    \|  |/    |    DRAWING TIPS: The trick to doing this is
                                     to just do Up and Down motions, you don't
                                     need to move the Wiimote sideways at all.
                                     So move the Nunchuk UP, DOWN, UP and then
                                     move the Wiimote DOWN, UP, DOWN

                 _                   "The Hanger"
                / \
                \ /                  THE SPREADER - Snowboarding
             _/    \_
           _/        \_              DRAWING TIPS: Make sure you extend the
         _/            \_            Wiimote out to the side far enough to 
       _/                \_          register the "back" motion at the very 
     _/                    \_        end
    /       _________________\


                                     "The Double Z's"
      _______     _______ 
            /     \                  P.T. - Snowboarding
           /       \
          /         \                DRAWING TIPS: Like the "N's", you don't
         /           \               need to register any vertical motions
        /             \              when you do this Uber, so just imagine
       /               \             clapping your hands together. Move the 
      /______     ______\            Nunchuk RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, and the 
                                     Wiimote LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT

                                     "The Y"
        /     _                      NUTCRACKER - Snowboarding
       /     /                        
      /     /    /\                  DRAWING TIPS: Make a small loop at the 
      |     \___/  \                 beginning and then loop the Wiimote
      \            |                 in a large arc to above where you started
       \           /
        \         /


        \   /                         "The Double Loops"
         \ /
         / \                          STEEB - Snowboarding
        /   \
       /     \       ___
      /       \     /   \             DRAWING TIPS: Revolve the Nunchuk in a   
      |       |    /     \            downward loop from LEFT to RIGHT, and 
      \       /   /       \           the Wiimote in an upward loop from RIGHT 
       \     /    |        |          to LEFT. This one takes some coordination.
        \___/     \       /
                   \     /
                    \   /
                     \ /
                     / \ 
                    /   \

               RAIL UBERS (Ubers you do when you are on a rail) 
Even though it doesn't say it in the instruction manual, there are 4 Uber 
tricks that you can only do on rails. You do them by doing the motions for
the Level 1 Ubers. You can also balance them on the rail using the Analog
Stick on the Nunchuk. 

   MOTION                                      RAIL UBER
                 Z                         Double-Handed Handstand
          Double Sideways Loop             Balance on Board Sideways
                 M                         Backwards Handspring Onto Board
            Infinity Symbol                One-Handed Handstand

b. Grabs and other Minutae                                      [GameplayGrabs]
Thanks to yako591 for info on this section: 

First of all, grabs are done by tilting the nunchuck either up, down, left or
right. If you are having trouble with the left or right grabs it is probably
because you are turning the nunchuck, instead of tilting it. All you need to
do is tilt it as if you were carving on the ground. Also, all grabs can be
tweaked by tilting the control stick any direction.

There are three levels of grabs. The grabs progressively become more advanced
as you fill up the groove meter. Here is a list of all the grabs (the name 
of the tweaked version of the grab is in parentheses).Tweaked Grabs, done 
by pushing the Analog Stick any direction while doing a grab, are listed
in parentheses (these). 

     WII COMMAND                       GRAB 
                   Groove level 0-2 (UBER)     
    UP                         Mute (Mutation)
    DOWN                       Stalefish (Filet O'Stalefish)
    LEFT                       Method (Method Madness)
    RIGHT                      Tailgrab (Tail Wag)

                   Groove level 3-4 (UBER-RIFIC)

    UP                         Nosegrab (Nosebleed)
    DOWN                       Indy (Sinful Indy)
    LEFT                       Swiss Cheese (Ripe Swiss Cheese)
    RIGHT                      Melancholy (Gleeful Melancholy)

                   Groove level 4 (full) (UBER-DUPER)

    UP                         Lien (Mean Lien)
    DOWN                       Stalemasky (Fresh Stalemasky)
    LEFT                       Chicken Salad (Rubber Chicken Salad)
    RIGHT                      Spaghetti (Meatballed Spaghetti)

For most of the grabs, the name of the tweaked version will just 
have the word 'tweaked' in front of it (tweaked mute, tweaked 
safety, etc). But for some grabs, the name will change completely
when it is tweaked, and for those grabs I put the name of the 
tweaked version in parentheses.

   WII COMMAND                       GRAB 
                   Groove level 0-2 (UBER)     
    UP                               Mute
    DOWN                             Safety
    LEFT                             Tail Blunt
    RIGHT                            Japan

                   Groove level 3-4 (UBER-RIFIC)

    UP                               Double Safety (Truck Driver)
    DOWN                             Double Japan
    LEFT                             No Grab (Shifty) 
    RIGHT                            Breby
                   Groove level 4 (full) (UBER-DUPER)

    UP                               Lu Kang
    DOWN                             Kosak (Spread Eagle) 
    LEFT                             Critical (Rocket) 
    RIGHT                            Nosegrab

c. Attributes                                              [GameplayAttributes]
Character Attributes are very similar to SSX 3. 

