How to connect ds game diamond to wii pokemon battle revolution after the server has shut down?

  1. So it's been a couple of years sense they closed the Internet on old wii and ds games but I'm still wondering is there still a way to transfer pokemon from diamond to pokemon battle revolution ? And how do I get the connect to wii setting on the ds game diamond ?

    User Info: Sleepyy116

    Sleepyy116 - 2 years ago


  1. Oh it's simple but I haven't played that game in super long like maybe a year or more since I even picked it up. I remember when I click on my file there were different categories of what you could do and the upper left category would let you use Pokemon from Pokemon games on the ds and so you would go to the upper left section and there should be some sort of button to recive Pokemon from other games and it will send a signal out as long as it's searching for a signal you can turn your Pokemon diamond on but instead of pressing start go to the spot after the intro where you select your file or mystery gift or wifi settings and there should be a new button like connect wii and so if you press it all your Pokemon on that game are shared will battle revolution and you can now use all those Pokemon on both games no risk and no wifi needed but make sure You put items on those Pokemon ahead of time because then you will have to do this all over again if you decide they need new items or attacks

    User Info: Hackedtower

    Hackedtower - 2 years ago 1   1
  2. Sorry if that didn't help very much

    User Info: Hackedtower

    Hackedtower - 2 years ago 1   1
  3. Someone must have trolled here. This shouldn't be the top voted answer.

    User Info: bmhedgehog

    bmhedgehog - 3 days ago
  4. Hai so i got my battle revolution about a month ago (the same day i erased my corrupted data in pearl) my pokemon pearl has been using ds to wii on Pokemon battle revolution and my Pokemon ranch so i still works bai

    User Info: Oshawott11

    Oshawott11 - 2 years ago 0   1

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