Review by xmunamaniacx

Reviewed: 07/02/07

Gotta Catch Them All... Wait...

If you have Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: 9
If you don't: 5

After Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, there were a few months of sadness for Pokemon fans, but then there was a light. This light was called Pokemon Battle Revolution. I couldn't give this a straight rating. You are very limited if you do not have Pokemon Diamond, but if you do, be ready for a fun game.

Gameplay: 9.2/5.4
If you have Diamond or Pearl, you will have a nice time playing this game. If you do not, I would either recommend buying it or not buying this. This is more like Pokemon Stadium, then Pokemon XD.

The story is simple. You arrive at a "Pokemon Park" and there are different coliseums where you compete in battles. This is the whole game, and is not too bad if you don't have Diamond and Pearl. You must defeat several trainers, then defeat the last trainer on a coliseum to defeat that coliseum.

Wi-fi: 10
Nintendo has done it again! They took what they did in Diamond and Pearl, and recreated it. This gave the Wii a good first impression for wi-fi. I hope to see many more wi-fi game on the Wii after seeing this.

Story: 6
This is a very classic story. You go somewhere, and you try to be the best. I have news for Ninendo. Classic does NOT equal good. I was disapointed with this but it held the game together.

Sound: 2
A 2? Yes. 2. The sound deserves a 2. This is not because of terrible sound quality. If it were based on sound quality, I would give it an 8. I am sure that owners of Pokemon Stadium (N64) no what I am talking about when I say "He is back!" The announcer is back and worse than ever. You cannot make a move without him saying something. I play the game on mute for this reason.

Graphics: 8
The graphics are okay. They meet the standards of the Wii. They are just plain. They have some of the same animations as Diamond and Pearl, but with better quality. I was hoping for better, but this is fine.

Rent or Buy: It depends.
I would definitely buy this if you have Diamond or Pearl, but if you don't I would still rent it to try it out, but you will not get the full experience.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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