BOOST - The higher your boost attribute, the slower your boost depletes and
        the more effective your boost is at accelerating you. 

EDGE  - Put it simply, this is how sharp you turn. Early in the game you will
        only be able to make wide turns. This attribute is important for 
        passing those difficult slalom events early on. 

TRICK - This is how fast you spin and flip. It may also effect grab speed and
        possibly how fast you recover from Uber tricks. 

SPEED - This is your character's top speed. Very important for races overall.

d. Handplants and Board Presses                             [GameplayHandplant]
The trick system is rounded out with two moves that can help making the 
most of the courses in SSX Blur. These moves are the Handplant and Board

The board press is the technique that is a leftover remnant of SSX 3 and SSX
On Tour that is not nearly as important in SSX Blur. A board press causes 
your character to lean their weight on the board and ride it on either the 
front (Nunchuk Tilted Up) or back (Nunchuk Tilted Down).

It's important to pay attention to the visual cues your character is giving to
see how your board press is coming along. If your character is waving their
arms and looks to be off-balance, you are in danger of falling and should
either stop the board press by letting go of the C button, or rotate
the Nunchuk to the opposite direction you were holding. This causes
your character to spin on the boardpress and renews their balance. 
If you do not, you will tumble and lose whatever points you had built.

If you hold a board press for a long time, you will get an increasingly
building point bonus, until it tops out at a 32,000 point "Long Press" bonus. 

You can do board presses on rails, which become Nose grinds and Tail grinds.

The handplant might at first seem odd when you do it in the game, as it
completely kills your speed and momentum down the track. But the handplant
serves a very useful purpose - it can be used to hop onto rails that you
may have missed and can also be used to gain access to those areas of the
track that are normally off limits.

For example, if you launch off a jump and are approaching a billboard or tree
branch, pushing A+B will cause you to handplant onto it. While you are
planted, you can affect your balance by using the Nunchuk, and
the longer you hold the handplant the more points the trick is worth.

If you are approaching a rail from the side in slopestyle, you can
handplant off of it.You must slow down in order to do a complete handplant. 

If you need to grind a rail that you missed, do a handplant and wait for 
your character to go completely straight and then let go. Often times
this will allow you to hop directly onto the rail. If you cannot reach
a rail, often times it helps you jump before you push A+B, as this gets your
character a little closer to the rail and makes it easier for them to 
handplant up onto it. 

e. Groove Meter Details                                         [GameplayBoost]
The Groove Meter in SSX Blur is a meter of how much boost you have acquired
(duh, lol.) Boost is used by the Z button and causes you to speed up 
in races. You get boost by doing tricks, and you use it up by boosting. 
The boost bar also affects when you can do Uber Tricks. There are 4 levels of 
the single boost bar - you can only do tricks once you have filled the Boost
Bar to at least the THIRD level. 

The Groove Meter gradually loses boost as you board, that's why you must 
constantly do tricks if you wish to keep it full. Luckily even a single flip
will fill it up from 0 to Level 2. Later on, however, it takes more tricks
to fill it up to full.

The music in SSX Blur gets more vivid as you fill up the boost bar. At the 
lower levels, the music is mostly background music, and as you fill up the 
boost bar to the 4th level the music become more vibrant until a full array 
of sounds greets your ears. This is coupled by tiny little neon musical notes
that float out of your character when your boost bar is full. It's a neat 
effect, but has no impact on gameplay.

f. Manual Reset/Crash Recovery                               [GameplayManCrash]
The Manual Reset and Crash Recovery feature is important to keep in mind 
when playing the game. Each plays a vital role in making the most of racing
and freestyle in SSX Blur. 

MANUAL RESET makes the screen fade to white and resets your character back 
on the track. This is mainly for when you are stuck in a certain area of the
track, and may not be able to get out. This usually happens if you don't have 
enough speed or if you are caught between several obstacles like trees. It's 
important to keep in mind that using Manual Reset uses up boost. In 
most cases you are reset onto the "main" section of track roughly equivalent
to where you reset at, but in certain cases you may be "warped" ahead to 
a further part of the track. Taking advantage of this instance is called 
using the "Select trick" - see the Advanced Techniques section for more info. 

CRASH RECOVERY is similar to Manual Reset, but it plays a more vital role
during crashes. When you crash, you have to shake the Wiimote and Nunchuk
up and down several times and you will end the crash animation and
get back on your feet. This is most vital when you crash into something in 
mid air - if you recover from the crash before you land, you can continue
with the jump and land on your feet just fine. If you crash so bad that 
you leave your board, pushing crash recovery will cause you to manual 
reset, but at the cost of LESS boost than pushing the Manual Reset button. 
It should become a habit to use the Crash Recovery feature before
pushing the Manual Reset button. 

h. Bonus Icons                                                  [GameplayBonus]
* Blue Point icons (look like stars) give you 10,000 points 
* Green Point icons (look like stars) give you 25,000 points 
* Yellow Boost Icons (have a Yellow B on them) fill up a good portion of 
  your Groove Meter, usually around 2 bars.
* Redish Boost Icons (have an A on them) fill your boost bar to the max. 
* X icons (x2, x3, x5, x10) are MULTIPLIERS. They multiply the value of your 
  current trick when you pass through them. So if you do a trick on a jump 
  that is worth 10,000 points and hit a 5x icon, when you land your trick 
  will be worth 50,000. 

i. Advanced Techniques                                       [GameplayAdvanced]
This section contains the advanced techniques that you should learn if you 
want to compete with the best of the best. These techniques are found by 
players in the game and are used to make faster times and higher scores than
the average game by taking advantage of game details in a way few other 
players do. 

TECHNIQUE # 1 - "The Select Trick"
Events: Racing, Slalom (sort of cheating)

Importance for High Scores: Semi Important

How to do "The Select Trick": Look for certain areas of the track that you can
push manual reset on (+ on the Wiimote) and in certain areas you will be warped
ahead almost instantly.

Why do "The Select Trick": Because in advanced racing, people will use any
advantage they can get, and you might be left behind if you don't use them.
For slalom, if you are frustrated you can use the Select Trick to reset
your character and sometimes get credit for flags you didn't pass (like I
said, it's sort of cheating, lol.) 

Why does "The Select Trick" work? Because of the necessity to have ways to
escape from certain areas of the track where you may otherwise get stuck. For
example, if the game didn't reset you past a large jump that you just don't
have enough speed to jump over, you would never be able to get past it.

Notes: They only work on certain spots of tracks, and it can be tricky to 
find them. 

Also note that this trick has been around since SSX, and is rarely spoken
about and is usually understood that you use them if you can. However, it is
VERY important to remember that the "Select Trick" is banned in official
World Record racing attempts (see http://www.twingalaxies.com for more info.)
Using the "Select Trick" also means that your run was not "clean" as you used
a glitch to get a better time than you could have gotten racing normally.

TECHNIQUE # 2 - "The Rail Landing Showoff Trick"
Event: Slopestyle
Importance for High Scores: Well, the better you get at it, the 
higher you will score. It's a very difficult trick to do consistently
however, so take that into account.
How to do "The Rail Landing Showoff Trick": Go off a jump and do 
a bigtime trick, and land on a rail to finish it. 
Why do "The Rail Landing Showoff Trick"? In SSX Blur, landing on a rail
DOUBLES the entire trick score for that jump. If you get a huge jump 
(say 50-60K) that's quite a few extra points. 
Why does "The Rail Landing Showoff Trick" work? It's just an interesting
little tidbit for SSX Blur. Very difficult to do on a consistent
basis, but if you can find a few jumps where you can reliably land on
a rail, do so! 

k. Frequently Asked Questions                                     [GameplayFAQ]

Q. How do I power up my character? 
A. You have to win Events and Tournaments, then you'll be given points to
   use towards your character. You can also be given bonus stat points if you 
   are at the top of the Leaderboard for a while. 

Q. How do I get to Peak 2? 
A. Beat Tournament #2 - Yeti's Footsteps. 

                SECTION FOUR: COLLECTION                        [CollectStart]
The only item to "collect" in SSX Blur are the Uber Icons, which you collect
to unlock all the Level 2 Uber Tricks in SSX Blur. Once you've collected 20 
of each of the Uber Icons, the Uber trick listed on that icon is unlocked. 
There are more than 20 icons for each Uber.

If you collect all 275 Uber Trick Icons, you will unlock the Yeti costume in 

A very important thing to remember is that you may not be able to reach some
Uber icons with your character. For those Uber icons, you should throw a 
SNOWBALL at them once you are near them. The snowball will "auto lock" onto
the Uber Icon and hit it, allowing you to collect it. You throw a snowball 
by holding the B button and flicking the Wiimote forward a bit. 

                SECTION FIVE: ***SPOILERS***                    [SpoilerStart]
Read ahead only if you want to know about the various rewards and endings 
that you get from playing the game. 

                 If you are not interested in these things 

a. Cheat Codes                                                 [DetailsCheats]
All cheats are entered in the EXTRAS menu at the main menu. Go to the 
OPTIONS selection and then pick CHEATS from the menu there. 

NOTE!! The cheats here are CASE-SENSITIVE. This means you must put in the
code EXACTLY as it is listed. If you are even one letter off, meaning you 
might put a instead of a  for the Yeti code (the incorrect 'wildFur'
(lowercase w) instead of the correct 'WildFur' (capital W) then your code
will not work. Again, put in the code EXACTLY as it is listed. It's also
important to remember that cheats DO NOT save, so if you put in a cheat and
then turn off the console, you'll have to reinput it after you turn SSX Blur
back on.

Dominik Buhler also wrote me to explain that it is necessary to "first alter 
the language of the Wii to English before trying to use the cheats. 
I had a hard time figuring out why the cheats won't work, while my System 
was still switched to German language. I think there will be many European 
players out there being grateful for this advice." Thanks Dominik!

     UNLOCKABLE:                            CHEAT
                      HIDDEN CHARACTERS
      WildFur                      Unlock Yeti costume 

      NoHolds                      All Characters Unlocked 
      ClothShop                    Unlock all clothes 
      MasterKey                    Unlocks all tracks 

b. Secret Characters                                        [SpoilerSecretChar]
There are no secret characters in SSX Blur except for the Yeti, which is a 
skin you unlock when you collect all the Uber Icons in the game. When you 
select the Yeti skin it overrides your characters model and you ski down 
the mountain as a Yeti, an "abominable snowman."

c. Completion Rewards                                         [SpoilerCompRew]
Completion Rewards are prizes that you get from completing certain tasks
in the game. This area will house all the things you get for doing that.

BOARDS/SKIS - You earn these by completing Challenges and 1-on-1 challenges. 
              There are 25 boards, and you earn all but one by doing all the
              challenges on the mountain. The last one you earn by winning the
              final tournament, The Ultra-super-Secret" Platinum Tour. 

UBERS -       Unlock Ubers by collecting at least 20 of the various Uber icons
              on the mountain. Some of the later Uber icons are available only
              on Peak 2 and 3. 

YETI SKIN -   You unlock the Yeti Skin by collecting all 275 Uber Icons on the

                SECTION SIX: CHARACTERS                       [CharacterStart]
A thousand thanks to vix for helping compile the quotes from DJ Atomika. 

a. Character Bios                                               [CharacterBio]
       ALLEGRA                                                  [BioAllegra]
EDGE:  10
Allegra Sauvagess  

Age - 19 
Height - 5'5" 
Weight - 115 lbs 
Blood Type: O-
Nationality - American 
Likes: Boys
Dislikes: Boys
Trait: Bipolar

Partner: Psymon
Rival: Skye 
Favorite Events: Slopestyle
Stance - Goofy 
Motivation: Win against everyone; boys & girls. 

Bio: Allegra's drive and determination are matches only by her passion and 
attitude on the mountain. Take a good look, she's the ultimate skiing 
"Betty" beauty who'll beat you at every turn.  

Quotes from DJ Atomika: 
* Allegra's keeping it real in the circuit where last season she'd let
  her hot temper get the best of her. This year she's got the drive of
  a seasoned pro. 
* Allegra's word of the day for all you bitty betties out there, "Girls
  do it better." That may be and even fewer can do it better than Miss
* Here's a bit of trivia. Which SSX athlete holds a record for breaking
  348 of these? That'd be Allegra and those would be boards. Youch! 
* There aren't many competitors on the SSX Circuit that can match Allegra's
  bold, in your face attitude. It's what sets her apart. But it's her 
  ability to bust massive tricks that sets her above. 

       ELISE:                                                       [BioElise]
BOOST:   7
EDGE:   10
TRICK:   8
SPEED:  11 
Elise Riggs  
Age - 27 
Height - 5'11" 
Weight - 150 lbs 
Blood Type: A- 
Nationality - Canadian 
Likes: Men
Dislikes: Flat places
Trait: Hot'n Bad
Partner- JP 
Rival- Felix 
Favorite Event: Race
Stance - Goofy
Motivation: Keep her winning streak alive. 

Bio: Super modeling and building a business empire by day, shredding up the 
mountain and breaking records at night are all in a day's work for this
SSX veteran... talk about beauty and the beast... she's both!

Quotes from DJ Atomika: 
* Elise isn't busy kicking butt on the SSX Circuit; she's building a business 
  empire. Sponsorships and a modeling career keep this superwoman in flight. 
* SSX trainers say Elise Riggs passed the preseason physical but the circuit
  is still buzzing with speculation about her recovery after a big wave surfing
  accident wreaked havoc on her ACL. 
* In The summer time Elise Riggs turns from shredder girl into surfer girl, but
  that doesn't mean she goes soft. It's nothing but big wave surfing for this
* Elise Riggs says she's back with a vengeance and feeling better than 
  ever. Her ACL scare meant pulling two-a-days this preseason getting fit and 

       FELIX:                                                       [BioFelix]
EDGE:   7
Felix Lévesque  
Age - 19 
Height - 5'8" 
Weight - 150 lbs 
Blood Type: B-
Nationality - Canadian 
Likes: Poutine
Dislikes: Indulgence
Trait: Reckless

Partner: Skye
Rival: Elise
Favorite Event: Race
Stance: Skier (regular on board) 
Motivation: Establish French Canadians as world leaders on slopes

Bio: A Montrealer new to the SSX Circuit, his father's business has allowed
him to train on most of the highest mountains around the world. He's a world
class competitor with a heart of gold, and a stomach full of poutine.

Quotes from DJ Atomika:
* Get this, last summer Felix was the fry guy in one his father's 300 Tasty 
  Burger-rama's, being groomed as a fast-food heir. This year he's shredding 
  more than potatoes on the SSX scene. 
* Felix explodes onto the SSX scene after racking up 3200 feet in vertical
  cliff drops last winter. This guy skis crazy lines in the backcountry most
  pro's would try to avoid. 
* SSX super fans wanting to get the skinny on newcomer Felix might be 
  interested to know this international man of mystery has laid tracks out 
  of bounds on world famous peaks all over the globe. 
* This big mountain skier and SSX rookie polished his credentials on Mount
  de Berville; a massive peak so remote and difficult to access, there is 
  no easy route off the summit. 
* What's a city kid from Montreal doing making his debut on the SSX 
  Circuit? A blowing it out. Up and comer Felix is already pushing the
  limits of competitive free-skiing. 

       GRIFF:                                                       [BioGriff]
EDGE:  10
SPEED:  9 
Griff Simmons  
Age - 14 
Height - 4'10" 
Weight - 87 lbs
Blood Type: B- 
Nationality - American 
Likes: Sugar and sweets
Dislikes: Sleep
Trait: Hyperactive

Partner: Maya
Rival: Zoe
Favorite Event: Slopestyle
Stance: Regular
Motivation: Having fun, being with friends

Bio: 14 years-old and already a regular on the SSX circuit: An impressive 
feat, and Griff does it all with a smile, just stay out of his way if you're
both standing anywhere near candy! 

Quotes from DJ Atomika: 
* Griff Simmons spends so much of the academic year on the circuit, 
  he has to take a double dose of summer school. Such is the life of
  a 14 year old pro boarder and he wouldn't have it any other way.
* At 14, Griff Simmons has the kind of explosive excitement that keeps
  him in a constant state of vibration. His secret ingredient: high 
  fructose corn syrup in dangerously high doses. 
* Some riders say that at four foot ten, Griff Simmons has no fear
  because he doesn't have far to fall. If it weren't for his uncanny
  skill I might have to agree, but this kid is certified bakin'.
* Here's a little SSX superman contest. Can't you freeze Griff? 
  Those who follow the circuit closely know that there are very few
  photos of this guy that are actually in focus. Start snapping and
  IM your shots. 
* You gotta love Griff Simmons. The little guy has a never ending 
  love of the sport that is just contagious. Can you feel it? 
  Huh? Can you? It makes the chewy center all warm and mushy.

       JP:                                                            [BioJP]
EDGE:   7
Jean-Paul Arsenault  
Age: 28 
Height: 5'10" 
Weight: 180 lbs.
Blood Type: AB-  
Nationality: French
Likes: Cars
Dislikes: Being ridiculed
Trait: Arrogant

Partner: Elise
Rival: Mac
Favorite Event: Slopestyle
Stance: Regular
Motivation: Prove to everyone he's more than just talk.

Bio: Cutting his teeth in the Alps, and recently, constant training, have
helped JP stay at the top of the heap in the SSX Circuit. On top of that,
nobody has a knack for finding fresh snow like JP. 

Quotes from DJ Atomika: 
* JP has been placing himself on the SSX medal stand these last few 
  years as he continues to improve with new tricks in multiple events.
* Backcountry freak JP isn't afraid to ride insane lines most sensible
  riders would avoid even if it means ragdollin' down the mountain. He
  just gets up and does it again, bigger and better. 
* I'm really impressed with the versatility of JP this season. He got 
  serious this summer with a regiment that alternated between extreme
  whitewater kayaking and lead climbing in the ???. 
* Reared on the ??? running between Chamonix, France and Zurmat, 
  Switzerland, JP Arsenault excels both in big mountain riding and 
  competition. This guy rides tough.

       KAORI:                                                       [BioKaori]
EDGE:   7
Kaori Nishidake  
Age - 20 
Height - 5'0" 
Weight - 105 lbs 
Blood Type: B+
Nationality - Japanese 
Likes: Manga
Dislikes: Idiots
Trait: Cheerful

Partner: Mac
Rival: Maya
Favorite Event: Slopestyle
Stance - Regular 
Partner - Mac 
Motivation: Having a great time!

Bio: Kaori's enthusiastic and gregarious nature is a breath of fresh air on
the SSX Circuit. She's always looking good, and smiling when she's competing
-and winning her fair share of competitions at the same time!

Quotes from DJ Atomika: 
* The rumor mill is churning out some interesting dish - it appears a little 
  rivalry is brewing between SSX sweetheart Kaori and the new kid on the block
  Maya. How will this play out on the peaks?
* Kaori Nishidake takes her celebrity status with a grain of rice. She is 
  here to have a great time and it shows in her gregarious nature and 
  enthusiastic outlook. 
* Kaori returns to the SSX circuit a little more sophisticated and a lot more
  confident. It's the type of progress that leads to one place - the podium.
* What does Kaori-san do when she's not shredding? Why, she goes shopping of
  course. She's one focused fashionista. She likes ripping it up and looking
  good doing it. 
* SSX Veteran Kaori has always been tough to upset, and this year is no 
  exception. She's learned to harness her boundless energy to get what she
  wants - epic. 

       MAC:                                                          [BioMac]
EDGE:   8
SPEED:  6 
Mackenzie "Mac" Fraser  
Age - 19 
Height - 5'7" 
Weight - 140 lbs
Blood Type: AB- 
Nationality - American 
Likes: Lemonade
Dislikes: Skiers
Trait: Music-Fanatic
Partner - Kaori 
Rival - JP
Favorite Event: Big Air and Super Pipe
Stance: Regular
Motivation: Take the Mountain Champion title home. 
Bio: Forever listening to music, often eccentric, and always a serious 
competitive force, Mac has worked hard on his skills and is ready to show
them off this year on the mountain. Just don't ask him to hit pause, you'll
disturb his rhythm!

Quotes from DJ Atomika: 
* Mac Frasier spent the off season exercising his mental toughness in the
  remote wilderness of Colorado where he peak-bagged all 54 of the state's
* Mac Frasier's pre-game routine never changes. He eats 11 cereal marsh-
  mallows and puts a worn card in his pocket that says "Be the best you
  can be." 
* Mac Frasier isn't afraid of getting technical or throwing up colossal 
  airs, that's what makes him such a threat on the SSX Circuit. 
* Here's something SSX super fans might not know about the legendary 
  Mac Fraser. When asked what he'd do if he weren't a pro, Mac says he'd
  be an extra in a zombie film. 
* When Mac Frasier isn't riding or training, he's working to brew up the
  world's more perfect lemonade. He takes it pretty seriously, kinda like
  lemon art.

       MAYA:                                                      [BioMaya]
EDGE:   8
Maya Nolet  
Age: 23
Height - 5'7" 
Weight - 120 lbs 
Blood Type: A+
Nationality - Canadian 
Likes: Tranquility
Dislikes: Corporate Domination
Trait: Mellow

Partner: Griff
Rival: Kaori
Favorite Event: Backcountry
Stance: Goofy
Motivation: To live as one with Nature

Bio: A newcomer to the SSX Circuit, Maya's rich Inuit heritage has 
helped her find an inner-peace which allows her to pull off some 
seriously death-defying combos on the slopes that others would be afraid
to even try! 

Quotes from DJ Atomika: 
* Bringing some much needed lightness, Maya radiates a peaceful energy
  as she tears of the competition. 
* When Maya isn't riding, she's working to change the world. Last year
  she started a program called Erase the Trace to put a stop to litter
  in her town. 
* In Inuit mythology, a person borrows the powers of an anunich by 
  taking its name. It's no wonder then that Maya appears to float when
  she busts air. 
* Maya's love of the great outdoors puts her in perfect harmony with 
  nature and it shows in her style. Not one to junk it up, Maya slides 
  seamlessly through graceful big airs and beautiful combos. 
* Maya first heard of the SSX when she spotted Mac Frasier out training
  on the slopes of Mount ???. Since then she's been focused on one thing: 
  making the circuit.

       MOBY:                                                      [BioMoby]
EDGE:  10
SPEED: 10 
Moby Jones  
Age - 21 
Height - 5'10" 
Weight - 195 lbs
Blood Type: A-
Nationality - British 
Likes: Footy
Dislikes: Small talk
Trait: Assured

Partner: Zoe
Rival: Psymon
Favorite Event: Race 
Stance - Goofy 
Motivation: Try to beat his personal gold-winning records. 

Moby's extreme side was born out of his youth riding his bike EVERYWHERE in
Brixton, England. There are only a few tricks he hasn't tried, and a few 
hidden slopes he hasn't found, and he plans to fix those problems this year!

Quotes from DJ Atomika: 
* Moby's favorite thing to do when he's not riding? Catching a little 
  footy on the tele. He loves to get rowdy rootin' on his favorite team
  the Spurs. 
* Moby earn his reputation for being fearless by riding a BMX bike off of 
  rooftops. He returns to the SSX with a new level of confidence and a 
  taste for big air. 
* Moby brings the mean streets of Brixton, England to this winter 
  wonderland. He's rough, he's tough, some people say he's superhuman. 
* People might not know that Moby has a culinary side. He grew up in and 
  around the Brixton Market and often cooks up quite a spread for his 

       PSYMON:                                                  [BioPsymon]
EDGE:  11
SPEED: 10 
Psymon Stark  
Age - 29 
Height - 5'9" 
Weight - 180 lbs 
Blood Type: B-
Nationality - Canadian 
Likes: Explosives
Dislikes: Vegetables
Trait: Unstable

Partner: Allegra
Rival: Moby
Favorite Event: Race
Stance: Goofy
Motivation: Be able to do crazier stunts than ever.

Bio: Psymon doesn't do anything normally. He doesn't even spell his first 
name properly. Psychotic doesn't even begin to describe his shenanigans on,
and off the mountain, which as helped him stay one of the premiere riders 
on the SSX Circuit.

Quotes from DJ Atomika:
* Psymon spent his off season building a half pipe in his backyard that's
  so tall, it's illegal in three states. His neighbor called the cops when
  she saw a real live spaceman plummeting to Earth on a tiny wheeled
  spacecraft. For real. 
* Good choice. Psymon is not only totally psycho, he's completely killer
  on the course. Be sure to bump the extra long crouch to really boost
  hops with this sky pirate. 
* Psymon Stark has a pit bull named Flea who apparently likes to ride
  the pipe. No, seriously. Psymon taught the canine shredder to skate 
  when she was just a pup. Next up, he's teaching her to tranny over
  the snow. 
* I hear Psymon wants to set two things straight. Number one, it's true 
  that since the whole electrocution thing he has to use plastic silverware 
  and number two, yes the mitten is his. His mom knitted it for him 
  from prison.

       SKYE:                                                      [BioSkye]
EDGE:  11
Skye Simms  
AGE - 17 
Height - 5'7" 
Weight - 110lbs 
Blood Type: B-
NATIONALITY - Australian 
Likes: Shopping for clothes. 
Dislikes: Being made fun of. 
Trait: Self-improvement

Partner: Felix
Rival: Allegra
Favourite Event: Slalom
Stance: Skier (regular when boarding) 
Motivation: Become internationally renowned. 

Bio: A celebrity in her native Australia, Skye has a rigorous training 
schedule which helps her stay in shape during the off-season. If you 
don't believe me, just ask her to run the 100 meter dash... what's the 
world record again?

Quotes from DJ Atomika: 
* Skye Simms returns to the SSX Circuit after a summer back home down 
  under where she maintained her snow legs with a rigorous regiment of 
  surfing and cycling.
* Did you know that Skye Simms has over 316 pairs of sneakers. She's 
  working her way up to 365, one for every day on the calendar. 
* What gives Skye Simms her competitive edge? It might have something 
  to do with her off season triathlons. She set two new national 
  records in her age bracket. 
* Skye Simms says she's stoked to be back on the SSX Circuit. Life down
  under with her four younger brothers, Malakai, River, Jonas, and Zeke
  can get pretty hairy but she loves the little grommets.

       ZOE :                                                       [BioZoe]
EDGE:  10
Zoe Payne  
Age - 23 
Height - 5'5" 
Weight - 130 lbs 
Blood Type: B-
Nationality - American 
Likes: Mountain biking
Dislikes: Inline skaters
Trait: Original

Partner: Moby
Rival: Griff
Favorite Event: Race
Stance: Regular
Motivation: Going down the slopes, enjoying the competition. 

Bio: Truly in love with mountains and high altitudes, Zoe has dedicated her
life to not only being the best snowboarder on the SSX Circuit, but also 
climbing as many mountains as possible. All by herself!

Quotes from DJ Atomika: 
* Check this. Zoe Payne becomes the first snowboarder in the history of 
  the world to break the sound barrier. A bull whip also breaks the 
  sound barrier when it cracks. The crack is a miniature sonic boom. 
* Zoe Payne says that when she wraps up her snowboarding career, she's
  gonna concentrate full time on reaching the top of the seven summits. 
  That's the highest peak on each of the seven continents and she's doing
  it solo. 
* There's something different about Zoe Payne this year. She's reached a 
  new level fitness and mental acuity. She attributes it to her solo
  ascent of Aconcagua. 
* The tallest mountain outside of Asia. Zoe Payne focused her off season
  pursuits on finding balance. What does that mean for an extreme sports
  maven? How about a grueling solo bike trek across an isolated mountain 
* Check it. When Zoe Payne is not busting ego's tearin' it up on the SSX
  circuit, she's blazing trails in the rain forest of Peru where she saw
  the greatest biodiversity and density of birds on Earth. Stellar.

b. Frequently Asked Questions                                   [CharacterFAQ]
Q. Who is the best character? 
A. Depends on what you want to do, but it looks like (from the attributes) that
   Zoe and Psymon are the best overall characters. My guess would be the 
   difference between fully maxed out characters is negligible in the long run,

Q. How many outfits does each character have? 
A. It's not exactly fair, some characters have several while other characters
   only have two - their original outfit and the Yeti outfit that you gain by 
   collecting all 275 Uber Icons. If the character only has 2 outfits, they 
   WILL NOT ever unlock any extra outfits besides the Yeti skin.
      Allegra  - 4
      Elise    - 4 
      Felix    - 2 
      Griff    - 2
      JP       - 3
      Kaori    - 4
      Mac      - 4 
      Maya     - 2
      Moby     - 3
      Psymon   - 3
      Skye     - 2
      Zoe      - 3


                SECTION SEVEN: VARIOUS DETAILS                  [DetailsStart]

a. Music                                                        [DetailsMusic]
The Soundtrack for SSX Blur is composed entirely by JunkieXL, giving a much 
more cohesive sound to the game than the last two iterations that featured
the EA TRAX. Here is the soundtrack listing from the Album "Music from 
SSX Blur": 

Soundtrack Listing  

1. Dark Territory 

2. Wanlong Mamoth 

3. Fly Zone 

4. Blackcomb 

5. Cortina D'ampezzo 

6. A51 

7. L'envers 

8. Love Park 

9. Schick 2000 

10. Eichenhof 

11. Rail Yard 

12. Norikura 

13. Le 1936 

14. Snow Park Nz 

15. King's Crown 

b. Various Trivia                                              [DetailsTrivia]
* DJ Atomika is back this time around. For those who don't remember, DJ Atomika
was the DJ in SSX 3 as well. 

* All the tracks in SSX Blur were either from SSX 3 or SSX On Tour. 

c. Frequently Asked Questions                                     [DetailsFAQ]

Q. How did Merqurycity.com get a snowboard and skis into SSX Blur?

A. The answer is pretty simple really. The users of Merqurycity.com had a 
contest where users submitted board designs and then voted on a winner. That
winner was the sent to EA. Royank (for the second game in a row) won the 
contest with a board design that is largely black, but features a crescent
shape and green/red strips on it. Congrats again, Royank!

                SECTION EIGHT: EPILOGUE                        [EpilogueStart]
6. Legal.                                                      [EpilogueLegal]
This FAQ is copyright 2007 by all the authors herein, per their
submitted sections.  You may not alter/repost this entire FAQ without
my permission, or sections of this FAQ in any way without the expressed
permission of the author of that corresponding section.

SSX Blur, SSX 3, SSX Tricky and SSX is a trademark of Electronic Arts
and EA Canada.

This FAQ is allowed to be posted on these sites:

Any other site that has it posted without my consent is contributing
to copyright infringement. If you would like to host this guide, you must
e-mail me first and obtain my permission, and once you are hosting the
guide, you must keep it updated. If you will not do this, you are not 
allowed to host this guide.


Credit & Thanks                                             [EpilogueThanks]
~ Thank you to all the authors who devoted so much of their time and 
effort to making this great SSX Blur FAQ. :)

~ Credit to Grandmort, the myth/man/legend for creating the premiere SSX 
site on the web - Merqurycity.com. Grandmort has largely moved on from the
SSX scene, electing instead to pop in just to make the newbies go "OMG!" 
over at the site he started. That doesn't diminish his contribution to 
the SSX Community and for that we all owe him a debt of Gravitude. :) 

~ I want to take some liberty here and personally thank Electronic Arts Big
for their continued confidence of us fans of their series. You have
consistently treated us as well as any company has ever treated their fans, 
and for that we are all grateful. Thank you for including another of 
Merqurycity's board designs in the game. We are truly blessed to be able
to given our input and feedback to the game series we all love so much.

Contributors - Who are these people?                      [EpilogueContrib]
~ I'm gondee. I'm probably gonna end up writing most of this guide if you
don't submit some stuff. :D

~ yako591 is a valued member over at the Gamefaqs.com SSX Blur board. He
stepped up and contributed when no one else was willing to, including great
slopestyle guides and the list of grabs for both skis and slalom.

~ Deaddster is not only cool enough to compile a list of Challenges for the 
guide, he also is one of Blur's top players as well. He's got several top
scores at the Blur scoreboard over at Merqurycity.com. 

~ vix is my online other-half at Merqurycity.com. She has worked her way up
to co-admin of the bulletin board through sheer hard work and commitment to 
the site. When I needed some help with the guide, she stepped up with no 
complaints and did the work I asked her to do. Merq wouldn't be near as good
if you weren't around vix. :)

                               END OF GUIDE. 

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